Rule Change

(Cubed Cinder)

Princess Sally Acorn watched it play out on the video screen of Nicole, her portable computer. We remember these events unfolding before our eyes in the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, 'The Doomsday Project.' She smiled as she watched herself and Sonic standing over the cliffs in their purple glow, basking in the power of the Power Stones.
"All right! Way past cool! Robotnik's gone!" Sonic shouted.
"I don't believe this! Sonic, we actually did it!" Sally shouted. She gave Sonic a high-five and a flash of light came out once the two hands clapped together.
"Whoa. If a high-five does that... what happens with a kiss?" Sally said as she moved her lips towards Sonic's, but the hedgehog backed away.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa... I don't want to find out! Outta here!!!" Sonic shouted as he sped away. Sally just laughed as she flew after him, both of them making their way back to Knothole Village. Eventually, the party was in full swing celebrating the supposed defeat of their long nemesis. Sonic and Sally were waving back to everyone who cheered loudly for them.
"No more Robuttnik. Too bad." Sonic said.
"What!? Too bad?" Sally asked.
"Hey, without a villain, what are heroes gonna do?" Sonic asked.
"You'll always be my hero, Sonic Hedgehog." Sally said as she wrapped her arms around Sonic. The two passionately kissed each other this time, with the energy lighting up the area like a Christmas tree. The energy eventually shot off into the air in the form of fireworks, with everyone chanting freedom.

The video screen on Nicole then went blank.
"End of video playback, Sally." Nicole said.
"Sigh... thank you, Nicole." 21-year-old Sally said. That video was five years ago. Today, things are not so free around Knothole. Robotnik somehow managed to survive. When that piece of news broke out, it was like a dagger going through Sally's heart. If he could survive their tearing through the Doomsday Project, how could Robotnik possibly be defeated? Things weren't much better when eventually he would team up with Ixis Naugus, the master-minded villain who was once trapped in The Void, but he was able to escape and keep his body from crystallizing.
Wait... team up with Naugus!? Indeed, the two villains got off to a rough start, but they eventually agreed to put their differences aside if they were to achieve a common goal. To rule the entire universe.
The idea of Robotnik and Naugus, let alone Robotnik still being alive, was almost too much for Snively to take. Snively had tried to rule over Robotropolis after helping free Naugus from his prison, but not only did he fumble up things like he usually does, but Naugus all but ran him out of the place.
Today, with Robotropolis almost totally non-functional thanks to all its resources being dumped into the Doomsday Project, Robotnik and Naugus both carry out their evil plans in the Egg Carrier, the new floating fortress that resides high in the clouds.

As for the Freedom Fighters, it was business as usual once the news broke out of Robotnik's survival. Much of the group was still the same as it was five years ago. Sonic and Sally still lead the group, along with Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, Dulcy, and Tails (who now goes on more missions than ever). Of course, there have been some changes to the team:

- Gone was Antoine, finally let go from the team for his incompetence and always getting himself into trouble. His replacements included:

- Lupe, previously the leader of the Wolfpack Freedom Fighters. The group disbanded following the events of the Doomsday Project and Lupe joined Sally's Freedom Fighters to spend more time with her good friend.
- Cosmo. Previously a member of an outside group of Freedom Fighters (led by Ari). She was thought to be roboticized, but she had escaped and hid in the shadows until Robotnik's supposed death. Being a plant-like creature, her acrobatic moves, gentle attitude, and high IQ make her a valuable member of the Freedom Fighters. She and Tails are in love with each other.
- Sir Charles, otherwise known as Uncle Chuck. His knowledge on Robotnik's planning as a result of being under his control for many years makes him a valuable asset.
- Snively. As previously mentioned, he was run out of his evil ways by both Robotnik and Naugus and now he helps the Freedom Fighters. Chuck helped everyone to trust him.

Meanwhile, Bunnie walked in and noticed Sally staring at Nicole.
"Reliving your old memories again?" Bunnie asked. Sally looked over at Bunnie.
"Oh... hello, Bunnie." Sally said.
"Snively and the others are waiting for ya in the next room." Bunnie said.
"Okay, thanks. I can't wait to try this new invention out. We can finally have Robotnik and Naugus right where we want them." Sally said, looking down at her boots.
"You're really into this growing thingy, aren't ya?" Bunnie said. She and Bunnie then left the room and went into the next one, where most of the Freedom Fighters were sitting.

In the next room, Sally and Bunnie walked up to where Snively, Chuck, and Rotor were all standing. They stood next to a small gray box that was sitting on one of the nearby tables.
"Alright, guys. We're here." Sally said.
"Excellent. It was a lot of work, but the three of us pulled together and finished our invention for you." Chuck said.
"Ya'll want to remind me what this thing of yours does?" Bunnie asked.
"The Resizer utilizes the power of the growing and shrinking monitors that Knuckles gave us a little while back. The blue arrow going up means an increase in size, while the red arrow pointing downward indicates a decrease in size." Snively said.
"But when someone gets zapped by the laser from this invention, the power of those monitors is fused into their body, meaning they can control their size at will." Rotor said.
"It's almost as if you've got a Power Stone inside your body!" Chuck said.
"I will admit we owe it all to Knuckles. We would've really had to use the three lost elements of Sorium, Robalt, and Introdium." Snively said.
"The three elements we've all been searching for lately in our scavenger hunts and coming up empty on." Sally added.
"This thing works, right?" Bunnie asked.
"We've only been able to test it on inanimate objects such as food, using a mind wave generator to control the process." Chuck said.
"Well, you've got us to be your first test subjects." Sally said.
"What? Sally girl, it could be dangerous, y'know." Bunnie said.
"I know, but it'd probably be more dangerous if we let Robotnik live any longer." Sally said.
"Ya got a point there. Let me go first, though. Gotta make sure it's safe." Bunnie said. Sally nodded as Bunnie walked towards the machine. The three scientific geniuses all stood to the side, with Snively holding onto the start switch. Bunnie took a deep breath.
"Ready when ya'll are." Bunnie said.
"Activating now." Snively said.

Soon, the machine fired off a rather strange beam. Rather than a straight up laser, there were instead green rings of energy that flowed out like water from the machine. The rings floated towards Bunnie and swirled around her, causing her body to glow a bright red and blue as the two colors alternated.
"Bunnie?" Sally asked.
"My, my... this is a little bit too rainbow-y for little ol' me." Bunnie said. Eventually the rings got absorbed into Bunnie's body and her body stopped glowing.
"Well, looks like it's done." Rotor said.
"But I reckon I don't feel any different." Bunnie said.
"Try thinking about your new size. Your mind should react with your growth spurt if we programmed those waves correctly." Chuck said.
"Sir Charles is correct. This way you can easily control your size." Snively said.
"Okay, here goes." Bunnie said. She closed her eyes and thought. She did her best to imagine a huge field full of nothing but robots or roboticized animals, with her being the biggest one of them all. Hands on her hips, she walked through the field, looking down as all those living things were moving away from her feet.

She smiled with such a thought as clear as day in her mind. And just like that, Bunnie began to grow.
"It's working!" Sally said.
"Is it really!?" Bunnie shouted, suddenly losing her thought process as she opened her eyes and noticed herself growing. She stopped when she looked to be about three times bigger than her previous height, which would put her at around nine to ten feet tall.
"Success!" Snively shouted.
"Indeed, the experiment seems to have worked." Chuck said.
"So how does it feel, Bunnie?" Rotor asked. Bunnie looked around, seeing the room much smaller than before.
"I do declare. This sure as hoo-ha beats having to extend my legs to feel taller!" Bunnie said.
"Oh, Bunnie..." Sally said, smiling as she looked up at her taller friend. She right away looked back at the three inventors.
"Alright, you three! It's my turn now!" Sally shouted.
"Somehow I figured she would say that." Chuck said.
"Why is that, Chuck?" Rotor said.
"Sally's been dreaming since she was little girl of how one day her head would be reaching for the clouds. It all harkens back to the bedtime stories I would hear Maximillian tell." Chuck said, speaking of Sally's father who continues to be a prisoner of The Void, even to this day.
"Hmmm... then I suppose it's a good thing I didn't make any size-changing gizmos for Robotnik back then." Snively said. The three went back to the machine and pulled the switch, focusing the energy rings on Sally this time. Just like before, Sally's body glowed between red and blue with the green rings swirling around her. They soon disappeared into Sally's body.

Sally smiled. She had been waiting for this ever since she was a young girl.
"You boys better get out of here. There's something I've always wanted to do." Sally said. Right away she closed her eyes and thought about growing, and indeed, that's what was happening. But unlike with Bunnie, Sally didn't stop... especially as her head neared the ceiling.
"Great lugnuts! She's going to grow right through the roof!" Rotor shouted.
"We better skedaddle!" Chuck said. He, Rotor, and Snively all quickly ran towards the entrance of Sally's hut, opening the door and making it outside. Bunnie was the only one who stayed inside. Of course, being nine feet tall, it was tough to get out of Sally's hut, but she wanted to see just how big Sally intended on getting. Sally was doing a heck of a job with concentrating. As she continued to focus her mind on growing, she let out a laugh as she could feel the roof breaking apart above her head. Down below, her boots started shifting furniture around. Bunnie stood close to the Resizer to make sure it wouldn't get damaged. Her half-robotic body allowed her to take several hits before she felt pain.
The ceiling of the hut finally came crashing down all around the inside. Sally, on the other hand, just kept on growing well beyond the height of her own home.

Outside, the three inventors were watching as Sally's hut slowly came apart. Sonic and Tails joined in as they too watched what was happening.
"Yo, guys! What's up with Sally's place?" Sonic said.
"Oh, you'll find out soon enough, Sonny boy." Chuck said. Like he was on cue, Sally's growing head finally emerged.
"Whoa! Aunt Sally! She's getting huge!" Tails shouted. At long last, though, Sally stopped growing and opened her eyes. She looked to see she had grown well past her own home... it was at knee-level to be exact! Thus, she estimated herself to be very close to 100 feet tall. Considering she was only three feet tall to begin with, she had grown quite a bit.
"Oh... my... gosh... this is unbelievable!!! Bunnie, you have to come up here and see this!" Sally shouted.
"Right behind ya, sugah! You've kinda inspired me down here!" Bunnie shouted. Shortly thereafter, Bunnie began to grow again. The five guys watching from outside Sally's damaged hut simply watched as all of this unfolded.
"Whoa... Bunnie too! I guess I've been missing out!" Sonic shouted. Soon, Bunnie matched Sally's height inch-for-inch.
"Yikes... this is almost too much for a little ol' girl like me to take!" Bunnie said.
"Well, now you're a big ol' girl!" Sally shouted in total happiness. She definitely was in high spirits as she finally stepped out of her house, planting both her boots very close to the five. Bunnie followed behind her.
"Good job, you three! I'd say you have done a great job." Sally said.
"Glad to be of service, your... well, highness." Snively said.
"Don't you think maybe you are a little too big?" Rotor asked.
"Robotnik and Naugus won't stand a chance when they see us big girls! That's what I say!" Bunnie shouted. Sally glanced down and noticed Sonic and Tails.

"Oh, Sonic. My little Sonic." Sally said.
"Um... what's up, Sal!? Aside from you, I mean!" Sonic shouted. Tails just nudged Sonic and backed away.
"I think I'll let you two lovebirds talk this over." Tails said with a smile.
"Tails! You're supposed to back me up here!" Sonic said. He then felt a giant hand wrapping around him. It was clearly that of Sally's. Sonic soon had his vision totally filled with that of Sally's huge face.
"So, Sonic, what do you think of the new me?" Sally asked.
"Well, it's um... nice. But how did you get that huge?" Sonic asked.
"A new invention from Chuck, Rotor, and Snively. We also have Knuckles to thank for lending us his monitors." Sally said.
"So, Sally, aren't we gonna shrink back to normal? I don't think we can stay this big for too long." Bunnie said.
"We will soon. There's one thing I want to do first." Sally said as she picked up Tails as well. Both characters looked out of Sally's vest pocket to see Robotropolis in front of them, and a good bit of distance behind that was the Egg Carrier, Robotnik's new fortress, naturally.. She looked down at Rotor.
"Rotor, contact the other Freedom Fighters and tell them to get back to Knothole as soon as they can." Sally said.
"Well, sure, but what are you and Bunnie going to do?" Rotor asked.
"Finish a war once and for all." Sally said. She and Bunnie then made their way out of Knothole, with each step they took leaving behind a thundering boom.

Before the two new giantesses could get to the Egg Carrier, they had to step through Robotropolis. Given its horrible shape already, the two had no problem sticking around for a bit to test their new power. In fact, Bunnie approached the largest structure in the area, the Egg Fortress, and marveled over seeing the structure just her size instead of it towering over her like in the past.
"Lookie here, this Egg Fortress ain't so giant now, is it?" Bunnie said.
"You're right, Bunnie. That's a grand feeling." Sally said. Bunnie then walked right up to it and actually started hugging it.
"Mmmm... you're just my size, you stinky thingy! I could hug you and squeeze you to pieces!" Bunnie shouted. In fact, that's just what was happening. The building started to crumble piece by piece as Bunnie put more and more pressure on it. Finally, the Egg Fortress was no more as it fell completely to the ground, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.
"Now that's what you call breaking its heart." Sally said, high-fiving Bunnie.
"Amen to that, Sally girl." Bunnie said. Just then, Sally let out a light yelp as she could feel something stinging the back of her knee. She looked behind her to see a few Swatbots, with a couple tanks behind them firing laser beams, shooting up at her. The rest of the shots either got absorbed into Sally's skin or bounced off Bunnie's metallic leg.
"I guess we didn't get rid of all the Swatbots." Sally said.
"And they still haven't learned their little ol' lesson." Bunnie said. Sally decided to slowly approach the Swatbots, who could only watch as the massive Freedom Fighter got closer and closer.
"Go ahead, you little tin cans. Keep on shooting me, I dare you!" Sally shouted. Finally, some of the bots got the hint and they started to run away, but Sally simply planted her right foot down and crushed them flat. She liked the way they broke apart under her massive body weight, since she had been used to blasting them to pieces (either that or Sonic buzzsawing them apart). After crushing the last of the Swatbots, she looked over and saw some tanks and aircraft coming over to her. It wasn't much, and that's why Sally couldn't help but laugh over what she was seeing.
"This is pretty pathetic, even for an army that's been decimated." Sally said. She then leapt into the air and flat out knocked the aircraft out of the sky. As she landed back on the ground, she caused an earthquake that severely limited the mobility of the tanks.

Bunnie was enjoying seeing Sally having her way with the attack vehicles, but she wanted a piece of the action too.
"Allow me, sugah." Bunnie said. She walked over to a nearby dome-shaped building. It was much smaller than the Egg Fortress, but it was perfect for what she had in mind. Bunnie lifted the entire structure from the ground using her robotic arm, and then she dropped the whole thing on top of the tanks, crushing them completely as they exploded.
"Good shot, Bunnie!" Sally said.
"Hey, being half-robot sure does come in handy, don't it?" Bunnie said. Sally looked down at the wreckage and could see two Swatbots crawling away from the fiery mess. It looked as though one of them was signaling for backup, but this didn't concern Sally as she picked up the two. She held them up to her face, so close that all they could see was the whites of Sally's eyes.
"I wonder what Swatbot would taste like." Sally said. She threw the bots into her mouth and crushed them with her teeth. She could feel the bots being torn apart, as well as hear the crunching. Then she gulped and swallowed every last bit of metal those puny bots were made of.
"Good gracious, Sally. Glad I wasn't them Swatbots." Bunnie said. Sally just smiled.
"I think one of those bots was radioing Robotnik at his Egg Carrier. If we're going to shut down the Swatbots once and for all, we'll need to shut down the Egg Carrier." Sally said.
"And Robotnik and Naugus with it." Bunnie said. Sally held onto Bunnie's hands.
"Bunnie, if we succeed, we're talking freedom for the rest of our lives!" Sally said.
"I'm with ya, Sally. Let's get going!" Bunnie said. The two giantesses then walked away from Robotropolis, or what was left of it anyway.

High in the sky, the Egg Carrier floated above the surface of Mobius. Robotnik and Naugus, with the rest of their robotic army, were carefully planning their next attack on the Freedom Fighters.
"After we lure them to this location, the Great Forest will be ours for the taking!" Naugus said.
"Yes, and surely they will lead us to Knothole Village afterwards!" Robotnik shouted. Just then, one of the alarms went off inside the room.
"What is that infernal noise!?" Naugus shouted.
"That's the trouble alert signal... it must be coming from Robotropolis!" Robotnik shouted. He pressed a few buttons on the control panel. Soon, a video played showing a Swatbot on the screen.
"Alert, priority one. Alert, priority one. Our forces have been depleted. Send emergency backup immediate..." Before the Swatbot could finish its message, the viewscreen suddenly changed to that of the giant Sally. It was easy to see she was huge considering the ground was a long ways down just from looking in the background.
"I wonder what Swatbot would taste like." Sally said before the view went completely dark and the transmission ended.
"Princess Sally..." Robotnik muttered under his breath.
"Dang it! How did she get so gigantic? Did you see how far the camera went up?" Naugus said.
"Never mind that! Send all available troops to Robotropolis immediately! I'll deal with that rodent once and for all!" Robotnik shouted. Naugus just stood uncomfortably as he watched Robotnik carry on with his work. He seemed to be the only one who noticed that he and Robotnik were in big trouble.

They were lucky for the time being that the Egg Carrier was flying so high that not even Sally or Bunnie, both nearly 100 feet tall, could reach them. The giantesses reached the very edge of solid ground but could not advance any further, not unless they wanted to get their feet wet.
"I declare... they're too high! How are we going to reach them?" Bunnie said.
"Well, we should try and concentrate. Snively said we could get as big as we wanted." Sally said. She closed her eyes and concentrated the same way she did when she first grew. Bunnie then had to take a step or two backwards as Sally began growing once more. And she really was growing. Already she was twice the height of Bunnie. Finally, Sally was at about 300 feet tall when she stopped growing. She held her head shortly afterwards.
"Ugh... that's as far as I can go. I started feeling headaches I guess when I was twice my old height." Sally said.
"Well, for another growth spurt, you sure went a long way." Bunnie said. She was almost floored to see her just barely clear the knees of the much bigger Sally. Of course, that didn't last long as Bunnie concentrated the same way and matched Sally's size. She too had to hold her head to keep the headache away.
"Wow, you're right. I guess we can only grow so big." Bunnie said.
"Oh well, we'll discuss that with the boys later. We still can't reach the Egg Carrier, however." Sally said. She was right. The flying ship was still hundreds of feet in the air. Bunnie looked over several yards away on the land they were standing on and noticed a lighthouse there. It was a little less than 100 feet tall, the size that Bunnie and Sally were previously at. That got the light bulb going in Bunnie's mind.
"Lookie there, sugah... we could use that lighthouse as a projectile." Bunnie said as she walked over to the structure, with Sally close behind.
"Are you sure, Bunnie? The Egg Carrier is a pretty massive ship. How can this little lighthouse bring it down?" Sally asked.
"If we aim for the right spot." Bunnie said as she pointed up to the back of the ship... where the main engines were located.
"Ah... I see where you are going with this." Sally said.
"Stand back, Sally. My robotic arm should send this thing flying." Bunnie said. Using said robotic arm, Bunnie ripped the lighthouse right out from the ground. She then pulled it back and like a bullet just flug the arm forward, sending the lighthouse flying up at the Egg Carrier like a guided missile. And it was a bull's eye. The lighthouse collided with the back of the ship so hard, it exploded, taking some of the engines with it.

Inside the ship, alarms were blaring as loudly as possible as the ship had a hard time staying on course.
"What's happening!?" Naugus shouted.
"Egg Carrier control... status report!" Robotnik shouted.
"Two of main engines down... remaining engines overheating to non-operational status. Crash imminent." the computer said. While this was going on, the Swatbots were doing their best, unsuccessfully of course, to keep the Egg Carrier flying in the air, but the ship clearly was on its way down to sea level.
Sally and Bunnie watched for the next minute as the Egg Carrier slowly glided its way down from the sky, crashing into the ocean and sending huge waves onto the land, waves that looked very tiny as big as the two were.
"Wow... hot shot, Bunnie!" Sally said.
"All in a good ol' day's work, I guess." Bunnie said as she happily patted her robotic arm.
"Now then... it's time to have a little chat with them." Sally said.
"What will you do, Sally girl?" Bunnie asked. Sally didn't quite answer yet as she put her boots into the sea and started walking across it towards the downed Egg Carrier. Luckily for her, she was big enough that the water was at her waist level. Bunnie, noticing this, followed suit.

They both made their way to the Egg Carrier, just as Robotnik and Naugus were coming out of the cockpit and forced to look up at the two giantesses. Sally folded her arms and kept a determined look on her face.
"Robotnik. Naugus. We meet again." Sally said.
"Why, Princess Sally... the pleasure is... um, clearly all yours in this case." Robotnik said. If Sally were normal-sized, all Robotnik would have to do was show the evil glance of his face to strike fear into the princess, but clearly this was not working as Robotnik was the one shaking. Naugus tried to remain as evil as ever.
"Cowards! You would resort to such tactics to defeat us?" Naugus shouted. Sally and Bunnie couldn't help for giggle upon hearing that.
"Well, what about you, Naugus? You and Robotnik relying on such things as machinery and pollution to destroy us? Who says you're the only two that can have such advantages?" Sally said.
"Arrrrgh! You'll never get away with this, you rodents! I can send my entire army after you!" Robotnik shouted.
"I think we already have... Julian. Bunnie?" Sally said. Bunnie was rubbing her first together, particularly her metallic one.
"It'll be my pleasure, sugah." Bunnie said. She walked to where the two villains were standing and raised her metallic arm up.
"HI-YAAAA!!!" Bunnie shouted as she slammed her fist down on the Egg Carrier. Bunnie's arm of super strength put a deep hole where she punched it. So deep... water was shooting up like a geyser. She then punched out the very top of the ship, hoping that it was some kind of control tower... and indeed it was. Every Swatbot and attack vehicle dropped like flies. Sally was loving every minute of this. She was able to do what it had been taking years to accomplish.

"Blast it, Robotnik! This is all your fault! You should've taken out those rodents while you had the chance!" Naugus shouted.
"My fault!? Now you listen to me, you old bean!" Robotnik shouted. The two continued to squabble like they always have whenever their plans ended up in failure. They didn't even notice Sally's huge hand reaching down to grab the two. Sally opened her hand and glared down at the two formerly powerful villains.
"It's the end of the line for you two." Sally said.
"What are we gonna do with them, Sally?" Bunnie asked.
"Well, we gotta get rid of Naugus first, and I mean for good. And I know just the thing to do it." Sally said. It was a tough chore given how big she was, but using her fingernails, she was able to pry loose something very important from Naugus.

His amulet.

Yes, the very amulet that Snively had constructed for him that kept him from crystallizing in the real world, something that he was cursed with from staying in The Void for so many years. A few seconds later, Naugus's body started turning to crystal.
"No... no! My body is crystallizing! If I totally crystallize, I will..." Naugus said.
"That's right, Naugus. How does it feel to suffer from the wrath of your curse? The same one that my father has!!!" Sally shouted, her booming voice almost deafening to the two villains. Robotnik could only watch as his ally screamed his last breath.
"I... I... noooooooooooo!!!!!!" Naugus shouted before he froze solid. Robotnik looked angrily up at the giant Sally.
"Curse you... daughter of Max Acorn! I swear you will pay for this!" Robotnik shouted.
"Big talk from such a little bug. Bunnie, take Robotnik back to Knothole. I'll meet you back there." Sally said as she dropped Robotnik and the frozen Naugus into Bunnie's metallic hand.
"What!? Knothole's been kept secret from Robotnik since the beginning of time. Are you sure you want to do this?" Bunnie asked.
"Don't worry, Bunnie. It won't matter when we are through with him." Sally said.
"But what about you, sugah?" Bunnie said. Sally looked down in her other hand at the amulet that Naugus used to wear.
"I'm gonna try something that I wasn't able to do at normal size." Sally said. She clutched onto the amulet before she walked away in another direction. Bunnie just shrugged it off as she held on tight to Robotnik and the frozen Naugus, walking back for Knothole.

A short while later, Sally found herself walking through The Great Unknown. Certainly, at her height of 300 feet tall, she could cover a lot more ground with each step. She finally made her way to the cliffside, where the massive hole simply known as the entrance to The Void was. Fortunately for Sally, she was so huge, she was able to resist the immense gravity pull of the hole, with her hair and vest flapping in the breeze. Sally looked one more time at the amulet, and then she reached down for her boots and grabbed Nicole.
"Nicole, activate Object Generator program." Sally said.
"Activating, Sally. Please specify object." Nicole said.
"Just a long stick. Please." Sally said. Several blocks of wireframe came flying out of one of Nicole's open ports, and they came together to form that long stick.
"One long stick, Sally." Nicole said. Sally picked up the stick.
"Sally, you must be advised that it would take an incredible amount of speed to bring something out of The Void." Nicole said.
"Nicole, when I want your opinions, I'll ask for it. I have to do this." Sally then closed Nicole. She took a deep breath as she moved the stick into The Void's entrance.

Meanwhile, inside the crystallized chambers of The Void, King Max Acorn walked around aimlessly, wondering what he could do today.
"Sigh... I suppose I could check and see how Artie and his friends are doing. They could use the support, I'm sure." Max said. Just then, he could feel the ground shaking. It felt very much like an earthquake. Then he had to jump out of the way when he saw a large portal opening up, with what appeared to be an oversized stick of some sort.
"What on Mobius is..." Max said.
"Daddy!!!" a familiar voice shouted.
"What!? Sally?" Max shouted.
"Daddy... if you can hear me, I'm using this stick to save you! I'm gonna pull it out after ten seconds! Please... if you can see this stick, hold on tight." Sally said. The stick was directly hovering above him, so Max had only ten seconds to decide. Does he jump onboard and gain his freedom? Does he stay behind so that he doesn't abandon some of the close friends he has made? But wait... he can't survive in the real world since he didn't have some sort of protective device. Yet Sally wouldn't be sacrificing her life like this if she had come up with some sort of solution. Would she? Would she!?
It was tearing his mind nerve by nerve... but he finally leapt up, right when the stick was moving towards the portal at seemingly warp speed. Thankfully, being around Sonic has gotten him accustomed to such breakneck velocity.

Sally was slowly counting the seconds in her mind.
"8... 9... 10!" Sally said before she quickly pulled the stick out. She pulled it so quickly that she stumbled backwards by several feet, kicking up a lot of the dust that The Great Unknown was known for. She looked at the end of the stick, and there was her father, hanging on for dear life.
"Daddy!!!" Sally shouted. Max regained his composure from the speed trip, and could almost swear he was still hallucinating as he looked all the way up at his gigantic daughter.
"Sally! What the...!?" Max shouted. Sally took some more steps away until she felt she was far enough away from the portal's gravitational pull. She took Max from the stick, throwing it away and placing him on the ground. Sally then quickly pulled out Naugus's amulet from her vest pocket and dropped it next to Max.
"Daddy... please hurry and put the amulet on!" Sally said.
"Really, Sally... you have some explaining to do, young lady!" Max said.
"There's no time, just put the amulet on!" Sally shouted. Indeed, Max looked down at his feet and could see his body beginning to crystallize once more, just like what happened the last time he was pulled out of The Void. He quickly picked up the amulet and tied it around his neck.

While all this was happening, Sally was shrinking back to her normal size.

It felt funny at first having to look around the rest of the world like it always was, but she quickly snapped back to reality. Her father's life was at stake here if the theory she's been holding since the death of Naugus was true. The lower half of Max's body was now crystallized, but as the amulet started glowing, the crystals stopped forming.
"The crystals... they've stopped!" Max said. And just like that, the crystals melted away like ice in a tropical climate. Max was standing on his two feet, moving around like the fit and fiddle king he was always known to be. Sally almost couldn't believe it, but she had to be absolutely certain of this.
"Nicole, run a bio scan on my father for crystals." Sally said.
"Running, Sally." Nicole said. Sally pointed Nicole at King Max and awaited the results.
"Scan complete, Sally. The results show no crystals evident around the subject's body. The subject is perfectly normal." Nicole said. Sally smiled and just shut Nicole tight.
"Oh, Sally..." Max said.
"Daddy." Sally said as she finally ran up to her father, hugging him as much as she could and not caring one bit for the tears running down her eyes.
"Are those tears of happiness, my lady?" Max said.
"*sobs* Yes... Oh, Daddy... I... I never thought I would see you again!" Sally said. The two broke their hug after another minute or so.
"It's okay, Sally. I am here now and apparently the curse has been lifted as long as I wield this amulet." Max said.
"I'm glad. I'm so glad... Naugus is dead, Robotnik's been captured, we've returned freedom to Mobius, and most importantly... we have you once again!"
"Returned freedom? Naugus? Robotnik in custody? Sally, please forgive me, but you must tell me what is going on!" Max said.
"It's okay, Daddy. I will explain everything on the way back to Knothole." Sally said.
"Including..." Max said.
"Yes, especially this." Sally said. She stepped back a couple times and then concentrated. She grew back to 300 feet tall. She kneeled down and opened up a hand, allowing Max to climb on board. Sally gently placed him on her shoulder and told him the entire story as she headed back to Knothole, with the sun setting on a long day...

Back in Knothole, the giant Bunnie was sitting in front of the huts, still keeping a firm grip on a now unconscious Robotnik. She was nowhere near as huge as when she and Sally attacked the Egg Carrier, but she still looked huge at her current size of 50 feet tall. Many of the Freedom Fighters and their friends, which included Sonic, Tails, Lupe, Cosmo, Knuckles, Rotor, Chuck, and Snively, simply listened to Bunnie's story on the destruction of the Egg Carrier and then asked questions afterwards.
"Man, I knew those monitors would come in handy one day, but to think you guys could add so much power to them!" Knuckles said.
"Not to mention actually being able to control your size. That is quite remarkable." Cosmo said.
"Sure is, ain't it ya'll? As I said to Sally girl, this sure beats having to extend my legs." Bunnie said.
"It makes me wonder what it would be like to be that big." Lupe said. Just then, everybody could hear some booming sounds in the background, with the ground shaking every second or two.
"That must be Sally now." Bunnie said. Indeed, everyone looked to see the 300-foot-tall Sally brushing aside the dense trees that always covered up Knothole Village. Bunnie felt rather small compared to Sally, but she backed away and gave her the space she needed.
"Welcome back, Sally!" Bunnie said.
"Thanks, Bunnie. Everyone... I have a surprise for you." Sally said. She opened up her hands, lowering them onto the ground. Out stepped King Max Acorn. Everyone gasped.
"Oh my stars... it's King Acorn!" Bunnie said.
"Whoa... this day keeps getting better and better!" Sonic said.
"Your majesty, it is a supreme honor to finally see your face once again." Lupe said.
"Yours too, Lupe. Is the rest of the Wolfpack okay?" Max asked.
"Yes, sir. Many of them continued to fight for justice up until the events of today." Lupe said.
"Oh, I don't believe I have seen your face before." Max said, looking over at Cosmo. Tails rightfully introduced the newest member of the team.
"Oh, your highness, this is Cosmo. She's the last of a living plant hybrid tribe. She hid from Robotnik until after the Doomsday Project when she finally came out of hiding." Tails said. Cosmo did a curtsey in front of Max.
"It's a pleasure to meet you." Cosmo said.

Sally quickly shrunk back down to her normal size and signaled Bunnie to do the same thing. The frozen Naugus and the unconscious Robotnik were laying next to the two girls. Once everyone was back to normal, the roundtable-like discussion began.
"So how did you do it, Sally girl?" Bunnie asked.
"I knew that Naugus's amulet was what allowed him to survive, so if I could take that from him and pass the amulet on to Daddy, that would allow him to survive in this world. And my size allowed me to withstand The Void's gravitational pull." Sally said.
"Sally explained everything to me on the way here. I must admit that it is kind of a shame that we had to resort to such power to defeat our adversaries... but I realized quickly that it had to be done." Max said.
"I agree. That Robuttnik was bad news." Sonic said. And speaking of Robotnik, he was slowly waking back up.
"Ugh... where am I?" Robotnik asked. Max stood right in front of the mean villain.
"Hello, Julian." Max said.
"King Acorn!? Why, it is a supreme honor to meet you once again... although I do wish it were under better circumstances." Robotnik said, trying to put on a smile.
"I suggest you hold your tongue, Robotnik. It is finally time you got the justice you deserve." Max said. Robotnik quickly pulled out a remote control.
"Hah!!! You fools think you can stop the great Doctor Robotnik so easily!? Now that I appear to be in Knothole, my army will finally finish you off for good!" Robotnik shouted. He pressed the button... but nothing seemed to be happening, not even a beep of acknowledgement from the device.
"That won't do you any good, Robotnik. I short-circuited your little emergency device, and even then, Sally and Bunnie wiped out the Egg Carrier itself, taking your control tower with it." Rotor said.
"In short, you're on your own, fat man!" Tails shouted.
"No... it can't be!" Robotnik shouted.
"It is, Robotnik. How does it feel to taste the bitter pill of defeat?" Max said.
"This is impossible! I am Robotnik! I cannot lose!!!" Robotnik said as he fell down to the ground and pounded it in anger.

"So what are we gonna do with him?" Bunnie asked.
"Yeah, I mean we can't just leave him here to sulk himself." Sonic said.
"Luckily I have been preparing for such a day, my friends. This transportation device will transport him to the deepest chambers of the underground world." Snively said.
"And if Lazar ever awakens again, he's gonna be having a heck of a time, I'm sure." Rotor said.
"I like it... someone who once had an evil heart being responsible for Robotnik's undoing. Do it, Snively!" Sally shouted. Snively nodded and pressed the button on the device. Robotnik was covered in a bright beam of light, and he started to fade away very quickly.
"You'll all be sorry! I will return one day! I will return to get my reven..." Robotnik shouted, but he was cut off before he vanished completely. Right at that moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. At last, it was over. Bunnie sniffed around.
"Do you smell that, ya'll? The sweet smell of freedom." Bunnie said.
"Yes... and this time it's here to stay!" Sally shouted. Everyone cheered and hugged each other (Sonic/Sally and Tails/Cosmo, for example).

The celebration lasted well into the night, with Sally and Bunnie retelling their story to everyone that lived in The Great Forest. Soon, everyone went to bed, with Max sleeping in Sonic's hut until a new one could be built especially for the king. Sally was about to jump into bed when Snively entered the room.
"Um, excuse me, princess." Snively said.
"Yes, Snively?" Sally said.
"I thought you should know that we just got another set of those size-changing monitors from Knuckles. Though I was wondering what you'd want to do with them now that Robotnik is forever gone..." Snively said.
"No, hold onto them until tomorrow. I've got an idea... one that won't let this new power of mine go to waste." Sally said.
"Yes, princess. Good night." Snively said as he left the room. As Sally tucked herself into bed, she smiled having just remembered about her new size-changing power, the one that helped end the war once and for all with Robotnik. Already her head was filling with possibilities on what she could do next.

At the same time, Tails and Cosmo were sitting by the lake, where Sonic would normally pick up his power rings. They both enjoyed sitting under the starry night.
"Isn't it a beautiful night, Tails?" Cosmo asked.
"Yes. It's even more beautiful now that we know Robotnik is no longer around to disturb us." Tails said.
"Of course. We do have each other to thank for that. It was a long war, but it seems to finally be over." Cosmo said. Tails nodded.
"Tails... there's something I want to ask you." Cosmo said.
"What is it, Cosmo?" Tails said.
"If... if I were to be as gigantic as Sally or Bunnie were today... would you... would you still love me?" Cosmo asked.
"Huh? Would I still love you even if you were as big as they were?" Tails said.
"Yes. That is what I just asked." Cosmo said.
"Cosmo... I would be with you no matter how big or small you were. I love you that much." Tails said.
"Oh, Tails..." Cosmo said as the two embraced once more. At the same time, it got Cosmo thinking about something, but she kept this idea in her head until tomorrow morning when she would no doubt see Sally again.

The next time Sally opened her eyes, she saw nothing but the stars. They seemed to stretch on for miles and miles. There was no ground to stand on as she felt like she was floating through the air. There was no sky. No Station Square or Robotropolis in the background. Nothing whatsoever. It left Sally confused.
"What... what's happened? Where am I?" Sally asked herself. Finally, she started to swim her way among the stars, since that seemed to be the only way she could move around from where she was. Eventually, after what felt like a long time of swimming through the emptiness of space, she could finally spot something. It was a round object, about as small as a marble. Sally looked closer, and was almost taken aback.
"Oh my gosh... it's Mobius!" Sally shouted. Indeed, that little marble she was looking at was none other than Mobius itself, and she was actually floating out in space. How she was able to do that was of little concern to her. All that mattered was that Sally could now hold her entire home planet in the palm of her hand if she wanted. She lowered a hand towards the planet, only to strike it with one of her fingernails.
"Oops! I'm sorry, Mobius! I didn't mean to!" Sally shouted. Mobius drifted out of its orbit, and at this point, Sally had no choice but to grip onto the planet with two fingers, holding it like an ordinary ball. The power rush she was getting from holding onto all of Mobius with such ease was almost intoxicating, going far beyond the Power Stones she and Sonic used five years ago.
"Gosh, I never imagined Mobius looking so beautiful from up here." Sally said. She held one of her ears as close to the planet as she could. She could hear what felt like millions of tiny screams. She then looked around the rest of the galaxy. She saw maybe one or two other planets or moons far out in the distance, and that got her thinking.
"There's probably much meaner villains aside from Robotnik out there. I better keep Mobius in a safe place." Sally said, "Don't worry. You will all be safe with me..." Sally said. She then opened her mouth and slowly moved Mobius towards it.

That's when the dream faded out.

Sally opened her eyes again. This time she found herself back in her own bedroom.
"Whoa... that's too big for my tastes. I better be careful with this new power." Sally said. Bunnie then walked into the room, along with Sally's father, King Max Acorn.
"Howdy, Sally! How did it feel to sleep in this morning?" Bunnie asked.
"Oh, good morning, Bunnie. And to you too, Daddy." Sally said. Max just nodded.
"It's good to see your smiling face in the morning again, Sally." Max said.
"Listen, sugah, Uncle Chuck wanted us to meet with him in his lab after breakfest. He says he discovered something important regarding Robotnik." Bunnie said.
"Okay. After breakfest, then." Sally said. As Bunnie and Max left the room, Sally slowly rolled out of bed, putting on her vest and boots and proceeding with her day.

Indeed, after breakfest was done, Sally and Bunnie both met with Charles the Hedgehog in his lab. Sonic, Tails, and some of the other Freedom Fighters were already in the room.
"Okay, Charles. We're here." Sally said.
"Excellent. Snively and I were doing some calculations last night, and we both finally learned the locations of Robotnik's other control towers." Chuck said.
"Control towers?" Sally asked.
"Whenever Robotnik or I discovered something of great value far outside of Robotropolis, we had to build these giant control towers in order to expand our range of control over our vast robotic army. The master computers of Robotropolis could only take us so far." Snively said.
"But what's the point of tracking those towers? Didn't Aunt Sally and Bunnie literally crush almost all of the remaining Swatbots?" Tails asked. Cosmo was once again thinking back to how large the two girls were the day before.
"These things could control more than just Swatbots, Tails." Chuck said.
"Charles is right. Fighter jets, hedgehog scanners, tracking cameras. Everything was controlled by these control towers." Snively said.
"I know we were able to trap Robotnik in his own deadly creation, The Void... but there's no telling when he will find a way to escape, just as Naugus did. By taking out these towers, he'll have nothing to gain." Chuck said.
"I agree 100%, and that's why we should destroy the towers. Good work, Chuck. Bunnie and I can dispose of them when we take our... well, big walks." Sally said.
"Yes, I see what you mean." Chuck said.
"Whoa, now! Hey, Sal! If you're thinking what I'm thinking, why not let me join you? Y'know, a nice quiet walk between the two of us." Sonic said, flashing his trademark smile winking his eyes at Sonic. Sally just laughed.
"That's very thoughtful of you, Sonic, but we need someone to stay normal-sized to cover more ground. Besides, this growing thing's for us girls." Sally said.
"Hmmmph! In other words, you get all the fun." Sonic said. Tails just snickered over Sonic striking out again.

"But, Sally girl, there could be a ton of these control towers laying around Mobius." Bunnie said. Sally looked over at her good friend, Lupe.
"I know. That's why I volunteer you, Lupe, to join us." Sally said.
"What!? You mean I could grow gigantic as well? Why would I want to do that?" Lupe asked.
"You've been a good friend these past few years, Lupe. This is the least I can do to reward you for your efforts in helping us achieve victory." Sally said.
"Okay, sure. I suppose I should take this opportunity while I have the chance." Lupe said.
"Um... excuse me, Miss Sally." Cosmo suddenly said.
"Yes, Cosmo?" Sally said.
"Can I grow big too?" Cosmo said.
"What!? Cosmo!" Tails shouted.
"Please? I... I want to see what it's like to be so huge. It's been a dream of mine too since I was a little girl." Cosmo said. Sally smiled.
"Okay. I'm sure we can fit one more giantess into the mix." Sally said.
"Rotor and I will go adjust the power output on the Resizer right away." Snively said.
"And I'll track the locations of the control towers from back here. I can only track so many, you see. Sonic, I'll need you and the king's help in case we come across some of the smaller units." Chuck said.
"Yeah, yeah. Just hurry up and get on with it! You know how much I hate standing here and doing nothing." Sonic said.
"Right, of course. Tails? Are you going to stay and help Sonic?" Sally asked.
"Well... I was kinda hoping I could go on air patrol. Y'know, watch out for anything that might try to attack you or Cosmo." Tails said.
"That's fine. Alright, Freedom Fighters, let's go!" Sally said.
"Now, Sally. Be careful not to do anything reckless. You must always be responsible for your actions." King Max said.
"I will, Daddy." Sally said, giving him a kiss before everyone went their seperate ways.

Outside the hut where the Resizer was located, the same one that still had the gaping hole left by Sally and Bunnie during their initial growth spurts, Sally, Bunnie, and Tails all waited patiently for Lupe and Cosmo to finish their business with Snively and Rotor.
"I can't wait to see Lupe as a giantess. She already looks so strong even at her normal height." Sally said.
"I'm sure we all look a little stronger at such a huge size, sugah." Bunnie said.
"I just want to see Cosmo. I hope she won't mind the change in height." Tails said.
"Now, Tails... if she loves you just as much as you love her, I'm sure she will adjust." Sally said.
"Here they come!" Bunnie shouted. Indeed, the growth process had already begun as Lupe and Cosmo's heads both peeked out of the hut as they grew. They both grew until Cosmo reached 100 feet tall. Lupe, being a full head taller than anyone else in Knothole Village, was able to spike up to around 125 feet tall. Both ladies immediately admired their new height.
"Sally was right. This is pretty cool." Lupe said.
"Oh dear... everything is so small. Even Tails." Cosmo said as she looked down past the hut and at Tails, who had to be drooling just from seeing his girlfriend so humongous. This didn't escape Sally or Bunnie.
"Awww... I think the poor feller is starstruck." Bunnie said.
"I think we should give him a lift, wouldn't you say?" Sally said.
"I couldn't agree more, sugah." Bunnie said. With that, both girls began to grow again. They grew until they matched Cosmo as far as height went. Sally decided she wasn't going to go that extra step yet. Not after that strange dream she had the other night. Sally picked up Tails and handed him to Cosmo, who carefully took him into her hands."
"Man... I didn't think I'd ever see Cosmo look so big and intimidating." Tails said. Cosmo just smiled after hearing that.
"Well, I guess I am glad I could intimidate you." Cosmo said with a smile.
"What next, Sally?" Lupe asked. Sally pulled Nicole off from one of her boots.
"It's time we went after those control towers. Nicole, start communication with Uncle Chuck." Sally said.
"Opening, Sally. Line opened. You are speaking with Charles." Nicole said.

Inside Chuck's hut, he and Sonic were waiting to hear back from Sally. That would be their sign that she, Bunnie, Lupe, and Cosmo were all at the right size.
"I'm waiting, Sal!" Sonic said.
"Have patience, Sonny boy. We should be hearing from them soon." Chuck said. They did indeed hear from them, as Sally's voice came blasting out of the speakers.
"Chuck! Come in, Chuck! Can you hear me?" Sally said. Chuck quickly covered his ears and held on tight to the control panel. Sonic simply got blown back to one of the walls.
"Wow! Talk about Super Sonic sound waves!" Sonic shouted.
"Ow... I'm here, Sally. I hear you loud and, well... very loud." Chuck said.
"Oops... sorry. I didn't think my louder voice wouldn't be filtered with your equipment." Sally said, going into a whisper.
"No, no. It's okay. Just let me set the volume modulator and... bingo! Now you can talk at a normal tone." Chuck said.
"Okay, good. We're all giant-sized again. So where should we go?" Sally asked.
"The nearest control tower to Knothole that I've been able to locate is in Station Square. I'm getting a couple of signals there." Chuck said.
"Station Square? Isn't that the new-fangled city populated by humans?" Bunnie said.
"Which formed as a result of the Chaos Control that caused Earth and Mobius to merge?" Lupe asked.
"Correcto. As soon as I get a fix on the exact locations of these towers, I will let you know." Chuck said.
"But until then, Station Square is our destination. Thanks, Chuck." Sally said as she shut off Nicole and placed her back on her boot. Cosmo, naturally, was the most concerned of the group.
"Should we really be going to Station Square at this size? We could easily frighten the whole city, and of course we'd be at risk to crush something!" Cosmo said, still holding onto Tails. She finally placed him on her shoulder where he would be safe.
"Well, that's a chance we're going to have to take." Sally said.
"Besides, I'm sure those Earthlings have had to go through something like this before." Lupe said.
"I'm not so sure they've ever had to deal with us gigantic pretty animals before." Bunnie said. But there would be no more discussion as Sally was already walking triumphantly towards the city. The other three giantesses quickly followed suit.

The people of Station Square didn't need to be notified. As soon as they saw the four giantesses, they took off in the opposite direction. Sally looked down at all the people that were running from her, both from the front and the back. The first thing she decided to was pick up a car that rested by her right foot. Feeling how lightweight the vehicle was at her size, she watched as the driver of the car opened the door and fell into Sally's vest pocket. She thought about how incredibly lucky he was to fall there and not towards the pavement.
With her two fingers, she started to exert pressure onto the car. She could feel the frame starting to give away from all the pressure before it finally exploded. She tossed aside the wreckage.
"Golly, Sally. You ought to be careful. You don't know your own strength!" Bunnie said.
"I know. That feeling I had while holding that car and crumbling it apart... that was incredible." Sally said. Tails walked to the edge of Cosmo's shoulder and shouted at Sally.
"Hey, Aunt Sally! Why don't you shout out what that one giant always said in that one story you told me!?" Tails shouted. Sally quickly knew what he was talking about and shook her head.
"Oh, please... Tails. That's so embarrassing. I wouldn't want everyone to hear it!" Sally said.
"Awwww, come on, Sally girl. You're perfect for the part! Go ahead and let it out!" Bunnie said.
"Well, okay." Sally said. She took a couple steps forward and took a deep breath before letting out a manly-sounding voice.
"Fee, fi, fo, fum! I smell the blood of a lot of Englishmen!" Sally said. The other three giantesses let out a laugh or two, as did Tails who subsequently cheered for her.
"Yay, Aunt Sally! You did great!" Tails shouted.
"Gee, thanks, Tails. Come on, we should look around some more of this city... and find those control towers while we are at it." Sally said.

As the giant ladies walked down the streets, knocking off lampposts and kicking other things around with their huge feet, Cosmo was being the most careful of the four. In fact, she stopped short of crushing a man who had gotten tripped up and was just about to be stomped on. Cosmo kneeled down and helped this man to her feet.
"There, you'll be okay now. You should get going before you get hurt." Cosmo said. The man didn't hesitate as he broke into a full sprint away from her. Tails watched this unfold from on top of Cosmo's shoulder.
"That was very nice of you, Cosmo." Tails said.
"Well, you know me... it's always good to help those in need. My mother always taught me that." Cosmo said. Then came something that Cosmo did not expect. A large bus suddenly crashed right into her foot. She was taken by surprise as she backed away.
"Goodness! I'm sorry, I should've watched where I was going." Cosmo said. Little did she realize that she was backing up right into a walkway suspended about 20 feet in the air.
"Cosmo, watch out!!!" Tails shouted, but it was too late, as the back of Cosmo's knee struck the platform, causing her to lose balance and crash down onto the ground on her back. Tails went flying off Cosmo's shoulder, but was able to swing his two tails around rapidly to get himself into the air. Cosmo, meanwhile, was flat on her back only for a short time. She scrambled to get back on her two feet, checking to see if she had crushed anyone in her path.
"Oh no! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!!!" Cosmo said, shifting into apologetic mode. She really went into a frenzy when she realized that Tails was no longer on top of her shoulder.
"Tails! Tails! Where are you?" Cosmo asked.
"I'm right here, Cosmo!" Tails shouted, flying right in front of her eyes. Cosmo let out a sigh of relief that almost blew Tails away as big as she was.
"Oh, Tails. Thank the stars you are okay. Is everyone else okay?" Cosmo asked.
"Well, the road and that bridge certainly took a hit, but I don't see any blood down there. It looks like everyone got out of the way just in time." Tails said.
"Double thanks! I can't tell how much that makes me happy, Tails." Cosmo said as she reached out and grabbed Tails, pressing him against her face.
"And I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me..." Tails said to himself as he took in the warmness of being as close to Cosmo as he was.

Meanwhile, the other giantesses continued along their merry way. Sally was busy continuing to admire over how big she was while Bunnie and Lupe kept a sharp lookout for one of those control towers that Chuck talked about.
"Them control towers have to be around here somewhere. It's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack!" Bunnie said.
"We'll find it. We just have to stay sharp." Lupe said. Sally was checking up on Nicole when she felt something sting her face.
"Ow! Something just hit me!" Sally shouted. Lupe looked up and quickly saw what it was.
"There's your answer." Lupe said as she pointed at the fighter jet places shooting lasers down at the giantesses. On top of that, some tanks were rolling onto the streets, aiming their turrets up at them. One of the soldiers came out of one of the tanks holding a megaphone.
"Alright, you darn-tootin' rodents! You will surrender at once, ya hear!?" the general said.
"We do not intend to harm any of you. Please step aside and we shall leave you in piece." Sally said.
"Like heck you are! All units, fire!” The general shouted as the firing commenced. The three 100-foot-tall 'rodents,' as the man so beautifully put it, suddenly feel the little bullets and tank shells hit their fur. But after two minutes, the army and the officers of GUN cease their shooting and look up at the ladies still standing. The army and GUN couldn’t believe that all their ammo didn’t even put a scratch on them.
"Oh no! Our weapons are completely useless! Retreat! All personnel, fall back!!!" the general said as the soldiers started to take off... especially when they saw Lupe walking towards the group. Lupe picked up the main tank and held it up to eye level.
"Lupe, what are you doing?" Sally asked.
"Don't worry, I'm just gonna rattle their cages for a bit." Lupe said. Indeed, she shook the tank up and down, causing some of the men inside the machine to come jumping out, waving surrender flags.
"That's much better. If you humans value your lives, you will run away as soon as I put this thing down." Lupe said. The wolf placed the tank back on the ground and watched as the men indeed scrambled out from the unit. When she felt everything was clear, Lupe then swiftly kicked the tank away like a soccer ball. Sally and Bunnie watched as the vehicle blows up after slamming into a warehouse.
"Dang... remind me never to get on Lupe's bad side!" Bunnie said.
"And luckily no human life was lost." Lupe said with a smile. Suddenly, Nicole started giving off a beeping sound, which naturally was very loud to the tiny citizens of Station Square. Sally took Nicole off her boot and switched on the viewscreen to see Uncle Chuck.

"Charles! What is it?" Sally said.
"I was watching the news footage on one of my monitors. Is everything alright!?" Chuck shouted.
"Oh, we're fine. We just had to deal with..." Sally said.
"Little bugs!" Lupe said.
"Right... some little bugs." Sally said.
"I figured as much. Meanwhile, I've been able to pinpoint exactly where one of the control towers is located." Chuck said.
"Great! Where is it?" Sally said.
"Oddly enough, it's been hiding behind the Station Square Hotel, near the beach." Chuck said.
"Hey, that's one way to really hide your surprise." Bunnie said.
"We're right on it, Chuck." Sally said as she put Nicole back on her boot. Just as she did that, Cosmo rejoined the group.
"Hey, everyone! Sorry I got left behind..." Cosmo said.
"It's okay, Cosmo. We're on our way to take out that first control tower." Sally said. The four giantesses made their way through the city.

They soon walked around the Station Square Hotel, from its west side since the train station and tracks to Mystic Ruins were directly to the building's east. There, not far from the sandy beaches itself was the black and blue colored control tower, standing about 75 feet high, so therefore the four giantesses were bigger than it.
"So how are we going to do this?" Lupe asked.
"Well, we should think this over carefully. We could chip away at it piece by piece, or we could..." Sally said.
"I got a pretty little suggestion, ya'll..." Bunnie said. She rubbed her fists together and charged right for the tower. She just flat out pounded the tower, knocking it clear off its foundation and sending it crashing down (harmlessly with no people near the area) to the ground, with a shower of sparks flying out from the foundation and the tower itself before it all died out.
"Or we can do that." Sally said, admiring Bunnie's sheer strength in taking the tower down. That's when Sally contacted Chuck again via Nicole.
"Chuck, one control tower down." Sally said.
"Good job, Sally. I just pinpointed the locations of two more towers. One is back in the city, while I have spotted the other in the Mystic Ruins." Chuck said.
"We're on it, Chuck." Sally said as she put Nicole away.
"Hey, I can go to Mystic Ruins for ya'll and take out the control tower there." Bunnie said.
"I wish to go with Bunnie. I hear the scenery in the Mystic Ruins is beautiful at this time of year." Cosmo said.
"Alright. Thank you, you two. Lupe and I will stay here in the city and find that other tower. We'll meet back here at the beach." Sally said.

Sally was using Nicole to track down the next control tower in Station Square. Lupe stayed close in case they would run into any military resistance, even though Sally didn't feel it was necessary.
"Really, Lupe. I think we'll be fine. What could possibly harm us as big as we are?" Sally asked.
"Yes, you are right, but I can't help it. I've always looked out for you ever since we first met." Lupe said.
"Of course. You are as loyal as the wolves themselves." Sally said. Soon, after making their way through the city, both doing their best to avoid stepping on the many people and vehicles that littered the streets. They finally made their way to a huge river, with only the Route 280 bridge to connect one part of Station Square to the next.
"Hmmm... the tower must be on the other side of the bridge." Sally said.
"Which means we will have to cross that river. I wonder how deep it is?" Lupe asked.
"I'll find out. Here, you hold onto Nicole." Sally said, presenting her mini-computer to Lupe. Once it was taken out of her hands, Sally slowly made her way into the river. She shivered a bit from the cold temperature, but her body temperature quickly adjusted itself for her to adapt. Sally then walked out far enough until she was waist high with the water level. She splashes around for a bit in the cold, salty water, swimming underneath the Route 280 Bridge as gets much of her fur wet. She would at times throw a lot of water into the city, causing electrical systems all over to blow out and streets to flood. This didn't go unnoticed by Lupe.
"Sally, be careful! You're getting the roads a little wet!" Lupe said.
"Oops... sorry. I'm just not used to swimming in a whole river!" Sally shouted. She then turns her attention to a cruise ship that was mere yards away from her chest. People were gathering at the edges of the ship to look in awe at the giantess. Sally then dives underwater and swims underneath the boat. The crowd suddenly panics like mad as Sally comes up, with the boat on top of her head! Sally just smiles as she could hear the screams for help and otherwise from the panicking people. After the balancing act, she quickly grabbed the entire boat with her two hands.
"Heh, don't mind me. You'd all probably have this much fun too if you were 100 feet tall too. Now go on..." Sally said as she placed the ship back in the water and gave it a push off. Lupe simply cracked up.
"Geez... Sally. I haven't seen you having this much fun in ages!" Lupe said.
"I know. But isn't it great, Lupe? Robotnik is gone, we have freedom at last, and we're 100 feet tall too." Sally said. She then looked over at the bridge itself.
"And speaking of fun..." she added. She used her hands to sweep away many of the cars, trucks, buses, or other vehicles that were in her way. Once the bridge was mostly empty, she actually climbed on top of it and laid down on top of it, leaving her paws to swing around the cool waters! It didn’t matter to her that some cars were getting crushed underneath her mighty weight or that the bridge was clearly bending to her will. She was just relaxing to enjoy the sun’s rays. About a minute later, the groaning sounds from the bridge got louder than ever.
"Sally, be careful! The bridge is about to collapse!" Lupe shouted. She could see several support cables starting to give way from where Sally was sleeping. Finally, the cables snapped, and the whole bridge was left to fall into the water, as did Sally herself. Lupe put Nicole down on top of a nearby building and ran up to the edge of the land, looking at the river.

"Sally!?" Lupe called out, hoping that she was okay. But of course she was. Sally smiled to Lupe as she walked to the shallow end of the ocean to where her friend was standing.
"What? You thought I was going to drown? You worry too much." Sally said. She then grabbed Lupe by the waist and pulled her into the water. A large splash sound ensued as water flew into the city. Both giantesses laughed from the fun and games they both just had.
"You're right. This does feel nice. I can understand why you were having such a good time in here." Lupe said. Sally just nodded.
"I know. Come on, though, Uncle Chuck and Snively would want us to take out that tower." Sally said. After Lupe went back to get Nicole and handed it to Sally (holding it above the water of course), the two giantesses continued onward to the next part of Station Square.

On the way to the Mystic Ruins, Bunnie and Cosmo (still with Tails along for the ride) were walking alongside the train tracks that connected Station Square to Mystic Ruins. In fact, the two giantesses caught up with a train going in their direction. Bunnie even raced the train by running as fast as it was. This lasted until the train stopped at the station, which Bunnie just barely avoided crashing into. During her sidestep, she ended up crushing a few palm trees by her feet. Bunnie looked at the many confused people, some of them naturally frightened of the giantess, as they stepped out from the train.
"Whew... that was a fine race, ya'll. We should do it again, sometime." Bunnie said. Cosmo finally caught up with Bunnie and noticed the broken palm trees.
"Bunnie! You hurt these poor little trees!" Cosmo shouted. Bunnie finally looked next to her feet and noticed the broken trees.
"Oh... I'm sorry, sugah. I guess I didn't see them while jumping away from the train station." Bunnie said.
"No, I understand. Nothing my plant healing magic can't handle." Cosmo said. She kneeled down next to the trees and hovered her hands above them. A rush of green energy surrounded the trees, soon reversing their poor fate from earlier and restoring them back to full life.
"There, my friends. You are safe now." Cosmo said. She stood back up to her full height, looking at Bunnie.
"I keep forgettin' that Cosmo is a princess of nature." Bunnie said.
"Yes. She always gets on me for not taking the proper care of the plants at my workshop." Tails said. Cosmo lightly patted Tails on the head with her finger.
"Speaking of workshop, Tails, ain't it around here in these here Mystic Ruins?" Bunnie said.
"Yeah, it's the one where I keep the Tornado X. Why?" Tails said.
"I was thinking we could use the radar tracking equipment to locate that control tower." Bunnie said.
"Well, sure. I think I can get a fix on it from there." Tails said.
"Cool beans! We should head there right away!" Bunnie said. The two giantesses then walked away from the train station and started looking for Tails' lab in the Mystic Ruins.

Along the way, they were coming across a river. It was currently occupied by a young female rabbit named Cream, her Chao companion Cheese, and a young boy we know as Christopher Thorndike. Chris appeared to be fishing while Cream and Cheese were crawling around the dirt and grass gathering flower petals. But soon afterwards, a huge shadow blocked out all sunlight that was shining down at the children.
"My goodness... we must have a huge cloud cover." Cream said. Chris looked up and could see what was causing the shadows... and that would be the two giantesses, Bunnie and Cream. And of course, both were walking very close to them.
"Yikes! That's no cloud! Those are giant animals!" Chris shouted. Cream looked up too and felt like she had a heart attack.
"Oh dear!" Cream shouted. She gasped big time at the sheer size of the two. She was so shocked… she ended up dropping Cheese into the fast flowing river. Chris tried to save Cheese, but he ended up falling into the river as well.
"Ack! Someone help us!" Chris shouted. Both were being carried away and were unable to outswim the strong currents, and it looked bleak as they were heading for the nearby waterfall, and a fall that was easily hundreds of feet down.

Just as Bunnie and Cosmo both easily stepped over the tiny river, Cosmo suddenly stopped her walking.
"Cosmo? Somethin' wrong?" Bunnie said.
"I can feel the emotion of danger. Someone is in trouble!" Cosmo said. She turned around and noticed Chris and Cheese flowing down the river, with no way to outswim the current.
"Down there! That boy and the Chao!" Cosmo said.
"Oh my stars! We've got to act faster than Sonic eating a platter of chili dogs!" Bunnie said. She walked right up to the river, getting as close as she could without stepping into it. Just as Chris and Cheese went over the edge, Bunnie stretched out her robotic arm, extending it downward until the two finally landed in her hand.
"I got ya'll! Just hold on tight!" Bunnie shouted. She brought them up to the air to look at them up close while they were both recovering from their swimming session.
"Are you two okay?" Bunnie asked.
"(cough) Yeah… I’m just fine. Thank you for saving me." Chris said to Bunnie. She finally set them down next to her feet, with Cream hugging the both of them. Bunnie kneeled down to get a closer look at Cream.
"Why hello there, little bunny. What's your name?" Bunnie asked.
"It's... it's Cream. How did you get so big, um...?" Cream asked.
"My name's Bunnie Rabbot. That's kind of a long story as to how I got this huge." Bunnie said.
"Oh, I see. But what about your robotic arm and leg? Are you a robot?" Cream asked.
"Well..." Bunnie started to say, but Cosmo decided to talk first. Cream and her friends were especially taken aback by Cosmo's incredible amount of beauty at the size she was at.
"Listen, we would love to stay and chat, but we have an important mission to get to. Meanwhile, you should be more careful. Something bad could’ve happened to you and your friend had we not been here to save you." Cosmo said.
"Oh, of course, giant lady! We will be careful!" Cream shouted.
"Good luck to both of you. And thanks again!" Chris shouted. The giantesses and the children waved at each other until Bunnie and Cosmo got walking again towards the lab.
"You know, I could see the looks in their eyes. They were all very much attracted to you." Tails said.
"Huh? You think so?" Cosmo said.
"I know so... your new size has really heightened your beauty." Tails said.
"Awww... Tails. Thank you." Cosmo said, blowing a kiss back to her friend even though he stood on her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Lupe and Sally continued on their walk through the rest of Station Square after crossing the river. Sally got down on her knees and noticed a group of firefighters known as the Burning Rangers spraying at a building on fire. Sally offered to help by taking in a deep breath before exhaling with great force. The fires, combined with the water that the rangers were shooting, went out and left behind the smoke they once naturally produced.
"That was easy." Lupe said.
"Always. This size really comes in handy, doesn't it?" Sally said. They both waved down at the rangers, who thanked them even as they continued on their way.

While all this was going on, the Chaotix team of Espio, Vector, and Charmy stood atop one of the largest buildings this side of Station Square. Vector was looking out of his binoculars at the mountains, looking like he was trying to find something. Espio, as an impatient character, was getting frustrated.
"Alright, Vector, just what the heck are we looking for?" Espio asked.
"Isn't it obvious, Espio? We're searching for a case. A good detective always goes out and searches for his own work once in a while! I always say that!" Vector said.
"I never heard you say that. Besides, we've been searching for four hours, yet we haven't found anything." Charmy said. Vector just gnarled and he was now pulling out a camera to replace the binoculars.
"Might as well take pictures of the scenery for future reference. They could come in..." Vector was cut off by what he was just now taking a picture of. He got the Station Square part right, that's for sure... but it contained the two giantesses.
"Isn't handy the operative word?" Espio asked.
"I know that you chameleon psychopath! Look what I just found!" Vector said, pointing out to the two giant ladies who were as clear as day now. Espio and Charmy were just as stunned as Vector no doubt was.
"Whoa... you were right, Vector. Something was bound to show up around this part of the city." Charmy said.
"And we've been calling him a moron all this time..." Espio said.
"HA!!! See! I told you something would show up from time to time! A giant girl is just the thing that would show up every now and then around this city!" Vector said. Just then, Sally looked in the direction of the Chaotix team, who reacted with much panic. And why not? A really big girl was looking straight at them!
"Eeeeeeeek!!!! She spotted us! She's gonna eat us!" Charmy said.
"Relax, Charmy. You taste awful anyways, so at least you'll be safe." Vector said calmly.
"Thanks a lot..." Charmy said sarcastically. Sally took a few steps before she was mere yards away from the platform the guys were standing on. But she wasn't looking at the three Chaotix members in general. She was focused on the camera that little Vector was holding.

"Excuse me, but are you three by any chance photographers?" Sally asked, her loud voice echoing throughout the city.
"Uh, well... you see..." Espio started to say before he was knocked in the back of the head by Vector.
"Why yes, madam! We are part of the Chaotix Modeling Agency! We've been looking for beautiful clients such as yourself to pose for our next magazine feature!" Vector shouted.
"We are?" Charmy asked. Vector gave the ol' fashioned mean look at Charmy before he got the hint.
"Oh yes! Yes! We are! We're looking to take some pictures as we speak!" Charmy said. Sally rubbed her chin with her furry hand.
"What's going on here, Sally? Should I get rid of these little bugs?" Lupe asked.
"No, they're not bugs. They say they're photographers. I'd like to pose if it's okay with you guys." Sally said.
"Pose?" Lupe said.
"Sure, and you can join me, Lupe! Memories so that we can always remember this time." Sally said.
"Oh, that would be terrific! Absolutely terrific! You do whatever you want as long as you stand against that glass building." Vector said, pointing back to the only glass building that was in the area. It was half the size of the two girls, but it would do nicely for the little game. For the next few minutes, Sally and Lupe both made all kinds of poses for the Chaotix team as Vector worked the camera. Some were typical like flashing a smile for the camera, while others were quite endearing, such as when Sally sat down right next to the building and was licking her lips towards the camera. She and Lupe, of course, posed for shots with the two of them together doing things like playfully pulling on each other's hair or high-fiving each other (smashing a military helicopter in the process).

During the filming session, Lupe snuck a peek inside the glass building. She expected to find little people inside perhaps stuck against the windows getting a good look at either her or Sally. But nope... there was nothing but electronic equipment inside.
"Sally, I think we found the next control tower." Lupe said.
"Really? Is it really this little building?" Sally said.
"Only one way to find out." Lupe said. Since the building was less than half the size of Lupe, she had a particularly fiendish idea in mind. She stood up to her full height and spread her legs out so that one leg was on each side of the building. Then Lupe closed her legs together and completely shattered the control tower, leaving many shards of glass to rain down on the city streets. Sally was once again with Lupe's strength.
"Wow... that's really sealing the deal, Lupe!" Sally said. Lupe rolled her eyes around.
"And I always thought Sonic had the funny lines." Lupe said.
"I've been hanging out with him for too long." Sally said with a smile.

With all this going on, the Chaotix team continued snapping pictures. Eventually Vector's camera ran out of film, and Sally approached the Chaotix team to thank them.
"Thanks, guys. When do you think I will be seeing myself in this magazine of yours?" Sally asked.
"Uh... very soon, my dear! I'll make sure the issue gets out as soon as possible!" Vector said.
"Well, glad I could help out. Come on, Lupe, let's head back to the beach. Bunnie should be back by now." Sally said.
"You got it, princess." Lupe said. The two giantesses soon walked back the way they came, which meant they would have to cross the river again. The Chaotix team watched their bodies from head to toe (including Sally's tail on her behind) as they faded from view. All three team members regained their composure as they breathed a sigh of relief.
"Well, that was a close one. That modeling agency gag worked like a charm!" Vector said.
"That's great... but what are we going to do with all those pictures?" Espio said.
"Yeah... we can't just throw them away, not when she looked so cute!" Charmy said.
"Ah... Charmy's got an interest in her." Vector said with a smile.
"That's not what I meant!!!" Charmy said frantically, trying to clear up any misunderstanding that Vector always seems to come up with.

Back at the Mystic Ruins, Bunnie and Cosmo were now navigating their way through the dense jungle that led to the temples. Even though both girls were a little over 100 feet tall, they were still up to their waists in trees. In fact, Bunnie was just picking herself up after tripping over an oak tree. Tails, now flying in the Tornado X but keeping a close distance to Cosmo, laughed out loud seeing a smaller tree stuck in Bunnie's mouth. He spoke into a megaphone so that both ladies could easily hear him.
"Hey, Bunnie, Sally always said you should eat your vegetables, right?" Tails said. Bunnie took the tree out of her mouth and noticed how much it did resemble a piece of broccoli from her perspective.
"I reckon she did. I didn't think she'd be right, anyway!" Bunnie said. She tossed the tree aside, although Cosmo was close enough to catch it in midair.
"Bunnie, you must be careful! This tree still has some life in it." Cosmo said.
"Like, I'm sorry, Cosmo. Like I said, I just ain't the nature person like you are." Bunnie said. As Cosmo was kneeling down placing the tree on the ground, she just noticed Big the Cat crawling on the ground, looking like he was looking for something...
"Bunnie, look down here." Cosmo said. Bunnie stood next to Cosmo and leaned down as well, noticing Big as well.
"Why if it isn't little ol' Big the Cat." Bunnie said. Tails noticed him too.
"It looks like he is looking for something. I should go speak with him." Tails said. He flew the Tornado X down to the ground, landing right next to Cosmo. Tails looked up for at least a few seconds at the giant Cosmo as she was conversing with Bunnie. But Tails shook his head and hopped out of the plane, approaching Big.

"Big, what's up?" Tails asked. Big turned around, nearly hitting Tails with his fishing pole in the process, and looked at his friend.
"Duh... Tails! It's so good to see you again!" Big said, running up to give Tails a huge hug, literally. Tails was almost buried in Big's body.
"You too... Big! Do you mind!?" Tails shouted.
"Oh no... what have I done now?" Big said as he let go of Tails. Tails knew this was his way of apologizing.
"So, Big, what are you looking for?" Tails asked.
"Duh... Froggy ran away again! I've been looking all over the jungle for him!" Big said.
"Again? Where do you think he could've gone?" Tails said.
"I guess he went near the ruins again. I thought he was trying to tell me something, but then he ran off, and I couldn't keep up with him." Big said.
"Don't worry, we'll find him." Tails said.
"We will? How will we do that?" Big asked.
"I have some friends who can help us." Tails said. He looked up at the trees and let out a whistle. Soon, the trees seperated as Bunnie and Cosmo pushed them aside. Big looked a little phased, but soon reverted back to his normal self.
"Duh... they sure are big. And I thought the fish around here were gigantic." Big said. Tails just rolled his eyes. Spoken like a true fishing cat, he thought.
"Big says Froggy is missing again. He thinks he ran off towards the ruins!" Tails shouted.
"The ruins? Weren't we headed in that little ol' direction anyway?" Bunnie asked.
"Yes. If we can find Froggy, perhaps we will find the control tower as well." Cosmo said.
"Alright! Let's do it to it!" Tails said.
"You can ride with me, Big, and help with the lookout." Bunnie said as she gently picked up Big. Tails ran back to the Tornado X and was flying once again... next to Cosmo, of course.

Eventually, our heroes made it to the temple itself, and sure enough, hopping up and down at the very top of the temple was Froggy itself.
"Hey, lookie here, ya'll! There's Froggy on top of that temple." Bunnie said.
"Wow... how can you see that little thing from up here?" Cosmo asked.
"That's one good thing about being half-robot, sugah. I was lucky enough to finally accept it a few years back." Bunnie said. She lowered Big on top of the temple and the two were reunited. As Cosmo felt happy over witnessing the reunion, something much more important caught the eye of Tails in the Tornado X beyond the temple and several feet below past the cliffs.
"Everyone, look! It's the control tower!" Tails shouted. Cosmo, walking past the Tornado X, approached the edge of the cliff and got a good look at the tower itself, which stood over the abandoned building complex that Robotnik formerly used as his base of operations after the shutdown of Robotropolis. Bunnie soon joined Cosmo.
"Well, time to use some good ol' fashioned brute strength again!" Bunnie said. She was about to jump off the cliff, but Cosmo put a hand in front of her.
"Wait, Bunnie... there is another way we can destroy that tower." Cosmo said.
"Say that again, sugah?" Bunnie asked.
"Look at all those vines surrounding that tower." Cosmo said. Indeed, Bunnie could see a whole lot of vines that seemed to grow all around the tower. Not just there, but around the base as well.
"With my size, I should be able to control all those vines and ask them to destroy the tower for us." Cosmo said.
"Are you sure you can do it, Cosmo?" Tails asked. Cosmo just looked at Tails and nodded with a smile.
"I know I can." Cosmo said. With that, she closed her eyes and stretched out her arms. First horizontally, and then out towards the tower with the vines.

True to Cosmo's word, the vines started to move. Tails looked back and forth between the vines around the tower and Cosmo. He watched with a great sense of wonder as Cosmo showed an intense look on her face, all as she concentrated with controlling all those plants. Soon, the vines were squeezing the tower so tight that it simply crumbled to pieces, taking the base out with it.

Bunnie simply clapped her hands for her new friend.
"Why I declare, that was a mighty fine show you put on there, Cosmo!" Bunnie said. Cosmo opened her eyes and held her head, but she shook it off.
"Yes... I'm impressed myself. I'll have to experiment more with this new power after we've taken out all the towers." Cosmo said.
"Speaking of which, we better get back to Station Square. You comin', Tails?" Bunnie asked.
"Oh yeah... I'm definitely coming." Tails said. As one could clearly tell, Tails was overcome with amazement at the powers of his giant girlfriend. He watched as Cosmo got several yards in front of him before he finally followed suit in the Tornado X.

Several minutes later, all four giantesses were back together at the beach, just as Sally had instructed everyone to do. Sally gave Bunnie and Cosmo each a hug as they approached her and Lupe, with Tails not too far behind watching the whole ordeal. One had to wonder how much more of this giant woman thing he could take.
"It's good to see you two again. How did the mission go?" Sally asked.
"It went well. We saved some young people from their death on our way to taking out the tower." Cosmo said.
"And in mighty fine fashion too. You should've seen the way Cosmo handled them vines!" Bunnie said.
"Awwww... it wasn't much, Bunnie, but thanks anyway." Cosmo said.
"Sounds like you two had some fun along the way. Sally and I did the same thing... and broke some stuff doing it." Lupe said.
"Come on, Lupe! You tripping on some train tracks and landing on your behind can't be any more embarrassing as the way you reacted when I broke the bridge!" Sally said. As all four girls laughed, Nicole started beeping again.
"Sally... incoming transmission from Knothole Village." Nicole said.
"Okay. Thanks, Nicole." Sally said as she opened up Nicole. On the viewscreen were Uncle Chuck and Snively.

"Hey there, ladies! What's the status report?" Chuck asked.
"Well, Chuck... we've taken two more control towers out." Sally said.
"That's good! And I'm happy to report that is all of the major towers." Chuck said.
"Huh? What do you mean major towers?" Sally asked. Snively took center stage on the viewscreen.
"The towers that you destroyed in both Station Square and the Mystic Ruins were the main towers that Robotnik and I built. All of the other towers would draw their power from ongoing communication with these main towers. But now that they are knocked out, the towers are practically useless. Although they do have an emergency activation procedure if they do not communicate after 30 days. This was done in case something ever happened to Robotnik." Snively said.
"I was talking this over with Snively, and yet we both agree that these towers still need to be destroyed. Without them, Robotnik will be worth less than nothing if he were to ever escape." Chuck said.
"I agree. So where can we find these extra towers?" Sally asked.
"Unfortunately, these towers are equipped with stealth trackers, meaning they can't be detected other than from Robotropolis." Snively said.
"I'm afraid Snively is right. It'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack." Chuck said.
"Hey now! We're bigger than big ol' bales of hay! I say we just look for them towers the old fashioned way!" Bunnie said.

While the conversation was going on, Sonic was watching another viewscreen, this one with the news reporting on the giantesses. Sonic was watching as one reporter was getting very, very close to Sally's boots.
"Whoa... hey, Uncle Chuck, you have to check this out!" Sonic said.
"What is it, Sonny boy?" Chuck said.
"Those newscasters are going to be roadkill if they don't get away!" Sonic said. Chuck then got back to the screen with Sally.
"Hey, Sally... be very careful when we break off communication. There is a news crew standing right at your feet." Chuck said. Sally glanced down and indeed saw that very news crew, including of course the anchorwoman, standing very close to where she would normally rest Nicole on her boot.
"Don't worry, Chuck. I've got it under control. Meanwhile, we'll be coming back home very shortly." Sally said.
"Understood. Chuck out." Chuck said. Sally then closed Nicole and then looked back at the other giantesses.
"Awww... do we really have to go on home? I was kinda getting to enjoy this little ol' giantess thing." Bunnie said.
"You know, I hate to admit it, but I like it too. The sense of power from being this huge is incredible." Lupe said.
"I know, I agree with both of you, but now that I think about it, Cosmo is right. The longer we stay, the more panic we're bringing to this city. We should keep our visits sporadic at least for the time being." Sally said.
"I just have one question. Will the people of this city ever get used to seeing us like this?" Cosmo said. Sally then looked down at the news crew and got an idea.
"Hmmm... not if I address the nation." Sally said. As she put Nicole back on her boot, she got down on both her knees and looked down at the news crew, definitely frightening them a little bit.

"This is Scarlet Garcia reporting from Station Square! As you can see behind us, we are standing about as close as we safely can to one of the giant animals that have been walking around this city as well as the Mystic Ruins for the last hour!" Scarlet Garcia shouted as she and her news crew slowly backed away from the giant Sally until they heard her speak.
"Excuse me, but are you members of the Station Square media?" Sally asked.
"Um... yes, yes I am. Ladies and gentlemen, cross your fingers! I'm apparently going to be interviewing these giant creatures." Scarlet said. Sally lowered her head until one of her ears was only a handful of yards away from the ground. Some of her red hair was actually touching the roads and streets themselves.
"Could you say that again? It's hard to hear from little people like you. No offense, actually." Sally said.
"Oh, don't worry, none taken. I said yes, we are the official news crew for SSN. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions!" Scarlet said.
"I'm afraid none of us have any time for questions as we must be getting home soon, but I would like to make an announcement for your city." Sally said. Scarlet wasn't sure whether or not to comply with her request or be like the typical news woman she is and insist upon getting the answers she wants. Eventually, her consciousness told her to never argue with anything over ten times taller than you.
"Um... okay, sure. We are rolling, aren't we?" Scarlet said. Her fellow news crew members nodded.
"Can you get us all in the shot please?" Sally said. She motioned for the other giantesses to kneel down as well.
"Okay, back up! Back up! Give them the picture. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the creatures are actually going to say something that we, as citizens of this city, should hear." Scarlet said. Once she gave the thumbs up to Sally, the giantess spoke.

"Greetings to everyone here in Station Square. I realize many of you are quite possibly scared, shocked, and maybe a little confused as to why us giant creatures are here in your city. Well, the only thing I can sit here and tell you today is that none of us are here to hurt you. We may play some games here or there, and there will probably be an unfortunate incident or two as big as we all are, but let me assure you that myself and my friends behind me are not here to harm you. In fact, we just banished the most notorious villain in the entire world, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, from this world. And we have taken the additional steps necessary to ensure peace on this planet for a very long time. But I promise you that we are here for you, the people." Sally said. There was silence from all corners for a few seconds, probably because nobody could believe what they just heard. All the girls stood back up on their feet.

"Gosh, Sally girl... you should run for President with a speech like that!" Bunnie said.
"Yeah, I guess I could. Come on, we should all get home now." Sally said.
"Wait a minute... where's Tails?" Cosmo asked. Indeed, all the ladies looked around and could not see Tails flying around in the sky. Instead, Lupe was the first to see the Tornado X parked between her feet.
"No wonder... he's down there." Lupe said. Sally got down on her knees and looked down at Tails.
"Tails, what are you doing down there? It's dangerous!" Sally shouted.
"I know... the Tornado X ran out of fuel. In all my excitement to be around Cosmo, I forgot to refuel my plane before takeoff. How embarrassing..." Tails said. Cosmo picked up on that and couldn't help but giggle. Sally opened up her free hand for Tails to climb on. Not that this bothered Tails. He used to have visions of a giant Sally whenever she told him those stories about giants and whatnot, as mentioned earlier. Sally then put Tails and the Tornado X in her vast vest pocket to keep them safe.
"Alright, time to go." Sally said. All four giantesses finally left Station Square and made their way back to Knothole Village.

It was a warm welcome for all four of the ladies as everyone stepped back with them stepping into Knothole Village. Sally waved down at everyone.
"Thank you, everyone, for coming to welcome us back." Sally said.
"Yeah, it sure is nice to get a nice warm reception." Bunnie said. Just then, Sonic ran right up to Sally's boots.
"Yo, Sal! What took you so long!?" Sonic said. Sally just smiled and picked up Sonic. Sonic could feel the rush of air as he was being lifted into the air by his gigantic girlfriend.
"Whoa! Hey, not so fast!!! What's a hedgehog to do with that much wind in my face?" Sonic said.
"I don't know. You've always had the wind in your face with your speed bursts, my little Sonic." Sally said. Tails stuck his head out of the vest pocket to see Sonic flirting with Sally as always.
"Well, I think it's about time we all shrunk back to normal size." Lupe said. Indeed, Lupe, Cosmo, and Bunnie all concentrated. They all shrunk back to their normal sizes. Only Sally still remained at over 100 feet tall.
"Are you coming, Sally?" Lupe shouted up to Sally.
"In a moment. Sonic and I need to spend some time together for a little bit." Sally said. After taking Tails and the Tornado X out of her pocket and placing them next to Cosmo for those two to enjoy themselves, Sally walked away from the village.

Soon, they were at the lakes. The very same lakes where Sonic always got his power rings. Sally sat down as close as she could to the ancient waters and then looked down at Sonic.
"So, uh... is this a date you're trying to pull here?" Sonic said.
"You might say that." Sally said with a smile.
"So, Sal... I mean... this giant thing. What's it like? Do you like it?" Sonic asked.
"I think it's the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, next to banishing Robotnik and rescuing my father at long last." Sally said.
"It's cool." Sonic said.
"Cool?" Sally asked.
"I mean... way past cool that you can be that big." Sonic said. Sally really smiled now, getting a hint at what Sonic was thinking.
"Okay, hotshot. You can't hide it from me. You want to be just as big too." Sally said. Sonic just slapped his head.
"Alright, Sal. You caught me blue-handed. I mean, it would be nice, wouldn't it?" Sonic asked.
"Just have patience, Sonic. Your time will come." Sally said.
"Sal, Sal, Sal. You know I can't stand the word patience!" Sonic said.
"Oh, you will... when I'm through with you." Sally said.
"Say what!?" Sonic shouted. The next thing he knew, he was headed right for Sally's lips! Sally planted her lips all over Sonic's body before lowering him back down. That's when Sally finally decided to shrink back to her normal size. Once she was back to normal, she walked up to Sonic who was clearly still dazed with having lips covering him from head to toe.
"Whoa... now that's definitely a big kiss! And I always thought a same-size kiss was cool enough!" Sonic said.

Sally then grabbed onto Sonic again and actually pushed him against one of the rocks.
"I love you, Sonic the Hedgehog." Sally said.
"And I love you too... Sally Acorn." Sonic said. The two then kissed again, almost as passionately as they did five years ago after the fall of the Doomsday Project. How passionate was their kiss? It lasted a few minutes before reality finally got back into their heads. Nevertheless, Sonic and Sally held hands as they both walked back to the village. Along the way, they thought of what the future, whether it was big or small, held in store for them.