Peeping Sonic

(Cubed Cinder and DJYellow22)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

Sonic the Hedgehog stood on the outskirts of the mechanical monstrosity that was Metallic Madness. After hearing rumors that Dr. Robotnik was gonna be using this place as his new base of operations, the Freedom Fighters made it priority one to destroy the place and keep that dream from coming true. But first things first was a first hand look at the construction of the place. Sonic then looked down at his watch, which doubled as a communicator back to Knothole.
"Yo, Sal! I've made it to Metallic Madness." Sonic said. The voice on the other end was Princess Sally, and Sonic tapped his foot impatiently as he waited to hear her voice.
"Alright, Sonic. Be very careful, please. You're only there on recon, not to blow it up." Sally said.
"Hey, don't sweat it, Sal! When have I ever gone overkill on these missions?" Sonic said.
"Our last three trips to Robotropolis..." Sally said.
"Anyway, I've gotta juice! Sonic out!" Sonic said as he turned off the radio on his watch. Sally, back in her hut at Knothole Village, just sighed.
"Some days you just can't win against him." Sally said.
After speeding (and at the same time sneaking) around the premises, Sonic let out a yawn.
"(yawn) Recon duty is so boring. Why not make things more exciting?" Sonic said. That's when he ran towards a bright red light and stuck a foot in front of it. As soon as he did that, the alarms went buzzing off all around the complex.
"Oops... my bad." Sonic said with that cocky smirk of his. He watched as the Swatbots, many of them in various combat vehicles, came charging towards him.
"Now that's more like it. Come and get me, bolt brains!" Sonic said as he went speeding off in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik and Snively were doing business as usual inside their headquarters. Of course, this was until the alarms went off inside the complex.
"Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Sector MCD1993." the robotic computer voice said.
"Snively, activate surveillance cameras on that sector!" Robotnik said.
"Yes, your eggcellency." Snively said. He pressed a few buttons on the control panel, and a few of the monitors in the room showed the many different angles of Metallic Madness. Robotnik picked up Sonic running around these monitors as the cameras tried to keep up with the speedy hedgehog.
"The hedgehog! Trying to spoil my welcoming party, is he? Have all bots pursue the hedgehog, including the construction bots!" Robotnik said.
"Right away, sir!" Snively said.

Sonic was having the time of his life, in the meanwhile, as he was running at high speed around the Metallic Madness complex. Naturally, the Swatbots had trouble keeping up with the hedgehog, and he ran by the other bots so fast, they didn't have time to aim their weapons at him.
"Ha! I'm not even breaking a sweat here!" Sonic shouted as he ran circles around a group of Swatbots ahead and broke them to pieces.

Robotnik clenched his teeth seeing his Swatbots getting destroyed left and right, but more annoying was the fact that Snively wasn't switching camera shots fast enough to follow Sonic.
"Keep up with him, Snively!!!" Robotnik shouted, pounding his fists on the arms of his chair.
"I...I...I'm trying, sir!" Snively said as he frantically pushed buttons all over the control panel and the monitors rapidly switched views.

Sonic kept up the speed game for the next minute or so, clearly enjoying himself with making garbage out of the bots. What he didn't see was the red laser that he was running right towards.
"Come on, you Swatbots, you were much tougher in Robotropolis!" Sonic said. When he finally looked ahead, that's when he saw the red laser right in his sights.
"Uh oh..." Sonic said. He tried slamming on the brakes, but ended up sliding right into the laser. By the time he came to a stop, the world looked completely different.

Meanwhile, by the time Snively had activated the camera that showed the shrinking laser from a far away view, Sonic was nowhere to be seen. The sweat was running down Snively's head like crazy as he tried every possible camera view, and Sonic was out of the picture. He and Robotnik had no clue that Sonic had been shrunken to only a half-inch tall. Heck, Robotnik even forgot the laser had the capability to shrink anything that it hit. Clearly he had not studied all of the parts that he threw into the construction of this mega fortress. But at the moment, he was only concerned with one thing.
"Snively. Where... is... the hedgehog!?" Robotnik said.
"I do not know, sir... I'm still searching!" Snively said.

Back at Metallic Madness, Sonic was still rubbing his eyes after getting an intense flash of light from running into that red laser. He looked around to see he was somewhere different. At least, that's what it appeared to be.
"Hmmm? What happened? Did that laser blast me into another dimension?" Sonic said. As he was walking around, he suddenly had to stop when a group of Swatbots nearly crushed him as they walked by.
"Whoa! Okay... either I'm in a world with the biggest Swatbots ever created, or I've been shrunken to the size of a fly on a chili dog." Sonic said. When he then saw a huge cockroach, one that could normally be stepped on, walk right by him without a care for the hedgehog, that's when Sonic put it all together.
"Yep, definitely been shrunken. Way uncool." Sonic said, realizing the plight he was now in, especially seeing how small he had shrunken to. His next thought was to contact Sally and alert her of what happened.
"Sal! Come in! We've got a major problemo here." Sonic said. But no response.
"Sally! Do you read?" Sonic said. Still nothing. He tapped the watch in frustration.
"Man... the signal must be too weak now. I'll have to get back to Knothole and show myself to everyone." Sonic said.

As for the group of Swatbots that nearly crushed Sonic earlier? They had been searching around for him, naturally at normal size, but there was no sign of him.
"Dr. Robotnik, there is no sign of the hedgehog anywhere on the premises." the Swatbot said.
"Stay on high alert. The hedgehog has to be there!" Dr. Robotnik said.
"Affirmative." the Swatbot said as it and the other bots resumed their walk.

Sonic heard the Swatbot's side of the conversation that it was having with Robotnik, and realized he had a golden opportunity to escape.
"Looks like those Swatbots aren't programmed for micro hedgehog hunting. Now's my chance to escape." Sonic said. He reached into his backpack and pulled out the Power Ring.
"Alright, Power Ring, time to juice and cut it loose!" Sonic said. He held the ring high in the air to activate its power, and once it was glowing bright, Sonic took off running. In the blink of an eye, he was not only gone from the area, but off the Metallic Madness grounds.


Despite his small size, it only took a few extra minutes for Sonic to make it into Knothole Village.
"Thank goodness for this ring giving me the super Sonic speed I need to get back here." Sonic said before he tossed the now powerless Power Ring away (as evidenced by the lack of golden color). He looked around the exponentially bigger Knothole Village and marveled over how much bigger everything was, including the blades of grass that populated the grounds of this sacred place.
"Now I just gotta find Sal. She has a cure for everything..." Sonic said. Just then, the thin beam of sunlight that had been shining on Sonic was replaced by a large shadow, along with booming sounds every second or so. When Sonic turned around to see what the shadow belonged to, he suddenly was looking right up at a huge metallic foot!
"Whoa!!!" Sonic shouted as he sped to the side before being crushed by this foot. He looked to see he was nearly crushed by a gigantic Bunnie Rabbot.
"Man, talk about a close shave... but Bunnie sure does look huge. Maybe I can get her attention!" Sonic said as he started running after Bunnie. With his speed, he didn't have much trouble keeping up with her, especially after she stopped her walk to chat with Rotor.

Bunnie stopped walking towards Sally's hut when he was approached by Rotor.
"Hey, Bunnie. Can I ask you a favor?" Rotor asked.
"Anything for a fellow Freedom Fighter, sugah." Bunnie said.
"I seem to have misplaced the special soap I was working on. You think you can find it for me?" Rotor asked.
"Why sure thing... but may I ask what's so special about this soap?" Bunnie said.
"Oh, well... I can't say right now, even to you. The chemicals I mixed together could cause the soap to do anything depending on what it makes contact with." Rotor said.
"Alrighty, I'll keep an eye out for ya." Bunnie said.
"Thanks, Bunnie." Rotor said as he walked away.

While this chat was going on, Sonic used his speed to run right up Bunnie's body, first the roboticized part and then the physical part, which consisted mostly of her purple shirt. Sonic, after a brief struggle with Bunnie's fur, made his way to the top of her right shoulder. He started to call out for her.
"Bunnie! Yo, Bunnie! Down here!!" Sonic shouted. Bunnie looked around, but not on her shoulder.
"Hmmm... I do declare I must be hearing mosquitoes today. They sure are loud on this here day..." Bunnie said. She then kept on walking towards Sally's hut.
"No good... I'm just too small, but maybe I'll have better luck with Sally." Sonic said.

Once Bunnie was inside, she looked as Sally was at one of her tables, looking at a holographic projection of Metallic Madness.
"Hey, Sally girl, everything okay?" Bunnie asked as she walked to the other side of the table.
"(sigh) I wish... I can't seem to reach Sonic anymore." Sally said.
"Well, ya did say he would go dark as soon as he got there, right?" Bunnie said.
"But not this dark... I can't even get a signal to ping back to Knothole. Oh, Bunnie... what if they captured him? What if he goofed off like he usually does and that caught him?" Sally asked.
"Now, Sally, I doubt Sonic would be that careless." Bunnie said.
"But he is... arrrrgh! Stupid Sonic! If, no... when he gets back, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!" Sally said, slamming her hands on the table in frustration.

Again, while this conversation was happening, Sonic took action. He leapt off Bunnie's shoulder and floated down (his half-inch height made him almost as light as a feather) to the table. He was walking towards Sally when she slammed her hands on the table, nearly crushing him with them.
"Man, Sally's seriously stressed out. I wonder if she's always like this when I'm all alone on a mission..." Sonic said. Despite the near danger he got himself into, Sonic ran to the edge of the table (looking right at Sally's stomach region) and tried calling out for her.
"Sal! Down here, Sally!!!" Sonic shouted.

But again, no response. It was as if Sonic was not in the room at all. In fact, Sally even stepped away from the table by a few steps to catch her breath from the brief spat of anger she went through.
"Oh, Sally. You should relax some. Sonic will be home before we even know it! You should take a warm shower to help calm ya'll self down." Bunnie said.
"You know what, Bunnie? You're absolutely right. I'll try one more time to contact Sonic, and then I'll take that shower you suggested." Sally said.
"That a sweet girl, but if you'll excuse little ol' me. Antoine, myself, and Tails are supposed to be looking for flowers by now." Bunnie said.
"Okay, good. I'll see you later, Bunnie." Sally said. Bunnie nodded and walked out of the hut. Sally, in the meantime, walked back to her headset that was resting on her bed. She put it on, hoping to get in touch with Sonic once more.

Sonic, meanwhile, used his speed to run down one of the table legs and onto the hard floor of Sally's hut. He rushed towards Sally's blue boots and tried calling out for Sally, even as she was trying to call up Sonic from Metallic Madness.
"Sally!!!" Sonic shouted. No response again.
"Sonic... come in, Sonic, please!" Sally said. No response... well, there was a response, but she couldn't possibly hear or see it at the moment. Because at only half an inch tall, Sonic had his work cut out for him.

Chapter 2, written by DJYellow22

"No Reply..." Sally sighed, feeling a mix between anger, and depression. "Maybe just one more time.." She sighed.

"Hey! Sally! SALLY! I'm down here!" Sonic shouted, jumping up and down frantically, sadly, at his near microscopic size, Sally couldn't hear, or even notice him.

"Sonic?! Sonic, are you there?!" She cried into her headset once more. "No Response...." Sally sighed, she took off her headset and placed it back onto her bed. She sat there for a few moments, looking up at the ceiling of her Hut. "Sal! I'm down here!" Sonic shouted, once again.

"Well, I guess I should be taking that shower that Bunnie told me too.." Sally stood up from her bed and stretched out her neck and arms.

Sonic gazed up at Sally as she stretched her whole body, nearly forgetting that he had to get her attention. "Woah.." He thought, Sally looked like some sort of Goddess to him...

Sally sighed again, before walking towards the bathroom in her Hut. "Huh!?" Sonic shook his head. "Uh.. Wait! Sally!" He shouted, chasing after the gigantic Sally, who was slowly walking her way to the bathroom..

Sally stepped into the bathroom with a loud sigh. "Yeah, this'll calm me down, I... I just know it." She sighed.

Sonic came running into the bathroom. "Yo! Sally! I'm down here girl!" He shouted, to yet again, no response.

Sally took off her blue vest and placed it by the sink. "A simple shower is all I need.." Sally took off her two big blue boots, revealing her two gigantic paws.

Sonic ran up to the gigantic paws, which seemed to be the size of a skyscraper to him. "Sally! Seriously, I'm down here!" He cried, finally starting to get sick and tired of all of this, he jumped onto Sally's paw, and held onto it. "I guess I'll have to get Sally's attention THIS WAY!" Sonic looked around his surroundings, it looked as if he was in a forest, a forest covered with large brown trees.

Sally started to walk towards the shower, not knowing Sonic is holding onto one of her paws. Sally opened the see through door to the shower/bathtub.. She begun to mix with the hot and cold shower valves until she got the perfect mix of Hot, and Cold. "Ahh... This seems okay." She said calmly as she slowly stepped into the shower, ready for a long relaxing shower...

This is when things became a living hell for Sonic, as soon as Sally stepped into the shower, a gigantic drop of water splashed onto Sonic's head. "Ow! What the.." He rubbed his head, despite the fact the water wasn't very hot for Sally, it still burned Sonic's tiny little body.

"The heck was that.." Sonic sighed, looking up, to find Sally bathing in the shower... And Gigantic water drops raining down at him! "Oh man!" He gasped, as water fell down onto Sally's paw, exploding into little hurricanes(In Sonic's perspective) as they hit Sally's body.

Sonic ran as fast as he can across Sally's Paw, swiftly avoiding being hit by the boulder sized water drops.. "Darn it! These Rain drops of whatever the heck they are are two quick!" He said, jumping quickly out of the way of two water drops that nearly landed on him.

Sonic looked up at Sally with a sigh. "Hmm.. Maybe if I climb up Sal, up to her ear.. Then just maybe she'll notice me! Yeah!" Sonic exclaimed to himself. "Gotta juice!" The Blue Hedgehog speeded up towards Sally's Ear, running up her gigantic leg, dodging the falling water drops swiftly..

Sonic finally made it up to Sally's wet ear, the hedgehog jumped into it with a grin on his face. "Hey Sal!" He shouted, finally hoping to gain the Princess's attention..

Sally suddenly flinched. "S.. Soni... No.. Must have just been my head.. " She sighed, tapping a side of her head in confusion..

"Darn it!" Sonic cried.. "Gotta think of something else then.." He sighed, running out of the ear and to Sally's shoulder.

Suddenly, Sonic heard something being squeezed on.. The Tiny Blue Hedgehog looked up, to find Sally squeezing out the last of some Shampoo out of a container...

Sally rubbed the gooey Shampoo all over her hair... Soon, the water from the Shower Faucet disoved the Shampoo... Causing the shampoo to wash off of Sally's hair... And to the rest of her body.. "Oh man!" Sonic cried, as a soapy like substance headed towards Sally's shoulder, and without any sort of warning, covered Sally's shoulder(And Sonic!) with it..

The Shampoo quickly continued to slide down Sally's smooth Fur, Sonic was trapped in the sliding Fur, if the little hedgehog  didn't think of something quick, then he would end up down the drain!

"Gotta think of something quick!" The little hedgehog growled to himself, he tried to push and pull himself out of the sliding shampoo..

As Sonic was now sliding down Sally's back, the small hedgehog looked down... And noticed Sally's big fluffy tail. "That's it.." He nodded to himself. "If I grab onto Sally's tail, then maybe I'll be able to get away from this dumb gloop!" Sonic smirked, as the blue hedgehog was quickly sliding down towards Sally's Tail, The small hedgehog grabbed onto it, and just like that, The shampoo slided downwards, without Sonic!

"Well," Sally sighed heavily, the last of the shampoo was flushed down the drain of the shower. "*Yawn* I guess I'm done... It was relaxing I guess.." Sally sighed to herself, turning the valves on the shower around until the water from the showerhead stopped dropping..

Sally opened the shower door and stepped out of the shower, the bathroom's mirrors were blurry because if the steam..

Sally's fur was damp, the princess sighed as she shaked her entire body like a dog, cleaning herself quickly. (Still unknown to the fact that Sonic was holding onto her Tail)

Sally quickly put on her blue vest and then her boots, and stepped out of the bathroom.. "*Long Yawn* I feel a little tired I guess.." She sighed to herself, walking over to the bed in her Hut...

Sally sighed heavily as she jumped onto her bed once again, the Princess laid down on it with her backside facing up.. She closed her eyes and started to rest silently..

Meanwhile, with the shrunken hedgehog... Sonic was still hanging from Sally's tail, trapped now. "Ah man.." Sonic sighed, he was at the tip of the tail... If he let go, then he would fall to the bed, and possibly sprain his ankle or something.. "Better find some way out of here... Hmm... But how.."

Sonic came up with a little plan.. "Hmm..." He sighed. "I guess I could try climbing down Sally's Tail, lets see if that'll work.." Sonic slowly started to climb down the fur of Sally's Tail, since he was so small, the little hedgehog was able to climb down one of the hairs in only a few minutes..

Sonic landed on one of Sally's butt cheeks... Sally felt a small itch on one of her cheeks... She sighed as she reached her right hand towards the area the itch is going on...

"Alright now.. Time to get her.. Hey, what's that?!" Sonic looked up, to find the gigantic hand of Sally's! Heading right towards him!

"Woah! Better get out of the way!" Sonic ran out of the way from the gigantic hand, and Sally grew more and more  irritated as Sonic ran off from her gigantic hand. "Grr.." Sally growled in her sleep, chasing after the small hedgehog who was running across her body unknowingly to her..

Sonic ran up to the sleeping Sally's ear. "Guess I'll have to try just once more.." Sonic sighed. "Sally! I'm in your ear, help me!"

Sally arose from her bed,(While accidently throwing Sonic down to the bed she stood up, confused and scared. "Oh... Oh my god, what was that?" She cried. "I... I know what would calm me down.. I hope.." Sally gasped to herself, breathing in and out heavily... The Princess jumped off the bed and started to slowly walk towards a mini refrigerator in her hut...

Sonic rubbed his head slightly. "Hmm.. What's she planning...." Sally took out of the fridge something... Something Sonic would desire..

Sally pulled out of the frudge a cold Chili Dog.. "*Sigh* These were Sonic's favorite.." She sighed, walking towards a small table and placing the Chili Dog on a plate..

"Oh... My..." Sonic was speechless, the blue hedgehog zipped his way off the bed, and to the gigantic table.. The small hedgehog ran up the table delighted. "It's..." Sonic gazed up at the gigantic food item. "Its... Its Beautiful...". He cried to himself, his heart beat pounding at a faster rate.. "Must.. Have... It..."

Sonic ran up the gigantic chili dog and took a large,(Well, large for him) bite out of it..) "Umm.... This is.. Grea- Hey.. Oh man!" Suddenly, a hand grabbed onto the delicious chili dog, Sally's hand to be exact...

Oh what now?

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Sonic, if he could be able to, was slapping himself in the head. His obsession with chili dogs, especially the bigger the better, could very well cost him his life as he looked back and saw Sally's humongous mouth biting down on the food.
"Whoa... I better beat it before I become the blue plate special!" Sonic shouted. The problem was, being at such a near-micro size, navigating through thick chili was a challenge like nothing else in Mobius, and Sonic quickly found that out when he ran into a think chunk of the gooey sauce and could not break free.
"Ughhhhhh.... feels like mega muck!" Sonic shouted. He looked to the back and saw Sally's sparkling white teeth take another huge bite out of the chili dog.
"Mmmm... I guess I can see why Sonic loves these things so much." Sally said. The next bite, of course she didn't know, was about to include the tiny Sonic.
"Sally! Noooooooooo!!!" Sonic shouted. When it became quite obvious that Sally wouldn't hear those words and he was seconds away from being flattened by the biggest teeth he would ever see, Sonic turned on the high speed, running in the opposite direction fast enough that he eventually broke out of the chili sauce. Sonic narrowly avoided being crushed by the teeth, that was the good news.

But the bad news? He was now standing on Sally's tongue inside her mouth, and the remnants of the chili dog were coming straight at him!
"Whoaaaaaaaaa!!" Sonic shouted. The chewed up fragments were falling towards Sonic like a landslide. The big chunks of chili dog, on top of the slippery and sticky saliva that covered Sally's tongue, left the hedgehog with no chance to save himself. He eventually lost his footing and felt himself falling down the long tunnel known to one and all as the esophagus.

Meanwhile, as Sally finished off the rest of the chili dog and swept her tongue around her teeth cleaning them out, Bunnie came walking in.
"Hey there, sugah." Bunnie said. Sally quickly looked towards the door and faced her friend.
"Oh... hi, Bunnie. I didn't see you come in." Sally said.
"Ya'll right? You're lookin' a little stressed out." Bunnie said.
"What? Who? Me? Stressed out?" Sally asked. Bunnie looked down at the plate full of crumbs that were leftover from the chili dog, and Bunnie immediately knew what was up.
"You ate one of Sonic's chili dogs, didn't ya?" Bunnie said.
"Well... yes, I did. I couldn't help myself." Sally said.
"You really are worried about Sonic, aren't ya, sugah?" Bunnie said.
"(sigh) Yes, Bunnie. I know you said to be patient, but Sonic's been gone for so long... I'm getting so worried." Sally said, with Bunnie looking at the sad face that Sally was showing.
"Come on, Sal, we should see if Rotor's tracking machinery can find that little ol' hedgehog." Bunnie said.
"Yeah, good idea." Sally said. She got up and walked out of her home, just as Bunnie put an arm behind Sally's shoulders to support her friend.

Sonic, on the other hand, felt like he was falling for a long time, and it didn't make him feel better when the darkness was broken by the sight of pink walls and a green liquid underneath. Sonic looked around and eventually saw a bread crumb from the chili dog that was a little bigger than he was.
"No way am I going to be a hedgehog melt today!" Sonic said. He moved over towards the crumb and perched himself on top of it, just as it landed in the stomach acid and splashed everywhere. Sonic was safe for the time being, but he knew the crumb was not going to last as it would be digested quickly by the acid, along with him.

But luckily, contrary to what Sally has told him, Sonic was quick on thinking just as he was quick with his feet. He stared at the pink stomach walls and thought back to the one tactic he used to dodge a whole series of traps inside the evil Lazar's fortress.
"Well, if it worked then... it's gotta work now." Sonic said. Then he thought about what might happen once he upset Sally's stomach enough, and there was no denying that too.
"I just hope Sal will forgive me after I do this. Gotta juice and cut it loose!" Sonic shouted. With a bold leap, Sonic planted his feet on the stomach walls and then began to run circles along the wall. If anyone was capable of this bold and daring move, it was definitely Sonic.

As Sally and Bunnie were walking slowly towards Rotor's hut, Sally suddenly had to hold her stomach.
"Ow! Ooohhh...." Sally said.
"Sally girl, what's wrong?" Bunnie asked.
"Bunnie, I..." Sally said, but had to stop talking when she had to move her hand up her body as she felt something rising up from her stomach.

Inside her stomach, Sonic watched as the stomach acid suddenly churned like crazy, bubbling up and rising quickly. Sonic made another timely leap onto a larger crumb piece from the chili dog, and just held on for the ride as the mix of food and fluids went rising up the esophagus.


Sally finally couldn't contain the pain that was taking over her stomach. Only making it a few steps backwards, Sally fell down on all fours and vomited.
"*cough cough!*" Sally coughed after throwing up whatever was left in her stomach.
"Sally! Oh my stars!" Bunnie said as she ran alongside Sally and kneeled down next to her, checking on her good friend.

Sonic, almost playing it like a surfer as he rode the chunk of chili dog up to her mouth and then out of it, held on tight as he flew right out of Sally's mouth and the light from outside almost blinded him. Eventually, he lost his grip on the piece of chili dog and ended up falling into the pool of vomit. Sonic tried rubbing himself clean of the mix of sticky fluids he just endured through.
"Whew! I think I'll stick to raiding Robuttnik's fortresses!" Sonic said. Finally able to fully recover his vision, he looked up as Sally continued to cough up some of the vomit. Despite the mess, he once again frantically waved his arms trying to get someone's attention.

Eventually, Rotor and Tails (who were inside Rotor's home) came running out to check on Sally as well.
"What... what happened!?" Rotor asked.
"I don't know, sugah. She just threw up... but then again she's been worried sick about Sonic for the past couple hours." Bunnie said.
"Are you okay, Aunt Sally?" Tails asked.
"I'll be fine... I'm just a little stressed out, that's all." Sally said as she was slowly recovering from the vomiting.
"Huh? What's that?" Rotor said, pointing down to the puddle that was on the ground.
"Oh, that's probably whatever couldn't be digested of that chili dog." Bunnie said.
"No, I mean... that spot in the middle of it." Rotor said as he pointed down to what appeared to be a tiny blue-ish spot in the middle of the mess.
Sonic almost gasped. Did someone finally notice him? He picked up his voice once more.
"Sal! Bunnie! Everyone, it's me, SONIC!!!" Sonic shouted. Bunnie took a closer look at the spot Rotor was pointing at.
"It looks like a little ol' bug. Maybe that's what made poor Sally girl throw up." Bunnie said.
"A little ol' bug!?" Sonic shouted.
"Don't worry, ya'll! Bunnie Rabbot, professional bug squasher to the rescue!" Bunnie said. She raised one of her robotic feet up, and Sonic shivered with fear. Was he going to be crushed and the Freedom Fighters not even know it? He prayed for a miracle, and luckily got one as Tails placed a hand on Bunnie's shoulder.
"Bunnie, wait! The bug's innocent!" Tails said.
"And it might even be already dead from the stomach acid..." Rotor said. Sally, while all this was going on, was studying the blue spot in her vomit.
"Huh? Wait a minute..." Sally said.

That's when she reached back and pulled her handheld computer, Nicole, off from one of her boots.
"Nicole, activate external camera view." Sally said.
"Activating, Sally." Nicole said. Soon, the view screen changed to that of the puddle of vomit.
"Magnify times 100." Sally said.
"Magnifying, Sally." Nicole said. Sally watched as the camera zoomed in tight in the middle of the puddle. Suddenly, the blue spot was not a spot at all. Everyone was looking right at a vomit-covered Sonic the Hedgehog on Nicole's screen.
"It's... it's Sonic!" Rotor shouted.
"Sonic!? No way! He's supposed to be in Metallic Madness! Um... right?" Tails said. Sally put Nicole to the side and leaned in to get a closer look at the tiny Sonic (putting up with the smell of her own vomit in the process).
"Sonic? Is that you?" Sally asked. Sonic put up with not only the extremely loud voice of the normal-sized Sally, but also getting the closest close-up he would probably ever get of Sally's face, aside from kissing her.
"Yep, in the flesh... what I still have of it anyway." Sonic said. Bunnie looked in up close as well.
"Well, I declare. When I say little ol' Sonic, you're really taking the cake, sugah!" Bunnie said.
"Haha, funny, Bunnie!" Sonic said, giving a thumbs up to the giantess.
"Sonic... what happened to you!?" Sally said.
"Well, I goofed off... like you told me NOT to do. I ended up running into this red ray, and the next thing I know, I'm a hedgebug!" Sonic said, flashing a smile.
"That's not funny, Sonic. I could've digested you!" Sally said, quickly figuring he was on the chili dog that she had eaten earlier.
"Is so!' Sonic said.
"Is not!" Sally said.
"Is so!" Sonic said.
"Arrrrrgh! Even when you're as small as an ant, you're still annoying!" Sally said.
"Thank you, thank you. Anyway, I'm hoping you guys have a way to fix this!" Sonic said.
"Hmmm... I think I have an enlarging ray in my closet that an old friend made for me years ago... I mean, for situations like this." Rotor said.
"Alright, but get me a pair of tweezers first for Sonic." Sally said.
"Awww... what's wrong? Afraid to pick up little me?" Sonic said.
"No... I'm just not touching you when you're covered with vomit." Sally said.


Moments later, after getting a good washing in one of the sinks, Sonic was now standing in the palm of Sally's hand. Everyone waited patiently as Rotor was digging out his special enlarging ray. While everyone was waiting, Sonic had told the rest of his big adventure... including being stuck in the shower with Sally.
"You did what!?" Sally shouted.
"Hey, come on! I had to do whatever I could to get your attention!" Sonic shouted.
"Still, sugah. Let me offer some little ol' advice. A girl's shower is the very last place ya want to be in." Bunnie said.
"Yeah, I figured that out quickly." Sonic said. Sally of course wasn't too happy. She knew that Sonic could've easily drowned or fallen in the drain in a situation like that, so no matter how he justified it, she wouldn't hear much of it.

None of that mattered anymore, though, when Rotor turned around and displayed his special enlarging ray.
"Here it is! Specially designed to cure any type of shrinking ailment." Rotor said. Sally remembered the ray too. She had hoped that one day Rotor would redesign it to make herself or the other Freedom Fighters bigger, therefore making their war on Robotnik a lot easier, but such plans never came to fruition.
"You're a genius, Rotor!" Tails said.
"Yeah, I guess I am. Now, Sally, please place Sonic on the nearby table." Rotor said. Sally nodded and proceeded to walk towards the table. As she started to lower her hand and allow Sonic to climb off, she stopped.
"Sally?" Bunnie asked.
"What's up, Aunt Sally?" Tails asked.
"Oh, I was thinking of keeping Sonic this tiny for a little while, just to show how disappointed I am with the way he's acted since Metallic Madness." Sally said as she stared right down at the tiny Sonic.
"Um... now, Sal! No hard feelings, right?" Sonic said, sweating over the idea he may be a slave to the giant Sally for however long she decided.
"But what happens if Robotnik were to strike?" Rotor asked.
"Yeah, girl. Ya might want to think about this little ol' decision. We're gonna need Sonic if we're to defeat Robotnik." Bunnie said.

Sally looked at her friends, and then looked down on Sonic. They were right. As annoying as Sonic can be to her, they needed him at all times.
"You're right, I'm sorry." Sally said. She finally tilted her hand and allowed Sonic to slide down and land on the table. After Sally backed away, Rotor aimed the gun at Sonic.
"Here we go!" Rotor said. He fired the weapon and its energy surrounded both the table and Sonic himself. But it was Sonic who could feel himself getting bigger.

After about thirty seconds, the energy faded, and Sonic was back to his normal size.
"Woohoo! Alright!" Sonic said as he made a triumphant leap off the table. Bunnie and Tails both hugged their hero.
"Oh... welcome back, sugar hog!" Bunnie said.
"It's good to see you back to normal, Sonic!" Tails said.
"Yeah, me too, little buddy!" Sonic said. He then looked over towards Sally, who stood with her arms folded and a slight frown on her face. Sonic, of course, played it cool, and smiled as he approached her.
"Well?" Sonic asked.
"Well what?" Sally asked.
"Aren't you gonna welcome back your number one hero?" Sonic said. Sally just sighed. She then unfolded her arms and wrapped them around Sonic, eventually giving him a long kiss.
"Awww... so adorable, those two." Bunnie said.
"Yuck... mushy stuff." Tails said silently.

After the kiss, Sally sighed in front of Sonic.
"(sigh) Why can't I stay angry with you?" Sally asked.
"I don't know, but I'm glad that's one trait you're bad at." Sonic said.
"Well, I'm starved. Anyone up for some chili dogs?" Rotor casually asked.
"Sure, just hold the hedgehog!" Sonic said, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room. Eventually, Sally joined in on the laughter as well.

Because this is Sonic the Hedgehog she was dealing with, after all.