Generational Stomp

(Cubed Cinder and GiantessUniverse)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

As Modern Sonic watched the Chemical Plant come roaring back to full color, he looked just to the right side of the zone entrance, where he saw Amy Rose come back to life after seeing her frozen in solid white. As Amy twirled around, realizing she was free to move around again, she looked over at Sonic with a smile on her face.
“You saved me, Sonic! I was afraid I’d never be able to flirt with you again!” Amy shouted. Sonic just rolled his eyes around, but quickly gave that classic cool smile and looked over at Amy.
“You bet, Amy!” Sonic said.
“In fact, why don’t we do a little flirting right now?” Amy asked cheerfully.
“Ummm... can’t talk right now! Gotta go find the next zone! See ya!” Sonic said before he sped away in a blue streak towards what would ultimately be the Sky Sanctuary zone. Amy pouted as she watched Sonic run off.
“Hmph! Even in this empty void of a zone, he still takes off! The nerve of that hedgehog! Oh well... Might as well take a look around while I wait for his return.” Amy said.

Indeed, Amy spend the next hour or two just exploring the vastness that was White Space. She stayed away from the entrances of the zones, not wanting to get sucked in them and have something awful happen and no Sonic around to save her. Some of these zones she watched come back to life with her own eyes, thinking Sonic was able to liberate these zones from their colorless prison.
But it’s one particular sight that she stops dead in her tracks when she gets a glance at it.
“Huh? This place looks very familiar...” Amy said. She didn’t know it yet, but the zone entrance she was looking at was Collision Chaos. The name was escaping her mind, but even from her current distance, she recognized the bumpers, pits full of springs, and all those spiked little ball chains. Not to mention the neon signs and bouncy bubbles. It was bringing back memories to the young female hedgehog.
“I really shouldn’t... but I’d love to see that place again.” Amy said. It was going against her will to just rashly jump into a zone entrance like that, but the memories proved to be too much. Amy took a deep breath and hopped into the entrance. When she landed, she took a good look at the scenery. Yep, it was definitely the place she least wanted to remember.
“Ugh... this is it. I chased Sonic from the grassy plains all the way to this place, where I was captured by...” Amy said. Before she could finish her thought, she heard a young girl screaming out for help.
“Huh? What was that? I better check it out!” Amy said. She pulled out her hammer and charged towards the source of that scream.

Where did the scream come from you ask? None other than Classic Amy Rose. She was kicking and screaming, trying to escape from Metal Sonic’s super tight grip.
“Let me go you metallic maddening excuse for a Sonic! LET ME GO!!” Classic Amy shouted.
“My orders are to deliver you to Dr. Robotnik immediately.” Metal Sonic said in its robotic monotone voice. But before Metal Sonic could rocket any further, suddenly jumping into its path, and therefore causing it to stop, was the modern Amy Rose.
“Hold it right there, you bucket of blue bolts!” Amy shouted. Metal Sonic just froze in its place, not taking any further action at the moment.
“Unidentified subject ahead. Seeking orders from creator.” Metal Sonic said.
“Yeah? Well, order this!!! HIYAAAAAAA!!!” Amy shouted as she took one big swing of her hammer. Metal Sonic, despite its technical prowess, was unable to dodge the attack and got slammed on the head. As a result of the impact, Metal Sonic was vibrating profoundly and lost its grip on Classic Amy.
“Severe head damage! Must retreat immediately for repairs!” Metal Sonic shouted. It fired its rockets again, this time taking off for the sky, leaving the two Amy Roses all by themselves. Modern Amy approached the Classic Amy who was still getting her bearings straight.
“Are you okay?” Modern Amy asked.
“I... I think so. Thanks for saving me! But who are you?” Classic Amy asked.
“Well... this may be hard to believe, but I’m you. I mean, I’m Amy Rose.” Modern Amy said.
“Huh? Really? Well... you do have the pink skin like me. You look so... so...” Classic Amy said. Modern Amy didn’t like the way this was going.
“Pardon me?” Modern Amy said.
“Pretty! So pretty!” Classic Amy said.
“Ah, okay. I thought you had something else in mind. I’m glad to hear it.” Modern Amy said.

“Well, I guess it’s nice to meet you, future Amy!” Classic Amy said.
“Yeah, likewise.” Modern Amy said.
“So what brings you here?” Classic Amy asked.
“Well, I just recognized this place from my past, but I’m supposed to be looking for Sonic!” Modern Amy said.
“Huh? Me too! Sonic ran off before I could hug and kiss him. But I truly believe it’s fate that I chase him around before I catch him.” Classic Amy said.
“Wow... that’s an interesting way of putting it! I always firmly believe Sonic runs off to make me mad.” Modern Amy said.
“Awww, I’m sure he doesn’t mean that.” Classic Amy said.
“Well, perhaps we can team up and look for our respective Sonics!” Modern Amy said.
“Okay, I would like that!” Classic Amy said as the two Amy Roses shook hands for the first time.

“I wonder where we should start looking.” Modern Amy said.
“Well, he’s probably not in this zone. I think I saw a portal nearby. Perhaps he went through there!” Classic Amy said.
“Okay, let’s go!” Modern Amy said. The two Amy Roses walked further into the Collision Chaos zone. It took them a couple minutes, but Classic Amy was finally able to track down the portal she was talking about. The two Amys jumped in, not knowing where they would end up next.

Eventually, they both arrived in a zone that was totally foreign to them. In fact, it was a zone that only Knuckles would likely recognize out of the gate. The zone was called Isolated Island, and it was almost too quiet. Only the sound of the wind and trees rustling could be heard as the two Amy Roses walked around.
“It sure is quiet. I don’t even recognize this place.” Modern Amy said.
“Me neither. Sonic can’t possibly be here.” Classic Amy said.
“Hey! Look over there!” Modern Amy said, pointing over at a couple monitors that were sitting on the ground. One was the 10 ring monitor, but the other monitor Modern Amy did not recognize. It had a blue arrow pointing upwards.
“What’s this?” Modern Amy said.
“Oh! I recognize this monitor. I think it makes you grow really big.” Classic Amy said.
“Huh? Really big? As in Giant Eggman City-destroying bot?” Modern Amy said.
“Who?” Classic Amy asked.

“Never mind... but are you serious? Really big?” Modern Amy said.
“Yes! I think I saw Tails use the monitor to save Princess Sally from falling down a waterfall.” Classic Amy said.
“Hmmm... you know, if we were really big, maybe we can more easily find both Sonics.” Modern Amy said.
“Oh yeah! You’re right! I didn’t think about that...” Classic Amy said.

“How about we go for it? But we’re going to have to hit the monitor together. Are you ready?” Modern Amy said. Classic Amy nodded. The two Amy Roses took a couple steps back and then thrusted each of their boots forward.

The timing was perfect. The monitor broke apart and the sparkles from inside the monitor surrounded both Amy Roses. They both watched as they grew bigger and bigger...

Chapter 2, written by GiantessUniverse

As they watched with delight, they continued growing at a seemingly nonstop rate. Then, as it came to an end, both Classic Amy and Modern Amy stared at each other.

"Wow, that montinor made us bigger than I expected!" Modern Amy said, comparing her height to a nearby pine tree (she was slightly over twice it's height).

"So what should we do now?" Classic Amy asked. Modern Amy turned to her.

"Isn't it obvious? We keep looking for our Sonics. They've got to be around here somewhere!"

"Right, I almost forgot!" Classic Amy said. "Let's start looking around."

And so, together, they began searching for the two Sonics. This level was very long, but there didn't seem to be any enemies around. Modern Amy was a little disappointed by this: she would have enjoyed being able to crush Dr. Eggman's robots flat, after all the trouble they had caused her and her friends in the past.

"Hey, uh...future Amy?" Classic Amy asked, looking up at her older counterpart. "Can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? Oh, sure!" Modern Amy replied, a little surprised.

"Well..." Classic Amy began, as they continued through the zone, "In your time, are you and your Sonic together?"

"Hmph! I wish!" Modern Amy said, scowling. "I've tried to make him realize he loves me, but he's always running away before I have the chance! But he's so heroic and brave...I just know that we're meant to be together. And one day we will be."

"wow, that's a lot like how I feel about my Sonic! And he's always running away from me, too!"

"I know, I remember that." Modern Amy said. "It's just...he's so annoying at times, I pull out my Piko Piko Hammer and start chasing him!"

"You what?" Classic Amy asked. Modern Amy stared at her.

"My Piko Piko Hammer!" she repeated, as Classic Amy stared at her, dumbfounded. "You don't have one?"

But before Classic Amy could reply, they heard a scream from below them. Confused, both Amys stared at each other. Then, they heard another shout.

"GET OFF OF ME!" It yelled, seemingly coming from below Modern Amy.

"I recognize that voice!" Modern Amy exclaimed. "It's Knuckles!"

She looked down, expecting to see the red Echidna standing nearby, but saw nothing. Where was he?

"Under your boot! Look!" Classic Amy shouted.

Immediately, Modern Amy moved her boot, which was, oddly, being pushed off-ground by something. She hadn't noticed it before, but as she moved her gigantic footwear away, she spotted Knuckles the Echidna, seemingly exhausted from keeping Modern Amy's boot from crushing him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Knuckles!" Modern Amy said, reaching out a gloved hand and picking him up. The Echidna shook his head, then stared up at the two Amys in disbelief.

"Amy?" He said, turning to Classic Amy. "What's going on, how did you get so big? And who is this girl that looks like you?"

"Hi Knuckles." Classic Amy said. "This is a future version of me, we met a little while ago. We hit a monitor together and we grew big."

"'re from the future?" Knuckles said, turning his gaze to Modern Amy. " is that possible?"

"Never mind that." Classic Amy said. "We don't have time to explain."

"Oh, I get it!" Modern Amy said. "You're the past Knuckles, right? Well, we're looking for our Sonics, have you seen them?"

"So there's two of them too?" Classic Knuckles said. "Sorry, I haven't seen either of them."

"Darn!" Modern Amy said. stomping her foot on the ground in anger. "Well, maybe you can help us look for them!"

Classic Knuckles shook his head. "Sorry, old Amy, but I don't-"

"OLD Amy?!" Modern Amy shouted, her face turning red. The Echidna quickly realized his mistake.

"No!" He shouted quickly. "I didn't mean-"

"SO YOU THINK I'M OLD?" Modern Amy yelled, pulling out her Piko Piko Hammer with her free hand (much to Classic Knuckles' horror, both because he had never seen the hammer before and because of Modern Amy's tremendous size.) "WELL, I'M STILL YOUNG ENOUGH TO DO THIS!"

And with that, she tossed the tiny Echidna in the air, and swung her hammer at him, sending him soaring into the distance like a baseball.

"You didn't need to do that." Classic Amy said, frowning at her future counterpart. "He was just confused because there were two of us, that's all. He didn't mean to offend you."

Modern Amy sighed. "Maybe you're right. Still, I don't like being called old! I'm more mature, that's all."

Classic Amy turned away. The temper of her future self scared her slightly. Was she really going to end up that irritable?

"Hey, look!" Modern Amy said, pointing. "Another portal!"

Indeed, sitting near a cliff was a fair-sized portal, even big enough for them to go through.

"Where do you think it leads?" Classic Amy asked. Modern Amy shrugged.

"Well, wherever it leads to, I'm sure we'll at least find one of our Sonics there!" Modern Amy said. "And if that's the case I don't want to waste any time! Let's go!"

And with that, they jumped through the portal together, prepared for whatever zone they would wind up in next.

As the two Amys got up, they found themselves in a city. Modern Amy immediately recognized it as Central City, except that there seemed to be some kind of attack taking place. G.U.N. forces were spread everywhere, apparently searching for something.

"What is this place?" Classic Amy asked, having not seen Central City before.

But before Modern Amy could respond, they heard a buzzing and the sound of an engine behind them. Turning around, they saw that a G.U.N. helicopter was facing them.

"You two." The pilot said through a speaker. "You are interfering with the search and capture of Sonic the Hedgehog. Please exit the city immediately or you will be taken down."

"How are we interfering?" Classic Amy asked irritably. "We're just standing here!"

"Your size is a potential threat to our operation." The pilot replied through the speaker.

"What do you guys want with Sonic?" Modern Amy asked aggressively, pulling out her Piko Piko Hammer once again. "If you want to hurt him, you're going to have to get through us first!"

"That's right!" Classic Amy added. "Leave our Sonics alone!"

Suddenly the helicopter began to fire at Modern Amy. Outraged, she instantly swung her hammer at the helicopter, sending it soaring out of sight just as it did to Classic Knuckles.

Classic Amy was a little shocked by this. While she admired Modern Amy's brave attitude and fighting spirit, she could not help but notice that her modern self seemed slightly crazy. After all, not only had she attacked Classic Knuckles because he mistakenly called her old, but she had also knocked a helicopter out of the sky. Was
Classic Amy really going to be that aggressive in the future? As Modern Amy continued to beat down G.U.N. forces with her Piko Piko Hammer (and stomping some under her boot), Classic Amy noticed something.

"Hey, future Amy, look!" Classic Amy said, pointing.

Modern Amy looked around, and spotted two blue blurs fly past them.

"SONIC!" She yelled, slamming her hammer on the road to get his attention. It worked: both Sonics (having heard the hammer smash down) stopped, and stared at their respective Amys.

"Amy?" Modern Sonic said, staring up at her. "How-how did you get so big?"

"We found a monitor with an arrow and hit it! It made us grow big!" Classic Amy said.

"Who are you?" Modern Sonic asked, turning to her.

"She's the past version of me, we met a while ago." Modern Amy explained. "So, Sonic, why don't you and your past self come with us? We could have a double date together."

Groaning, Modern Sonic looked at his Classic self, who shook his head to signify his displeasure at the idea.

"Sorry, can't stick around!" Modern Sonic said, speeding off with Classic Sonic. Both Amys scowled with outrage.

"Hey, get back here!" Both shouted, chasing after the two Sonics (leaving behind gigantic footprints in the road and many accidentally crushed cars)

The chase was long and hard. While the two Sonic's speeds allow them to easily outrun the gigantic Amy Roses, they continously kicked debris at them (including a very large G.U.N. truck that was chasing them earlier in the level), at some points causing a wall of rubble that blocked their path.

Eventually, however, their luck ran out, as the speedy duo reached a road blocked completely by G.U.N. forces.

"Sonic the Hedgehog, we have you surrounded. Surrender immediately." A G.U.N. Officer said (in truth they only had time to block off one road, however, in part because so many of their forces had been destroyed by Classic Amy and Modern Amy).

Behind them, they could hear the booming stomps of the two Amys that were pursuing them.

"SONIC! WE'VE GOT YOU NOW!" Modern Amy yelled, raising her hammer as she ran towards them. The two Sonics looked worriedly at each other.

"Let's split up!" Modern Sonic suggested. Classic Sonic nodded, and they each sped off down the unblocked roads of the intersection (Modern Sonic going left and Classic Sonic going right), right before Modern Amy slammed her Piko Piko Hammer down exactly where the two blue hedgehogs had been standing before (instead hitting the G.U.N. soldiers that were blocking the road ahead)

"You go left, I'll go right!" Classic Amy suggested, and the two immediately split up.

This time, in their frustration both Amys managed to keep up well with their respective Sonics. Every time Modern Amy approached Modern Sonic, she once again attempted to slam him down with her gigantic hammer (missing every time, of course). Classic Amy, lacking a hammer of her own, simply chased Sonic as quickly as she could, shouting flirts after Classic Sonic. After going around in a circle, the two Sonics spot each other running at one another, and quickly stop to avoid colliding. However, they quickly move away from the intersection together, causing Classic Amy and Modern Amy to comically crash into one another, knocking each other out.

"Let's get out of here!" Modern Sonic said, and he and his Classic self immediately sped off, leaving the two unconscious Amy Roses behind.

After about ten minutes, consciousness came back to both Amys. They sat up, and looked around.

"Darn it, they got away!" Classic Amy said.

"SONIC! YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME FOREVER!" Modern Amy shouted, outraged at Sonic fleeing from her once again.

"Hey, future Amy? What's that thing in the sky?" Classic Amy asked, pointing up at the sky.

Modern Amy looked up to where she was pointing. She quickly recognized that ship: it was the Egg Carrier, the flying headquarters of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, aka Dr. Eggman.

"That's Dr. Eggman's ship! I bet he's behind this mess!" Modern Amy said, clenching her fist in anger. Then, she had an idea.

"Hey, past Amy, why don't we follow that ship?" She suggested to her classic self. "We're definitely big enough to beat a little bully like Eggman down to size before
Sonic can get to him!"

"That's not a bad idea!" Classic Amy said, as both of them got up. "Let's get going, I want to give that Eggman a piece of my mind for sending that mean metal Sonic knock-off after me!"

And they quickly began to follow the Egg Carrier, both planning on teaching Dr. Eggman a very big lesson...

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

At the front of the massive Egg Carrier that was flying effortlessly over White Space were Dr. Eggman along with his classic counterpart, Dr. Robotnik. They looked down at both the emptiness of the area as well as some of the zones they were coming up on, such as the Sky Sanctuary.
"Heh heh heh! Isn't it lovely, my classic self? All these worlds ours for the taking!" Dr. Eggman said.
"Yes, I agree, fellow genius. But let us not forget about Sonic the Hedgehog. He's sure to meddle in our affairs!" Dr. Robotnik said.
"Of course! Both our Sonics, let's not forget! But don't worry... I have ways to slow him down until the Time Eater is fully complete." Eggman said.
"So where exactly are we headed?" Robotnik said.
"I'm hoping we can find the Death Egg in one of these disconnected time periods. Its firepower combined with the Time Eater is sure to destroy the Sonics AND allow us to conquer all of time and space as well!" Eggman said.

Meanwhile, down on the 'ground' of White Space were the two giant Amy Roses. Even though they were big, they were still out of the flying airship's range.
"Wow... even from down here that's still a huge ship." Modern Amy said.
"Oh? I don't think it's that big. I've seen Robotnik build bigger things... like the Death Egg for example!" Classic Amy said.
"Well, nevertheless, we gotta bring that ship down before it can do anything... even break another cloud!" Modern Amy said.
"But how? We can't reach it even from down here!" Classic Amy said.
"I got an idea. I'll run towards you, and then you launch me into the air. Can you do that?" Modern Amy said. Classic Amy envisioned what Modern Amy had in mind, and realized the idea she had.
"Okay!" Classic Amy said. Modern Amy took several steps back, stepping on part of the Speed Highway Zone in the process, and then started charging towards her classic counterpart. Classic Amy got both her hands ready, and as soon as Modern Amy felt she was in range, she did a quick jump up and onto Classic Amy's hands. Classic Amy thrusted both her hands up, launching Amy high up into the air.
"Wow! I didn't think that would work! Maybe I lose a lot of weight in the future..." Classic Amy said to herself.
As Eggman and Robotnik were watching as they started to come up on their destination, they had to look far back at the rear of the ship when they heard a female scream louder than they could've ever imagined.
"HIYAAAAAAA!!!!" Modern Amy shouted as she swung her large hammer down on the back of the Egg Carrier. Amy was successful with the powerful whack, causing a huge explosion as the back of the Egg Carrier was now engulfed in smoke and flames, with pieces of the ship falling down with the giantess.
"What in the name of Mobius was that!?" Robotnik shouted.
"I don't know, but hold on, we're going to crash!" Eggman shouted as he and Robotnik scrambled to get to one of the interior rooms of the ship. The damaged Egg Carrier managed to find its way into one of the zone portals, and the two giant Amy Roses quickly jumped in after it.

They both landed in what appeared to be another city, but this city looked badly ravaged, with buildings toppled everywhere, vehicles burning up totally in flames, and even lava flowing freely in some sections of the city. Classic Amy shivered at the mass amount of sheer destruction she was witnessing, while Modern Amy did not budge at all, recognizing the location quite clearly.
"W...Where are we?" Classic Amy said.
"No doubt about it. This looks like Crisis City." Modern Amy said.
"Really? Is this what the far future will look like?" Classic Amy said.
"Well, no actually. It's kind of a complicated story. Maybe if we have time I'll tell you." Modern Amy said.
"Look! Over there!" Classic Amy shouted. She pointed over to the wrecked Egg Carrier, where it laid in almost total wreckage, with much of the carnage coming from a city already falling apart. The two giant Amy Roses cautiously approached the ship.
"Do you think Robotnik survived?" Classic Amy asked. Just as she finished asking that, a small part of the wreckage came apart, and emerging from it were both Robotnik and Eggman.
"Guess that answers your question." Modern Amy said. The two giantesses approached the two evil villains.

"Alright, Eggman! It's time someone other than Sonic foiled your evil plans!" Modern Amy shouted.
"My my... Our little rose has really grown up!" Eggman said.
"Don't just stand there, Dr. Eggman! Do something!" Robotnik said as he panicked like mad.
"Oh quit your bellyaching! I've got everything under control! Watch and learn from your future self." Eggman said. He pulled out a remote controller (one of hundreds he carries with him) and pressed the red button. Emerging from the wreckage was Metal Sonic, the very same one that earlier had tried to capture Classic Amy only to be stopped by Modern Amy. He clearly was repaired and showed no fear looking up at the two giantesses.
"Hey! It's that Metal Sonic that captured you earlier!" Modern Amy said.
"You're right! He looks like a little insect now! I oughta crush it!" Classic Amy said.
"That a girl! Show that little bucket of blue bolts who's boss!" Modern Amy said. As Classic Amy walked up and lifted her white sneaker into the air ready to bring it crashing down onto the robot, Eggman pulled out yet another remote and pressed the button there.
"Now now... let's not be hasty! Give us a chance to even the odds." Eggman said with that trademark grin on his face. Modern Amy watched as a familiar object from her past came flying into the area, dodging a spurt of volcanic lava along the way.
"The Chaos Ring!" Modern Amy said. She recognized the giant floating ring from the first adventure she and Knuckles had with the Chaotix years ago. She watched as the Chaos Ring beamed its way into Metal Sonic's body, and Classic Amy was suddenly forced to back away as the energy surrounding Metal Sonic grew larger with each passing second.

The two Amy Roses were both shocked to see the energy dissipate, and from it formed Metal Sonic Kai, a red-plated version of Metal Sonic with a menacing face and powerful looking weaponry, matching the two giantesses inch for inch.
"(gulp) What's happened?" Classic Amy said.
"I was afraid of this. Eggman somehow got a hold of a Chaos Ring from Isolated Island and used it to transform Metal Sonic again!" Modern Amy said. Behind the giant robot, both Eggman and Robotnik were back in the sky in their familiar Eggmobiles.
"Hehehe! Enjoy playing with our new toy, ladies! Don't feel so big now, do you?" Robotnik said.
"Okay, so we're the same size. But I can still kick giant robot butt!" Modern Amy said as she clutched her hammer tighter than she ever has in her whole life. She stared at Metal Sonic Kai and waited for it to attack.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"Huh? Why isn't it attacking?" Classic Amy asked. Modern Amy smiled. Eggman, however, was fuming.
"ARRRGH! That stupid bot still doesn't know how or when to attack!!" Eggman said as he pounded the control panel of his Eggmobile like crazy. By the time Metal Sonic Kai finally did raise an arm to strike, Modern Amy took a swing. With one hit, one arm was gone as it crashed down on the boiling lava. Metal Sonic Kai tried feverishly to slash Modern Amy with its sole remaining arm, but Modern Amy instead jumped in the air and aimed at the robot's head.
"HIYAAAAAAA!!!!" Modern Amy shouted as she slammed the hammer down on the robot, damanging it severely and causing the other arm to fall off.
In its last gasp, the robot dashed at high speed towards Classic Amy.
"EEEEEK! Get away!" Classic Amy shouted as she thrusted her arms forward and then upward as soon as she felt the cold armor of Metal Sonic Kai touching her hands. Classic Amy wound up flipping Metal Sonic Kai over her head and the robot crashed head-on in the lava-covered streets. Metal Sonic Kai jumped back to its feet, but he was vibrating badly and sparks were showering out from within.

Then he fell backwards into a lava pool and exploded.

Despite her gigantic size, Classic Amy had to cover her eyes from the massive explosion. When she looked again, there was nothing left of Metal Sonic Kai, the robot that once kidnapped her and was later destroyed by Sonic while they were on the Little Planet. And it was her sudden moves that helped destroy the gigantic robot. Classic Amy turned around when she heard booming footsteps echoing and saw Modern Amy walking towards her.
"Wow! That was a smooth move, Amy." Modern Amy said.
"Gee... thanks! I didn't think I could pull that off." Classic Amy said.
"Are you kidding? I think you're finally starting to come into your own. You're on the path to mastering your offensive technique and one day catching Sonic." Modern Amy said.
"Well, if you say so. I just... you know... I just hope I don't go crazy wielding a hammer like you one day." Classic Amy said, finally coming out and admitting her concern about her future self's behavior.
"Well... I guess some things can't be helped. Wait! What about those Eggmen?" Modern Amy said as the two giantesses looked back and saw both Eggman and his classic counterpart, Robotnik, still hovering over the Egg Carrier wreckage.
"Curses! Foiled again!" Eggman said.
"I hate those hedgehogs!!!" Robotnik said.
"Come on, my classic comrade! We better get out of here before..." Eggman said, only for him to be cut off as Classic Amy reached forward and grabbed both Eggmobiles, one in each hand.
"Too late, Dr. Robotnik! You're caught!" Classic Amy said.
"Oh please! Spare me... I'll do anything! Anything I tell you! I'll even help you capture Sonic!" Robotnik said. Classic Amy did not look too happy, a reaction that genuinely surprised both evil doctors.
"Somehow... I don't think so!" Classic Amy said. Then she wound up both her arms and then hurled both villains into the cloudy skies.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" they both screamed before they both disappeared. They went flying through
"You know, he did offer to help you find your Sonic." Modern Amy said.
"If there's one thing I learned long ago... never trust Dr. Robotnik." Classic Amy said. Modern Amy smiled.
"A lesson very well learned. Too bad Knuckles has a hard time learning it." Modern Amy said.
"What!? He still gets tricked by your Robotnik?" Classic Amy said.
"You betcha!" Modern Amy shouted with a laughter.

Just then, the two heard a sonic boom like sound. They looked down at each of their shoes and saw the two Sonics standing there, and unbelieveably making no effort to escape.
"Hey, ladies! Did I miss something?" Modern Sonic said.
"Sonic! Yay!" Modern Amy said. She didn't hesitate to reach down and pick up the tiny hedgehog, with Classic Amy doing the same thing to her own Sonic.
"Hey! Not so hard! I still need my feet after all!" Modern Sonic said, just as Modern Amy was loosening her grip on him.
"Oops! Sorry! Anyway... we had a little problem with Metal Sonic, but we took care of it." Modern Amy said.
"Yep! Not even breaking a sweat... although this zone is starting to make me feel kinda overheated." Classic Amy said. Classic Sonic just shrugged his shoulder, as usual not saying one word about the situation.
"Anyway, I think Tails has found out what's going on. He wants us all to meet back at Green Hill. Care to join us?" Modern Sonic asked.
"Sure! We could have a big date along the way." Modern Amy said.
"Ummm... I feel kinda strange." Classic Amy said. Modern Amy looked and saw what was happening.
"Oh my! We're shrinking!" Modern Amy said. Indeed, the two Amy Roses were getting smaller and smaller.

Eventually, with both Sonics jumping down to what little stable ground they could find in this destructive zone, both Modern and Classic Amy Rose were back to their original sizes.
"Awww... the effects of that growth monitor must've worn off." Classic Amy said.
"They lasted much longer than I thought they would..." Modern Amy said.
"Well, guess you won't be having a big date. Maybe a high speed ride will suffice?" Modern Sonic said with a smile on his face.
"I can live with that." Modern Amy said.
"Me too!" Classic Amy shouted.

And so, both Amy Roses jumped into the arms of both Sonics, who carried them all the way to the portal that would lead them back to White Space. The giant adventure of the two pink hedgehogs, fast becoming friends because of their common goal to win Sonic's heart, was over. However, the overall grand plot was still to be solved, because unless the damage caused by Time Eater was repaired, all of time and space would be lost forever.

Thus continues the adventure known in the record books as Sonic Generations...