How the Doctor Ruined Christmas


            Dr. Ivo Robotnik was not a Christmas person.  This wouldn’t surprise anyone who knew the doctor and his un-jolly acts of trying to conquer the world.  While people were being festive and merry, Robotnik was sulking and plotting.  Sonic the Hedgehog and his annoying friends had ruined another one of his schemes.  Of course there had been a few moments where all seemed well and that there was no stopping him when Sonic would somehow wreck the whole thing at the very last minute; this did not help Dr. Robotnik’s love for the holidays much.  He now hated the jolly time even more this year.  The happiness of Station Square seemed to mock him and his failed plot.

            He sat in his laboratory hating Christmas, hating the whole blasted holiday, and hating Sonic.  His two robot assistants, Bocoe and Decoe, were sitting near him, pretending like they were busy in a card game, which they were using as an excuse to avoid sitting with Eggman.  Decoe was about to say how he thoroughly enjoyed playing War, when Eggman pounded his desk hard, making the two robots jump.

            “I CAN’T STAND IT!” He roared, standing suddenly, causing his chair on wheels to roll away and almost topple over. “I just CANNOT sit here, while that vermin, Sonic the Hedgehog, is out being all happy and sappy with his damn friends!” 

            “Well,” Decoe said, “What can you do, Doctor?  We don’t have any another schemes for World Domination, do we?”

            “Well not right NOW,” Eggman said, irritably.  “But mark my words, Sonic will RUE the day he messed with Dr. Ivo Robotnik!”

            “That’s what he said the first time Sonic beat him,” Bocoe whispered.

            “Curse this wretched holiday!”  Eggman continued. “I bet he’s sitting in that mansion, soaking up all the glory of how he defeated me!  Making himself seem like the greatest goody two shoes in the whole damn world!”

            “Well,” Decoe began.

            “If only there was some way to get back at him.” Eggman continued, pacing back and forth. “If only I could…wait…I’VE GOT IT!”

            Eggman ran to a nearby box and pulled out a small black case.  He opened it and pulled out a gun. 

            “You’re going to shoot them!?”  Decoe asked, surprised.

            “I’m going to shrink them!” Eggman said.  His tone began to sound like that of one who’s begun to lose his mind.

            “What? Why?” Bocoe asked.

            “They’ll have a terrible time when they’re the size of ants.” Dr. Eggman said gleefully.

            There was a moment of pure silence as Decoe and Bocoe sat as if waiting for a part of the plan that made sense.  When there was none, Bocoe stood up.

            “Doctor, that’s a terrible idea.” He said.

            “Yes,” Decoe agreed.  “What will that accomplish?  Are you doing it to stall them so you can get the chaos emeralds? Are you doing it so you can take them prisoner? What are you planning to do?”

            “Shrink them,” Eggman replied. He didn’t seem to be listening.  “And when I do, they’ll have the worst Christmas ever!”

            “So basically you want to be the Grinch and they’re the Who’s?”  Bocoe asked. “You’re just out to ruin Christmas?”    

            Eggman didn’t answer.  He looked at the gun for a few minutes and then turned to the two robots. 

            “Get the hovercar ready!” He roared, “We leave in 5 minutes!”

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend, Tails, were standing in the Foyer of the Thorndyke mansion. They had just finished decorating the outside of the mansion and they were enjoying a well-deserved rest.  They were talking about what they had gotten other people for Christmas when Knuckles and Chris entered the room. Neither of them looked very merry.

“What’s up with you guys?” Sonic asked.

“I had to carry all the boxes of heavy stuff in the house and Chris had to decorate the dining hall.”

Chris nodded apologetically.

“My mom really gets into her parties,” He said. “And since my dad and Grandpa are gone, we’re stuck doing all the decorating.”

“How long we’ll they be?” Tails asked.

“Well,” Chris said, “Cream and the other kids are at the mall and since that’s on the other side of Station Square and since the traffic has gotten worse over the Holidays, I’d say they’ll be about two or three hours.  Four at the most.”

“I wish I didn’t have to be here.” Knuckles grumbled. “Not to be a scrooge but I’m not the party person.”

“Yeah, my mom kinda pushes everything.” Chris said, again sounding apologetic.

“Well,” Sonic began, but then the Choatix Detectives walked into the room.  Vector was bright, smiling, and lively.  Charmy and Espio looked liked they were waiting for death to relieve them.  They were all wet and soggy.

“Well, the snow has been shoveled!” Vector declared proudly.

“Yeah and it only took all day.” Charmy whined. “Do you know how big the driveway is? How long the sidewalk is? Geez! Why couldn’t I go to the mall with the other kids?”

“Because I promised Vanilla that we would shovel the snow and I meant it!” Vector growled.

“Just because you have a giant crush on Cream’s Mom doesn’t mean you have to work me to death!” Charmy bawled.

Vector went red, but not because he was angry.

“Shut up, Charmy! My God, you act like any work will be the end of you.” He snapped.

But Charmy was not fooled.  He knew why Vector had worked him so hard.

“You wouldn’t have done any of it if Cream’s Mom hadn’t asked you to do it!” He argued.  “You only did it for her because you think she’s pretty!”

“I did it because that’s what friends do!”  Vector was turning purple now.  He avoided making any eye contact with Sonic and the others.  He didn’t want them to see his reddening face.  But he had fooled them no more than he had fooled Charmy.  They all knew that Vector was crazy about Vanilla, Cream’s mom.  Vector never charged Vanilla for any service, even though Vanilla usually did anyway, and also who could blame him.  Vanilla was very attractive, she had a good head on her shoulders, and, like her daughter, she was very sweet and polite.

“No it’s not!” Charmy whined. “That’s what boyfriends do for their girlfriends!”

Sonic and the others were watching this scene like they were watching a movie.  They were so absorbed by it that they didn’t see the lights of Eggman’s hovercar splash through the window. 

“Vanilla’s not my girlfriend!” Vector barked.

“You wish she was!” Charmy screamed back.

“But she’s not!”

“So you DO wish she was!”

Recognizing his folly, Vector turned even more red.

“I-I…no…” He stammered.

“Yes!” Charmy cried overriding him. “You love her! You love her and your make me suffer for it!”

There was a loud clatter outside. The lights of the Hovercar had shut off.  There were voices.  Sonic was about to turn his head to look out the window when Vector stomped hard on the tile floor.

“SHUT UP!!” Vector boomed. Sonic looked back at the two, wondering if he was going to have step between them soon.

“But it’s true!” Charmy bawled.

“THAT’S IT!!” Vector roared.

His roar was mixed with another voice that boomed, “AHA!”  It was followed more shouting.  Sonic turned to see Eggman, who did not look well, waving some kind of device in his right hand.  His two robot servants were with him.  They seemed to be trying to hold him back.  They were yelling something but Sonic couldn’t understand them.  A blinding light filled the room and there was a loud electric crack.

Sonic felt incredibly ill and fell onto his knees.  It felt like he was being electrocuted but it didn’t hurt exactly.  There was a great tingling but it felt strange and unpleasant. For a moment he thought he was going to throw up or pass out.  He thought he could hear the others screaming, but he wasn’t sure.  Finally, the electricity feeling passed, but Sonic didn’t get up right away.  He lifted his hand to his dazed eyes and wiggled them.  He could move, that was good and he wasn’t dead. He lifted his head to look at the others.  Chris had thrown up.  Tails had collapsed entirely. Knuckles was hunched over breathing rapidly.  Vector was sitting down, looking like he was having a seizure.  Charmy had holding his head and crying.  Espio was dry heaving and making burping noises, but he looked like he was going to be able to hold his gorge down.

Then, Sonic spotted Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe.

They were behind Chris, who still bent over and clutching his stomach.  Eggman was standing but he was rubbing his eyes frantically.  The electric current seemed like it hadn’t bothered him much. Bocoe and Decoe were the only ones who were completely okay.  But at the same time, they didn’t look well either.  They both looked very afraid.  There was a moment of silence, except for the noises of the sick.  Finally, Decoe spoke.

“Dr. Eggman,” He said, his voice wavering. “Look what you’ve done!”

“What?” The Doctor asked in a slurred voice.  He stopped rubbing his eyes and looked around, but he didn’t look like he was grasping anything.

“I tried to tell you!” Bocoe cried. “You dropped it and I told you that any crack in the device would cause major problems but you didn’t listen!”

“What?” Eggman asked again.  He was still looking around, but he didn’t seem to see what Decoe and Bocoe were seeing.  He looked as dumb as he could possibly look.

“You shrunk us as well as them!”  Bocoe cried.  “I told you that would happen but you just had to…

“WHAT!?” Eggman yelled. He began to rub his eyes again, stopping every now and then to look at his surroundings.

It was then that Sonic looked around. He did not like what he saw.  Not one bit. 

They were small alright.  How small they were, Sonic didn’t know, but he wouldn’t be surprised to know that they were a bit smaller than ants.  He looked at the door, which was still open; the cold air blowing through was starting to bit Sonic’s skin. It was bigger than anything Sonic had ever seen. It shouldn’t be that big, Sonic thought timidly, not that.  He turned and looked at the stairwell at the far end of the Foyer.  They were miles and miles and miles away, though they should only be a good thirty feet from them. Sonic looked at the windows, which were not impossible to reach. There was a dust bunny under the enormous stand near the door.  It was miles and miles away, but it still looked huge. 

“We are in some serious trouble.” Sonic whispered.

He looked around him and saw his friends had noticed what had happened as well.  All of their mouths hung open and their eyes bulging.  Chris was mouthing “Oh my god” silently over and over again.  He looked at Eggman and, thankfully, his mind felt more at ease with something to rage at, he flew at the Doctor.  Eggman didn’t even see him move before Sonic knocked him to the ground. 

“GET OFF OF ME!” Eggman cried, his voice both angry and afraid.

“What did you just do?!”  Sonic yelled.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Eggman asked.  “I shrunk us.  I meant to do it to you and your foolish friends but as you can see, it didn’t work.”

“I told you.” Decoe nagged. “I tried to anyway.  You can’t use the Shrink Ray when there’s…”

“Shut up!” Sonic barked at him.  He looked back at Eggman.  “What were you thinking?!”

“I was thinking that I would get revenge on you for foiling my latest plan by ruining your good tidings, but now it seems that I’ve put myself in quite a pickle.”

“Why!?” Chris screamed. “Why would you do such a thing!?”

Eggman growled at him and was about to answer when a loud, echoing voice stopped him cold.  It wasn’t a booming voice.  It spoke rather calmly, but it was loud nevertheless. 

“My Goodness, what’s all the fuss?”

            Everyone turned to the source of the sound.  All of them were frozen at the sight.


            Vanilla stood at a doorway on the far left of the stairs.  Her expression was one of mild curiosity and a hair brush was in her right hand. She looked rather beautiful.  She was dressed in a dark red blouse and a black short dress that ended at her knees, exposing the rest of her lovely legs which were clad in a black panty hose. On her feet was a pair of black high heels.  She had apparently been in the bathroom fixing herself up for the party and had been brushing the fur on her ears when she had heard the ruckus.  Her plump lips were a lovely red from her lipstick.

She looked around the room and then her eyes fell on the open door.  She placed the brush on a stand that had a vase sitting on it.

            “Now who left that open?” She mused to herself.  She began to walk to the door.

            Sonic started to run but the ground quaked hard as Vanilla brought her foot down. Everyone collapsed.  Vanilla’s step, instead of being the soft click they were accustomed to, was magnified to a loud boom.  Sonic tried to get up, aware Vanilla was heading for them, but he couldn’t.  Vanilla’s steps knocked him off his feet.  Vanilla was indeed heading for them.  Tails shouted up at her, not knowing what else to do.

            “Vanilla! Vanilla! MA’AM WE’RE DOWN HERE! YOU’RE GONNA STEP ON US!”

            Vanilla didn’t stop and she didn’t look down.  She was looking at the open door.  Sonic frog leaped up as fast a he could and landed on his feet.  He took one step before Vanilla’s foot landed right behind him, the force of the impact sending him flying.  He heard Tails scream.  Chris was crawling like mad but he was in no danger as he was already out of Vanilla’s path. 

            Decoe and Bocoe tried to help Eggman but then ignored him.  They left him and ran…right into Vanilla’s steps.  Bocoe saw this at the last minute and leaped but Decoe was not fast enough.  He tried to dive but Vanilla’s left foot fell to quick, crushing his metal legs.

            Vector was trying to get out the door, into the cold air outside, but a quake in the ground caused him to fall flat on his back.  He looked up to see the towering Vanilla walk to him. He screamed. He couldn’t see her face, the generous swells of her breasts blocked it, but he saw her feet coming.  He screamed and closed his eyes as Vanilla lifted her foot.  There was a huge crash and Vector was hurled up in the air as if he was on a trampoline.  He fell on his head and pain came.  He winced and opened his eyes.  Then, he forgot his pain. 

            Vanilla was standing over him.  He was lying next to her left foot but he was directly under her.  He saw straight under Vanilla’s dress and looked up the fine legs and right up to the red, lace edged panties.  Vector’s eyes widened.

            Sonic noticed that Vanilla had finally stopped moving.  He got up and looked up at her.  He was looking at her backside as she peered out the open door way. 

            “HEY!” Sonic screamed. “HEY VANILLA! DOWN HERE! LOOK DOWN HERE!”

            Vanilla didn’t look down.  She continued to look outside before, with a series of smaller quakes, stepped back inside and shut the door, which caused a ear-splitting crash.  Vanilla turned. Sonic could just see her face over her breasts from where he was. Her expression was confusion but, after a moment, she simply shrugged.  She then lifted one foot.  Sonic, realizing where he was, tried to utilize his speed, but the following quake caused him to fall.  Luckily, he tumbled out of Vanilla’s path, for if he had stayed where he was, she would have crushed him flat.

            Vanilla continued over to where she had entered, the trembles of her foot falls fading as she left the shrunken people.  She picked the brush up from where she had left it, paused to glance at the door again, then walked out of the room.

            Sonic stumbled to his feet, rubbing his head as he did.  He looked at the doorway Vanilla had exited.  He could still hear her walking away in the next room, but the ground was quaking much softer and then they finally stopped.  Yes, they were in some serious trouble.  What in the hell were they going to do? Sonic stared where the giant Vanilla had departed when Knuckles called to him.

            “Hey!” He cried. “Sonic! Get over here! I think Tails is hurt!”

            Sonic turned and Knuckles kneeling next to Tails, who was writhing on the ground.  Sonic got up and hurried over.  But by the time Sonic got there, Tails was trying to get up. 

            “Tails, stop it.” Sonic demanded.

            “I-I-I’m okay…” Tails said in a pained voice. “S-s-she…she…she just…stepped on my tails.”

            He got to his feet.  When he did Sonic saw his twin tails twitch.  Tails winced and tears started flowing from his eyes.

            “You gonna be alright?” Knuckles asked him.

            “I-I think so.” Tails gasped. “But I certainly can’t fly.”

            “DECOE!!” Bocoe cried!

            Sonic and Knuckles turned and saw Eggman and Bocoe kneeling to their injured comrade.  Decoe, who was still alive, in whatever sense the word can mean for robots, was moaning on the ground.  Sonic saw his legs were flat as pancakes.

            “You’re going to okay, Decoe,” Bocoe said in a panicked voice. “You’re going to be fine! You just…you…just…”  He paused, not knowing what he wanted to say.  When he couldn’t find it, he turned on Eggman. “See what your stupid half-minded plots get you!  This is all your fault!”

            “Quiet, Bocoe!” Eggman growled.

            “He’s right!” Espio shouted.  “You’re the idiot who did this!”


            “YEAH!” Everybody shouted at Eggman.

            “Unshrink us!” Chris Thorndyke shouted.

            “YEAH!” Everybody repeated.  Everyone except for Vector who didn’t seem pleased with the idea, he had a grin on his face and he was full of color.  He looked normal despite the situation.

            “I can’t!” Eggman yelled back at everybody. “The device disintegrated when I fired it! We’re stuck like this!”

            Vector’s grin widened.  Espio saw this and turned to him.

            “Vector,” He said. “Are you alright?”

            “Me?” Vector asked, beginning to redden.  “Yeah…yeah, I’m fine.”

            Espio stared at him like he had lost his mind.  Eggman continued.

            “We’re shrunk unless I can be taken back to my headquarters to make another gun.  Otherwise, I hope you like eating crumbs because there’s nothing else that can be done.”

            “We can’t stay like this!” Chris spoke up. “There’s a party that’s about to happen!  My mom is almost never here and this will be the first time in years that I will be able be at a party with her and I WILL do it!”

            “Well then you better think of a way to unshrink us, you little pest!” Eggman snapped.

            “Why should I?” Chris retorted. “This is your fault!”

            “And I can fix us!” Eggman shouted. “But not here! At the laboratory I can do fix us, but there is nothing I can do here!”

            “Then we need to get the others to help us.” Sonic said.  “We need them to take us to Eggman’s lab so he can fix us.”

            “Are you crazy!?” Bocoe asked incredulously.  “Look at what that woman did to Decoe! We’ll be killed.”

            “That isn’t Vanilla’s fault.” Knuckles said, pointing at Decoe. “She didn’t know he was there. If she had she wouldn’t have…”

            “Precisely!” Bocoe cried. “If she didn’t see him, she won’t see us while we try to get her attention.  She’ll step on all of us!”

            “It’s the only way.” Sonic said. “If we don’t get somebody to help us, the guests who come to the party will kill us.” Sonic paused for a moment in thought. “Alright, here’s the deal; we need somebody to help us but they don’t know about us.  We’ll all die if we’re not careful.  We need to find somebody we trust to help us.” He looked at everybody.  “I’m going to find Amy, she’ll do anything to help us.  Maybe it’s best if the rest of you stay here.”

            “No,” Knuckles said. “I’m going with you.  I don’t like the sound of anybody going off alone.”

            Sonic considered this and then nodded.  “Alright. The rest of you stay here, we’ll be back.”

            With that said, Sonic and Knuckles ran off to find Amy Rose.

            The rest of the group looked after them.  There was a long silence as they waited for Sonic and Knuckles to disappear.  Finally, Vector spoke up:

            “Well…I’m going to find Vanilla.”  He said quickly and tried to hurry off, but Tails called to him.

            “Wait, why?”

            “Because…uh…well,” Vector’s mind groped for a reason.  Luckily it found one. “Because what if they don’t make it?  What if they can’t find Amy?  We all know where Vanilla went off to.  She went right through that door.  All we have to do is follow her and then get her to help us.”

            “But,” Tails began.

            “I don’t care what you guys do.” Vector interrupted.  “But I’m gonna find Vanilla and I’ll bring her here.”

            With that, Vector began to run to where Vanilla had gone.  Espio stood indecisive for a moment and then ran after him. Tails watched them go.  He wanted to call them back.  He had little doubt of Sonic and Knuckles and he was quite sure that they would get Amy to help them.  He opened his mouth, but he was trying to think of something to say.  While he was thinking Chris ran past him.

            “Hey!” Tails yelled surprised. “Where are you going?!”

            “I’m going to find my mom!” Chris called back and he kept running.

            “But…but…Sonic and Knuckles…Chris!” Tails spluttered.  What was he suppose to do?  “Chris!  Wait!  Come back!” 

            Forgetting about Eggman and his two robots, Tails ran after Chris. Charmy looked at the villainous Doctor and his robots for a moment and then he followed Tails.  Eggman glance at the departing threesome, but then looked back at the moaning Decoe. If they all die, then my plan worked out afterall, Eggman thought.

            “Alright here’s the plan,” Eggman said. “We try to find a way back to the lab ourselves and we unshrink ourselves.  Then, before they can get their help, we raid the house and take the ladies prisoner and then we’ll never have to worry about them again!”

            “And how are we supposed to get to the lab?” Bocoe asked irritably. 

            “I don’t know but we’ll manage.” Eggman replied. “First, help me with Decoe.”

Vanilla and the Christmas Tree


            Vector and Espio, as it turned out, actually did find Vanilla before the others could find their ladies.  They found her in the living room, where she was standing in front of a bright Christmas tree.  Next to her were boxes of ornaments. She was hanging them neatly on the tree and singing softly to herself in her beautiful voice.  The tree was bigger than Vanilla and the light coming from it was much more intense that it was to the giant woman. 

            “Geez, that tree,” Espio said. “I can’t believe that I’m looking at a Christmas tree that is literally a million times my size.”

            “Yeah she’s big alright.” Vector, who was focusing on Vanilla, replied.

            The two of them made their way to Vanilla as fast as they could.  Finally, after struggling through the carpet, they reached her feet.  They walked between her legs and Espio looked up to see if Vanilla was looking down and if he could calculate what she would do.  Vector looked up but not for the same reason.  He only looked up while they were under Vanilla’s dress. 

            The two of them stopped in front of Vanilla’s shoes and watched in awe as the giant woman reached down, plucked an ornament from a nearby box and then stood up and carefully put it on the tree. 

            “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?” Vanilla sang. Her voice, which echoed loudly, was beautiful and almost hypnotic.

            “Vector,” Espio whispered. “What are we going to do? What’s the plan?”

            “What?” Vector asked, he had been absorbed with Vanilla’s beauty.  He looked at Espio dumbfounded.  “Oh, right.  We’re getting her attention, right.  Uh…” He tried to think of a plan quickly. “Uh, why don’t you go on that side of the tree and I’ll go on that side, and we’ll climb the tree to her face and try to get her attention.  If she doesn’t see us we can try to jump on her and get to her ear.”

            All of this ran out of Vector’s mouth. His brain had almost nothing to do with it.  But it made some sense to Espio, who did not want to be shrunk and everybody unaware of it for long. 

            “Alright,” He said to Vector. “Alright.  It’s not great but it’s probably the best we can do for now.  I’ll climb those strands of lights into the tree.” He looked at Vector. “Good luck.”

            Espio ran for a light strand that dangled to the ground.  It was far. Vector waited for Espio to be far enough and then he turned and headed back to Vanilla’s feet.  He approached her left foot.  He would climb something alright, but certainly not the tree.  Vanilla was certainly just as climbable.  Vector glanced one more time back at Espio to make sure he couldn’t see him.  When he was satisfied he walked under Vanilla’s dress to her left foot. He stood beside the huge high heel and looked up at red panties up above.  This route to Vanilla’s ear would be much more fun.

            “We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne.” Vector heard Vanilla sing.  He loved the sound of her voice.

            He went to the front of Vanilla’s foot and climbed the tip of her shoe.  He walked across the top to her ankle, stepping slowing on the top of her foot, her skin being covered only by the pantyhose.  He didn’t want her to feel him.  When he reached her ankle he dug his fingers into the thread of the hose and began to climb up Vanilla’s leg.

            Espio reached the bright strand of lights and climbed the up into the tree.  They were bright and it was hard to see, but he managed to get into the branches.  He used anything from the lights to the tinsel to get higher in the tree.  He was almost knocked off the tree three times by Vanilla.  He would be carefully walking across a branch when giant, gloved fingers seized it roughly.  Espio was thrown of the side but managed to grab a hook from a nearby ornament and hold on while the branch bobbed as Vanilla place the newest addition to the tree. 

            “But seas between us braid hae roar’d  sin’ auld lang syne.” Vanilla sang.

            Breathing hard and running out of breath during his difficult journey, Espio finally got to Vanilla’s eye height on the tree.  It was here that Espio found a nick in Vector’s plan.  Vanilla was never looking at one spot on the tree for long.  Her eyes glided from tree, then ornament, then location for ornament in that order. Espio knew he would have to jump on the woman’s body before she either knocked him off the tree or finished decorating it. He carefully crossed to the end of a branch and got ready to leap on Vanilla’s shoulder.

            By this time, Vector was at Vanilla’s knee approaching her thigh, the light now disappearing as her got fully under the dress.  As Vector passed her knee he went to the other side of her leg.  Now, instead of her crotch, her butt was over him.  Vector had lost all desire to get to her ear.  He had a new plan.  He would climb over Vanilla’s butt and then enter her pantyhose and then crawl down to her underwear.  After that, well, time and imagination would tell what happened next.

            But when Espio leaped and Vector was crossing the seat of Vanilla’s underwear, Vanilla put the last ornament onto the tree.  There were still more in the boxes, but she figured she was done with this tree.  Satisfied, Vanilla stepped back to admire her work.  Vector held on to avoid losing his grip and Espio, instead of landing on Vanilla’s shoulder, hit the swell of her right breast.

            “And here’s a hand, my trusty friend, and gie’s a hand o’ thine; We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne.” Vanilla finished beautifully. She looked at the tree with admiration. “Ah, it’s perfect.”

            Vanilla then turned.  Espio began to slide off her blouse, he flailed his hands wildly and fortunately was able to grab one of the buttons on the front of her breasts.  Vector barely even noticed the movement.  Vanilla walked to couch next to the tree.  Espio knew that if she sat down she would be still for a few moments which meant he could reach her ear.  Vanilla stood next to the couch and looked at the coffee table at the magazines.  There were a few kids magazine and a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.  Vanilla didn’t like the adult catalogue being mixed with the children’s books.  Cream could easily find it and she didn’t want that.  She would have to put that in a better spot.  She put it in a drawer in the coffee table, burying it under some of the other papers in their.  It was mostly old letters in there.  Nothing Cream would be interested in.  With that taken care of, Vanilla shut the drawer and picked up the T.V remote.  While she turned on the T.V, she bent to sit down. 

            Vector had felt the hose tighten as Vanilla bent over to cover the magazine so it would not be seen by young eyes, but he hadn’t paid it much mind.  But this time, he knew something was wrong.  It not only tightened against his grip, he felt like he was falling.  He realized what was happening just as Vanilla sat.  Vector was squeezed between the soft fabric of the dress and the rough nylon of the pantyhose.  He felt the air leave his lungs and it was almost impossible to breathe.  He tried to scream to Vanilla to get off him but all that came out was a desperate gasp.

            Espio lost his grip of the button he was holding as Vanilla sat down.  When she had sat down, her breasts bounced unexpectedly while Espio tried to change his grip.  He fell down to her lap which he was thrown off when Vanilla crossed her legs.  He landed on the couch next to her rear.  He got up and looked at Vanilla who was watching the T.V.  No way would she hear him over it.   

            “Vector!” He called.  “VECTOR!! Where are you?”

            Nobody replied.  Inside Vanilla’s dress, Vector did hear Espio, but he couldn’t call back to him no matter how hard he tried.  Espio, who didn’t know that Vanilla was actually sitting on his friend, thought that Vector had either missed when he jumped or he was still in the tree. Hopefully, it was the latter.  But regardless, Espio had to get to Vanilla’s ear.  He walked to the black dress, meaning to climb back into the woman’s lap.

            Vector was beginning to suffer.  He completely regretted climbing Vanilla’s leg.  It had been great, but it wasn’t worth dying.  Vector had to get out from under Vanilla’s butt before it suffocated him.  He tried to see if could move his arms and legs.  He realized he could, but not by much.  He tried to turn over so he could be on his stomach and crawl out from under Vanilla’s bum, but that didn’t work as he was almost literally pressed flat.

            Vanilla had been paying some attention to the T.V, but she was aware of some itch on her butt and she shifted herself to try to get rid of it.  The sudden movement squished Vector even more.  Now on the verge of passing out, which would lead to his death, Vector panicked and squirmed even more.  Vanilla uncrossed her legs, lifted herself up a little, and pulled at the thigh of her pantyhose through her dress.  Espio, who had been trying to climb her dress, was thrown off and was almost sat on too. The pressure had only slackened a little when Vanilla had lifted herself a bit, allowing Vector to start pulling in some air.  But then Vanilla put her weight back on him, causing him to choke on his own air.  Vector, now in mortal terror, squirmed even more.  Vanilla, now annoyed, stood and brushed her wide bum off with a quick practiced movement of her hand.

            Vector fell down her legs, out of her dress, and between her feet.  Above, Vanilla sat down again.  She wriggled herself around and then, realizing her “itch” was gone, was still.  Vector, who was dazed but unhurt, thanks to the carpet, got to his feet.  He still needed to get her attention, which meant he needed to climb to her ear.  He jumped on her left foot and once again climbed her leg, only this time, her climbed onto her dress instead of going into it. 

            Espio and Vector met on Vanilla’s lap.

            “Vector!” Espio called, glad to see his friend wasn’t dead. “Where have you been?”

            Vector immediately turned red.

            “I…uh…I chickened out…when…we were supposed to jump.” Vector said, glad he had been able to make something up. Better than to tell him what he had really done.

            “Well let’s get up to her ear.” Espio said.

            The two of them started to climb to buttons of him blouse.  As they went up, Vanilla’s belly gave an empty roar.  Vector and Espio paused at the sound.

            “God that was loud.” Vector said, his hots for Vanilla starting to take over again.  “Her freaking stomach is bigger than…”


            “WATCH OUT!!” Espio cried.  He grabbed Vector and pulled him up by his golden chain.  Vector, who had almost suffocated under Vanilla’s bum, found himself being chocked again. 

            A giant, gloved hand was drawing towards them.  Espio dragged Vector up four or five buttons, safely up near the breasts. The hand flattened itself as Vanilla began to rub her stomach.

            “My, I can’t wait to eat,” Vanilla muttered to herself. “I’m getting hungry.”

            Vector began to lose himself again as he and Espio began to climb over Vanilla’s breasts.  Vector began to shake with desire and he began to think of ways he could ditch Espio so he could crawl between the buttons of the blouse and hop in Vanilla’s cleavage.  But Espio kept looking back at him.  There was nothing he could do, but he nevertheless enjoyed walking across the large bosom as they reached her shoulder. 

            “HEY!” Espio and Vector screamed when they stood on the shoulder. “VANILLA!! HEY!! DOWN HERE!!

            Vanilla didn’t look but Espio saw her expression change and her eyes began searching the room.  She had heard something or she had thought she had.  Espio jumped onto Vanilla’s long ear and began to climb up to her ear hole.  Vector watched from the shoulder.  Espio looked into Vanilla’s ear, drew in air, and shouted:


            Vanilla flinched hard.  Vector was hurled off her should and tumbled down onto her breasts.  He had to roll away from a hand that pressed against her breast that held the heart.  Vector looked up and saw Vanilla was now fully alert and looking around the room. 

            “Espio?” Vanilla said, her voice louder now that he was so close to her mouth.  “Is that you? Where are you? Don’t scare me like that!”


            “What?!” Vanilla asked. She didn’t sound like she fully believed it. She started turning her head to look around the room, causing Espio to be flung around on her ear.


            Vanilla looked down at her right shoulder. She didn’t see anything.

            “Espio, what is this?” Vanilla said, a little unsure. “I don’t…”

            Then, something caught her eye.  A tiny shine of something on the front of her breasts; she reached for it and picked it up gently and held it up to her eyes.  It was something very small, so she hard to focus her eyes on it.  She could just see bright green skin and she could tell it was a small figure.  There was a gold chain around the neck.  Vanilla’s eyes widened.


            It was Vector.


Amy Rose gets Mad


            Around the time Vector started climbing Vanilla’s leg, Sonic and Knuckles found Amy Rose in the guest bedroom she inhabited.  She wasn’t already dressed for the party, like Vanilla was; she was still wearing her traditional rubber dress and her boots.  She was actually holding a cord phone to her ear when Sonic and Knuckles entered the room. She was tapping her foot impatiently.  While Sonic and Knuckles were crossing the room at their small pace to get to her, someone finally answered her. 

            “Yes, Ella?” Ella was the maid of the house, and the last time Sonic had seen her, she had been going to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute things for the party.  “Did Sonic go with you to the store?”


            Knuckles heard Sonic groan, and he didn’t blame him.  Amy knew as well as anybody that Sonic had not gone to the store with Ella. Sonic had told her he would not do so when she had asked.  But it had been thirty minutes since Ella had left and thirty minutes since Amy had last seen Sonic.  Naturally, Amy was on the prowl, suspecting that Sonic had either lied to her or was hiding from her.

            “So he didn’t go?” Amy asked.  She listened for a second. “Well I just haven’t seen him since you left…alright…sure, thanks anyway Ella…bye.”

            Amy hung up and let out a groan of exasperation.  By this time, Sonic and Knuckles had reached Amy’s giant boots.  Sonic looked up, meaning to call out to Amy, but froze when he saw the giant white panties under Amy’s skirt.  He stared at them and would have continued to do so if Knuckles hadn’t hit him in the arm.

            “HEY!” Knuckles shouted. “Sonic! Focus! We have to get her to help us!”

            Sonic shook the image of Amy’s underwear out of his mind and looked at Knuckles.

            “Right, you’re right.” Sonic said. “Well…how do we want to do this?  Do you have a plan?”

            “I think the only thing we can do is find a way to get to her ears,” Knuckles told him. “She can’t hear us down here.”

            “Alright, sounds like a plan,” Sonic said, but then he thought of something. “But she’s wearing a dress.  How do we climb out of her skirt?”

            “We don’t,” Knuckles said glancing up for a moment. “I guess we got to climb through her dress till we get to her…Hey!  She’s looking!  Hey!  OH MY GOD! WATCH OUT!!”

            Before Sonic could even ask what the hell he was talking about, Knuckles leaped at him and shoved him so hard that the two of them went flying.  A split second later, Amy Rose’s giant boot came crashing down on the floor with a deafening boom.  The impact caused the two shrunken guys to be hurled even further. 

            “Damn it!” Amy Rose bellowed above. “Bugs! Gross! Damn it, I hate bugs!” She lifted her boot up and held it over Sonic and Knuckles. “Stay still and let me crush you!”


            Sonic, being much faster, grabbed Knuckles and sped out from Amy’s boot just as it stamped down.  Again the two were sent flying from the impact.  Sonic was able to land on his feet and keep going as Amy quickly raised her boot up and angled it over the two.  Sonic saw this and swerved to avoid the giant footwear.   This time, Amy didn’t come very close to hitting the two, so the impact only caused Sonic to stumble slightly.  But instead of raising her foot again, Amy swung it at the tiny figures in a hard side swipe.  It struck them dead on and sent Sonic and Knuckles flying half-way across the room.

            “What the hell just happened?” Sonic asked, his mind spinning. 

            Knuckles was already back on his feet, his head was harder than Sonic’s, and he saw Sonic was too dizzy to run and Amy, with earth quaking steps, was walking towards them.  Knuckles could only see her eyes over her breasts, but he saw the anger blaze in them and he knew he had to run.  So he picked up Sonic and, as fast as he could, carried him to the bed.  Just before Knuckles could run under it, Amy was over them.  Knuckles looked up and saw a pair of panties along with the dirty sole of a rising boot.  Panicked, Knuckles went into hyper drive and dove in one of his trademark glides under the bed.  He felt Amy’s boot graze his own feet as it crashed down.

            Once they were under the bed, Amy cried out in rage.

            “This…is not…going the way…I…hoped it would,” Knuckles gasped.

            “Yeah…I forgot…she hates bugs,” Sonic said, equally out of breath.

            There was another quake in the ground and Sonic and Knuckles turn to see that Amy was getting down on her knees.  Then, a large pair of dark green eyes was glaring at them.

               “You have got to be kidding me.” Knuckles whispered.

            With a loud cry, Amy swung a fist down.  Sonic ran, grabbing Knuckles as he passed him, avoiding the fist just by squeak and a gasp. 

            “Stop moving!” Amy Rose roared.  The voice boomed in Sonic’s head, but he kept moving.

            Sonic dragged Knuckles out from under the bed.  He heard Amy get back to her feet.  Then, she began to hurry after them.  Sonic knew that Amy wouldn’t spare a moment to look at what she wanted to crush, so they just now needed to escape her.  Sonic looked at the space under the door from which they had entered.  Sonic felt the trembling of Amy’s approach; soon she would be right on top of them.

            He put on a burst of speed and sped under the door just in time to avoid Amy’s boots as she brought them down in a hard jumping stomp.  Sonic heard Amy collide into the door as her stomp missed.  There was a small picture stand next to the door way. Sonic swerved to it and then he and Knuckles hid behind its legs. 

            A moment later the door burst open and Amy stomped into the hall.  Peeking out from the leg of the stand, Sonic and Knuckles watched as Amy scanned the floor.  She got on her knees and looked under the picture stand, but Sonic and Knuckles moved to avoid her eyes.  When she believed they weren’t there she stood up and stormed down the hall.

            “I’m gonna find you bugs!” She said venomously. “And when I do I’m gonna grind you to paste under my boot!”

            Amy went down the hall, kneeling down to scan the bottom of any piece of furniture in her path, not caring in her rage that her underwear poked out from the bottom of her skirt each time she bent down.  Sonic and Knuckles, once they felt it was safe, walked out from their hiding spot and stood in the huge hall, wondering what they were going to do next.

            “Well that didn’t work at all!” Knuckles growled. “When I’m back to normal size I’m gonna teach her a lesson she won’t ever forget!”

            “That’s great, Knuckles,” Sonic said.  “But right now we need to find out what we’re going to do now?.”

            “Allow me to tell you what you’ll do next.” A voice said from behind them.

            Sonic, though for a moment he thought it was, realized it wasn’t Amy Rose.

            Amy was very angry.  Where had those disgusting little bugs gone? Oh, how she wanted to squish them!  It would be almost fun to wipe their flattened, bloodied bodies from the bottom of her boot.  But for the moment, they seemed to have disappeared, but Amy was confident she would find them.

            Half-way down the hall Amy heard someone.  She looked up and saw Vanilla hurrying down the hall towards her.  Amy offered a small wave and then knelt to look under another table.  Vanilla stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Amy do this and then approached her cautiously. 

            “Amy,” Vanilla asked slowly. “What are you doing?”

            “I can’t talk right now, Vanilla,” Amy Rose replied immediately.  Vanilla saw at once that her temper had been roused. “But I’m looking for some bugs that were in my room. I’m gonna squish them!” 

            If Amy had been looking at her, she would have seen Vanilla’s eyes widen as an expression of horror came to her face.  Then it relaxed as an idea came in Vanilla’s mind.

            “Amy, instead of bug hunting,” Vanilla said in the most soothing voice she could offer. “Why don’t you do me a favor and put the dinner plates on the dining table.”

            Amy looked up at her. “I thought Ella was going to do that.”

            “Well I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the favor,” Vanilla said, stretching her lips into a smile. “It would probably be a great help to her.”

            Amy saw Vanilla’s smile and felt herself smile back.  When Vanilla, or her daughter, Cream, smiled at you it was impossible to refuse them.

            “Sure, leave it to me.” Amy said; her rage completely doused.

            Vanilla watched her disappear down the hall and then turned and hurried down to Amy’s room. 

An Actress in the Kitchen


            While Sonic and Knuckles dodged Amy’s first attack and Vector was being sat on by Vanilla; Tails, Chris, and Charmy found Lindsay Thorndyke in the kitchen.  Her presence there answered the question which was ‘what was that terrible smell?’  They all knew, especially Chris, that Lindsay couldn’t cook if her life depended on it.  Fortunately, she was only cooking two side dishes for the dinner, which everybody made a note to avoid.  All the other food was made by Ella. 

            One reason that Lindsay was such a lousy cook was that she didn’t pay all the attention to the food as she should.  When the three shrunken guys entered the room, she was talking gaily on her cellular phone.  She was wearing a bright red, slim cocktail dress which ended just below her knees and red high heels and was leaning against the island counter, so absorbed in her conversation that she didn’t notice that whatever she had in the over was beginning to burn.


     “I found this dazzling dress for the party, Caroline,” Lindsay was saying into the phone.  “I saw it in a nice store in New York.  It was hundreds of dollars but I just had to get it, it looked so lovely.”


            Charmy, Chris, and Tails hurried to Lindsay’s expensive high heels and looked up at her.  All they could see was the woman’s shapely body in her slick dress.  They, of course, couldn’t see her face over her breasts. At this distance, the scent of the woman’s perfume actually over powered the burnt food smell Lindsay, while they looked, suddenly moved from the island counter and began to pace about the room.  The floor shook violently under the Lindsay’s footfall, causing all three of the tiny figures at her feet to drop like pins.

            “It’s simply wonderful to be home for the holidays,” Lindsay went on. She listened for a moment. “Right now I’m in the kitchen…YES! The kitchen…that’s right, I’m cooking something very special for the party to celebrate me and Nelson being able to be here!”


     The burnt smell in the oven was getting stronger.  Lindsay walked towards the kitchen sink, the quakes from her steps getting slightly softer.

            “I bought some for little Christopher while I was in D.C last month,” Mrs. Thorndyke said. “I was walking past a gift store and I just had to get it for him…what?...oh, I can’t say, I don’t know where Christopher is and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

            Lindsay listened for a moment and then erupted in a gay, booming laughter.  She turned from the sink and started walking back towards the shrunken trio.  They tried to run but the shaking ground made it impossible to stand.  Lindsay walked right over them, her right foot just barely missing Tails.

            “The house just looks magnificent,” Lindsay went on to say. “You’ll fall in love with the decorations when you step in…oh yes, there are trees everywhere, as a matter of fact I just had Miss Vanilla go decorate one…oh…you don’t know her?...she’s Cream’s mom…oh my god, you simply must meet her, she’s so wonderful.”

            Lindsay had turned and was now walking towards the sink again.  She walked over the small guys again.  They all crawled frantically to avoid a giant high heel.

            “She won’t stay still!” Charmy screamed, trying to be heard over Lindsay’s voice and footsteps.  “She won’t shut up either!”

            “I KNOW!” Chris yelled back, and he did know. Once his mom started talking, often it was impossible to stop her. 

            “We NEED to GET her ATTENTION!!” Tails yelled.

            “THAT WON’T BE EASY!” Chris screamed. He had to say it at the top of his lungs as a loud laughing Lindsay walked over them again.  They didn’t have to avoid her feet this time.  Her feet just stepped over them.

            “WELL WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?” Tails shrieked back!

            “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU GUYS DO!” Charmy suddenly called. “BUT I’M GONNA FLY UP TO HER FACE TO SEE IF SHE’LL SEE ME!”

            Chris was going to reply to that, but he didn’t think he had enough air in his lungs to compete with his mother again as she began to pace back to them.  He didn’t know what Charmy expected to happen but he was pretty sure his mom would totally ignore him.

            Charmy took flight.  He had to avoid the oncoming giantess to avoid colliding with her.  Once behind her he made a wide turn.  Lindsay and Charmy turned and face each other.  Charmy flew upwards.  He watched as he passed the legs, hips, stomach, breasts, and approached her face.  But he realized something was wrong, but by the time he was able to figure it out, it was much too late.

            He had flown right up to her mouth.  A warm, wine scented air enveloped him.


            The loud voice was too much for Charmy.  It was louder than any rock concert Vector had ever taken him to.  He clapped his hands over his throbbing ears and closed his eyes in a wince.  He screamed though it was lost in Lindsay’s chatter.  Blindly, Charmy flew up, trying as hard as he could to escape the booming voice.  Then, he heard a great sucking of air and he felt himself being pulled by a powerful wind.  He saw the light disappear through his eyelids.  The sucking noise filled his head.  Charmy screamed again as he vanished up Lindsay’s left nostril.

            Charmy felt himself being pulled and felt the large strands of hair smack him like clubs.  Not knowing what else to do, Charmy flailed his arms for something to hold onto. They, of course, found a large hair.  Charmy grabbed and held it to avoid being sucked through any further.  For a moment Charmy almost lost his grip, but then the air stopped…and then flowed in the other direction. Charmy was swung the other way, the nose hair was ripped out if his hands.  He was pushed out of the dark cavern into bright light, past giant lips covered with lipstick…and directly between Lindsay’s large breasts.  Charmy was wedged in the two mountains of bouncing flesh.  He was upside down and he couldn’t free himself.

            During this whole failed attempt, Tails and Chris had sought shelter under the island counter.  When they were safely under it, they turned and watched for Lindsay to see Charmy.  They watched the giantess pace back and forth, back and forth, talking ceaselessly on her cell phone.  Nothing happened. 

            “I don’t think his plan worked!!” Tails yelled over the giantess.

            “I never thought it would!!” Chris yelled back. He pointed towards his giant mother.  “He’s never tried to interrupt her phone calls before!! Trust me, she gets real into it!!”

            “Well where do you think Charmy went?” Tails hollered. “Do you…”


            A giant plastic spoon clattered loudly to the floor.  It flipped wildly and was dangerously close to hitting Tails and Chris.  After the spoon stopped, Chris saw his mother getting to her knees.  She lowered down and reached for the spoon.  Tails and Chris jumped on it but Lindsay’s vacant eyes passed over them without seeing them.  Lindsay was silent, listening to her phone.  As her fingers closed on the handle Chris heard a distant “help!”  It sounded like Charmy. As Lindsay bent further her breasts loomed over Chris and Tails like double moons.  They stared up at them in utter awe.  The cry came again.  This time it was louder.  “HELP! I’M STUCK!”

            It was Charmy alright.

            As Lindsay stood up, Tails and Chris looked at each other. 

            “Well…what are we going to do?” Tails said. “It looks like Charmy’s stuck in your mom’s…cleavage.”

            “I-I guess we gotta get him.” Chris answered, a pained look on his face. He didn’t want to go up there at all.  This was his mom for god’s sake.  But if nothing was done then Charmy would be stuck there and they had to get to her ear anyway. Chris told this to Tails, who sighed deeply.

            “Alright, I guess if we must,” He said.

            “Can you fly?” Chris asked.

            “No, Vanilla busted my tails pretty bad.”

            “Alright, I have an idea.” Chris said. “Hurry, follow me.”

            Lindsay had put the plastic spoon were it rightly belonged, but she was no longer pacing the room.  She was leaning against the counter as when they had first found her.  There was an unplugged cord for a blender that reached down low enough for the shrunken pair to grab onto it.  They began to climb up it, hoping Lindsay would stay put.  Though they didn’t pay it much mind, the burning smell was beginning to overcome the powerful fragrance of Lindsay’s perfume.

            “So what are you wearing?” Lindsay asked.  “That sound marvelous I cannot wait to see it! Wherever did you get it?...really?!...I must go there sometime!...yes…well maybe you should come with me, I’m always shopping for new clothes…yes, me too.”

            Tails and Chris finally reached the counter.  They ran to the back of Lindsay’s dress, which was tied in the back by spaghetti straps.  Chris climbed up first and then Tails joined him. They climbed the straps to Lindsay’s right shoulder.  Then they were standing on the collar bone, staring down at the massive breasts.  They could no longer hear Charmy. 

            “I CAN’T HEAR HIM! CAN YOU?” Tails yelled.  Chris could barely hear him over his mother’s mouth even though he was standing right next to him.

            “NO!” Chris yelled.  “WE BETTER FIND HIM AND FAST!!”

            They stood there for a few moments, neither wanting to go, but waiting for the other to go.  They would have stood there for a long time…but then Lindsay began to pace around the room again, sending Tails and Chris sliding down the soft surface of her right breast.  Chris tried to use the soles of his shoes to stop the sliding, but the bouncing made it very hard.  He was sliding along the inner edge of her breast.  One slip and he would fall lodged between them like Charmy.  Chris could hear Tails behind him, shouting something at him.

            Lindsay was too absorbed in her world to notice the movement on her skin.

            “Nelson is doing quite well, he sold a million dollar deal to a mass corporation…I don’t know where and I don’t think it really matters!” Her booming laugher erupted again.  Her voice was much louder here than it was on the floor.

            Chris was looking left and right in the small space between the two mountains of flesh, looking for anything that moved.  He finally spotted a small orange coat in the midst of the giant cleavage.  Chris turned clumsily around to Tails and pointed downwards.  Tails looked down and then nodded as he spotted Charmy’s still body.  They saw that Charmy was upside down, meaning he had probably passed out from the blood running down into his head.

            The question was how they were going to get him.

            Chris slid over to his mother’s bra and sat between the two cups, holding on to avoid being thrown off by the bouncing.  Tails reached down and tried to lower himself down enough to grab Charmy’s foot.  He could almost reach it but not quite.  He was about to give up and try to think of another plan when Lindsay’s breasts bounced deep enough for Tails to reach Charmy.  Once he had his foot, Tails pulled Charmy over to Chris’s position on her bra.  He was successful at moving Charmy to Chris, but he was still stuck.  Chris grabbed his other foot and they both yanked as hard as they could until finally Charmy slid out.  Tails and Chris dragged Charmy back on top of the right breast and began slapping him.

            “OW OW!” Charmy bawled when he was finally awake. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”


            Charmy screamed his agreement over another gust of Lindsay’s loud laughter.  They three boys began the very difficult task of walking back up to the shoulder.  It was a task they were not able to finish.  Even though they were right on her skin, the smell of the perfume was now completely lost in the burnt smell and smoke was beginning to drift out of the oven. Holding her phone against her shoulder with her ear, Lindsay Thorndyke grabbed some oven mitts and opened the oven.  A billow of smoke drifted out and the burning food smell got even stronger.  The smoke alarm began to beep.  Lindsay paid no attention to any of these things.

            My maid made lots of delicious food.” She was saying into the phone. She pulled a pan out of the oven. The pan held a black, unidentifiable thing in it. Lindsay shut the over with her foot and walked over to the island counter.  “You remember Ella right? Of course you do…well she made everything you could ever want and I’m sure many others are bringing food too, but the real treat will be Miss Vanilla’s desserts, I swear no one makes better goodies than that woman.”

            Lindsay bent to place her ruined food on the counter.  The shrunken trio slid from her breasts and headed directly for the smoldering death trap that was Lindsay Thorndyke’s cooking.  Seeing this, Tails screamed and tried to spin his tails but this was met with a horrible burst of pain.  Charmy saved the day then.  He grabbed both Tails and Chris in impulse and started his wings.  He couldn’t carry them, but he was able to steer them away from the singed food. 

            They landed in a big heap on the island counter.  Above them, Lindsay laid the mitts down and held her phone with her hand again.

            “Well look for me when you get here,” She was saying.  She was heading for an exit. “I just pulled my food out of the oven and now I’m going to check to see if Ella is using the dishware I want her to…”

            She left through a swinging door.

            Hearing the loud bray of the alarm, Vanilla hurried into the kitchen.  She saw that the room was full of smoke and it all seemed to be coming from a pan on the counter.  Vanilla quickly carried the pan, which held food that was so burnt she couldn’t even identify it, over to the stove top.  She placed it there and turned on the smoke vent then.  She climbed up on a chair and silenced the alarm.  When that was done she looked around the counter near the sink.

            “Please be here,” She was whispering. “Please.”

            She didn’t see anything.  Very worried she turned to the island counter.  While she walked around it, she heard something.  Vanilla had very good hearing, of course, and when she really focused almost nothing escaped her ears.  But had she not been focusing, there would be no way she would have heard it.

            “help! Vanilla!”


            Her heart starting to race Vanilla searched for the source.  She didn’t see anything.

            “Down there!” Vector cried from her shoulder. “I think I see them!”

            Finally, Vanilla’s eyes spotted three small dots.  She smiled at them relieved.

            “Thank goodness I found you guys!” She said, trying to keep her voice down. “I was afraid you got hurt!”

            “How did you know to look for us here?” The voice of Tails asked.

            “Well, Vector said Sonic and Knuckles went looking for Amy and that he and Espio here went looking for me.” Vanilla explained.  “So, I figured, since you weren’t where Vector left you in the Foyer, you would go looking for your mother.” Vanilla frowned. “I couldn’t find Sonic and Knuckles in Amy’s room. I’m worried that something’s happened to them.”

            “What about Eggman?” The voice of Chris asked. “Wasn’t he in the foyer?”


                Vanilla’s frown deepened. 

            “I didn’t hear anything when I looked down there.” She answered. “I guess he’s missing too.” Vanilla sighed. “I guess we’ll just have to find both Sonic and Knuckles and Robotnik and his bots.”

            “Right,” Tails’s voice agreed. “We better find them before the party starts.”


                Vanilla nodded and then gently placed Charmy, Tails, and Chris on her shoulder. 

            “Hold on, now, boys,” Vanilla told them. “I’ll try not to go too fast, but I need you guys to make sure you don’t fall.”

            With that said, Vanilla headed for the door.  Before she got there it swung open and Lindsay Thorndyke re-entered.  She laid her phone down on the counter and smiled at Vanilla.

            “Ah, Vanilla, darling,” She hailed respectfully. “I just simply cannot wait for your wonderful deserts.”

            “What?” Vanilla asked.  She was too focused on other things to think about baking.  She didn’t want to tell anybody about the shrunken boys until she either had them all or until they went unfound for too long.  “Oh, yes, well, thank you, Lindsay, I’m glad you like them, now if you’ll excuse me.”

            Lindsay gestured to her own food.  Tails, who was looking at the burnt food from Vanilla’s shoulder, thought that Lindsay’s cooking made Vanilla’s look like food from the gods. 

            “I just pulled this out of the oven,” Lindsay declared proudly, oblivious, as always, that her cooking could kill. “I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as your baking!”

Vanilla offered a reluctant smile, trying to hide her disgust.

“Uh…yes…well,” She stammered. “I’m sure…they’ll…remember it.”

This seemed to please Lindsay.  Vanilla excused herself quickly from Lindsay’s presence because she had to find more shrunken people but also she was deafly afraid that Lindsay would ask her to taste her food.


The Uninvited Guest

             Just when Vector and Espio first encountered Vanilla decorating the tree, an uninvited guest walked into the front door of the Thorndyke Mansion.  At the time, Dr. Robotnik was kneeling over Decoe and examining his legs.  Bocoe was repeatedly asking over and over if Eggman could fix him and Eggman said yes each time.  After awhile Eggman said if Bocoe asked one more time he would open his control panel and rip out all the cords.  Bocoe, enraged, began to reply when the door loudly opened.  Eggman and Bocoe looked up, getting ready to run if they needed to.  They would have to drag Decoe behind them.  But when they saw who the person was, they didn’t move.

            It was Rouge the bat.

            She wasn’t dressed up for the party if that was why she was here.  She was dressed in her normal attire, her white boots with the hearts, her skin tight suit with the heart shaped top.  She was stand right above Eggman and his robots.  She appeared to look around the room, but Eggman couldn’t tell for sure for her breasts blocked her face from their position.  As he watched her, a plan formed in his mind.  If he could get Rouge to take them to the headquarters before Sonic and his stupid friends found their rescuers, then he could unshrink himself and then comeback and shrink the females to.  With that in mind, Dr. Eggman opened his mouth.

            “ROUGE!!” He screamed. 

            And to Eggman’s tremendous surprise and relieve, Rouge looked down.  Eggman grinned, this was just too easy.

            “Well, well, well,” Rouge said, a grin of her own stretching on her lips. “What do we have here?”

            This was a disguised question for Rouge already knew what was before her.  Rouge had spied on the Doctor earlier when he was complaining to Decoe and Bocoe.  She was hoping for some information on the location on the chaos emeralds but was getting bored when Eggman was just sitting around and grumbling to himself.  She was just starting to leave when she heard Eggman say he was going to shrink people.  When she had heard that, a grin, much like the one on her face before Eggman now, was on her lips.  The evening got better after she followed the idiot doctor to the Thorndyke Mansion.  She got a real good laugh after watching the doctor shrink himself.  Rouge, who had strong ears from being a bat, listened as the small group argued and got another laugh as a woman in a black dress in to shut the door.  Rouge then heard the small group form their little plan and waited for them all to leave.  Once all but Eggman and his two bots remained, Rouge decided that she would have some new pets to play with by the end of the night.  She was especially interested in Knuckles. 


            “You want me to carry you back to your little lair?...okay, Doctor,” Rouge said smugly.  She hunkered down and held out a palm. “Hop on, Doc, and I’ll get you there in no time.”

            Dr. Robotnik quickly hurled the injured Decoe onto the hand and then he and Bocoe, who was just as willing, jumped on too. The hand rose up to Rouge’s giant face so fast that Eggman and Bocoe were flattened under the pressure.  When they reached the eyes, Eggman heard Rouge was laughing menacingly.


            Hey!” Eggman cried. “W-what’s so funny.”

            “I thought doctors were supposed to be smart.” Rouge said, pinning Eggman and Bocoe under her pinky finger.  She watched, with great amusement, as the two of them fruitlessly tried to release themselves. “Ha, that’s right.  Struggle against me, it amuses me.” She brought the two closer to her eyes. “Do you ever learn? Did you really think I was going to help you?  Haven’t you noticed that every time I promise to help you I don’t in the end.”

            “ROUGE LET ME GO!” Eggman roared.

            “Hmmm, let me think,” Rouge said sarcastically. She lowered the two to her large, hot pink lips.  “No.”

            Rouge laughed in their faces.  Her breath smelled like gum. 

            “I think I’ll just put you two aside for a little bit.” She went on.  “I’ve got some things I want to take care of.  But, oh my, first let me take care of your worthless friend.”


            Rouge picked up Decoe, who screamed since he was seized by his flattened legs.  She carried them to a chair that was placed next to the stairs.  She simply dropped Decoe from her hand to the seat.  She laughed as he screamed. 

            “I’ve always wanted to do this.” Rouge said.  Wrapping Eggman and Bocoe in a fist, Rouge spun around.

            Decoe was in terrible agony, and he thought it was about to get much worse.  He watched as Rouge stood, her huge butt hanging over him.  He saw Rouge looking over her shoulder to look at him.  Decoe flailed his arms, not knowing what he wanted to do with them.  He only knew that where he was right now was not a good place to be.  Rouge stood for a moment, teasing the small robot, laughing as she listened to his little pleas.  Finally she could wait no longer and bent to sit.  It happened in slow motion to Decoe.  The giant butt slowly fell on him.  Decoe screamed while it came.  His screams seized when the latex of Rouge’s suit struck him like a train.  He felt horrible pain and he felt it for what seemed like an eternity before he was finally destroyed.  Rouge grinded the poor Decoe under her without mercy, giggling evilly as she did it, feeling the small robot break apart.

            “YOU MURDERER!” Bocoe screamed.

            Rouge quickly drew the small robot up to her eyes.  Bocoe was silenced as the large eyes glared at him with evil amusement, daring him to speak again.

            “I would watch it if I were you, insignificant fly.” Rouge warned him softly with a grin.  “I can do the same to you, and I won’t give you the pleasure of my ass.  Besides, you and him are just stupid, worthless robots.”


            Bocoe didn’t speak, he hardly breathed.

            “Now, I have plans here, so I’m just going to stuff you two in my boobs so you can’t escape.” Rouge held them over her giant cleavage.  “Don’t worry, you’ll be safe there, for now.”

            Rouge roughly stuffed the two remaining minions in her breasts, feeling them get wedged there.  There was a great feeling as she felt the two of them try to escape their soft prison with no avail.  Laughing, she stood up and bushed pieces of the ruined Decoe off her butt with two swipes of her hand.  She went up the stairs, making sure her breasts bounced especially hard as she mounted the steps.  She went through a door on the left at the top of the stairwell. 

It was empty, but she heard something happening in a room.  She saw an open door and hurried to it.  She peeked in to see Amy Rose’s back.  She was stomping like mad at something on the ground.  Amy didn’t seem to hear it, but Rouge heard Knuckles and Sonic yelling at each other as they evaded the angry Amy.  Rouge, not wanting to be seen hid in the room next to Amy’s bedroom.  She waited and heard Amy chase Sonic and Knuckles out into the hall.

Amy was no longer stomping as she left her room.  Rouge peeked out of the doorway and saw her down the hall eyeing the floor and looking under furniture. Rouge didn’t think Amy would turn around, she seemed to be confident her “bugs” had gone in that direction.

“Well that didn’t work at all!”  Rouge heard Knuckles growl. “When I’m back to normal size I’m gonna teach her a lesson she won’t ever forget!”

            Rouge looked down and saw Sonic and Knuckles walking out from behind the picture stand next to Amy’s room.  They stood out in the hall and watched Amy storm off.  Rouge crept up to them, bringing her feet down slowly as to not alert them.

“That’s great, Knuckles,” Rouge heard Sonic reply.  “But right now we need to find out what we’re going to do now?.”

            “Allow me to tell you what you’ll do next.” Rouge said. 

            As fast as she could, for she knew Sonic could possibly out run her even at his current height, Rouge bent down and snatched the two up before they even turned.  Clutching the two small figures in her fingers, Rouge brought them up to her face.

            “What the? Rouge?!” Knuckles cried.

            “That’s right, Knucky,” Rouge said slyly. She squeezed the two with her index finger and laughed at their cries. “How pathetic you two are right now.  I could get used to it.  But as I was saying, I’ll tell you what you’ll be doing next.”  She brought them very close to her eyes.  “You will come with me and for the rest of your now insignificant lives, you two will live as my servants and playthings.” She squeezed them again. “I’m not joking, so you two better get used to the idea of being slaves.”

            “W-w-why are you doing this, Rouge?” Sonic gasped under her finger.

            “Why? Because it’s fun.” Rouge answered and then laughed.

            She looked down at them again, meaning to go on with how they would be treated as her slaves, but then she heard a voice up the hall.  She looked and saw that the woman in the black dress from earlier was talking to Amy.  Neither of them saw Rouge.  Taking the opportunity, Rouge ducked back into the room next to Amy’s.

            From the room, Rouge listened to the woman tell Amy something about dishes and then she heard Amy leave the hall.  Then, instead of leaving, black dress came walking down the hall.  From the sound of it, she was in a hurry.  The woman quickly went into Amy’s room. 

            “Sonic? Knuckles?” The woman whispered. 

Rouge frowned.  So this woman knew.  She knew and than meant she was a threat.  Who was she anyway?  Rouge knew she had seen her at least once before. Rouge thought about the woman’s appearance.  She looked like that one kid who was always with Amy; the one little girl who always had the chao.  What was that kid’s name?  Rouge racked her brain and the name came: Cream.  So, who was this woman? Her sister? Her mother?  The woman looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties.  She was probably Cream’s momma. 

“Sonic!” The woman whispered desperately.  Now Rouge could hear her searching under things.  “Knuckles! Where are you two?  It’s me, Vanilla!”

Vanilla. So that was the woman’s name. 

“I don’t hear them.” Vanilla said.

Rouge raised an eyebrow at this.  Who was she talking to?

“They said they would look for Amy and she was apparently after them.” Vanilla paused. “Yes, but we already looked in the Foyer and nobody’s there.  Maybe Chris and the others went after someone else.”

Rouge listened to this with great intensity.  So there were more shrunken guys running around.  The woman seemed to have some of them.  Where were they?  She wanted to find them before this Momma Vanilla did. 

“Who would they look for?”  Vanilla said. There was a pause. Then Vanilla made a sound. “Maybe they went looking for Lindsay.  Chris would most likely look for his mom to help him.” There was another pause.  “Don’t worry, I know where she is.”

Then Rouge heard Vanilla leave the room and head down the hall.  Rouge looked down at Sonic and Knuckles who had been frantically shouting for Vanilla and trying to escape from Rouge’s fingers.

“Well, well,” Rouge said to the shrunken guys. “Looks like your friend is going to lead me to some more pets to keep.  How kind of her.”

Rouge stuffed Sonic and Knuckles in her breasts along with Eggman and Bocoe and then she quietly followed Vanilla.

Now, after Vanilla had found Chris, Charmy, and Tails, she carried all the shrunken guys back into the living room where she had been decorating the tree.  Vanilla gently put all of them on the coffee table and then sat down on the couch before them.  Vector watched this and winced at the memory of him nearly being suffocated under Vanilla’s bum. 

“Okay,” Vanilla began. “What did Dr. Robotnik say before you all left him alone with his robots?”

“NOTHING!” Chris yelled. “HE DIDN’T…”

“You don’t have to yell, Chris,” Vanilla said softly. “My ears do more than match my face.”

“Sorry,” Chris apologized. “Anyway, Dr. Eggman didn’t say anything.  When we all left, he just sat there with them.”

“He didn’t say he was going anywhere?”

Chris shook his head.

“I see,” Vanilla said thoughtfully.  “Sonic and Knuckles both said they were looking for Amy, but when Espio, Vector, and I went looking for them.  They had disappeared.”

“Maybe they never found Amy,” Vector spoke up. “Maybe they’re looking for her elsewhere.”

“I don’t think so, Vector.” Vanilla said. “Amy is pretty good and squishing bugs when she sees one.  If they bugs she was chasing in her room were real bugs, I believe she would have gotten them.”

“So what do you think happened?” Vector asked.

“Maybe they got attacked by bugs!” Charmy declared.

“Don’t be stupid, Charmy,” Espio snapped. “I think Sonic and Knuckles are more than capable of taken on bugs if they encountered any.”

“Well it was just a thought.” Charmy said, shrugging.

            Vanilla opened her mouth to say something when the door opened.  It was Lindsay Thorndyke who was hanging up her cell phone.

            “Vanilla, have you seen, Christopher?” She asked.  “I want to get him all dressed up for the party.”

            “Well,” Vanilla began.  Then, Amy Rose came into the room.

            “Have either of you heard from Sonic?” She asked to nobody’s surprise. 

            “No, I haven’t seen him, Amy,” Lindsay answered. “I was meaning to ask you if you’d seen my Christopher.”

            Amy shook her head. “Nope,” She said. “I haven’t seen him since breakfast.”

            “I just have to have to dress Christopher for the party,” Lindsay told Amy.  “Maybe Tails knows where he is.”  She paused. “Do any of you know where he is?”

            “Uh…well,” Vanilla started.

            “Actually,” Amy said, putting her hands on her hips.  “I haven’t seen Tails either.  Or Knuckles now that I think about it.  I just was in the Foyer where they were all hanging out after decorating for the party and none of them were there.”

            “I know where…” Vanilla tried again.

            “That’s very odd,” Lindsay said sitting next to Vanilla on the couch.  “Vanilla, I haven’t seen you detective boys either.  I just looked out the window and I see they finished shoveling the snow, but they haven’t turned up.”

            “Yes, I know,” Vanilla said, trying to finish any form of sentence. “But…”

            “Maybe they’re all just hanging out outside and we’ve just missed them.” Amy suggested.

            “Maybe that’s it.” Lindsay said, crossing her legs.  She looked at Vanilla.  “So, what are you up to in here?”

            Vanilla paused, waiting to see if Amy would say something.  When she didn’t Vanilla took a deep breath.

            “I know where some of the boys are.”  She said.

            “Where?!” Amy asked excitedly. “Is one of them Sonic?”

            “Sadly, no, Amy, dear,” Vanilla said. “I have…well, hold on.”

            Vanilla stood up and stepped out of the room for a moment.  When she returned, she was holding a magnifying glass.  She sat down on the couch and then held the magnifying glass over it.  Then she looked at Amy and Lindsay.  Confused, they both slowly approached and looked through the glass.  Each of them gasped.

            “CHRISTOPHER!” Lindsay bawled. “Oh my poor darling! Are you okay?  Are you hurt?  You’re hurt aren’t you?”

            “Lindsay, please calm down.” Vanilla soothed.  “I’ve taken care of him, he’s completely unharmed.”

            “Oh, Vanilla you’re so wonderful!” Lindsay sobbed, grabbing Vanilla in a tight hug.

            “Y-y-your w-welcome.” Vanilla gasped.

            Amy stood looking through the glass for a bit longer.

            “Where’s Sonic?” Amy finally asked.  “Is he okay, Chris?”  In the magnifying glass, she saw Chris speak but she couldn’t hear him.  “I’m sorry, what was that Chris?”

            “He said he doesn’t know where Sonic is, Amy.” Vanilla spoke up.

            Amy turned to her. “You can hear them?”

            Vanilla smiled and brushed an ear.  “These do more than match my face, dear.”

             “Well ask them where they last saw Sonic.”

            “They last saw him in the Foyer, Amy.”  Vanilla said.  “That’s were they left Eggman but he’s disappeared to.”

            “Well what are we waiting for?” Amy said. “I need to find him!”

            “Yes and we should see about Eggman as well.” Lindsay said.

            “Where should we start looking?” Amy asked.

            Vanilla looked at the magnifying glass in her hand.  She figured she didn’t need it anymore so she might as well put it away.  She stood up and headed for the door.

            “We should check the Foyer again.” Lindsay said, standing up as well.

            “Right!” Amy said excitedly. Then she called out. “Don’t worry, Sonic! I’ll save you!”

            “AMY!” Lindsay said fiercely. “Keep your voice down!”

            Vanilla went out the door and turned towards the kitchen…and almost ran right into Rouge the bat.  They both froze as they saw the other.  Vanilla knew the girl in front of her, she had seen her once or twice before, but she could not remember the name.  Rouge tensed. She hadn’t heard Vanilla’s approach over Amy and Lindsay’s chatter.

            One thing was certain to Vanilla, this woman wasn’t supposed to be here.

            “What the?” Vanilla said. “What are you doing?”

            Amy and Lindsay heard this and began to hurry to the door.  Rouge, seeing her plan hit major complications, decided she had to act fast.  She charged suddenly like a football player, shoving Vanilla violently aside causing the mother to topple over.  Then Rouge charged through Amy and Lindsay like a bowling ball.  Rouge ran to the coffee table and snatched up the shrunken boys on the table. By this time Vanilla was back on her feet and was hurrying back into the room when Rouge charged past her knocking her down again.

            “Rouge?!” Vanilla heard Amy cry. “What are you doing here?!”

            Rouge kept running.  Vanilla got back onto her feet and by the time she was standing, Amy and Lindsay bolted out of the room after Rouge.

            “Oh hurry!” Lindsay cried. “She took Christopher!”

            Vanilla tried to run but she was not wearing the appropriate shoes for it.  Quickly, hoping on one foot, she took one heel off then switched feet and took off the second one.  Holding them in her hand she ran after the group.  She quickly got up to Lindsay, who was too distressed to think about taking her heels off.  She was going as fast as she could in them, running in an awkward pace.  Vanilla passed her and saw Amy running right behind Rouge, who was heading for the front door.  Seeing the bat wings on the back of the woman, Vanilla was afraid she meant to run out of the house and just fly away. 

            Rouge turned into the foyer and hopped down the stairs.  She almost didn’t stick her land and nearly fell.  She regained her balance and staggered towards the door. Amy slid down the banister and landed much more gracefully than Rouge, allowing her to catch up.  Rouge reached the door and grabbed the handle.  It wouldn’t turn, the damn was now locked.  Amy reached Rouge and grabbed her arm.  Rouge, glad she had been able to stuff her newest addition to her shrunken collection in her boobs again, grabbed Amy’s arm in one hand and tried to push her away with the other.  Amy, however, was harder to remove than Rouge would have preferred.  By the time she was finally able to shove Amy away, she saw black dress, Vanilla, run down the stairs and approach her.  Rouge tried to turn the knob, forgetting it was still locked.

            “Stop right there, miss.” Vanilla said, trying to use her adult authority to end this mess. 

            Amy was back on her feet, Rouge saw.  She wouldn’t be able to unlock and open the door without them stopping her, so she reached between her breasts and brought out the first little guy she could find.  It happened to be Christopher Thorndyke.

            Chris was now being held over a long drop to death.  Amy and Vanilla were standing in front of Rouge.  Vanilla put a hand on Amy’s shoulder when she saw Rouge hold Chris out.  Chris, who was scared of falling to his death, was screaming.  Lindsay finally reached the top of the stairs, panting, and was now climbing down to the ladies.

            “Give Chris to me, Rouge.” Vanilla said, holding out a hand. “He hasn’t done anything to you.”


     “You think I care?” Rouge replied slyly.  “Stay back or I’ll eat him right in front of you.”


     “NO!” Lindsay cried. “Don’t hurt my little baby!”


     “If you don’t want him burning in my stomach,” Rouge said, smiling evilly. “Then I suggest you stay back.”

            Rouge turned Christ to her lips.  She licked them slowly in front of Chris.  She then opened her mouth slightly and clamped her teeth down.  Chris screamed.

            “DON’T!!” Lindsay pleaded.  “Please I’m begging you!”

            “If you hurt any of them you’ll be sorry!” Amy threatened.  She took one step towards Rouge.  Outside, a car door slammed.  None of them heard it.

            “I told you not move.” Rouge said calmly. She held Chris up and began to dip her head back.  “I guess it’s bottoms up!”


     “No! Please don’t!” Lindsay begged.  There were rapid footsteps outside.

            Amy and Vanilla began to go at Rouge, who was opening here mouth.  Chris saw the dark cavern open and saw the tongue slid out to catch him.  The uvula swung slightly and a thin cord of saliva traced from her tongue to the roof of her mouth.  Chris screamed as Rouge quickly drew him to her mouth and to his doom.

            “Good Gracious!” A voice said from outside.  Rouge, who had closed her eyes a bit, now opened them all the way and began to turn her head.  Amy and Vanilla stopped about two feet from Rouge.  The lock clicked and the door burst open, bringing in very cold winter air and Ella the maid, grocery bags in her hand.  “My goodness it is SO COLD!”

            The door hit Rouge hard on the side of her head and she dropped like a pin.  Chris was thrown from Rouge’s hands.  Lindsay and Amy both held their hands out blindly, not hearing him and not knowing where he was.  Vanilla heard Chris’s screams approach her held her hand out.  She saw Chris suddenly and saw that her hand was in the wrong place and she tried to move it when Chris, instead of falling to the floor, landed on Vanilla’s breasts.  Vanilla saw this and looked down and saw Chris laying there, frightened but unharmed. Well that’s one way to catch him, Vanilla thought and couldn’t help but smile. 

            Chris, realizing he wasn’t dead began to stand.  He stood up and saw that he was standing on the surface of a red blouse.  He looked up and wasn’t at all surprised to see Vanilla’s giant face smiling down at him.  Chris smiled back and waved up at Vanilla.

            “MY BABY!” Lindsay shrieked. “Oh! I didn’t catch him! Oh my poor baby!”


     “Don’t worry,” Vanilla said soothingly. “I’ve got him right here.  He’s just fine.”

            Vanilla gently picked up Chris and he watched as he was placed in his mother’s hands.  Then he watched as his mother’s giant lips suddenly drove in to him and he was covered with giant, smacking kisses.

            Vanilla watched this, wanting to tell Lindsay to ease up on Chris, but then decided against it.  She looked towards the door and saw Ella standing there with a look of utter confusion.  Vanilla smiled at her warmly and took one of her grocery bags.

            “Let me help you with that, Ella.” She said.

Alls Well that Ends Well


            While Vanilla was helping Ella, Amy and Lindsay turned over the unconscious Rouge.  Finally Vanilla came back to the Foyer with a still confused Ella following her. 

            “Does anybody want to tell me what’s been going on?” Ella demanded.

            “In a minute, Ella,” Vanilla said.

            She knelt down and heard the other shrunken guys calling up to her.  The sounds were coming from Rouge’s breasts.  Vanilla reached in between the mounds of flesh and rescued them one by one. When all were accounted for Vanilla held them up to her eyes.

            “Do we have all of them?” Amy asked.

            Vanilla turned to her; there was a smile on her face.  “Yes, Amy, I think we do!”

            “Have all of who?” Ella asked.

            “Be patient, Ella.” Vanilla said.  She looked back to her palm.  “What’s that, Doctor…Amy, Dr. Robotnik wants you to look for one of his robots in that chair over there.  It sounds like Rouge sat on him.”

            Amy went over and after looking for a bit, scooped Decoe’s remains into her hand.  She approached Vanilla with them. 

            “Now what?” She asked.

            Vanilla looked at a clock hanging on the wall. 

            “We’ve got two hours till everybody gets here.”  Vanilla said.  She looked at Ella. “Ella, dear, call the authorities and have them take Miss Rouge. Lindsay you might want to give me Chris so you can stay here with Ella in case Rouge wakes up.”  Lindsay reluctantly gave up Chris. Vanilla smiled at her. “Don’t worry I promise I’ll bring him back safely.  Amy, please come with me.” She turned to go out the door when she stopped and turned to Ella. “Ella, I almost forgot.  I need to borrow your car for a little while.”

            Ella slowly placed her car keys in Vanilla’s hand. Vanilla thanked her and then led Amy outside.  Ella watched them leave and then turned to Lindsay.

            “Ma’am,” She said.  “I’m going to quit if somebody doesn’t tell me what’s going on.”

            Lindsay laughed and said that she wasn’t exactly sure what had happened and that she would just have to wait till Vanilla returned.

            Vanilla and Amy reached Eggman’s headquarters half an hour later.  They had to get past Eggman’s tight security but once they were inside, Eggman told them where to find a chemical that would act as an antidote to the effects of the shrink ray.  Vanilla and Amy found this chemical and poured a drop of it in a small microscope bowl.  Eggman said that it would take two minutes for them to grow back.  Vanilla thanked him, wished him a very merry Christmas and then carried the antidote back to the car while Amy followed.

            “Why don’t we just unshrink them now?” Amy asked.

            “Because,” Vanilla said. “We wouldn’t be able to fit all of them in the car.”

            So Vanilla drove everybody back to the mansion, leaving Dr. Eggman to spend his Christmas trying to build something to unshrink Bocoe, who couldn’t drink the antidote with any effect and then fixing Decoe, who Eggman figured would be alright.

            When Amy and Vanilla returned to the mansion, a group of cops were taking Rouge away in handcuffs.  She glared at Vanilla and Amy as she was put in the back of the cop car and driven away.  Once inside the mansion, Vanilla put the small microscope bowl on the ground while Amy put the shrunken guys next to it. 

            Minutes later, they all slowly grew back to their original size one by one.  Vector laughed as he returned to his size and embraced Vanilla.

            “Our hero!”  He declared.  Every once shrunken guy hugged Vanilla, who was blushing.

            “There’s no need to thank me.” Vanilla said modestly. “I’m sure you would have all done the same.”

            “Maybe,” Sonic said. “But today, you’re the real hero! Of course, so are Lindsay and Amy.”  He added turning to the two who brightened.

            “Well, this has been quite an interesting day!” Lindsay said.  “I say we now just get ready for the party! Nelson and Chuck should be back with the kids any minute and then the guest should start arriving shortly thereafter.”

            “Wait!” Ella cried. “I still don’t know what happened!”  Everyone laughed.

            “Don’t worry, Ella,” Vanilla said warmly. “I’ll be happy to tell you the story over some tea.”

            The two started to leave when the door opened again and a group of kids came in.  Cream was among them.  She held a wrapped present in her arms. 

            “Mom! Mom!” She cried happily. “You won’t believe what I got you for Christmas!”

            “I won’t?” Vanilla asked, hugging her daughter. “How was your time with Nelson and Chuck? I hope you behaved.” Vanilla looked over Cream’s head at Nelson who nodded.

            “I sure did!” Cream said. “I had a great time! Mr. Nelson bought us all ice cream and then I found your present in a store. But you can’t have it till tomorrow!”

            “I can’t wait, sweetie.” Vanilla said, kissing her daughter on the forehead. 

            “Mom?” Cream asked. “Can you help me put my dress on for the party?”

            “Of course, dear.” Vanilla said, smiling. She looked at Ella. “I’ll have to ask for a rain check for now, Ella.  Maybe later tonight I’ll tell you.”

            “Tell her what, mom?”  Cream asked curiously.

            “Nothing, sweetheart.”  Vanilla took her hand. “Let’s get you dressed for the party.”

            She led Cream away and Ella watched them go with a look of impatience.  Sonic, thinking it would be best to tell her quickly, approached her and gave Ella a shortened version of what happened.

            “What about Eggman?” She asked when Sonic finished. 

            “Well, he’s already wanted by the police,” Sonic said laughing. “He’s also already going to spend his Christmas alone trying to unshrink his robots and then having to fix the other one which Rouge destroyed, why make him suffer more.”

            “Oh my,” Ella sighed, but she looked satisfied now.  “What a weird day.”

            Later, the party guests started arriving and Sonic and his friends had a very merry Christmas.  All was well.


            Doctor Eggman sat in his workbench at two in the morning Christmas day.  Bocoe sat next to him.  They were fixing Decoe.  Dr. Eggman had spent the first several hours unshrinking the two robots.

            “Merry Christmas, Doctor.” Bocoe grumbled.

            “Shut up,” Eggman growled. “I know I messed up with the shrink ray! Don’t nag me about it.”

            “Well, it was a stupid plan.” Bocoe said.  “And what did we get out of it?”

            “Shut up or I’ll stuff you with coal.”  Eggman rumbled.

            They sat in silence for a few minutes.

            “So what are we going to do the next time we attempt to get the chaos emeralds?”  Bocoe asked.

            “I’ll think of something.” Eggman said. “For now let’s just fix up Decoe and try to enjoy what ever’s left of our Christmas.”

            They sat in silence again for awhile.

            “Hey,” Bocoe said suddenly.  “Did Vanilla bring the Hovercar?  It was shrunken too wasn’t it?”

            Eggman looked up from his work.  He then yelled in complete frustration and anger.

            The car was discovered Christmas day by Vanilla. It was flattened against the sole of her daughter’s shoe.  She didn’t know what it was and she threw it away with out a thought.