Shrinking Babysitter

(Link; idea by DJYellow22)

Chapter 1: A new chao soon

It was an exciting Friday evening for Cream and Cheese. Tomorrow Cheese would not be alone anymore as he was going to get a new friend. In fact, not really a new one but an old play-mate kinda. In the former years Cream and Cheese often visited a good friend called Adin who has a brown chao – called Chocola for that reason. Once his chao even got lost and as of such Cream, Big and Amy went on a mission to find their missing ones (Chocola for Cream and Cheese, Froggy for Big as well as Sonic for Amy). In the end they were able to find Chocola, Big also found Froggy, Sonic again was a hero and ran of with Tails and Knuckles – too bad for Amy.

Adin unfortunately had to move far away and as he got more and more busy with his life he was sure he could not take good care about Chocola. As of such he asked Cream if she would like to help out and take good care about Chocola in the future. Cream agreed. That however meant, she has to be one night without her Mom as Vanilla has to drive to Adin to pick up Chocola as Adin has a small home where only one additional person could sleep. Thus the plan was to leave Cream alone for one evening and take Cheese along to Adin to see how good he can still copy with Chocola – just to make sure.

“Well, are you excited, Cheese”, Cream asked her little chao friend about half an hour before Vanilla and him had to leave: “Chao chao” Cheese replied excited. “Well, I hope, you and Chocola still get along well, I would feel happy to take care of both of you.” The hardest thing for her was to think on how to get through this evening without her chao friend.

Vanilla came up to her and read her face immediately: “Do not worry, my darling. I have that covered. I called one of your friends and he or she will come over tonight to take care of you. I wouldn't want you to feel alone.” “Oh” Cream replied, “who is it?” “Don't you like surprises. In about 20 minutes he or she will come here!” Neat-less to say.. Cream liked surprises so she waited along with her chao friend.

Without letting Vanilla know (who should know it by now but does not seem to) Cream was also waiting for someone else tonight. Cream had asked Tails if he would make some toys for her. She has several toys but she really wanted to have toys resembling her, her friends and her rivals. And well... every Friday ready for the week-end Tails passed by with the newest figure. So far Cream was the proud owner of small Sonic, Tails, Knuckles figures, also of herself, her Mom and Cosmo. For now she asked Tails if he could finally come up with one of the villains so that she could better play adventures with them, however Tails told her he couldn't promise her that he would be able to manage to do that as all other figures were already in rough drafters. He however promised the figure would be kinda special and thus with a bit more action than the usual action figures she had. Cream had no idea on what he might be coming up with yet she had full trust to Tails.

Vanilla then returned to Cream: “Listen, you'll only be alone tomorrow morning. I will leave as early as I can together with Cheese and Chocola so I guess you'll only have to do breakfast for yourself and then… after about 2 hours I might be already back. And I really hope that I can bring Chocola along for you!”

Then it finally rang at the door. Cream stormed through the hallway past the bathroom down the stairs into the entrance hall and looked through the window in the entrance door where she saw a pink hedgehog she was very familiar with. “Yay”, she thought to herself. “It's Amy.” She opened the door and greeted Amy: “Hello Amy, how are you?” Amy smiled and replied: “Hi Creamy – very nice to see you. Well, I for myself… I have a headache. Has your mother already left or is she still here?”

Cream replied: “Mum is still here. Why?”

Amy told her then: “Well, I'll tell you.”


Chapter 2: A new toy Vanilla came down to see both Amy and Cream chatting about the weather and the daily small-talk. She had to interrupt them as she wanted to talk to Amy: “Mrs. Rose, would you mind over to the Kitchen, I'll tell you what to take care for tonight.” Amy followed Vanilla from the entrance hall to the dining room and then to the kitchen where Vanilla closed the door and told Amy what she expected of her tonight:

“Well, Mrs. Rose… you know Cream is still a child and as of such I would like to ask you to make sure that you take care about the following things. First of all, food: there is a lasagna in the oven you just need to turn it on and wait like 20 minutes and it's ready. For TV: Cream may watch TV but only maximum 1 hour and only until 9 PM. At 10 PM Cream should be sleeping and please make sure she really does. If she does feel free to leave at about 11 PM.” - By that time Amy already switched off her ears. “God, she should hear herself. Cream went along planets with us, we went through galaxies, we fought Dr. Eggman, she is quite a tough girl. But here she is small Cream and the daughter of one of the most caring mothers the planet probably has.” Amy already decided that she probably would have to do a big gambling evening for Cream – or well, she would love to but right now the headache she had thanks to a special rabbit killed her. “And before I forget: you can play with her but please only in her room I do not went her toys in the rest of the house normally she spreads them everywhere. Would you please come along I'll show you something else.”

Amy followed Vanilla back in the dining room from the kitchen. The dining room is connected to the living room with a TV without any doors in-between. Vanilla wanted all rooms to have as much light as possible so only a few rooms actually had doors. The kitchen had a door due to the smell of cooking food which should stay inside. Amy followed Vanilla to the entrance hall (again no doors except for the front door) which has two stair ways: One leading up to the upper floor and one down to the cellar. The whole groundfloor except the kitchen had a carpet including the stairs up (which even had a carpet on the vertical part of the stairs leading up). The upper floor only had the bathroom, Cream's and Vanilla's room as well as a guest room – all of those of course had doors for privacy reasons. Vanilla opened the door to the guest room and showed a prepared guest bed. “Well, if for any case you consider staying over night, feel free to take your rest here. You can use our bathroom.” Vanilla closed the door again. “But now... I guess I should get ready.”

Vanilla left and then Cream headed back to Amy. “Well, wanna come in my room?” “Sure”, Amy replied. “I want to show you what Tails made for me over the last weeks.” She took her in and showed her the figures Tails made over the time for her. Amy took them and looked at them closely. “They are very detailed. Nearly real, I might even say!” Amy admitted. “And Tails will probably bring a new one today!”, Cream told her. “Haha, very cool, looking forward to who it is.”, Amy laughed. “Well, you know I always wanted figures of us... because it's quite boring.. to use some generic teddies, stuffed toys or other figures... with those I can replay our adventured. And you see how much Mom is into adventures. I always tell her that you take absolutely good care of me and when it's over I tend to tell her that I never left my room. She is so scared about anything happening to me.”

“Well, she won't be of our problem tonight, I guess”, Amy said.

“Mrs. Rose, Cream, come down, Cheese and me have to leave”, Vanilla shouted from the entrance hall. Both Amy and Cream went down to her and followed Cheese and her outside.

“Bye-bye”, they shouted as Vanilla and Cheese drove off. Amy and Cream went back in and then Amy started explaining why she wasn't feeling so well. “Well, Cream, I told you I have a headache. You know why? Your mother really was quite… well… enthusiastic about getting a babysitter. I was in my room on a ladder... and she called... and all the time as I couldn't get it the answering machine took it. Instead of leaving a message she called 5 times until I decided to try getting it. However, I fell from the ladder on the back of my head.” She used her glove and put some of her spines at the back of her head aside. “You see that lump. That was because of that. And also why I have these headaches.” Cream then asked: “Oh jeeze, what did you tell Mum on the phone.” “Well, I told her, why she had to be so insisting when calling and she told me she wanted it to be a female babysitter so if I do not come, she'd have to call Rouge. It doesn't seem she's really aware that Rouge often enough works for the other side so you never know if she can be trusted.” Amy explained.

Cream then asked: “Is there anything I can do for you?” Amy told her: “Well, you are a mature girl by now, aren't you?” “Yes”, Cream replied. “In worst case, if this headache is really killing me... would you allow me to go home... I am sure you would behave well, wouldn't you?”

Cream then turned around and came back with a Rubik's Cube. “Well, I will take care about myself. But take that. Maybe it will help your head.”

Amy asked though: “Well, would you accept if I go downstairs though to watch the news... maybe it also helps.” “Sure thing”, Cream replied. Again Amy went down the carpet stairs (the rest of the upper floor is tiled), through the entrance hall, the dining room and then to the living room where she switched on the TV having the Rubik's Cube in her hand. However, it took only 15 minutes until she switched it off and gave up on it. Maybe that Cube might help... she returned into the dining room. “Why did Cream give me one of those?”, she thought. “I totally suck at them.” Still she considered doing it but again... after just a few minutes her head was completely aching… she just through it on the carpet floor.. “Stupid thing”, she thought to herself. “I should really go home!” Leaving the Rubik's Cube on the floor she headed towards the stairs via the entrance hall when her head went to the window in the entrance door. She spotted Tails outside. Before he had the chance to ring, she opened the door and looked into a puzzled-face fox: “Oohm... hi Amy! What are you doing here?”, he asked. “Hi Tails”, Amy started. “Well, Vanilla needed a babysitter for Cream. And here I am, Amy Rose is here! And I assume you have something for Cream.” Tails nodded: “It seems you know about it. Well, that's the newest figure.” He gave a Rouge figure from the bag he carried to Amy: “She wanted a villain figure... I originally planned to give her a figure of you with swinging hammer but well... now it's Rouge with swinging wings. Some more action as I promised her. You just need to press the button on her back. Look!” He pressed the button and… nothing happened. He then flipped a wing to the side. “Oops... I need to get back to the lab... it needs a battery. I'll come back later tonight, do you think you can give her that figure already?”, he asked. “Sure I can”, Amy answered, “But... wait a sec. Do you know something against this?”

She showed Tails the lump on her backside. “I have a terrible headache because of it.” Tails' eyes widened: “You are here on the best time ever. Last week I finished a lotion against lumps. They literally shrink away.” He opened his bag again and took a bottle outside which looked like a sun lotion bottle: “This is something against... give me your hand?” Amy reached out her glove and Tails put some lotion on it. “Now rub it over the lump.” Amy started rubbing – she felt the lump getting smaller - and after a short time she only felt flat skin. “Wow, that went fast.. and my headache.. it feels like gone”, she said. “Thank you, Tails!” “Always happy to help”, he replied. “But now I gotta go. Tell Cream, that I'll bring a battery but give her the figure already” and he ran away.

Amy – with the Rouge figure in her glove - went back to the dining room where she wanted to pick up the Rubik's Cube she left there. However, on the way there... it felt like the headache was returning. She felt dizzy.. her vision got blurry... she quickly went to a corner of the room, leaned to a shelf, and dropped the Rouge figure on the floor. Then her vision got black. She fell on the carpet and blacked out for a few seconds.


Chapter 3: Small changes

A short time late she felt normal again... still lying on the floor, eyes closed, her brain seemed to return to her.. The carpet here felt... thicker than anywhere else.. “I am just making things up... I just haven't lied face down on the carpet yet”, she thought to herself. She slowly opened her eye and saw someone else lying... but on the back: “ROUGE?” she shouted and got up. But then she saw… no, that wasn't Rouge... it was an over-life-size figure of Rouge... lying on its back… looking just like the small one Tails made... “Wait, what?”, she thought. Behind Rouge... shadows of a low room with kinda light brown entrance. She looked up... “No that is no entrance… that is the shelf I just leaned at. It's huge.” The shelf towered up into the sky... Amy then turned around... and saw in a good distance... chairs... the dining table.. all towering up. Then it hit her... she requoted Tails I her head: “They literally shrink away – he couldn't mean that any more serious. The lump has shrunk... but also me. I need Cream!”

Before she ran towards Cream's room she was just curious about her size by now... so she turned around and tried to take the Rouge figure. With all force she had she put it up so that it was standing on the boobs. And her top of her head was... waist-level? Her eyes even lower. “God, I must be small... okay, Rouge is taller than me anything normally... but only by… her ears maybe... but this... now even a Rouge figure towers me.” she thought to herself. She looked up... chest and head way up there. It was like Vanilla's size to her rather than Rouge's normal size – and even then probably taller. Then she considered: “What if Cream steps on it... the figure is small.” Then she had an idea: “Good thing I leaned to that shelf.” She knocked over the figure and pushed it under the shelf. “Good, now nothing could happen.”

Then she slowly made her way towards Cream's room and already calculated. “Dining room... entrance hall... stairs... upper floor... and then finally Cream's room. I guess I have a long journey ahead!” Careful as she was she decided to go under the dining table... if Cream comes down she wouldn't expect her to watch the floor with every step. So that way she should be kinda safe. Before she reached the table she also reached the Rubik's Cube she threw into the room. A usual 3 row Rubik's Cube… and she was as tall as two rows... “Well, I guess I cannot solve this one anymore.” and she headed on. Soon she was under the table which seemed sky high to her. Chairs were looming up and she could barely imagine she just sat on these things like only a few hours ago... by now she wouldn't even be able to climb the legs. She then heard distant thunder. She looked around... it came from the direction of the entrance hall... or maybe the stairs... at least that direction. It sounded deep and distant but very strong. Then she saw Cream entering the dining hall who stopped with earthquake-causing steps near the table.

Amy”, she shouted. The voice was booming to Amy even though much of the voice was probably blocked by the table Cream stood besides. Amy only saw Cream's shoes, her legs and dress... the head was above table level by now still the voice left such an impact in her ears that she froze and could not move at all. “Looks like she left... without even saying a word. She said she would go but she could have said good-bye.” Cream said to herself angrily. Amy slightly regained ability to move and decided to try running towards Cream to get her attention… but then Cream started speaking again “Stupid Amy, why not good-bye?” raised he shoe and hit it on the carpet in a little anger. The earthquake caused Amy to be knocked over on the floor. Finally Cream moved on at an enormous speed to Amy, looked around the table and saw the Cube. “She even left that one on the floor... didn't Mum tell her not to leave toys on the floor.” She picked it up glanced into the living room to see a switched-off TV and noone on the sofa. “Well, I gotta care about food myself then.” She moved back past the table and turned right towards the kitchen, opened the door, entered and closed it. Amy could only hear the oven being switching on inside there. Then Cream came out of the kitchen again closed the door and went towards her room again.

Amy then considered: “Hm... she will come down again for dinner. However, I do not see a way to get up to the table... the stairs have a carpet... the carpet fibre being so thick by now should allow me to climb them up. And getting in the kitchen... impossible… I am too big to fit under the door... yet too small to reach the knob!”

Amy then decided to take a jog towards the stairs... after good 5 minutes she finally entered the entrance hall... while it wasn't so far away – it wasn't really miles away... she always fell over fibres from the carpet as the carpet pattern was so huge now… additionally with every step her boots completely sank in the carpet... which made walking more like trying to get run over super thick, super soft mattresses. Another 5 minutes and she finally reached the stairs... looking up at them she already knew: “This is going to take a while!” However, she tried to get some hold at some carpet fibre going up the stair... and yes, it worked. She was able to pull herself up the stair. Half a minute later she was on top of the first stair. “Okay one up, a few more to go.” Amy at her perspective could not see how many there were... the next stair already blocked the view. She judged it to be about 20 though. When she reached the third stair she heard the thunders again. She pressed herself against a corner of the stair and waited until the huge – to her – rabbit jumped over her as Cream took the last 3 stairs in small jump.

Then she continued her way up... she could hear Cream eating in a distance – and she felt hungry herself too – yet she knew she had to get up there. Best of all… once up... no more stupid carpet.... she could walk on tiles. Which should be much easier for her. Still she was thanking the stairs not to be tiled. She wouldn't have seen a way to get up without the carpet fibers. Stair 9, Stair 10... Stair 11... she already felt absolutely exhausted. Yet, she was probably half-way through, and forced herself up more steps. Stair 16, stair 17… she could finally see the end... 19 stairs to be exact... only two more to go. However, she then heard Cream taking back her plate to the kitchen. So she decided... okay, time for a rest... she sat down crouched together in a corner of stair 17 and breathed to get some powers back. Then she heard steps coming back to her. She stood up and pressed against the corner again. This time she most likely wouldn't be so lucky that Cream jumps over her. And that is what happened. She was pushing herself in the right most corner of the stair Cream's right show in a very short distance stomped on the stair. She personally hoped that Cream would see her on the way up... but the stairway area is just too dark and Cream didn't turn on light. Why would she anyway, she knows the way. After the thunders disappeared in the distance, Amy continued climbing up the last stairs. Finally... upper level... and now she was lying on cold tiled floor.


Chapter 4: I am not a toy!

“Finally out of that carpet”, Amy thought for herself. It was much easier to walk on tiles now. She never experienced grouts between the tiles that large but they were still easy to jump over.. or walk through as they were filled with cement. She passed the open door to the bathroom and headed directly to Cream's room. While she got closer she heard that Cream was listening to music – it was not loud at any costs but Amy already guessed what this might meant. Her tiny voice would most likely not stand a chance even though Cream only used her stereo as some kinda background music for her playing. When she finally reached Cream's room she noticed she forgot about something: The Door. Like the kitchen door, it was too low to crouch under it – but she was so small that the door knob was out of question. Knowing it would be useless she tried knocking and hammering with all her force into the door. But no-one opened. Seems that she absolutely did not have enough force in her tiny hands.

Then she got an idea: whenever she turned her hand in a specific way she was able to spawn her pico pico hammer magically... maybe that one would have had more impact... she did the magical move… and nothing happened. “My hammer”, she thought... “how come?” For some reason she was unable to make it appear. She figured it had no use to think on why it does not work by now – maybe it's because her hand got smaller or whatever reason. It does not help, she currently has no way to make it and thus no way to get Cream's attention. So all she could do is... wait until the door opens. As the door opens to the inside of Cream's room she decided to just sit in the corner below the door knob. And waited. Maybe Cream would need the bathroom or something. And that way she could sneak in before Cream closes the door again, she would just have to be fast.

Her plan worked out even more perfect than she could have imagined. Basically she didn't want it to work out like that. Whatever Cream intended to do is unknown, basically Cream opened the door quickly enough to create a major draught to the inside of the room which in the end picked up Amy and she literally flew inside the room and landed somewhere soft on a teddy or something. Cream closed the door and was away so that Amy could already take a look around. The music appeared loud to her – fortunately not too loud so she would not be afraid that her ears would explode but when she tried screaming “Hello” she could already hear her own tiny voice in comparison – “Well, that's not making things easier”, she thought to herself. She looked around and – pretty much as expected Cream's stereo was on a shelf so switching it off would most likely be difficult. All she could saw is that the display of it read: “REPEAT”. So unless Cream switches it off, the CD or whatever it was playing would not end. It was some basic easy listening music which would be played in super-markets or related so Amy had no real idea what music it actually was.

Amy jumped of the giant teddy she landed on and took a look around. She kinda knew the room. Everything seemed absolutely familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. And not even 2 hours ago she was in the same room. By now she knew why Vanilla didn't want Cream to play with her toys outside her room: Cream was a bit untidy. It might not be only her fault, she just had too many toys so that probably her cupboards were full of them. Essentially Amy found herself lost between house-size-like stuffed toys like teddy bears with large-sized random action figures between them and other toys. She couldn't even see the figures Tails made for Cream as her view was blocked... no matter where she looked, something too big was in her way. She wondered how she walked between all of that earlier. “Well”, she though to herself - “The stuffed toys are the houses, the action figures are people – and I am the size of a child... fortunately the 'roads' in between are wide enough to walk.”

She walked along to notice that there were even things smaller than her... Cream seemed to play with marbles – and those went up to her pelvis – so they were high enough that in case Cream decides to play marbles she could hardly jump over them. When Amy moved on she could take a guess what Cream played that evening – thinking she'd be alone and Amy gone – Amy looked up a Jenga tower she was as high as two levels of it and could only think it would not be good to be near it when it collapses.

“The heaven of a child.”, she thought to herself. “If Cream does not recognize me, it might be a nightmare!”

Then Amy heard the door opening again... a draught flew past her again – as she was in the room by now it was much weaker the Jenga tower in front of her just started turning to the side dangerously. Amy ran to a safe distance hiding behind the leg of a stuffed dog but fortunately it did not crash. Cream came back in and closed the door.

Well, I gotta finish that tower by now, let's see how high it gets this time”, she said loudly, over-voicing the music easily and making Amy hold her hands over her ears because of the loudness of her voice. She then knelt down in front of it and attempted to take out a block. Amy was still hiding and Cream did not seem to note her. Amy decided for herself to wait until the tower crashes. If she went out now and Cream continues playing, she wouldn't want to know what happened if dozens of blocks rain down on her.

After 2 or 3 minutes the tower reached an enormous height (to Amy) towering above everything else on the floor but looking absolutely unstable. And then it happened.. Cream took out a block and it fell down. Blocks crashed with loud noise on the floor and the tower was shattered. Cream seemed to want to play another round and started sorting the blocks.

That was the moment Amy waited for... while Cream was building up the original tower she ran out of her hiding place and stood right on a block which Cream will sooner or later need to pick up to complete the tower. It worked just as expected: Cream turned the head to the block she was on, looked towards it and already started moving her hand towards it and then just stopped moving. She laid the hand aside and Cream's and Amy's eyes met.

Cream started talking: “Well, who are you?” Amy replied shouting and waving her hands: “It's me. Amy!” However, Cream didn't seem to listen. The music simply made Amy's voice vanish when it left her mouth. Cream could only see her waving her arms. “Cool, you must be Tails' new addition! Amy must have picked you up before she left!” Cream continued.

“No, Cream. No, I am not a toy. I shrunk! Please! Listen to me!” Amy screamed. However, it seemed that Cream did not hear a word. Instead she picked up Amy and closed her hand around her. Amy tried struggling against the giant fingers but quickly noticed it was no use. A single finger of her was stronger than her complete body and she was a bit larger than two of Cream's fingers were wide. She felt being lifted up and then the hand around her rotated and opened. She was lying on the palm of Cream's hand. Cream was only kneeing but looking down through the small gap between of her fingers made Amy fear: “Better not fall.” She slowly stood up and again looked into Cream's giant eyes. “Wow, Tails promised something really special. But how should I have expected a completely moving figure.” Amy again tried shouting “I am not a figure, for God's sake!” but it was no use – Cream could not hear her. Amy accepted her destiny for now. She was probably safe as she knew Cream would take care well about toys but Cream most likely won't be of much help in the next time.

Cream put her hand down on the floor again and allowed Amy to jump off down on the floor. “Hm... let's try that: can you understand me. Look at me!” Amy followed her order and turned around and looked into her eyes. “Raise your right arm!” Again Amy did what she said and raised her right arm. “That looks like left to me.”, Cream noted. “Well, right for me is left to you”, Amy thought, “it's all a matter of perspective. And my perspective is quite low right now!” Cream seemed to understand her mistake herself though: “Oh wait.. that is right.. from your point of view.” Cream took a pause and stood up. Amy was still holding her hand in the air and looked up at Cream. For now she really looked like a skyscraper – the only difference to the scene at the dinner table was that now she could see her face looking down at her.


Chapter 5: Looks like I am a toy after all

Cream stepped to the left and took some stuffed bears and dogs and lions and whatever she had and put them on the floor behind her. She probably ended up somewhere in the corner of her room just Amy's view was blocked by stuffed lion which was put right in front of her view.

She then heard Cream's voice: “Well, my little figure. Come to me... but be aware: no going around the plushies. Crawl under them to me – or climb over them... whatever you prefer!” “What a stupid game”, Amy thought to herself, “well it's better than playing 'Dodge my shoe'.” She looked towards the lion... and decided to crawl under... after 19 stairs she was literally done climbing. Besides the fact the stuffed figure didn't push with all its mass on her – it just was like a few 100 times heaver than her probably but she didn't need to carry it around.

She crawled under toy no. 1 – good for her that the floor in Cream's room had heating unlike the one outside. So when she crawled it didn't feel as cold as outside – instead it worked kinda well. Once she was completely under it her vision was pitch black... all the fluffy plush stuff formed like a bed blanket around her – just much thicker. She pulled through... and number two... a teddy... same thing again.. she didn't want to dare cheating as she feared that Cream can see the left and right of the figures quite well and she simply didn't want to feel a form of punishment for disobeying the rules – she couldn't imagine Cream would want to hurt her but basically Cream is unaware she's real. So at the current point of time Amy felt it would be dodgy to judge Cream's next behaviour as she wouldn't know herself how she'd behave if Cream and herself could swap positions.

Toy number 3 was a stuffed dog which was also easy to be crawled underneath for Amy. Finally behind toy number 4 she could see Cream's head so it would be the last one. “Hi there, little Amy figure, only one to go.” It was a white bunny.. the fur of it was thick so to prove herself to Cream she decided to climb over it as the thick fur was easy enough to get hold onto. “I show you”, she said loudly while climbing up, but as usual.. noone heard her except for herself. When she was up on it she wanted to demonstrate how well she did. And jumped multiple time on it waving towards Cream – however then something she might have expected happened: every time she landed back she sank in a bit on the skin of the bunny and on one of the jumps she actually fell forward on her face and then rolled down on Cream's side – and fell on the floor. “Ouch”, she thought. ”I could have thought of that!” She was then sitting on her behind and rubbed her head in pain. “Ouch, ouch, ouch”, she said again to herself.

She unfortunately didn't have much time to rub her head because Cream pushed the rabbit away from her and then pulled Amy towards herself with the palm of her hand gliding over the floor – Amy fell on her back and was moved over the floor in that uncomfortable position. “Look, Amy, here are your friends!” Amy looked around still lying on her back. “Jeeze... Tails' figures! So here they are!”, she thought. Cream pushed her to the figure of Cream herself – and she was looking up at a Cream figure from below. Amy then decided to stand up. “Hm... how could that happen? Tails always got all proportions correctly. Why are you so small?” “Maybe because Tails did not construct me”, Amy though to herself knowing by now that as long as that stupid music was playing, there would be no chance of Cream hearing her.

Still she had to admit Cream was right. She already noted in the dining room that would only get up to the waist level of that Rouge figure... and now she was standing to the figure of Cream herself. And she was mere shoulder level. “Probably Tails build all that technique and then noticed the figure would not fit. Amy could have told but she left. A wonder how that figure found me. Probably it followed the music or something.” “No and no”, Amy thought again... “Tails' technique allows flapping wings and I didn't follow anything... I know the way!” “I hoped he would finally bring a villain but well... seems like I was too late with my wish.

Amy felt extremely uncomfortable in the current situation. Cream thought she would be the special figure Tails promised her. And now Cream really wanted to play whatever games. Amy personally hoped that Tails who promised to bring the battery from his lab would arrive soon and either he says that it is for the Rouge figure or Cream would somehow tell him about her new Amy figure. Other than that, Cream might end up trying to get a battery into her body – not quite how Amy imagined this evening but after all she still was kinda sure Cream absolutely did not plan to really hurt her. So that might be an upside of her situation.

Amy moved on to the other figures.. Tails really did take care about proportions – another reason why Cream should notice. The tallest figure of her without a doubt of course was the Vanilla figure. Amy probably reached it to pelvis level. Then Cream began talking again: “You know. We play Cosmo, Cream and Child Amy – you're so small you must be younger than normal!” “Child Amy”, Amy thought, “looks like I have to do it!” Without even having a chance to complain Cream pressed her against the cold plastic of the figure of herself and wrapped the bendable arms of the figure around her so that Amy ended up seeing herself being hugged by a small Cream figure – which is taller than her. She considered pushing the arms of the Cream figure away – looking up to the real Cream though made her realize: “Okay, looks I am a toy after all.”


Chapter 6: Playful rabbit does not get tired

Oh, look, Cream is taking care of you” Cream mentioned about seeing a cute tiny Amy being wrapped up by a figure of herself. While Cream's game has basically just started, Amy already got sick of it and tried to bend the arms of the Cream figure holding her away from her. Like typical bendable figures though the bending required quite a bit of force (normally so that they keep the pose) so it required much force from Amy but eventually she got rid off the figure wrapping her arms around her by pushing away the arms a bit and then slipping through them.

Cream however certainly did not like that behaviour: “Oh looks like little Amy does not like the care of Cream. But little Amy cannot go outside, she is still too small, big Mom won't let her go!” Amy already saw a huge white glove coming down to her blocking her path and then she saw an other glove bringing the Vanilla figure to her. Then Cream picked up Amy at her head and pulled her in the air. Amy felt the mass of body dangling under her neck and lifted up her hands tried to get additional hold at Cream's fingers using them. That was a bad idea though as Amy saw two hands of the Vanilla figure right and left of her chest and Cream used two fingers to push the flat hands of the figure against her breast so that Vanilla would hold her. The figure however didn't seem as bendable as Cream would have liked it to be. Once Cream let her fingers go off the hands the hands moved away from Amy's body again. Rather than giving up the try Cream used her fingers again and pushed the hands of the figure towards Amy's body with more force... Amy felt the hands pressing against her ribs and hoped they wouldn't break. It was an enormous pain and she had to close her eyes and started screaming in pain – which again wasn't heard by anyone.

Finally Cream let go of the hands... they moved a bit away from each other again but this time they seemed to have gotten a hold of Amy's body. Cream let go of Amy's head and wanted to leave Amy to the Vanilla figure. While on the first glimpse it might have looked like a Vanilla figure holding a tiny Amy the plan didn't work out as Cream planned it... Amy was too heavy for the plastic figure so the figure slowly started to tilt forwards until it fell. While Amy safely managed to stop the fall by landing with her boots the figure behind her continued moving into her direction until Vanilla's head hit Amy's head making her fall down to... the result was: Amy lying on the floor, a Vanilla figure lying over her which is shoring up on its hands – with Amy lying partly on the hands. Amy with massive pain at her both head and on her chest tried to move out of the arms by crawling out of it but Cream was faster and picked up the figure. Amy fell back and her body was again held by a Vanilla figure. Escaping would have been easy: Amy would have just needed to turn her own body to the left or right and she would have slipped through but as Cream raised the figure with her into the air she was just to afraid of falling down. “Now you see, big Mom won't let you go.” Cream noted, with a smiling face of feeling as if she would have won.

Amy however was hanging head down eyes half open between the hands of a figure. “Yes, big Mom caught you. You do not need to show a sad face, little Amy.” Amy wasn't showing a sad face. The pain in the last minute… first her chest was pushed together. Then Vanilla caused pain at the back of her by falling on it. “Two times Vanilla is the reason I have an aching head today” she thought to herself knowing that the two Vanillas were two completely different ones.

Cream finally put how down again and held the figure allowing Amy to turn her body get herself free. Then Amy sit down and laid down on her back and looked up breathing heavily. “Oh my God. Looks like I should reconsider Cream being not dangerous. She does not want to harm me. Yet she thinks I am a toy. So without even knowing about it, she might have nearly broken my ribs.”

Yet Amy was aware that it was a bit too late by now. Cream knew she was in her room. So even if she decided to run away she most likely wouldn't get far. The room was like a big prison. Unless Cream opens the door she is caged. Unlike the shelf in the dining room Amy knew that all shelves and cupboards in this room did not have these little extension underneath them so she couldn't hide under one. She could only hide under the bed, the desk or under one of the many toys. All of those being spots where she could be spotted and Cream's hands would simply fit under all of them to so that she could be dragged out.

Still Amy decided to stand up and try running. Maybe Cream decided to take it as a game. She ran behind the stuffed bunny which she just climbed over and hid behind it. She knew it was easy for Cream to find especially as Cream's eyes followed her. As she expected the white bunny was quickly lifted up by Cream. “What was that?” Cream wondered. As Amy knew she wouldn't be heard she tried to communicate using mime. She held her hands to an imaginary wall and then leaned her head to the left – as if she would glance past the imaginary wall to see if someone was coming. Cream closely looked. She then repeated the idea by pressing her back against the imaginary was and glancing left again.

Cream seemed to understand: “Oh, I see you want to play Hide And Seek?” Amy turned to her again and nodded. “Hm... that sounds like fun, especially as you should have enough places to hide. So I count to 10 and you try to hide?” “Ten?”, Amy thought to herself, “That's much too low. Within 10 seconds I wouldn't get far.” She used her index finger, pointed upwards and moved her hand up and down. “Oh, you say 10 is not enough?” Amy nodded again. “How about 50?” “Hmm.. that's nearly a minute. That should be sufficient”, Amy though. Thus she decided to nod this time. Cream then noted: “Okay, let's start!

She turned around and covered her eyes. Then she started counting up loudly. Amy took the simple one. She ran past all the the stuffed toys Cream had, until she found the lion again. She simply crawled under it and waited in the darkness under it until Cream finished counting. “49... 50! I am coming!” she heard Cream calling. Cream also had the same idea. Amy heard the sound stuffed toys falling on the floor. So Cream did pick them all up and looked under them. A few falling toys later, Amy was found. “Got you!” Amy knew her hide-out was not difficult but that really was her plan. If the hide-outs start easy she wouldn't start to get in a rage – which should be a safe start for her. “Again?” Cream asked? Amy nodded.

Again Cream stood up, turned around and covered her eyes. Then she started counting. This time it wouldn't be a stuffed toy Amy decided – it should be... maybe some low box she could jump in. She ran through the room past all view blocking plush figures past a huge glass bowl full of marbles until she saw the blocks of the Jenga game. Behind it: there was the cover of a chess game box. It didn't matter to her where Cream build up the chess game... maybe it was even still in its box, and Cream just flung the cover of it upside down on the floor but it seemed like an easy hide-out again. The cover was a bit higher than she was... fortunately here her jumping ability was enough to allow her to jump and fall into the cover. She crouched herself into the corner towards Cream. So if Cream stood up she would not immediately see her in there but if Cream moved around, she should be able to find her.

Again Cream finished counting up to 50 and started searching. Amy sometimes heard her getting closer, but then getting farer away again. “I get you”, she heard Cream's voice. And a few moments later Cream went past the cover and looked back – where she saw Amy crouching in the corner of the box: “Found you again. Now what next? Do you think you can find a better hide-out?”, Cream asked. Amy nodded. Her words startled her: “You want me to hide better? Well, now let's get going.”

Amy jumped up the wall of the cover and clung herself outside again. She quickly looked around... and out of all the stuffed figures Cream looked underneath Amy saw the perfect hide-out which will be a challenge for Cream! “Let's see if you can find me now!”


Chapter 7: Hiding away

What Amy in fact saw, seemed bulletproof. Essentially she knew the plush figure she was just looking at, was a kangaroo, though it more looked like a rabbit. Still, it had one major feature which Amy could use as a perfect hideout for now. The typical pouch kangaroos have. Basically there was a small child Kangaroo also in there (huge in comparison to Amy though she knew it was supposed to be small. Amy heard Cream counting and she already reached 20 by now. “Okay, no time to lose”, she thought to herself. She ran to the kangaroo as fast as she was able to, jumped up as far as she was able to do climb up towards the opening of the pouch. The bad thing for her was that the kangaroo pouch was directly within Cream’s field of vision once she’d open her eyes – that only meant: be as quick as possible. “Come on, you managed to climb stairs within like half a minute for the first and this pouch is even lower than all stairs!” she commanded herself within her thoughts. Cream however drained her power for quite a bit this evening so she felt that she would have a hard time to climb up – especially as the typical plush fur was much harder to grab a hold onto than the carpet before. Eventually she managed to reach the top of the pouch and looked into the face of the smaller kangaroo child: “Well, you need to share this time” – Cream continued counting loudly: “45, 46…” – Amy knew she only had mere seconds to hide so for now she jumped inside the pouch to the left of the smaller one.

49… 50!”, Cream finished, “I am coming again.” Amy looked up to see a bit of light coming in but most of it was blocked by the child kangaroo. The pouch had quite a bit of room for her but then she considered: “What if Cream looks under the kangaroo – she might simply knock it over and I might fall out of here.” She could already feel the steps of Cream from outside – they were still earthquakes to her but by now she got kinda used to the ground shaking under her whenever Cream walks. Her voice didn’t seem as loud anymore either – she just got used to it in such a short time.

Amy looked up again: “Hm, that child kangaroo is pretty densely fitted into the pouch – if I climb up… between the outside of the pouch and that small… no… wait… big small kangaroo child – I might not fall out!” Said, done. She climbed up which by now felt much harder: for one thing the fur on the inside was by far not as thick so it was harder to get a hold onto it and this time while climbing the small earthquakes from outside really held her back on her way up. Eventually she managed to squeeze between the belly of the smaller kangaroo and the mother pouch and felt safe.

It seemed her plan worked out. She felt a bit of a movement and that she was turned around. Cream really picked up the toy. Then she felt how the toy was falling on the floor again. “Well, see you next try!”, she thought. In the mean time she heard Cream walking around the room. Cream really seemed to check many places as it took quite some time. Amy also tried to climb up and take a glance where Cream is going – however as the kangaroo was knocked over by now all she could see was the floor. As she heard the steps getting closer again, she decided to dive down between the child kangaroo and its mother’s pouch again.

However, then she head Cream getting a bit raged: “I will find you, even if it is the last I do.” Then Amy felt the steps getting closer again and Cream lifted the plush kangaroo up again. Amy felt it being turned around in all directions and got absolutely dizzy by being turned in all directions. What happened then was not expected by her though:

I will find you! I tell you!”, Cream said with a much louder voice. Then instead of just dropping the plush figure on the floor she threw it towards the floor. The crash on the floor of it made Amy and the smaller kangaroo fly outside of the pouch and Amy landed on the floor on her back to see the child kangaroo fly above her head crashing directly into the glass bowl full of marbles Amy went by just a few minutes ago. The remaining force of the impact of the smaller plush toy caused the bowl to be knocked over and tens of marbles were rolling towards Amy. Amy jumped up back on her boots and decided to run away from them as every one of them was going up to her pelvis. However, they were faster than the tiny hedgehog and managed to crash into her legs causing her to fall over being carried away on giant marbles. Cream who heard the bowl falling over saw Amy being carried away by marbles just put her hand in the way of the small glass balls rolling.

The marbles were successfully stopped by her hand piling up near it until the complete flow of them stopped. Amy was laying on a marble looking up to Cream. “Well, looks like I found you in the end!” Cream said. “That hideout was unfair. I do not want to play that anymore. Now we play by my rules again!

She took an empty little yellow plastic bucket which is normally used to contain modelling clay flipped it over Amy and the marbles in the floor capturing her. “I will now set up the new game and this time you can’t get away.”, Amy heard from outside.

Then she heard some loud noises including steps outside until the bucket was removed again and she was instantly being picked up by a white glove which caused her to lose sight. She felt being lifted up and then the hand opened and she fell on a pink plastic floor. She was in a play house. “And this time, you won’t run away”, Cream said. Amy thought: “Why? Easy, I just leave through the non-existing wall.” She took the steps and expected Cream’s room to continue. Instead she saw a long way down to Cream’s floor. Cream put her doll house on a chair which she moved into the centre of the room. Cream seemed to be aware that the height of the chair must seem extremely high to Amy. “Oh, isn’t that extremely high for you. You wouldn’t jump and if you try. My hand is there to catch you and carry you up again.


Chapter 8: Doll in play house

Amy would have never actually jumped. The height seemed like cliffs to her – kinda like the Grand Canyon just that she currently is only on a chair in Cream’s room. “And again, Tails’ figure really didn’t work out proportion wise. All other figures are well sized to the house and you… you’re awesome because you can move but you still seem too small.” Amy looked around… she saw herself in the kitchen of a small playhouse with dining table directly in the kitchen. However, she herself was barely the height of a table.

“Well… when will you find out that I am not a toy. Or well, at least I was not designed to be one”, Amy said to herself. Cream went away from the play house. However, Amy already was aware what Cream planned to do. She was in a play house. Under sized and completely alone. Cream would want to bring her play mates again. And she was right: Cream returned with the Cosmo, Cream and Vanilla figures.

I decided Cosmo, Cream and Child Amy was funnier – now Mommy Vanilla does not have to worry about you running away either. There is no place to run to.” Amy essentially saw it coming: it did not seem Cream was much of a good loser – so instead of continuing a game which at least allowed Amy to be kinda safe from her strong fingers as Cream would only need to see her to win. And then she finds a good hide-out and Cream loses interest. After all she still won the round, Amy was found, it wasn’t a pleasant way of being found being nearly rolled over by a landslide of marbles. Cream placed the Vanilla and Cosmo figures in a floor above Amy (the kitchen was in the ground floor) but she kept holding the Cream figure and then put it in front of Amy while still holding it a little above the floor.

So, little Amy is sick today... you have a sore throat so Cream needs to bring you into bed.” Amy then noticed the Cream figure in big Cream’s hand moving towards her. “Go up, little Amy, go up the stairs!” Amy needed to start running as Cream moved the figure quite fast for her small legs. Amy moved towards the stairs in the back which would lead to the upper level where she expected something like a toy bed. She jumped up the stairs still seeing the figure behind her in Cream’s hand catching up. Even in the completely pink play house the steps she needed to take to get up the stairs were much bigger than the usual steps she’d do to get up stairs. “Well, as least I do not need to climb them.”, she thought to herself.

Then it happened: she tripped over one stair falling face forward onto the pink stairs. “Aww, are the stairs to big. Do you need big sister Cream to carry you up.” Cream put the figure on the stair below Amy’s boots. Amy wanted everything to happen but not see herself between the hard plastic hands of a toy figure again so she get up as quickly as she could and stood up again, looked towards Cream (not the figure) and shaked her head signalizing it would work without any troubles. “Okay, if you do not need Cream to help you, go on!” Amy now turned around. She was one stair above the stair the Cream figure was put on – by now at least she was eye level with that figure. Still her ears were not above her ear level – “At least I may go on myself”, she thought to herself. She took the last stairs herself and found herself in a room with a toy bed together with a Vanilla and a Cosmo figure. Cream was just watching her from outside and did not move the Cream figure which was still standing on the stair way. Amy then stopped walking on standing next to the Cosmo figure… she was looking at Cosmo’s waist – her head was about the height of the crystal Cosmo is wearing on her chest.

Then Cream moved the Vanilla figure towards Amy: “We’re feeling sick today, so go in the bed.” Amy simply headed on towards the bed – “Well, if I lie on the bed maybe she leaves me alone.”, she thought. Amy jumped on the bed on took away the soft pillow and blanket. While those were soft, the mattress certainly was not. It was pure, cold plastic without a cover on it. Still she lied on it, put the blanket above herself but did not think about sleeping. It was just too hard and cold on that plastic. Cream moved Vanilla to her bed: “Well, I go down with Cream we make you a hot tea now for your throat. Cosmo will take care of you, as she is a plant she also cannot be infected by our animal deceases!” Cream then picked up the Vanilla figure and moved it carried it through the open wall of the play house. Amy expected her to put it in the kitchen and probably she would put the Cream figure to it. She saw Cream’s arms and hands moving below her but the things happening in the kitchen were actually out of her field of vision. Then Cream used her arms again to move the Cosmo figure to her bed.

Do you need me to tell you a little story.”, Cream imitated Cosmo’s voice as good as she could then. “Well, let me come to you then.” Cream again moved the figure out of the house and bent it to a sitting position with the head tilted to the down left. She then put the Cosmo figure on the bed so that it was sitting on it. As Amy was mostly hidden under the blanket, Cream didn’t notice that the part of the blanket she put the Cosmo figure onto was the one above Amy’s waist and she literally put a heavy (to Amy) figure onto Amy’s body. It wasn’t too heavy to make Amy scream but it was heavy enough to make Amy again feel how small and light she was by now. Then Cream continued bending the figure accidently pressing it on Amy a bit making her scream. Cream totally ignored the scream as she did not hear it as usually and continued bending the left arm of the figure towards Amy’s head so that it looked as if Cosmo would be petting Amy. Finally Cream let go of the figure and Cosmo’s hand was literally in front of Amy’s right eye leaving the left eye to look towards the big Cosmo figure.

So, there once was a small Amy who hated being the smallest of her school. So she promised herself to be soon the biggest and…” Cream stopped, already after that. “I do not know if I can do a story about small Amy right now. Well, let’s bring the tea.

She was moving her arms towards the ground floor again but then an alarmingly loud chime sounded through Cream’s room and the complete house (Amy would have held her ears again if the arms weren’t blocked by the Cosmo figure – fortunately the sound was over as soon as it came). Amy then noticed. “That was the door bell! That means… hopefully Tails is coming by now. He can help!”


Chapter 9: Detected but still tiny

Cream also noticed the door bell. Without a word she left the room and went downstairs to open the door. It was indeed Tails: “Hi Tails”, she said. “Thanks for the cool figure!” “Oh, nice”, Tails replied, “I assume Amy already gave it to you.”

“Well, yes and no”, Cream continued, “She left but I found it. The figure found the way to my room all by itself. Its ability to move is awesome.” Tails looked confused: “I was just going to give you some batteries, I forgot to put them in, it should not have been able to move at all!”

“But yes”, Cream continued excitingly, “Amy can perfectly move and she even understands my words.”

Tails was completely confused by now. He then decided to slowly recap everything Cream was saying: “You say... Amy figure? Completely moving? Understanding words by you?” Cream confirmed: “Yes, yes AND yes! You did a great job!”

Then Tails continued slowly: “Cream.” He took a deep breath. “I did not make an Amy figure. I planned one but you wanted a villain, so I made a Rouge figure. Any you say you got a completely moving Amy figure – do you need to command it or does it also have a free will?” “Well, the figure convinced to try to play Hide-and-seek but it was no fun, so I switched the game again.”, Cream explained.

“Okay, Cream. First of all… this figure is not by me. And I doubt… we’re talking about a figure here. You say it has all – abilities – we have?”, Tails continued his examination. “Well, she can’t talk but that’s all I guess.” Tails shook his head: “Are you sure she can’t talk. I think we’re having the real Amy here... and something happened to her causing her to be so tiny!” Cream negated: “If she had talked I would have heard and she did not!”

Tails thought for a few seconds – he went inside towards the stairs and perked his ears – he listened to her room and concluded: “Simple logic for you. If I carry around a truck size speaker for music: how loud would you expect the music if you’re in a distance of a few feet to the speaker.” Cream replied: “Well, it would be deadly loud!” “Correct. Now if you listen to a pair of earphones from the same distance.”, Tails continued. “Well, I guess I would barely hear anything.”

Tails nodded: “You understood. Now if I enable both the earphones and the huge speaker do you think you would hear any of the music playing on the ear phone even if the earphone is a few feet nearer to you?” Cream answered: “Probably not!” And then Cream understood: “You mean… my music? It was just so loud… and her voice would be so tiny I could not hear her?” Tails nodded: “You got it. Now let’s go up there. We talk as silently as we can – our voice must be booming to her ears. And the first you do inside: Switch off the CD player!”

Cream and Tails went back into Cream’s room. Amy was able to saw them coming but for now she did not leave the bed. She was happy when she saw that Cream was directly moving to her desk and the first thing she did was to switch off the music. Then Tails asked: “Where is she?” – even his whispering was very loud to Amy. Cream just pointed to the upper floor of the play house. Tails knealed down in front of it and looked inside the room Amy was laying in. He just made a gesture inviting her to get up and come towards the edge of the play house.

Amy followed. Tails then asked the simple question: “What happened to you?” Amy screamed with all her lungs: “It was that stupid lotion you gave me. You were right.. the lump literally shrunk away. And I shrunk with it!” After these 3 sentences Amy was completely out of breath. Cream turned around in shock: “I can clearly hear you” she whispered. “Well, it is hard to me”, Tails admitted, “but I did. Cream has large rabbit ears in silence she can hear much better than me! I will go back to my lab. I come back as soon as I found something I promise! For now… I ask you to stay here!” “Jokester”, Amy thought to herself, “not that I have much of a chance of leaving.” Amy nodded though.

Just tell Cream where she can find the actual Rouge figure I made. I head off. Have fun. And I promise I return!”, Tails said, stood up and left. Cream then returned to Amy and said: “Whispering is hard. Is that loudness okay? And you: try answering normally.” Instead of screaming Amy said normally: “Yes, it is okay, I heard you talking all evening with this loudness. It does not hurt my ears anymore. Can you hear me?” Cream’s nodding was enough for her. Amy continued on her own: “The Rouge figure is in the dining room. Under the shelf in the back. I wanted to protect it so that noone steps on it.”

Cream turned around to go down but before she left the room she turned to Amy again: “Oh and did I hurt you this evening.” Amy basically could feel every single muscle and bone in her body but still she stayed polite and shook her head smiling.

When Cream left the room she fell on the pink floor and smiled: “Okay, I guess the nightmare is over”, she thought. “She now knows I am alive. I do not think she’d continue hurting me by now.”

Cream returned with the Rouge figure – on the way up she has already put in the battery Tails gave her. “So well… flapping wings. In comparison to your abilities that’s boring”, Cream laughed. “Still, it’s cool!” Amy smiled.

Well… I just thought. Now I really want to play another game with you. Something absolutely non-dangerous. I promise you: you won’t be rolled over by marbles, no figures will fall on you… and no throwing around while you wait in kangaroo pouches. And it’s not Jenga either. Would you accept but I will unveil the actual game in a few minutes.” Amy nodded: “If you promise it is safe, I will!”

However, before we start. Allow me to put you on the floor first. I want you to stand in front of all figures I have of our team – including Rouge. You stand in front... being the smallest but still standing out. For a memory photo so that we can remember that day. Okay?

Again Amy agreed. This time Cream didn’t pick her up though. Cream put her hand below the edge of the upper floor of the play house and opened it. She allowed Amy to jump on it safely. Cream slowly lowered her hand towards the floor and allowed Amy to jump of. Then Cream arranged all figures around her. Starting sorted by size from left to right with the Cream figure far right, followed by Tails and Cosmo, Rouge, Sonic, Knuckles and finally Vanilla to the left. Amy being the smallest stood in front of all of them and smiled to the camera Cream was holding. If Amy however knew how bright the flash light would be – she maybe would not have accepted. “Now, we won’t forget this day.”, Cream said. Amy thought to herself: “Do you really think I would forget this evening?”


Chapter 10: A safe game

Then Cream piled up several plush figures around Amy again blocking her field of vision in every direction. “I told you – the game is supposed to be a surprise so you mustn’t see me preparing it.” Then Cream waited for two seconds and stared to Amy above the giant plush lion. “Wait. Are you hungry? There is still much lasagne left. And I am sure, you could have some.” Amy nodded: she had no idea on how she would eat it but she sure was hungry. Cream left and came back with a small saucer where she put some lasagne on – sliced into very small pieces. For Amy it was still a huge meal and she was aware she would most likely need to dirty their hands to eat it but even hear Cream had an idea. She took a tooth pick broke it apart and gave Amy the top of it. It was still the thickness of 3 fingers to Amy but it allowed her to pick up pieces of the lasagne and eat parts of them like eating spear. For the rest Cream prepared a small napkin rest so that she could clean her face.

However, she was well stuffed and really felt her powers returning. That was probably the cheapest meal she ever had cost wise as she only ate a few crumbs.

Then Cream stood up looked beyond the towering plush figures down to Amy and asked: “Finished?”  Amy nodded. “Well, let me bring down your plate and I unveil the game I prepared.

Again Cream disappeared with the saucer for 2 minutes then returned into her room and left the door open this time. Normally she would always close doors but it seems this evening is so confusing and abnormal for her that she really forgot it that time. Then she took two plush figures away allowing Amy to look towards a chesboard. The black team was on the side towards the room door, the white team was missing the queen figure and was on Amy’s side. Cream then knealed down behind the black team and began explaining.

Well, you always bet me at chess. However, tonight I want to know if you can still beat me if we change the rules a little. First of all: as you see, on the white team the queen is removed. This is your position. Your team is special: the queen can only move like the king – castling is possible! The king however is like the queen so he can move horizontal, vertical, diagonal as far as he likes – so the queen figure and the king figure swap – once you are hit by one of the black – and don’t worry, I won’t knock you over, I will just put the figure on the field with you. You lost.” Amy did understand the rule change... however, she did not know what Cream intended to do so she replied: “Well, you always lost against me. What do you intend. You only swapped queen and king – completely, their function remains, so it’s still a normal game of chess.”

Well”, Cream continued, “one minor rule still applies. You know… it is cheating if a figure leaves its field, isn’t it?” Amy nodded: “Yes, but what does that mean to me?” “Simple: You ARE the Queen. You are the player and the queen in one. As you are the player: you instruct all figures on the field. As you are the queen, you must not leave your field. You always told me: to play chess you need to overlook the whole play field. And today: overlooking it will be much more difficulty for you!

Amy then understood: “I see.” Then she thought for the moment: “Okay, I accept.” She moved towards the chessboard to her position and looked around. “Okay, the overview aspect is critical today.” She was the size of a pawn so the figure to her left: the king and the figure to her right: the bishop were both a good bit larger than her. “Wow”, she thought. “Cream even swapped the position of the Queen and King” – so she had the position of the King.

“Hey, before we start. How am I going to move figures of my field?”, Amy shouted to Cream. “Well, that’s an easy one. You point to the figure, tell me what it is supposed to do and I do the move for you. If I get the wrong figure, feel free to correct me.”, Cream explained. As all figures were the same size as Amy or even taller, the last question Amy had was a simple one: “You said I may not leave my field. But may I move within it to get a better overview?” “Yes… if it helps you. For fairness: I will also announce every single move I do!

Well, you’re white. So it’s you who start.” Amy took a simple one like most players. “Pawn in front of me two steps forward.” She saw Cream’s glove coming down picking up the pawn in front of her and performing her move.

Cream continued the game with her move. In the end Amy had to admit that the game was safe for her as a character. She was out of danger from being hit by Cream directly. A quite odd move for her was the castling move Cream already offered her to do: Cream moved the rook towards her on the play field and she basically moved by it herself. “King – no… Queen smaller than a rook. There is one odd figure on this field.”, Amy thought herself.

Normally Amy would beat Cream within about 20 minutes. This time, they saw each other on the board even after 45 minutes as Amy had to admit – especially the first time was proving very difficult for her as she really had close to no overview over the field. All she saw were figures – not the complete board. In the later part of the game though the field was emptier she could not put it to her advantage. She could see enough figures by now but as Cream dominated the start she saw herself in need to reconsider the whole game situation she had by now. The figures were in positions she would have normally never put them on but now she had to play them. By now Amy was only able to check Cream’s king once – while Cream had about 12 checks – admittedly though that was normal as Cream always tried to attack the king early – or this time the queen. Worst of all: Amy lost her king and no pawn was in reach of the end so she could demand it back – while Cream might have lost the queen in the last move she was able to regain it back as one pawn of her reached the end of the field.

Amy basically already saw it coming: Cream did a move with the queen and then the bad word came up: “Check”. Amy looked around and did a move for herself – however she was forced to move towards a corner. Cream forced her farer into the corner with every move until the final words were directed to Amy: “Checkmate!

Amy pretended to tumble – Cream then joked: “Do a move – whatever you do it’s wrong.” Normally after Checkmate the game would be over but Amy decided to play along and did a few steps to the next field. Then Cream moved her queen towards her. Amy stood right in the centre of the field: “I promised you I wouldn’t knock you over but that way, my queen wouldn’t fit into the field.” “Come on”, Amy said: “Finish it.” Amy then saw the big queen figure closing in to her very slowly and she pretended to be hit by it and fell down. “Yay”, Cream shouted in joy. For the first time after a long time Amy needed to hold her ears again. “Oops, sorry. It is the first time I won against you, I hope you can forgive me.

Amy accepted and walked to the centre of the board facing Cream and held out her hand. Cream looked confused. “What do you intend?” “Well”, Amy explained, “after a good game. Winner and loser shake hands. So improvise!” Cream decided to go simple and held her right fist above the field and pointed down with her index finger. Amy went towards the finger – as she was unable to shake it - it was to wide – she went to it and hugged it. “Well done”, she said, “but next time we play normal again.” She then let go of Cream’s finger.

Still, Amy would be lying if she said it was bad. It was a safe game for her and Cream had some fun – and it was a new challenge to her. So nothing to worry about.

Cream then stood up and wanted to go past the chess field farer inside the room: “Monopoly next?” Personally Amy was done playing and she wanted to tell Cream. However, the first step Cream took – hit one of the marbles from the bowl the stuffed kangaroo. The marble shot backwards and Cream was falling face forwards. “Cream!”, Amy shouted. She saw Cream’s blue bow at her dress coming right down to her. Amy ran to the side, past several chess figures and the board. She saw Cream crashing onto the hard floor knocking down many chess figures, which were flying away in all direction and one black bishop nearly hit Amy if she didn’t duck on time!

Cream however was laying face forwards on her tiled floor. “Cream”, Amy shouted and ran towards her face. “Are you alright?” Then she heard a very faint voice saying: “Amy!” Cream then turned her head towards Amy. Amy spotted a big laceration on Cream’s forehead – exactly where she hit her floor. “H… Help… me…” Then Cream’s eyes closed… the pain on her head must have made her lose consciousness as she was definitely alive – Amy could feel the wind of her breaths standing that close to her face.

“Poor little thing. I see what I can do”, Amy said.


Chapter 11: Little saviour helping where she can

Amy knew what Cream needed. A laceration is normally nothing critical, even if it’s a big one. Applying a plaster on it and after a short time everything should be okay again. What’s sounding simple is a horribly hard job for a tiny hedgehog unfortunately.

Amy was thinking: “Hm... the plasters are on the basin in the bathroom.” So whatever it takes, she needs to get there. The positive thing for her was the big exception of Cream’s behaviour before they started the special rules game of Chess: Cream left her room door open. That was fortunate for Amy as she can this way get out on the floor to run to the bathroom which is the next room.

And for that one Amy already knew Vanilla’s rules: Vanilla hated keys so it is impossible to lock the door – so instead Vanilla and Cream agreed to leave that door open, too and they close it if someone’s inside – Vanilla was just afraid about something happening to her daughter in a locked room.

Amy still had no idea on how to get up to the sink but she knew… there had to be a way. She couldn’t just leave Cream lying on the floor. As of such she ran out of the room across the floor towards the bathroom with everything she got. “I’ll be so fast, that I’d even overtake Sonic if he were my size”, she told herself. A bit exhausted but ready for the next steps she arrived in the bathroom. To the right of her she passed a toilet and a shower and saw the sink in the far left bathroom corner facing the bathtub in the far right. She moved towards the sink and already noticed: Tiled floor and walls; the sink itself being integrated in a large wooden cupboard – on top of it: soap, tooth paste and the required plasters. However, the wood being even - it means essentially that she can neither climb up the walls nor the cupboard to climb along the tubes leading up to the sink for the water. Instead she saw another option: towels were hanging down from a towel rail which was connected to the wall – above sink level close to the right of the upper level. “Hm… the towels should allow for some grip. If I climb up there… I should be able to jump on board…  Still…”, she looked up and saw the bottom of the board towering above the her in the sky.

She walked underneath the towels and tried jumping up to them as they weren’t touching the floor. However, they were a little too high… even with the best of her abilities she was not able to reach them. “If I could use my hammer, it would be so easy. I’d hammer jump – and there!” It was a very bad feeling for her… she knew Cream was bleeding over there… and she’s the babysitter and unable to help. She was missing the length of an arm basically to get up to the towel but it was that arm length which was missing. A simple book would be enough if it was on the floor. Amy then checked the room again. And she spotted something which might help: next to the bathtub there was a small shelf on the floor. As it was full of bathing and showering lotions it seemed Cream and Vanilla put some additional things on the floor under the lowest board of the shelf. Among them: Cream’s rubber duck.

“Well, that might work”, Amy thought for herself. She walked towards the duck…and noticed it would probably have the correct height – it was slightly taller than her but being empty on the inside meant that she was still able to push it over the floor across towards the sink and she placed it under the towels. Then she climbed onto the back of the duck to nice she sank in. “Okay… I can’t jump up now, I’d fall… let’s go onto the head. She was attempting to climb up the head but under her weight the duck slowly seemed to fall down so Amy quickly jumped of it. “Well… let’s try again. Just much faster this time.” She went into distance and then starting running towards it and basically used the duck as a big stepping stone to jump of from its head. The jump knocked over the duck – but Amy succeeded and had a tight grip on the towel. “Come on, lady. You climbed up stairs. This is the same.” She forced herself up… and up... and another. Then she was finally up to the towel rail. She carefully stood up and balanced on it and then took a jump onto the sink. “Okay, she thought to herself. Target nearly reached.”

However, she was happy much too early. She saw the plasters. However they were in a package which might have been open – but it was so tall she could not reach the opening of it. However, this time she decided to go the harsh way: “This thing might be taller than me. But it’s only paper! If I crash strong enough into it, it will fall!”

Said, done! She ran into the package looked up and saw it tumbling to the sides. “Yes, it’s working.” She knocked her whole body into it again and saw how it tumbled even more… until it finally fell. Onto Amy. Fortunately for her it only was paper so she crawled underneath it and went towards the opening. She looked inside and took out the biggest plaster type inside there. The plaster was double as large as she was but she knew Cream might need it. She then ran across the sink back the towel rail and jumped down into the hanging towel sliding it down.

When she got close to the exit of the bathroom she heard thumbs on the floor – and guessed it was Cream. When she left the bathroom she saw Cream heading the direction of the bathroom – eyes half closed in pain and she was moving forward on both arms and legs. “Poor little thing”, Amy thought. “Need to apply... plaster. “ she heard Cream’s weak voice. “Cream!”, Amy shouted. Don’t overdo it. I have one!” Cream stopped and looked to her direction. “But… sink… so high… how did you.” Cream’s powers left her again. She was lying on the floor again facing a floor wall.

Amy ran towards her and started climbing the back of her on her ears… She was then standing on the side of her head and saw the wound. She removed the paper on one side of the plaster to start putting it on the wound. One side of the wound which was going across the upper part of Cream’s forehead was close to Amy. So she put the gluey plaster side above it to cover the upper side of the wound. Her hands nearly glued on the plaster. She knew though the harder part would come now. The plaster holding tight on one side.. means there is still the other side. So she climbed along the side of the plaster across Cream’s skin. When she reached the area the lower paper cover of the plaster stared her dress and face were already nicely coloured with Cream’s blood from the wound. Amy then removed the lower part of the paper by climbing farer down while pulling of the paper on one side. To her bad a few parts of the paper were still gluing on the plaster. So she decided to hold tight with both hands to one side of the plaster and trying to kick off the lower part of the paper. That stunt however was not her best idea of today. While she successfully kicked the paper of – the plaster started moving towards Cream’s forehead as it started to tumble a bit sealing her body except for head and arms under it.

For a few seconds she looked confused into the air. “What was that.” Then she considered. “Well, I might be stuck under a plaster… my dress might be covered in blood.  But my mission was a success. Cream should be safe and the bleeding should stop.” Then Amy’s eye lids got heavier too and she also started sleeping.

Chapter 12: The solution

After some time Cream woke up. She was looking around… “Where is Amy”, she thought to herself. Feeling better she was reaching for her wound and touched one side of the plaster. “Well, she really managed to do it.” She stood up and went back in her room. No sight of Amy… as she did not know if Amy was also sleeping she did not want to talk not to wake her up. In worst case she would just watch every of her step and go on. And that’s exactly what she did: before every step she looked on the floor if there was anyone lying down there. Little did she know that Amy was glued by a plaster on her forehead – a look into a mirror would have unveiled the secret place of Amy but as Amy was sleeping herself she did not attempt getting in contact and Cream did not seem to feel the little hedgehog.

A few minutes later Cream heard a knocking on the door. She went down slowly still checking out every of her steps. She then opened the door. It was Tails. “Hi Cream” he started. “Hi Tails”, she replied. “Were you able to find a solution?” The loud voices of the two got Amy to wake up again. “Um… hello?” she started. “Amy… where are you? I was searching you?”, Cream said, immediately looking down. Tails couldn’t resist laughing a bit: “Well, I think she is right near you.” Tails then started getting serious: “What happened to your head?”, he asked. Cream explained: “Well, I fell and it knocked me out. Amy somehow managed to get out of my room up the sink and organize a plaster for my forehead. Just I do not know where she is anymore, she put it there completely by herself.

Amy tried shouting against the two others but it was no use. Anyway, Tails has probably already spotted her, therefore he was laughing so he’d solve the secret any second. “Well”, Tails started, “it looks like Amy did not just put the plaster on your face – she put herself under it.” Cream looked confused. “Oops.” was everything she could say. She ran up the stairs into the bathroom and looked into the mirror: “Hi big Rabbit”, Amy shouted waving to her. “Oh, I am so sorry.”, Cream said.

Cream slowly removed the plaster and the wound got visible again. She then got another one from the box still lying on its side and attached a new one. She then carefully unglued Amy from it. Amy was looking at her dress... being filled with half plaster glue and half rabbit blood, it was by far not as nice as it used to be. Cream understood her when she watched Amy looking at her dress: “Well, we gotta solve that later. I promise.

Tails then entered the bathroom too. “Well”, he started, “I worked out the problem. And I have a solution.” He took out something looking like a laser gun. “This thing will revert the effect. The lotion I gave you… analyzed your body cells… and shrunk them including stuff directly attached to you: dress… gloves… boots… and such. This thing will do the opposite. When I fire it on you, you should grow – and I tweaked it so that all your body cells grow back to normal size. Just be patient: it will take some hours until the effect kicks in.

Amy sighed. “Well… a few hours or not… It would be a nice feeling to know this nightmare is over soon. So give it a go!”

Tails fired a blue laser beam on her – she then started glowing blue for a few second but quickly reverted to her normal colour. “Well, it will take some hours. So I’d propose you to get some sleep and it should kick in It should hurt horribly when it starts but then things should go quickly.” “Thank you, Tails”, Amy said. “You’re absolutely welcome. After all it was my fault so I needed to bring things back to normal after I messed them up. But now… I need some sleep, too.”, Tails explained. “That’s totally understandable”, Amy replied, “good bye and have a nice night.” Amy said. “Yeah, good night, Tails”, Cream said to Tails.

Tails then moved out of the bathroom. Cream followed him to the door while Amy was watching them leaving the bathroom and then both of them were out of sight. She then sat down and breathed in relief: “Well… finally. It was just a few hours. However, it was so horrible.” She heard the door closing downstairs and Cream locking it up. Then Cream returned into the bathroom.

Hey”, Cream started. “I did a promise to you 5 minutes ago! I need to keep it.” Amy admitted to herself that she probably did not really listen but just watched Cream. Cream put a plug into the drain and filled the sink with warm water. She then put a drip of soap into the water. Once it was filled she said to Amy: “Well, your dress is still very dirty. Jump in… we get that out now.” Amy then looked confused: “You mean”, she started, “I should jump in. With my dress?” “Exactly”, Cream answered.

Amy never really swam with clothes before but she accepted and jumped in. The water was warm and extremely deep for her. She took some dives to get her face even wet to clean it later. When she went up: “Hey but I need a towel I guess.”, she said. It was hard for to keep her head above water which made talking even a bit more complicated.

Cream then looked to the towels: “I guess you can have my towel. You wouldn’t need much of it, will you.” Amy laughed: “No definitely not!” Cream then spotted the rubber duck which fell down. “Do you know how the rubber duck came down there?” Amy laughed again: “Well, I somehow needed a way to get to the towels to climb up here!”

Cream then looked at her: “You mean. You climbed up all the towel up to the sink to get me a plaster.” Amy nodded. Cream then kneeled so that only her head was above sink level and started talking: “You know. When I knew it was you… being shrunk… to that size. I thought our roles would have swapped. I was the babysitter. And you were the… well, baby!” She then paused.

However, you know what you proved by that.” She pointed to the plaster. “Despite your tiny size you were still a much better babysitter although you certainly had to fight against circumstances no babysitter should have.” Amy had some tears in her ears – Cream however was not able to spot them. “Thank you, Cream”, was everything Amy could say.

Then Amy slowly swam to the border of the sink. Unfortunately Cream did not fill it well enough so that she could climb out and the sink itself was too steep for her to climb up.

Hey, no leaving before I say so.” Cream said. “But Cream… do you know how heavy my dress is becoming?”, Amy explained. “Well… you should also thank one saviour who might also help you out of there.” Amy was confused. “Whom does she mean?”

You know? Many people take their rubber ducks to their bath.” Cream explained, lifted the duck up to the sink and put it into the water. “If you climb on that… and get yourself to the edge… you should get out.” Amy smiled and decided to go for the game. She swam to the towering duck in the water… and clung herself up to it… lying on its back her arms were barely long enough to reach back into water so that she could use them as paddles. After some time however, she managed to “drive” the duck to the sink border. She then jumped of it and was back on the shelf.

Chapter 13: Good night, small babysitter

In the meantime Cream put the towel of hers on the shelf. She folded it in two halfs so that Amy could crawl between them. “Well, just try to get yourself dry in it.” Amy climbed in and was quickly surrounded by towel cloth. She rolled herself against it to get herself dry but without the ability to really rub with it, it was of no use. And she was absolutely unable to move it at all. She then crawled out, shook her head and told Cream: “Sorry, that’s no use.”

I still have plan B. Please get on the towel and hold tight onto it!”, Cream then said. Amy did as explained. She then saw Cream taking a hair dryer and she aimed it at Amy. Then hot air was coming out of it. The air was nearly taking Amy off the towel – if she weren’t holding tight onto the towel she would have flown away. Cream moved the dryer around her until she finally switched it.

Amy stood up and touched her dress and herself. “Well, it worked.”, she admitted. She was completely dry - however, she assumed her hair was completely messed up.  Thus she asked Cream: “Do you have a mirror you can hold me to so that I can get myself a bit styled again?”

Cream laughed: “But of course, noble lady.” Cream said. Cream opened the shelf and took out a hand mirror she was then holding to Amy. Amy used it to restyle her hair and readjust her dress. “Well, now I am set up again. What happens next?”

Cream however was not in for much anymore. “You know. I really feel tired. Would you mind sleeping too?” Amy then noticed how tired she was. “Well, I guess you are right.”

Cream picked up Amy and took her into her room. By now Cream was extremely careful picking her up so that she wouldn’t push Amy’s body too hard which Amy was very thankful for. Having reached the room, Amy had a question though: “Well, where would you want me to sleep.”

Oh you could sleep in my bed with me.”, Cream offered. However, Amy neglected: “You know… I know you have a soft bed but I am afraid a bit. You want the best for me but if you move – like roll to the side. You might injure me as long as I am that small.” Cream understood her concerns. “Well, I guess you’re right.

Cream then turned to the doll house she had: “How about the doll bed.” Amy then nodded. “Hey that sounds like an idea!” “Should I remove the Cosmo figure from it, or leave it there”, Cream said laughing. “Well… I do not think it’s really large enough to handle the both of us.” Cream removed the Cosmo figure and then put it on its feet again. Then she put Amy in the bed room of her playhouse and offered Amy to go to bed.

When Amy went under the blanket she however knew she couldn’t sleep there over night. “Wait, Cream. The blanket and the pillow are good. But that mattress is plastic – it is hard as hell. Cream then looked lost. “Hm.. I would not know where to put you else.” Then Amy knew... “You know… at that hiding game.. I hid in a kangaroo pouch. That one was soft inside... Let me take the pillow and the blanket along and I have my bed. Just lie the kangaroo on the side. Cream nodded. But then she stopped: “But wait... what if you grow back… wouldn’t you destroy it… and maybe hurt yourself as well?” “Don’t worry”, Amy then said. “Remember Tails: he said the growth effect should hurt as hell. If it is really as bad, I expect I’d notice it even if I sleep. I’d move in a safe spot as quickly as possible.”

Right”, Cream then said. She prepared the bed for Amy and Amy climbed into it. It was not the most comfortable bed she ever had but it was good enough and she could climb out if she is awake before Cream wakes up.

Cream then did turn off the light in her room and went into bed herself. “You know Amy… mummy always told me a good night story. Do you have a story for me?” “Well”, Amy admitted, “I do not know the stories myself. Normally I would read them out of book but then I do not think I could hold a book right now.” Cream laughed: “Definitely not!” She then paused. “Well, then just tell me your story of this evening. What happened after you shrunk before you got up here. How did you reach my room? I am curious… and what were you thinking while I was unconscious.

Amy told her everything… Cream listened very carefully and came to a conclusion: “You know… I think we pretty much depended on each other. You climbed up the stairs to get here because you needed my help. However, when I fell on the floor I needed your help. I think we managed quite well both.” Amy laughed: “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But now… I think we should end the day. Good night, big Cream.”

Yes, good night, little Amy!

Chapter 14: Happily ever after?

Amy woke up in the early morning still finding herself in the kangaroo pouch. It did not kick in yet as she didn’t feel anything by now. All she heard was a snoring of a huge rabbit in the same room. Cream was still sleeping. Amy decided to step up to her bed to see the blanket hanging down. She challenged herself to climb it up. Half way up Cream moved though and pulled the edge of the blanket up the bed, throwing Amy on the bed forcefully.

Amy got up quickly again and moved towards the end of the blanket to Cream’s head. She jumped of it onto the bad mattress and moved to Cream’s head… which was lying on the side, facing her. She then started petting Cream’s ear. “Well… it was chaotic. But I had a nice time.” Being that close to her ear probably meant that Cream could hear her. In fact Cream’s eyes slowly opened up and she was smiling into Amy’s direction. “Good morning”, Amy said. “Good morning”, Cream whispered. Cream’s eyes went off Amy to an alarm clock. Then her head moved up and she quickly sat on the bed making Amy fall on her face due to weight balancing getting totally changed on the mattress. “Oops.. sorry.”, she said.

But Mum’s coming in 5 minutes… and you’re still so small. What are we going to do about you?” Cream ran around in the room confused. However, then Amy felt a major pain in her stomach….“Ouch it hurts”, she complained. “What is it?”, Cream wondered.. then she understood: “Oh, it must be... you’re getting taller again in a short time!” Amy then quickly requested: “Put me on the floor please! Quickly!”

Cream obeyed and put Amy back on the floor. However, then an aching feeling started to hit Cream too. “You know… I wasn’t hit by the laser… but still… what that feeling.” Cream needed to put a hand on her belly.

Amy was unsure… what was it Tails told her. Cream seemed to be hit by the pain that much that she could not move anymore. Amy – while being a bit more pain resistant could much but it was hurting quite much. Together they heard Vanilla’s car driving to the house and Vanilla opening the door.

“Good morning Cream”, Vanilla shouted when she entered the house. As she didn’t get an answer she decided to slowly move to Cream’s room.

Amy could hear the steps coming closer but then her growth spurt finally started. Amy managed to start growing. Then the words by Tails returned to her: “This thing will revert the effect. The lotion I gave you… analyzed your body cells… and shrunk the…” she repeated Tails loudly. “BODY CELLS?” she shouted. Then it hit her. “Cream… you remember… when Tails shot me with this laser. My complete dress was still covered in blood: YOUR blood.” “Yes, but?”, Cream asked? “That laser: it analyzed the body cells… and there were many cells by you. So as we touched each other a few times since then… every time we did the effect jumped over on you too!”

By now Amy had reached her final size. Vanilla was now opening the door to see Amy kneeling down in front of her daughter who seemed in pain. “You mean, I’ll grow”, Cream asked?

Vanilla saw in shock the pain of her daughter. She ran to her but then was pushed back by Amy. “We need to get away from her. I mean it. Please!”, Amy demanded.

“But… my daughter. What did you do?”, Vanilla asked. Then Cream was slowly growing up until she hit the ceiling of her room although she was kneeling. “Amy… what’s going on here”, Vanilla demanded. “Well, that’s a long story”, Amy wanted to start explained.

Amy. Before you start! Call Tails!”, Cream said barely being able to move within her room. “Okay, Cream”, Amy said running to a telephone leaving back Vanilla in shock with her giant daughter.

Mummy… would you please get a chair first before Amy gets back? You need one!”, Cream told her mother.