Rouge the Empress

(Cubed Cinder)

It had been hours since Amy Rose became a giantess with the help of a special emerald. Fortunately for the Freedom Fighters, they were able to restore the young girl back to her normal size before she could turn Station Square into her own large-scale flower garden. They were able to retrieve one fragment of the emerald, unable to find the other pieces that had been scattered all over the city.

Rotor and Princess Sally both spent the last hour or so analyzing the emerald fragment they were able to recover. They had been so intrigued as to find out what kind of powers laid within the fragment, and if they could be put to good use in their ongoing battle against Dr. Eggman.
"So, what do you think, Rotor?" Sally asked.
"Well, I'm not sure, princess. But I definitely feel the powers contained within this fragment could be put to good use." Rotor said.
"Perhaps we should run further tests on it tomorrow. It is getting late, after all." Sally said.
"Yeah. You're right, princess. It's been a long day, and it'll just become longer if we kept doing this." Rotor said. Both characters put their tools away and exited the lab. But they were both unaware of the special guest that had been hiding inside the lab this whole time.

Rouge climbed down from the ceiling after Rotor and Sally had left the lab. Unaware to the Freedom Fighters, Rouge had already gathered six out of the seven fragments of the emerald, and the seventh one that laid on the table was what Rouge needed to form the emerald back into its normal shape. Her love of jewelry and keen sense of senses and direction judgment allowed her to find the six fragments so quickly. Naturally, it was those elements of Rouge's senses that allowed her to find the last fragment. Of course, being a bat had its advantages, such as hiding within the darkness of the ceiling above.

Rouge looked down at the last fragment and smiled at its glittering and glow from the nightlight behind her.
"So beautiful for a fragment. Yet it's the one I need to carry out my plan. Now I'll show that Knuckles who's bigger and more powerful!" Rouge said. Even though the events of Sonic Adventure 2 have come and gone, Rouge still felt she could be a better treasure hunter than Knuckles. She had tried to get herself out of this urge, but it was of no use considering she had learned what it was like to be a giantess while towering alongside Amy Rose for a brief amount of time.
Rouge looked outside the window of the lab and noticed how nobody was walking near the area outside. She slowly opened the door, walked out, and closed it just as quietly. She took off for the skies with the emerald fragment in hand.

Rouge had hidden the other six fragments of the emerald deep within Eggman's abandoned Egg Carrier. As she placed the emerald fragment on the nearby desk, she looked out at the night sky that began to blanket the planet of Mobius. Of course, with all seven fragments of the emerald recovered, she could harness its powers now and begin conquest over the Knothole Village, but she decided it was better to do it by the morning, when everyone is waking up and off guard. Rouge went to the nearby bed and went to sleep, feeling energetic about having a BIG day tomorrow.

The next morning

As the morning sun rose on another day in Knothole Village, Rotor was anxious to get back to work analyzing the emerald fragment. However, as he walked through the front door to his laboratory, the fragment was not on the desk he had placed it in.
"Hey! What happened!? The fragment's been stolen!!!" Rotor shouted. Sally and Knuckles came running in through the door.
"What's wrong, Rotor?" Sally asked.
"Someone must've broken into the lab and stolen the emerald fragment." Rotor said. Knuckles eyes flinched at the words of emerald fragment, he thought of one person that could've possibly taken the fragment.
"It's gotta be Rouge. Nobody but her would dare steal as much as pieces of an emerald." Knuckles said.
"Positive?" Sally said.
"No doubt. Princess, with your permission, I'd like to search through Station Square for her. Surely she's plotting something within the confines of that city." Knuckles said.
"Permission granted, Knuckles. Bring her and the emerald back as soon as you can." Sally said. Knuckles nodded his head and then started his rush towards Station Square in search of Rouge.


Of course, Knuckles had no idea that Rouge was actually hiding within the remains of the Egg Carrier, just beyond the coast of Emerald Coast (it had somehow drifted out there over the past week or so). Rouge, as well, was waking up to the morning sun. Unlike at Rotor's pad, the emerald fragment laid securely on the desk. Rouge then got up and opened a drawer to reveal the other six fragments of the emerald. With much anticipation, Rouge then placed all seven fragments of the emerald together, and then took a step back. A bright flash ensued, and Rouge was forced to cover her eyes. When the brightness died down, and Rouge's vision returned to normal, there sat the same emerald that Amy had absorbed to allow her to grow.

Rouge placed the emerald onto a necklace string so that she could wear the emerald like a necklace. She did this rather than absorb the emerald because not only did she feel that to be a bit kinky, but she wanted to show off her newfound powers prominently. Rouge then put on the necklace, and waited.

Finally, after the emerald gave off another brief burst of light, Rouge looked in a nearby mirror to witness the changes. Her wings grew finer and even began to grow spikes on the ends, making them sharp like nails. After that was done, Rouge began to feel a rising sensation. The growing had begun. She grew right out of the room she was in, and eventually the entire Egg Carrier. It snapped in two after Rouge had grown so big that the machine could not support its weight any longer. Fortunately, Rouge's feet were able to reach the ocean bottom as she landed on that when the Egg Carrier exploded.

Rouge had finally finished growing, at 150 feet tall. She began to set her sights on Knothole Village, as she felt it would be the perfect new home for her. Plus, that's a place where Knuckles would most likely be, considering she wasn't big enough to reach the Floating Island.
"Look out, Knothole! There's a giantess coming to your town!" Rouge said. She then started walking through the waters of Emerald Coast, on her way to Station Square.


Knuckles looked around every corner of Station Square he could, in search of Rouge. As he got to the next street, however, he could notice something wrong with it. Lots of people were running like crazy in his direction, like they were running from something. Knuckles used his strong hands to stop one panicking citizen from running any further.
"What's going on? Why is everyone running?" Knuckles asked.
"LET ME GO, DUDE!!! THERE'S A GIANT BAT AFTER US!!!" the man said. Knuckles let the man go and let him run off into the distance. Knuckles then ran to the nearby building and started to climb it. When he reached the top, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The man wasn't kidding.

It was Rouge, but she was at 150 feet tall. Knuckles watched from several yards away as she crushed buildings using both her boots and her wings.
"Uh oh... this can't be good. I've got to go tell the others!" Knuckles said. He jumped into the air started gliding in the opposite direction, trying to make it back to Knothole as quickly as he could. Rouge looked at the corner of her eye and was just able to see Knuckles flying away. She smiled.
"That's right, Knuckles. Take me to Knothole. Forget about Princess Sally, it's time they got someone much more bigger to lead that place." Rouge said to herself. She then started walking in the same direction Knuckles was flying in.


Back at Knothole Village, everyone was going about their normal lives while Rotor was waiting patiently for Knuckles to retrieve the lost emerald fragment that Rouge had taken from him. Though they didn't expect to see Knuckles so quickly. Sonic and the gang gathered around Knuckles as to the whereabouts of the bat and the fragment.
"Well, Knuckles, did you find the fragment?" Rotor asked.
"Uh... sort of." Knuckles said.
"What about Rouge? Where is she?" Sonic asked.
"Oh, I found her. I did find her, she just seemed a little... different..." Knuckles said.
"Where is she now?" Sally asked.
"Well... that's... that's what I..." Before Knuckles could finish his train of thought, everyone started to hear booming sounds in the background, progressively getting louder every second.
"I hear a distant rumbling..." Knuckles said.
"You should have thought of that before you left." Sonic said. Everyone turned to see a thick cloud of mist heading for the village. Or at least, that's what they thought at first. They then realized it was a large head, with two bat-like ears. Maybe it was one of Eggman's newest experiments?
"There! There she is! That's where Rouge is!" Knuckles shouted.
"You're not hallucinating, are you, Knuckles?" Tails asked.
"Uh... guys..." Sally said. She pointed upwards as over half of this giant's body was now visible. Everyone could now recognize the figure to be the 150-feet-tall Rouge.
"Whoa! Somebody must've had a bad experience with Batzilla!" Sonic said.
"I told you, guys!" Knuckles said.
"Hello down there, Knuckles. My, my, this is certainly a nice village you live in, though I thought it was a lot bigger than this. Yet I can still make this place my home." Rouge said. Some of the guys had to cover their ears from the loud voice of the giantess Rouge.
"What should we do, Aunt Sally?" Tails asked.
"There's only one thing we can do." Sally said, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

With that command by Sally, some of the citizens of Knothole Village took off running away from the giantess Rouge. Others tried their hardest to fight back. For instance, Sonic tried running circles around her with his supersonic speed. But Rouge simply put her foot down, causing a big shockwave which knocked him down. Before Sonic could get crushed by Rouge's huge foot, he was rescued by Tails. They both tried shooting her down with the help of Tails' Tornado, but the shots had no effect on her whatsoever. Rouge just laughed at them.
"Do you possibly think that puny little plane of yours can stop me?" Rouge said. She then swatted the plane away. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails were both able to jump out and land safely.

Bunnie and Knuckles were next to go after the giantess. They used all her strength to try and punch Rouge in the foot. But that didn't work either. Bunnie shook her head in disbelief. There was nothing out there that was more powerful than she was, not even anything that was at least 25 times bigger than her. Rouge reared her foot back and then rushed it forward, kicking both of them and sending them crashing into one of the huts.
Sally ran to their side to check on her friends.
"Bunnie! Knuckles! Are you all right?" Sally asked. Both was getting up, but very slowly.
"Oh... I think so." Bunnie said, softly.
"I've had harder hits." Knuckles said.
"Just stay here, guys. We'll take care of this." Sally said. She then ran back into the center of the village, where Rouge continued to make bugs out of those who chose to stand and fight. Rouge saw her coming into view, so she looked down at her.
"Princess Sally, I command you to make me ruler of this place!" Rouge said.
"Never! I would rather be crushed than hand over my kingdom to someone evil like you!" Sally shouted.
"Well, have it your way then." Rouge said. She raised her foot and slowly lowered it onto the princess, but she jumped out of the way in the nick of time. What Sally wasn't prepared for, however, was Rouge's big hand reaching down for her.

Sally held on tight to Rouge's hand as it was rising into the air. Finally, Sally got a clear view of Rouge's gargantuan face, before her hand went up a few more feet. Sally watched as Rouge opened her mouth wide open, and now she knew what was going to happen. Tails watched from below.
"Aunt Sally!!!" Tails shouted. He then started swinging his two tails in a very fast clockwise motion, like he was getting ready to fly.
Rouge dumped the tiny Sally from her hand, who was now falling straight into her mouth. But before she could get past her lips, Tails rushed by and caught Sally. Rouge watched as Sally was being carried by Tails, and she tried to swat him out of the air, but Tails was dodging all of Rouge's motions with precision. Sally and Tails landed back on the ground next to Sonic and Rotor. They hid behind the bushes so Rouge couldn't find them so easily.

"Are you okay, Sally?" Sonic asked.
"Fine. Thanks, Tails, for saving me." Sally said.
"It was the least I could do, princess." Tails said.
"There's gotta be some way we can stop Rouge! More importantly, it's a wonder how she got so big!" Rotor said.
"I think I know, Rotor. Sonic, remember the emerald that caused Amy Rose to grow?" Sally asked.
"Yeah. I remember that." Sonic said.
"It's possible that we're dealing with the same emerald. The fragment that Rouge stole last night must belong to that emerald." Sally said.
"I had a feeling she was going to use it for something bad." Rotor said.
"So, what do we do now?" Tails asked to Sally.
"We have no choice but to turn the kingdom over to her." Sally said.
"What!?!? We can't do that!! There has to be some way to get that emerald off her!" Sonic shouted.
"Amy was easy to deal with, Sonic. We're dealing with someone who takes great care in her jewelry. And, any jewelry that contains a power, she's not afraid to use it to its max." Sally said.
"Well, I still don't like this idea! There's gotta be some way!!!" Sonic shouted again.
"Sonic! Would you please think for a moment? If we keep trying to fight her off, she'll just destroy this entire village!" Sally said.
"She has a point." Rotor said.
"We'll just serve her... and hope there's someone out there who can help..." Sally said. A tear was seen falling from her eye. But nevertheless, she got up and headed back into the village. Rouge looked down to see Sally, Sonic, and Tails all standing at her feet.
"Rouge! We give up. Knothole is now yours..." Sally said. She, Sonic, and Tails, all bowed down to her toes, showing their allegiance to the giantess. Rouge smiled.
"Well, I knew you'd eventually see things my way, princess." Rouge said. After everyone else in the village heard Sally, they all joined in her in "welcoming" their new ruler.


Meanwhile, on the Floating Island, the Master Emerald was beginning to glow brighter than normal. When it got as bright as the sun, a red light was seen emerging from the emerald. It slowly made its way into the sky before it started to drift slowly towards Station Square. As it made its way there, the light was slowly growing in diameter as well.

When it was finally in the center of the city, the light completely blinded everything in a wide radius. When the light finally died down, it was revealed to be Tikal, secret guardian of the Master Emerald. The only problem was... she was 150 feet tall, the same size as Rouge. She looked around at her surroundings, before looking out into the horizon.
"Knuckles needs my help. It's the least I can do for his assistance in helping heal Chaos." Tikal said to herself. She then started walking to where Knothole Village was...


The giantess Rouge was sitting over Knothole Village, admiring her new "slaves." It wasn't too long ago that Sally was forced to turn over control of the land to Rouge. She intended to do many new things to the land, but first, she wanted her new slaves to feel comfortable with their new leader.

Sonic and Tails were forced to go wing climbing with Rouge. They were placed onto Rouge's super-sharp wings (at least on the ends), as they tried to balance on them. Of course, at Rouge's size, the slightest bobble on her wings was a major one. Every time Sonic fell off the end, Tails was able to catch him either by hand or by flight. Rouge at times thought about impaling the two with her sharp wings, but decided that would just leave her with a lesser amount of slaves.

Sally, Amy Rose, and the injured Bunnie were all stuck shining the end of Rouge's boots. She would often admire the hearts that she placed on the end of those boots, and she made sure they stayed clean in order to keep her sense of beauty intact. Rouge occasionally moved her eyes around, watching either the girls at her feet, or Knuckles. Knuckles was given the task of climbing her body from head to toe. It was especially important that he got past the chest area. Her soft breast felt very comfortable to Knuckles, but he wasn't willing to stop and rest easily. Considering it was easy for Rouge to do away with anybody that resided around her.

Rouge felt she had been given enough pleasure, so she picked up Sonic, Tails, the three girls, and Knuckles. She held them in her hand.
"You've all done a good job. I think I deserve a tasty treat for that!" Rouge said. Everyone began to feel bad vibes on what she was about to do. And sure enough, those vibes were right. Rouge opened her mouth and threw everyone inside.

At first, there was no movement, which gave everyone a chance to look at all the gargantuan teeth that made up part of the floor and ceiling of their slimy cavern, dripping with saliva. Not to mention that big tongue they were standing on. Soon, however, the tongue began to move around violently, tossing the characters everywhere in the mouth except for the pit that served as a gateway to her stomach. It was a very rough ride, coupled with the fact that they were completely covered in saliva. Fortunately, luck was on their side. The mouth suddenly tilted down and opened once again. Everyone landed back on Rouge's hand. They all worked to readjust their vision to the giantess Rouge that looked down on them once again.

Knuckles looked to the side and could see something coming. As his vision returned to normal, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Yet he could sense it as a plea for help. It was the 150-foot-tall Tikal, stomping on trees to make her way to where Rouge was sitting.
"Hey everyone, look over there!" Knuckles shouted, pointing over to the giant Tikal. Rouge looked to see what Knuckles was pointing at, when she too noticed the giant Tikal.

"Huh? Who are you? How are you as big as me?" Rouge said as she stood up to her full height.
"I am Tikal of Floating Island. The Master Emerald gave me the power and size I needed to help rescue my friends from the likes of you." Tikal said.
"Tikal? Never heard of you. What kind of skills do you have? They must be pretty weak if all you do is guard the Master Emerald." Rouge said. She put the characters that laid in her hand back onto the ground.
"My fighting skills may be limited, but I can assure you that the Master Emerald helps give me the powers that I need to complete my mission. I'm fortunate to have others help me out." Tikal said.
"Well, you don't have your puny friends this time. Allow me to show you my true power!" Rouge shouted. She then charged head-on for Tikal, with fist ready. Tikal simply slided out of the way, and pulled a move that Rouge was not expecting the slightest bit.

She ripped the necklace right off.

Rouge looked down and noticed the necklace she wore to help her grow was missing. She turned around to see Tikal holding it in her hand.
"You would have had better success if you had some what the young pink hedgehog had done." Tikal said. She was, of course, referring to Amy Rose and how she absorbed the emerald to not only allow her to grow, but make it difficult for anyone to remove.
"Why you..." Rouge charged for Tikal again and thought about sending a punch to her mouth, but noticed how she was now a full head taller. Rouge knew by now that without the powers of the emerald, she would soon shrink back to her normal size.
"Arrrrrgh... How could I let this happen!?!?!" Rouge shouted. Slowly she continued to shrink, until she was back at her normal size.

Rouge looked to her left and could see all the other characters ganging up on her. She backed up to avoid them, only to run into Tikal's gigantic foot behind her.
"Well, Rouge. It looks like you're outnumbered." Sally said.
"By about 150 feet of us!" Sonic said, jokingly. Rouge displayed an unhappy face and looked at Knuckles.
"This isn't over, Knuckles! Just you wait! One day, I'll become queen of this entire world and have all the world's gems for myself!" Rouge said. She then leaped into the sky and flew away with the help of her wings.
"Keep dreaming, Rouge. Keep on dreaming." Knuckles said, smiling.

Tikal kneeled down so she could get a better view of her friends. Everyone gathered around her.
"Hey, Tikal! Thanks for saving our skins!" Sonic said.
"It was my pleasure, Sonic. I just had to repay all of you in some way for helping alleviate Chaos of the pain and suffering he had endured when consumed with power." Tikal said.
"What will you do with that emerald?" Sally asked.
"I'll take it back with me. It'll help make the Master Emerald stronger than ever." Tikal said.
"I think that's a good idea. I think we've had enough with size-changing for a week." Tails said. Tikal just smiled down onto him.
"Well, I must be going. The Master Emerald is waiting for my return. Goodbye everyone!" Tikal said. Everyone waved at her as she walked out into the distance. She eventually turned herself back into the bright red light that helps her enter the Master Emerald.

As for Knothole Village, with no more worries of an emerald that caused users to change sizes and acquire new powers, reconstruction of the mess that the giantess Rouge caused could finally take place.