Rouge's Booby Trap

(T-on-DA and BehindJK)

'Move fast, move quietly, move efficiently.'
These were some of the key rules to being a Spy. Rouge knew this, and always recited them in her head.

The mobian ran across the train tracks, the sun setting in the distance. Although some may mistake her for a human, this was not the case; Although she may appear as one, the bat like wings and features gave her away.

She wasn't bothered by this; Whilst some may redicule mobians and openly despise them, she knew she could make them see her eye to eye with her unique.. methods.

By the time the master thief had arrived at the Mystic ruins, the sun had given way to the moon, bathing the area in a dark blue light. Leaping from the tracks, Rouge used her wings to glide a fair distance, approaching the former location of Tails' workshop.

That's when she saw him.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik; Better known as Dr. Eggman.

Raising an eye in curiosity, Rouge moved closer, sticking to the shadows. Eggman flashed a bright light along the ground, searching the rubble. "Come on, this fox kid has to have something of use around here!" The mad scientist shouted.
'Hmm... Looks like Eggy doesn't wanna make his own toys, and plans on stealing one of Tails'... This could be bad.' Thought Rouge, watching intently as Dr. Eggman continued to look for something, a claw protruding from his pod to move the rubble out of the way.

"Oh...? What have we here?" Eggman shoved away some more rubble, revealing a large, grey device, clearly shaped to fire some form of beam. Setting the device down, Eggman leaped out of his Egg-Mobile, and wiped away some dust.

"Hmm...? What's this thing do anyway...?" Eggman pondered, adjusting his glasses and pulling out a small flashlight, shining it over the device in question. "J3N-14Y? Interesting..."

Rouge, reaching in between her breasts, pulled out an eyepiece, attaching it to her ear and using it to capture images of the device. Seeming satisfied with finding something amongst the rubble, Eggman flew away with the machine. Running forward, Rouge scanned the rubble with her eyes, not finding anything worth of note, nor any growth ray like she had hoped.

'If I were a betting gal, I'd put my money on that being the growth ray... But I don't know for sure. Time to make a call...'


Boy genius. Sidekick to a legendary hero... And currently sleeping on a couch, drool falling from his mouth onto his pillow. These were all words to describe Miles 'Tails' Prower.

With the crazy events of the day, what with the destruction of his home, the rampage courtesy of close friend and resident Sonic nutjob Amy Rose, and watching his best friend slash big brother Sonic be sat on by his number one fan, Tails had decided that he just wanted to sleep.

With his workshop out of the question, and Amy being far too large for her apartment, the group of mismatched heroes had made their way to the house of Cream the Rabbit.

Naturally, the bunny and her mother, Vanilla, were quite shocked to see Amy at this size, but offered the regular sized mobians somewhere to rest from their adventure.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Sadly, life had a very cruel sense of humour.

Grumbling, Tails reached over to his yellow jacket, pulled out his communicator, a handheld pad he made use of not only on a trip to an interstellar amusement park (Don't ask.) but also to a mysterious world in the sky (Seriously, don't.).
"Mmm... Hello?" He mumbled, rubbing his eyes as a feed appeared on the device.

"Tails, we've got a situation."

"Huh? Rouge?" Tails' eyes widened in surprise as the GUN agent appeared on screen. "What's going on?" The fox mobian was now wide awake. If Rouge was calling and not teasing you, then something major had to be happening.

"I was heading towards your workshop, but it was destroyed." Rouge replied, raising an eyebrow.
"Long story. Why were you heading to my workshop?" Tails asked.

"Long story." Rouge replied with a smirk. Her face turned gravely serious, however. "Tell me Tails; Does the initials 'J3N-14Y' mean anything?

Tails' eyes shrunk in fear. "Oh no..."


"Team Dark, we have a situation on our hands today."

Rouge stood in a room with a large computer situated in room. Having reported last night's incident to Tails, she immediately contacted the higher ups at GUN, bringing them up to speed. She now stood side by side with her fellow teammates; Shadow the Hedgehog, and Omega.

"Last night, Agent Rouge spotted Dr. Eggman in the Mystic Ruins. He was seen stealing what we now know to be a device capable of growing it's target to approximately 500ft." The commander continued, standing with his hands placed behind his back. "This is a serious threat not only to the city, but also to the world as we know. We must NOT allow the Doctor to make use of this device."

Rouge looked towards her two allies. To her left, stood Shadow. The black coloured hedgehog mobian stood with eyebrows creased; A subtle sign Rouge knew meant Shadow was worried. To her right, stood Omega. Unlike the other two, Omega was a full fledged robot, a walking arsenal.

"As we speak, GUN is providing Miles Prower with the equipment and resources to create a shrink ray, in the event we are unable to stop the Doctor from discovering the power he now wields. Now it's your job to find him. Agent Rouge!"

Rouge turned her attention back to the commander, a hand on her hip. "Yes hun~?"

"You're to patrol the Mystic Ruins. Attempt to locate Dr. Eggman's base, and if possible, destroy the machine. Agent Shadow, you're to search Station Square. Check any and all exits and entrances to see if Dr. Eggman has passed through under the radar. Omega, you're assigned to the remains of the Egg Carrier, last seen off Station Square's coast. Are we clear?"


"Move out!" The commander ordered, the three members of Team Dark running out of the room.

"Be careful you two, and good luck~" Rouge winked at her allies, only receiving a grunt from Shadow in reply.

With that, the individual members of Team Dark made their way to their respective patrols.


Rouge once more arrived to the Mystic Ruins, deciding to take the train this time (It recovered pretty quickly from the previous rampage). Upon arriving, Rouge considered returning to the scene of the theft... Until she spotted the good Doctor once more, and saw him making a beeline for Angel Island.

"Looks like our pal Eggy is heading for the Master Emerald... I follow the Doctor, and I'll find that growth ray!" Rouge said excitedly, as she pursued Dr. Eggman.


Knuckles eyes scrunched up tight as he continued to focus, attempting to quell his anger. The echidna Mobian may be the last of his kind, but he never let this fact bother him; In fact, he used it to further better himself, for the sake of his pride, and the safety of the Master Emerald.

The warrior turned to face the giant green gem. For as long as he could remember, he had been its guardian. He had no other memories; No other purpose.

Well, until he had begun to get caught up with them.

Knuckles smiled as he recalled his first time meeting Sonic and Tails; How he appeared from seemingly nowhere and knocked the Super right out of Super Sonic.

He almost wanted to laugh at the memory. In fact, he nearly chuckl-

"Knuckles! Please, you have to help me!"

The guardian turned in surprise to the familiar voice. Getting into a fighting position, Knuckles glared at the approaching figure. "What do you want, Eggman?" He growled out, glaring at the evil Doctor.

"Knuckles! There's not much time! They're going to be here any moment!" Dr. Eggman pleaded, leaping out of the Egg mobile and getting on his knees.

"Who? I swear, if this is another one of your tricks..."

"Please! Listen to my plea! You see, I've been working on a Growth Ray to make my minions stronger! But Sonic and his friends have found out, and they want to use it to put an end to me for good!" The Doctor explained, grabbing Knuckles' hands in his own and bowing his head. "Please Knuckles! You're my only hope! I beg of you, stop Sonic and his friends!"

Knuckles glared down at Eggman. Although he was evil, Knuckles was above letting Sonic attack the Doctor unprompted. Sure, it was a different story when he was trying to rule the world, but for Sonic and the others to attack Eggman out of the blue like this just wasn't their style. Which led to only one conclusion...

"Something has to be going on with Sonic that's making him attack you!" Knuckles shouted triumphantly, pounding his fists together.

"Oh, thank you Knuckles! I-I can help you, honest!" Eggman said, standing with Knuckles' hands still caught in his own. "Wait right here!" The Doctor ran back over to the Egg Mobile. "I have the Growth Ray installed into my device right here! Just stand riiiight there!" With that, the Egg Mobile lifted in the air, aiming a ray at the guardian, whirring to life with a red glow. "Riiiight there..." Eggman repeated, smiling.

 "Watch out!"

Suddenly, a white blur attacked the Egg Mobile, spinning like a drill. Despite attempting to dodge, the newcomer had hit the Ray off target, causing it to hit the Master Emerald...

Which proceeded to be shattered for the umpteenth time.

"NO!" Came two individual cries, curtosey of both Knuckles and Dr. Eggman.

Landing with a satisfied smirk, the white blur revealed itself as Rouge, who now stood with her hands on her hip. "Tut tut tut, you really should know better by now Knuckie~" She said, waving her finger. "If I hadn't stepped in, it would've been you who got shattered!"

"What?! So that wasn't a Growth ray at all?!" Knuckles shouted, turning his newfound anger on Eggman. "You tricked me!"

Eggman began to sweat nervously, as both Knuckles and Rouge took up confident fighting stances. "I think I hear my laundry bot calling! Gottagobye!" He cried, flying full pelt away from the two fighters.

"Crap... Now I've gotta fix the Master Emerald." Said Knuckles, turning to the fabled gem with a frown. "Damn that Eggman!"

"Aww, don't worry Knuckie!" Rouge walked over to the guardian, petting him on the shoulder. Pulling out her headpiece, she lowered it onto Knuckle's face, whirring to life... And tracking Eggman.

"What the...? When did you manage to put one of those tracer thingies on him?!" Knuckles asked, as Rouge pulled the headpiece off him.

"Tracking device, hun. Lucky for you, I've gotta chase down old Eggs Benedict-"


"-Cause he's got something GUN wants." Rouge explained, ignoring Knuckles' confused question. "Something I want." Smirking, Rouge walked around Knuckles, booping him the nose. "You worry your pretty little head on fixing the Master Emerald; I'll take on the good Doctor." With a two fingered salute and a wink, Rouge continued her pursuit of the Mad Scientist.

Meanwhile, Knuckles stood there, confused. Shrugging because "That Bat's crazy", Knuckles set out to find the now shattered pieces of the Master Emerald.


Rouge couldn't help but grin as she watched Eggman enter his Hidden Lair.  She had tracked him to one of his prior bases, hidden deep within the Mystic Ruins. She was proud of her split second decision to place a tracking device when she saved Knuckles.

She informed GUN over her communicator of her success, and although they offered to send troops, Rouge declined, preferring to go solo for this mission. After all, she couldn't go through with her plan if there were allies in the base.

Without hesitating, Rouge had decided to travel by the vents... Which soon proved more difficult than expected, thanks to her...

Baggage. Let's go with that.

Struggling to crawl through the vents, Rouge grunted as she finally found an exit to this damned vent...

Only for her ears to perk, as the angry shouts of Dr. Eggman made his prescense in the room known.

Crawling over to a grate, Rouge peered into the room, filled with inventions of all kinds. Rouge scanned the room for the Growth ray, soon spotting the device in question.

And, standing right next to her objective, was the good Doctor, scolding both an spherical and a cubed robot.

"Don't touch anything, or else!" Dr. Eggman shouted.

"But sir, how are we supposed to ensure this room stays dustless if we are prohibited from contact with the many machines here?" The Spherical robot, known as Orbot, asked.

"Yeah! And how are we supposed to clean stuff either?!" The dim witted box styled bot, known as Cubot, asked, oblivious to his stupidity.

"Figure it out!" Eggman shouted, stomping out of the room. With a sigh, the duo began to clean the room, banishing the dust out of every corner and device.

Grinning at her incredible luck, Rouge crawled forwards, and proceeded to use her legs to destroy the grate.

With a clatter, Rouge dropped out of the vents, landing and smiling at the two robots. "Hi boys~" She said.

"...Hi miss!" Cubot replied, waving at the intruder.

"YOU IDIOT! We have to tell the boss! DOCTOR EGGMAAAAAN!" Orbot shouted, Cubot following close behind.

Standing with a smirk, Rouge accessed the files GUN had given her on Tails' growth ray, and with confirmation, stalked over to the device, brushing her fingers over the 'J3N-14Y'

"Hello gorgeous~" She said with a sultry tone. "Where have you been all my life~?" With a giggle, Rouge flicked the device on, causing it to whir to life. Walking over with her hands on her hips, Rouge smiled and closed her eyes as the device fired, a blue glow surrounding her.

Rouge opened her eyes expectantly, hoping to witness the room around her be rubble at this point... To no avail. Frowning, Rouge walked over to the device, hitting it with her knuckles "Is this thing broken...?" She wondered aloud. As she reached down to deactivate the machine, Rouge noticed something;

Her hand was bigger compared to the lever now.

Grinning in excitement, Rouge now watched as the floor began to move further and further away, hearing the sound of running. 'Ah, that must be the good Doctor~' She thought. Suddenly getting a mischievous idea, Rouge grinned evily.

Dr. Eggman burst open the door, Orbot, Cubot and a small handful of Egg pawns right behind him, looking over the room. However, there was no sign of Rouge anywhere.

"I swear, if this is some trick by you two to get out of work...!" Eggman grumbled, his troops flanking his sides.

"We swear she was right here!" Orbot shouted, glancing around nervously. As the group began to move further in, they heard the door slam shut... And a light boom as Rouge detached herself from the wall.

"Well, how nice of you to join me here Eggy~!" Rouge taunted, her hands on her hips as she continued to grow. Eggman could only stand there in stunned silence, the Bat Mobian continuing to grow before his very eyes.

"W-well?! What are you waiting for?! SHOOT HER!" Eggman order, the Egg pawns taking action and firing on the large bat.

Grinning, Rouge managed to remain as swift as ever despite the increasing lack of room, swiftly kicking an Eggpawn, the sheer impact destroying the machine. She then grinned as she brought down her boot on top of another, feeling the metal give way to her boot. Hearing two scramble behind her, Rouge lept backwards, sitting on top of an Egg pawn, before grabbing the other and crushing it with her bare hands.

Grinning at the feeling of her 25 ft body easily destroying the bots, Rouge happily grinded the machine under her growing body, turning her attention back to Eggman...

Or rather, where he was.

Rouge watched as the Doctor and his remaining robot assistants dragged the growth ray outside, and she sprung to action, destroying the wall with ease.

Quickly spotting the cowardly Doctor fleeing in his Egg mobile as his two robot minions attempted to pull away the growth ray, Rouge grinned, stretching her arms out and pushing on the walls as she walked towards them, her ever increasing mass allowing her to catch up with them with ease.

"ABORT! ABORT!" Eggman shouted, flying as fast as his machine could from the growth ray, his two assistants right behind him.

Rouge stared down at the machine that had made this all possible. Putting on a fake pout, Rouge talked mockingly to the device. "I'm sorry sweetie; We had a good run." Lifting her boot above the device, Rouge grinned. "It's not you; It's me~" With that, Rogue brought her boot down on top of the device, crushing it. Grinding her heel, Rouge made absolute sure the device was beyond repair.

Turning her attention to the Doctor once more, she watched as he quickly turned the corridor. Grinning at the impromptu game of Cat and Mouse, Rouge gave chase, running down the halls and attempting to catch up. Unfortunately, her growth soon proved troublesome, as she was slowly outgrowing the hallways. Eventually, she found herself walking sideways; And huffing at her assets once more causing issues. However, she was beginning to close the gap between her and Dr. Eggman.

"Almost... Got you...!" Rouge said through grit teeth, still shuffling along the halls in a desperate bid to catch the Doctor. However, just as they were about to reach the end, Riuge felt herself come to a halt; She was officially stuck in the halls.

"Ho ho ho~!" Eggman laughed, floating eye level with the Bat Mobian. "It appears your grand plan has backfired Boobs!"


"Rouge!" The 'Evil Genius' corrected, ignoring the eyeroll from the trapped Giantess. "Farewell, Rouge the old bag!"

Rouge's eye twitched.


Was not.


She suffered quite enough at the hand of the naive referring to her as old due to her white hair; It had all but become a trigger word for her.

And with that, Eggman was forced to back up, as Rouge's growth sky rocketed!

She soon found herself pushing the halls to her whim, the metal walls bending at her power. Seeing the situation become dire, Eggman quickly fled out of a high up exit, flying outside his base.

Or, what was soon his former base.

Rouge, rather than simple make an exit, began to laugh as she destroyed as much of the base as she could on her exit, her eyes filled with deranged joy.

"Yeesh... And I thought I had problems." Dr. Eggman muttered.

Rouge's head snapped to the Doctor, an almost feral look in her eyes, causing him to audibly gulp. "I GOTTA GO!" He shouted, as Rouge reached and attempted to catch him.

"Oh? But we're not done playing yet Eggy!" Rouge shouted, still visibly angry.


Not a whole lot happened down in the Mystic Ruins. And nobody knew that better... Than Big the Cat.

The peaceful mammoth of a Mobian loved it here; It was quiet, peaceful, and plenty of places to go fishing with his best friend Froggy.

Speaking of his amphibious friend, Big watched as Froggy lept up and down in a single spot, clearly worried. "What's wrong little buddy?" Big asked, tilting his head.

Big soon felt the earth shake in a rhythmatic fashion, and watched in surprise as 500ft titaness Bat chased what appeared to be (In his eyes anyway) a metal fly.

"Wow... She's really tall..." Big muttered, tilting his head once more.


"Huh? No, she's not big. Big is Big!" The cat Mobian said proudly, ignoring the look of embarrassment on his animal companion.


Rouge came to a halt, watching as Eggman flew directly towards Station Square. She had chased the Doctor out of the forest and she now stood right beside the train station. She planned to chase the good Doctor, but had to stop and admire her new size. She now stood at 500ft; The same height as Amy had. Smirking, she compared herself to the local train station, looming over the construct...

"Hmm, maybe I should board the train to catch ol' Eggy~?" She held a hand to her mouth, and stepped onto the wooden stairwell, crushing it underfoot. However, she continued to move closer to the now unstable wooden platform, the trains desperately trying to leave the station.

"I should inspect for... quality first~" With that, Rouge lifted the train in her hands, ignoring the screams inside. Grinning, Rouge brought the train right up to her eye, acting as if she were genuinely inspecting it for quality. "Hmm... Change of plans; This train will be departing for tummy town shortly~!" With a lick of her lips, Rouge lifted the train up high, and slowly began to lower it down into her mouth.

The people who rode the train began to panic, as their view was filled with the maw of the titanic bat. The patrons tried to find some form of escape, but car by car, the train was consumed.

Rouge let out a light moan as each car went down, each train car as delicious as the last. With one final gulp, the train had met it's downfall, as the titanic bat petted her stomach with satisfaction. "Now that I've had that... I'm in the mood... For eggs." With that, Rouge walked to the nearby cliffside, and lept off, gliding to an unaware Station Square...


Eggman desperately pleaded with his Egg Mobile to not run out of fuel, thanking whichever deity was kind enough to cause Rouge to become distracted with her new size and attempt to snack on a nearby train. Unfortunately, the public transport hadn't lasted long, and Rouge was swiftly gliding over. Entering the city boarder, Eggman flew into a nearby alley way, grinning like a madman. 'Don't count me out yet, Bat!'


"You're positive this is where this is where the next chaos emerald was hidden?"


Shadow glanced around the area, eyes inspecting the dark alley way. Omega had completed his mission, and whilst he had failed to find the Doctor, he was able to hack into his database through the Egg carrier computers.

And by "hack" Shadow knew he meant "Mashed every key until it came out right"

Nevertheless, the two had discovered the Doctor had planned to overrun the city by hiding various Eggpawns in discreet locations, as well as hiding the emeralds in unassuming areas. As a result, the two agents of Team Dark had decided to go hunting for both the robots and the jewels of power.

The ebony Mobian scanned the alley one last time, before shaking his head. "No good. Let's get a higher vantage point."

"UNDERSTOOD. ENABLING THRUSTERS." Omega replied. He slowly began to ascend...

...Whilst Shadow opted for the nearby fire escape instead.

Using the smaller building to gain a greater view of the area, Shadow couldn't believe his eyes. "Rouge?! What the...?!" Shadow, shaking his head, starred once more, watching the giant Bat land with a light boom!

"IS THAT AGENT ROUGE? OR HAVE MY OPTICAL RECEPTOR BEGUN TO MALFUNCTION?" Omega asked, landing with a thud next to Shadow.

"She must have been hit by that growth ray we were instructed to find... With any luck, she might have recovered or destroyed it." Turning to his robotic companion, Shadow crossed his arms "Let's just keep looking for the emeralds. Worst case scenario, we'll need them.."

"UNDERSTOOD. RESUMING HUNT." With a robotic salute, Omega continued to scan the area, hoping for a glimmer of the emerald.

Shadow, uncrossing his arms, reached into his jacket's pockets, and pulled out three of the seven chaos emeralds...

"Where's that damn fourth chaos emerald?"


Rouge grinned upon entering the city boarder, enjoying the sudden screaming at her arrival, as well as the various "Oh god, another one?!" shouts from the citizens. She took an experimental stomp, watching as the streets easily gave way to her boots. Step by step, Rouge couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of the street crumbling like dirt beneath her boots.

Looking around at the cityscape, she noticed a nearby jewelry shop, and her eyes lit up like diamonds.

'At this size... Nobody can tell me what to do.' She thought with excitement, crouching down and extending a hand to the nearby jewelry shop...


"And I want this one too!"

Chris Thorndyke grinned as the annoyed sales representative groaned, grabbing the bright, shiny blue gem. "I gotta have it! It reminds me of Sonic and Sonic is the greatest thing ever and blah blah blah..."

The sales representative sighed a the young rich boy rambled on. Despite the size of the city, pretty much everybody knew of Christ Thorndyke; And his obsession with Sonic.

"And then, when Eggman went to fire that giant bea-" CRASH!

Chris' rambling was cut off as a giant white glove burst through the roof, wrapping around the many display cases... As well as Chris.

"Whaaa! Help me Sonic!" Chris cried, as the hand retreated, causing the roof to collapse and reveal the giant Rouge with a grin.

"Sorry, it seems I left all my gems here! Silly me~" With a giggle, she dumped the various gems she had collected into her cleavage... Including Chris.

Chris flailed as he fell between Rouge's breasts, crying for help until he become muffled as he fell in deep.

The jeweller could only watch as the titantic bat Mobian grabbed all the gems on display, adding them to her collection, before she winked and left.

The jeweller looked around the store, biting their lip. On one hand, they were pretty much out of business.

On the other... That giantess had effectively taken Chris out of their lives.

'...I think it's a fair trade off.' The jeweller thought, shrugging and walking away, effectively cleaning their hands of the situation.


Rouge grinned at her haul (Seemingly unaware of her new passenger), and begun to make her way further inwards to the city in hopes of more gems.

"So, you think you've won do you?!"

Rouge looked up (An action she'll rarely need to undergo, now that she thinks about it) as the good Doctor flew into view. Despite the obvious disadvantage Eggman appeared to be in, he was still grinning like a madman.

"You may think you've got this in the bag, but I have a plan; And there's no hope of victory! Ohohoho!" With that laugh, the mad doctor pulled out a radio. "EGG FORCE! ATAAAACK!"

With that order, Rouge took a battle stance, preparing for an onslaught of machines...

Only for a small handful of Eggpawns to burst out from a nearby manhole.

"...Where's the rest of the Egg force?!" Eggman shouted, looking to his trusted assistants, who had joined him by his side.

"Well, it appears they had been destroyed beforehand." Orbot explained.

"Grr... Curses!" Turning to Orbot and Cubot, he pointed at Rouge. "Congratulations, you're officially promoted to the Egg force! Attack!"

Orbot turned to Cubot with uncertainty, before shaking his head. "I'm sorry, but our contract strictly prevents us from going on suicide missions." Orbot replied, Cubot punctuating with a "Yeah!"

"Then here's an ultimatum..." Eggman held a wrench to the duo's neck, causing them to yelp. "Get destroyed by her or destroyed by me!"

With that, the two robots dashed towards Rouge, as the Eggpawns began their assault. Rouge watched in amusement as the tiny duo began to attack her heart shaped chest piece, as the various Eggpawns attacked her feet with swords and blasters. Some even missed despite her size.

"Really? That's it?" Rouge grinned, grabbing the various Eggpawns, as well as the duo robots. "Don't worry, I have some nice and comfy for you all~"

"...Cool! Where is it?" Cubot asked, unaware of the danger every other machine knew was coming.

With a giggle, Rouge tilted her hand, pouring the various machines into her cleavage...


"This is Linda from Station Square news with an emergency report!"

Tails looked up from his current project, eyes widening with surprise. Despite the fact he was working outside in the sunlight, Cream and her mother Vanllia had been kind enough to move their TV outside with the use of extending cords. Tails prepared himself to hear the news of giant robots destroyed Station square.

"A giantess bat Mobian is currently rampaging throughout Station Square!... And yes viewers, we too have the sense of Deja Vu!"

'...Okay, that was NOT what I was expecting.' Tails thought. 'Wait, is that Knuckles?!'


Truth be told, Knuckles hated the city.

Everythign about it was awful in his eyes; It was dirty, loud and nothing there was natural.

Unfortunately for him, his hunt for the Master Emerald had led him to Station Square, the perfect example of why he hated cities.

Jumping down from the building he had climbed, Knuckles took flight, expecting to deal with the sounds of cars honking and the stench of pollution in the air

What he didn't expect, however, was for Rouge the Bat to be absolutely gigantic and currently stomping through the city.

"What the hell did I miss?!" Knuckles shouted as he glided by the Titan.


"Grr... Curses!" Eggman shouted, banging his hands on the control panel of his Egg Mobile. "This was not how today was supposed to go!"

Rouge grinned slyly at the Doctor. "Aww... Poor Doctor. But don't worry~!"

Groping her breasts, she pushed them together, crushing the various robots trapped within. "Ara ara~ You're welcome to join your toys, Eggy~"

Eggman could only watch with shock as Rouge crushed his army between her boobs, shaking his fist in annoyance! "You'll pay for this!" He shouted, as he began to fly out of the city. Satisfied, Rouge placed a hand on her hip and smirked, glancing around the city, her smirk growing as she began to toy with ideas she could do with the city...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Rouge's ears perked in surprise, reaching into her suit, she once more pulled out her headpiece, putting it on and answering the call. "Hello~?"

"Gah! Rouge, lower your volume!" Tails shouted. Rouge holding back some laughter to preserve the young fox's hearing.

"Sorry sweetie~ What's up?" Rouge asked.

"I noticed you grew just like Amy did! But don't worry, I have a solution! I'll be down soon, so just-"


"Huh?" Tails asked in confusion.

"I said no. I appreciate the offer hun, but I'm just better this way~" Rouge said, glancing down at a nearby building and lifting her boot "At this size... All the world's gems belong to me." Rouge punctuated her statement with a stomp, crushing the nearby building.

"B-but Rouge-!" Tails protested.

"Sorry, gotta go~ Ciao!" With that, Rouge turned off her communicator, placing it back inside her suit as she grinned down on the terrified faces of Station Square's inhabitants.


"Rouge, wait!" Tails shouted, sighing. The young fox leaned back in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair. "I didn't want it to come to this... But we don't have a choice." Tails nodded, and stood up from the couch, ignoring the on going broadcast.

Opening the front door, Tails felt the ground beneath him rumble as a large, gloved hand landed near him, the area around him turning dark as the sun was blocked. Looking upwards, Tails nodded. "Plan B."


Shadow ducked into the nearby alleyway, watching as Rouge stomped down the street with laughter.

"Dammit... What's gotten into her?" Shadow muttered.

"IT APPEARS ROUGE IS SUFFERING FROM A 'POWER TRIP'" Omega replied, the large robot standing behind Shadow.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Shadow pulled out his headpiece, answering the call. "This is Shadow."

"Shadow! Thank god!" Tails said with relief, the sound of rhythmic earthquakes in the background. "Listen, I need a huge favor from you."

"Now's not the best time, Rouge is-"

"Gigantic, yes. Which is why I need you to keep her busy."

"Busy?" Shadow replied in surprise. "Why?"

"I'm on my way with the shrink ray now, but I need you to buy me just the slightest bit of time! Please!" Tails begged.

Shadow gathered his thoughts, before glancing at Omega, whom merely shrugged. "Fine. You better have a damn good plan."

"Don't worry Shadow! We'll be here soon!" Tails said enthusiastically.

"'We'?... Don't tell me..."

"Yo Shads!" Sonic called out on the headpiece, the smirk practically visible through his voice.

Shadow groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You're bringing the faker?"

"Hey! My Sonic is NOT fake!" A loud, peppy voice shouted

Shadow's eyes widened in surprise, before he smirked. "So that's your plan... Alright, get here quickly." Shadow turned off his communicator, turning to Omega and nodding. "Let's get moving!"


With that, Shadow and Omega dashed out, a yellow spark of electricity forming in Shadows hand as he leaped. "Chaos Spear!" He shouted, firing 3 yellow spears of pure energy at Rouge's back.

Rouge, although she barely felt the attack, heard the shout, turning towards Shadow. "Aww, you too Shadow?"

Shadow shook his head "I'm sorry Rouge, but we need you back at regular size."

Rouge, sighing, put her hands on her hips. "Well we're at an impasse then sweetie, because I don't have any plans on headin' back to normal." Rouge raised her boot in the air, stomping down at where Shadow was, had he not dashed out of the path.

Rouge then slapped her neck, as if she had just been bitten by a mosquito, turning to face Omega, his previously filled missile launcher having been fire directly at Rouge's neck. "Even you Omega?"


"...Is that all you have to say on the matter?"


Rouge sighed, and prepared to swing her hand down on the building...

Only for a boulder to hit her neck. "Okay, who is it this time?!" Rouge shouted in annoyance, finding Knuckles standing on the building behind her, which was now missing a large chunk. "Anyone else? Maybe Eggman wants to return with a ray gun?!"


Eggman, snapping his fingers, could only grumble. "Shoot! You win again Bat." He then turned his attention to his handheld ray gun. "I'm sorry sweetie, some other time..." He gave it a light peck as he returned to the shadows.


Knuckles narrowly avoided Rouge's angry swipe, destroying the building he previously stood on. He landed on the closest by building, rolling to keep his speed and running full pelt as Rouge took another swing, only for her to be hit between the eyes by a Chaos spear, sending her reeling from surprise. She watched as the black and red blur of Shadow ran full pelt in the opposite direction, and she gave chase to the ebony hedgehog.

"Get back here!" Rouge shouted, actually keeping pace with the usually untouchable speedster. She focused so hard on keeping up with Shadow, she failed to notice how far to the boarder she was truly heading...

And the sudden appearance of a hammer, in her face.

Rouge flew backwards, knocked off her feet into some small buildings, rubbing her head...

And meeting eye to eye with one 500ft Amy Rose and her trusted Piko Piko Hammer.

"Well well, if it isn't Pinky~ Where's the Brain?" Rouge taunted, smiling despite the sudden blow she had taken.

"About to shrink you down to size!" Amy countered.

Rouge, perking in surprise, narrowly dodged a red beam that had emerged from Amy's foot... Or rather, behind it, as Tails stood with the shrink ray in front of him, appearing very similar to the growth ray. The only difference appeared to be the initials; 'K4T3'

"Nice try Foxy... Now how about we get a closer look?!" Rouge shouted, leaping to action and sprinting towards Tails. However, she was met halfway by Amy, whom attempted to swing her hammer at the titanic bat, causing her to jump over it to avoid another deadly blow.

"You don't know when to quit, do you?!" Rouge said in annoyance.

"I've been chasing Sonic for years and you just now realize this?" Amy retorted with a smirk, and the fierce battle between the titans had begun.


Tails, sighing in relief at Amy's intervention, watched as Amy took multiple swing as Rouge, none meeting their mark as the bat easily dodged each swing, but neither landing any blows of her own due to Amy's range advantage. Sighing, Tails prepped the beam once more, but couldn't find an opening.

"We can't fire from here." Shadow stated, having hidden nearby after Rouge had been taken by surprise by Amy. "We need to find a new vantage point..."


The young fox turned as his best friend arrived. "I've found a great vantage point, over that way!" Sonic instructed, pointing to a rather tall building.

"But how are we supposed to get it all the way..." Tails found himself cut off, as a familiar robot and Echidna came running over.


"Remind me why we're going up here...?" Knuckles grumbled, having to loft the large device up a series of stairs.


"But why up here of all places?!" Knuckles shouted, grunting with effort. "...And would it kill you two to help?!" He directed at both hedgehogs and fox Mobians..

"I'm making sure it's ready to fire when we get an opening." Tails supplied.

"And I went to all the effort to find this place!" Sonic added.

Shadow merely grunted.

Knuckles proceeded to tilt the machine sharply, causing Sonic to fall off.


Amy huffed and puffed with effort, taking another swing at the elusive bat Mobian. They had been at it for quite some time now, neither had managed to land a solid blow on the other. However, the effort of swinging her giant hammer at Rouge was taking it's toll.

"Tired sweetie...?" Rouge managed to get out between breaths. Despite her taunting, she was just as tired as Amy, the act of dodging the giant hammer just as exhausting as wielding it.

"Not... a chance...!" Amy replied, letting her Piko Piko hammer land on the ground beside her, and rushed Rouge with fists at the ready. Taking a wild swing, Rouge easily dodged, and kicked Amy in the side, causing the giantess to crash into some of the buildings nearby.

Growling, Amy leapt to her feet, returning to launching a full out assault on her opponent. However, Rouge easily dodged each attack, smirking all the while, and throwing in light counter attacks, before throwing in a powerful kick to the gut, causing Amy to double over. Siezing the chance, Rouge leapt and delivered a devastating kick to the side of Amy's head, once more forcing her fellow giantess into crushing many buildings underneath.

"Sorry Pinky, but now I've gotta find the others. Can't have them crash the party before it begins!" Rouge dismissed her with a wave... Only for Amy to rise once more. "Won't stay down...? We can fix that." Rouge said in a threatening tone, re-entering a fighting stance.


Knuckles panted with effort, setting down Tails' device and falling over, tongue rolling out of his head.

"Great job guys!" Tails said, wheeling the device over to the edge... Only to pale. "Oh no... Rouge's beating Amy! We gotta do something!"

"Not... It..." Knuckles mumbled, raising a hand and letting it flop back down onto the ground.

"Let me handle it. You focus on taking that shot." Shadow stated. "Faker, instruct your girlfriend-"

"It's not like that!"

"-Instruct your girlfriend to grab Rouge from behind. We might be able to hit her that way. As for distracting Rouge... Leave that to me." Shadow said smugly, reaching up to his wrists... And removing his inhibitor rings.


Amy let out a grunt, finally landing a blow on the shifty thief, following up with an uppercut. "Gotcha...!" She said through pained breath.

Rouge, rubbing her chin, smirked. "Congrats, you finally landed another hit." Suddenly, her smirk vanished. "Now let me land the final-"

Before Rouge could react, a bright red orb suddenly appeared as Shadow teleported in front of her, chaos emerald in hand and coated in a red aura. "CHAOS..."

'Uh-oh.' Rouge thought, eyes wide.

"BLAST!" Shadow shouted, letting loose a large explosion directly at Rouge's face, causing the giantess to stumble back and fall over, covering her eyes. "Gyah!" Rouge cried.

Sonic, rushing over to Amy, jumped into her ear, and shouted. "Amy! Grab Rouge! Quick!"

Amy, holding her head, groaned. "Five more minutes..."

"Amy! Come on!" Sonic groaned, tapping his foot in thought. "...If you grab Rouge right now, I'll agree to a dat-"

Sonic let out a shout, tumbling out of Amy's ear as she immediately responded, dashing with renewed vigor and grabbing Rouge from behind.

"Wha- Hey! Let go of me right now!" Rouge shouted, struggling in Amy's hold.

"Ready... Aim..." Tails mumbled, angling the shot. "...FIRE!"

With that, a red beam was shot, and hit it's mark, a red aura surrounding both giantesses.

"No no no!" Rouge shouted as Amy released her hold, watching the world around her grow to it's usual size, as she rounded on Amy in anger. "You! You ruined every-" Before she could continue, she felt Amy grab her shoulders.

"Rouge, look around you! Look at what we did!" Amy instructed, as they returned to regular size. Rouge looked around as the two stood in a large, boot shaped crater, finally looking at the destruction caused during their rampages and battle.

"...Guess we got carried away, huh...?" Rouge mumbled, rubbing her arm in shame.

"Yeah..." Amy replied, rubbing the back of her head. She then offered a hand. "No hard feelings?" She said with a light smile.

"...No hard feelings." Rouge replied, her own smile gracing her lips. "Although, if you don't tie down Big Blue yourself, I'll do it instead~" She teased, laughing at Amy's glare.

However, Rouge then felt a set of handcuffs on her wrists, turning to a battered and dirty Shadow. "Oh~? I didn't know you were into this sorta thing Shadow~"

"You're under house arrest Rouge." Shadow replied.

"Very funny. Now take off the-"


"...Excuse me?" Rouge asked in confusion.

"YOUR PUNISHMENT IS HOUSE ARREST" Omega stated... Trailing behind him was a soot covered Tails and Knuckles.

"What happened to you guys?" Amy asked.

"Machine blew up..." Tails supplied, slouching.

Rouge sighed, shaking her head. "Alright, alright, let's head home then..." Rouge mumbled...


Rouge lay on her couch, watching as Shadow slept on the couch opposite to her own. 'Even with how much risk it carries, he STILL takes off those inhibitor rings... Guess I was that much of a threat.' Rouge felt some pride swell in her chest, shuffling to get comfortable... Before remembring her haul from the Jewelry store. Grinning from ear to ear, she reached in between her breasts, first pulling out a knocked out human. "Meh" she muttered, letting them fall to the couch. She then reached back inside, expecting to find bright, shimmering gems...

...Only to find shrunken, useless gems.

Omega opened the front door, holding bags of food in his metallic hands. "I HAVE BROUGHT SUSTENANCE TO PREVENT STARVATIO-"

"RRRAAARGH!" Rouge screamed, throwing her couch at Omega, breaking it upon impact.


"...Just give me the cheeseburger Omega."


Alternate ending: Fat Cat in the City

Tails could only watch from above as the battle between Amy and Rouge raged on, neither Giantess giving an inch in their fierce struggle. The two were currently locked in a test of strength, attempting to overpower one another.


Tails' ears twitched at the sound of distant rumbling, watching as rubble fell off buildings from the sheer shaking force. The fox could only wonder what would make such a noise...

Fortunately, he didn't have to wander for long; Because "it" came into view with just another step.


"Amy, get out of there!" He cried, steering the Tornado clear of the general area.

The two giantess hadn't heard the first rumble, but it was impossible to miss the second as it shook the entire area. Amy gasped, taking a step back from sheer shock at the upcoming figure, before running full force, using her Piko Piko Hammer to Hammer flip and put more distance between her and Rouge.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going Pinkie?!" Rouge shouted... Until a shadow cast over her and the city, her eyes widening in shook-


...As a giant butt, clothed in white tights, crashed down on top of her, pinning her beneath it's softness.

Amy could only stare up at the giant form she had barely avoided, even with how fast she ran. Once again using her Hammer flip, she made her way up the positively giant white tights, before landing on a giant, purple tail, confirming her suspicions.

"Blaze?!" Amy cried, shaken by the huge cat girl's size. "How?!"

Blaze smiled down at her much smaller friend, lifting her tail and bringing it to chest level. "Hello Amy." She greeted.

"H-how on Mobius are you so gigantic?!" The hedgehog girl asked.

She got her answer wrapped in an aqua glow. "It was me!" Silver said, waving his arms to get Amy's attention.

Amy's eye twitched in anger and jealousy. "Shut up! Just, shut up already Silver!" She couldn't hold back her anger on her futuristic friend.

Blaze simply smiled. She knew she was only acting like this because of the power trip from being so positively ginormous... But funny thing about power trips; It makes it really hard to care, even when you know exactly why you're acting that way.

"So... Heavy... And soft..." Rouge lamented under her round, white prison.

Alternate END