Rule Change 2: Love Grows

(Cubed Cinder)

Bunnie Rabbot and 21-year-old Princess Sally Acorn walked down the sidewalks in Station Square. They were both normal-sized, definitely a change of pace but one requested by Sally. She felt she and the others shouldn't grow in the city unless a situation called for their new size-changing ability. It would help everyone feel at ease in the city, reassuring them that they weren't out for blood, but to benefit mankind. Bunnie was noticing the busy activity on the street they were walking through.
"Wow, I reckon these Earthlings are more active than I thought!" Bunnie said.
"You're right, Bunnie. That is what makes them different from us. But it's important that they know our intelligence levels are equal." Sally said.
"Oh, you bet, sugah! Some of these people are quite nice. Hi ya'll!" Bunnie said, waving hi to a girl who was holding hands with her mother. The mother stopped and looked at the two.
"Hey, I know you two! You were giant-sized just a week ago!" the mother said.
"Yes, that's right." Sally said.
"It's amazing. Are you aliens from another planet!?" the mom shouted. The girl laughed, as did the two creatures.
"I... I don't know, really. That's for you to decide, I guess." Sally said.
"Yeah, I guess you are right. My husband is always telling me I make crazy decisions sometimes." the mother said.
"You and me both, lady!" Bunnie said.
"Well, it was nice seeing you." the mother said. The two watched as the ladies walked away.

Shortly after that, however, an explosion slightly rocked the area. Everyone looked behind and saw a hole had been blasted out from the side of the nearby bank. Sally and Bunnie watched as three men, draped in black, were hauling bags of money to a nearby black truck. Eventually, the back of the truck was full and the three men jumped inside, speeding away.
"Oh my stars! Look at that, Sal!" Bunnie shouted.
"It's a bank robbery!" Sally said.
"What in high heavens are we gonna do? I don't see any police around." Bunnie said.
"Hmmm... well, we can always intervene. Remember I said we shouldn't grow unless the situation required it?" Sally said. Bunnie was onto Sally's idea and she cracked a smile.
"I reckon this is one of those times." Bunnie said.
"As Sonic would say... let's do it to it!" Sally said. Both ladies closed their eyes and began to concentrate. Because they were so used to the spell in the week that has passed since the events of the first Rule Change story, it didn't take them long for their bodies to fill up the streets.

A couple minutes later, the truck was speeding down the road, occasionally knocking aside vehicles that were directly in their path.
"Hahahaha! Your plan was genius!" Crook #1 said.
"Hiding those bombs in one of the money bags was great! That bank never suspected a thing!" Crook #2 said.
"And, duh... the best part is... the police don't even know about it!" Crook #3 said.
"Not yet, but they will soon. We have to get out of here and... what the!?!?" Crook #1 said. His train of thought was cut off, however, when he saw a pair of metallic legs came into view several yards ahead. The crooks looked up and saw the giant Bunnie Rabbot looking down as they were driving straight for her.
"Going somewhere, little boogers?" Bunnie said.
"Gah! What is that thing!?" Crook #2 shouted.
"Duh... quick! Let's get out of here!" Crook #3 said.
"I'll turn right! She can't follow us through all that traffic!" Crook #1 shouted. Indeed, the truck curved sharply to the right, heading down the new street. Bunnie just stood in her place and watched as the truck sped away. Then she looked several yards ahead down that street to a taller building.
"They're headin' your way, Sal!" Bunnie shouted. Sally peeked her head out from behind this building and nodded her head, and then focused down on the truck. When they were coming up on an intersection, that's when Sally stepped out and blocked the path with her boots.
"Not so fast, cheap crooks!" Sally shouted. The crooks slammed on the brakes, so hard that the rear tires both blew out.
"Darn! The tires blew out!" Crook #1 shouted.
"Well, don't just sit there! Put it in reverse!" Crook #2 shouted.
"Duh... too late." Crook #3 said, as he looked out the rear window and saw the giant Bunnie approaching them. At this point, everyone knew they were caught red-handed.

Bunnie stepped as close to the vehicle as she could.
"Hey, Sally girl, how do you like your crushed up truck? With or without thievin' thieves?" Bunnie said as she rested the edge of her foot on the back of the truck, tapping it and therefore bending it slightly.
"Well, without. We can let the police of this city deal with these people." Sally said. And right on cue, a squad of police cars came flying in, parking short of Sally's huge boots. After Sally scooped up the thieves that tried to get away after they jumped out of their vehicle, she dropped them on top of one of the police cars.
"There you are, officers. Courtesy of Sally Acorn and friends." Sally said.
"Um... thank you, I guess. Sure makes our job easier, doesn't it, boys?" the officer said back to his colleagues.
"Alright! So now I can do this!" Bunnie said as she finally lifted a foot high in the air and then brought it down insanely hard on the vehicle. You know what happens to an old truck when it gets thrown into a crusher at the junkyard? That's exactly what the vehicle looked like now.
"You'll have to excuse my friend. She's been looking to stomp something for a little while." Sally said.
"No problem, really." the officer said.
"Well, we'll be on our way now. Come on, Bunnie. We better see if Charles or the others found any more control towers." Sally said as the two giantesses walked away from the crime scene. The two stayed big and watched their steps as they made their way out of the city.
"Y'know, that went really well." Bunnie said.
"What did, Bunnie?" Sally said.
"I mean, them officers not shootin' us and all. I think they've gotten used to seeing us." Bunnie said.
"Hopefully things will stay that way. Earthlings are easily frightened from what I have read about them. Although..." Sally said.
"Although what?" Bunnie said.
"Nothing, it’s nothing. Come on, let’s get back." Sally said. She took a few more steps and then mysteriously sighed.
“I kinda wish Sonic would be big like this.” Sally said to herself. She would’ve thought some more, but then heard Bunnie calling out for her.
“Sal! Less daydreaming and more walking back to Knothole!” Bunnie said.
“Right... sorry, Bunnie. I really need to shrink back to normal as soon as we get back.” Sally said as the two giantesses continued to make their way out of the city.

Moments later, Bunnie and Sally were back in Knothole Village and back to their normal size. They entered the hut where Uncle Chuck, Snively, and Rotor were sitting behind a computer terminal. Standing near the two of them were Tails and Cosmo.
“Ah, welcome back, Sally and Bunnie!” Chuck said.
“Thanks. Anything new to tell us?” Sally asked.
“Yep, a few more control towers were taken out thanks to Cosmo and Lupe.” Chuck said.
“It goes against my nature to totally destroy anything, but I did it thinking of the Freedom Fighters.” Cosmo said.
“Of course, I helped in encouraging you as well.” Tails said.
“Always, Tails.” Cosmo said as she gave Tails a kiss on the cheek.
“So what about Lupe?” Bunnie said.
“We just contacted her a few minutes ago. Another five towers were destroyed in the southern hemisphere. Luckily there were no casualties.” Snively said.
“That’s good. So how many towers are left?” Sally asked.
“We’re still running the worldwide scan and it’ll be another 16 hours before it finishes. But Snively tells me there shouldn’t be that many left.” Chuck said.
“Affirmative. And as I said before, many of the towers are linked with one another. You destroy the right one and it knocks a few others offline. They’re basically just statues now.” Snively said.
“Well, I declare. It sounds like we’ll have this control tower destroying mission all wrapped up soon, ya’ll.” Bunnie said.
“Well, keep up the good work, everyone. I’m going to bed soon. Rotor, can I speak with you in private?” Sally asked.
“Sure, of course!” Rotor shouted. He and Sally walked out of the hut while the others kept watching the monitors for any new activity.

Outside the hut, Sally and Rotor were beginning their private conversation.
“So what’s on your mind?” Rotor asked.
“First of all, what I’m about to ask of you needs to stay between us until I say so. That includes Sonic.” Sally said.
“If you wish, Sally, but why specifically Sonic?” Rotor said.
“I want to give him the ability to change size just like me, but I’d rather make it a surprise rather than take him to that machine of yours. Is there a way to condense the energy into another form, like in liquid form or a pill or something like that?” Sally asked. Rotor stood for a few seconds, pondering Sally’s question.
“Well, it is technically possible. Of course, you would need the original size-changing monitors as the original power source. And of course the know how to convert energy from one form to another.” Rotor said.
“I can do that with the help of Nicole. I’m probably going to need...” Sally said.
“...the blueprints to both our device and the process of converting energy. I’m already ahead of you.” Rotor said.
“Thanks, Rotor. You’re the best.” Sally said as she hugged her friend.
“So you sure Chuck and Snively won’t suspect anything?” Sally said.
“If they do, I’ll just tell them it’s for a private experiment. They’ll understand. We’re like a team now.” Rotor said.
“Okay, just deliver those blueprints to my hut when you’ve got them all together.” Sally said. The two went their separate ways.
Later that night, as Sally was slipping into some pajamas and stretching herself before sitting down on her bed, Rotor came walking in with the blueprints. Behind him also was a wagon with a couple monitors, some with a blue arrow pointing up (growth) and a red arrow pointing down (shrink).
“Here you are, Sally. The stuff you asked for.” Rotor said.
“Thank you, Rotor. Just take it to one of the back rooms for now.” Sally said. Rotor nodded and placed all the stuff back there.
“Good night, princess.” Rotor said as he walked out of the hut. Sally then went to bed.

And so, for the rest of the week, Sally stayed behind in Knothole while the other Freedom Fighters kept looking for what little of the control towers remained. Whenever her assistance was not needed, she would sweat it out in her hut working on a compact way of inducing the size-changing energy into one’s body, almost literally at times. There were brief times when she couldn’t understand the blueprints and thought about giving up, but Sally kept seeing the picture of herself and Sonic both giant-sized and walking through city after city. That daydream alone was enough to keep her going as she feverishly worked at combining various elements and asking Nicole for advice and virtual simulations of what would happen if she took the new formula now.

A few days go by, and finally Sally has reduced her back workbench to just two pills. One of course to allow Sonic to grow, albeit in a more restricted manner that she was about to test. With the sun set and the night sky coming in, Sally put on a pair of goggles.
“Nicole, run simulation program Love Grows.” Sally said.
“Activating, Sally.” Nicole said. Suddenly, an image of Sonic the Hedgehog appeared right in front of her.
“Yo, Sal! Man, that chili dog you gave me was awesome! Well, except for a little lump I felt near the middle...” the virtual Sonic said.
“All will be explained soon. But first, let’s see if you can keep up with me.” Sally said. She then closed her eyes and concentrated, and then almost as quickly opened her eyes. She grew to about 8 feet tall, her head seemingly inches away from the ceiling of her hut.
“Go ahead, Sonic. Concentrate. See if you can match my size.” Sally said.
“Okay, here goes!” Sonic said. He closed his eyes just like Sally did, and a couple minutes pass, but nothing happened. Sonic opened his eyes and saw he was the same size.
“Ugh... it’s no good, Sally. I can’t seem to grow no matter how hard I concentrate.” Sonic said.
“Don’t worry, Sonic. Let me see if I can help.” Sally said. After shrinking back down to her normal size, she then showed a rather voluptuous smile and slowly walked towards a somewhat confused Sonic.
“Whoa, this isn’t one of those ‘come to bed if you dare’ moments, is it?” Sonic asked.
“Just give me a big kiss, Sonic. That’s all I ask.” Sally said as she puckered up and locked her lips onto Sonic’s lips. As the two were kissing, Sally concentrated and closed her eyes. She imagined herself growing bigger, and that’s exactly what was happening. Only this time, Sonic was growing with her. She stopped when she felt she was 8 feet tall again. She opened her eyes and let out a big smile.
“Look, Sonic.” Sally said. Sonic looked down and saw Sally’s room a lot smaller than before, and yet Sally appeared to be the same size.
“Whoa, it’s the incredible shrinking hut!” Sonic joked.
“That’s what that lump was, Sonic. A pill version of that machine that allows me to grow. Now you can grow with me as long as we share love between each other.” Sally said.
“Heh, I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way. Though, I kinda liked the kissing part. Let’s do it again!” Sonic said as he leaned towards Sally’s face with his lips puckered. Sally giggled a bit but knew it was time to end the simulation.
“Nicole, end simulation.” Sally said.
“Ending, Sally.” Nicole said. The virtual Sonic disappeared, and as Sally took off her VR goggles (branded curiously as Sega VR if one were to look close enough), she shrunk back to her normal size.

Sally took a deep breath and smiled again.
“Nicole, I’d say the test was a success.” Sally commented.
“Congratulations, Sally. Would you like to run a simulation for the other pill?” Nicole asked. Indeed, she was so excited about soon giving the real Sonic the ability to grow with as little as a kiss from her, she almost forgot about the other pill that was laying on the table. She intended this pill to be for herself, allowing her to grow even bigger than her current maximum possible height of 300 feet tall.
“No, it’s okay, Nicole. I’m confident I’ve got everything nailed down. The combination is right for chemically inducing the power to get larger.” Sally said.
“I understand, Sally.” Nicole said. Sally reached over and grabbed some tongs, carefully picking up the pills that she was going to use for her dinner date with her lover, Sonic the Hedgehog, which would set everything into motion. The princess set her creation in an air locked container. After she closes the lid and puts in the password, she takes the container back to the back room where all the other equipment that made this whole experiment possible and places the containers on the table. She then walks over to her bed and sits down, taking off her boots and vest as she lays down on the large queen sized mattress and slowly falls asleep after working all day on the pills.

The next day, early in the morning, Sonic sneaks up to Sally’s door and slowly opens it then crouches down and crawls over to Sally’s bed. He then slowly stands up and was about to scare the princess when Tails bursts into the room, making Sally wake up.
“Morning, Aunt Sally!” Tails shouted. Sonic jumped back in surprise, making his quills stick into the wall of the hut.
Sally looks at the young kitsune and sees Tails laughing as she looked over at Sonic. She then starts to giggle herself at his current situation.
“Oh... hi, Sonic. I didn’t see you!” Tails said.
“Haha… very funny. And to think I would’ve seen that coming.” Sonic said.
“Well, you can’t win them all, I suppose. Come on, Tails, help me get him off.” Sally said. She flips over the sheets and slides off the bed, and walks over to Sonic and takes his left arm while Tails takes Sonic’s right arm.
“On the count of 3…” Sally said to Tails, who nods.
“1… 2… 3… Pull!” Sally and Tails successfully pulled Sonic away from the wall. Sonic felt his spikes slide out of the splintered wood as he lands on Sally. The two then softly and briefly hugged and kissed before finally letting go and bringing themselves to their feet.
“So, Sonic, are you ready for tonight’s date?” Sally asked.
“Huh? Date? Tonight?” Sonic asked.
“Ever since we finally got rid of Eggman, I’ve been wishing for a night like the one we can have tonight.” Sally said.
“Well, how am I going to say no to a request like that? It’s a date, Sal!” Sonic said.
“Great! I’m looking forward to it. But for now, we better see how the search for the control towers is going.” Sally said. As Sonic and Tails were walking out of Sally’s hut, Sonic conversed with his younger friend.
“I’m surprised you didn’t yell out gross while we were smooching.” Sonic said.
“Heh, that all changed when I met Cosmo.” Tails said.
“Maybe you should sneak up on her bed and...” Sonic said.
“Come on, Sonic, let’s get going.” Tails said as he quickly interrupted. Sally smiled and followed the two outside.

That night

Sally looks at the clock and sees that it says 6:47 PM. She took one more look at the mirror and observed the beautiful sparkling white gown she was wearing, along with long white gloves. She picks up Nicole from her blue boots (which she kept on from her normal outfit).
“Sonic, I’m ready when you are.” Sally said.
“Gotcha, Sal! I’ll be there in a super sonic flash!” Sonic said. After Sally closed Nicole and put her back on her boot, she quickly walks over to the air-lock container and releases the pills, putting them in tiny bags. She puts the bags in a purse and walked over to the door and opens it before Sonic can even knock. Sonic wasn’t wearing anything special except for a red bow tie around his neck. Other than that, he was plain ol’ Sonic.
“Awww... come on, Sal! This is hurting my reputation!” Sonic shouted, objecting to the door opening before he had a chance to knock.
“Maybe I still have some of that super speed from the Power Stone.” Sally said.
“Well, never mind that. You look absolutely stunning...” Sonic said as he looked over Sally’s dress for this big date tonight.
“I believe that’s the first time I’ve heard you say that to me.” Sally said with a smile. Sonic looked at her like she was glowing as a goddess. He moves his hand out towards her and watches as her white gloved hand takes his and they walk over to his Uncle Chuck’s Chili-Dog Diner, a diner that Chuck ran during his off time as a Freedom Fighter.
As a gentleman, Sonic opens the door for Sally and watches as she walks in, slightly getting a peek of the outline of Sally’s butt and thanking the heavens Sally didn’t catch that. He then walks in himself and softly takes a hold of her hand. They walk over to their booth, which Uncle Chuck had reserved just for them, and sat down on opposite sides of the table. Sonic’s robotic uncle walks up to their booth and lays down one strawberry smoothie for Sally and a root beer float for Sonic.

“Here’s to the happy couple!” Uncle Chuck said. Sonic and Sally couldn’t help but laugh a bit at that remark.
“Oh, please, Charlie. We don’t know if it will go that far.” Sally said. Then he walks away and gets their meals ready while Sonic looks around and sees that the place is totally empty, and the only lights that are on is the one above their table and the one in Chuck’s kitchen.
Just then, soft romantic music starts playing in the speakers throughout the room. Sonic softly blushes as the princess makes her boot softly rub up and down Sonic’s left leg. Sonic then feels he needs to use the restroom.
“Will you excuse me, princess? I have to use the little hedgehogs’ room.” Sonic said.
”Sure, Sonic. Don’t keep me waiting long.” Sally said.
“With my speed? Never!” Sonic said. He smiles and gets up and runs to the bathroom, accidentally blowing a lot of tablecloths off thanks to the wind from his super speed. Chuck just shrugged and continued working, as this is something he’s gotten used to whenever Sonic came storming in.
Sally then quickly reaches into her purse and pulls out the pills. She tosses one into her mouth and swallows it whole and then she tosses the second pill into Sonic’s root beer float. The bubbles quickly dissolve the pill. Sally cracked a smile to herself. It wouldn’t be long before she became a giantess again, and this time with Sonic to join in on the fun.
She then takes a sip of her strawberry milkshake and waits patiently for Sonic to return. She could hear the toilet flush and Sonic is suddenly back. It was almost as if he never left his seat. He takes a sip of his drink, the one that was spiked with Sally’s pill, and looks at Sally. Just then Uncle Chuck walks out with two large plates. One plate with about 20 chili dogs that he set down in front of Sonic. The other was a lobster dinner and he sets it in front of the princess.
“Here you are, gang! One plate of chili dogs for my Sonny boy, and a special lobster dish prepared just for you, Princess Sally.” Chuck said.
“Thanks, Charlie. You shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble.” Sally said.
“Nonsense! It’s the least I could do as thanks for leading the Freedom Fighters through thick and thin.” Chuck said before he departed back into the kitchen. Sally watched as Sonic was eating almost right through his plate of chili dogs. She could only laugh while she got to eating up her plate.

After the two lovers were done with their meal, Sonic and Sally left the diner and went back to Sally’s place.
“Oh, Sonic. I had a delightful and wonderful time.” Sally said.
“Well, I’m glad to hear it. This night’s everything I ever dreamed it to be.” Sonic said.
“Well, almost everything.” Sally said. She then started to take off her gown, starting with the white gloves.
“Um... isn’t this where I’m supposed to close my eyes or something?” Sonic said. He watched as Sally continued to ‘strip’ right in front of his eyes, all the way until she wasn’t wearing anything. Not even her blue boots.
“Sonic, would you like to sleep with me for tonight?” Sally asked. Sonic raised his eyes in shock. After years of denials, even when the two started kissing more often after Eggman’s banishment, Sally finally offered to let him sleep on the same bed as her.
“Whoa whoa whoa... Who are you and what have you done with the real Sally?” Sonic said. Sally then walked towards Sonic and wrapped her arms around his body.
“Sleep with me... Sonic the Hedgehog.” Sally said in an almost seductive tone.
“Well, since you put it that way!” Sonic said as he zoomed his way to Sally’s bed before the princess could kiss him. Sally just giggled and jumped into bed with Sonic. After the two traded quick kisses (nowhere near long enough to put the pills into action; Sally would save that for a special time), they tucked themselves into bed.
“Good night, Sal.” Sonic said.
“Good night, Sonic. Have big dreams.” Sally said, playfully hinting at what was soon to come for both of them.

Sally woke up almost right on cue, when the sun was rising and was peeking through the windows. She then looked over at Sonic, who was obviously still in a deep sleep.
“Mmmm... you chili dog, you. You’re a lot smaller than I remember.” Sonic said. Sally smiled, getting an idea on what Sonic was dreaming about. That’s when she very slowly (so that she wouldn’t prematurely wake up Sonic) leaned up and then positioned herself over Sonic. Her legs were on both sides of his stomach as she leaned her head forward to kiss the hedgehog.
“And it’s about to get even smaller, my Sonic.” Sally said. Despite being asleep, Sonic connected his lips with Sally’s, and the two began to kiss.
It didn’t take long for the growth process to begin for both of them. Sally delighted in watching the bed break apart beneath her own body as well as Sonic’s. She found it a little surprising that Sonic was still sleeping despite the bed getting crushed, and especially when they started to take up more and more space in the hut, destroying it left and right.

Outside the hut, Rotor and Lupe were among the early birds in Knothole Village. They were walking around heading for their respective destinations when they both stopped and saw Sally’s hut coming apart.
“Lupe, look!” Rotor shouted.
“Huh? What in blazes?” Lupe said.
“Sally sure has this habit of growing inside structures...” Rotor said to himself. The two watched as the hut eventually broke apart, revealing the growing bodies of both Sonic and Sally.
“Well, I’ll be. Her experiment seems to be a success.” Rotor said.
“It’s about time she made Sonic grow with her, too.” Lupe said with a smile on her face. Eventually, more citizens in Knothole Village came running out of their huts to see the two giants laying on the ground.

As for the giants themselves, Sally felt she and Sonic were a little over 80 feet tall. She decided to stop her growth spurt there after seeing the other animals of Knothole coming out to see her in the corner of her eye. Right at that moment, Sonic opened his eyes up finally. He right away noticed Sally sitting on top of him.
“Whoa... Hey, Sal, don’t you think it’s kinda early to be sitting on top of me?” Sonic asked.
“Good morning to you, Sonic. Did you sleep well? What did you dream about?” Sally asked.
“Funny you should ask. I saw this really gigantic chili dog! It was really big, I tell you! But then, strangely, it started to get smaller and smaller.” Sonic said.
“Smaller, you say?” Sally asked.
“Well, yeah. Like I was suddenly becoming Soniczilla. Heh, can you imagine that? Me being as big as those giant monsters from those cheesy black-and-white movies.” Sonic said.
“Actually, I don’t find it strange at all. Don’t forget one of my new powers.” Sally said.
“Right, right. I keep forgetting. You being able to get bigger and all that.” Sonic said.
“Take a look around, Sonic the Hedgehog. Tell me if you think you’re still dreaming.” Sally said. As she finally got off from on top of Sonic and instead kneeled beside him, Sonic leaned up and rubbed his eyes. Knothole Village looked smaller than before.
“ACK! Hey, what’s going on? How did Knothole did so small!? How am I supposed to eat chili dogs like this!? Somebody tell me what’s going on here! Is Sally in on this?” Sonic shouted in frenzy. He obviously wasn’t used to this kind of situation. Sally giggled a bit and then hugged Sonic around his waist.
“Shhhh... it’s okay, Sonic. Just relax, you’ll be fine. We’re just 80 feet tall, that’s all.” Sally said. Tails swung his two tails around to get airborne, flying around Sonic’s head and then around Sally’s.
“Wow, Sonic! You’re so big! How does it feel?” Tails said. Sally smiled and softly kisses Tails before taking the fox and setting him safely by Bunnie Rabbot.
“I do declare... it seems we couldn’t keep a good princess from trying to make her future hubby grow.” Bunnie said.
“My thoughts exactly.” Lupe said.

Sonic snapped himself back to reality from the shock of what he just saw and looked over at his fellow giant, Sally.
“So, Sal... I know you’re able to grow, but how did I get this big, anyway?” Sonic asked.
“I snuck in a couple pills that I had worked on all week into our drinks last night during our date. Those pills make us grow anytime we share love.” Sally said.
“Share love? As in kiss and hug and stuff like that?” Sonic said.
“Exactly. With us sharing love in combination with my own ability to change size, we can grow as big as we want.” Sally said.
“Well... I did say I wanted to be as big as you, didn’t I?” Sonic said.
“Your wish has come true, my beloved. We are now side-by-side. We could really show the world how big and strong our love is.” Sally said. Sonic looked carefully into Sally’s eyes. He never seriously thought about growing to giant size in all the years he has lived, but Princess Sally has given him a chance to live that experience. And as Sally said, perhaps they could indeed do some big things as big as they were, not to mention how much they loved each other. He was suddenly feeling a lot better about what was going on.
“Well, okay. You and I, giants of the world. It’s got a nice ring to it.” Sonic said. Sally smiled, and felt happy she could convince Sonic to grow with her until the very end.
“Come on, sweetie. To Station Square!” Sally said. The two then got up and started to walk out of Knothole Village, walking in the direction where Station Square awaited. As they were walking, Sally stopped when she heard Bunnie’s voice from behind.
“Sally! You want us to accompany you!?” Bunnie shouted.
“Nah, Sonic and I would like to be by ourselves in Station Square. The rest of you scour the rest of the globe for more of Robotnik’s control towers.” Sally said before she and Sonic continued their walk towards the city, with each step leaving a moderate booming sound behind.
“I hope those two have a splendid date.” Lupe said.
“But in the middle of the city? Wouldn’t some place like Mystic Ruins be more romantic?” Tails said.
“We can worry about that later, Tails-kun. We must get going if we’re going to have our romantic date tonight.” Cosmo said.
“Yes, you’re right. Can’t forget that!” Tails said.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn both admired how fast it took them to get to the city even at just 80 feet tall. Sonic looks down and sees his BIG footprint on the black city street and then ahead of him where he can see the people of Station Square running away. For Sally, this was nothing new to her. She had been to the city only a short while ago after Robotnik was banished, so she knew what it was like to see people running away from her. Sally looked over to see Sonic smiling, like he was enjoying at least the feeling of towering beside the many buildings of the city (even if a large number of them were still bigger than they were).
“Wow... can’t believe how small the city looks from up here! Forgive me for being star struck.” Sonic said.
“It’s okay, dearest. Take the time to soak it all in. It’s a wonderful feeling being gigantic like this.” Sally said. With most of the street they were on cleared out, the police and the soldiers of GUN were called in to take care of the ‘rodents,’ as the general called them.
“Uh oh... I guess some things never change.” Sonic said.
“I would’ve thought they’d accept me by now, especially you.” Sally said. She was referring to the time when Sonic was framed for crimes that were actually being committed by Metal Sonic in a failed plot a couple years ago by Ixis Naugus and Robotnik.
“What!? You two again? I mean... I've seen the girl big before, but you!” The army general said in his megaphone as he looked up at the gigantic Sonic. Sonic then shrugs.
“Well, what can you say? I've grown up since we last met.” Sonic said. Sally couldn’t help but giggle at that remark, but it wasn’t surprising considering Sonic was known for saying funny things.
“Aarrrgh… all units, fire!” The general shouted as the firing commenced. Sonic and Sally suddenly feel the little bullets hit their fur. But after two minutes, the army and the officers of GUN cease their shooting and look up at the two giants still standing.
“I'm waiting!” Sonic said impatiently, tapping his shoe which was causing the nearby ground to shake. The army and GUN couldn’t believe that all their ammo didn’t even put a scratch on the two giants.
“Oh no! Our weapons are completely useless! Retreat! All personnel, fall back!!!” the general said as the soldiers started to take off.
“Gee, what else is new?.” Sonic said. Sally then swiftly kicked the Commander’s car away like a soccer ball. Sonic watches as the car blows up after slamming, curiously enough, into a donut shop. No doubt he was impressed with how much weight Sally put behind her bare foot.
“Wow! Nice corner kick!” Sonic joked.
“Thanks. I learned it from you.” Sally said.
“But was that really necessary? I mean... they ARE law enforcement. Protectors of this city, I mean.” Sonic said.
“True, but for some reason I couldn’t help myself. It’s probably from being with you.” Sally said.
“You mean the giant me?” Sonic said with a sly smile.

Sally sees something moving a few yards away from the car and immediately walks up to it. She sees that it was the Commander crawling away from the damaged vehicle. She just smiles, and as Sonic zips up to her side, Sally then lifts up her foot. He begs for his life and wonders why the giantess had a sudden change of heart.
“Please... why are you doing this!? You said you were here for us!” the commander shouted.
“I regret to inform you I changed my mind. Size is power, after all, and speaking of power...” Sally said. She then quickly lowered her foot.
“Nooooo...” the commander shouted before his screams were muffled and then brought to a halt as Sally crushed him into the ground. She didn’t go all the way down with her foot, only pressing him down enough to break a few bones and suffocate him to death instead of pressing him into a bloody pulp.
Sonic winced a bit as he watched Sally. It was probably a bit gruesome of a death, but being so big, Sonic learned to get used to such a sight. Sally giggles and softly takes Sonic’s hand and they begin walking again. Sally is enjoying the fact that she’s able to crush things under her paws. She watched as Sonic stepped over cars and people that were still trying to escape the chaotic scene. Sally took one last look down and thought it was time to grow again.
“A kiss for our first crush?” Sally asked. Sonic quickly took note of the pun she just made.
“Wow... I’m impressed! Got any other puns up your fur?” Sonic said.
“Not yet, but I do have this...” Sally said. She pushes Sonic’s back to one of the buildings, surprising him and everyone inside this building (especially as his quills came slamming through the structure).
The two begin to passionately kiss each other. Eyes closed, Sally moans as she can feel her body double in size to 160 feet tall. She slowly opens her eyes and looks around and sees that everything is now smaller than it was before. Oh yeah… and Sonic had grown with her, just as she hoped. Sonic looked down and could notice the same differences.
“Whoa... Sal, how’d you do that?” Sonic asked. The Princess just smiles and looks at Sonic in the eyes.
"I told you back in Knothole. We grow by love. That’s one of the effects of those pills. By using our love energy, it increases our size." Sally said. She was about to kiss Sonic again but the hedgehog pushes her away.
"Whoa, whoa whoa whoa… slow down, Sally! I do love you, but let’s have some more fun at this size before we get too big for anything." Sonic said winking to her.
“Hmmm… you’re right. I’m sorry, Sonic. I guess I’m just anxious to grow a lot bigger than this. But I can wait just for you. In the meantime...” Sally said. Sonic then watches as she lets go.
“Tag, you’re it!” Sally said as she smiles and quickly tags his chest and then runs off, crushing anyone and anything that stood in her way.
“Ah ha! Just like the old Mobotropolis!” Sonic shouted. He smiles and zips after her, tagging her and zipping off again, not knowing that he was crushing cars and running through (if not knocking down) stop lights. Sally smiled. She felt like a kid playing this game, even if she was much bigger.
“You won’t get away from me!” Sally shouted as she ran after him. Sonic just stood in his place and whistled (the ‘Fastest Thing Alive’ no less), and then at the very last second, sped off in another direction, standing nearly a mile away from the giantess. Sally would occasionally get tripped up trying not to lose her footing from running past her target. The giant princess ran again, not aware that each and every step that she and Sonic were both taking was leveling a small part of the city. Another chance to tag, but Sonic zips away, quick enough to not only destroy probably that entire block, but set fires around as well.
Sonic ducks behind a taller building and looks behind him as Sally falls through a building, crushing it under her body. She gets back on her feet and runs after him.
"Come back here, Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sally said playfully as she kept running, stepping on and over shops and other small stores. Calling out his full name just showed how determined she was to find him. She then stops and gets an idea and runs up to a building almost the same size as her. She crouches down to hide as she could hear Sonic racing around the area trying to look for her. She knew Sonic was never patient enough to stand in one spot for a long time, not even when giant-sized.
“Huh? Where’d ya go, Sal? Don’t tell me you’ve given up already.” Sonic said. Sally, meanwhile, uses the nearby glass buildings as mirrors to watch Sonic’s motions. As soon as he passes by her hiding spot, she grabs some power lines coming from across the street. As Sonic was running, he felt something thin touch his legs. It made him fall over and slide right into an ice cream shop, causing all kinds of major damage from where he started the slide. When he sat up, he had different flavors of ice cream in and over his face and fur. Sally stands up and looks at him and starts laughing.

“Hahahahaha!! I always said you should watch where you’re going!” Sally said.
“Yeah… you certainly proved why. Heck, just running around makes this city a mess!” Sonic said.
Sally then bends down and licks the ice cream off Sonic’s face. She then softly tilts his head and kisses his lips. Both the princess and her love could feel their bodies growing again. This time it didn’t stop until they reached 350 feet tall, more than double their previous size. The citizens of Station Square that were still alive in this particular block (even after Sonic came crashing down) could only scream and run She looks at him and unlocks her lips from his, then standing up and holding out a hand as he takes it and stands up. They both smile as some of the buildings now come up to their waist and others were at their knees. But most importantly, Sally felt she had reached a new high.
“Sonic... I think I’ve grown bigger than my previous maximum size.” Sally said.
“Oh? You had a limit before?” Sonic asked.
“Yes, and I think I just passed it, but how to tell for sure...” Sally said. Sonic looked around and noticed a clock tower about 50 yards away (at least that was the distance given their size).
“Maybe that clock tower will make a good measuring stick.” Sonic said.
“Good idea.” Sally said. The two giants, with Sally going ahead, made their way over towards the Clock Tower and it only took them a few seconds to make it there. As Sally stood with her front side facing the tower, she noticed how the top of the tower rose up to her chest. What she didn’t notice was Sonic standing behind her and getting a good look at her behind... er, I mean, tail.
“Sonic, this tower is just under 300 feet high from what I’ve read, and to see it rise up to only my chest... I truly have grown bigger than 300 feet tall.” Sally said as she continued to admire herself towering over the clock tower. But when she didn’t hear Sonic say anything after making her remark, she immediately figured what he was doing.
“Are you staring at my butt, Sonic the Hedgehog?” Sally said before finally turned around with a sly smile on her face. She saw Sonic’s head snap back into looking right into her eyes.
“Mwa? Me staring at your behind? You know what kind of hedgehog that would make me?” Sonic said with a rather innocent looking smile. Sally then wrapped her arms around Sonic and gave him a quick hug.
“The kind that can’t resist looking at someone as big and sexy as me.” Sally said before letting go.
“Well, big is the key word.” Sonic said.
“Oh, Sonic. I love you and I love how we’re this big.” Sally said.
“You can say that again!” Sonic said as he and Sally continued to look over the Clock Tower, including the many tiny people that were racing to evacuate the structure.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Amy Rose had been shopping for most of the day on fine jewelry when she walked outside to see a mad rush of people running away as fast as they could.
“Must be another major clothes sale going on.” Amy said playfully. She started to walk away when she looked up to see Sonic, towering above many of the buildings in the city. Amy gasped.
”Sonic? As a giant?” Amy said to herself. She then started jumping for joy over seeing her ‘boyfriend’ at such a tremendous size. Amy, in the past, had been one of those part-time Freedom Fighters hoping not only to secure a permanent place in that group, but she also wished the relationship between Sonic and Sally would end completely so she could jump right in.
“This is great! Sonic just loves to play with little things, and there’s no way he can resist someone as little as I am!” Amy said, grinning now because she was so anxious to catch this gigantic Sonic. But after taking only a couple of steps, she followed Sonic with her eyes to see where he was walking. When he arrived beside the Clock Tower, she looked to see that the princess of Knothole, Sally Acorn, had grown as well. Amy then watched as she talked with Sonic. She could overhear them talking about how much they loved each other and how much fun it really was to be so big, but it especially made her heart sink when he watched Sonic staring at Sally’s behind.
Sonic in love with Sally? This couldn’t be! Amy’s mood soon changed to one of pure anger.
“Arrrrgh!!! Nobody has Sonic but me! I’ll show that Sally just who she’s messing with!” Amy shouted, as she pulled out her Piko-Piko hammer and ran as fast as she could for the two giants.

As for the two giants themselves, they decided the time had come for them to move on. They stopped their walk when they reached the Casino Carnival part of the city. Sonic looked down at the once gigantic slot machines that he remembered always jumping into once or twice when he was around this area.
“I’ve lost a lot of rings at this place.” Sonic said as he casually stomped on the casinos. As he did that, rings galore came pouring out, but of course they were much too small to be of any use to the two giants.
“Yeah, I’m sure you have. Tails tells me you were quite the risk-taker before you joined us Freedom Fighters.” Sally said.
“Well, you know me.” Sonic said. Sally just rolled her eyes at that silly remark, but again, it was typical of Sonic to talk like that. They tried other things like stuffing humans into the cannons, something that’s normally reserved for Sonic during one of his spinball sessions. However, the cannons did not fire, either not being programmed to fire their targets or their power was cut off.
With the giants distracted, Amy was finally at the giants’ feet. She pulled out her hammer and slammed it as much as she could against Sally’s toes. Even at 350 feet tall, Sally could feel something banging against her foot, but obviously it didn’t hurt her as big as she was. She looked to indeed see Amy Rose there.
”Oh look, Sonic, it’s your ‘other’ girlfriend.” Sally said. Unfortunately for Amy, she was too preoccupied working that big hammer of hers, and she didn’t even think about the giant hand that was coming down to grab her. Amy dropped her hammer as she could feel the big fingers wrap around her body. She screamed as she was going up into the air, and eventually right in front of the face of the giant Sally.

“Hello, Amy. You know that wasn’t nice of you to be attacking me like that. You could’ve gotten hurt.” Sally said. Amy then managed to turn her body enough to face the giant Sonic, who was already looking down on her.
“Sonic!!! How could you!? I thought you loved me!” Amy shouted. Sonic at first wasn’t sure what to say, but found some words to let out after he briefly stared right into Sally’s face.
“Well, I do, Amy. I really do think you’re nice and wonderful… but as much as I hate to say it, Sally gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. We could both see life from a different perspective at the same time, and I just couldn’t refuse.” Sonic said, trying to be as sympathetic as he could. But Amy wasn’t buying it.
“He’s telling the truth, Amy. It was I that allowed Sonic to grow to this size.” Sally said.
“Well, you really could’ve gotten me into the mix if you just asked!” Amy shouted in displeasure.
“Perhaps, but I’m sorry, Amy. This world isn’t big enough for the two of us.” Sally said. She then started to move her towards her mouth.
“What? Sally? What are you… No!!! Don’t do this!!!” Amy shouted as she started to shake violently from Sally’s grip, trying to escape certain doom. Luckily, Sonic came to her rescue as he gently grabbed Sally’s wrist.
“Whoa whoa, Sal. What are you doing? You’re not going to eat her, are you?” Sonic asked. Sally suddenly looked up and saw Amy trembling in fear, clutching tightly onto one of Sally’s furry fingers.
“Oh my gosh! Did I really just try to eat you, Amy?” Sally asked, suddenly having a concerned look on her face.
“And you always say I get carried away whenever I dealt with Robuttnik.” Sonic said with a sly smile. Sally tried her best to apologize to Amy.
“Amy, please forgive me. I thought too much of my size and being with Sonic... I got carried away.” Sally said.
“W-w-w-well, it’s o-k-k-kay, I guess.” Amy said.
“Awwww, she’s terrified, Sally. We better let her go for now.” Sonic said.
“Agreed. I tell you what, Amy. If you run all the way back to Knothole and forget this ever happened, I’ll give you the power to grow too just like me. Do we have a deal?” Sally said. This immediately perked Amy up. The thought of growing gigantic herself was too exciting a prospect to ignore.
“Deal, princess!” Amy shouted. Sally then kneeled down, gently dropping Amy down on the ground.
“Good. You be on your way now. We’ll be back hopefully soon.” Sally said. Amy then nodded and took off running for Knothole Village. The two giants smiled as they watched the tiny pink-skinned girl run off.

“Now that I think about it, she’s a very sweet girl. She would make a wonderful Freedom Fighter.” Sally said.
“Yeah... just as long as she doesn’t try to smother me 24/7.” Sonic said.
“Well, just remember you can grow too if she’s smothering you with love like I am.” Sally said.
“Heh, true! Giant Mobian Love Attacks, Part 2!” Sonic said. After rolling her eyes from the bad joke, Sally decided it was time to continue their big date.
“Come on, I wanna go play in the ocean.” Sally said as she started to walk towards the open waters. Sonic started to follow, but stopped after just a couple of steps.
“The… the ocean?” Sonic said.
“Yes. Why?” Sally said.
“Well, you see, Sally… even though I may be big, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a swimming problem anymore… y’know?” Sonic said, stuttering in nervousness. Sally had always thought of Sonic not being able to swim, and it was unfortunate that this feeling hasn't changed despite their giant size. But she soon shrugged; perhaps they could grow big enough later for Sonic to never swim again.
“Okay. You can stay on land and play with the people there. I’m just going to go for a brief swim.” Sally said. With no clothing or footwear (or even Nicole) to remove, Sally walked out far enough until she was waist high with the water level.

She splashes around for a bit in the cold, salty water, swimming underneath the Route 280 Bridge as gets much of her fur wet. She would at times throw a lot of water into the city, causing electrical systems all over to blow out and streets to flood.
She then turns her attention to a cruise ship that was mere yards away from her chest. People were gathering at the edges of the ship to look in awe at the giantess. Sally then dives underwater and swims underneath the boat. The crowd suddenly panics like mad as Sally comes up, with the boat on top of her head! Sally just smiles as she could hear the screams for help and otherwise from the panicking people. She then rears her head back as the boat falls into her mouth. She closes it quickly, Venus flytrap style.
Sally then gets up on her feet and walks over to the Route 280 Bridge and lays down on it, leaving her paws to swing around the cool waters. It didn’t matter to her that many cars were getting crushed underneath her mighty weight. She was just relaxing to enjoy the sun’s rays. Sonic, meanwhile, was busy picking on the little people running around his sneakers when he looked to the side to hear a loud groaning sound. He could see several support cables starting to give way from where Sally was laying. Finally, the cables snapped, and part of the bridge was left to collapse into the water, as did Sally herself.
“Sally!?” Sonic called out, hoping that she was okay. But of course she was. The dripping wet Sally smiled to Sonic as she walked to the shallow end of the ocean to where Sonic was standing.
“What? You thought I was going to drown? You worry too much.” Sally said. She then grabbed Sonic by his waist and pulled him into the waters. A large splash sound ensued as water flew into the city. And in the meantime, Sonic and Sally were hugging and kissing again. Oh yeah… and growing. They then closed their eyes as the love scene heated up, with more passionate kissing and groaning from the two giants. Finally, they stopped when they could feel themselves grow to a height of 500 feet tall.
“Y’know, if we get any bigger, you’ll be able to just walk through the ocean.” Sally said.
“That would be good… but let’s go walking through some more land first.” Sonic said. The two giants then re-emerged from the water and back into the city, which was panicking even more after watching them grow even bigger. The two giants then took note of a small carnival (that looked even smaller of course with their size) out in another part of the city.
“Look, Sonic, the carnival must be in town.” Sally said.
“I wouldn’t mind having a little bit of fun after all this stomping around. Shall we, m’lady?” Sonic said as he offered his arm to Sally, who giggled and promptly wrapped her arm around his.
“Teehee... I thought you’d never ask.” Sally said as the two giants made their way towards this carnival.

Needless to say, everyone in the carnival ran as fast as they could, as they could see the giants coming from a long ways away as big as they were. Sally and Sonic walked through the area, carelessly stomping over people and smaller tents. Sally stopped just short of a merry-go-round, watching as the little children ran away as she pulled out a tent that got stuck between her toes.
“Oh… can I ride?” Sally asked as she smiled. She then lined up her behind with precision and then plopped herself down, sitting over the entire structure and reducing it to pieces.
“You must be this short to ride.” Sonic said, holding two fingers closely together. Sally giggled at that remark as Sonic helped her back up. As Sonic kicked a ferris wheel off its foundation while swinging his feet back, Sally wiped the debris leftover from her sitting spree off her tail. She looked out in the distance to see the Music Plant, a highly attractive zone that Tails used to love going to when he was younger.
”Hey, look, Sonic. The Music Plant.” Sally said.
“Yeah. Might as well enjoy ourselves there.” Sonic said. The two then proceeded to walk over and destroy much of the smaller bits and pieces of the zone. But they were focused on the main attractions of this zone, the giant instruments. Before, they were absolutely dwarfed by these instruments, but now they were evenly proportioned with these musical tools. Sonic starts to play the piano as the notes blurred out throughout the zone, though as giants, he was able to tolerate the noise. After a while, Sally asks him to stop as they can hear the Green Hill National Anthem playing from somewhere.
They try desperately to find the source of where the music is coming from, not caring that the zone is getting destroyed in their search. Sally then looks down and sees the speaker it’s coming from. She then, without much hesitation, lifts up her foot and brings it down on the speaker and the playback machine, cutting the music off entirely.
“Now then, let’s rock and roll!” Sonic shouted as he ran back to the instruments. He started to play as many as he could at the same time. Sally soon joined in on the fun. She watched as many people were holding their ears as tight as they could from the extremely loud music. But that didn’t stop Sonic and Sally as they continued to rock out. Eventually, even the instruments couldn’t take the noise and they started to crack apart. The entire zone was reduced to a pile of rubble. It was just a mess. Sonic and Sally agreed with each other on that note.
“Well, I’d say we really brought the zone down.” Sally said.
“Yeah. I had no idea you knew how to rock out, Sally.” Sonic said. Sally blushed a little bit.
“Well, I’ve been hanging with you for too long.” Sally said. She then looks over at Sonic and pounces at him while he had his back turned. She then bends down and kisses him again, and they just keep on growing, their bodies sweeping away the mess they had made in the Music Plant. She then let’s go, causing the growth to stop at an astounding 800 feet tall. Sally stands up and helps Sonic up as well as they both look down to see the world around them even smaller.

But before they could admire the smaller world even further, Sonic’s stomach suddenly growls, showing that he was hungry and proving they haven’t eaten all day. He looks at the princess and smiles.
“Hey, Sal. Let’s see who can get the most people. Whoever wins gets to eat all the people we catch.“ Sonic said.
“Nice. It’s not like you to suggest a radical idea like that.” Sally said.
“My brain’s getting bigger by the minute.” Sonic jokes. Sally just smiles and starts running around, ripping buildings open and stuffing her mouth with all the people and very small structures she can find. After catching as much as she could from the buildings and the streets, she sits over an already destroyed part of the city and waits for Sonic.

After a long, long drop, the people landed with a soft thud. One man picked himself up and took a look around. It was clear they were inside Sally’s huge stomach.
After being able to walk around freely, the man could feel some drips of liquid falling from above. When one of these drops hit him, a burning sensation was going through his skin, and it was one that really hurt. The man was really sweating now… the stomach acid was about to eat him alive! It was tearing through his clothes, and especially right through his skin. Everywhere he ran, another giant glob of acid hit him. Even the ground started to fill slowly with the stomach acids. The man was eventually too weak to move. His bones were beginning to show from head to toe.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” the man screamed as his voice, along with those around him that were meeting just as cruel a fate, echoed through the darkness. But it wouldn’t matter as eventually he could feel his body wither away into nothing.

Back outside while oblivious to what was happening to the victims in her stomach, Sally watches as Sonic quickly races up and is holding both of his gloves full of people.
“Well, here they all are. I even stopped by a couple chili dog stands. Where’s your group?” Sonic asked.
“Oh, I already ate mine. My stomach was grumbling too and I couldn’t hold out any longer.” Sally said. She then heard Sonic’s stomach grumble again. Laying back on an unsuspecting lighthouse (and immediately disintegrating it with just the lightest touch), she encourages Sonic to eat up.
“You better eat up... you’re gonna cause earthquakes with another grumble like that.” Sally said.
“Ha! You’re such a kidder!” Sonic shouted. He takes the giant princess’s advice and casually tosses everything he was holding down his throat. Sonic could just barely feel everyone as they thought against the wrath of his mammoth tongue.
“Hmmm... cruel and yet satisfying at the same time.” Sonic said. Sally then got back on her feet and once again flirted her fellow giant.
“Just the way I like it.” Sally said as she planted her lips onto Sonic’s yet again. Sonic joined in on the hugging and kissing, and their bodies soon grew to 1,100 feet tall. As they grew, both Sally’s and Sonic’s feet had crashed through some buildings, but they couldn’t feel the damage due to their massive figure. Sonic soon stops kissing his lover and then looks down at the city as it looked smaller than ever. It was almost like standing on a map.
“Don’t you think we might have overdone it just a little bit?” Sonic said. Sally looked down and simply smiled.
“Never. I almost want to grow forever and ever and ever.” Sally said.
“Well, before you do that, there’s one thing I’d like to do.” Sonic said. He walked away from Sally until he was at the ocean. He takes a step into the cold water, which only now comes to his knees.
“Hey Sally. Look at me! I ain’t afraid of no water now!” Sonic said, said as he splashed around in the now shallow water. Sally just smiled as Sonic was making tidal waves, but the waves were killing the tiny surfers in the process. Sally even applauded Sonic waltzing around the water the way he was and eventually joined up with him, giggling over the cold water tickling her kneecaps.

Meanwhile, out on Flicky Island, Tails and Cosmo were both walking their way out of the forest with a trail of Flickies following behind them.
“Oh Tails, it’s great to see the Flickies are so happy.” Cosmo said.
“Indeed! Ever since Sonic helped them escape the Blast Zone, they seem to fully understand the powers of freedom and friendship.” Tails said.
“Kinda like us, right?” Cosmo said as she winked her eyes over at Tails.
“Um... yep! We better get back before the storm hits this island.” Tails said, referring to the many booming sounds that seemed to be endlessly echoing through the air.
“What storm? The skies are clear blue today.” Cosmo said.
“Yes, but those booms definitely sound like thunder. Something surely is brewing out in the distance.” Tails said.

Finally, the group made their way out of the forest, and right away the moods changed for everyone. First the Flickies scurried their way back into the forest, like they saw something that spooked them. After Cosmo watched the Flickies fly back where they came from, she looked back out towards the sea and loudly gasped.
“*GASP* Tails, look!” Cosmo said. Tails looked out from Cosmo to the open sea and was shocked as well.
“What the...!?” Tails said. The two were looking at the mega-sized giants, Sonic and Sally. The two just watched, seemingly as time stood still, while the two were walking around the sea toying around with sailboats and jet skis that were almost mosquito-sized compared to their bodies. Tails eventually shook himself back to reality after he figured out those booming sounds were coming from the footsteps (even when they were underwater) of both Sonic and Sally.
“So that’s where all those booms were coming from...” Tails said.
“Tails... how is this possible? They’re both obviously way bigger than 300 feet tall!” Cosmo said, referring to the maximum size she and Sally (along with Bunnie and Lupe) were capable of growing to.
“I don’t know... but wow are they huge!” Tails said. Of course, Tails had already witnessed the two growing in Knothole Village, but that was only at 80 feet tall. Now, they were over a thousand feet tall. He then went running to the shoreline where one of his planes, the Tornado 2, was sitting.
“Tails, what are you doing?” Cosmo said.
“I gotta find out what made them grow so big!” Tails said.
“But Tails, it’s dangerous!” Cosmo shouted.
“Listen, Cosmo, the ocean is too deep even if you were to grow. And I won’t let anything happen to you. Don’t worry, I’m an expert flyer!” Tails shouted. He fired up the plane and sailed it into the air. Cosmo could only watch with deep worry as the plane headed towards the two mega giants.
“And that’s what worries me so much.” Cosmo said.

Sonic and Sally continued picking on boats, jet skis, and innocent surfers, having a good time as they were doing so. They eventually graduated up to cruise ships, which although much bigger than the boats they had been toying with, still paled in comparison to the massive size of the two giants.
“Oh, Sonic, I haven’t had this much fun since I was little!” Sally said.
“You want to define little for me? Little as in when we were kids or little as in we were once a paltry 3 feet tall?” Sonic asked. Sally couldn’t help but laugh even at that remark. The cruise ships, meanwhile, were easily taken out, either by a big tidal wave just from either giant walking or Sally sweeping her paws across the water, picking up the ships and crushing them in her hands.
“Although, still. How long can we keep this up? We probably have enemies all over the city by now.” Sonic said.
“As long as we want to, Sonic the Hedgehog. We’re not only very big... but we’re very much in love.” Sally said as she winked her eyes over at Sonic.
“Well, since you put it that way.” Sonic said with a smile as he got back to picking up ships and boats and handing them over to Sally. Sally even ate a few of the sailboats that she had been holding.
As Navy battleships started to creep their way towards the mega giants, Tails got closer and closer to both Sonic and Sally. He not only slowed his flying speed down, but switched to very meticulous maneuvers. Tails knew he had to be careful. A sudden move could get him crushed for sure, and as big as they are, they might not even know it. He eventually got to about 200 feet tall away from the two. Trying his best to keep his composure even from being very close to the mega giants, Tails focused his attention on the control panel of his plane.
“Okay, activating body agent scanners. Whatever did allow them both to grow that big, I’m sure I’ll find it here.” Tails said.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t paying any attention to what Sonic and Sally were doing. Because as soon as Tails looked up, he then looked left and right to see Sally and Sonic both closing in on each other… and he was right in the middle!!!
“EEEEK!!” Tails shouted. He didn’t have time to fly away from the two giants, so Tails hit the ejector seat and went up into the air, and not a moment too soon. Down below, Sonic and Sally’s huge bellies were crushing the Tornado 2 flat as it blew up from in between.
Tails, meanwhile, thought their bodies would never end even as his seat flew up in the air. Without thinking ahead, Tails undid the seatbelt on his ejector seat and made a jump into the air, grabbing onto one of Sally’s lighter colored strands of fur that were over both her stomach and chest. They were so big it felt like holding onto a giant rope; a rope that Tails feverishly tried to climb as the ‘walls’ closed it closer and closer. That was because Sonic and Sally were kissing each other again. By the time they were done smooching, they had enlarged another 250 feet, bringing them up to 1,350 feet tall. Tails, as he finally got on top of the strand of fur, looked down to see the world shrinking as he rose up higher in the air because of Sally’s growth.
“Ugh... serious vertigo...” Tails said as he passed out.

At the same time, as Sonic and Sally ended their kissing, the giantess looked down to not only see how much bigger they had gotten, but she happened to look below her breasts to see an orange spot. Upon closer examination, she realized it was none other than Tails.
“Sonic, look…” Sally said as she carefully pulled Tails out. Tails was out cold, having been stuck in between the two giants for some time.
”Whoa… what happened to Tails?” Sonic asked.
“My guess would be that he got stuck in between while we were kissing and growing again.” Sally said.
“I always said he had a habit of getting close to things. So what do we do now?” Sonic said.
”It’s best that we keep him safe until he recovers...” Sally said. But just then, she heard a familiar voice calling out her name.
“Princess Sally! Princess Sally!” a female voice shouted.
“Sounds like someone from your fan club is calling.” Sonic said with that classic smirk of his.
“No... I know that voice. That was Cosmo.” Sally said. She tilted her head towards where the voice was coming from, and that’s when she set her sights on very tiny Flicky Island with a 300-foot-tall Cosmo waving her arms up and down and calling her name again. Despite Cosmo being enlarged, she looked small in the eyes of both Sally and Sonic.
“Ah, there she is! I guess we can call her a junior giantess?” Sonic said.
“Very funny. Come on, we better see what she wants.” Sally said. The two giants slowly made their way towards the island. Cosmo watched in awe as the bigger giants got closer and seemingly dwarfed the entire island. She also watched as the water from the ocean crashed onto the island, but Cosmo’s own enlarged size made sure the water did not affect her.

“Cosmo, I didn’t know you were on Flicky Island today.” Sally said.
“Yeah, Tails and I were checking up on our Flicky friends. Oh, Sally, I know this sounds strange, but I must ask a favor.” Cosmo said.
“Of course. Anything for a fellow Freedom Fighter.” Sally said.
“Well, Tails saw you both just as I did, and I fear he’s taken off in his Tornado 2 insisting he get a closer look at the two of you. I’d like to ask you to keep an eye out for him.” Cosmo said. The two mega giants then looked at each other.
“Well, that’s the funny thing. We kinda already bumped into him. Or at least Sally did.” Sonic said. Sally, realizing she was holding Tails very carefully in her fingers, lowered them towards Cosmo.
“He’s right here, Cosmo. Hold out your hands.” Sally said. Cosmo then opened up her hands and caught a falling and unconscious Tails onto her right palm.
“Oh, Tails-kun! Are you alright?” Cosmo said.
“He looked pretty out of it. What do you suppose happened?” Sonic said.
“Wait... Cosmo said he took the Tornado 2, and I didn’t see that. You don’t suppose?” Sally asked.
“That we crushed it between us while we were kissing?” Sonic said.
“Oh my gosh! Thank goodness we caught Tails when we did!” Sally said. Cosmo then saw Tails slowly moving around.
“Oh good, he’s slowly regaining consciousness.” Cosmo said.
“That’s a relief.” Sally said.
“Listen, if I may ask the two of you... how is it you’re able to grow so big?” Cosmo asked. Sonic and Sally looked at each other, a bit hesitant to reveal the answer knowing that other couples in Knothole could grow as big as they were if the secret was out.
“Well, that’s kinda our little secret. No pun intended, anyway.” Sonic said.
“Sonic’s right, Cosmo. This is something we want to keep to ourselves for the time being. But rest assured, we’ll tell you the answer when the time and place are better suited.” Sally said.
“It’s okay, princess. I understand. If you must keep it a secret, I will respect your wishes.” Cosmo said.
“Thanks, Cosmo. Now, Sonic and I have to be on our way. Don’t be surprised if we grow even bigger.” Sally said.
“We can at least reveal kissing is part of what makes us grow.” Sonic said.
“Okay! So long, Sonic and Sally!” Cosmo said, watching as the two mega giants walked away from the island and back to the open sea.

But before they could get back to their fun and games (and kissing), the two watched as a group of Navy battleships tried to trap the two giants in a circle. Sally could just hear one of the ships barking out orders, no doubt to surrender and shrink back to normal before they destroyed anything else, but she didn’t bother to pay attention.
“Well, I guess it was a matter of time before the sea guard tried to stop us.” Sally said.
“I think it’s Coast Guard, from what I read, but close enough.” Sonic said.
“Awww... you’re much too kind.” Sally said.
“So how do we get rid of these badniks?” Sonic said. Sally smiled back at her loved one, even as bullets and missiles continued to bounce harmlessly off their bodies.
“I’ve got an idea. Let’s hold hands.” Sally said. The two did just that, with the soft touch of Sonic’s white gloves filling Sally’s hands.
“I hope this idea of yours is rated E for everyone.” Sonic joked.
“On three, we jump as high as we can in the air.” Sally said. Sonic was already imagining what was going to happen.
“Ah, self-made fissure strike. I like it!” Sonic said.
“1...2...3!” Sally shouted. The two giants did as Sally planned it out, both jumping up as high in the air as they could, which turned out not to be much because of their added weight. But at the same time, that added weight caused the ground to shake violently, even in a vast body of water. As the ground shook violently, all the buildings on the shoreline of Station Square collapsed to the ground. As for the Navy ships themselves, a huge wave picked up all the ships and either destroyed them, capsized them, or punched a hole in them that eventually caused them to sink.
“Threat neutralized.” Sally said.
“Spoken like a true Freedom Fighter.” Sonic said as he once again playfully patted Sally on her behind, who simply giggled at Sonic’s dirty mind. The two then looked up and saw some clouds covering up the sky.
“Y’know, the sky still looks pretty even when cloudy.” Sally said.
“Glad to see the romantic view is still intact to your eyes.” Sonic said.
“Come on, I’ve done enough walking in the water. Let’s head back to the city.” Sally said.
“Whatever you say, boss!” Sonic said as the two giants made their way out of the water and back into what little remained of Station Square.

The 1350-foot-tall giants walked near the center of Station Square (looking smaller than ever because they grew bigger since the last time they were on land), and all of a sudden Sally laid down on the ground, flat on her back.
“Sonic, lay down with me.” Sally said.
“You sure? I wouldn’t want to mess up these rather nice quills.” Sonic joked.
“Lay with me.” Sally said, this time in a more seductive tone.
“Welp, since you put it that way...” Sonic said as he laid down right next to the giantess. The two stared up at the cloudy sky (mixed in with smoke from the destruction of the city) as they talked with each other.
“Sonic, tell me. How do you like being this big?” Sally said.
“Well, I’ll admit it took some getting used to, but I will also admit I feel much better having you by my side.” Sonic said.
“Wouldn’t you consider it romantic?” Sally said.
“Well, what else would it be with all the smooching you and I have done? We’ve done more kissing today than when Robuttnik was alive!” Sonic said. Sally just giggled.
“And guess what, Sonic? We’re not done.” Sally said.
“Huh? No?” Sonic said.
“I dream we’ll be big enough for the whole planet to see how strong our love is.” Sally said. Sonic raised his eyes upon hearing that statement, but didn’t bother to argue with his girl.
“Whatever you say, empress.” Sonic said.
“Empress?” Sally asked.
“Well, sure. You’re too big for just the princess title.” Sonic said, again prompting a laugh from the giantess. She finally leaned forward and stood herself back up, holding down a hand towards Sonic.
“Well, come on. We better get going.” Sally said. As Sonic stood up as well, he wondered where the next destination would be.
“Going? Where?” Sonic said.
“I was thinking we check up on the Mystic Ruins.” Sally said.
“Hey, you know? We could probably scare Knuckles if he’s at the Echidna Temple.” Sonic said.
“Whatever you say, emperor. Oh, but we’ll have to take the train.” Sally said as she gently nudged Sonic on his shoulder before walking away. Sonic stared briefly at Sally’s behind (and tail of course) before walking behind her. As for what Sally meant by ‘taking the train,’ Sonic found out very quickly after Sally stopped her walk over the train station. Sally reached down and picked up the parked monorail car, holding it up in the air and leaving it to dangle like a piece of spaghetti.
“Yep, I figured that’s what you meant by taking the train.” Sonic said.
“Open up!” Sally said as she waited for Sonic to open up his mouth. That’s when she placed one end of the monorail on his teeth. Sonic immediately got the idea of what Sally was thinking and he slowly closed his mouth, not wanting to bite too hard and snap the monorail off from there. Sally quickly placed the other end of the monorail in her own mouth, and the two began to chew. They inched closer and closer until the monorail was completely covered up in each of their mouths, like it really was a piece of spaghetti.

As the two finally started chomping on the monorail and crushing it with their mighty teeth, the two passionately kissed again with their lips locked onto one another. Of course, that meant they were growing even bigger. Their latest growth spurt came to a stop at 1,700 feet tall. Sonic, meanwhile, brushed around the remains of his half of the monorail with his tongue.
“Mmmmm... tasted okay. It could’ve used a lot more chili sauce though!” Sonic said.
“That’s all you ever think about, isn’t it? Chili dog sauce?” Sally said with her hands on her hips.
“Present company excepted, of course.” Sonic said with a sly smile on his face. Sally smiled as well knowing Sonic was only joking as usual.
“Come on, we better get going to the Mystic Ruins.” Sally said. The two mega giants started walking again, following the miniscule monorail line that connected Station Square and the Mystic Ruins.

The normally huge Mystic Ruins spread out before the giants like a map. They were easily as tall as, if not taller, than some of the mountain ranges that populated this region, a fact that was not lost on the giants, especially Sally Acorn.
“It’s incredible... just seeing ourselves as tall as these mountains. I can’t believe how big we’ve grown.” Sally said.
“It’s a long way from your previous maximum size. Not to mention a long way down!” Sonic said. Sally once again poked her fellow giant on the shoulder for the silly pun. She then looked around and saw nobody around, not even near Tails’ laboratory.
“Meanwhile, I guess we’re alone here.” Sally said.
“Yeah, everybody probably ran away after they saw our growing show back in Station Square and the ocean.” Sonic said.
“Oh well, we can still make this our playground.” Sally said.
“My thoughts exactly! But what do you say we check up on our pal, Knuckles?” Sonic asked.
“Are you sure he’s at the Echidna Temples?” Sally asked.
“He checks up on them every now and then. Maybe today is one of those days.” Sonic said. Sally nodded and the two giants made their way around and down the mountains. They were now standing over the normally vast jungles, though the trees looked like blades of grass from their heightened perspective.

As for Knuckles himself, he came storming out of the lower entrance of the Echidna Temple when he heard loud booming sounds. He found it strange that he heard the familiar voices of Sonic and Sally accompanying those booms, but now it made sense to him as he looked up at the sky. Even with some of the trees partially obscuring his view, he could see the mega-sized Sonic and Sally talking with each other.
“What the...!? How did they get so huge!? Clearly they were using more than just those monitors I provided them.” Knuckles said. He quickly got to work climbing up the tall temple using his fists. A couple minutes later, he was standing on top of the temple, and even from up there, it was still a long ways up to see both Sonic and Sally. In fact, their faces were actually fading from view. He knew it was a long shot, and he was working up a sweat the closer the two giants’ feet got, but he nevertheless called out for their attention.
“SONIC!!! SALLY!!!” Knuckles shouted. Eventually, Sally’s skyscraper-sized toes were only a handful of yards away from the temple, and Knuckles was just about ready to jump off and glide to safety, but he stayed put for the time being.

Sally and Sonic were scanning the ground trying to find Knuckles or even the temple. For the first time, Sonic was beginning to feel like maybe they had grown too big.
“Y’know, Sal, maybe this would be easier if we were only, say, 100 feet tall?” Sonic said. Before Sally could say anything, she looked down near one of her feet, which was covered with numerous leaves and branches from crushed trees.
“Oh! I found the temple, Sonic. And I think...” Sally said. As she kneeled down to get a closer look, causing Knuckles to freeze in fear from seeing the biggest blue eyeball he would ever see, Sonic leaned in as well and recognized the tiny red spot as Knuckles himself.
“Yep! That’s Knuckles, alright!” Sonic said.
“Greetings, Knuckles. So what do you think?” Sally asked. Knuckles held the sides of his head as tightly as he could. Sally’s voice was louder than any jet engine that ever soared underneath his home of the Floating Island.
“Um... hey, Sonic, Sally! I would ask what’s up, but...” Knuckles said.
“Ugh... he’s much too small, Sonic. I can’t hear him.” Sally said.
“Hold on!” Sonic said. He leaned in closer, putting an ear up against the temple. As Knuckles tried to endure the overly heightened smell of Sonic’s ear wax, he repeated what he said earlier.
“He said he would ask what’s up, but that would be quite obvious.” Sonic said.
“Hehe, I know. I did a little improving on your monitors, let’s just say.” Sally said. Sonic again lowered his head when he heard Knuckles talking.
“A little, he says? More like a job the size of the Marble Garden itself!” Sonic said. Sally again laughed.
“Well, forgive us, but we need to get a move on, and you might want to glide away as far as you can.” Sally said. Knuckles did just that, jumping off the temple and gliding away further into the jungles.
“Why’d you let him go, and why did he need to glide away?” Sonic asked.
“Because...” Sally said. After kneeling back to her full standing height, she then suddenly turned herself around, placing her behind just over the temple, and then...


After the ground stopped shaking (something that even Sonic felt), Sally got up. Nothing was left except a crater that would look massive to any normal-sized person in the area. Sonic couldn’t help but notice the many pieces of the temple either clung or falling from her tail.
“Well, you know the old saying. There’s no bu...” Sonic said, only to have his mouth covered up by the giantess.
“Okay, I think that’s one joke we’ll leave in the closet for now.” Sally said.
“You know Knuckles is going to be very VERY ticked off.” Sonic said with a smirk on his face.
“Oh, he’ll get over it. Otherwise we’ll just squash him like a bug.” Sally said. Sonic’s eyes went up when he heard the mega giantess say that.
“My, my. Aren’t we feeling all mighty and powerful. Maybe it’s time we shrunk back to normal.” Sonic said.
“Almost, my darling. I just want to do a little bit more growing. And I know just the place to do it.” Sally said. She pointed out towards an ice-covered mountain on the eastern side of the jungle, and that’s where the two giants went.

When they arrived, they immediately took notice of how the mountain looked to be as big as they were. Even though they couldn’t feel the cold air emanating from the snowy tops of the mountain, Sonic played along anyway.
“I’d say it’s a little chilly here.” Sonic said.
”Yep, but we’re good at heating things up, aren’t we?” Sally asked. With that in mind, she jumped onto Sonic and wrapped her legs around his hips as they fell down towards the mountain. They then started to hug and kiss passionately once again. Their bodies were getting so hot from all this love madness, they didn't even realize part of the Ice Mountain melting underneath their bodies! Sally held onto Sonic long enough to gain as much size as she could. At this point, she was tired of the quick growth spurts. She wanted to be bigger than ever... maybe even have the planet in her hands like in that one dream she once had.
But she thought better of that and stopped. The two giants were now up to 2,640 feet tall, precisely half a mile big. As the two got up and brushed off the wet ice that had come from the mountain, Sally looked out in the distance to see Floating Island. Their new size meant it wasn’t as high up in the air as it normally was.
"Hey, Sonic, what do you say we pay the Floating Island a visit?" Sally asked.
"You bet! I wonder if that’s where Knuckles retreated." Sonic said as the two started walking back to the ocean, which now was ankle-high to the two mega giants.

But as the two quickly approached where the island was, their hopes were slightly dashed when they noticed it was still thousands of feet higher than even they were.
"Well, a Floating Island's a floating island, if you know what I mean." Sonic said.
"Come on, give me a lift." Sally said. She then put one foot up while Sonic grabbed it with his hand. Their plan was to try and give Sally a boost of air so she could reach the island and climb atop it. Before Sally could jump, though, Sonic could see something from directly above him.
"Hey, Sally, look up there." Sonic said, pointing up. Sally looked to see a very small object had jumped from the edge of the island and was gliding its way towards the city.
“Oh, that looked like Rouge the Bat. Knuckles is always telling me bad stories about her.” Sally said.
"I wonder where she's off to." Sonic said. Sally then flashing a smile to Sonic.
"She doesn't even notice us... and that gives me an idea." Sally said. She got close to Sonic and whispered her idea to him. Sonic nodded and smiled as well, showing a sign that he liked it.

The two giants then tiptoed their way towards Rouge, which was not an easy task given their incredible size. By this time, the batgirl had glided to the eye level of the giants, not aware despite her powerful senses of the threats behind her. It seemed she was very occupied with something. But meanwhile, Sonic and Sally took a deep breath and then let loose.
"BOO!!!" They both shouted at the same time. This took Rouge for a major surprise as she clutched her chest. At the same time, she had lost her concentration and was now plummeting towards the ocean. With Rouge’s heart beating, she couldn’t find it in herself to flap her wings and regain her flight. As she fell, she turned to see that it was the giants Sonic and Sally that had indeed scared her silly. She soon landed in the ocean with a resounding splash.
"That got her wings going!" Sonic said, high-fiving Sally (with a clapping sound that sounded like lightning crackling to the rest of the world) for the successful plan.
"More like her heart." Sally said. Sonic just rubbed the back of his head, acknowledging the bad joke he had just made. Sally then kneeled down and scooped up Rouge from the water. She soon got up after recovering, and could only look up in awe at the sight of the two giants even with all the normally very small strands of fur from Sally’s hand surrounding her.
"Hahaha! You really fell for it, Rouge!" Sonic said.
"Yeah, yeah... I know. (sigh) I wish I were as big as the two of you combined... I’m outta here!" Rouge said. The two watched as Rouge took off running on Sally’s seemingly never ending hand. She started to flap her wings finally and escape from the two.
“Guess we scared her off.” Sonic said.
"You can’t blame her for wanting to get away. We wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her when you and I get even bigger." Sally said.
"Even bigger?" Sonic asked as he gulped nervously.
"Please forgive me, Sonic the Hedgehog." Sally said as she opened her arms and trapped Sonic within them. As you might imagine, the two started to hug and kiss again. She is loving every second of the powerful rush when her body goes into its growth spurt. The surviving people of Station Square could only watch in utter fear as the giants continued to grow each time they moaned and locked lips (and sometimes tongues too).

A couple minutes pass before they finally find it in themselves to stop. Sally let her lover go when she could feel herself and Sonic towering at exactly one mile tall, twice their previous size.
"Y’know, there's no shaking the feeling of the entire world seeing you this big." Sonic said.
"I know. I just can't help it, Sonic. I hope you don't mind." Sally said.
"Only for you..." Sonic said.
“What, no empress?” Sally asked.
“I’m just trying to think of what comes after empress.” Sonic said. Sally just smiled knowing that his boyfriend was fully accepting of being this huge for hopefully a long time. The two mega giants turned to look at Station Square as it truly spread out like a map before them.
They could literally put a foot down and destroy entire blocks of the city. And that's just what they did as they both stepped back into the already heavily-damaged city. Either the bottoms of Sonic’s sneakers or Sally’s furry feet were literally covering the sky as far as the Station Square people were concerned, and each step left nothing but a mountain-sized crater. They were so big, some didn't even bother to look up. They just assumed that they were big enough to destroy the whole city in one blow.

Meanwhile, in a secret location, some GUN officers had seen enough of this love making and constant growing. As far as they were concerned, it was all or nothing to take down the two giants.
"Commander, are you sure about this? What if the bombs have no effect?" one man said.
"I don't care what the results are. This is all that we have left. If we succeed, then that's cool. If we fail, then it's the end of the world as we know it." the commander said.
"Good luck to us all." another said.
"Exactly. Order the nuclear attack on those gigantic rodents!" the commander said.
"Yes, sir." another said. A few minutes later, the man was allowed to press the red button. Two nuclear missiles suddenly leave their bunker and head for Sonic and Sally.
"Estimated impact time is six minutes. Order all remaining GUN troops out of there." one man said as they all watched the view screens with one showing the missiles and another showing the giants spreading their damage around.

Over the next few minutes, Sonic and Sally did whatever they could to make a total carnage out of Station Square. They rolled along the ground, not caring that their fur and skin were becoming an almost complete mess. They stomped some more. They swatted leftover GUN airships away that had been trying to get away from the mega giants.
Finally, the two giants looked up at the sky that was slowly becoming dark and got back on their feet, only to see the two nuclear missiles heading their way.
"Oh... someone's trying to nuke us." Sonic said.
"So what else is new? I read legends of really huge targets being targets for nuclear missiles." Sally said, smirking in a fashion similar to Sonic. The two stood still and allowed the missiles to strike their heads, setting off a mushroom cloud explosion that did nothing more than cause the giants to flinch. Sally just raised her eyebrows as the gases from the bombs evaporated in the sky and around the giants' heads. Still, they remained largely unaffected. In fact, Sally had a somewhat evil glare on her face.
"What do you say we pay them back?" Sally asked.
"Yeah. And I know just the place to do it." Sonic said. He pointed out towards an island he was very familiar with.
"Prison Island? Oh... you're such a devil, my hedgehog." Sally said with an evil smile.
"Shall we, my dear?" Sonic said, taking Sally's hand as the two mile-high giants walked towards the island.

Between the two of them, Sonic and Sally's huge feet covered nearly the entire island. Sonic was itching to get revenge on the GUN people right where they live for mistakenly capturing him, when it was in fact the dark hedgehog known as Shadow causing all the trouble.
"Stand back, Sally, and watch my magic." Sonic said. Sally took a couple steps back into the ocean, as Sonic put both his hands on the ground. Then, it began. Sonic started to run in place as much as he could. He picked up speed to the moment where his legs looked like a blur. Down below, trees were blown away, fires were starting, the ground was getting lower and lower. Massive destruction was the only way to describe what was transpiring way down below.
Finally, Sonic's Peelout move hit full speed, and soon the entire island found itself getting some effect of Sonic's ruthless attack. One minute later, when Sonic stopped the Peelout, all of the island suffered major damage, with the point that Sonic ran in just absolutely leveled. Sally put in the finishing touch by getting down on her knees and actually licking up anything that was still moving into her mouth. Sonic couldn't help but feel turned on as he watched the princess swallow up as much as she could of the island.
When she was done, Sally stood up and applauded over at Sonic.
“Bravo, Sonic! Bravo!” Sally said.
“Thank you, thank you. I’m here through Thursday!” Sonic said. Sally ran over and gave her boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek, a marked change from the prolonged growth-inducing smooches that she’s been using on Sonic for hours.
“What? Just a quick kiss for that way past cool move?” Sonic asked.
“Well, it’s like you said earlier, we’re getting a little too big. And besides, it’s getting late. I think it’s time we finally shrunk back to our normal sizes.” Sally said. Sonic raised his eyes and looked down on the ground.
“Man, I’m gonna feel incredibly small once we’re back to normal.” Sonic said. Sally giggled.
“Me too, Sonic. Me too. But come on. We better get back to Knothole.” Sally said.

The two giants, after walking (and of course causing incredible destruction with each step they took) for a few minutes, soon found themselves near the forest that always did a tremendous job hiding Knothole Village. Naturally they didn’t stare step onto the trees for fear of crushing the village itself, as even Sally’s pinky toe was capable of that act with her size. But fortunately, the village was no longer in danger as Sonic and Sally hugged each other one more time. This time, Sally concentrated all her mental energy to work on shrinking the two of them. The two shrunk at an incredibly fast pace... almost 500 feet a second until they were down to 100 feet tall. A few more seconds later, they were both back to their (as Sonic would say) diminutive normal sizes. Sonic looked up at the trees he and Sally once towered over.
“Man, told you I feel incredibly small. I’m a super sonic mosquito!” Sonic shouted.
“Well, so am I when you think about it!” Sally said with a smile.
“But at least you look pretty doing it.” Sonic said as he winked over at his girlfriend. The two then jumped into the stump that would transport them both into Knothole Village.

When the two were back in the village, the two were surprised to see they were getting a rousing applause from the citizens of the village. They listened to some of the various comments.
“You two were awesome! I wish I could be as big as the both of you!”
“You really showed those military blokes who’s boss!”
“You were way past cool!”
Of course, the two were greeted by the rest of the Freedom Fighters.
“I couldn’t believe what I was watching on the monitors in Chuck’s lab. I didn’t think anyone could grow as big as you two did.” Lupe said.
“Aunt Sally, that was incredible! I’m just glad you didn’t crush me with the Tornado 2!” Tails shouted.
“I’m especially glad that Tails-kun was safe.” Cosmo said.
“I declare, Sally girl. You were just the best of the biggest of giantesses out there.” Bunnie said.
“Well, thank you everyone. Although...” Sally said.
“What is it, Sal?” Sonic said.
“Being this small again... it’s making me think of all the destruction Sonic and I caused. After we seemed to be building a trust with those humans... I...” Sally said. As she said, it started to hit her how much she destroyed, especially during the times when the two were growing bigger.

But one face suddenly showed up to comfort Sally, and even she was surprised at the reaction of this guest.
“Do not fear, my precious daughter.” King Max as he approached Sally.
“Father?” Sally said.
“I am proud of you no matter what you choose to do with your life, and I will support you no matter the cost.” King Max said.
“Father... thank you...” Sally said as she hugged her father, King Max Acorn.
“Well then, enough celebrating and reminiscing and all that! Let’s eat some chili dogs! I missed the taste of those while I was big.” Sonic said.
“For once I agree with you, Sonic the Hedgehog.” Sally said. As everyone walked away from the stump and returned to their normal lives, Sonic and Sally looked at each other.
"But can we do this again sometime soon, Sally? I really had a good time." Sonic said.
"Oh... so now you say you enjoyed it to the point where you want to grow again?" Sally said.
"Okay, so I was scared to begin with. But I learned to chill, just like you said!" Sonic said. Sally just smiled.
"Maybe one day we'll do it again, Sonic. Though probably not for a while. I personally could use a break from all the growing I've done." Sally said. This time, it was Sonic that was laughing, and who could blame him?

Life was all good and peaceful again in Knothole, which was more that can be said for Station Square, Mystic Ruins, and other parts of the world affected by the mega giants. Sally would turn out to be right. Any trust she built with herself and the humans was totally out the window, especially as the president televised a message vowing to hunt the ‘giant rodents’ down at any cost...