Cosmo's Revival


It’s a starry night on planet Mobius and Tails doesn’t fell as cheery as he’s still in his workshop and not enjoying the night.  Sonic comes to visit a few minutes later.

“What are you still doing here, Tails?  Shouldn’t you be outside?  It’s a beautiful night out you know,” Sonic says.  “I know,” Tails admits, “but I can’t take it anymore!”

“Take what anymore, buddy?”

“…Cosmo.  I really didn’t want to do it.  Oh please, Sonic, can’t you try to revive her once more?” asks Tails.

“You do realize that when we tried this last, all we got was a seed, right?” Tails feels more depressed once he hears this. “Please try again, Sonic.  Besides, there were only two of you when you tried, so maybe if we had more people around the emeralds this time, it might work.”

Sonic considers this for a moment.  “It’s worth a shot, if you feel that confidant it will work.”

“Thanks, Sonic.”


The next morning the duo decides they will try with five people, so they race off to their first destination: Angel Island.  It’s quite easy to get there due to the exploration teams coming and going.  They approach the Master Emerald to see it intact and Knuckles napping in front of it.  When they awake him he is startled.


“Mmm… what’s going on here?” asks Knuckles.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Have a nice nap?” Sonic asks, a grin on his face.

“Yeah, and it looks like you got some rest, too, Sleeping Beauty,” Knuckles replies.  “So, what do you need me for this time, Sonic?”

“Actually, I need your help this time,” Tails tells him.  “You see, I need your help to…”

“You want to try what?!” Knuckles asked in amazement.

“That’s right, pal.  He got me with this one, too,” Sonic remarks.

“So you’ll help?” Tails sounds eager.

“Sure, I just hope nothing happens to-“

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Sonic says. “Man, you worry too much.”

“So, where do we go from here, Sonic,” Tails asks

“Well, I don’t want to tussle with Amy just yet, so we have a rather long run ahead of us.”


At Cream’s house, she and Cheese, her chao companion, are playing in the house while Vanilla is doing the dishes. She too misses Cosmo.

“It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day,” Cream says. Cheese looks out the nearby window and nods.  “I wonder if we can go outside.”

She begins to head for the front door.  She’s a few feet away when there’s a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it!” She says; she’s closer to the door anyways.

She opens the door to see none other than Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on her doorstep.

At this time Vanilla arrives at her daughter’s side.  “Come on in and make yourselves at home.”  She smiles.

They do so.  They begin their discussion in the living room-with much of Cream’s playthings scattered around.

“So, what can I help you boys with?” asks Vanilla as she tidies up.

“We just came to ask your permission to take Cream with us,” Tails explains.

“You see, we were going to revive Cosmo…” At the word ‘Cosmo’, Cream’s ears perked up.

“You’re going to try again?!  If that’s so, why do you need me?”

“Like I was saying, I believe that the more people we have when we try, the better our success rate will be,” Tails continues.

“So is it okay if she comes with us, ma’am?”

“Sure.  You know I always trust you with my daughter.  I won’t mind.” replies Vanilla.

“Just have her back before nightfall if you can.”

“Okay!” They shout as they bolt out the door.

“Now we just got to get Amy,” mutters Sonic.

“If I know her this won’t be easy.”


Mere yards from Amy’s house, Sonic is sweating more water than a sprinkler system.

Amy opens the door to see the other three forcing Sonic forward.  Upon inviting them in, they thrust the hedgehog through the door and file in afterwards.

“I can’t believe my eyes!  Sonic’s here in my house,” Amy thinks.  She regains her composure and asks her guests to make their selves at home again.

“So, how are we doing?” None of them budge.  Since they know Amy isn’t remotely focused on any of them except Sonic, they decide to let him do the talking.

“I guess we’re all doing just fine.”  Sonic seems tense.  “Go on with it,” they gesture, so Sonic asks.  “Do you want to come with us-“  Before he can finish his sentence, Amy starts to hug him.

“-and help with a little mission?” Sonic finishes.

“Oh, of course I will,” says Amy, who is still hugging him.

“Now if you could just let me go…”

She lets him go and he collapses to the ground, gasping for air.  However, as soon as he sees that everyone is looking at him, he quickly regains his composure.

“Now that we got everyone, lets head back to the workshop.”


It’s around the midday hours back at the workshop, and Tails reveals some bad news.

“We don’t have all of the Chaos Emeralds, just two of them.”

Everyone gasps in horror.

“Well, do you know where the other five are?” asks Sonic.

“Actually, yes.  One’s back at Knothole Village, another’s here in the Mystic Ruins, the third’s been tracked to Angel Island, and the last two apparently have ended up in Amy and Cream’s houses, respectively.”

“Say, Tails, how did you know all that?” Sonic was puzzled.  “I’ve never seen you pinpoint them that fast.”

“The last time we had all the Chaos Emeralds, I ran them over a scanner; turns out they have their own unique energy signature.  I made a scanner that shows where all seven are using that energy signature.”

“I see.  Turns out also that we can shed time if we split up.” says Sonic.

And with that, Tails hands them each a set of speed shoes (except for Sonic, of course) and they scatter in five different directions, Sonic headed for Knothole, Tails for the Mystic Ruins, Knuckles for Angel Island, Amy for her house, and Cream and Cheese for their house.


Sonic has the longest dash of the group as he darts for Knothole Village.

“Thank goodness I’m alone, or Amy would kill me.”


Meanwhile, Tails searches the forest area of the Mystic Ruins.

“It’s gotta be around here somewhere.” He says.


On Angel Island, Knuckles’ hunt wasn’t that difficult, so he decides to take a nap.

“*yawn*  I hope they don’t need me too…zzzZZZzzz.”


Elsewhere, Amy has nearly torn the place apart looking for the emerald.

“I hope this goes easier for the others.  Man this is so hard!”


Finally, Cream and Cheese skid to a stop before politely walking through their front door.

“Hi mom!” she says as she enters.


Back to Sonic.  He’s just entered Knothole Village.  Skidding to a stop he sees not much has changed.  In fact, everyone rushes out of Sally’s hut to greet him-Sally first of course.

“Hey, everyone!  How’s it been?” he asks.

“Better, now that I can see you again,” Sally replies.

“We really missed ya, sugah,” Bunnie exclaimed.

“I’d like to stay around and catch up, but I came here for the Chaos Emerald.”

Of course, being so hidden, none of them had even heard of a Chaos Emerald, much less knew what one looked like.

“I think I know what he might be talking about.” says Sally.  She disappears back inside the hut and returns with a glowing red stone.

“Yes, that’s it!  The Chaos Emerald!” exclaims Sonic.  He is handed the stone, or rather, emerald, and, after a farewell kiss from Sally, takes off again into the distance.

“See ya later!  Thanks for the emerald!” he calls.

“Bye, Sonic,” the residents call in unison.

“Mission accomplished.  Now, to get back to the workshop,” Sonic says as he tears across the plains.


Checking on Tails, the fox is about to give up hope when he trips over the orange Chaos Emerald.  He is amazed but writes it off as him being lucky.  He picks the emerald up and flies back to the workshop.


Knuckles finally wakes up from his nap, yellow emerald in hand.  Feeling that he is relaxed enough he sprints for the workshop, nearly tripping on the cave entrance.


At her house, the pink hedgehog is also ready to give up and as she walks for the door, she sees the blue emerald on a table hidden by the front door.  She snags it and heads out, not bothering to straighten up


At Cream’s house, things are a lot less hectic.

“Mommy, do you know where you put the green Chaos Emerald I’d found the other day?” she asks.

“It should be up in your room, last I checked,” her mother replies. With that, she and Cheese head up to her room.  Cream can’t see it anywhere but Cheese spots it on a high-up shelf.  They fly to it; she grabs it. They are ready to head out.

“Bye mom!  Thanks for helping!” Cream shouts as she bolts out the door, tailed by Cheese.

“You’re welcome!” replies Vanilla.  “Close the door behind you!”

With that, Cream skids, turns around, closes the door, then catches up to her friend as they return to the workshop.


It’s nearly sunset at the workshop when everyone met back at the same time, nearly colliding with each other in the process.

“Do you have them?” Tails asks.

Everyone holds up his or her prize.

“Good.” He goes inside to get the other two emeralds, then they are arranged in a large circle, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream stand at five places around the circle.  Sonic begins.

“Oh Chaos Emeralds, please use our positive energy to restore Cosmo back to life!”

The Chaos Emeralds glow brightly, as do each of the five.  Then all twelve glowing objects shoot a beam of light into the center.  The light then takes a familiar shape.

“Cosmo!” they all breathe as they watch this sight to behold.

The wish works too well, though.  They all watch as Cosmo’s form grows bigger then a sphere of white light engulfs them all.

When the light dims and the group regained their vision, they see that it worked-but not in the way they expected.  All five were forced to look up at a 100 foot Cosmo.  Tails and Cream can’t believe their eyes, even more so because they are Cosmo’s closest friends, so they do a sort of leapfrog maneuver (one carries the other and flies up until he/she got tired, then they would switch and repeat) to get closer.  Finally 100 feet in the air, they fly side-by-side, wave, and shout, “Hi, Cosmo!”

Hearing this, she is caught off-guard and staggers backward, nearly stepping on the other three, then loses her balance and falls to a sitting position (with her back on the cliff next to the workshop) with a thud that sends the three grounded ones nearly off their feet.

Tails, Cream and Cheese all land on her!  When Cosmo regains her vision, she finally sees the three.

“Tails!  Cream!  Cheese! Is that really you?”  Cosmo asked.

They nod; the other three run up her leg to join them.

“Sonic!  Knuckles!  And Amy too?  It’s so good to see you all!

She picks them all up and presses them to her face.  They all are bothered by this, except Tails, who was loving every second of it.  “It’s good to see you, too, Cosmo.”

She sets them down.

“I don’t understand, how were you able to revive me?” Cosmo asked with wonder.

“We tried to revive you once more, but with more people this time,” Sonic explained.  “Tails put us all up to it and it was well worth it.”

“Only one problem.  How are you going to shrink me down to normal size?” Cosmo asks.

“Well…”  Tails looks up at the sky and finds it’s nighttime!  “Quick, Sonic!”  Tails exclaims. “Take Cream and Cheese back to their house before it gets much later!”

With a streak of light they are gone; next Tails addresses the others.

“You guys may as well go home and get some rest, too; that’s what I’m going to do.  We’ll solve this growth problem in the morning.”

With that they head off towards their respective homes.  Tails picks up the Chaos Emeralds and stores them inside his workshop.  He waits a few minutes for Sonic but decides he’s going to crash at Cream’s.  He completely forgets Cosmo’s there and a cough so loud it tremors the ground beneath him reminds him promptly.

“Sorry, Cosmo.  I somewhat forgot you were there.”

“It’s okay; you were very busy.  Where will I sleep, Tails?”

“That’s an easy one; you can sleep with me.  I think my takeoff runway is long enough…  I just hope you can sleep without cover.”

“And why is that, Tails?” Cosmo seems worried.

“Don’t get me wrong; I would naturally offer you some cover, but…”

“But what?”

“…I don’t have anything for you at 100 feet tall.”

Cosmo laughs at this, nearly sending Tails off the edge.  He smiles up at her once he gets his bearings.  “Well, good night, Cosmo!” he calls.

“Good night, Tails,” says Cosmo.

Cosmo heads to her recommended sleeping position; it’s just perfect, so she curls up and goes to sleep.  Tails, on the other hand, heads for his workshop.  He pulls the door open, but can’t stop drooling at the sight of his giant girlfriend.  So, coming to a compromise, he walks to Cosmo, curls up to her midsection, and goes to sleep.


The next day, Cosmo’s the first to wake up.  Thank the stars she doesn’t turn in her sleep or snore as she looks down and sees Tails fast asleep.  Of course, this doesn’t last long as her stomach rumbles, waking the scientist.  Tails is fast to wake up and to notice the problem.

“Oh boy, this isn’t good!  What will she eat?” Tails wonders to himself.

“Boy, do I feel hungry!” says Cosmo, her stomach rumbling again.  Hearing this only worsens the current situation for Tails.  “What do I do?  Do I call Sonic and ask for help or take matters into my own hands?”  He chooses the latter option and says to Cosmo “Do you see the railway bridge?”  She nods. “If we follow them in the opposite direction, we’ll arrive at a place called Station Square.  Hopefully, there will be something, or a lot of somethings, that will fill you up.”

“Okay Tails.” replies Cosmo.  She stands up, extends a hand to Tails, who hops on, then goes to full height.  Then she places Tails on her shoulder.

“This is so cool,” Tails thinks to himself as Cosmo walks beside the railroad track leading to an unsuspecting Station Square.

Meanwhile, Sonic is just waking up, and Tails’ hunch was correct-he stayed at Cream’s house for the night.  He wakes up in Cream’s room with no one there, so he heads downstairs to find the other three eating breakfast.  He pulls up a chair.

“Good morning everyone.  Sorry I’m a little late.”

“Don’t worry about it.  With a night like what Cream tells me you needed the rest.” Vanilla replies.  “Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sonic replies as he eats his breakfast unlike anything they’ve seen before-slowly!  Nevertheless, he, Cream, and Cheese finish at the same time and walk into the living room.  (By now, Tails and Cosmo have reached Station Square.)  Vanilla soon follows suit, saying that she’ll “clean the dishes later.”  While Cream, Cheese, and Sonic played with her toy town (Cheese being more careful this time), Vanilla turns on the T.V.  She switches to the news and her jaw drops in horror.  Upon looking at the T.V. the other three do the same.  And why shouldn’t they?  The T.V. was showing them something seemingly unbelievable.  On the screen showed the 100 foot tall Cosmo carefully maneuvering through Station Square.

“This reminds us of the playtime incident,” said Sonic and Vanilla.

“Hey, don’t remind us,” Cream teased. Up till this point she was doing fine coping with the fact that she saved the day.

“I don’t see Tails anywhere,” notes Vanilla.

“We think we know where he is,” said Sonic and Cream.


Half a mile out Sonic slows down to think of a plan.  Meanwhile, Cream is on Sonic’s back and Cheese has been keeping up with the both of them very well.  Even from where they currently are they can see the accidental destruction.

“We need to think of something, but what?  Cream, are you getting any ideas?”

“No; I thought we should try the direct approach.”

“OK, let’s give it a shot,” declares Sonic as they barrel for Station Square.


Knuckles has been thinking something has gone wrong.  When he catches the train headed for Station Square, it only further confirms his beliefs when he notices the huge footprints to the left of the tracks.

“Something is definitely wrong here,” Knuckles says as the train rolls down the tracks to Station Square.


Meanwhile, Amy isn’t as shocked also when she turns to the news and sees the same thing.

“I’ll bet Sonic’ll be there,” she says as she bolts out the door.


Tails and Cosmo have not found a single restaurant and continue their search. Try as she may, Cosmo can’t avoid knocking over lampposts, crushing cars, and, well… everything that happened to be in the street at the time.  The good news was no buildings or people were hurt.

“This is getting hopeless,” Cosmo says as her belly rumbles for the umpteenth time, “We might as well head back.”

“Yeah, I think you are right.  Let’s go.”

However luck serves in their favor as right as they turn around, they see one.

“All right!” calls Tails as he leaps off Cosmo.

“Tails!” Cosmo shouts, shattering the glass on nearby buildings.

Tails is freefalling to his death, or so it seams.  At 20 ft. from the ground he spins his tails rapidly and slowly lands in front of the establishment.

“Oh,” says Cosmo, breathing a sigh of relief, “I completely forgot about that.”

Meanwhile, about a hundred feet below, Tails is buying the place dry.  And it only cost 10 rings!  He wheels the large pile outside; Cosmo sees this.  With barely enough time for Tails to get away, Cosmo starts eating…and eating…and eating… and so on.  Takes her roughly 10 minutes for her to finish the whole thing!  Tails is left dumbstruck. Returning to her shoulder Tails learns that the ‘meal’ only got her half full!

“So, basically, if we find another restaurant and do a repeat performance, you’ll be full, right?”

“That’s about the size of it,” remarks Cosmo, completely oblivious to the bad pun she just made.

With that, they begin to stroll though the city again.


Sonic, Cream, and Cheese arrive at Station Square only to bear witness to Cosmo’s ‘snack’.

“Talk about a big appetite!” Sonic and Cream say at once.  They can’t help giggling/laughing at the fact that they said it at the same time.

Meanwhile, Cosmo is headed their way!  At the last minute, though, she turns down a side street.

“This isn’t looking so good,” Cream mutters.

“On the contrary, Cream, this couldn’t be anymore in our favor.”

“What do you mean, Sonic?”  She looks puzzled.

“Do you see what I see?”

She looks a while then shakes her head.  A building about the size of Cosmo is in the perfect position.  Sonic charges down the street; it was either perfectly down the middle or in he fell to the crater-sized footprints.  Sonic then leaps to the left sidewalk to try and pass Cosmo.  When she lifted that foot up, Sonic sailed under and into the building barely before the foot came down.  He raced up the spiral staircase at a breakneck velocity.  Emerging on the roof they see they are too little too late as Cosmo thuds by.  Sonic looks left to see that their streak of luck continues.  A ramp on the roof can intercept her path!  Sonic makes the jump, but falls short.  As if on cue, Cream flaps her ears and takes flight (since she’s still on his back) and lands with Sonic on Cosmo’s other shoulder.  This time the chance is Sonic’s.  Running across her back, Sonic, Cream, and Cheese reach Tails, who has a lot of explaining to do.

“Tails, what’s going on here?!  Why are you two in Station Square?” They ask furiously.

After a bit of explaining, they can’t stay mad at him for long.

“So all of this was so you could help feed your girlfriend?  Aww…” They say simultaneously.

Tails blushes big time, but admits it.  Just as that happened, Cheese spotted the second restaurant.  It’s a good thing they’ll have to run inside, because it’s a tight squeeze as it is between the hotel, casino, and train station.  It’s all Cosmo can do just to get to the wider casino area while Sonic, Tails, Cream, and Cheese disembark…and land right on top of Amy and Knuckles.

“No time to explain!” Sonic says almost instantly as the aforementioned four make a mad dash for the diner.  A repeat performance of what Tails did alone went much easier.  Good thing, too.  Due to walking around a bit, Cosmo wasn’t exactly half-full anymore.  So she ate and ate and ate until she was finally full.  Then she let out a huge burp, really moving the ground and shattering every bit of glass on that block at least!

“Whoops.  Excuse me.” said Cosmo, “I think I’m ready to go back to the ruins.”

Expecting Tails to say ‘I couldn’t agree with you more,’ all look at him, only to find him, once again, drooling for the same reason.  Tails finally catches the hint and says the aforementioned line.  Soon, Cosmo, carrying all six on her shoulders, followed the tracks back.


It’s nightfall when they return, but this time Cream and Cheese are allowed to sleep on a blanket while they watch over them.

“So Tails, do you have the solution to this problem?” asks Sonic as he takes his watching turn.

Tails looks surprised.  “I had the solution all along.”

“You WHAT!?” they all say.  Even Cream and Cheese spring back up at this one; no one’s happy as they close in on Tails.  Even Cosmo looks at him.

“I had the solution, just not the means to power it,” he finishes.

“Oh, okay,” they all say as they back up a bit.

Tails runs into his workshop and comes out with some sort of gun with the Chaos Emeralds in spots at the top.  Before anyone can ask how it works he shoots a rainbow-colored beam at Cosmo, shrinking her to normal size.  The first to hug her was Tails followed by almost everyone else.  Then they hear a soft thud behind them.  Turns out that it’s Cream and Cheese, both falling asleep again.  This reminds Sonic.

“Oh no, her mother’s going to flip!  Got to go!” Sonic exclaims softly, careful as to not wake them up.  So everyone laughs on the workshop platform as Sonic zips away with a sleeping Cream and Cheese in his hands.