Sally's Big Adventure


NOTE from author: Before you read this story I should warn you that this story contains Stuffing, Inflation and Vore. So if you don’t like Stuffing, Inflation and Vore, or don’t know what they are, well then you probably don’t want read this story.

It was like torture. Her mind raced as she tried to calm it down. 'I have to get to sleep!' Sally thought, as she rolled over, hoping it would help. Of course it didn’t, and her mind continued on its train of thought. 'If I had only placed Bunny outside the first door! Then we might have been able to shut down the generator.' She again rolled over and tried to calm herself down. 'All right. I can think about yesterday's mission in the morning. No need to hurt my self...oh, who am I kidding. Might as get up and get a glass of milk if I’m going to be up all night.' she thought as she got out of bed, and headed for the mess hall.

"Hopefully this batch will turn out better than the last." Rotor said as he placed the special pills in the fridge. He knew that they had to stay cold, or their effects would start on their own. He closed the door to the fridge and turned to leave, but stopped as he thought, 'Should I leave a note telling everyone not to touch them...nah. Who's going to eat strange pills sitting in a fridge, at 2AM in the morning.' He then left chuckling to himself a bit.

A few moments later, the door swung open as a very stressed and very tired Princess entered the hall and walked towards the fridge. She roboticly opened the door, grabbed the milk, poured herself a glass, and drank it like a shot of liquor. She put the glass in the sink thinking 'I can wash it tomorrow.' She was about to place the milk back in the fridge, but she noticed something strange. 'Who would put pills in the fridge?' She thought as she picked up the objects. 'What type of pills are these any way?' She thought as she continued to hold the medicine. Then It hit her 'Oh. These must be some of my sleeping pills. They look just like the ones I always take. But why are they in the fridge?' She looked at them a little longer before she thought. 'I might as well take then.' With that she placed both of the tablets in her mouth, and swallowed.

She began the journey back to her hut. She started feeling a little funny, but shrugged it off. She took three more steps, before she fell over. Her eyes then began to blink violently. This lasted for a few moments, before she stopped, and got up. She rubbed her eyes, and thought 'What just happened...' it was then she noticed something: she wasn't tired any more. In fact, she felt more refreshed then she ever had before.

She slowly began to walk back to her hut. 'I think I’ll go lay down for a bit until I know what’s going on.' She thought as she continued her walk. It was then that she noticed another side effect, when she looked down. Her feet weren't visible. Of course they usually aren't when your belly looks like it’s in its 8th month of pregnancy. "Oh no!" Sally shouted as she watched her belly expand before her eyes. If she didn't know it was her belly in front of her, she would have mistaken it for a balloon. She clenched her teeth as her belly continued grow bigger. It was only when Sally's gut looked like she was overdue with triplets did it finally stop its growth.

She placed her hand on her belly, and gently began to rub it. "What the heck was in those in pills!?" she almost yelled, as she continued feeling her new formed punch. She looked down and though 'What else could happen...'. Her answer came in the form of small burp. She placed her hand over her mouth and said, "Excuse me." She belched again, this time it was long and loud. She was going to say something, but it came out as another big burp. She was now in a full scale burping spree, as she watched her belly began to deflate with each belch. This wasn't the only side effect though. She also noticed that the huts, and trees were getting smaller and smaller with each belch. 'I'm floating!' she thought as the last few belches escaped from her mouth. She looked down to not only see the smaller huts, but her feet firmly on the ground.

It was at this time that most of the residents of the village arrived to witness the event. Sonic came around the corner and stood with the others before the 50-foot princess. "Sally! What happened?!" She was about to answer when her belly let out a huge grumble that literally caused the ground to shake. "So hungry!" was all she said before she reached down, and picked up the model-sized mess hall, and devoured it in two or three bites. "Woh..." was all the stunned onlookers could say, as they watched the princess swallow the large hut. She gave her belly a pat, and licked her lips before she let out moan of pleasure. "Mmm…Tasty. But not…" She then reached down and picked up Sonic, "…enough to fill me up." She then tilted her head back, dropped Sonic into her mouth. Everyone watched in horror as she swallowed their hero. "Mmm...Even better." she murred.

The smart one's began to run, but one actually walked up to her. Of course the hungry princess did what she had done to the others. She walked forward, crushing one of the huts inadvertently, and picked up the girl. She then opened her mouth and was about to eat her, but stopped as she noticed who it was. “Amy Rose?” She said as she held the child, by the back of her dress, at eye level. Amy was actually trying to take a swing at Sally, which of course was not going to happen. “You ate my boy friend! Give him back!” Sally giggled a little at the child’s demands “Stop that! This is nothing to laugh about! Now I want to see Sonic, right now!” Sally shrugged her shoulders, and replied “Alright.” She then opened her mouth and dropped Amy inside it. She swallowed and thought ‘Wow! Almost as good as Sonic.’ She then began to see what other “food” she could catch.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah…oof!” Amy said as she landed on something soft. It yelled back in pain. She looked down in horror to see that she actually landed on Sonic. “Sonic I’m so sorry!” “She got you too, huh?” Sonic said as he held his leg. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” Amy asked very concerned. “No, no. I think I broke my leg when I landed on top of the mess hut!” Sonic replied as he continued to hold his leg. Amy looked down and seen that they were indeed standing on top of the chewed up mess hall. “Don’t worry. We’ll find away out. I’m not going to let my boyfriend get digested.”

Sonic was about to reply saying that he wasn’t her boyfriend, but he was unable to because a large drop of stomach acid landed on his broken leg, burning it up almost completely. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!” He yelled in pain Amy reached over to help him. Which was a mistake because another drop fell and hit her back. “Eeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She yelled as she could feel her back dissolve. She looked in front of her to see that hundreds of drops were hitting the floor of Sally’s belly. Amy looked over to Sonic with a look of unbelievable fear. Sonic looked back at her and said, “This look’s like it’s…” He was cut off as another drop hit him in the back. Amy just closed her eyes and began to cry. She then opened her eyes, and looked over at Sonic, still crying and said, “I love you Sonic.” Sonic was about to stop Amy, but he thought ‘In few seconds we’ll be physically gone. I can at least give her something nice for her last thought. Even if I don’t feel the same way.’ Sonic did his best to give Amy a tight hug without hurting her and said “I love you to Amy.” 2 more drops hit them, causing their bones to show almost all over their bodies.

Both now lay on the top of the hall. Breathing heavily, and taking there last moments of life. Both could feel a small river of acid begin to reach them, yet they felt little pain. Mostly because the majority of their nerve endings had been eaten away at this point. But it wasn’t the acid that finished them off, it was a two-tailed fox and 2 huts falling on them that eventually put them out of their pain.

"Buurrrrrrrrrrrrrp!” Sally “said” after she finished of another hut. Despite the fact that she was a giant, she had eaten so much that her belly was now sticking out a few feet. “Must fill, tummy!” she said as she spotted Bunny and Rotor running from the crushed village. They ran into the forest, and Sally chased after them. She crushed the remaining two upright huts, and a few fleeing animals in the process. Strangely enough though, when she reached the forest she had lost them. “Dang it!” She said “I have to find a way to draw my meals out of there.” An idea hit her, and she began to walk back to the village.

“That was uh close one, sugar.” Bunny said as they heard the princess walk off. “This is all my fault!” Rotor said as he began to slump down to the ground. “She must have taken those growth pills I was working on!” “What are ya ‘ll talkin’ about, Sug.” Bunny said as she tried to console her friend. “I was working on a new pill that would cause creatures to grow considerably. The only side effect was that the test creatures always had never-ending appetite. Until the pills wore off, that is.” “ ‘Bout how long Should that take, Sugar-Walrus?” Bunny asked “About a week.” “Than we’d better get out of the ol’ forest, an fin’ a better hindin’ spot.” Rotor nodded as the two began to walk to the other end of the forest.

It took a few hours to reach the other side. The sun was already beginning to shine on the horizon. When they finally reached the clearing, they both let out a huge sigh of relief at what they saw. “Bunny! Look a cave. We’ll be safe in there!” Rotor said, before they ran inside it. “Kinda damp in here.” Bunny said as she shivered a bit. “You know I don’t ever remember there being any caves near the forest. So where did this one…Oh No.” Was all Rotor Said as Sally closed her mouth and swallowed them both. “Buurrrrp. They were yummy.” Sally said as she caressed her basketball-sized tummy. “But I’m still Kinda hungry…” It was then that an idea hit her “Maybe I should pay the other FF groups a visit.” She said as she slicked her lips, stood up, and walked off to finish her meal.