Just a Simple Winter Wonderland of Fun


           It was a light snowy time as the sun is setting, cities were ready to start turning their lights on as they watch over the snowy mountain ranges and see the night raising soon. Many people prepare themselves to head to their homes as the forecast says the whether is supposed to get worse later tonight and strong winds will hit the streets. As citizen go about their daily lives, they soon felt something, as well as heard something, strange.

    A rather faint low rumble could be felt and heard in a distant, and while this would be normal to the citizen, the rumble is rather a bit strong and it felt like three different sources were causing the rumble. As the people were about to ignore the rumble, thinking it may have been a minor earthquake happening somewhere far away, the rumble could be felt and heard more clearer and louder. If that wasn’t strange enough, a serious of low loud thunder could be heard as well. The people could tell where the source of the strange thunder and rumble is coming from, but they can’t tell what’s causing it. They try to look where the source is coming from, but the snowy mountain ranges were blocking the view, thus making it very difficult to see. However, people in other cities could see a bit better of what is causing the source of the earthquakes and thunders, but they were both confuse and rather scared of what they were seeing. Far, far, far away, countless miles past the horizon, three absurdly massive blurry figures could be seen, one being green, one pink, and one purple, standing so massive, there isn’t anything to compare the blurry figures, especially since they are so far away.

    At first, the people thought that maybe they were strange pheromones that were just in the horizon and will disappeared soon. However, after one or two more series of rumbles and thunder, this time more powerful than the last, the people notice that the blurry figures are not only getting closer, but they appeared to be getting bigger. The people closet to the figures, as well as close to the mountain ranges, were feeling the shaking growing more and more stronger, soon making things impossible for anyone to stand still. The series of thunder grew painfully louder to the point that the people had to cover their ears. Everyone was so confused as to what’s going on, wondering if the weather is growing far worser than anyone anticipated. Suddenly, a majority of the city grew dark, everyone looks up when…..




Without any warning, something crashes right into the city, destroying almost everything in the city while creating a great cloud of snow. Whatever was left of the city was scatter and shove miles away from the source of impact. Whatever little survivors of the impact try to shake themselves back to reality before gazing of the cause of their destruction. Standing in front of them, replacing their city is some sort of green rubber landmass that easily dwarves the snowy mountain ranges tenfold. This strange landmass is far bigger than anything the people ever saw in their lives, as it sinks into the ground with so little effort that its scary beyond anything these poor people could ever thought of. The people try to look high up to see the top, only to see some sort of pillar with three different colors stretching into the sky. They try to look higher up, but the massive cloud of snow created by this vast landmass made it impossible to see anything past the base of the pillar. Suddenly the ground shake violently as the landmass started to shake and move. Powerful rumble could be felt and heard as the landmass slowly lifts high up into the air, with millions of debris falling into the crater that the landmass created. Looking inside the crater itself, the survivors were shocked to see just how deep the crater, no, the abyss is. The sheer depth of the hole created is maddening as the people barely could see the bottom, which must have been hundreds of miles deep, maybe more.

As much the people thought the worse thing could ever happen to them, the worst has yet to even begun as another source of earthquake could be felt far away. The people turn to the direction of the source, only to see a massive silhouette of something in the distant. Whatever it is, its far bigger than the green landmass that just destroy their city. However, that wasn’t the only source, as the remaining survivors are soon to meet the last source of the terrifying disasters. Their area grew incredibly dark, making them scare to look up. They only had seconds to look up as their sky drops right on top of them.

Far away, people in other cities were shocked to see the fate of one of their cities as it was erased from existence in just a few minutes. To make things worse, they were able to get a good view of what exactly cause the city’s destruction. As the sources of destruction continue to move, everyone far away were able to get a good look high into the sky before the omnisize beings were so close that it became impossible to see their faces. After a series of earthquakes and the three titanic being stand right on top of multiple cities, the people were able to see the source of their destruction, three omnisize girls.


Amy, Blaze, and Cosmo’s Point of View:


“Come on you two, we’re getting close to Vanilla’s place.” Amy says in a cheery tune. Amy manages to convince Cosmo and Blaze to come with her to Vanilla’s and Cream’s so the five of them could have a small Holiday party.

“We’re coming Amy, don’t need to rush us.” Cosmo says, feeling a bit cold despite her winter outfit.

“What’s exactly so special that we have to venture to Cream’s home exactly?” Blaze says, as she tries to get used to her new outfit Amy gave to her.

“At this time of the year, it’s just a special time to hangout with friends and family.” Amy says, giving a very brief explanation of the time of year. “The boys wanted to do things themselves this year, so I convince Vanilla and Cream that we three can try to have some fun this year.” Amy says.

“Funny, Tails told me that there was plan to have some sort of party at Vanilla’s place before there was a sudden change of plan when Sonic made a mad dash.” Cosmo remembers something Tails mention to her earlier.

“Um…” Amy knows what the seedrian is talking about. “Sonic…said he wanted to go fight Eggman again before he does something to ruin the month.” Amy says, clearly lying of the situation.

“You scare Sonic off again and Cream was the one to convince you to hangout instead of chasing Sonic again, correct?” Blaze states, knowing the pink hedgehog enough to know what might have happen.

“N-no.” Amy says, her face feeling very fluster and red from a bit of anger of her crush running off again. “Look, you two want to try a holiday celebration or what?” Amy plants her foot down to try to change the subject, with the two girls laughing a bit of the situation before Cosmo continues to lead on through the forest with the other in tow, unaware of the type of terror they will unknowingly cause.


Back at the people’s point of view:


The people watch in horror as these three titanesses walk on top of them, blissfully unaware that they are stepping on them. People in one city ran in fear as they watch the bottom sole of the plant titaness’s shoe looming high above them before dropping down right on top of the city, destroying everything and more as nothing survives the bottom of her ballet flats. Meanwhile, people in another city were petrified as the pink titaness was walking over them, the bottom of her boots can be seen with tons of threads that, if the ground was flat and made of stone, there might have been a chance to for some of the people to potentially survive. Unfortunately, their city is built on a soft ground that will be sink beneath the bottom of the boot. As for the third titaness, many people in small cities panic as the bottom of her shoes loom high above them. Everyone covers their eyes at the cat giantess plants her foot on the city. However, most of the people were surprise to see that most of them are somehow still alive, for now. Looking around, they found themselves between the arch and heel of the giantess’s shoe.

Unfortunately, their luck to survive getting step on by the sole of the shoe would prove short live as the three girls soon stand right where they were, with the plant titaness standing right next to a city, and the pink one standing somewhere next to another city, while the gigantic purple one stand with the survivors still beneath her heels, which will only last for a minute or two as the massive shoe slowly rises up at one side while sinking lower at the other. Everyone watches as the sole of the shoe rises high up with countless debris falling and landing on top on sections of the city. Soon, the sole drops back to the ground, creating a powerful explosion that blew everyone’s ears off, only to soon be greeted by a large wave of snow covering right at top of them. The people were ok for now, but they saw the titaness is repeating this simple action again. The people struggle to survive the endless amount of snow as the titaness is tapping her foot before any survivors that were beneath her were all gone.

As the people in the remaining cities try to recover from the horrifying tragedy that is place on them, powerful loud thunder escapes through the mouths of these omnisize beings, with nothing they said can be understand at all to the people while also being so loud and alien-like that it sounds like every syllable they use is just using explosion and that it. As the titaness spoke and everyone in the vast area struggle to survive their destruction, one of the titaness started to shift her body and is crouching down to the ground.

The people who were next to the pink titaness, once were able to recover from the thunderous conversation, were able to look around before the titaness above them start to move. Looking around, they were greeted of the sight to see two identical monuments standing at the sides of the city. The bottom sole of the titaness’s boots were the size of the snowy mountain range, and that’s when they already sank and settle down on the ground. Looking up, they saw the rest of the red boot as it fills their horizon. Everyone realized that they are directly beneath their living doomsday, between her foot to be exact. Soon, loud rumble could be heard as the ground beneath the boots twist and crunch beneath the sheer weight. Everyone looks up, trying to see the face of their destruction, but can only so what appears to be a red and white strip sky. That is soon replace as a landmass with five tips descends from the sky. The landmass is so massive, the tip of the landmass is the size of moons to the people. Soon, their world grew dark as the landmass makes contact.


Back at Amy’s Blaze’s, and Cosmo’s point of view:


The three girls continue their walks as Blaze decides to ask somethings about the holiday tradition.

“So, what exactly you do for this holiday tradition.” Blaze asks.

“Well, it depends which holiday you’re talking about exactly.” Amy says, “The one that we have fun with something call Christmas that a friend of mine showed us.”

“What is it exactly?” Cosmo ask, as she not familiar of everything that happens in the world of Mobius.

“Well, one of the things we like to do is make a big dinner, give some gifts to each, even something involving something call a mistletoe.” Amy says, daydreaming that tradition with Sonic. The other two girls stop in their track as they look at the daydreaming hedgehog.

“Um….Amy?” Blaze was the first to interrupt the hedgehog’s fantasy.

“Huh, oh right, sorry.” The hedgehog felt embarrass of the moment.

“Well, besides your wishes to force Sonic into a relationship, what else is there?” Blaze asks.

“Mmm, there’s a few more things, but overall, its just time to enjoy and have some fun with everyone, like making a snowman or a fun round of snowball fight.” Amy says.

“Snowball fight?” Blaze, being a person, whose main element is mastering fire, is confuse of the idea of having a fight with a ball of snow. “You try to have a fight with a pile of snow?”

Cosmo couldn’t help but laugh a bit, as even she knows what snowball fight is. “That’s not what a snowball fight means.”

“Ok, well, fail to get the concept of how throwing snow is fun.” Blaze says with Amy having a smirk on her face.

“Oh, it can be very fun with friends.” Amy says as she crouches down. “The first step is to make a snowball.”


Back at the people’s point of view:


The people by the pink titaness scream in fear as the ground beneath them shakes as the digits of the landmass above them sinks into the ground and digs beneath the city. Miles of the area bulges and shakes around as the titaness digs her hand beneath the snow. Soon, the whole city is easily in the center of the area that is above the hand that sunk underground. Then suddenly, the ground shakes and stirs as the people fall to their backs as the ground is slowly lifted. The people felt a powerful force pushing on their back as the titaness rises with a huge chunk of ground is within the palm of her hand. If one was to look and compare the city to the palm of the hand, the people would be terrified of sheer difference in size. The city is the largest one of all the lands, housing the most people, yet the city is so small, it can easily fit the crevice of on of the wrinkle on the palm and the people wouldn’t be able to get out for days, maybe even weeks.

The ground continues to rise, higher and higher as no sign of stopping was in sight. After what felt like forever, the ground finally stops shaking, giving the people a small bit of relieve. But that bit of relieve is quickly replace with fear and dread as they look ahead of them and is soon greet by the face of their tormentor. They could see every tiny detail of the face of this pink hedgehog down to the minimums detail that would be invisible to this omnisize being. Her pupils, while a great white sky is on the front of this omnisize being, her pupils were like distant planets, so massive and wide, that it feels like the city could land on the center of her eyes and the people would be lost for years. The titanic being began to close her eyes to blink, and even that create a powerful rumble and humungous gust of wind that threaten to blow the people away before the eyes close shut, making a strong boom sound before rising back up.

As much the people was scared to know what this goddess of goddess size being, as well as the other two, want with them, their fears and terror began to expedite as their violently shakes and the ground grew dark. High above, the people which in fear as they could see the distant tips of the giantess fingers curling above them before they were horrified to see a great vast amount of snow moving above and starting to on top of the city. The people were force to watch their world grow dark as the giantess close her fist.


Amy’s, Blaze, and Cosmo’s point of view:


“Just simple, grab a big chunk of soft snow, make it into a nice small ball, and that’s the first step of a snowball fight.” Amy says as she makes the snowball in her hand before tossing it up and down like it’s a baseball.

“Ok, and tossing a snowball is consider fun?” Blaze, while still not understanding how tossing snow at people is consider fun, does what Amy says and makes a snowball in her hand, which surprising didn’t melt instantly in her hand with her powers all things consider.

“With friends, it can be delightful time.” Cosmo says as she does the thing.

“Ok, and you just toss the thing at each other?” Blaze asks, looking at before…


Blaze felt a small shiver of coldness as she felt something hit her on her chest. She looks and found her chest got covered in snow. She looks and see that Amy tosses her snowball at the cat.

“To your heart’s content.” Amy says with a smile before she felt a cold force smack her in the face as Blaze tosses her snowball at the pink hedgehog. Soon, the three girls kind of laugh at the situation as the three of them started to have some and a snowball fight began.


Back at the people’s point of view:


People in the remaining cities watch in horror and fear as their neighboring cities were scooped up from the ground and being brought to the faces of their destruction before their life were literally extinguish in the hand of their destroyers. Soon more thunderous noise bellows out as the three girls look like they were amused of themselves as two of the titaness tosses the crushed land that once housed cities at each other. Soon, the worst began, and the people’s Armageddon is set upon them.

With no warning, the titanesses soon started to move around, and grabbing more of the land. Their footstep shook the people’s world to their core as each step they made thrashes into the ground, destroying everything in miles. Some would thought the one with the boots or the heeled shoe would the most destructive at the moment, put the plant titaness prove the most unlucky to survive the bottom of her shoe, as it was perfectly flat and not a single crevice to even give the slightest chance of survival. Many small cities and towns watch in horror as the bottom of the green one’s foot looms over them, cover their lands for many miles before dropping and ending the life of many in an instant. Sadly, those who weren’t underneath the giantess shoe weren’t so lucky to escape as the giantess leans down and would eventually scoop them up and repeat the same thing the others had done.

As much as the green titaness was destructive and unlucky to survive her steps, the other two are far worse as they were a bit more aggressive. The pink titaness would stomp her foot hard to the ground, like she is trying to destroy all the land just by a single step, and probably could. She then would reach down scoop not one, but to large chunk of the land before condensing them into a ball in her hand. She would then throw at the two other titaness, one making contact at the plant titaness’s roses on her head while the other would just barely make contact on the purple titaness and just barely hit the tip of her tail before smacking into the ground, destroying more surviving cites that wasn’t lasting long.

As for the purple giantess, she stumbles around to reach down and grab any part of the land. The people who were unfortunate to be at those part watch in horror as her finger reaches down, almost ready to crush them before just missing by miles. This still prove destructive to the people as not only the finger would create a sonic blast that smacks into the city and destroying many buildings, but the finger would then shift itself forward and the tip of the finger would scrap against the cities, wiping half of it from existent. Sadly, that did not end there, as the titaness adjust herself to move, the bottom of her heeled shoe looms over the surviving remains of the city. The shoe stomps into the ground and destroying everything in it way, but not from the sole of the shoe, but instead the tip of the heel itself.

The people in the last few remaining cities that didn’t had a giantess land on top of them yet, tried to flee for their lives, but that was impossible as these girls were so massive and powerful, nothing was escaping them. If it wasn’t getting step on and erase from existent, there’s the chance of one of the titaness reaching down and scooping up the land before crushing it into a ball of their hands, and that didn’t happen, then the one other possibility is that one of the titanesses would throw the land around, either by making contact on each other, or their aim was off and the toss land would land at another part of the area, in to a city like a meteor and wiping everything from existence.

The destruction of the three titaness were everywhere, no one could escape the three girls as they toss the land around for fun. All but four cities were destroyed, everything fell victim to these towering titaness, but even that would not last long as a dark shadow cast over the last of the cities. One city was fortunate enough to avoid getting stomp on by the pink terror as she plants her foot past the city. However, the next city in her way was not so lucky as she reaches down and scoops the land before crushing it into her hand. As for the for the other two cities that were unfortunate to be next to the other two titaness, their end was in sight. The green looks down and her hand makes contact to the ground. The people trap in the city that was force up along the rest of the land could only look up in fear as the goddess of destruction looks down on them. Upon getting the small amount of glimpse of this giantess, her face looks so gentle and kind, making it clear to the people that she along with her friends are blissfully unaware of their existence. The people, desperate for survival, tries to call out for the giantess, trying to get her attention before it was far too late. Sadly, to the plant titaness, their city is nothing in the small pocket of land that is in the palm of her hand. Soon, the are area grew dark as the titaness closes her hand and seal the people to their tomb. Thankfully for some of the people, the titaness didn’t crush the land nearly as much as the other titaness, but enough to where the people trapped inside are buried in snow, though not for long.

As for the last city, the purple titaness’s presence can easily be felt as a dark shadow grow on the people, making them terrify to see what will crash into them. It didn’t take long for the people to see the frightful sight of the titaness reaching down with her hand and preparing to pluck land like all the others. However, a small bit of luck was on the city’s side as the titanic hand just misses the city, barely making contact with her index finger. But that didn’t mean they were safe as piece of the land that was in her hand broke of and fell, right on top of the city. The people inside the city didn’t had time to react as the gigantic chunk of ice and snow crash right into the middle of the city, erasing almost everything except for one survivor. The small survivor watches in fear as everyone but him as buried under countless tons of snow. However, that was the least of his worries as he is quickly reminded of the looming threat that is above him. He watches in horror and shock as the purple and green titaness threw the land in their hand at the pink titaness. The purple titaness’s land easily smacking into the chest of the pink titaness, while the green titaness’s land smacks into the face of the pink titaness which causes her to topple back as she stumble her throw and toss the land that was in her hand up before it made contact on the purple titaness’s head.

The city that was lucky enough to avoid getting step on earlier from the pink terror soon saw that their luck was getting ready to be tested once again as they watch in horror as the titaness moves backward and her rear is aiming right for them. The people scream and run in fear as their sky is replace from the back of the pink titaness to a red and white strip sky before the sky began to drop. Without anything holding the titaness back, her rear slams into the ground, destroying anything that dare to be in the giantess way. If there was any trace of the city, its buried and caught underneath the pink titaness before she lifts herself up.

Once the pink titaness gets up, the three girls laugh a bit, their voice booming across the land. The small survivor that was next to the purple titaness was shock and horrified to see all the land he one call home is gone by these titanesses. No trace of the cities can be found, nothing remained of the land other than a trample snowy area and the tiniest handful of potential survivors. Out of all the untold, and blissfully unaware, destruction that reap upon the land, ten people were still alive of the goddesses’ playful wrath. Four people were on the green titaness, one being trapped in one of her roses, one somehow still on the crevice canyon that is on the palm of the giantess’s hand, one force to hang on the tip of the giantess’s skirt, and one that is force to hang on the top of the giantess’s multi-color sock cover foot.  Five people were stranded on the pink giantess, One on her chest, one on her nose, one hanging on to the entrance of her boots, one hanging to the wrist of her hand, and one, surprisingly, still alive and hang on to the rear of the pink titaness. As for the last one, it was the small survivor that between the foot of the purple titaness.

The small survivor could only watch in horror as the three giantesses communicate with each and wiping away and trace of land off their body with the survivors still hanging to the unaware titanesses. Soon, the ground began to rumble and shake again as the green and pink titaness began to move away from the area. The small survivor was expecting the purple titaness to do the small and leave the poor boy all alone in a land of destruction, but he soon sees that she has different plans. A low rumble could be heard high above, prompting the boy to look up and fearfully look to see that the purple titaness is gazing down on him. A smile could be seen on her face before its instantly replace by the familiar landmass that is her hand. The small survivor tries to run as the hand wasn’t going to leave the boy to escape its grasp this time. Soon dread and horror fell on the small survivor as the giantess digs her hand below the land before plucking it up and rises it up. The survivor is scared to see that he unfortunately is in the very center of the palm of the titaness as she brings the land up to her face.

The survivor is terrified to see the eyes of this goddess of destruction gazing down on him. Her presence looming and powerful, all it would take is a blink and the titaness would erase the boy from existence. The titaness gazes at the land before her eyes drifts up and towards her friends. Soon, the land began to rumble and shake, as the five digits of the giantess began to slowly curl, and the giantess began to slowly crush the land in her hand. The survivor sees this and tries to run, but nothing he did would matter as he was so far away from the edge of the giantess’s hand that he can’t escape. Soon the boy had no choice but to watch in horror as the giantess prepare to extinguish his life. The rumbles grew louder, and the area grew dark as the hand began to close more and more, making the boy think this is the end. However, the rumble so ends as a thunderous noise could also be heard escaping the titaness’s mouth. Confuse, the boy looks around to see that the giantess didn’t crush the land in her hand. He wonders why the titaness decided to stop at first before his wonders quickly turns to panic as the land moves once again. The small survivor tumbles around as the giantess lowers her hand. The boy tries to grab something to prevent himself from getting toss around, but nothing works as the hand lowers more and more. Soon light began to show a little outside the giantess’s hand before is instantly replace by something. The boy looks and screams as he sees a dark surface is heading right for the hand.

The boy closes his eyes as the hand makes contact on the dark surface with him stuck in the middle. At first, the survivor thought he became an invisible paste to the titaness, but soon notices he is ok and that he seems to be hanging on something. Opening his eyes, he found himself hanging on to some kind of black pillar that feels a bit like cotton or something like that. The pillar was rather warm and easy to hold onto. It was then the boy realizes that he is surrounded by more of these pillars, all of which seems to be connected to each in a vast highway like structure. Looking around, the survivor sees in a distant an absurdly massive pillar of the similar color can be easily seen. He then sees the massive pillar in the distant and the are he is holding on to is connect somewhere very high above him. He expected to see the face of titaness, but the area that he is at prevents him to see the giantess’s face at all. Before the survivor could look down and realizes just where he is at, the world began to rumble and shake once again.

The hangs on as the area he held on is blasted by a great force of wind and gravity as he struggles to hang on to the structure. Soon a powerful loud boom could be heard far, far below as the area violently shakes and the land below is crushed underneath a powerful force. The survivor barely had a chance to look when he looks and saw the pillar he was looking at earlier began to move. He panics as he sees the surface of the pillar was about to ram right into him, but thankfully scraps past him be a few miles. He watches as the pillar zooms past him and swings with tremendous force before another powerful boom could be heard far below. Had the survivor got a second to glimpse down, he would see the familiar sight of the purple titaness’s heeled shoe far below and realizes where he was. The boy was focusing on hanging on for dear life as the pillar he was on moves again and the process of what just happen repeats itself. It would be a while before the boy realizes that he is stranded on the purple titaness.


Amy, Blaze, and Cosmo’s point of view:


The three girls were having fun as they play a simple game of snowball fight. Amy and Blaze were throwing snowballs left and right while Cosmo tries to keep up and throw the snowball in her hand around. The three would soon be cover in snow as they were almost done throwing snow around. Cosmo and Blaze each grab a snowball while Amy manages to make two and throw at the two. Cosmo felt the icy feeling of snow entering one of her rose, making her shiver a bit before looking at her snowball and gently presses it together. Blaze manages to dodge the snowball and only felt the cold feeling brush against her tail. The two see Amy reaching down to grab another snowball and uses this to their advantage. Once Amy stood up, Cosmo and Blaze threw their snowballs at the same time, with Blaze’s snowball hitting first on Amy’s chest and Cosmo’s snowball hitting Amy on her nose. Amy felt herself stumble backward and fell on her butt on the snow. The three girls laugh a bit as Amy stood back up.

“Ok, I’ll admit, that was pretty amusing.” Blaze says as she and the other two girls brush the snow off their body.

“Told you it can be entertaining.” Cosmo says as she finishes brushing the snow off her body before trying to get some of the snow off her rose but gave up after feeling a ton of it deep inside.

“Well, I think we played enough for the time being.” Amy says as she wipes some of the snow off her rear. “Best we better hurry up and not make Vanilla and Cream wait longer than they already are.” She suggests with Cosmo and Blaze nodding in agreement.

Amy and Cosmo make their way while Blaze stood at the spot she stood at. She watches the two walk a bit ahead before looking down and reaches down to scoop up a small chunk of snow. She slowly began to close her hand as she looks at the two, ready to make a snowball and prepare to throw just to get one last throw out of her system. However, she stops herself as she thought that the three of them had enough for now and it would be more fun to get to Vanilla and Cream’s home and play with the small rabbit child the sooner the three get there. Changing her mind, Blaze wipe the snow off her hand against her thigh. Once that’s done, she makes her way to catch up with Amy and Cosmo.

The three girls continue to make their way through the small trail, with the group not taking long to reach their destination. They see the house and make their way, With Cream being the first to see the group and letting her mother know. Vanilla sees the group and she and Cream waves at the three girls, opening the door to let them in. Unbeknownst to the two rabbits, the three girls unknowingly bringing extra guests along of the festive night. The festive fun has only just begun.