Molecular Rift

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Link)

Chapter 1

Jake Becken rubbed his eyes, struggling to stay awake as he kept his eyes glued on the big screen TV inside his lab. It's been a long day for him, but here he was still in the lab late at night trying to finish his latest technological breakthrough. But he always made it priority one to watch the late night news before going home... just in case there was something that would benefit his research. And tonight brought out one such news story.

"Good evening, I'm Scarlet Garcia of SSTV reporting live from Station Square. Tonight, we can officially confirm that Sonic the Hedgehog has finally returned home to his native dimension. And so the last of those cute furry heroes who defended our world from the evil Dr. Eggman has returned home, only a day after virtually everyone else visiting from the Mobius world had done the same thing thanks to special technology designed by Chuck Thorndyke." Scarlet said. The picture then changed to the scene of the rest of the characters disappearing into a portal, with many of them saying goodbyes to the friends they had made during their stay on Earth. For some, it was a tearful and painful goodbye, such as for Topaz, who cried on the shoulders of Tanaka knowing she would never get to hear insults from Rouge again. Even Chuck couldn't hide back the tears as he hugged Tails.
But these images mattered little to Jake… who gasped as he stared point blank at the swirling light blue portal that the creatures were traveling through.
"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!! I KNEW IT!!" Jake shouted, running around his lab and sorta pumping his fist back and forth in excitement. He was missing the part of the news footage where Chris Thorndyke took Sonic and ran away with him, prompting Scarlet to speak again.
"As you can see, Sonic was captured by a young boy before he could leave, presumably because of the emotional attachment the two shared with each other. This naturally caused grave concern, as it was suggested that both our world and Sonic's world would cease to exist if he and his friends didn't return to their world promptly. But, as I said before, it has been verified by GUN sources that Sonic has indeed returned to his world without the assistance of a portal. Presumably this is due to the power of Chaos Control, a form of energy that…" Scarlet said, only to have the picture freeze. That was because Jake had paused the newscast… as if he were pressing pause on a DVD.
Jake very quickly rewound the news footage using the computer controls in front of the television, stopping when he got to the footage of the portal being open and the characters traveling through it. He then typed away at the keyboard and watched as, in green capital letters, the upper part of the screen filled with the words IMAGE ELEMENT ANALYZATION. In fact, it was the computer alone that led to becoming an employee of the company he worked for. He watched as green squares and circles filled the view screen, mainly on the blue energy that made up the portal.
"Maybe now I can finally learn the secrets behind this Chaos Control…" Jake said to himself. Eventually, the results were printed out on his nearby printer. He looked several times at the papers.

And so for the next week, Jake profoundly studied all the notes he took from the data he collected. He applied this knowledge towards creating his own transdimensional portal, one explicitly built to transport him to the world of Mobius. He wanted to be the first to do it. He was determined to reconnect the link that Earth and Mobius shared. Sonic and his friends were special… their presence, despite the daily threats of world domination from Dr. Eggman, can help shape the future of the world. Lofty goals, for sure… but Jake Becken was that kind of visionary.

After many sleepless nights with only the support of his secretary (a young Asian woman, fluent in English, named Yuka) because his friends had long abanadoned him as a man worthy of psycho evaluation, Jake stared long and hard at the machine that was sitting before his very eyes.
"Whew… it's been a long week, but 7 days and 168 hours later, I've done it. This machine will allow me to enter the world of Mobius before anyone else." Jake said. Of course, he wanted to test the machine out first. That's why he created a simple little orange box (in honor of one of his favorite computer games) with a camera inside. He would follow the video feed from the camera back in his lab and if the video held up crossing over to Mobius, then it would be all the confirmation he needed to make the leap himself. It would also make sure he landed in a safe spot when making the journey, as no matter how hard he tried, one thing he had trouble setting in stone was pinpointing the exact coordinates of the destination portal.

But little did he grasp the many lives that would change from this experiment.


Meanwhile, in Mobius, Amy Rose was knocking on the door of a house as she was catching her breath. Opening the door was Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla.
"Oh! Hello, Amy! I'm glad you could visit again." Cream said with a smile.
"Yeah… huff puff huff… me… me too… Cream." Amy said.
"Are you alright, Amy? You look like you've been running a marathon." Vanilla said.
"I think she's been chasing Sonic again, Mommy." Cream said.
"Gee… you think!?" Amy said with a mean look on her face. Cream and Vanilla backed up a bit thinking she was going to snap like she always does when Sonic eludes her.
"Sorry. You know how I get when Sonic plays hard to get!" Amy said.
"It's okay, Amy! I'm used to it by now." Cream said.
"Why don't you come in for some tea, Amy?" Vanilla said. The three ladies then walked inside the house, and already inside were three other characters. These creatures were the trio from the Chaotix Detective Agency. Vector, Espio, and Charmy.
"Hi, Amy! I'm glad you could join us!" Charmy said.
"Well, probably not for long. I gotta get hunting after Sonic again." Amy said.
"Oooo! Maybe we can help! Finding lost people is our specialty! Just ask Miss Vanilla over here!" Vector said.
"Teehee! Yes… you certainly are good at finding things." Vanilla said.
"I don't mean to be rude, but we really should get back to work, you know." Espio said.
"Awww… don't be rude, Espio! We should favor this hospitalic opportunity given to us by our friends!" Vector said.

Just when Amy Rose was about to sit down and join everyone at the table, she suddenly had to stop moving, especially when she looked down and saw her body fading out and being covered in blue electricity.
"Huh? What's this?" Amy said.
"Amy? What's happening?" Cream said.
"I don't know… I feel like I'm disappearing all of a sudden! Someone hel…" Amy said before she suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye.
"Oh my goodness!" Vanilla said, stunned to see what just happened.
"She just vanished into thin air!" Charmy said. Vector's mouth hung wide open for a few more seconds (forcing Espio to hold his nose from the crocodile breath).
"HEY! You know what this means, Team Chaotix!" Vector shouted.
"Don't tell me, we have to find the missing Amy…" Espio said.
"You betcha! It's the case of the missing pink rose!" Vector shouted.
"And how much are we going to get paid, exactly?" Espio said.
"No payment is necessary when I'm doing this as a favor to the lovely Vanilla." Vector said as he smiled over at the rabbit. It was no secret that Vector had feelings for Vanilla, who just smiled and took things in stride.
"Oh, Vector! I know you will do your best. Find out what happened to Amy!" Vanilla said.
"Right! Let's go!" Vector said as he and the rest of Team Chaotix charged out of Vanilla's home, leaving both rabbits to themselves.


When Jake activated the machinery, it was so far so good. The blue portal was generated with no problem, looking exactly like the one he saw in last week's news footage. But it was when he threw the orange box into the portal that things changed.
"Well, here goes." Jake said to himself. He threw the box like a baseball at the portal… and then BAM! Suddenly the room lit up brightly and sparks showered out from the portal. The resulting shockwave pushed Jake back against one of the computer tables but he wasn't seriously hurt.

When the sparks died down and it was finally safe to open his eyes, Jake looked to where the portal was. No longer was there a blue swirling portal, but instead a familiar pink hedgehog wearing that familiar red dress.
"…me?" Amy said, finishing her sentence from back on Mobius. Jake obviously looked stunned, even after a quick glance at another monitor to find out the status of the orange box. There was no video signal… he quickly thought it's likely the box got destroyed amongst the fireworks inside the lab.
But more important than that was the creature standing before him. He easily towered over Amy Rose being 5'3" and Amy being only just under three feet tall.
"Um… hello there." Jake said. Amy Rose suddenly drew out her hammer and pointed it at Jake, who stumbled backwards in fear.
"Who are you? And where am I!?" Amy said.
"Um… you're… you're on Earth! And my name is Jake!" Jake shouted.
"Huh? Earth? I'm back on Earth? How can that be?" Amy asked.
"Well… it's kinda my fault." Jake said.
"Well can't you send me back!? I need to catch up with Sonic!" Amy said.
"Wait, Sonic? So you are from Mobius?" Jake asked.
"Duh! Of course I'm from Mobius!!" Amy said.
"Oh my…" Jake said. Things didn't go as planned, obviously. He was hoping to stumble into Mobius, rather than having someone from Mobius come to him. Nevertheless, someone from Mobius was standing before him.
"Don't just stand there! I demand to know how you're going to return me back home!!!" Amy shouted. Jake didn't feel comfortable getting constantly yelled at, and so he walked up towards the pink hedgehog, not knowing yet of another problem he was facing.
"Listen here, short stuff! I'm still processing what has happened myself! So I would appreciate it if you don't berate me and let me think over what's going on!" Jake said.
"Hmmph… short stuff? You're pretty short for an Earthling… especially one your age!" Amy said.
"What!?" Jake said. And that's when he saw Amy looked a lot taller than when she first arrived. In fact, Jake was only a couple inches above Amy in the height chart at this very moment.

It was with a quick measure from some nearby measuring tape that it dawned on Jake Becken that whatever brought Amy here was also causing him to shrink slowly in size.

Chapter 2

Amy felt like she was in control now that Jake had been mysteriously reduced to the same height as she was. But at the same time, she was still upset that she had been pulled from her own world and demanded to be returned sooner than later.
"So, shortie? What are you going to do to send me back to Mobius so I can resume my chase after Sonic?" Amy said.
"First of all, don't call me shortie! The same accident that brought you to my world is causing me to shrink for some reason." Jake said.
"And that's supposed to be my fault!?" Amy said.
"Look, just shut up and let me think, alright!?" Jake shouted.

But before he could think for another second, one of the doors suddenly swung wide open. Jake looked and saw his female Asian assistant, Yuka, running inside the lab.
"Mr. Becken! What… happened?" Yuka said, obviously stunned over what she was looking at. Jake was reduced in size and he was standing next to a short pink hedgehog who looked like she was ready to bash things. In fact!
"Arrrrgh! I can see I'm not going to get any answers here!" Amy said as she swung her hammer towards one of the computer consoles, breaking it into pieces and sending sparks all over the place. Jake cringed as he watched the carnage play out, and he suddenly found himself having to dodge another swing of the hammer. He was not hurt, luckily.
"You know what? I'm out of here!" Amy shouted as she started running past Yuka and out of the lab. The miniature Jake ran up towards his now very tall assistant, only able to rise past her knees with his current height.
"Mr. Becken?" Yuka asked.
"It's a long story, Yuka, but we can't let that girl escape!" Jake said.
"Understood, Mr. Becken! I’ll catch that girl for you.” Yuka said.
“Wait... I’ll come with you!” Jake shouted. The two then ran out of the lab and the whole building in pursuit of the pink hedgehog.

Amy ran for a few minutes until she slowed her pace down to a walk, out of breath from having to look down and see a long path towards Station Square.
“Wow... I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere!” Amy said as she looked around her surroundings. It was looking around the long path that made her realize something.
“Ugh... I’m never gonna get back and see Sonic at this rate.” Amy said. She turned around after hearing the sound of footsteps digging into the dirt. There she saw Yuka and right next to her feet was an even smaller Jake, reduced now to just a foot and a half. Amy couldn’t help but laugh no matter how hard she tried to hold it in.
“Hahaha!! Look at the little shrimp!” Amy said.
“Ugh... listen to me, Mrs. Rose! I may have shrunken, but I’m fully capable of sending you back to your home world if you’ll just give me a chance!” Jake said.
“Huh? Wait! How is it you know my name?” Amy asked.
“Because I watched you and your friends return to your home world on TV. I saw that little kid take Sonic away and potentially put our world at risk!” Jake said. Amy didn’t say anything, the mere thought of the name Sonic enough to send her mind elsewhere for the moment. She paid attention again when Yuka pleaded with her next.
“Please! Mr. Becken is one of the brightest minds I know of. If he says he can return you to your world, I believe in him!” Yuka said.
“Oh... alright. Only because I don’t have anywhere else to go.” Amy said.
“Thank you. Please, follow us back to my lab.” Mr. Becken said. The trio then walked back towards the lab, with the miniature Mr. Becken staying close to his normal-sized assistant Yuka, something that Amy found rather cute.

Amy just sat back in a chair at the lab, watching as Jake struggled to put all the pieces of his machine together. Being only 18 inches tall (a foot and a half) meant he was forced to let Yuka do much of the moving, lifting, connecting, etc. And with little knowledge of how his portal generator actually worked (she was more of a secretary than a true lab assistant), Yuka moved awkwardly around the lab as she tried to follow Jake's instructions.
"No no, Yuka! That part connects to part MK-2103!" Jake shouted.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Becken. I'm just not used to this kind of machinery." Yuka said.
"(sigh) I know... it's not your fault. This is a new experience for me as well. Still, we’ve got to get Amy back to her regular world as soon as possible. Who knows what kind of damage we may be causing to the space-time continuum right now?” Jake said.
Amy watched as tiny Jake continued to bark orders to Yuka. The more time that passed, the more Amy started to feel sorry for Jake. It was then she realized that the longer she sat around and did nothing, the more time it could possibly take for him and Yuka to get her transportation back to Mobius up and running again. She felt compelled to help, getting up and taking the circuit board from Yuka.

"Here, I actually think it goes here." Amy said as she took the part from Yuka’s hands. Yuka naturally had a worried look on her face, but when Jake looked over and saw the part being connected to exactly the right spot, he nodded.
“It’s okay, she’s got it spot on.” Jake said. The two then watched as Amy hooked up a few more parts without much difficulty.
“That’s incredible...” Jake said. Amy picked up on that and made a comment.
“Actually, I watched Tails build a prototype like this a little while back.” Amy said. Yuka stepped back and let Amy do her thing, but as she looked down on Jake, she noticed him shrinking even smaller. He stopped when he was exactly a foot tall now, six inches smaller than before.
“Oh my, Mr. Becken... you’re shrinking again!” Yuka said.
“I know. I guess I should find a cure for this thing before I shrink to the size of a molecule.” Jake said. Amy then stepped back and looked down at Jake again.
“Okay, I’ve done all I can remember Tails doing. I don’t know how much it will help but...” Amy said.
“No no, you did fabulous, Amy. Thank you. The rest of it should not be a problem for Yuka.” Jake said, who proceeded to give a few more instructions to his assistant.
“Right away, Mr. Becken!” Yuka said as she walked over and did what she was told. Jake then looked up at Amy from the table and prepared for any other jokes she had about his size, but instead he got a different kind of response.
“Look, I... I’m sorry about the way I acted. It’s just I get so fired up when I’m pulled from a chase with Sonic and it was so sudden of a pull...” Amy said.
“It’s okay, Amy. I forgive you. I would act the same way if I had gotten suddenly blasted to your dimension.” Jake said.
“Soooo... I guess we’ll soon be saying goodbye, but what about you? Y’know, your size...” Amy said.
“You need not be concerned for me. I’m a brilliant mind, I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to return to normal.” Jake said.
“Pfffft... no offense but you can’t even lift a cereal box as big as you are. Listen, why not come back to Mobius with me? Maybe Tails can figure out a way to return you to your normal size.” Amy said.
“You’d do that for me?” Jake said.
“Well, sure! I’m not afraid to help people in need! I got that from my old friend, Francine.” Amy said.

Yuka then suddenly returned to look down on the table where Jake was standing.
“Okay, Mr. Becken, I have connected the final parts as you requested.” Yuka said.
“Excellent, Yuka. Let’s fire up the machine so Amy and I can travel through the dimensional portal.” Jake said.
“Wait... Amy and you?” Yuka said.
“Yes, Yuka. Amy says she has a friend who can possibly return me to normal size, so I’m going with her.” Jake said. Yuka didn’t question the man’s actions any further, something she learned to do from the very early days she worked with the man.
“As you wish, Mr. Becken. Shall I pull the switch?” Yuka asked. Jake simply nodded, and then Yuka ran to the other side of the table and pulled the same switch that Jake pulled earlier. Amazingly enough, the portal managed to open up again. But Jake knew this was only the first step, as Yuka was quick to point out.
“How are we to know you won’t be fried to a crisp when you attempt to pass through the portal?” Yuka asked.
“I’m confident Amy will be able to pass through with no trouble, based on the rampant calculations going through my head right now.” Jake said.
“Well, care to hop on for the ride?” Amy said as she lowered her elbow towards the table where Jake was standing. Jake hopped on the elbow and was gently nudged up Amy’s shoulder by the ‘giant’ pink hedgehog. Jake then quickly looked back at Yuka.
“Yuka... if I’m not back in a couple days...” Jake said.
“I know, Mr. Becken. I will do as you instructed.” Yuka said.
And with all that said, Amy charged forward (with Jake holding on tight) and jumped through the portal. She made it through without any problems to herself, to Jake, and most importantly, to the lab equipment itself. Yuka ran over and pulled the lever to shut the portal down. She sighed deeply, hoping that Jake would come back safe and sound.


Inside the house of Cream and Vanilla, they both worried deeply for their friend, Amy Rose, hoping Team Chaotix would find out what happened to her sooner than later.
“Mommy, I’m really worried about Amy suddenly disappearing.” Cream said.
“Oh, don’t you worry, Cream. Team Chaotix will find her, I just know it!” Vanilla said. And then, just as quickly as Amy disappeared, a wave of blue electricity suddenly swirled at the front door. It suddenly transformed into Amy herself.
“AMY!!” Both Cream and Vanilla shouted as they ran towards her.
“Hey guys! I’m back from my dimensional trip.” Amy said with a smile.
“Oh Amy! We were so worried about you! Wait... what’s that on your shoulder?” Cream said as she looked at the tiny Jake Becken sitting on Amy’s right shoulder.
“Oh, he’s someone I met on Earth. It’s a looooooong story.” Amy said.
“Well, before you tell it, I better call Team Chaotix and tell them that you’ve returned.” Vanilla said.
“You might want to contact Tails too, Vanilla. Little Jake here is going to need our help!” Amy said as Vanilla ran to another room while Amy and Cream sat down at the table they were going to have lunch at earlier.

Meanwhile, as the two sat down, nobody had yet noticed that Jake had shrunken another three inches...

Chapter 3

Jake was almost mesmerized by what he was witnessing with his own two eyes. He was in another dimension. A place so far from Earth he probably wasn’t even in the same galaxy anymore. But it didn’t matter to him. He had done it. He had crossed the dimensional gateway that his friends called a joke and nothing more than science fiction. He had done what he set out to accomplish, and that was to travel to the same world that Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends had come from.
Of course, that victory was short-lived, especially as he snapped back to reality and realized he was even smaller than before. He guessed he was down to under twelve inches tall now, and each subsequent shrink would only make the world around him look even bigger, especially Amy Rose and the rabbit girl he got his first glimpse of.
"So Amy, can you tell me what that is on your shoulder? It looks like a little man!” Cream commented.
“His name is Jake. He’s the one who transported me back to Earth.” Amy said.
“Oh? You were back on Earth? The same planet that Chaos Control transported us all to when Sonic was rescuing me?” Cream said.
“Yep, that’s it. Jake was experimenting with dimensional travel, and he wound up zapping me to his world as soon as he tried to step through the portal.” Amy said.
“Well, that’s kinda what happened. But nevertheless, the resulting accident not only brought Mrs. Rose to my world, but also shrunk me to the size you see me at.” Jake said. He then kept still as Amy lifted him up from her shoulder and set him down on the table. Jake found himself basically surrounded by three giant creatures… Amy, Cream, and her pet Chao, Cheese.
“Geez, you don’t have to be so darn formal with me! Just call me Amy, if you don’t mind.” Amy said.
“I don’t know… Mrs. Rose sounds kinda cute to me! Hehehehe!” Cream said as she and Cheese both laughed. Amy couldn’t but laugh a bit as well, as it was easy to upset Cream if she was yelled at.

Soon after, Vanilla walked towards the table and looked straight at Amy.
“Amy, Tails wants to talk to you over the phone. I think he has questions about your little friend.” Vanilla said.
“Okay…” Amy said as she got up and headed towards the phone laying on a nearby counter. As Amy proceeded to chat with Tails, Vanilla took Amy’s place at the table. As she did so, Cream decided to make a comment about Jake.
“Jake, you look very cute.” Cream said.
“Gee… thanks, I guess.” Jake said.
“In fact, you’d make a perfect toy person. Can I please play with him, Mom?” Cream asked.
“Well, sure, Cream… but you must be very very VERY careful. He could easily be injured at the size he’s at right now.” Vanilla said.
“Okay, Mom! I’ll be extra careful.” Cream said with a smile. As she gently wrapped her gloved hand around Jake, the tiny visitor naturally was nervous about being played with by a young rabbit girl and was sweating.
“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” Jake said. Vanilla heard that and said something to try and put the shrunken man at ease.
“Don’t you worry. I can assure you my daughter will make sure she doesn’t hurt you.” Vanilla said, with a smile similar to Cream’s. Seeing how similar the two smiles were, Jake felt a little bit better. He couldn’t breathe a total sigh of relief yet when he was put inside a toy red convertible car (which looked way too much like a Ferrari from Earth) by the young rabbit girl.

“Yay! It’s time for our new friend to visit the city.” Cream said. She gently pushed the toy car around, almost in circles while Jake just sat back and tried to enjoy the ride. Eventually he was ‘driven’ to a model city. He could tell judging by the many Lego type block buildings.
“Did you craft this city yourself?” Jake asked.
“Um… I don’t know what that word means, but I did build it with my own two hands! Well, with a little help from Cheese.” Cream said with Cheese shouting its name in happy approval.
“Well, I must say it looks very, very nice!” Cream said.
“Oh thank you! Thank you so much. You’re actually the second person to compliment me that much on my toy city, aside from Mom!” Cream said.
“I have no doubt she was very proud of you.” Jake said.
“Well, we’re here! Let’s explore the city and meet new friends.” Cream said. Once the rabbit girl had stopped moving the toy car, Jake hopped out and was now standing amongst the toy buildings. Even as he shrunk another two inches (bringing him down to seven inches tall), many of the buildings were almost the same size as him. So while it was not an accurate portrayal of whatever Cream was imagining, he wasn’t going to be the one to burst her bubble, so he played along.
“Wow… what a big city. I hope everyone here is nice and friendly.” Jake said.
“Says Mr. Jake as he wondered around looking for people to talk with.” Cream said.

The act went on for a few minutes, even as Amy had returned from the phone to watch Cream play everything out. She could tell Cream seemed to be enjoying the presence of tiny Jake and hoped Tails could find some way to not only stop the shrinking of him, but also find some way for him to easily travel between Earth and Mobius.
“So what did Tails say?” Vanilla asked.
“Well, of course he found it fascinating and that he would be over shortly to analyze Jake.” Amy said.
“Cream seems to really like Jake. Look how much fun she is having.” Vanilla said.
“Yeah… I may have some competition for him.” Amy said. She got a concerned look from Vanilla, but it was wiped off when Amy quickly clarified what she meant.
“Oh, but I don’t mind sharing with Cream. She’s like a little sister to me.” Amy said.

As the two ladies continued to watch over Cream, the young rabbit girl decided on a new plot twist for little Jake’s adventure in Cream’s Legoland.
“But as Jake continued to find new friends to make, suddenly the wind really picked up. It was very strong… almost like a hurricane!" Cream said. Jake understandably was quite nervous about what he predicted would happen.
"Um… prehaps we can discuss this matter in a more civilized…" Jake said, but before he could finish his thought, he watched as Cream leaned her head forward and blew. The air coming out of her mouth was certainly too much for Jake to take as he began to lose footing.
On top of all that, he shrunk once more, and the reduced weight coming with his new smaller size of a measly two inches tall caused him to go flying in the air.
"YIKES!!!" Jake shouted as he went flying through the air. He actually flew out of Cream's toy city, and Cream was so taken aback by how high Jake was in the air… she had to stop blowing and yet lost track of where Jake went!
"Oh no! Mr. Jake! Where did you go!?" Cream shouted as she frantically looked around her city.
"Cream! You blew too hard!" Amy shouted.
"I didn't mean to! I'm so sorry!" Cream said.
"We can worry about that later. Let's find Jake… and be careful so we don't accidentally step on him!" Vanilla said. That being said, she and Amy and Cream all got down on their hands and knees and crawled very slowly on the floor trying to find the tiny Jake, all of them unaware that he had shrunken even further.

Not too long after, there was a knock on the front door of the house.
"It's open!" Vanilla shouted. The door then opened and coming inside the house was Tails, and behind him was a wagon full of machinery, no doubt all designed by him.
"Hey guys! I got here as fast as I could, and…" Tails said.
"DON'T MOVE!!!" all three ladies shouted. Tails stopped walking in his tracks, leaving one foot in the air in fact.
"Ooooookay… I'm frozen. Solid as a rock." Tails said.
"We're trying to find little Jake before we accidentally step on him." Amy said.
"I see him!" Cream suddenly shouted. She had gently lifted up one of the toy buildings, and hiding behind it was a now 2-inch-tall Jake.
"And he's even smaller too…" Cream said. The young rabbit girl very gently plucked Jake up off the ground and held him in the middle of her right hand. The other characters walked up towards Cream and noticed the smaller Jake too.
"Oh my, you're right! He's shrinking fast!" Amy said.
"I thought you said he was only seven to nine inches tall." Tails said.
"He was when I called!" Amy said.
"Hmmm… this is serious. I better get started with the body scanning right away." Tails said.

Before Jake knew it, he was standing on the edge of a table, underneath probably the biggest microscope he’ll ever see. He stood under the lens for probably half an hour, barely moving around as the giant Tails moved back and forth between machines. Nobody questioned the methods of this mechanical genius, especially after Amy was able to fill him in on the whole situation via the phone. Eventually, he let out a deep sigh and didn’t exactly have a thrilled look on his face as he looked back at Amy, Cream, and Vanilla.
“I have bad news, everyone. I don’t think I can save our little friend with the equipment I have. He’s shrinking so rapidly because of his body defending itself against the particles that are spread all over his body from when he first tried to transport himself here.” Tails said.
“Huh? Are you sure? So he’s just going to keep shrinking until… gulp…” Cream said, not wanting to speak out the horrible fate she was already thinking of. Jake knew what she was thinking of, but amazingly did not react at all. He had a good reason why, but kept his mouth shut for now.
“C’mon, Tails! Can’t you build something to cure Jake? Maybe some kind of enlarging ray?” Amy shouted. Tails quickly shook his head.
“Unfortunately, it’ll be too late by the time I build something like that. I don’t even have anything to slow the rate of shrinking.” Tails said.
“Look! He’s shrinking again!” Vanilla said. Indeed, everyone looked to see Jake reducing himself further in size. He was coming up on just a mere one inch tall… and that was a sign that his time had come. He looked all the way up at the giantesses, Amy in particular.

“It’s okay, everyone.” Jake said.
“WHAT!? NO! This is not the end! We’ll fix you up and then find a way to return you home!” Amy shouted.
“Amy… I can’t thank you enough. You helped me realize my dream the moment you came teleporting through my portal. I literally owe my life to you.” Jake said. He looked down at the wood on the table continuing to come closer. Now nearing half an inch, he had to step up a bit to avoid falling into an ordinarily tiny crevice on the surface of the table.
“We’re about to lose sight of him…” Tails said. Amy leaned forward, trying not to let the shrinking man disappear from her sight.
"Don't you give up! You still have your whole life ahead of you!" Amy said. Jake, however, stayed cool and shook his head.
"I've given all that I can possibly give in my life. I've accomplished what I set out to do. I'm willing to accept my fate. I won't let anyone else share in the knowledge that I've gained." Jake said. He couldn't help but feel squeamish as he watched the tears come down Amy's face, but he had to talk fast (and loud) as he continued to shrink. At a tenth of an inch tall and continuing to shrink rapidly, Jake knew he was out of time.
"Goodbye, Amy. Tell Sonic I said hello for him…" Jake said, waving as he watched the world around him become impossibly big even as he finally stopped navigating around the crevices and allowed one of them to swallow him. For Amy and the others, he was gone… too small to see with the naked eye.
"Jake!! You can't gooooooooooo!!!" Amy shouted as she finally collapsed onto her knees and cried her heart out. Tails simply patted Amy on the back.
"I'm so sorry, Amy." Tails said. Cream approached her best friend and gave her a hug, allowing her to cry over her shoulder.
"Me too, Amy. I can't believe this has happened." Cream said. Vanilla joined in on the hugging as well, mostly to console her own daughter as well, but Cream was able to take it well.

And eventually, so did Amy. She leaned her head back and stood back up, looking at where Jake once stood on the table.
"I… I'll be okay. (sniff) I guess I was upset that he gave up." Amy said.
"I don't think he gave up, Amy. He knew his time was coming… maybe even before I gave the official diagnosis." Tails said.
"Actually, I did hear him say a couple more things before he shrunk to nothing." Vanilla said.
"Oh? What's that, Mom?" Cream asked.
"He said goodbye to Amy and to say hello to Sonic for him. And that he was willing to accept his fate and take the knowledge he gained with him… probably to keep it from falling into the wrong hands." Vanilla said.
"Very good point. Still… that's a heck of a way to go… to shrink all the way to nothingness." Tails said. Amy sniffed a couple more times and wiped her eyes.
"Well… if that's the way he wanted to live his life, then I guess I better salute him, right?" Amy said.
"I agree. That was no easy feat what he did… trying to travel between dimensions like that! I didn't think it would ever be possible." Tails said.
"Hey! I got an idea that will cheer everyone up! Why don't we go grocery shopping together?" Cream asked happily.
"Oh, that's a great idea, Cream! How about you, Tails?" Vanilla said.
"Sure… just as soon as I take all this equipment back to my workshop." Tails said.
"I'll come too." Amy said.
"Huh? Are you sure, Amy?" Tails asked.
"Yeah… going shopping with Cream is sure to cheer me up. And since he did mention Sonic, I REALLY should get back to chasing him down!" Amy said.
"Great! Come on, Cream. We'll help Tails take his machinery back." Vanilla said.
"Okay, Mom!" Cream shouted. The four characters soon walked away from the table and eventually out of the house. Everyone except for Amy, that is. She took one last look at the table where Jake once stood.
"Goodbye, Jake." Amy said before turning around and following her friends out of the house.

As Jake watched the world around him slowly transform into many, many circles, he quickly presumed he was officially in the microverse, where the only things he could see were atoms and molecules. At the same time, he started coughing and gasping for air. He used the last bit of consciousness to figure out what was happening to him.
"I'm so small now… oxygen molecules are too big for me now. I'm going to die of suffocation… not that anyone will notice." Jake said to himself. As he let out another big gasp, he could hear Amy's voice echoing overhead.
"Goodbye, Jake." she said. Jake smiled and started to regret not spending any more time in his life getting to know the pink hedgehog. But alas, the time to regret had passed. Jake blacked out and was now fully unconscious. He continued to shrink further into the microverse despite passing on.


Yuka walked into the quiet laboratory. Four days had passed since she saw her boss, Jake Becken, enter the portal to another dimension. She remembered him saying if he wasn't back in at least 48 hours, take the steps necessary to ensure none of the lab's secrets came out in the open. Yuka sighed.
"Well, Mr. Becken, I hope you're happy in this other dimension." Yuka said to herself. Of course, she had absolutely no way of knowing what really happened to Jake, but it was her duty to follow his instructions in the event he didn't return.

Yuka went through a double set of doors in the back of the lab. She used her own set of keys to open a drawer on the bottom of the computer desk. Inside this drawer was a small box and inside this box, as she opened it, were two slips of paper and a tiny box with a single red button. The first thing Yuka decided to inspect were the slips of paper.
"Oh? This is…!" Yuka said. She gasped seeing what the slips really were. Two plane tickets with Kyoto, Japan, listed as the destination on both tickets. One ticket had Jake Becken on it. The other belonged to Yuka Koshiro. Yuka immediately knew what these plane tickets meant.
"I can finally go home after all these years…" Yuka said, smiling knowing that Jake cared so much for her and her passion to one day return to her home country of Japan (a country she had to flee because of the 2011 earthquakes).

She next turned her attention to the red button. After pushing it, an alarm suddenly went buzzing off in the entire lab, along with a female computerized voice that said:


Yuka dropped the red button and put the two plane tickets in her pocket. Then she left the room, and eventually the entire lab (with of course plenty of time to spare).

Yuka, now wearing a black coat, calmly walked down the lonely path that would lead her back to Station Square. She stopped when she heard a massive explosion. She turned around… and the entire lab she once worked at was now a huge pile of rubble and flames. She gently rubbed her right eye and smiled.
"Thank you, Mr. Becken… for everything." Yuka said. She then turned around and kept on walking down the path.

Once the media (including SSTV) got around to covering the massive laboratory explosion, Yuka was gone and the entire city was left to wonder if Jake Becken managed to survive.
By the time Yuka had gotten to the airport and secured her flight back to Japan, she looked up at a nearby television and saw a reporter talking (the sound wasn't loud enough over the airport crowd, however) with a picture of Jake Becken and the headline "JAKE BECKEN PRESUMED DEAD."

Yuka had no reaction, because she had already reacted before the rest of the world did.
Much like how Jake Becken made dimensional travel possible before the rest of the world did.