Empresses Rouge & Topaz

(Cubed Cinder and DJYellow22)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

With the night sky full of bright stars, Rouge stared at the gigantic Floating Island as she flapped her bat wings. It was only a few hours ago that she literally held the island in the palm of her hand thanks to recovering a powerful shrinking gun that Dr. Eggman apparently forgot he had. She had hoped to spend the next few days holding such a mighty landmark from her world in her hands, plundering it for all the valuable items she could, namely the Master Emerald that arch rival Knuckles the Echidna guards so valiantly.
But alas, these plans came to a sudden stop thanks to the efforts of Chris Thorndyke and several of his friends, led in part by her partner, Officer Topaz of GUN. Rouge was forced to return the island as well as everyone on it back to its original size, and she stared at the island with a long face.
"(sigh) Such a shame I couldn't keep the island so small. The power of holding something normally that big." Rouge said. That's when she looked down at the huge city of Station Square, although at the altitude she was flying at, it looked small. Small enough that Rouge immediately pictured herself not flying over the city, but rather walking on top of it as a giantess. The scenarios immediately took over her vision. She clipped buildings with her huge wings. Humans were running like crazy trying to dodge her giant boots. Her hands were on her hips as she gave a soft laugh, teasing the citizens over how small they and their city were.
Rouge shook her head and returned to reality. It was time she worked on making said fantasy a reality. She pulled out her shrink gun and looked right at it.
“Alright then. I’ll work all night if I have to, but no matter what it takes... you will be making me a big girl, honey.” Rouge said. She then took off flying down towards Station Square, eventually making it to one of her secret hideouts.

And as she promised to herself, Rouge would spend the next few hours of the late night tinkering with her new toy. Amazingly even to herself, the hardest part was simply disassembling the entire device. Hanging out with Dr. Eggman for a long enough time allowed Rouge to recognize the way the evil genius built his devices. But instead of simply reversing the polarity, Rouge went the extra mile, reprogramming the device’s software to trick it into thinking all its targets were shrunken, therefore always firing the growth part of the ray.
When all was said and done, Rouge tested her newly assembled growth ray on a couple of nearby crates. She zapped both and they only grew marginally bigger.
“Pffft... come on, I want to grow bigger than this!” Rouge said, zapping the boxes again out of frustration. That’s when she watched them grow even bigger, again only marginally. And that’s when she had an idea. Rouge next zapped one of the enlarged crates, but this time for a slightly prolonged duration. This time the crate kept on growing as the laser was focused on it, and it only stopped growing when Rouge took her finger off the trigger, powering the device off. The once small crate was almost touching the ceiling of Rouge’s hideout, and that got her excited.
“Ah... there we go! Just what I was anticipating.” Rouge said. As she set the device down on a nearby table, she already thought of how the next day was going to go.
“I’ll wait until morning when everyone’s out in the city. Hmmm... I suppose I should find some way to shrink things... nah, I know I’ll want to stay big for the rest of my life.” Rouge said with a grin on her face. Indeed, she decided not to add a way to shrink things, making the gun exclusively growth only. This was a decision that she would later regret, but all she could think about was making herself bigger as she clocked out for the night and went to bed.

The next day, Rouge walked over to the table and picked up the growth ray.
“Time to become the big bat I’ve always dreamed of becoming.” Rouge said to herself. She flapped her wings and left her hideout, heading for Station Square.

Rouge eventually placed herself near the center of the city, on top of one of the buildings... specifically the one that had the big screen on it, reserved for big announcements from SSTV or the President. In any case, Rouge felt it was the perfect spot to break the news of her pending arrival as the biggest living thing in town. But to make sure everyone heard her loud and clear, Rouge had earlier that morning swiped a megaphone from an unsuspecting GUN officer. She placed the growth gun down and spoke into the megaphone.
“Attention Station Square! From this day forward, you will have a new ruler. That ruler is me... Rouge the Empress! You will all bow before me if you don’t want to get crushed beneath my feet.” Rouge said. Of course, many of the traveling people (most of them business workers rushing to get to work) stopped to hear Rouge’s words, but then they either just kept on walking or brushed off their concerns after a bit of murmuring amongst themselves. Rouge just chuckled, as this was just the reaction she was expecting.
“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Rouge said into the megaphone. She then smiled knowing it was time. She threw the megaphone off the building, causing it to break into pieces as it crashed onto the sidewalk, and then started floating in the air and over the crowd, of which some had stopped when they heard Rouge say don’t say she didn’t warn them.

Rouge then turned the growth gun on herself and fired. She kept her finger on the trigger as her body glowed a bright red.
“Yes... it’s working!” Rouge said, watching as every part of her body was growing bigger and bigger. Even the growth gun itself was growing as it kept on firing. Now the crowd was gasping in awe, and some were already shivering when they saw the growing batgirl get closer and closer to the ground. When they realized Rouge was going to plant her feet on the ground, that’s when they took off running. And Rouge planted her boots hard on the ground, cracking the road beneath her. At the same exact time, Rouge felt she was big enough and took her finger off the trigger.
“I warned you all, but you didn’t listen, so you will feel the wrath of Rouge the Empress. Mmmmm... that has a nice ring to it!” Rouge said as she looked down at the citizens of Station Square from her new height of 150 feet tall. It was almost like the dream Rouge had last night when envisioning herself as a giantess. Perhaps she was a little bigger in that dream, but she decided she was the right size for now, and since the growth gun grew with her, it’ll be easy to grow even bigger should she decide to.
But in the meantime, Rouge stretched out her belt and placed the growth gun on her side. It was now time to live up to the name she gave herself of Rouge the Empress.

At almost the same time, a couple blocks away, Topaz was stepping out from inside the Station Square Hotel. She was in the same street clothes she wore yesterday (beige pants, white tennis shoes, and white tank top) but that was only until she returned to GUN headquarters to get back on duty. But one important thing was missing.
“Ugh! Where is that crazy batgirl!? She knows not to be late for a GUN briefing.” Topaz said. Right when she said that, she looked to her right and saw a huge crowd of people running like mad down the roads.
“Huh? What’s going on here?” Topaz said. But when she heard a familiar voice, she didn’t have to wonder for long what they were running from.
“Awwww... don’t run away, you little people. I’ll play nice if you’ll let me!” Rouge said as her voice echoed in the skies.
“Huh? Rouge? Where is she and why is her voice so loud?” Topaz said.

She didn’t have to wonder long, as Topaz watched as the 150-foot-tall Rouge stepped out from behind a taller building, slowly walking behind the panicking crowd. Topaz was obviously stunned.
“What the hell!?” Topaz shouted. She watched as the giant Rouge appeared larger and larger in her eyes as she walked further down the roads, teasing the crowd by coming within inches (by Rouge’s guess) of stomping a large group of people. Topaz backed away as Rouge’s boot came very close to her, and then she had to avoid falling debris as Rouge’s huge tail brushed against the side of the hotel. Topaz immediately thought of the events of yesterday.
“Alright, Rouge... did you shrink Station Square and everyone in it!? GUN will have to wait while I get to the bottom of this!” Topaz said as she immediately started running after the giantess.

Rouge felt she had done her chasing game long enough. She took one big step and blocked a large group of people’s progress further down the roads. In doing so she crushed several innocent people to a bloody death, but Rouge wasn’t thinking about those people... nor the building she sliced almost in half from unfolding her huge wings. She instead wondered how she was going to toy with all those people trapped between her boots.
“You’ve all been very naughty in running away from your new empress. I may just have to do something about that.” Rouge said. That’s when she picked up everyone of these people and squeezed them all together in her two hands. She at first held the group high above her open mouth, but quickly pulled them back.
“Nah... humans would probably taste disgusting. I know!” Rouge said. That’s when she kept things simple and simply dropped every last one of these people. The ones that first hit the pavement died instantly. Others were able to survive but were far too injured to move around, while the last of the group received little injury thanks to using the people before them as landing pads. But their fates would all be for naught as Rouge raised her boot high above the crowd.
“You guys are boring. Maybe the next group of people will entertain me more.” Rouge said as she slammed the boot down and crushed nearly everyone underneath. A couple more stomps killed those that were able to survive the first crush. Everyone in this group was dead and a pool of their blood started to fill the crack left behind by Rouge’s stomps.
“Such incredible power. It’s almost better than I ever imagined it.” Rouge said.
“Rouge!!” a familiar voice shouted. Rouge, having excellent hearing being a bat, heard the call and looked down by her boots. There was her GUN partner, Topaz, waving her arms around to get the giantess’s attention.

“Well, well. If it isn’t little Granny. Hahaha!” Rouge said with a chuckle.
“Don’t play games with me, Rouge! What have you done to the city!?” Topaz said.
“Hmmm? The city? What are you babbling about?” Rouge said.
“You know what I mean! You shrunk Station Square and everyone in it, didn’t you!? Just like you did the Floating Island yesterday!” Topaz said.
“Calm down, Granny. I modified my gun to make things bigger instead of smaller now. It’s not the city that’s smaller. I’m the one that’s bigger, as you can plainly see.” Rouge said.
“You have to shrink back to normal and come back to GUN now, Rouge!” Topaz said.
“Pffft... forget it. I am now Rouge the Empress. GUN should be the one listening to ME from now on, in my humble opinion anyway.” Rouge said.
“Fine... stomp around and play giant batgirl all you want. But you know I’m going to have to report this behavior to my superiors.” Topaz said.
“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be doing that, Granny.” Rouge said.
“(gulp) No?” Topaz said. She immediately feared she was going to be next underneath Rouge’s boot if she didn’t start running soon. But what came next out of Rouge’s mouth surprised her.
“I’m feeling so incredibly generous right now. I could always use a partner in crime.” Rouge said.
“Partner in crime?” Topaz shouted.
“Come on up, Granny!” Rouge said as she pulled out her growth gun and aimed it squarely at Topaz.
“Rouge... wait!!!” Topaz shouted. She covered her head thinking this laser was going to hurt, but Rouge simply smiled as Topaz’s body was covered in the red glow of the gun’s laser. But most importantly, Topaz began to grow bigger...

Chapter 2, written by DJYellow22

Topaz grew and grew in height, all while Rouge simply watched her as she grew bigger and bigger until she was around 200 something feet tall. No longer did Rouge look like a giantess to Topaz, rather she looked like she was her regular height again, despite being 150 feet tall. "So," Rouge snickered. "What do ya think?"

"What do I think? What do I THINK?" Topaz was taken aback by how quickly her surroundings had changed. Now, the people looked like little ants to her.. It was rather frightening to see a sudden change like this! "You'd better stop this madness and get the both of us back to normal! Right now!"

"Heh, sorry to tell ya Hon, but my little growth ray doesn't have the ability to shrink things down anymore. Your stuck like this for now." Rouge said, snickering as she said so. "Besides, what's so wrong with being gigantic? Huh?"

"Well, for one thing, it causes mass hysteria and makes us a threat to the public..." Topaz started to go on, and on about how terrible this is. "Granny, you always yak and yak about everything. No wonder why I don't take you seriously. Look, your stuck like this, so just deal with it for now, Kay?" Before Topaz could reply, Rouge grabbed her pants, and started to drag Topaz. "Let's just go have some fun."

"Gah, let go of me!" Topaz whined, trying to pull back from Rouge. While she was doing this, little did she know that she was accidentally crushing several little people and cars, leaving little bloody messes in the streets as she did so.

"Stop whining Granny, you're gonna love being like this, just trust me." Rouge said with yet another snicker. Her choice of words could have been better though... As Topaz finally snapped after being called Granny for the hundredth time. "You little idiot!" Topaz aggressively pulled herself away from Rouge. Suddenly, Topaz grabbed Rouge from her bat wings, and scowled at the Bat Girl. "Ugh! I didn't ask for any of this today! Today's my off time, but you HAVE TO just drag me into this mess!"

Rouge tried to fight back, struggling to get her wings out of the other giantess's grip. It hurt a awful lot, that's for sure! "Well, it's too late now! Your stuck like this! Just enjoy it and stop whining, ugh!"

 "And how the hell am I supposed to enjoy this?!" Topaz yelled. The fighting and arguing between the two giantesses continued for quite some time. While fighting, Rouge suddenly noticed that something was beginning to approach them. Sure enough, a huge team of several G.U.N Military Tanks and Soldiers started to approach the two giantesses. "Oh, crud." Rouge grumbled. "Hey, I think we're gonna have some troubles here."

Topaz curiously looked down, and suddenly flinched at the sight of the hundreds, if not thousands of G.U.N soldiers that are confronting them. "Oh crap, what are we gonna do?!" Topaz panicked, she let go of Rouge, and the batgirl landed safely right next to her,

"Listen, Granny. YOU gotta use the power that they all have, you got that? If we were normal sized, then maybe this might be a problem for you. But, considering that we're now like goddesses... All you gotta do to stop them is..." Suddenly, Rouge lifted up one of her huge boots, and she quickly lowered it down onto a huge group of soldiers. "stomp them out. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it?" Rouge grinned. Suddenly, many of the soldiers started to shoot at both Topaz and Rouge. Yet, Rouge only laughed at them. "Tsk Tsk, Tsk, little bugs. Don't you know that your useless little weapons are useless to us?" Suddenly, she lifted her boot up again, and stomped down onto another large group. "Come on, just try it. It's fun."

Topaz wasn't sure what to do. She didn't see herself acting like a total monster like Rouge was doing right now. She considered herself far better then that. She didn't seem to consider the excitement that Rouge was feeling from crushing people like tiny little bugs.

And then, soldiers began to shoot up at her. It didn't hurt at all, but it was noticeable, AND IT was annoying. Not doing anything for a while, Topaz wanted to contain her annoyance as she let Rouge do the job of getting G.U.N off their back. Sadly, she grew more and more annoyed. Until she finally snapped and stomped her foot. "Stop doing this already! Go home, don't you know this is useless?!?" Topaz cried out. She stomped right on a tank. It was one of the most powerful G.U.N weapons. And yet, it was simply defeated by a simple stomp from her.

The pleasant sounding crunch noise of the Tank being squished made Topaz realize how powerful she had became at this size. And it pleased her, it pleased her so very much. Deciding to stomp at another group of soldiers.. And another, and another..  She started to see why Rouge loved to do this so much. The sheer thought of having all the power in the world made her giddily.

While Rouge continued her own stomping, she noticed that Topaz was beginning to do so, and was enjoying it as much as she did. "Heh heh.. Well well, what did I tell ya. YOU WERE going to love it."

After a while more, the two giantesses had taken out a large number of the tiny soldiers.  The remaining ones were beginning to retreat, Rouge only laughed at them. "They should have left a long time ago. Ah well, that was pretty fun anyway." Rouge chuckled, before staring up at Topaz. "And I know you enjoyed it too."

Topaz suddenly blushed. "Only just a little. Those guys were bugging me a lot, so it relieved a lot of stress from me."

Rouge rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."


A while later, Rouge and Topaz were walking around the tiny city once again. Not giving a care in the world as either of them caused chaos and destruction at every step they took. "You know... I really don't think you make a very good goddess like me." Rouge suddenly blurted out, sounding incredibly smug as she said so.

"Uh, excuse me?" Topaz squinted her eyes at the bat girl. "What in the world are you talking about?"

"Oh, you know, your just not a very impressive looking woman, especially at your age. Me on the other hand? Why, all the men of the city gaze up at me as I stomp through it. They know I'm a goddess."

"Oh, just shut up." Topaz retorted. "Your so full of yourself." Rouge then grinned. "Heh, heh. You just don't wanna admit that your just a hag, don't you?"

Topaz grew red. "No I don't! I'm probably just as good looking as you, heck, I'm probably better then you!"

Rouge suddenly had a plan. "Hmm... Well, how about we try to find out?" Suddenly, with almost lighting speed, Rouge swipes off all of Topaz's clothes.. All besides for her panties and bra. With a grin, Rouge looked at the embarrassed almost naked giantess.

"Ah!" Topaz cried out. Feeling so embarrassed from being stripped in public,(Especially at THAT SIZE!) she tried to cover herself up. Rouge chuckled for a moment, before clapping. "Hmmph.. Well, I guess I gotta admit one thing. And that's the fact that you look pretty good. Bravo"

Topaz suddenly blushed again. "oh, really? You actually mean that?" Topaz said, looking at Rouge with a embarrassed face.

"Yeah, of course! What would I lie to ya?" Rouge grinned. "I admit, you look decent. Maybe you're as good as me, alright?"

Topaz smiled for a moment. However, the nice moment didn't last for very long as the sound of a very familiar large truck started to be heard. The two giantesses both looked nearby, and Topaz gasped at what she saw. Sure enough, it was G.U.N's huge Truck that contained missiles and guns of all kinds. It really was their most powerful weapon.

"Oh crap." Topaz said out loud. "Rouge, we really are done for now." Topaz gulped, stepping back slightly as the truck approached them.

"Oh come on Granny, you really think something like that can stop us? Yeah, it's bigger then all the other things, but you think that's gonna stop us?" Rouge grinned. "Just watch, we'll get rid of it as easily as everything else."

Sadly for Rouge and Topaz, that didn't seem like it was gonna be the case. As the big G.U.N truck approached, it blasted off several missiles from its arsenal at Rouge and Topaz. Before the giantesses could react, the both of them were attacked quite harshly from it, the missiles hit the both of them roughly, and while it wasn't enough to defeat them yet, the both of them had bruises and burns all over them.

"Oh no!" Rouge cried. "M-My-My nail polish! It's ruined!" The bat girl sounded so hysterical.

Topaz slowly stood up after being shot at from the truck. She needed to come up with some sort of way to defeat it. At their current sizes, despite being so big already, they still didn't stand a single chance against it. That's when Topaz suddenly came up with a idea. She looked over to Rouge, who still had her growth ray in her belt. Topaz quickly swiped it away from Rouge.

"Hey! What the heck do you think you're doing-" Rouge couldn't finish her sentence before she saw what Topaz had planned. The giantess shot the ray gun at herself again, and slowly.. She began to grow and grow and grow more and more.. Rouge could only stare up at Topaz as she grew larger and larger. It was so mesmerizing!

Finally, Topaz's growth ended, and she was much bigger then before. Rouge gasped at her size.. She was so big now.. She might look like just a little doll to her!

Topaz kneeled down, and picked up the small G.U.N truck. With a grin, she threw it far away, several miles away. Topaz grinned as she watched the G.U.N truck disappear into the distance, before it finally exploded.  Causing what would be a huge explosion to anyone who was close by.

Rouge was impressed by how easily Topaz got rid of the G.U.N truck. But now, she came to a realization. At Topaz's new size.. What was she going to do?

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Rouge looked up at the sky about as nervous as she could possibly be. It wasn't too long ago she was the biggest living being in the city and then a close second thanks to Topaz being enlarged, but now she was a distance. A very VERY distant second. She couldn't believe how big Topaz had grown. Rouge felt she could very easily be mistaken for an action figure as big as her partner was now. But Rouge did her best to stay calm, even as Topaz slightly moved her feet around as she looked down on her now small partner after watching the flames burning from the exploded GUN truck burn in the distance.
"Whew… that was too close." Topaz said, her voice absolutely booming out now. Rouge felt the whole world could probably hear her now with that loud of a voice. But now, Rouge had to keep still as she watched her partner kneel down and wrap her free hand around her body. Rouge felt herself being lifted into the air as she now looked face-to-incredibly huge face with the bigger giantess.
"Rouge, are you okay?" Topaz asked.
"Um, yeah… Yeah, except for my nails, I'm just dandy." Rouge said.
"Sorry about this, but it was the only way to subdue that big truck. It's probably the most powerful weapon GUN has outside of nuclear warheads." Topaz said.
"So, I don't suppose you could be a lady and return the favor?" Rouge said with a nervous smile on her face. Topaz's smile was more defined.
"Lucky for you, I still need my 'partner in crime.'" Topaz said, quoting Rouge from earlier in the day when she felt a giant Topaz was suited for her needs.

Topaz then put Rouge back on the ground. While she was tempted to trick her and maybe chase her around the city, she felt that would get boring quickly, especially given Rouge could just fly away to escape. And so Topaz wasted no time, aiming the growth gun down at the batgirl and blasting her with it. Rouge, used to the laser taking up her eyesight, watched as Topaz and the city at her feet shrank with each passing second.
It took almost a minute, but Rouge was finally several times bigger just like Topaz. However, they were still proportionally the same size as if they never grew, with Topaz being taller than Rouge.
"Wow… how big are we?" Rouge asked.
"If I had to guess, probably at least half a mile tall. Somewhere between three and four thousand feet tall. Whew… thousand…" Topaz said, holding her head at the mere thought of how big she and Rouge were.
"What's wrong?" Rouge asked.
"Forgive me, I just never thought anybody or anything could grow this big. We're probably the biggest things on this planet period! Well, aside from some mountains around the world." Topaz said.
"But you know what? At least you seem to be enjoying this more than ever." Rouge said with a smile. Topaz at first blushed and didn't say anything, but finally came clean and relayed her current feelings to the batgirl.
"Well… GUN's probably gonna sentence me to death now that we've destroyed some of their weapons and killed their soldiers. Guess I have no choice but to accept this new lifestyle. But like you said… I seem to be quite fascinated the more time that passes." Topaz said.
"Hmmhmm… come on. Let's show the rest of this city just what us mega girls can do." Rouge said. With a nod from Topaz, the two mega giantesses resumed their walk around Station Square.

Needless to say, the size of both giantesses allowed them to cover a massive amount of ground. Several buildings were crushed simultaneously with each stomp from either Rouge's boot or Topaz's bare foot. Both giantesses tried to imagine what it must've looked like to the tiny citizens trying to escape, but they were too big to really imagine it. They knew their deaths were swift, as the immense weight of their feet ensured no chance of survival as soon as that foot was planted onto the ground. The city shook violently with each tremor from the stomps of the giantesses being more intense than the highest earthquake rating possible. This caused several structures to collapse to the ground even when the giantesses weren't close to stepping on them.
"It's like walking on a map!" Topaz shouted.
"I know, and this map is ours for the taking." Rouge said with a smile. Topaz couldn't help but laugh a bit at that remark. She was right, though. At the size they were both at, they could both easily rule the city and perhaps the rest of the world. Topaz tried hard to shake off that kind of evil mentality, but it couldn't be helped given the incredible size she and Rouge were at.
Meanwhile, a news helicopter was slowly rising up higher into the air, trying its hardest to reach the heads of the two giantesses if at all possible. Scarlet Garcia, the famed reporter of Station Square, didn’t have time to be stunned over the sheer size of the two as she had a job to do. She had to speak really loud so that her viewing audience could hear her over the incredibly loud booms coming from the footsteps of the giantesses.
“This is Scarlet Garcia coming to you live from the SSN helicopter!! As you can obviously see, the two giantesses have grown to an incredible size. They are practically walking over the city like it was a map, so all residents of Station Square are strongly advised to evacuate the area immediately! I’ve been told the giant human lady is GUN agent Topaz, but that’s all I can tell you at this time!! As soon as we have more info... *gasp!*” Scarlet said. Before she could finish her report, however, Topaz made a sudden turn towards the helicopter and walked right towards it with the skin of her stomach making contact with the blades of the helicopter. The helicopter stood little chance as the blades tore apart after scraping against Topaz’s stomach, and it slowly descended towards the ground with a hard landing. Scarlet and crew tried to escape the chopper, but they and the chopper itself were crushed underneath the neverending foot of the giant Topaz.
Topaz looked down at her stomach, with Rouge noticing this.
“What’s wrong?” Rouge asked.
“Oh, it’s nothing. I felt something scrape against my skin. Maybe another tank shooting at us or something.” Topaz said.
“Heh, those pipsqueaks will just never learn, will they?” Rouge said.
“I guess not, though I should know how they feel given that I trained with them.” Topaz said.
“Hey, come on. Let’s see if we can find another tiny city to step all over.” Rouge said.
“I would like that!” Topaz said. The mega giantesses then made their exit out of the heavily ravaged Station Square.

As the two proceeded to find another city as big and populated as Station Square, the two came across a mountain range, covered in nothing but forests and small villages at the base. As for the mountains themselves, both giantesses were easily at least twice the size of these normally vast pieces of landscape, and Rouge couldn’t help but tease a few hikers that were trying in vain to escape from the mountain as Rouge surrounded it with both her legs.
“Awww... you guys better escape before you get hurt.” Rouge said. After waiting a few seconds, she then made her move.
“Sorry, out of time!” Rouge shouted. She then sat down on the ridge of mountain, crushing the near microscopic people beneath her tail.
“Hahaha! Feels good to smush those people beneath me. You should try it, Granny!” Rouge said.
“Well, why not?” Topaz said. She scanned the mountain range trying to find anyone still trying to escape, but was unable to do so. Nevertheless, not wanting to disappoint Rouge with her lack of activity, Topaz played along and pretended there was another group of hikers trying to escape.
“Ha! You little ants won’t escape from me.” Topaz said. And then, instead of using her behind, she was a bit more creative (and playful to an extent) and decided to plant her chest over the mountain top. Chunks of the mountain rained down to the ground as her bra pressed further down. Eventually Topaz stood back to her full height, where she saw Rouge looking at her with a smile.
“Well, well, I didn’t know you were that kind of girl.” Rouge said.
“Heh, thanks. You know, all of this reminds me of my older brother.” Topaz said.
“Oh? Older brother?” Rouge asked.
“Yeah. He used to loooooove playing giant when we were both kids. He would make buildings out of paper mache and then crush them under his sneakers with an evil laugh as if he was an all powerful giant from another galaxy. I used to beg him to be a part of his show but he always refused... I still remember him saying girls could never make strong, powerful giants.” Topaz said, laughing a little bit.
“Hmph! What a chauvinist. I bet we both could prove him wrong now.” Rouge said.
“Yeah... except that he’s been dead for a few years now.” Topaz said as she sat down now close to the mountain, her eyes widening as she suddenly started to think about that sad day.
“Huh? Dead?” Rouge said.
“He died in the overseas war on terrorism. I miss him and think about him every day.” Topaz said with a sigh.
“I... I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Rouge said.

“I know, Rouge. It’s okay.” Topaz said. Rouge finally walked up and offered a hand to help her fellow giantess up.
“I’m sure he would be very proud to see his little sister all grown up in more ways than one.” Rouge said.
“Yeah, I hope so too.” Topaz said as she stood back up.

Topaz then looked past the destroyed mountain top and saw the next city beyond it.
“So, I guess we should get city destroying again?” Topaz said. But Rouge was instead looking up at the sky. Even at thousands of feet tall, there was one very sky high object that caught her attention.
“Actually, there is another place I’d like to visit.” Rouge said.
“Oh, and what’s that?” Topaz asked.
“The Floating Island.” Rouge said.

Chapter 4, written by Cubed

The two mega giantesses walked over the world that rested at their feet, now pretty much oblivious to the intense destruction they caused with every step. They both waded out to the sea, with their size ensuring the water only rose up to their knees. Most importantly, however, was that they has both reached their destination, and that was underneath the Floating Island that was still high in the sky.
"There it is... the Floating Island. Hmmhmmhmm, I'd love to see the look on Knuckles face when he sees how much bigger and more beautiful I am." Rouge said.
"But how are we going to reach that island? It's still miles away from us!" Topaz said.
"No problem. I just have to take the elevator." Rouge said, making a rare joke that Sonic would probably be proud of. She then took the growth gun off her belt and handed it over to Topaz.
"Here, Granny. Shoot me and don't stop until I tell you to." Rouge said.
"Huh? Are you sure? You could be miles tall before you’re able to reach that island!” Topaz said.
“I know. It’ll be great, won’t it?” Rouge said with a smile on her face. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to talk the batgirl out of this game, and kinda thinking what it would be like to be that ultra huge as well, Topaz finally nodded her head (hitting a group of combat jet planes with her chin and not seeing them because of how big she was).
“Okay, Rouge. I understand.” Topaz said. The human woman took a couple steps back and took a deep breath, hoping she wouldn’t regret what she was about to do to her friend. Then she clicked the trigger and the beam shot out, hitting Rouge and immediately making her grow again.

Topaz followed Rouge’s head as best as she could while she grew. Rouge, in the meantime, kept her own sights locked onto Floating Island. She watched with great anticipation as the island drew closer and closer into view, although she still had many hundreds of feet to go before she caught up. Even when Rouge was now twice the size of the already massive Topaz, Rouge urged her to keep firing.
“Keep going!” Rouge said. Topaz had to back up as Rouge’s growing body took up more and more space. When she was looking straight at Rouge's knees, she almost begged her partner to stop.
"Rouge! Please stop! You're growing too big!" Topaz shouted.
"No! BIGGER!!!" Rouge said with a voice loud enough for the entire planet to hear. By now, she was probably big enough that anyone halfway across the planet could see her, but all Rouge cared about was that she was finally looking at the rocky bottom of the Floating Island.
Finally, just as Rouge's head was about to rise above the surface of the island, she felt her growth stop as the energy from the ray left her body. She looked way down at Topaz, who looked small enough to be the same length as the bottom of her boots.
"S...s...sorry, Rouge. The gun suddenly shot sparks and began to smoke, so I had to cease fire!" Topaz said.
"It's okay, Granny. I'mthe perfect size for the island. Oh Knuckles! Come out come out wherever you are!" Rouge said after using her hands gripping part of the sides of the island to pull it down to her chest level.

Knuckles, needless to say, couldn't believe what he had witnessed for the past several minutes even from high in the sky. First it was Rouge growing gigantic and tearing up Station Square. In fact, he would've departed the island and confronted the giant batgirl had he not witnessed Rouge making the human woman known as Topaz gigantic as well. That led to the attack from GUN that was thwarted by the giantesses, especially after Topaz made herself even bigger to destroy the big truck. When Topaz made Rouge even bigger also and the two made the mountains look so small, that's when he knew trouble was brewing, and yet he kept watching as the events played out. He backed away from the edges of the island, towards the pedestal where the Master Emerald rested, as he watched Rouge grow even bigger, but when he saw the unimaginable massiveness of Rouge’s face, he almost froze.
Hi there, Knucky. I know you’re down there somewhere.” Rouge said. While she may have been able to see the entire Floating Island without having to fly or anything like that, she was simply too big to see anything at surface level aside from the enlarged Topaz. She could only assume Knuckles was trembling in fear and imagine (a hard task to do) what she must’ve looked like to the microscopic echidna. Knuckles, meanwhile, covered his ears from Rouge’s insanely loud voice, and even then he cringed as he felt his eardrums ringing.
“R...Rouge? What is going on here!?” Knuckles shouted.
What do you think? I’m reaching new heights, and look at me now. Bigger and better than ever.” Rouge said.
“Yeah, that’s real nice! How can you hear me from all the way up there!?” Knuckles shouted.
I’m a bat, silly. I have superior hearing unlike that little echidna head of yours.” Rouge said.
“Bah! If you were normal-sized, I’d... WHOA!” Knuckles said, only to have the entire ground tilt forwards. Knuckles used his gloves to grip onto the ground to keep from sliding further. It turned out Rouge was tilting the entire island towards her using her arms to grip the island.
Or you’ll what? Punch me in the knees? You’re in no position to demand anything anymore. In fact, I’ll be taking the Master Emerald now.” Rouge said.
“No, you wouldn’t dare!” Knuckles said.
You’re right, I wouldn’t, especially since I’d crush the emerald into dust as big as I am. I’ll just have my partner get it for me.” Rouge said. After tilting the island back to its normal position, Rouge then reached down and carefully wrapped one of her hands around Topaz.

Rouge then set Topaz down on the Floating Island, close to the pedestal where the Master Emerald was resting. Of course, with Topaz’s size, Knuckles had another extremely massive threat to worry about, and this one had set foot on his island. Even from a distance, Knuckles could not see Topaz’s entire body as it stretched into the atmosphere.
As for Topaz, she simply marveled over how much she could see with her height, and it allowed her to pick up on where the Master Emerald was.
“There it is!” Topaz shouted instinctively. Knuckles ducked down as Topaz reached down and picked up the tiny emerald and held it between her fingers. She then walked across the island, stomping various landscapes into mush beneath her bare feet, to one of the edges where she looked up at the towering Rouge.
“Got it, Rouge!” Topaz said.
That’s a good little Granny.” Rouge said. Topaz gritted her teeth, getting doubly annoyed over not only being called Granny again, but a little Granny again. She remembered she was still holding onto the growth gun and pointed it at herself. But when she pulled the trigger, nothing happened.
“What? The gun won’t work?” Topaz said. She then remembered back to the shower of sparks and smoke that the device emitted just as she was finished making Rouge bigger.
What’s wrong?” Rouge asked.
“The growth gun... it must be toast now after all the growing I did to you.” Topaz said. She half expected Rouge to make some snarky remark and tease her on how she was a little doll once again, but instead, she had some advice for her friend.
Try wishing on the Master Emerald. Gently put your hands around the emerald and wish you were bigger.” Rouge said.
“Are you sure that would work?” Topaz said.
It might be the only chance you have, honey. But you might want to hurry... I have every intention of crushing this island as soon as it’s done sinking.” Rouge said. Indeed, Topaz could see the island was falling towards the sea thanks to the Master Emerald being removed. Naturally, more of Rouge’s gigantic self was becoming visible with each passing second, and Topaz believed Rouge fully that she would crush the island, being big enough to do it.
And so Topaz, after dropping the growth gun, closed the hand she was holding the Master Emerald into a fist and then surrounded that fist with her other hand. She closed her eyes and began to think really big. She did her best to think only that... and it worked. Rouge smiled as she watched Topaz growing right before her eyes. The combined increasing weight of the growing human giantess and lack of Master Emerald caused the sinking of the Floating Island to rapidly increase. Finally, the island splashed down making little to no impact on either giantess. Topaz opened her eyes and was amazed to not only be up to Rouge’s chest level, but still growing as well!

Wait... I’m still growing?” Topaz asked.
Once you make a wish on the Master Emerald, its power will allow that wish to be fulfilled completely.” Rouge said.
Finally, Topaz’s growth stopped as she stepped out to the shallow waters of the ocean. Like before, she had grown to the point where Rouge looked normal to her. But Topaz could only look out in awe as it looked like the planet was curving out in the distance.
My gosh... we’re so big, I can see Earth curving!” Topaz said.
Here, let me take the emerald for you.” Rouge said. The Master Emerald, which had grown itself being in Topaz’s hands, was passed from the human woman to Rouge. Rouge then decided to get a little playful with the woman she always playfully called Granny.
Oops!” Rouge said as she gave Topaz a big shove.
Whoa!” Topaz said. Naturally, the shove took Topaz by surprise as she fell backwards. Knuckles looked up and could only see the white fabric of Topaz’s panties.
“Oh fu...” Knuckles said. He didn’t get even a remote chance to finish his line as his life flashed before his eyes. He and the Floating Island (and also the broken growth gun) were almost completely crushed under Topaz’s rear end.

As Topaz picked herself up, using the water from the ocean on her hands to scrape off whatever bits and pieces of the island on her behind, she looked over at Rouge with an annoyed look on her face.
You know, I could have you arrested for pulling a stunt like that!” Topaz said.
You could, but you’re no longer with GUN, so you can’t arrest me.” Rouge said.
True.” Topaz said. Rouge then watched as the Master Emerald grew in one of her hands. It was now the size of an ordinary Chaos Emerald from her perspective.
Ahhhh.... at long last I have the Master Emerald and its vast unlimited power. From this day forward, I shall very truly be known as Rouge the Empress, especially since I can just do this.” Rouge said. She lifted one of her boots and planted it down on Station Square, crushing it completely and wiping it off the face of the Earth. Topaz just smiled.
Yep, that’s for sure. We’re both big enough to rule whatever we want, really.” Topaz said.
Oh, but we’re not done growing. First, I have to show you something.” Rouge said.
Huh? What’s that?” Topaz asked.
Here. Take my hand and hold on tight.” Rouge said, offering her free hand towards Topaz. After Topaz gripped onto the hand, Rouge then surprised Topaz a bit by stretching out her wings and taking off for the stratosphere.
W...wait! Rouge, where are we going!?” Topaz said.
To outer space! Where else?” Rouge said.
NO! Wait! I’ll die in outer space! I can’t breathe out there!” Topaz said.
Oh quit your whining. You’ll be fine with me by your side.” Rouge said. In fact, she secretly made a wish to allow Topaz to survive out in space. Nevertheless, Topaz took a deep breath of air, probably sucking in trillions of oxygen molecules in the process, and held it in as she watched the skies get darker and darker and the ravaged ground below fade out. Topaz had to close her eyes to help keep the breath in.

But eventually, she couldn’t hold out any longer. Topaz opened her eyes, coughed out and quickly gasped for air. She then realized she was doing that, and with nothing but a starry background in her eyes.
I... I can breathe?” Topaz said.
See? I told you you’d be fine by my side. It’s as easy as wishing to the Master Emerald for my partner in crime to be able to breathe in space.” Rouge said.
But where is?” Topaz said.
Where’s Earth? Look behind you, Granny.” Rouge said. Topaz did just that, and gasped. There was planet Earth in all its glory.
It’s... it’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen Earth like this before.” Topaz said. Rouge then had a rather devilish smile.
And it’s about to get even smaller.” Rouge said. She looked down at the Master Emerald in her right hand and concentrated. Both watched as they grew even bigger, causing the Earth to shrink ever so quickly before their eyes.

After a couple minutes, Rouge cut off the growth spell. The Earth looked the size of a small marble compared to the empresses that were Rouge and Topaz. Topaz very carefully floated her way towards Earth, disintegrating Mt. Everest with the lightest brush from her bra.
It’s so small now...” Topaz said.
Almost the perfect size, if you think about it.” Rouge said. Topaz then put one of her ears next to the planet.
I... I can hear them. Over 6 billion screaming...” Topaz said.
Oh yes... they’re afraid. They’re very afraid. I can sense your fear, citizens of Earth. I am Rouge the Empress... I am your new ruler!” Rouge said. She then held one of her fingers from her gloved hands just above where she guessed Station Square used to be.
In fact, if you don’t submit to me, I’ll just make your land disappear with the magic press of my finger.” Rouge said.
Rouge, wait...” Topaz said.
Hmmmm? What is it, Granny?” Rouge said.
Let’s not destroy Earth just yet. It’s our home, after all. Why not go and ravage some of the other planets in our solar system? There’s no life on them anyway.” Topaz said.
Y’know, you have a good point. You hear that, Earthlings? We’ll be back... maybe even bigger than before.” Rouge said. As she moved her head away and so did Topaz, they both looked behind them at the endless stream of stars.

I guess we better get moving. Mars is still a very long way.” Topaz said.
Au contraire... the Master Emerald can make us whatever size we want. Maybe even big enough to make Jupiter look like a grain of salt.” Rouge said.
Well, true, but before we do that, can’t we just swim through the vastness of space for a little while?” Topaz said.
As you wish, Granny. Race you to Mars!” Rouge said as she flew off into the distance.
Hey! AND STOP CALLING ME GRANNY!!!” Topaz shouted as she tried to follow suit, but floating or swimming out in space was no easy task, not even for a former GUN officer now hundreds of miles tall and co-ruler of the entire galaxy.

Fortunately, Rouge was considerate and flew backwards, eventually grabbing onto Topaz’s hand and giving her a smile and wink of one of her eyes. Topaz returned the favor. She suddenly was looking forward to being as big as the whole universe if that’s what Rouge was indeed planning.

In her bra and panties too.