Hot Vanilla

(Cubed Cinder)

It wasn't too long ago since the incident that caused five children to shrink in size, and while the problem was corrected, Tails wasn't going to let anyone tell him that the shrinking machine should be put out of its misery. Instead, Tails has spent the last several days playing around with it, even adjusting it to where it could expand things on top of shrinking things (aside from returning objects to their normal size by expanding them that way).
"Once I've perfected this thing, I'll solve the world's hunger problems! No longer will we have to fight for the last few scraps. There will be enough food for everyone once it has been blasted with this new size-changing ray." Tails said. He then stopped moving around his wrench and thought about what he had just said.
"Yeah, that's a bit cliché. But still... there's the satisfaction of inventing something new here." Tails said.

A few minutes later, Cream and Vanilla entered the attic, shutting out the feeling of loneliness for Tails.
"Hello, Tails!" Cream said.
"Oh dear, are you still hard at work on that awful machine?" Vanilla said.
"Oh come on, Vanilla. It's an advancing of science the likes of which this world has never seen!" Tails said. Both Cream and Vanilla just stood in silence.
"Okay, maybe that's too extreme, but still, I'm not gonna stop until I can get this thing to enlarge other things." Tails said. He then walked over to a nearby table and placed a red apple on it.
"You can do it, Tails! I have confidence in you!" Cream said.
"Thanks, Cream! Okay, stand back you two, time to test it out." Tails said. As Cream and Vanilla got to a side of the room where the machine couldn't possibly target, Tails stepped back to the control panel of his invention. He flipped a series of switchs, and soon afterward, a countdown of 30 seconds started. As the clock ticked down, a thin red laser was striking the middle of the apple, eventually powering itself up to more of a blue, electricity-filled laser. With about 10 seconds to go, however, something went wrong. And Tails knew it when he took his eyes off the targeting monitor and saw electricity and sparks flying out from the exhaust tubes.
"Oh no!" Tails shouted.
"What is it, Tails!?" Cream shouted, having to raise her voice over the loud noises that went around the room.
"A power surge! Where are the abort switches!?!?" Tails shouted in a frantic panic. While this was going on, the device itself suddenly wasn't pointed squarely at the apple. It began to swerve around left and right... before taking dead aim at Cream.
"Huh? What the...?" Cream said as she noticed the device aimed at her.
"Cream, look out!!!" Vanilla shouted as she suddenly shoved her daughter out of the way. As she did that, the device fired its powerful beam, striking Vanilla and causing her to shout out a bit in pain before the beam faded out. Vanilla collapsed down on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

Meanwhile, Tails was still trying to shut the machine down before it would spark itself to oblivion. He was frantically pushing buttons and switches in every direction he could think of.
"Come on! Stop already!!" Tails said. Finally, the machine powered down, leaving nothing but smoke billowing around the room, which Tails swept away for the next few seconds.
"(sigh) Is everyone alright?" Tails asked.
"Mom! Mom! Are you alright?" Cream said, shaking her mother's shoulder.
"Yeah, I feel fine, Cream. The important thing is you are safe." Vanilla said.
"What happened here?" Tails said.
"That machine was going crazy, aiming away from the apple. It was about to hit Cream, but I pushed her out of the way and it got me instead." Vanilla said.
"*gulp*" Tails said, as he immediately broke into a sweat.
"What? What's wrong, Tails?" Cream asked. Tails immediately headed for another table, where most of his tools were kept, and pulled out a ruler. He ran towards Vanilla with this instrument.
"Vanilla... can you please stand up?" Tails asked. Vanilla did just that, and Tails extended the ruler, starting down at Vanilla's feet and going up to the top of her head.
"Hmmm... okay, still 130 centimeters. I guess this is a good thing." Tails said.
"What do you mean?" Vanilla asked.
"Well, you haven't gained any height, which tells me the laser didn't work. Still..." Tails said. Suddenly, the attic door opened up, and Chuck Thorndyke was there to greet Tails.
"Tails, did the power blink in and out... *cough cough* Wow! What the heck happened up here?" Chuck said.
"Ummm... let's just say I blew up another experiment." Tails said.
"Well, you all better get out of here so you don't suffocate from the smoke." Chuck said.
"Right, good idea!" Tails said. He, Vanilla, and Cream all exited the room while Chuck went to open the only window in the attic (which still had the patches on it after the baseball incident from Vanilla, I Shrunk the Kids).

Later on, with Vanilla and Cream going home for the day, Tails walked out the front door of the Thorndyke Mansion with them.
"Are you sure you feel fine, Vanilla?" Tails said.
"Yeah... I do feel quite normal all of a sudden." Vanilla said.
"Okay, then I guess we don't have anything to worry about." Tails said.
"We'll see you tomorrow, Tails!" Cream said.
"Yep, sure thing!" Tails said. As Cream and Vanilla walked away, Tails let out a deep sigh.
"*sigh* Well, I better go see what I did wrong this time." Tails said as he walked back inside the mansion.

The next day

We now fast-forward to around lunchtime the following day. Vanilla was walking around the house doing some of her chores, still feeling as normal as ever. Although, as the minutes ticked by, she started to worry a little bit, because this was normally the time when Cream would be home by now after her walk through the city.
"Oh dear... Cream is really late this time. I wonder if something's happened to her?" Vanilla said. She took one more look at the clock on the wall, and then dropped a set of clothes that she had been holding.
"I better go find her!" Vanilla said as she ran out of her home.

For the next few minutes after arriving in Station Square, Vanilla frantically called out her daughter's name almost every few seconds.
"Cream! Cheese! Where are you!?" Vanilla shouted, also wondering where Cream's pet chao, Cheese, had gone to. Finally, Cheese suddenly came flying around one street corner, almost running into Vanilla.
"Oh, Cheese!" Vanilla shouted as she caught the chao in her arms. Cheese was in a frenzied state of mind as it was shouting all sorts of 'Chao Chao!' to Vanilla.
"Whoa... slow down, Cheese. You say Cream is in trouble!? Where is she?" Vanilla shouted. Cheese then hopped out of Vanilla's arms and flew back around the corner from whence it came.
"Hey, wait for me!" Vanilla shouted.

Meanwhile, as Cheese had communicated to Vanilla, Cream was indeed in a heap of trouble. Cream was backing away in an alley as a group of teenaged boys were slowly approaching her.
"Please, don't hurt me! I'm just a kid!" Cream said.
"Yeah, little rabbit girl. So are we, and we say you better give us your money, or else!" one of the boys said.
"Don't you know what you're doing is wrong? Besides, you really should be at school now!" Cream said.
"Bah! School's for wimps... just like you!" another boy said.
"Now hand the dough over! We wouldn't want to hurt you, would we?" the third and last boy of the group said.
"Please... no!!" Cream shouted as she covered her eyes, getting ready for whatever punishment the boys decided to dish out.
"STOP!!" Vanilla shouted. The three boys turned around and saw Vanilla (with Cheese floating behind her) standing just outside the entrance of the alley.
"Huh? It's another rabbit girl!" one of the boys said.
"Big deal, we can take her on. She's just a rabbit girl like that other one." another boy said.
"I'm warning you three... you leave my daughter alone!" Vanilla said.
"And what are you gonna do? Shoot us?" one of the boys said.
"Yeah, and then you'd be in more trouble than us! Hahahaha!" another boy said.
"I said... leave my daughter... ALONE!!!" Vanilla shouted with all her angry might.

That's when she began to grow.

Cheese, Cream, and the boys were all taken aback as they saw the rabbit woman rise higher and higher into the air. Vanilla grew very fast, already reaching 100 feet tall. She quickly put aside her anger to deal with the shock of her growing like this all of a sudden, and that's when the growing stopped. Once she got over the shock, she looked way down at the three boys that had been antagonizing poor Cream. They immediately cowered in fear over seeing the new giantess in front of them.
"Um... perhaps we can take a rain check on that money thing?" one of the boys said.
"Um... yeah yeah, have a nice day!" another boy said. They then started running, tripping over Vanilla's red high-heeled shoes along the way, before they were gone from sight. Vanilla just let them go, as she was far more concerned over Cream's well-being. Cream ran towards her mother, hugging as much of one of the shoes as possible.
"Oh, Mother! I'm so sorry! I would've come home earlier, but those bad boys were chasing me all around the city!" Cream said. Vanilla, with her powerful ears, was able to hear the words of her crying daughter without having to bend down to hear better.
"It's okay, my little angel. You are safe now, and that's what counts." Vanilla said. Finally, she bent herself down and placed one of her gloved hands on the ground, allowing Cream to climb onboard. Once on, Vanilla very slowly bent herself back to full height, holding Cream in front of her face.
"But what about you? You're so much bigger now!" Cream said.
"Yeah... and I felt it happen when I was mad with those boys. That must be the catalyst from getting hit by that beam yesterday." Vanilla said.
"The cata-what?" Cream said, obviously unable to interpret the word catalyst because she was still very young. But Vanilla was kind enough to explain it to her.
"The thing that causes something important to happen." Vanilla said.
"Oh, I see." Cream said.
"Either way, we have to tell Tails right away. Although..." Vanilla said.
"What is it, Mother?" Cream said.
"Being this big... I can protect you from anything. You'll always be safe with me no matter what!" Vanilla said.
"Well, that's true, but how will you fit inside the home? And won't you have to eat a lot more?" Cream said.
"That doesn't matter, Cream. What's most important to me is your safety from this world. In fact, I think it's important all our children be safe from any kind of disaster!" Vanilla said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Cream asked.
"Cream... please tell me where the school is that Chris and his friends go to!" Vanilla said.
"Huh? But I don't know... I've never followed them to their school before!" Cream said.
"I'm sorry, that was very rude of me to ask a question like that. Don't worry, maybe someone here in the city can help me." Vanilla said. She then placed Cream on one of her shoulders.
"Now hold on tight, my dear Cream." Vanilla said.
"Yes, Mother!" Cream said. Vanilla then started taking her first steps as a giantess, and it naturally didn't take long for Station Square to go into a full-scale panic.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman was busy tinkering away at one of his robots. After a series of sparks went off, he removed his protective mask and kicked the robot in frustration.
"Arrrrgh... blasted machine! Why is it I always have rotten luck with these dumb bots? If only that bat girl didn't steal all those important parts!" Eggman said. Just then, three of his most loyal bots, Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun, came running into the room.
"Dr. Eggman! We have most important news!" Bocoe shouted.
"Yeah, did we mention it's important!?" Bokkun said. All three tried to come to a screeching halt, but ended up crashing into the platform that Eggman was working from.
"And speaking of dumb bots... yes, yes, what is it!?" Eggman shouted.
"You must turn on the news immediately! There's a giant rabbit attacking Station Square!" Decoe said.
"What!?" Eggman shouted. He pulled out a remote and pressed a couple buttons. Lowering down from the ceiling was a very large monitor that turned on and was playing out the news footage.
"This is Scarlet Garcia reporting from Station Square! This is live footage you are looking at behind me, as the people of Station Square run away from the gigantic living rabbit girl that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere! So far no property has been destroyed and nobody has been killed, but everyone is advised to stay indoors and not come to Station Square until the threat goes away. Wait, what's this? It appears the girl is asking about something..." Scarlet said. Eggman's eyebrows raised as he looked at the monitor.
"Hmmm... most interesting. I wonder what has caused this predicament to young Vanilla." Eggman said.
"Maybe she had too much breakfast!" Bokkun shouted with a smile.
"Don't be silly, Bokkun." Bocoe said.
"Yeah! Everyone knows this had to be the work of some powerful invention!" Decoe said.
"No doubt one from that rotten little genius, Tails. And if I can get my hands on this invention... I'll be able to construct the most powerful robotic army ever!" Eggman said.
"But how are we supposed to get this invention to begin with?" Decoe asked.
"By capturing that girl, of course! You three! Round up as many E-series bots as you can!" Eggman said.
"Yes, Doctor!" all three robots shouted.

Meanwhile, Vanilla had been conversing with a young man that wasn't quick enough to skate by the giantess's feet. She had wanted to know where the closest school was outside of Station Square, the one where Chris and his friends went. She was able to get the answer and she smiled at the man.
"Thank you! You've been most helpful." Vanilla said as she gently placed the man back down on the ground.
"Well, Cream, we're on our way to the Station Square Elementary School." Vanilla said, turning her head so she could just see Cream sitting on her left shoulder.
"Yay! Hopefully Chris won't mind seeing you like this." Cream said with a smile. Vanilla then resumed her walk. Unknown to her, she was walking right for the news van where Scarlet Garcia was standing.
"It appears the giant rabbit lady is targeting the elementary school outside of Station Square. Oh my gosh, she's heading right for us too! We'll bring you more details as they follow, for now this is Scarlet Garcia for Station Square News!!!" Scarlet said, having to finish her sentence very quickly as Vanilla approached. Finally, she and the rest of her crew scrambled out of the way, just as Vanilla stepped on the news van itself. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but the same couldn't be said for the vehicle. Vanilla looked down and saw what was left of it.
"Oh my! I need to be more careful." Vanilla said before she continued on her walk. Scarlet and the others just watched as the giant Vanilla walked further into the city.
"Gosh! She's so big... and strong too." Scarlet said.
"Scarlet! We better get into the helicopter, pronto!" one of the guys said.
"Right! But I guess we'll have to walk back to the station..." Scarlet said.

Later, inside the Station Square Elementary School, it was business as usual at the moment because nobody had any idea of the gigantic Vanilla walking around Station Square or that she was heading for the school itself. Chris tried his best to stay awake in the midst of a boring geography lesson, he was doing a better job than some of his fellow classmates. Chris would occasionally glance out the nearby window to admire the beautiful weather. But the next time he decided to take a peek outside, there was the giant Vanilla, slowly heading his way.
"Hey! Look at that!" Chris suddenly shouted. All the kids naturally looked at Chris first, but when they saw where he was pointing, they all gathered with Chris at the window, looking out as the giantess slowly came their way. The teacher tried hard to get the kids away from that window.
"Now, children! You must get away from that window for your own safety!" the teacher said. But the kids didn't listen, at least not at first. Some got the hint and ran out of the classroom as Vanilla got closer and closer. Finally, by the time Vanilla kneeled down and peeked inside the room, it was just Chris left as the other students and the teacher (who apparently forgot about Chris) ran out of the room next. Chris was left looking at nothing outside the window but Vanilla's huge brown and black eyeball.
"Chris? Is that you?" Vanilla asked as her voice seemed to boom through the solid walls of the classroom. Chris reached for the window and forced it open.
"Vanilla? What happened to you!?" Chris shouted. Vanilla then pulled back and tried to reach inside and grab Chris, but her fingers were much too big to fit inside.
"Oh dear! I'm too big to reach you, Chris." Vanilla said. As her fingers fumbled around the window sills, the walls around the sills cracked up ever so slightly the more she moved around. Chris finally called out to Vanilla as he had a better idea.
"Wait, Vanilla! I've got a better idea! Hold out your hands so I can climb out the window!" Chris shouted. Again, with Vanilla's powerful ears, she was able to pick up on this.
"Okay, but be very careful!" Vanilla said. She pulled her fingers out and rested her hand against the walls of the school. At the same time, Chris easily climbed onto the window sill and made a small leap down onto Vanilla's hand. Vanilla moved her hand closer to her eyes so she could get a better look at Chris.

"I'm glad to see you are safe and sound, Chris." Vanilla said.
"Well, yeah... it's safe almost all the time at our school. But what happened to you? How did you get so big?" Chris asked.
"Mom got zapped by Tails' invention yesterday." Cream said.
"Huh? You mean the same one that shrunk us not too long ago?" Chris asked.
"Yes, although Tails wanted to make things bigger instead. And it didn't work until earlier today when I had to save Cream from some bad boys." Vanilla said.
"She got really angry... and then that's when she grew!" Cream said.
"So I see..." Chris said.
"Chris!!" another male voice shouted. Chris turned around and looked to see two of his friends calling out for him from the window he previously jumped out of.
"Oh! Danny and Francine!" Chris said.
"Are you okay, Chris!?" Francine shouted.
"Yeah, right now I am! Vanilla, let's have them be a part of the ride." Chris said.
"Well, okay then." Vanilla said. Like she did for Chris, Vanilla held her hand just beneath the window and allowed the two kids to jump onboard, joining up with their good friend. Vanilla once again raised her hand to eye level once the three kids were safely on.
"Wait, where's Helen?" Cream said from Vanilla's shoulder, noticing the wheelchair-bound girl was missing.
"She's sick today and is staying home." Francine said.
"Oh... hope she feels better soon." Chris said.
"Well, now that all of you are safe and sound, I feel I should deal with other things that might threaten you." Vanilla said.
"Huh? Other things?" Chris said.
"I've heard rumors of kids getting attacked in those things you call school buses." Vanilla said, noting the line of school buses parked behind the school itself.
"Those are just rumors started by the bullies to scare us." Danny said.
"Yeah, we've never had to deal with anything like that. Our bus drivers are pretty tough on those kinds of things." Francine said.
"Even so... they are a threat and they must be taken care of!" Vanilla said.
"What? Wait! Whoaaaaaa!!!" Chris said. He and the other two kids had to hold on tight all of a sudden as they were being lifted up onto her shoulder, the same one Cream was sitting on. With the four children now on her shoulder, Vanilla concentrated on obliterating the so-called threat, the school buses. She stepped one-by-one on each of them, crushing them flat like monster trucks would with her high heels.

The kids simply watched as the giant Vanilla did her work.
"Wow... Mom is so strong!" Cream said.
"Are you sure she should be doing this? I mean, these buses haven't done anything wrong to us." Chris said.
"Oh lighten up, Chris! Maybe this'll cancel school for the rest of the week!" Francine said with a smile.
"Hey, I didn't think of that! That'd be cool!" Danny said. Eventually, all the buses in the lot were crushed flat.
"Ahhhh, that takes care of that. I wonder what else you kids feel is a threat to you." Vanilla said. They were all silent for a few seconds.
"Honestly, I can't really think of anything." Chris said.
"Well, I'll find something when we return to the city. Everyone hold on!" Vanilla said as she walked away from the school grounds to return to the city. But when she was at the entrance of the school and saw all the kids running around her, she couldn't help but admire that scene.
"Awwww... look how cute they all are from up here, running away like that." Vanilla said.
"Mom! We have to get to the city!" Cream said.
"Oh, right. I'm sorry, Cream." Vanilla said.

Meanwhile, back at Thorndyke Mansion, Tails and Chuck were sitting in the living room discussing what exactly went wrong with the machine yesterday.
"And that's how that happened. Vanilla was zapped, but nothing appeared abnormal." Tails said.
"Better not to take chances, my young friend. Perhaps I can use some of my more advanced scanning equipment in the workshop when Vanilla gets here." Chuck said.
"Speaking of Vanilla, I wonder where she and Cream are. They are pretty late, you must admit." Tails said. Just then, Ella the maid came running into the room.
"Oh! Mr. Thorndyke, you must turn on the news right away! There is something you must see!" Ella said.
"Okay..." Chuck said. He grabbed the nearby remote and powered on the high definition television. Right away, he and Tails gasped over what they saw.
"No way! That's..." Tails said. He stopped talking when he heard the familiar voice of Scarlet Garcia.
"Once again, these are live shots we are bringing you from Station Square Sky High One. The giant rabbit had been stomping around the Station Square Elementary School and we are hearing reports from officials on the ground that three children have been captured by the giantess. It appears she is heading back into the city. We'll follow her and keep you updated as the situation changes!" Scarlet said.
"I guess it took a while for the effects of that beam to kick in." Chuck said.
"It doesn't make sense... I didn't change the energy output from the size changer. Something else had to trigger that growth." Tails said.
"Well, either way, we better get to the city pronto. You know who else might be watching this broadcast." Chuck said.
"Dr. Eggman, I know." Tails said.
"Let's go get the X-Tornado fired up." Chuck said.
"Right! Hopefully Sonic will catch wind of this news too." Tails said as the two ran out of the living room, leaving Ella all to herself to follow the news of the gigantic Vanilla.

Back in Station Square, the people of the city continued their crazy escape from the giantess Vanilla. Although for the most part Vanilla had good intentions, the people had no way of knowing that as big as she was. They just wanted to get out as soon as possible. Vanilla watched as these people ran off, and she slowed her walk to almost a crawling speed trying not to step on these people.
"My goodness, there are so many people here." Vanilla said.
"Well, it is a big city, after all." Francine said. Shortly after that, however, an explosion slightly rocked the area. Everyone looked behind and saw a hole had been blasted out from the side of the nearby bank. Vanilla watched as three men, draped in black, were hauling bags of money to a nearby black truck. Eventually, the back of the truck was full and the three men jumped inside, speeding away.
"Oh dear, look at that!" Vanilla shouted.
"It's a bank robbery!" Danny said.
"That's no surprise... everyone's being chased out of the city. It'd be the perfect time to rob a bank." Chris said.
"Hmmm... they appear to be dangerous people. They should not be allowed to roam the streets!" Vanilla said. The giantess then began to chase after this black vehicle.
"Here we go! Hold on everyone!" Francine shouted.

A couple minutes later, the truck was speeding down the road, occasionally knocking aside vehicles that were directly in their path.
"Hahahaha! Your plan was genius!" Crook #1 said.
"Hiding those bombs in one of the money bags was great! That bank never suspected a thing!" Crook #2 said.
"And, duh... the best part is... the police don't even know about it!" Crook #3 said.
"Not yet, but they will soon. We have to get out of here and... what the!?!?" Crook #1 said. His train of thought was cut off, however, when they looked in the rear view mirror and saw the gigantic Vanilla fast approaching them.
"Gah! What is that thing!?" Crook #2 shouted.
"Duh... quick! Let's get out of here!" Crook #3 said.
"I'll turn right! She can't follow us through all that traffic!" Crook #1 shouted. Indeed, the truck curved sharply to the right, heading down the new street. Vanilla watched as the vehicle was speeding off.
"They're getting away, Mommy!" Cream said.
"Don't you worry, Cream. I'm one step ahead of them!" Vanilla said. With the winding path that this street took, Vanilla took a few steps down this street, but then leapt into the air and started flapping her ears to fly in the air. The wind that came from these huge ears flopping about caused many vehicles to fly into the air and crash land on the ground, but luckily nobody was hurt. The kids just held on tight to Vanilla's clothing so they wouldn't fall off her shoulder.

Finally, the crooks were coming up on the end of the intersection, thinking they were home free.
"Haha! We got away from her!" Crook #1 said.
"I guess she wasn't too smart, that giant rabbit girl." Crook #2 said. But then, Vanilla landed squarely on the ground and blocked the path with her shoes, on top of severely damaging the road.
"Not so fast, cheap crooks!" Vanilla shouted. The crooks slammed on the brakes, so hard that the rear tires both blew out.
"Darn! The tires blew out!" Crook #1 shouted.
"Well, don't just sit there! Put it in reverse!" Crook #2 shouted.
"Duh... too late." Crook #3 said, as he looked out the window and saw the giant Vanilla approaching them. At this point, everyone knew they were caught red-handed.

Vanilla picked up the vehicle and looked inside, seeing the three crooks and scaring them stiff as they looked at nothing but Vanilla's huge eyes.
"You three should be very ashamed of yourselves, putting our children at risk like that!" Vanilla said.
"Oh, please! Just let us go!" Crook #1 said.
"Duh... yeah. We'll give all the money back, promise!" Crook #3 said.
"We'll even surrender to the police! Honest!" Crook #2 said. Almost on cue, a small fleet of police cars suddenly came rushing in and parked just short of the giantess's feet. Vanilla saw the cars and smiled.
"Hmmm... I think that's a good idea." Vanilla said. She then ripped open all the doors on the vehicle and dumped all three criminals on top of one of the police cars. Also falling out of the vehicle were all the money bags that the crooks had taken,.
"There you are, officers. Courtesy of Vanilla and friends." Vanilla said with a smile.
"Um... thank you, I guess. Sure makes our job easier, doesn't it, boys?" the officer said back to his colleagues.
"And now... I must do this for the safety and security of my children." Vanilla said as she finally lifted a foot high in the air and then brought it down insanely hard on the vehicle. You know what happens to an old truck when it gets thrown into a crusher at the junkyard? That's exactly what the vehicle looked like now.
"Man, that's what I call a crusher!" the officer said.
"Well, I'll be on my way now." Vanilla said as the she walked away from the crime scene.
"Hey, shouldn't we be trying to stop her? I mean, she is a giantess stomping all around the city and scaring the population!" one officer said.
"Man, you read too much fanfiction. She seems like a nice lady to me." another said.

Meanwhile, not too far from the city was the X-Tornado. Tails of course was in the pilot's seat with Chuck Thorndyke riding shotgun. What was different about the X-Tornado was the same machine from yesterday that caused Vanilla to grow (after her bit of anger) in the first place.
"So you're certain the quick modifications you made to your size-changing machine will work?" Chuck said.
"I won't know for certain until I figure out exactly what caused Vanilla to grow." Tails said.
"Ah, yes, because of the delay, right?" Chuck said.
"Yeah. I'd have to modify the laser in order for it to work as the right counteragent for the growth." Tails said.
"And how will accomplish that?" Chuck said.
"I don't know. We'd probably need a small hair sample from Vanilla. Or better yet, if we can re-enact whatever it was that caused Vanilla to grow, that will help as well." Tails said.
"Well, I hope we figure it out fast, because Vanilla is about to have company..." Chuck said, pointing out the left side and seeing the small army of E-series robots that were marching towards Station Square, including one that was almost as tall as Vanilla currently was.
"Oh boy, that didn't take long." Tails said.

Indeed, slowly approaching the unaware Vanilla was Dr. Eggman's army of E-series robots. All of them except for one compared in size to E-102 Gamma. The biggest one was the E-999, piloted by Eggman with occasional additional control from his faithful trio of Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun.
"Hehehe... this is going to be a blast!" Eggman said.
"Hey, did someone say a blast? That's my speciality!" Bokkun said. He was about to pull out another one of his bombs, but Decoe and Bocoe tackled him before that could happen.
"Hey! What gives!?" Bokkun said.
"I am afraid Dr. Eggman was only speaking figuratively." Decoe said.
"Obviously. Now concentrate, you blabbering bots! We want this to be a surprise to that rabbit girl!" Eggman said.

But of course, nothing much was surprising about Eggman in this day and age. The kids once again turned around and were the first to spot Eggman's army.
"Uh oh... we got company!" Chris said. Vanilla picked up on that and looked to see the battalion of robots approaching, including the E-999.
"Those look like Eggman's robots!" Francine shouted.
"Oh my..." Vanilla said.
"Hehe, greetings, Vanilla. Perhaps you remember me?" Eggman said through a loudspeaker.
"How can I forget your ugly face after you kidnapped my daughter long ago!?" Vanilla shouted.
"Now now, surely you can understand she was part of making progress. We all have to make progress sometime. Anyway, I have a proposition for you." Eggman said.
"What's that?" Vanilla asked.
"Needless to say, I'm quite impressed that you have found yourself just a tad bigger than my most wonderful creation you see before you, the E-999. I would simply like to know if you'll lead me towards the invention that made this happen." Eggman said.
"The invention? Wait, you mean..." Vanilla said.
"That Tails has been getting the better of me lately when it comes to my inventions. An invention like the one that caused you to be in the condition you are would be more capable in my hands." Eggman said.
"Do you think I'm stupid, Eggman? I would never allow you to have anything from Tails, or any of the children of this world!" Vanilla said.
"Yeah, you tell him, Mom!" Cream shouted.
"I can't believe she's trying to stand up for every single one of us..." Danny said.
"Well, that's Vanilla for you." Chris said.
"(sigh) Very well. I guess I'll have to convince you the hard way. Robots, attack!" Eggman shouted. As soon as he said that, all the E-series robots began to attack the giantess, whether it was trying to climb up her body or firing lasers at her. As big as she was, the lasers did nothing more than tickle her, if she could feel them at all. Vanilla finally grabbed the children from her shoulder and placed down on a nearby building that was half her height.
"Everyone wait here while I dispose of these pests." Vanilla said.
"Go get them, Vanilla! Crush them flat!" Francine shouted, acting as a cheerleader for the giantess. Vanilla just smiled and then got to work stomping every one of the robots flat.

And it didn't take long considering these robots weren't programmed to defend themselves against a 150-foot-tall rabbit girl like Vanilla. They all got crushed into many pieces as Vanilla slammed her feet down on the road. After a few minutes of taking a beating as well as giving these E-series robots a beating of their own, they were all gone, littering the street full of the metal they were once made of. All that was left was the E-999. Eggman didn't seem fazed by the destruction he saw, especially as Vanilla was brushing her dress of some of the debris left behind by the bots.
"Very impressive, Vanilla. I can understand why you'd want to grow like that." Eggman said.
"Your robots have always been junk to begin with... and now you're next!" Vanilla said.
"I wouldn't be so confident, young lady. Especially when the E-999 is 999 times better than all of my E-series robots combined! Why don't I give you a demonstration of its weapon power?" Eggman said. Indeed, the E-999 suddenly armed itself with several blasters, all of them pointed squarely at Vanilla.
"*gulp*" Vanilla said, wondering how she was doing to dodge these bullets, literally.
"It was nice knowing you, dear!" Eggman said.

The X-Tornado was drawing near towards the battle between E-999 and the gigantic Vanilla, and Tails was the first to notice the E-999 arming itself.
"It's going to blast Vanilla!" Tails shouted.
"I'll arm the missiles now!" Chuck said, pushing a bunch of buttons from his co-pilot seat.
"Firing missiles!" Tails shouted. He pressed a button on his flight stick, and that sent a series of missiles directly at the E-999.

Bocoe noticed the missiles coming towards the E-999.
"Dr. Eggman! Missiles approaching at 3 o'clock!" Bocoe shouted.
"What!?" Eggman said. Before he could react, the missiles came into contact with the E-999 and it rocked the entire machine, but it was able to stay on its feet. Eggman and the robots were, however, knocked out of their seats for the time being. As they climbed back onboard, Eggman right away wanted to know what kind of damage they had suffered.
"Damage report!" Eggman said.
"Waaaah! I landed on my behind and it hurts!' Bokkun said.
"I meant on the E-999, you fool!" Eggman said.
"All weapons systems are down! We can't shoot anything!" Bocoe said.
"That Tails certainly knew where to aim!" Decoe said.
"Arrrrgh! That blasted Tails and his X-Tornado! ALL our weapons are not working!?" Eggman said.
"Well, all except one. The claw grip!" Bocoe said.
"That's it? Just the claw grip?" Eggman said. As he moped in his chair with a dejected look, he suddenly looked at the children that were cheering on Vanilla from atop one of the buildings and got an idea.
"Robots! Activate the claw grip now!" Eggman shouted.
"Sure, but what are you targeting?" Decoe asked.
"The kids on the roof." Eggman said.

Vanilla watched as the X-Tornado flew around in the air after taking out the weapons on the E-999. She smiled as she got her first glimpse at the tiny aircraft.
"Thank you, Tails!" Vanilla said. And then, that's when the E-999 extended one of its hands outward, and it grabbed the four kids (Cream, Chris, Danny, and Francine) on the roof.
"Eeeeek! Mommy!" Cream shouted.
"Help us!!" Chris shouted.
"What!? No!" Vanilla said as she looked and saw the hand retracting back to the E-999 and holding the four kids.
"Hehehe... you should learn never to count me out, young lady." Eggman said.
"No! Leave the children out of this!" Vanilla said.
"Now now, it's an even trade. You and your two-tailed friend take my weapons, and I take your children... unless you surrender to me as well as give up that machine that made you big!" Eggman said. This of course was burning Vanilla up, seeing the children suffer and no way to save them without surrendering. And she couldn't fight back because that would put the children in danger.
"Please, ackk! Help us!" Francine said as she felt herself getting squeezed by the E-999's hand. Finally, Vanilla's anger began to consume her again.
"Release the children, NOW!!!!" Vanilla shouted at her loudest. What happened next surprised everyone...

Vanilla was growing again.

"Hey, what's happening!?" Bocoe shouted.
"She's getting even bigger!" Decoe said. Eggman was not looking so smug now, watching as the rabbit lady rose higher and higher into the air. Tails and Chuck naturally were surprised as well. In fact, Tails had to fly the X-Tornado away to keep Vanilla's growing body from hitting it.
"Whoa... look at her grow." Chuck said.
"But we found the trigger! Did you see how she's growing just by getting angry?" Tails said.
"Oh yeah, I did see that!" Chuck said.
"Punch in 9-9-99 for the laser code! That should be the correct counteragent." Tails said.
"The correct one?" Chuck said.
"We need to not only return Vanilla to her normal size, but keep the anger from making her grow." Tails said.
"Right... on it!" Chuck said as he began to program the laser on the shrinking machine attached underneath the X-Tornado.

In the meantime, time just froze for everyone and everything still in this particular section of the city as they watched Vanilla continue to grow. But finally, when she calmed herself down from the anger and realized what was happening, Vanilla stopped growing at a new height of 400 feet tall. The E-999 almost looked like a toy compared to Vanilla's massive size. And she quickly realized that too.
"Hmmm... you are not so menacing now, are you?" Vanilla said.
"Ehem... well, uh... yeah, okay... you win... I guess." Eggman said, clearly at a loss for words over what he was seeing. Vanilla then picked up the E-999 with both her hands and raised it up to eye level, causing Eggman to see nothing but Vanilla's large face from the cockpit.
"Release the children now or I will crush your little toy here!" Vanilla said. Indeed, she started to lightly squeeze the E-999 with her two hands, and Eggman and the robots could hear the metal exterior of the robot crumpling together, as well the fact that sparks were flying inside the cockpit.
"She's gonna crush us!" Decoe said.
"We must pull an immediate retreat, Dr. Eggman!" Bocoe said.
"Alright! Alright! I'll release the kids! Just let us go!" Eggman shouted. Vanilla smiled and placed the E-999 down on the ground, who immediately kept its word and placed the children down on the sidewalk, next to Vanilla's feet.
"There, you happy now?" Eggman said.
"Well..." Vanilla said. Suddenly, she decided to move her right foot back and she drilled the E-999 with it, sending it flying into the air and well out of the city.
"Now I am." Vanilla said with a smile.
"Bah! I hate that rabbit!" Eggman shouted as the E-999 went flying away.

"Mommy!" Cream shouted as she once again tried to hug Vanilla's shoes, a very tough chore because she was so much bigger. Vanilla very gently got down on her knees and patted her daughter as lightly as she could.
"Oh, my baby girl. I'm so glad you're alright." Vanilla said.
"Wow... you really gave Eggman the boot there." Chris said.
"That was pretty impressive." Francine said.
"I agree!" Danny said.
"Well, thank you, kids. I only did what I could to protect all of you." Vanilla said. The X-Tornado then flew just in front of Vanilla's face, with Tails using his own megaphone to communicate with the mega giantess.
"Vanilla! I've got the machine set to return you back to normal!" Tails said.
"Oh, thank goodness!" Vanilla said as she stood back to her full height.
"Commencing laser fire... it'll take a minute for it to warm up." Tails said. After that minute passed, with Tails and Chuck both fine-tuning the machine to make sure it wouldn't mess up again, Tails fired away and the light blue beam struck Vanilla squarely in the chest. Right away, she began to shrink back to her normal size.

Finally, after a minute or so of shrinking, Vanilla was back to her normal size, and nobody was happier than Cream as she ran towards her mother's open arms.
"Oh, Mom! I'm so glad you are back to normal!" Cream said.
"Me too, Cream. Me too. Being big is fun for a little while, but I wouldn't want to stay that way." Vanilla said. The X-Tornado then landed not too far from the group, and Tails immediately hopped out of the aircraft, holding onto some sort of rod-shaped device.
"Hold still, Vanilla. I want to make absolutely certain you are fine with this device." Tails said.
"Well, okay then." Vanilla said. Tails scanned Vanilla from head to toe using the device. The most encouraging sign was the fact that no alarms were beeping as Tails was waving the rod-shaped device back and forth and up and down. Finally, Tails smiled and shut it off.
"Alright, you're back to normal AND you won't grow from getting angry anymore." Tails said.
"Oh, wonderful." Vanilla said. Cream sorta hung her head down upon hearing what Tails said.
"Huh? What's wrong, my dear daughter?" Vanilla said.
"Well, I was kinda hoping you'd still be able to grow anytime you wanted." Cream said.
"Now now, Cream. It's for the best that I return to a normal life... but maybe I can pretend I'm towering over your dollhouses." Vanilla said.
"Oh, I would love that! We can play together, along with Cheese of course!" Cream said with Cheese happily shouting out its approval.

Chuck then joined Tails outside the X-Tornado.
"Well, I hope you've learned a valuable lesson from all this, Tails." Chuck said.
"Yeah yeah... I should just destroy that machine when we get back. I can see how much danger it has caused many of us." Tails said.
"Yeah, I kinda agree with you there." Chris said.
"Perhaps it is for the best, after what happened to us and now to Miss Vanilla over there." Danny said.
"Hey, Mr. Thorndyke. I am kinda hungry. You think maybe we can get some ice cream before we go home?" Francine asked.
"Well, sounds good to me." Chuck said with a smile.
"Yay!" all the kids shouted.
"How about you, Tails?" Chuck asked.
"You guys go ahead. I'm gonna head back to the mansion so I can properly dispose of this machine." Tails said. With all that said, Tails jumped back into the X-Tornado and flew away while everyone else walked down what roads and streets that weren't impacted by the gigantic Vanilla. They also hoped the ice cream shop didn't evacuate everyone and close through this whole insanity.

In the meantime, as Tails was flying through the air, he looked at the schematics of his size-changing machine from one of the screens.
"No way... I couldn't destroy such a fine piece of machinery. I'll just disable it for now. I have this feeling I'm gonna need it again one day..." Tails said, trying to think of what exactly he could use the machine for one day. But he quickly shook it off and simply began preparations in his head on how he was going to keep that machine from self-activating again...