Macro House Zone

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by MicroGamer1)

The normally quiet house belonging to Cream and Vanilla was anything but that, as four of their friends were visiting on this bright and sunny day. They were Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy Rose, and Cosmo. Almost all of them had a different cleaning tool in hand, whether it was a brush, mop, or anything else that would pick up mostly dust. Others, like Amy and Cream, were simply moving things around. Amy wiped her forehead of sweat.
"Whew! Spring cleaning sure is hard work! It makes me wish Ella were around." Amy said.
"Me too! Ella was so great at her job of keeping Chris's mansion clean." Cream said. Tails looked down and saw Cosmo scrubbing hard on one of the tables.
"Cosmo, do you want some help with that?" Tails asked.
"No thank you, Tails. I'm doing just fine. Those energy seeds you fed me really did the job." Cosmo said. Tails smiled. He was glad to see Cosmo full of life and energy. They all obviously did a great job in raising her after she spent a year as a regenerative seed, created after she helped Sonic and company battle and defeat the Metarex in space.

Sonic then looked down and saw the mop he picked up was getting rather filthy. As were most of the other tools.
"Well, look at that. Another dirty mop, and it's not alone either." Sonic said.
"Oh my! I guess we're going to need to restock on mops." Vanilla said.
"And a lot of other supplies too, like… yuck!... more garbage bags!" Amy said as she pointed towards a small pile of black trash bags.
"Does this mean we're going to the store?" Cream asked.
"Of course, my dear Cream!" Vanilla said to the cheer of Cream and her pet Chao, Cheese.
"Why don't you ladies go on ahead? Sonic and I should stay behind and do some extra cleaning that doesn't require tools." Tails said.
"Oh? That's very nice of you, Tails. Come on then, everyone!" Vanilla said as she, Cream (and Cheese), Amy Rose, and Cosmo, all with trash bags in hand, started to walk out the front door. Before Cosmo did, however, Tails walked up and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Be careful, Cosmo." Tails said.
"Thank you, Tails, I will. I think I've done a good job fighting off Eggman's robot attacks recently." Cosmo said.
"Heh, and with style too!" Tails said before Cosmo finally left.

Tails shut the door and then looked back at Sonic.
"Y'know, I could've gotten those supplies and come back home faster than anyone in this house could blink an eye." Sonic said. Tails blushed lightly.
"True, but then I wouldn't have a chance to test my newest invention." Tails said.
"Oh?" Sonic said. He watched as Tails ran to a corner of the home at something that was covered by a white blanket. After moving the object a few feet away from the front door, he pulled the blanket off, revealing one of his machines.
"Tada!" Tails shouted.
"Cool! But… what is it?" Sonic asked.
"It doesn't have a name yet, I'm calling it Project Poison Mushroom for now. But one zap from this machine's laser will reduce the size of whatever is zapped to a very tiny size!" Tails said.
"Okay, so what good would a shrinking machine do us?" Sonic asked. Tails looked stunned at first but quickly retracted his shock. He knew Sonic wasn't the most technologically acclimated… unless of course he was talking one of his many planes.
"All we have to do is shoot the trash and larger than normal dustmites, and presto! Far less trash to worry about because you can fit it all in the palm of your hand!" Tails said.
"Hey, I like that idea! So get shooting already!" Sonic shouted. Tails flipped on the switch to his machine.

But of course, it was a Tails built machine, so something was bound to go wrong, and right from the start his machine was showing signs of trouble as it vibrated profoundly.
"Ummmm… is that good?" Sonic asked.
"No! This didn't happen when I first tested it! Hit the deck!" Tails said as he and Sonic ducked just as a bright white light eminated from the machine and almost blinded them.

Several minutes wound up passing, and Sonic and Tails both finally woke up after the white light knocked them unconscious. The scenery looked wildly different. They didn't appear to be inside the home of Cream and Vanilla at first glance. They found themselves surrounded by tall blue 'trees,' although they were unlike any trees the duo had ever seen. They were devoid of any leaves whatsoever. Just seemingly nothing but blue bark.
"Ugh… what happened?" Sonic asked.
"I… I don't know." Tails said.
"Did we get zapped to another dimension?" Sonic said.
"That'd be very strange. I didn't give the machine any parts that would allow for dimensional travel." Tails said.
"Yeah, otherwise Shadow would be throwing a fit for stealing one of his moves. Speaking of, where is your machine?" Sonic asked. Tails looked around past some of the blue 'trees' and finally found his machine.
"There it is!" Tails said as he and Sonic weaved around the 'trees' and caught up to the machine. Tails pressed a few buttons on the machine, but nothing was happening.
"Ugh… it must've overheated or something. We'll have to wait a few minutes before I can power it back up." Tails said.
"In the meantime, we should get a higher view of where we ended up." Sonic said.
"Good idea! Going up?" Tails asked as he grabbed Sonic by his hands and spun his back tails around like a helicopter, allowing him to gain altitude.

It took nearly every ounce of Tails' strength, but he and Sonic got up to the top of one of the blue 'trees' and finally got a better view of where they were. And it looked very familiar.
"Hey… wait a sec, Tails. I feel like I know this place." Sonic said.
"Oh no… it can't be." Tails said as he scanned the entire area and noted how much bigger everything in the distance was… namely the table and some of the chairs.
"Sonic! We're still in Cream and Vanilla's home. We're just… oh gosh… I didn't think the machine could be that powerful!!!" Tails shouted, now in a panic.
"What happened, Tails!? Hurry up and say it already!" Sonic shouted. Suddenly the two heard thundering sounds behind them. They looked behind to see the front door opening up, and that's when Tails finally spit it out.
"We've been shrunk to microscopic size." Tails said. His jaw as well as that of Sonic's both dropped down when they saw the front door swing open and four seemingly planet-sized ladies stood outside.

Vanilla was the first to open the door.
"We're home!" Vanilla shouted. But as she, Cream, Amy Rose, and Cosmo all looked inside, they saw Sonic and Tails weren't around.
"Huh? Where are they?" Cosmo asked.
"Maybe they left a note somewhere." Amy said as she stepped inside the house.

Meanwhile, down on the floor, Sonic and Tails knew they were smushed chili dog if they stayed where they were, even as the bottom of Amy's shoe seemed to stretch on for over a mile.
"Hold on, Tails!" Sonic shouted as he took Tails' hand and jumped off the carpet strand they had been standing on. With his super speed, Sonic was able to dart out of the way just as a deafening boom shot behind him as Amy stepped forward and flattened the carpet strands. Just as Sonic and Tails thought they were safe, they watched as Cosmo, Vanilla, and Cream also came stomping by. All were obviously unaware that Sonic and Tails were actually lost in the carpet down below.
Sonic and Tails eventually felt the booming sounds fade away, although they still echoed in the distance as the four ladies continued to step around away from them.
"Whew… that was too close. Are you okay, little buddy?" Sonic asked.
"Yeah… as soon as my heart stops racing…" Tails said.
"Man, you weren't kidding when you said that machine shrunk us. How tiny are we?" Sonic asked.
"I don't know, but given these are carpet strands we're looking up at, and the mere fact we were standing on one just a few seconds ago. Gulp… we're definitely ant food if there are any ants around." Tails said.
"Fortunately we don't have to worry about any ants in this place. In any case, we better use that gizmo to zap ourselves back to normal ASAP!" Sonic said.
"Right!" Tails said as he and Sonic went zipping around the strands.

However, Tails dropped his jaw when he looked at where the machine was.
"Oh no!!!" Tails said. His shoulders slumped when he saw nothing but a broken pile of nuts, bolts, and metal where the machine once sat.
"What is it, Tails? Where's the machine!?" Sonic shouted.
"Um… this is the machine. Amy must've stepped on it when she walked in, and it got further mangled when the other girls stepped over this part of the carpet." Tails said.
"Sooooo… you're saying…" Sonic asked.
"I'm saying we're stuck like this until I can build another machine!" Tails said.
"Oh." Sonic simply said, looking a bit unhappy. Tails cried and hugged his hedgehog friend.
"I'm so sorry, Sonic! I didn't calculate anything like this happening!!!" Tails said. Sonic, amazingly to his two-tailed companion, gently hugged his friend and looked at him in the eyes.
"Luckily it wasn't Knuckles that shrunk with you." Sonic said with a smile. Tails couldn't help but chuckle.
"Otherwise he'd beat me to a pulp like he always tries to do with Rouge." Tails said.
"(sigh) It's going to be a challenge, but our only course of action now is to get the attention of the girls." Sonic said.
"You're right, that's going to be a challenge. There's no way I can fly up to them from this height." Tails said.
"But do it we shall! Right, little buddy?" Sonic asked. The two then heard the thundering booming sounds return. They looked up and saw an unimaginably huge Cream about to put her shoe down where the two were standing.
"Yikes!" they both shouted, only for Sonic to once again speed out of the way.
"I'll sweep this part of the carpet, Mama!" Cream shouted from above. The two watched as a giant broom suddenly came down on one side and a dustpan on the other.
"WAAAAAAH!!!" Sonic and Tails both screamed as they tried to outrun the broom.

While that was going on, the four ladies walked inside the house and looked around to see if a note was left behind, but nope.
"I don't see anything. They couldn't have bailed out on helping us clean, could they!? Oooooooh… Sonic will do anything to sneak away when I'm around!" Amy shouted.
"Now now, Amy. Sonic wouldn't be that cruel. He did stay for more than a few minutes to clean the house before we left, remember?" Cream asked.
"Cream brings up a good point. If Sonic really wanted to avoid you, he would've left already. But still, why did Tails leave too?" Cosmo said.
"Maybe they went to get their own set of cleaning supplies?" Cream said.
"Maybe, but we can't worry about where they went for now. Let's just get back to cleaning with what we have! If they're not back in about an hour, we can all go look for them." Vanilla said.
"Okay, Mama! That's why I love you so much, because of how smart you are!" Cream said as she hugged her mother around the waist.
"I'm glad to hear that, Cream, but it's time to get back to cleaning, everyone!" Vanilla said as she handed out cleaning supplies to everyone, taking a wiping rag herself. Cream clutched her broom and dustpan and walked towards the front door.
"I'll sweep this part of the carpet, Mama!" Cream shouted as she got to sweeping.

Even with his super speed, Sonic (with Tails holding on for the ride) couldn't simply outrun the mega-sized broom given he had to weave his way around the blue carpet strands, which not too long ago they both thought were trees. On top of that, they looked up and saw Vanilla's incredibly massive heeled shoe coming down. Luckily they were between the arch and the heel, but looking up and seeing a 'ceiling' of the bottom of Vanilla's shoe did not make them comfortable.
"Man… those tall carpet strands make it hard to see where they're coming from!" Sonic shouted.
"We'll have to rely on sound to judge where in this room they are." Tails said.
"Be sure to sweep real good, Cream! That way, anything deep within the carpet strands can be picked up too." Vanilla said from above.
"Okay, Mama!" Cream shouted.
"You two have no idea…" Sonic commented, watching as Vanilla stepped away. Still, the two shook as they heard the booming sounds of each step Vanilla took away from them.

That left him distracted long enough to forget about the broom coming up from behind.
"Sonic, look out!" Tails said as he and Sonic got slammed by the bristles of the broom. The extreme momentum left them with no chance to break free as the world flew by at mach speed. They didn't realize it at first, but they ended up on the dustpan that Cream was sweeping all the debris onto. They found themselves riding the dustpan as they got lifted up into the air and carried towards one of the trash bags.
As Cream tilted the dustpan down, Sonic tried his hardest to run up the incline, but he finally slipped and screamed as he went falling towards the trash bag.
"Sonic!!!" Tails shouted. As much as he wanted to help, he could only think about his own survival at that moment, and so he swung his tails around to float in the air. Tails rapidly looked around for a place to land, eventually spotting a table. He landed there and could only look out in the distance at the four supreme giantesses moving around, and also think about what happened to Sonic.
"I… I'm sorry… Sonic." Tails said as he sat down and let out a few tears, feeling it's all his fault for what happened.

Unknown to Tails (and the giantesses), Sonic was not only quick on his feet, but quick on his thinking. Instead of spending time inside the giant trash bag, he thought of how he was going to escape from his fall. That's when he took note of a nearby bolt that was falling next to him. The normally tiny screw looked at least 50 feet tall from his perspective, but he reached out, grabbed it, and then got down on one knee.
"Only have one chance…" Sonic said as he curled himself into a ball and spun in place, getting ready to do his signature Spin Dash. Once Sonic felt he had built enough momentum, he turned himself loose and leapt off the screw. He was hoping to land somewhere on Cream's dress, but Amy Rose proved otherwise as she stood in front of Cream. Nevertheless, Sonic reached out to grab something.

Cream wiped her forehead after dumping the trash she swept up inside the trash bag. Almost as if it was on cue, Amy came walking over and gave Cream a cone of vanilla ice cream.
"Here, Cream. Why don't you cool off for a bit? Your Mom made this." Amy said.
"Wow! Thanks, Amy!" Cream said as she dropped everything and took the vanilla ice cream cone in her hand.
"No sweat! Er… no pun intended! Anyway, I'll take over. I think Cosmo is chilling out too and making sandwiches." Amy said.
"Okay! Thanks! You sure you don't mind?" Cream asked.
"Nah… I think we're almost done anyway! Who knows… maybe that's why Sonic and Tails took off early. They're missing some good snacks too!" Amy said.

Of course, this conversation was not lost on Sonic, especially as he realized where he had landed after his daredevil leap from a date with the trash bag. He was sitting on the very tip of Amy's tail, which happened to be sticking out from underneath Amy's dress.
"If anyone asks me how my day was, I'm just going to say 'fine' and change the subject." Sonic said. Despite how he felt about Amy always wanting to hug and kiss a storm with him, she may be his only chance of being noticed at such a microscopic size. With super speed, Sonic ran across Amy's tail and then latched onto the white hem of the giantess's dress. Then he took a deep breath and began the long climb up her red dress, holding on tight anytime she made any sudden movements.

Tails finally got back on his feet after thinking about the seeming death of his friend, Sonic. He ultimately had to get back to the task at hand, which was getting the attention of one of the giantesses. And one of them was approaching the very table he was standing on. That was Cosmo, and Tails' emotions quickly changed from one of sadness to one of deep affection. Towering above him was the girl he most cared for.
"Oh… Cosmo. Seeing you that big… you're like the princess of the universe." Tails said, watching as Cosmo was gathering various items of food such as bread, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo. Tails then took note of the food.
"Heh, if I were to eat that bread, I wouldn't be hungry for weeks." Tails said. That's when the fox snapped his fingers.
"Wait, that's it! I just have to get on top of that sandwich… that will get me close to Cosmo's face, and then I can get her attention! Provided she doesn't eat me, but that's a risk I will have to take." Tails said to himself. And that's when he got running. The bread looked so big, and yet it was still so far away, putting in perspective how microscopic Tails had shrunken to.

Cosmo, meanwhile, had just finished putting her sandwich together.
"Mmmmm… something so simple that looks so appetizing. No wonder Tails was always begging me to try this type of meal. Sigh… where are you, Tails?" Cosmo said. Speaking of Tails, he had jumped onto the lower piece of bread just as Cosmo picked the sandwich up, nearly getting flattened by one of the giantess's fingers. Tails flew up to the top of the sandwich, where his feet were sinking.
"Bleh! I'm so small I'm sinking into one of the normally tiny crevices of the bread!" Tails said. He then watched as Cosmo opened her mouth and bit down on the sandwich. Being on the far end of the sandwich, Tails was not in immediate danger… but he knew he'd be taking a one way ticket into Cosmo's stomach if he didn't act fast.
"Cosmo! Down here! Cosmooooooooooo!!!" Tails shouted.

Meanwhile, after intense climbing, Sonic finally made it on top of one of Amy's shoulders.
"Yo, Amy! Down here! On your shoulder!!" Sonic shouted. But Amy didn't react. She did say something, but it was instead to the tune of…
"Alright! All done dustbusting! This carpet is cleaner than any of Eggman's badniks on a good day." Amy said. Sonic sighed.
"She still can't hear me. I guess I have to get up to her face, but that's an even more dangerous climb…" Sonic said as he looked up at Amy casually licking her lips, thinking that could've been him on that tongue and he'd be swallowed like a pill bug not paying attention.
"Too bad I can't send smoke signals up to… hey, wait! That's it!" Sonic said as he snapped his fingers, "If I do a peelout here on Amy's skin for long enough, maybe it will leave a burn mark and then she'd take notice. Man, hopefully she won't yell at me for doing this."
And with that, Sonic ran in place… running so fast his legs looked like they were going into a figure eight. He looked down and saw the sparks and smoke shooting up from his shoes.
"I think it's working…" Sonic said as he watched the smoke slowly drift up towards Amy's nose.

As for Tails, repeated attempts to call out to the giga-sized Cosmo were failing despite being closer than ever to her face. Tails tried to escape by swinging his tails to fly, but the thickness of the bread was leaving him unable to gain enough speed to fly like a helicopter. Tails felt his heart sink about five levels down as he thought Cosmo had one bite left to finish the sandwich.
"So long, sandwich. I hope you had a nice life just like the millions of other sandwiches before you consumed by the other people of this planet." Cosmo said as she opened her mouth. Tails' eyes bulged wide as Cosmo's tongue closed in and a drop of saliva dripped down from the upper part of the giantess's mouth.
"Don't eat me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Tails cried.

As Cream walked by after licking the last drop of vanilla from her ice cream cone, she suddenly heard a high-pitched squeal coming from Cosmo's sandwich.
"Cosmo, wait!" Cream shouted.
"Huh? What is it, Cream?" Cosmo asked as she pulled the sandwich away.
"I thought I heard something coming from your sandwich." Cream said, with both her and Cosmo looking down at the approximentally 90% eaten sandwich.
"Yes! Yes! Down here, ladies!!!" Tails shouted as he repeatedly waved his arms. Cosmo then finally found a miniscule orange spot near one of her fingers on the sandwich.
"Huh? What's that? Is that a bug?" Cosmo asked.
"I don't know. It's much too small to identify. Oh, I know! Mama!" Cream said.
"Yes, my dear Cream?" Vanilla asked.
"Do you still have that magnifying glass Mr. Vector got you last Christmas?" Cream asked.
"I think so, let's see…" Vanilla said as she checked all the drawers in the kitchen one by one, eventually pulling out that magnifying glass.
"Here it is! What do you need it for?" Vanilla said.
"I heard and saw a bug on Cosmo's sandwich, and we wanted to see what kind of bug it is." Cream said.
"Ah, I see. Then you can add it to that bug chart you've been working on, right?" Vanilla asked.
"Yes, Mama!" Cream said, prompting a smile from both rabbit ladies. Cosmo set the sandwich down on the table, allowing Cream to further inspect it.

Tails breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Cream hold the glass down towards him, although it also briefly terrified him to see a brown eye seemingly the size of the Moon above him. As he waved his arms and Cream blinked her eye rapidly, she finally let out a light gasp.
"What is it, Cream?" Cosmo asked.
"I… I… that's not a bug. I think that's Tails!" Cream said.
"What!? Tails? Are you sure?" Cosmo asked.
"See for yourself." Cream said as she handed the magnifying glass over to Cosmo. She looked closer at the sandwich and finally spotted Tails herself.
"Oh my gosh! It is a teeny tiny Tails!" Cosmo shouted. Tails could be seen holding his hands up to his ears and moving his lips.
"Yeowch! Not so loud, ladies!" Tails shouted. He said it again as Cream leaned one of her long ears in.
"He's saying not so loud." Cream said.
"Oh… yeah, we should whisper. Sorry, Tails-chan." Cosmo whispered.
"Here, Tails. Hop on. I can hear you better if you hold onto here." Cream said as she lowered one of her ears towards the microscopic Tails, who finally broke free from the bread and helicoptered his way towards Cream's ear. After latching onto the side of Cream's ear, Tails shouted into it.
"Can you hear me now!?" Tails said.
"Yes, Tails. I hear you!" Cream said.
"Careful, Cream! Don't move around too much!" Vanilla said, noting how easy it might be to send Tails flying off her ear at the size he was at.
"Okay, Mama." Cream said.

And so Tails spent the next couple minutes explaining what had happened to him and Sonic, with Cream relaying the information to both her mother as well as Cosmo.
"I'm sorry you had to go through that, Tails-chan. I can't imagine what we must look like from that perspective." Cosmo said.
"It's okay, Cosmo. I would love you no matter how tiny I was." Tails said with Cream repeating those words for Cosmo. Cosmo lightly blushed from that comment.
"Tails, what about Sonic? Where is he?" Vanilla asked in a whispering tone.
"I… I don't know. We got separated when Cream was busy sweeping the carpet. I shudder to think what's become of him." Tails said.
All of a sudden, the conversation was interrupted when Amy suddenly yelped.
"HEY!" Amy shouted as she looked on her shoulder and saw smoke coming up from it, plus the fact she felt a light burning sensation, reaching down and patting it to try and put the smoke out.

Of course, this was the result of Sonic's actions with his feet. Yes, he got Amy's attention, but he suddenly had to deal with a Death Egg-sized gloved hand coming down towards him.
"Whoa! Abandon shoulder!" Sonic said as he hopped off right before he could get crushed. As a result, he went sliding down Amy's dress, desperately trying to break his momentum by either running or grabbing onto the dress. Eventually he found himself back on Amy's tail where his 'adventure' onboard her got started.
"Sigh… back to square one. Or in this case, tail one." Sonic said. However, he didn't have to despair for long as he looked in the distance and saw the other giantesses approaching Amy.
"Oh? Did Tails finally get their attention?" Sonic asked.

Cream (with Tails still riding inside one of her ears) and Cosmo started to quickly walk towards Amy, but Vanilla held them both back.
"Whoa! Careful, girls. Sonic could possibly be down there somewhere." Vanilla said. All three ladies gulped nervously as they gently approached Amy Rose.
"Amy? What's wrong?" Cosmo asked.
"I don't know. I got this little burn and smoke on my shoulder, all of a sudden, like someone was holding a match against it." Amy said.
"It could be Sonic!" Cream shouted.
"What!? Really, Cream? Is this really a good time for funny jokes?" Amy shouted.
"Tails was trying a new shrinking machine to clear out some of the junk piles here, but the machine malfunctioned and ended up shrinking him and Sonic." Cosmo said.
"Tails is in my ear right now." Cream said as she turned her head to show off her right ear, which Amy leaned in towards. She blinked and squinted until she finally caught sight of the microscopic Tails.
"T-T-T-Tails!?" Amy shouted as Tails squeaked out again.
"He says not so loud." Cream said.
"Amy, I really REALLY need you to hold still while the three of us look around you and the floor. Hopefully we haven't already crushed poor little Sonic…" Vanilla said, prompting Amy to gulp nervously.

The pink spineless hedgehog did just that, holding still as Cosmo, Cream, and Vanilla looked on the carpet around Amy's boots as well as around Amy herself. It was eventually Cosmo, now holding the magnifying glass, that spotted Sonic on the tip of Amy's tail.
"There he is!" Cosmo said. All the ladies, aside from Amy, focused on Amy's tail.
"Where is he?" Amy asked.
"Ummm… on your tail." Cream said with an innocent smile.
"WHAT!?" Amy shouted, only for Vanilla to tightly grab her by the shoulders.
"Not a single move! He probably isn't there by choice." Vanilla said. Sonic could be heard squeaking out in a high-pitched voice (thanks to his greatly reduced size), and Cream was kind enough to translate.
"He's very happy to finally be found… and Tails is happy too!" Cream said. Vanilla then walked over and gently lowered one of her gloved hands towards Amy's tail. She held a finger out and allowed Sonic to jump on. Vanilla did her best not to giggle, thinking it looked cute seeing the blue speck hopping on one of her fingers.
"Come on, let's gently get them to the kitchen table." Vanilla said as she tiptoed her way to said table, as did the other ladies.

Eventually, Amy Rose was now allowing Sonic to sit on her nose after she begged to take possession of the micro-sized hedgehog. Tails was still sitting within Cream's ear, with Cosmo sitting nearby not wanting to take her eyes off the tiny two-tailed fox.
"So now that we found them, all we have to do is find Tails' shrinking machine and he can use it to return himself and Sonic to normal, right?" Cosmo asked. Again, the other ladies except Cream could hear nothing but high-pitched squeaks from Tails, so Cream did the translating.
"She said unfortunately we all stepped on his machine when we came back inside the house, so he'll have to build a new one." Cream said.
"Oh dear! At the size he's at?" Vanilla asked.
"He says it's no big problem. Well, no pun intended. He means he can build the machine to scale thanks to saving the full blueprints on his workshop computer, although it will still take time to gather the parts he needs and put them all together." Cream said.
"Teehee… I guess you're stuck being this teeny tiny, Sonic. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you!" Amy said. Being close enough to her face, Amy was able to pick up what Sonic was saying.
"That's what I'm afraid of…" Sonic said.
"What was that!?" Amy said as she covered half her eyes in an angry expression. Even at the size he was at, Sonic knew Amy meant business.
"I… I mean… I have total confidence you'll protect me, Amy! Just please don't step on me." Sonic said, bringing Amy back to a loving mood.
"And I'd be honored and happy to take care of Tails-chan." Cosmo said as she rapidly blinked her eyes and showed a look that practically said 'I wanna kiss you.'
"Awwwww… shucks!" Tails said, actually prompting a laugh from everyone in the room after Cream relayed the message.

And so for the next couple weeks, Amy took special care of the micro Sonic (even letting him ride her tail again once in a while) while Cosmo took care of micro Tails while he (with help from Cream, Vanilla, and others) feverishly rebuilt his size-changing machine. Miraculously, Dr. Eggman or any other adversary stirred up trouble all the way until the machine was built and Sonic and Tails used it to grow back to their normal size.