Shrink & Switch: Link in Mobius


(Hyrule Dimension)

A few years have passed.  Ganondorf is trapped inside a white light, which is known as the Sacred Realm.  Just then, a huge rumble happens and the white light becomes blinding.  When the light dies, Ganondorf finds himself in the middle of Hyrule Field.

Ganondorf: I’m back in Hyrule?  How did this happen?

Just then a hole in the space appears.

Ganondorf: Huh?! What is this?

A person can be seen.

Link walks down the corridors of Hyrule Castle, passing by many of the fancy paintings that covered the walls leading to Princess Zelda's throne room.  When he gets near the door to Zelda's throne room, he could hear some beating and banging inside.  It didn't sound too pleasant, but Link knocked on the door anyway.
Zelda: What is it?!
Link: Um, it's me.
Just when he was reaching for the doorknob, the door suddenly swung open, as Zelda had opened it first.  She has an extremely unpleasant look on her face.
Zelda: Oh.  Hello, Link.
Link: Is something troubling you, princess?
Zelda takes a deep breath before looking at Link in the eyes.
Zelda: I'm sorry, Link.  I'm just upset.  I recently learned that Ganondorf has escaped from the Sacred Realm.
Link: WHAT?!
Zelda: That’s not all.  A couple of hours ago, his monsters attacked Kakariko Village and tampered with all of the decorations I had planned to use for the ball tonight.
Link: Oh, yes.  I almost forgot about the ball.
Zelda: I sent Impa to investigate and I hope that she'll have answers on this, and if we can get the decorations repaired in time.
Link: I’ll keep my guard up.  I’m sure that he’s still after both of us.  So, just be careful and try to calm down, okay?  Acting like this will do nothing but degrade you.
Zelda: Yes, you’re right.
Link: Anyway, if you need me, I'll be with Impa.
Zelda: Thanks, again.

Link leaves the room.  Navi flies around behind Link's head.
Navi: Wow!  I've never seen Zelda so angry before!
Link: I know, but she did put a lot of work into this ball for it to be a success, only to find out that Ganondorf has escaped.
Navi: Well, what should we do?
Link: Why don’t watch over Zelda for me?  I'm gonna see if I can help Impa out.
Navi: What?!  Why can't I come with you?
Link: Because Zelda needs a girl to cheer her up, and if anything bad should happen to her, you can let me know about it.
Navi: Yeah, but.......
Link walked away.
Navi: .......Zelda's a BIG girl!  She doesn’t need me to be her nanny!

Navi, disappointed, heads into Zelda’s room.


Link makes his way out of the castle, but when he reaches the bridge, a portal appears in front of him.
Link: Huh?  What in the name of Hyrule is this?  Probably another one of Ganondorf’s tricks.  Well, if he thinks that he’s gonna invade the castle, he’s got another thing coming!

He jumps into the portal, determined to stop Ganondorf.  Little does he know that Ganondorf is the least of his problems.

Link is flying through the vastness of time and space.  During this journey, he is able to see Ash and Sonic flying right past him.  During the three seconds or so, that the three are together, they look at each other amazingly like as if they had seen a piece of history.  Their time together was short-lived, however, as the three go flying off in different directions.  At the same time, they are all blinded by a bright white light as they are transported to their new destinations.......

(Sonic’s Dimension)

Dr. Eggman is looking in his computer.

Dr. Eggman: The transportation was a success.

Just then, he contacts someone.  It’s Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: How did it go?
Dr. Eggman: It went exactly as planned.  Link has been sent to another dimension, my adversary has been sent to another dimension, and both of them shrunk.

Ganondorf: Good.  Although was it really necessary to add a shrinking device to it?

Dr. Eggman: Positive.  Even at their normal heights, they may find a way to get home.  I know exactly what my adversary is capable of and I’m sure that you know very well what your adversary is capable of.

Ganondorf: Good point.

Dr. Eggman: Also, I’m getting readings saying that Link has ended up in the dimension that I’m in.

Ganondorf: If that’s the case, then make sure that he’s dead.

Dr. Eggman: You can count on it.  I’m also getting readings that someone else was involved in this transportation.

Ganondorf: Who?

Dr. Eggman: I don’t know, but he wound up in the Hyrule Dimension.

Ganondorf: Well, he shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for me.  Once again, I thank you for setting me free and planning for this, doctor.

Dr. Eggman: Anything to get rid of our adversaries.

He turns off his computer.

Dr. Eggman: Wow!  All I wanted to do was see is if I could find a way into the past.  Who would’ve thought that I’d also help a wanted man escape from prison?  Nonetheless, thanks to him, these portals were a complete success.  Now, it’s only a matter of time before this planet is mine!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Link comes out of the portal. He landed in a rather rough fashion on the ground.
Link: It's a good thing I picked up all those heart containers.

He looks around to see himself in the middle of the mountains, not like ones in Hyrule.  Link walks around, not realizing that he shrank down to three inches tall during the trip.  Everything is gigantic.

Link: I wonder where I am?
???: Ugh!  It's just like Sonic to hide from me.  SONIC!!!

Link became startled and covered his ears and eyes.

Link: *groans* What was that?!

Just then, a pair of giant red feet move in front of Link.  These red feet were actually boots.  Link opens his eyes and sees the feet.  Then, he looks up to see a red dress, white gloves, and a pink body.  In this dimension, this figure is known as Amy Rose.  She was chasing after Sonic for some unknown reason.  She has her hammer out, causing Link to think that this is one of Ganondorf’s monsters.

Link: (To himself) Whoa!  Is this what Ganondorf had in mind?  A large pink monster?  Even for him, this isn’t very creative.

Link reaches for his sword and shield and gets ready for battle.

Amy then looked down and saw the tiny Link.

Amy: Hmmm?  What a weird looking bug-creature.  Well, maybe I should take some of my anger out on this bug and crush it!

Amy slowly lifts one of her feet up off the ground and down towards Link.  Reacting rather quickly, Link rolls backwards to avoid being stomped on.  He then jumps towards Amy and fires a couple laser beams up at Amy's face by waving his sword around.  One of the blasts hits just below Amy's right eye, and she falls and lands on her back.

Amy: GRRR!!!  I’ve gone through enough problems with Sonic, today.  I refuse to get myself beaten up by.......

Once her vision came back and she raised her head, Amy found Link standing on her chest and pointing his sword at her.

Amy: ancient-looking action figure?

Link: If you think that you can threaten me and destroy my world, then you’ve got another thing coming!

Just then, Amy picks him up and gets to her feet.  Link is standing on her left hand.
Amy: First off, you’re nuts if you think that someone at your size can beat me.  Second off, I have no clue what you’re talking about.  Third off, I apologize for what I did.  I was just in a bad mood.

Link is more than surprised.

Link: (Thinking) What is this?!  Now she’s apologizing to me?!  This is definitely not like Ganondorf to make a monster that makes amends.
Amy: By the way, can you at least tell me who you are and why you are so tiny?
Link: (Thinking) Maybe I should play along.  I just hope that this isn’t a trick.  (Out loud) Well, my name is Link.  As for my size, I’m either in a land of giant monsters or something bad must’ve happened to me when I traveled through the portal.
Amy: You mean that this isn’t your normal height?
Link: Far from it.  By the way, where am I?

Amy: Why you’re on the planet, Mobius.  Also, this isn’t a land of giant monsters.  You probably are just really small.
Link: Mobius?  That portal must’ve sent me to another dimension!

Amy: Portal?

Link: Well, before I ended up here, I was trying to defend the Hyrule Dimension, until this weird portal sucked me in. Just then, I saw two other figures travel through the portal.  One kid in an outfit that I had never seen before and one blue hedgehog.

This catches Amy’s full attention.  Amy moves closer to the shrunken Link and all he could see was her huge face.

Amy: Did you say blue hedgehog?!

Link: Yes.  Although, I’m not entirely sure about it, as I only saw them for a very short time.

Amy: Speaking of which, are you telling me that this isn’t your natural height?

Link: Not at all.

Amy was looking all around Link's body as she began to take an interest in the shrunken hero.  She giggles and smiles.

Link: What?

Amy: *giggles* Sorry, but I have to admit that you're pretty cute, especially at this height?
Link: Uh, thanks.  I get that comment from all the ladies in Hyrule, almost all the time.  It's embarrassing.
Amy: How come?  You must get a lot of attention, unlike Sonic who has just me, but he always runs away from me!
Link: Who?

Amy: The blue hedgehog that you mentioned, just now.  Now, I think that I should help you find your way back home, and that you should help me find a way to help Sonic.

Link: Sure, why not?  I’ve got no one else to turn to in this dimension.

Amy: Okay, then.  Now, where did you come into this dimension?  I mean, where did you find yourself?
Link: Over there.

Link points a few yards away.  Both of them notice that there’s black powder around the area.  Amy picks up a small amount and looks at it.

Amy: I wonder what this is?

Link: It looks like black magic.

Amy: What makes you think that?

Link: Maybe my adversary DID create that portal.  Black powder is never made, naturally.

Amy: Hmmmm... I should get a friend of mine to investigate it.  In the meantime, you stay hidden from sight.  I don’t think that you should be seen by my friends until we figure this mess out.

Link: But if they’re your friends, then shouldn’t they be trusted?
Amy: Well, there are some people that I like that I also have trouble with.  It’s a long story.

Link: Fine.

She puts Link in one of her dress pockets (Hey, she has to keep that hammer SOMEWHERE, right?) before she starts walking for Tails’s Workshop.

Amy: Are you comfortable in there?
Link: It smells like roses in here.  Very nice.

Amy: *giggles* Thanks.  Speaking of which, I never told you my name.  It’s Amy Rose.

Amy is in front of the workshop.

Link: Is this the place?
Amy: Yes.

Link hides himself from sight.
Amy heads inside.  Tails notices her and is a little surprised.

Tails: Oh!  Hey, Amy.

Amy: No need to get worried.  I’m calm now.

Tails: What happened between you two?
Amy: Don’t worry about it.  Anyway, I found this.

Amy shows him the bag.

Tails: What’s this?

Amy: I found it while I was chasing Sonic in the mountains.

Tails: Where IS Sonic, by the way?

Amy: I thought he came back here.

Tails: Well, knowing him, he’s around.

Tails takes a closer look at the powder.

Tails: Interesting.

Amy: What is it?

Tails: This type of powder isn’t natural.  Someone was using this for a purpose, and only a scientist could possibly know how it works.

Amy: So are you saying that Eggman may be behind this?

Tails: I have a strong feeling that he is.  Why?  I don’t know.

Amy: How could it not be him?

Tails: I need to look into this further.  For now, just relax.

Amy leaves the room.  Link comes out.

Link: Interesting friend.  Are all creatures in this dimension like him and you?
Amy: Well, you could say that.  Humans are very scarce around here.

Cream: Hey, Amy!

Link hides as Cream and Cheese approach her.

Amy: Hi, Cream.

Cream: Have you seen Tails?
Amy: He’s in his workshop.

Cream: Thanks.

Cream leaves for the workshop.


Dr. Eggman is preparing things for his invasion.

Dr. Eggman: With Sonic out of the way, the others should be easy to take care of.  The only ones I need to worry about are Shadow and Knuckles.

Before he can continue with his thoughts, an image appears on his main screen.

Dr. Eggman: Hmm? 

Dr. Eggman goes up to it and sees Ganondorf.

Dr. Eggman: What’s wrong?
Ganondorf: Something’s wrong with my powers.

Dr. Eggman: Hmm.  Well, according to my data, it turns out that when you escaped, most of your energy was depleted.

Ganondorf: It must’ve happened while I was trapped in the Sacred Realm.  Although, with the Triforce of Power, I should’ve regained my strength.

Dr. Eggman:  It only appeared that way.  Your power levels were that of a normal human being.  So, in a way, you did.

Ganondorf: I suppose the Triforce of Power is responsible for this.

Dr. Eggman: Yes.  Without that, you probably would’ve been a lot weaker than you already are.

Ganondorf: So, how do I regain my full strength?
Dr. Eggman: Your powers should come back to you over time.  So until then, just try and restrain yourself.

Ganondorf: Very well.

The monitor turns itself off.

Dr. Eggman: His lack of power had better not mess this up.  We’ve worked too hard to fail.  Time to get the next phase of this plan into action.


Meanwhile, Tails is continuing to analyze the powder.

Tails: Amazing.  This isn’t ordinary powder at all.

Suddenly, the door opens.

Cream: Hi, Tails!

Cream appears.

Tails: Hey, Cream.

Cream: My mother wanted to know if you come over for lunch.

Tails: Later.  Right now, I’m busy.

Cream looks at the black powder.

Cream: What’s that stuff?

Tails: Amy found it.  It’s amazing, because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Cream: Really?  Why would she be interested in finding that stuff?
Tails: I don’t know, but this is definitely unreal.  Could Eggman really be behind this?  I mean, he’s got an I.Q. of 300, but is he really capable of something like this?  And if he is, then for what?

Cream: Well, I might as well leave for now.

Tails: See if you can find Amy.  I’d like to speak with her.

Cream: Sure thing.

Cream leaves the building.


Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman is busy getting ready for his invasion.

Dr. Eggman: Perfect!  With this many robots, it should be no problem defeating Sonic's allies.


Back with Tails, while he’s still looking into the emerald, Knuckles stops by.

Knuckles: So, what’s going on?
Tails: Sonic’s disappeared.

Knuckles: Knowing him, he’s around.

Tails: That’s what I thought, at first.  However, Amy found this black powder.

Knuckles: Black powder?
Tails: Yeah.  It’s very strange.

Knuckles: Hmm.  Is Eggman involved in this?
Tails: I think so, but this powder seems way too complicated, even for him.  It’s like this powder seems to be mixed with some sort of magic.

Knuckles: Now that you mention it, I do feel some sort of evil energy in the powder.

Tails: Well, if there’s anything else that you find, could you let me know?
Knuckles: Sure thing.  For now, I’m heading back to Angel Island.


Back with Amy and Link, and Link is enjoying the surrounding areas.

Link: This place looks very nice.  So much different than where I’m from.

Amy: *giggle* I’m glad that you think so.

Link: I’m still worried about my promise to Zelda.

Amy: Who’s Zelda?
Link: A princess in my land.  I hope that she isn’t too mad at me for this.

Amy: I’m sorry to hear that.  I seriously hope that you find your way back.

Link: Thanks.  I hope that you can find your friend, too.

Amy: Thanks.  I hope that he’s doing okay.

Cream: Amy!

They turn to see Cream.


Meanwhile Knuckles is at Angel Island, in front of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: So, Sonic is gone, and we’ve got a mystery.  This really isn’t my business, but that powder makes me feel uneasy.

Just then, an image appears on the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: What’s this?

The image shows a young girl with a small boy and a fairy.  We know them as Princess Zelda, Ash Ketchum, and Navi.

Knuckles: What the heck is going on with the Master Emerald?

Zelda, Ash, and Navi are all shocked at the voice that they hear.

Zelda: Who said that?
Knuckles: Huh?

Zelda: I know I heard a voice.

Ash: So did I.

Knuckles is a little ignorant about his voice being heard, and continues on.

Knuckles: That’s weird.

Navi: There it is again.

Knuckles: Are they referring to me?
Ash: Yes, we are.

Knuckles is shocked.

Knuckles: Whoa!  First Tails found the black powder, now the Master Emerald is acting weird.

The words “black powder” get the attention of the three.

Zelda: Did you say “black powder”?!

Ash: Who are you?

Knuckles: Uh, hold on!  Things are going too fast!  First, I want to know who you are before I say anything.

Zelda: Very well.  I’ll go first.  My name is Princess Zelda and I’m the ruler of Hyrule.  The two with me are known as Navi and Ash Ketchum.

Navi & Ash: Hello.

Knuckles: Uh, okay.  And my name is Knuckles the Echidna.

Navi: How are you able to communicate with us?
Knuckles: I’m just as puzzled as you are.  Through this huge gem, known as the Master Emerald, I saw an image of you three.  I didn’t think that I’d be able to communicate with you.

Ash: Anyway, what do you know about the black powder?
Knuckles: Not much, but I know someone else that might.  What do you know about it?
Ash: Not much, but I think that it sent me here from another world and shrunk me.

Knuckles: What?  Care to explain it, kid?
Ash: I saw a weird portal and saw two other figures pass me.  One was a man in a green uniform and the other was a blue hedgehog.


Zelda: You know of this creature?
Knuckles: Know of it?!  That creature lives here!

Zelda: Then, you wouldn’t happen to know if a man named Link was transported there, would you?
Ash: You see, when the three of us went through that portal, we all got shrunk and were sent to different dimensions.  We think that someone may have gotten into your world.

Knuckles: (To himself) *gasp* Amy!  (Out loud) I think I know where he is.  Although, I don’t know how I’ll be able to communicate with you after I leave to search for him.

Zelda: Leave that to me.  Just please find Link.

Knuckles: Sure thing.

Tails is in his workshop.  Cheese, Cream’s Chao, is with him.

Cheese: Chao?
Tails: If only I could figure out what this powder was for, this would be a lot easier to figure out.

Cheese: Chao.

Tails: Thanks for keeping me company, Cheese.  It was getting a little too quiet.

Cheese: Chao.


Meanwhile, Amy hides Link the moment they see Cream.

Amy: Cream!  What a surprise.  What’s up?

Cream: What were you talking to?

Amy: Uh, just now?

Cream: Yes.  I just saw you talking to a tiny creature.

Amy: *gulps* Uh--

Cream: May I see it?

Amy: Uh, well--

Cream: Is it a shy creature?

Amy: Well--

Cream: Why are you nervous?

Amy: W-Why would I be nervous?

Cream gets suspicious about Amy’s actions.  However, before things start getting out of hand, Link decides to show himself.

Link: *sighs* I suppose it can’t be helped anymore.

Cream is surprised.  Amy grabs Link with her left hand.

Amy: (Whispers) Link!  What are you doing?!

Link: She’s already seen me talking with you and got suspicious about it.  Any excuse would probably be pointless, and I don’t want you getting in trouble, Amy.

Amy: Oh.  Well, thanks.

Cream gets close to the tiny Link.

Cream: Who are you?

Link: I’m Link of the Hyrule Dimension.

Cream: Wow.  It’s cute.

Cream pokes Link in the stomach lightly.

Cream: It looks so real.

Link: Hey!  Please don’t do that!  I know that I’m small, but please restrain yourself from doing things like that.

Cream: Sorry.

Amy: You can’t really blame her for resisting, especially with someone as cute as you.

Cream’s face turns red and both her and Amy giggle.  Just then, Knuckles appears.

Knuckles: AMY!

Amy hides link.

Amy: Cream, don’t say a word about this to anyone.

Cream: Don’t worry.  I won’t.

Knuckles: Where’s Link?
Amy & Cream are shocked to hear that name.

Amy: How did--

Knuckles: Somehow, the Master Emerald showed me an image of a young woman with a fairy and a tiny kid.  Her name was Zelda.

Link: ZELDA?!

Link pops out of Amy’s pocket and Knuckles gets even more serious.

Knuckles: (Thinking) So, the story was true.  (Out loud) Cream, tell Tails about this and meet us at Angel Island.

Cream: But--

Knuckles: Somehow, I’ve managed to be able to communicate with Princess Zelda and I don’t how much longer I’ll be able to do so.  I’ve already promised to bring Link to talk with her.

Link: If that’s true, then I need to get there, now!

Amy: Fine.  Let’s get going.

Knuckles: Huh?

Amy: If Sonic’s involved in this, then I need to know how to get him back!

Knuckles: Fine, let’s go.

Cream leaves for Tails’s Workshop and Knuckles and Amy run over to the Master Emerald.


A few moments later, they arrive on the island.  Amy takes Link out of her pocket and they are both very shocked to see the same image that Knuckles told them about.

Amy: Is that the princess that you told me about?

Link: Yes.  There’s no doubt.

Amy: Hello?  Is anyone there?

Link: Zelda?

Zelda and Navi gasp when they here that second voice.

Zelda & Navi: IT’S LINK!!!

Back in his lab, Dr. Eggman is all set with his part of the invasion.

Dr. Eggman: This is perfect.  Everything is in place.  Now, it’s time!  MOVE OUT!!!

Dr. Eggman’s robots all start marching out of his lab.


After the pleasantries, Link, Zelda, Amy, and the others start talking about their situation.

Zelda: Well, thank goodness you’re all right.  Navi and I were very worried, about you.

Link: I’m not surprised.

Navi: Where are you?

Link: I’m in another world.  I don’t know exactly what happened.

Tails: I can explain.

Tails & Cream appear.

Amy: Tails?

Tails: I’ve been analyzing this powder for a while, and after hearing Cream’s story, it all finally makes sense.

Knuckles: How so?

Tails: Our adversary, Dr. Eggman, managed to invent a machine to transport anyone who enters its portals to another dimension.

Cream: But what about the shrinking part?

Tails: As bizarre as the method sounds, Eggman may have added that to the system to think that Sonic would have little hope of making it back.

Navi: But how do Link & Ash play roles in this?

Ash: And what about the black powder?

Tails: Simple.  The powder was black magic, meaning that someone else was involved in this.

Zelda & Navi: Ganondorf!

Navi: That explains how he managed to escape the Sacred Realm.

Zelda: And how he managed to get Link involved in this.  He probably realized that he could invade our world a lot easier without Link.

Ash: But how am I involved in this?

Tails: Now that, I can’t explain.  My guess is that when the portal opened up in your world, you must’ve stepped in, out of curiosity.

Ash: Yeah, I did.

Zelda: Now how do we fix this mess?

Tails: Fortunately, I’ve managed to find a way to create Eggman’s machine through reverse engineering.

Ash: Wow.  You ARE a genius.

Tails: It’s not that simple, however.  The portal was also made with black magic.  If we plan on reversing the process, then we need something that can repel it.

Zelda: That, I can help you with.

Tails: Good.  Now, let’s get started.

Dr. Eggman: *echoes* I think not!

Everyone is shocked at what they hear.  Even in the Hyrule Dimension, the announcement is being made.

Dr. Eggman: *echoes* I’m very impressed that you all managed to figure out my little scheme.  Down to the closest details, even.

Zelda: What’s going on?

Navi: Who’s that?

Knuckles: Dr. Eggman.

Dr. Eggman: I’ve managed to grant Ganondorf’s freedom, by coincidence, actually. 

Ganondorf: Coincidence or not, we’ve managed to assemble two different armies to destroy both worlds.

Dr. Eggman: So, I see that you’ve regained your strength.

Ganondorf: Of course.

Dr. Eggman: Now, it’s time….

Ganondorf: …for you…

Dr. Eggman & Ganondorf: …to say good-bye to your worlds!!

Just then, an army of robots starts approaching Angel Island.  Knuckles can see them in the great distance.

Knuckles: It’s a big force!

Tails: We have no time to lose!  I’ll need all the protection I can get while I get the portal up and running.  Zelda, I’ll need you to stay where you are.

Zelda: Why?

Tails: When it’s time to activate the machine, I’ll need you to use a magic spell that can be sent through the portal.  That’s what will cause the reverse effects of the shrinking part.

Link: What should I do?

Tails: You stay with Amy and Cream.  Knuckles can handle the swarm of robots.

Amy: I’m not taking that chance.  I’m going to help him.  We need all the time we can buy.

Tails: Fine.

Amy gives Link to Cream.

Cream: Good luck, you two.  Be careful.

Amy and Knuckles leave.

Zelda: Navi, Ash, and I will stay, too.  Hopefully, my soldiers can hold the monsters out long enough for Link to make the trip back.  Navi: Once he’s here, our victory is guaranteed.

Tails: Let’s hope so.

Dr. Eggman: Their location is on Angel Island.  Do whatever it takes to destroy that portal!

Knuckles: I don’t think so!

Knuckles manages to smash a bunch of robots.

Amy: It’s your fault that Sonic and I aren’t together!  You’ll pay for this!!

Amy slams her hammer on the ground, causing a shockwave to destroy her surrounding robots.

Dr. Eggman: Please!  You can’t possibly expect to destroy every last robot!

Amy does a Spinning Hammer Attack and twirls around like a cyclone.  This causes her to knock over robots like bowling pins.

Amy: I’ll do whatever it takes to save Sonic!

Knuckles is also managing to hold his ground.  One by one, each punch manages to destroy each robot.

Knuckles: Heh.  This is too easy.


Meanwhile, Tails is still working on the portal.  Link is resting on Cream’s hands and can see the battle explosions.

Link: I should be out there helping them out.

Cream: You can’t. 

Link: *sighs* I’ve never felt so helpless.

Cream: Sorry that you do, but you shouldn’t worry about Amy.  She can handle herself.

Tails: Relax.  I’m almost done with the portal.  Then, you can help your princess.

Cream: Just please be patient a little longer.

Link: Thanks.  I will.


Knuckles and Amy have destroyed the last of the robots.

Amy: That was easy.

Dr. Eggman: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!  You honestly think that was it?

Knuckles: What?!

Dr. Eggman: That was only the first wave.  Here come the next ones!
Just then, an army of robots jumps both Amy and Knuckles.


Meanwhile, Tails has managed to complete the portal.

Tails: Phew.  That was easier than I thought.  Zelda, can you hear me?
Zelda: Yes.

Tails: Good, because now, I’m going to activate the portal.

Inside Zelda’s room, the room starts shaking.  Ash falls off the table.


Zelda manages to catch him.

Zelda: I got you.

Ash: Thanks, princess.

Zelda holds on tight to Ash.

Tails: The portal has appeared!

Cream: You did it, Tails!

Link: Well, I guess we won’t need Zelda’s help, after all.

Link wastes no time in going through.  But, when he does, he comes back out.  Zelda and Navi are anxious to see him, but are confused when they hear his voice.

Link: What?

Tails: Nothing happened.

Zelda: What’s wrong?
Cream: We’re sorry, Princess Zelda.  It seems that when Link went through the portal, he came back out.

Tails: Now, I see.  Ganondorf’s magic must’ve been what caused the shrinking device to work in the portals.  As long as you guys are small, you won’t be able to travel back to your own worlds.

Ash: So, what do we do?

Just then, the portal shuts down and closes.

Tails: That’s not good.  The portal has shut down.

Just then, an explosion happens.  The castle shakes and Ash falls out of Zelda’s hand and out of her room, through a window.

Zelda: Ash!  Tails please continue to fix the portals.  I’ve got to go.

Tails: Wait!  Where are you going?!

Just then robots appear near the Master Emerald.

Cream: Oh, no.

Link gets himself in battle position, wielding his sword and shield.

Link: I have no choice.  I have to do what I can.

Cream: Link, no!

Link: I strongly refuse to sit still and do nothing!  I don’t care if these……things are a lot larger than me!

Tails: I understand.  Do what you can.

Link: I promise you that I won’t fail you.

Cream: Link…….

A robot stands in front of Link, ready to smash him.  Link jumps up and slashes the robot, pushing it down.  The robot gets up and a few more robots gang up on him.

Link: It’s no good.  My strikes aren’t having any effect on these things.

Cream: Cheese, go!

Cheese: CHAO!

Cheese crashes into the pile of robots and starts fighting with them.

Link: Wow!  What was that?!

Cream comes up to Link.

Cream: I hope you don’t mind us helping you out.

Link: No problem.  Thanks, again.

Cream: I’m not surprised that your attacks were weak.  You’re too small.  That’s why I strongly--

Link: (Overlapping “strongly--") I know that my attacks are weak.  I guess it’s time for me to start using a new technique.

Cream: Huh?

Link: Triforce Of Courage, give me strength!

Links right hand starts glowing.  All of a sudden, his sword starts glowing.  He jumps at a robot, and the head is slashed off.  The robot explodes, but it doesn’t affect Link.  Cream is shocked.

Cream: Amazing!

Link: (Thinking) I need to be careful with this.  Too much and I could really hurt myself.

Cream: Are you okay, Link?
Link: Come on.  Let’s get going.

Cream: Uh, right.

One by one, each robot was slashed by Link, while Cream and Cheese do what they can to protect him and Tails.  After a while, all the robots are down.  Link is exhausted.

Cream: We did it!

Cheese: Chao!

Link: *breathing heavily* Thanks….for….the…,….Cream.

Link falls down.

Cream: Link!

Cream runs over to Link and picks him up.

Link: *breathing heavily* I’m….fine.  Just….tired.

Cream: Well, that’s a relief.

Cream turns to Cheese.

Cream: Cheese, go help Knuckles and Amy!

Cheese: Chao!

Cheese leaves.  In the image of the Master Emerald, Zelda can be seen with Ash and Navi.

Tails: Good to see that you all made it back.  The portal has been fixed, but it still needs more power.

Zelda: It’s my turn.  I need to try and reverse Ganondorf’s magic.  This may take some time, especially since I don’t know where the portal is.

Tails: Well, I did everything that I could on my end.  The rest is up to you.

Zelda: Right.

Ash: We’ll do what we can.

Zelda: Easier said than done, though.  Ganondorf is expecting me to come out, and if he gets his hands on me, we won’t stand a chance.

The image on the Master Emerald disappears.

Tails: (To himself) Good luck, kid.  Hope you make it back to your dimension.  Now, we just have to wait to see if Sonic returns.

He looks down at Cream’s hands and sees Link lying down on his back.

Tails: How is he?
Cream: Just tired.

Tails: Well, in that case, let’s relax for a while.


Amy and Knuckles are still battling with Eggman’s robots.  At this point, however, they’re struggling to survive.

Amy: *breathing heavily* Th…There’s...too…many….of…them.  I can…barley…keep…up…

Knuckles: Catch your breath, Amy.  You’ve done enough.

Amy: N-No!  Not while Sonic’s still missing.

Cheese: CHAO!!

Cheese enters the fray and plows through robots, knocking them over like bowling pins.

Knuckles: Whoa!  Thanks, Cheese!
Cheese: Chao!

Just then, Knuckles finds a machine that’s producing on-going robots.

Knuckles: So THAT’S what’s causing the on-going robots.

Knuckles wastes no time, smashing it up.

Amy: Now, let me finish this!  HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Amy takes a huge swing at the machine, causing it to explode.

In no time at all, Cheese, Knuckles, and Amy manage wipe out the rest of Eggman’s robots.

Amy: Now, it’s your turn, Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: Hmm.  This went better than I expected.

Knuckles: Huh?  What do you mean?

Dr. Eggman: The constant robots being produced, and the fact that Sonic is missing.  Much better.

Amy: What are you mumbling about?

Dr. Eggman: Let’s just say that this was merely a test.  I never thought that the experiment with my prototypes would have gone so well.  Whether Ganondorf succeeds on his end or not doesn’t make a difference to me at all.  For now, I’ll withdraw.

Eggman leaves.

Dr. Eggman: (Thinking) Next time, my victory will be certain.  Now that I know what to do, it should be a lot easier to make the upgrades for the real machines.  I doubt that I’ll be able to work with Ganondorf again, however.  Maybe someone much stronger.


Meanwhile, Knuckles and the others are still confused.

Amy: I don’t like it.  He gave up too easily.

Knuckles: Neither do I.  He was way too calm about losing.

Amy: Well, whatever.  We won.  Let’s get back to Tails and the others.

Knuckles: Right.

Cheese: Chao.


Back with Tails and the others.  Link is still with Cream, sitting on her hands.

Link: Is the portal ready, yet?

Tails: We’re just waiting on Zelda.

Link: I seriously hope that she hasn’t run into Ganondorf.

Link gets a little upset.

Link: I can’t wait to get back at him for this.

Cream uses her left index finger to rub his back.

Cream: Just calm down.  Getting angry isn’t going to make the situation any better.

Link finds Cream’s finger to be like a relaxing massage and he calms down.

Link: You’re right.  I shouldn’t get so worked up.  I just keep thinking about my world and the danger my people are in right now.

Knuckles and Amy return.  Knuckles goes over to Tails.

Knuckles: Hey, Tails.  Any luck with the portal?

Tails: We’ve finished with our part.  Now, we’re just waiting on Zelda.

Knuckles: Well, what’s the holdup?

Link: Please don’t be angry with her.

Amy: Yeah.  I mean, Link’s world is in danger too.  She’s probably going through a lot just to get the portal activated.

Knuckles: *sighs* Sorry.

Amy takes Link and walks away.

Amy: I’d like to have a moment with you before you leave, if that’s okay.  I mean it may be a while before she can get things ready.

Link: Sure.


A few feet away, Amy is sitting next to Link.

Amy: So, are you feeling okay?

Link: A little bit.

Amy picks up Link.

Link: What are you doing?
Amy: In case I forget later.

Amy kisses Link in the forehead.

Amy: We may never see each other again, so I just had to get that out of my system. *giggles*

Link: Thanks.  I just hope that you’re not mad for me being so hooked on saving my world rather than--

Amy: (Overlapping “rather than--”) I understand.  (Thinking) He’s just like Sonic, in a way.  I just hope that he’s able to save his world like he helped save ours.  (Out loud) By the way, thanks for helping us out earlier against Eggman’s robots.

Link: No problem.  I just hope that your friend makes it back.

Amy: So do I…

Just then, Cream comes over and is holding something in her hands.

Link: Hi, Cream.  What’s this?

Cream: Here, Link.  This is in case you get lost in the travel home and need to change clothes.  It’s not much, but I hope it helps you.

Cream hands Link an extra green tunic, also three inches.

Link: Thank you.

Amy: Come on, Link.  Let’s get back to the Tails and the others.


All three of them make it to Tails.  Just then, Cream notices that the portal looks different.

Cream: Tails, look!  The portal is turning white!

Tails: YES!  Zelda did it!

Link: Excellent.  Now, I must go.

Amy: So, I guess this is good-bye.

Link: I won’t ever forget any of you.  Thanks again for all your help.  I apologize for leaving like this, but my world is still in danger.  I must go.

Link jumps through.  Shortly after, the portal closes.


Inside the portal, Link is once again, flying through the vastness of time and space.  Thoughts are going through his mind.  Is Zelda all right?  How is Navi doing?  And how is he going to stop Ganondorf?  He knows what he has to do, and is more than determined to save his world.  He sees the light and is heading for the end of the portal.


(Hyrule Dimension)

Link: I’m home.

Link makes it back into his world.  He sees soldiers fighting monsters in the distance around Hyrule Castle.  By looking at them, he knows that he’s back to normal.  He rushes over and manages to slice them and the monsters disappear.

Soldier #1: LINK!!

Soldier #2: You’re back!  Where have you been?!

Link: Never mind me!  Where’s the princess?

Soldier #1: Inside her room, waiting for you.

Link: Thanks.

Link walks over to the castle sees the swarm of monsters outside.

Link: I see that I came just in time.

Before he can move into the castle, King Dodongo gets in his way.  It starts breathing in, but before it can attack Link, Link throws a bomb in its mouth.  King Dodongo falls and Link slashes him.  King Dodongo disappears.

Link: That was too easy.  Now to find Navi and Zelda.

Link slices and dices his way through the monsters and makes it into the castle.  He sees Zelda in the distance.

Zelda: LINK!!!

Link: ZELDA!!!

Link sees monsters in the way.  Zelda uses Din’s Fire to blast them away.

Link heads into Zelda’s room.  Ash and Navi are floating in the air.  Zelda becomes happy.

Zelda: Oh, thank goodness Tails was able to pull through for us.

Navi goes over to Link.  This causes Ash to fall.

Ash: Hey, Naviiiiiiiii!

Luckily, Zelda manages to catch him.

Zelda: It’s okay.  I got you.

Ash: Thanks, Zelda.

Link: So, you were the kid that Zelda mentioned.

Ash: Yep.

Link: I knew you looked familiar.

Ash: So, the portals work.  Then it won’t be long before--

Just then, the whole room shakes.  Ganondorf’s laughter can be heard.

Zelda: Not again.

Link: Ganondorf!

Suddenly, Zelda is incased in a diamond.  Ash is trapped with her.

Ash: Hey!  What’s going on?!

Link: Zelda!

Navi: Ash!

Ganondorf: This is completely unexpected.  I never thought that you two would be much more powerful, or that Link would be able to return to the Hyrule Dimension at his normal size.  I guess time has treated you well.  But with Zelda’s Triforce Of Wisdom, I’ll become unstoppable!

Ash: Hey!  Let me out!

Zelda and Ash are teleported away.

Ganondorf: If you want to save her, come to my new castle. *laughs evilly*

Navi: Ash, no!

Navi starts crying.

Link: Did something happen between you two while I was gone?

Navi nods her head.

Link: Well, don’t worry.  I’m sure that Zelda will keep him safe.

Navi: I hope so.

Link: Now, let’s go find them.

Navi dries her tears.

Navi: Right.

Link and Navi leave.


Monsters are still crawling over Hyrule Castle.

Link: Let’s take care of these pests first.  After the castle is safe, then we’ll head for Ganondorf.

Navi: Agreed.  I’m sick of these monsters.  I’ll go find Impa.  I believe she’s battling against Dark Link.

Link: I’ll get to her as soon as this is finished.

Navi: Hurry.

Navi leaves.  One by one, Link takes down the monsters, easily.

Link: (To himself) After seeing Knuckles and Amy wipe out those robots, I never felt more ready to end this nightmare.


In almost no time at all, Hyrule Market is clear of monsters.

Soldier #1: Thanks, Link.

Link: You’re welcome.  Now, to help Impa.

Soldier #2: She should still be around Hyrule Castle.

Soldier #3: I just hope that she was able to hold her own against Dark Link.

Link: Thanks for the information.  I’m on my way.

Link leaves.


Impa is still fighting with Dark Link.  They’ve been in a grueling battle for a while.

Impa: *breathing heavily* Curses.  We’ve been fighting as hard as we could, but that monster hasn’t been losing any strength.

Navi appears.

Navi: Impa.

Impa: Navi?
Navi: Link is on his way here.

Link: Wrong.  I AM here.

Link appears to face Dark Link.

Navi: Link.

Link: I’ll end this quickly.

Impa: How?

Link: Triforce Of Courage, give me strength!

All of a sudden, Link’s right hand starts glowing, bearing the Triforce symbol with the lower right part glowing.  Link charges at Dark Link.  Dark Link does an overhead slash, but his sword is easily broken in half by Link.  Link manages to not only break Dark Link’s sword with an upward slash, but he also strikes Dark Link in the face.  Dark Link disappears.  Impa and Navi are shocked.

Navi: That was incredible!

Impa: How did you manage to defeat him so easily?

Link: I’ve learned how to use the power from the Triforce Of Courage.  I used its power to power myself up and deal the blow quickly.

All of a sudden, Link falls over.

Navi: Link!

Link: I’m fine.

Impa: I’m guessing that using the Triforce’s power drains your energy.

Link: *breathing heavily* It’s not like my other attacks.

Link recovers.

Link: If I use the power for too long, the results would be fatal.

Navi and Impa are surprised.

Link: But that’s the least of my concerns.  Right now, we need to get into Gannon’s Castle.

Impa: I’ll stay and keep Hyrule safe from any more monsters.  I believe that a good place to look for Ganondorf would be in Lake Hylia.  All the monsters have been coming from that direction.

Link: Navi, let’s get going.

Navi: Sure thing.

Impa: Please save the princess and the small boy.

Link and Navi leave.

Link: So, what happened between you and that kid, Ash?
Navi: Well, like you did into that echidna’s world, he came from another world.

Link: Really?

Navi: At first, it was exciting to see someone of my height.  But as time went on, I seriously felt some sort of spiritual connection between us.

Link: Sounds like you had a lot of fun with him.

Navi: *sighs* Yeah.  It’ll be sad when he has to leave…….

Link: Don’t sound like that.  You were happy when you first saw him, and you should do the same thing when he leaves.  After all, he probably has friends who miss him, just as much as I missed you, Zelda, and everyone else.

Navi: You’re right.  As cute as he is, I can’t be selfish.

Link: We’re almost there.

In the distance, Gannon’s Castle can be seen.

Navi: Let’s hope that we don’t have to worry about anything else.

Link: I don’t think so.  Ganondorf’s probably mustering his strength for me.  The Sacred Realm probably zapped him of nearly all of his strength.  He must’ve been slowly regaining it while sending monsters to destroy Hyrule.

Navi: So, you’re saying that it’s practically abandoned?

Link: Most likely.  Let’s go.

Link and Navi make their way into the castle.  Like Link had said, the place was completely abandoned, except for the top of the tower, where a conversation was overheard.  It’s Ganondorf, Ash, and Zelda.

Ash: But how do Link and Zelda fit into this?

Zelda: After the Triforce was separated, the three parts were found within three different people, including the one who found the Triforce.  The Triforce parts reflect on what the person is.

Ganondorf: Myself, I wanted power, so I ended up with the Triforce Of Power.  Zelda ended up with the Triforce Of Wisdom.  Once I’ve claimed her piece of the Triforce, it’ll be easy to take Link’s Triforce Of Courage.

Zelda: Once he has all three parts, he plans on conquering the world.

Link: Not if I can help it.

They all turn around to see Link and Navi.

Navi: Ash, you’re not hurt, are you?
Ash: I’m fine.

Ganondorf turns his attention towards Link.

Link: You can’t win, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Although I admit that my powers have gotten weaker, I’ve still managed to muster up enough to win this fight.

Link: Navi, go to Zelda’s side.

Navi: Right.

Navi goes over to Zelda and Ash.

Navi: Your highness, it’s nice to see that you’re safe.

She sees Ash in her hands.

Navi: My feelings are twice as large for you, Ash. *giggles*

Ash changes the subject.

Ash: So, can Link with this?

Zelda: Ganondorf has managed to regain his strength.  However, Link is not one to be slacking off.

Navi: He’ll win for sure.

Ganondorf: Triforce Of Power,--

Link: Triforce Of Courage,--

Ganondorf & Link: --give me strength!

Both of their hands light up.  Ganondorf takes off into the air.  Link takes out his sword and shield.  Ganondorf strikes the floor and breaks the ground.

Ash: Wow!  That’s incredible!

Link jumps out of the way.  Ganondorf throws a ball of energy at Link.  Link reflects it back at him.  They shoot the energy ball back and forth until it hits Ganondorf.  Link shoots a Light Arrow at him and then slashes away at him.

Ash: Whoa!  Look at him go!

Ganondorf recovers and is floating in the air.  He shoots another energy ball at him.

Link: (To himself) He’s so predictable.  This will be over in no time.

Ganondorf chuckles.  Link deflects the energy ball back at him.  Ganondorf deflects the ball back at him and disappears.

Link: What the--?!

In the confusion, Link manages to deflect the ball.  However, Ganondorf goes from behind and used a Warlock Punch, knocking Link into a wall.

Zelda: Link!

Ganondorf: I’m not as slow as I was in our last encounter.  I’ve learned a few new techniques while you were away.

Ganondorf throws another energy ball at him.

Ganondorf: Now let’s see you handle this!

Ganondorf throws the ball and after Link deflects it, Ganondorf catches the ball in his right hand.  He charges at Link with his Gerudo Dragon attack.  It’s so fast, that Link doesn’t even see him coming until the last second.  Ganondorf sends Link flying into the air.  Then, Ganondorf uses his Dark Dive attack.  Grabbing Link, he electrifies him before throwing him away.  Link takes a nasty fall to the ground.

Navi & Zelda: Link, look out!

As Link is recovering from the ground, Ganondorf uses his Wizard’s Foot attack.  Link is just able to block it with his shield.  Ganondorf backs away and is floating in the air.  Link is just about out of gas.

Link: Dang.  For a guy who’s lost a lot of power, he’s doing very well.  I can’t believe I underestimated him.  I have to turn this around, but what can I--

He looks over to Zelda’s prison.

Link: That’s it!

Ganondorf: *laughs evilly* Time to die, Link!

Ganondorf charges up for his most powerful attack, charging all of his energy into a ball.  Link gets himself into attack position.

Ganondorf: HaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Ganondorf unleashes his attack and a shower of beams head toward Link.  Link sends them all back.

Ganondorf: So predictable.

However, the beams go pass Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: What?!

The beams head toward Zelda’s prison.

Navi: AAHHH!!

Navi flies out of the way.  Zelda turns around and kneels down.  She hugs Ash close to her chest, hard.  The beams hit the diamond, and it explodes.  Ganondorf is shocked.

Ganondorf: (Thinking) Curses!  So that’s what he had planned.

Navi: NO!  ASH!  ZELDA!

Link: (To himself) I hope that was a smart move.

The smoke clears, and the barrier is gone.  Zelda opens her eyes and sees that she’s free.

Link: Princess, are you all right?

Zelda: I’m fine. 

Ganondorf is shocked,

Ganondorf: (Thinking) Oh, no.  With Zelda free, I may not stand a chance.

Link takes his advantage of his distraction and does a vertical slash.  Ganondorf blocks the attack.  While he does so, Zelda uses her powers to hold him place.

Ganondorf: What?!  No!  I can’t move!

Zelda: Now’s your chance, Link!  Finish him off!

Link charges up for a jump slash and strikes Ganondorf.  Ganondorf is screaming in pain.


Zelda: Six sages, now!  Seal this monster back in the Sacred Realm.

A white light is seen and Ganondorf gets sucked in.


The white light disappears.

Navi: We did it!  The evil Ganondorf is once again, no more!

Zelda: Link, once again, I’m in your debt.  You’ve gone through a lot, this time around.  From being thrown into another dimension, only standing at three inches tall, to having to deal with Ganondorf and his monsters.

Navi: Actually, Zelda, you two are even.  You helped him get home, and he saved the world.

Zelda: True.

Link: That reminds me, where’s the kid?

Navi: He was with Zelda during the incident, yet I didn’t see him while she was battling Ganondorf.

Zelda becomes shocked.  She looks down and sees that he’s been stuck to her chest the entire time.

Zelda: Ash?

Zelda peels Ash off of her chest with her left hand and he falls into her right hand.  A small body mark can be seen in the middle of her chest.  His face is completely red and his eyes are very wide.

Zelda: I guess I squeezed him a little too close.

Navi: ………………………………

Link: Or perhaps you squeezed a little too hard.

Navi: ………………………………

Navi goes by Ash.

Navi: Hey!  Snap out of it, Ash!
Ash: AAHH!!  W-W-Wha--Where--

Navi: Good to see that you’re back to normal.

Ash: Where’s Ganondorf?

Link: Gone.  Back into the Sacred Realm.

Ash: Awesome.  (Thinking) *sighs* Man, I wish Pikachu was here.  I’ve never felt so helpless.

Link and Zelda look down at Ash and realize why he’s sad.

Link: You want to go home, don’t you?

Ash becomes surprised.

Ash: Yes.
Zelda: Well, the portal was destroyed, but I can easily fix it.

Ash: Really?!  That’s great.  I’ll be home in no time.  I can’t wait to see my friends again and tell them about this adventure.  They all must be worried sick about me.

Zelda brings him close to her face.

Zelda: NOT SO FAST!!

Ash: Huh?

Zelda: You still have to keep your end of the promise.

Ash: Promise?

Navi: It’s time for the Hyrule ball, sweetie!

Ash: What?!  But--

Link: *laughs* Well, I hope that you two have a good time, tonight.

Ash: Hold on a minute!  I never--

Link: Oh, by the way, I think this would be good for you.

Link gives Ash a green tunic that looks like Link’s.

Ash: Huh?  What’s this?

Link: The creatures in the dimension I was in were nice enough to make me another one in case I didn’t make it back.  But since I’m back to normal, I won’t need it.

Ash: *laughs weakly* Thank you.  But I don’t think--

Navi: Oh, don’t act so nervous. *giggle*

Ash: But what about my--

Navi: *giggles* I’m sure that you’ll look wonderful.  Plus, it’ll be like having two of my favorite men wrapped up into one.


Link: So, we’ll see you tonight!

Navi: Until then, sweetie. *giggles*

Navi leaves with Link.

Ash: I CAN’T--

Zelda picks up Ash.

Zelda: So, let’s get going.  I’ll take you back to my room to get changed.

Ash: (To himself) *groans* Why fight it?

Zelda: Is something wrong?

Ash: Uh, no.  Nothing’s wrong.  (Thinking) Good thing that Misty and May aren’t here to see me like this, otherwise things would be a lot worse. *shudders*


That night, everything was ready for the Hyrule ball.  Link and Navi are waiting outside of Zelda’s room for her and Ash.

Navi: What’s taking them so long?
Link: Patience, Navi.  I just got back and I want to enjoy my time, not rush through it.

Navi: Hmph!  Fine.

A few minutes later, Zelda and Navi come out of Zelda’s room.  Zelda is in her gown and Ash is dressed up like Link.  Navi is swooning over Ash.

Link: Looking just as beautiful as ever.

Zelda: *giggles* Thanks.

Ash: So, shall we get started?

Zelda: Yes, we shall.


After the introductions and a few of the festivities, Ash is outside on the balcony of Hyrule Castle.  People inside are still enjoying themselves.  Link has stepped out and headed to the Market for a refreshing drink and some sustenance.  A few minutes later, he heads back to the Castle to meet up with the others.

Link: Did I miss anything?

They turn around to see Link.

Zelda: Not much, Link.

Link looks at the sky.

Link: The Hyrule Ball turned out to be very successful.  Everyone in the Market was talking about how great it went.  Plus, the fireworks show with the shooting stars was a great way to finish it up.

Zelda blushes and smiles.  She walks up to Link.

Zelda: Thanks. *giggles*

They look at the stars and fireworks.  Navi looks at those two, then she looks at Ash.

Navi: (Thinking) I’ve got to stop mopping.  Like he said, it’s his last day here, and I think that he’d want me to enjoy myself.

Navi flies over to Ash.

Ash: Huh?
Navi: Sorry about my attitude.

Ash: Hey, it’s no problem.

Navi: Well, I’m sure that you can’t wait to get back home.  I hope that your friends don’t get too angry with you being gone.

Ash: Thanks, Navi.  I’m glad that you’re happy about this.  I didn’t want to leave making anyone feel angry or sad at me.

Navi smiles.

Navi: You’re welcome.

They both turn to look at the stars and fireworks.


Early next morning, Zelda heads to the front of the castle with Ash, Navi, Link, and Impa.  Ash is back in his normal attire.  She uses her magic and opens the portal.

Zelda: Well, I guess this is it.

Navi cries and smiles.

Navi: I’ll miss you, Ash.

She flies over and gives him a kiss on the cheek.  Ash blushes for about a minute.

Link: Well, it was nice knowing you, Ash.

Ash: I’ll never forget any of you.

Impa: For a small child to go through what you went through, I think it’ll be hard not to forget.

They all laugh.

Ash: Well, I should go.  Good-bye.

Ash runs through the portal.  Navi flies close and yells.


The portal closes.

Link: Navi……

Navi: So Link, why don’t you tell me exactly how it was where you were?

Zelda: Are you okay?
Navi: I’m fine.

Link: Well, okay.

As they all walk back into the castle and Link tells his story, he wonders if they’ll ever have to deal with Ganondorf again, and if they can destroy him.  Well, for now, one thing is definitely for certain.  For Ash and Link, this may have been one of the craziest adventures that they’ve ever been on.  As for Sonic, it’s just another day in life.