Sonic's Micro Adventure

(Mecha Omega the Hedgehog)

On a nice good day in Emerald Town, A particular young fox with two tails, was working on a special project over the past days. Of course everyone knows this particular young fox is Tails the Fox (also known as Miles Prower), who was working on his brand new invention, The Incredible Shrinking Ray. It took about 2-3 days to work on since this was a very difficult tool compare to what Tails made in his past adventures. It also made it hard since aside from their arch-nemesis, Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, no one else has ever really made a Shrink Ray. Unlike the Shrink Ray that Eggman has made, this one was handheld made and can be carried anywhere where Tails pleases. Tails has finished the last adjustments to his machine and sweep his forehead after all the hard he has putting into this thing.

*sigh* "Finally. It took a few days, but this baby should be functional." Tails said with a proud smile on his face.

The Fox was in his laboratory working on this thing, but he did make sure he was well rested and healthy. With that said, Tails grabbed the Ray and head out to the exit of his lab, and then flew to his house.

Tails had reached to his house, and then gets ready to test his new shrink ray. Tails house is a bit messy since he hasn't had the chance to clean it up, mostly the back of his house since that's where a lot of trash are kept at.

"OK. I just need to set the ray's setting to 2-inch setting and then maybe it should-" Tails said, but he was interrupted by the door knock, and went to go check who it is.

"Oh. Coming! Coming!" Tails said as he put the shrink ray on the nearest table and head towards the door.

As Tails opened the door, the figure revealed is his Best Friend and Role model, and Well-known Blue Blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. Turns out he decided to pay Tails a little visit.

"Sonic!" Tails said excitedly.

"Hey Little Buddy, how's it going?" Sonic said giving his trademark wink and smile while greeting Tails.

"Oh, it's going alright recently. I was just about to test my new invention, do you want to see it?" Tails responded while pointing where he put the ray.

"New invention? What kind of invention did you made exactly?" Sonic asked, while scratching his head with his index finger confused.

"Oh right I never told you. Come on, I'll show you." Tails said as he went to where he put the shrink ray.

Sonic would then follow his two-tailed companion to the exact same place where Tails put the shrink ray. Sonic was bit surprised and confused at the same time.

"Ta-da!" Tails said while he's showing the new invention, with a bit of like if he's in a game show or something.

Uh... Cool, I guess. Just one question.. What is that exactly? Sonic asked.

"This is the new invention that I was working on the past 3 days in my lab, I call it the Incredible Shrinking Ray! Or just the Shrink Ray for short." Tails said.

"A Shrink ray? You mean like those weird beams that I encountered on the little planet many years ago?" Sonic asked.

"Eh, Sort of. But this ray is a very different from the ones you encounter on Little Planet when Eggman took it over once." Tails explained

"This Shrink Ray is handheld and I can adjust it's settings to what kind of size I want to shrink a object or any other particular stuff."

"Like what other stuff" Sonic asked confusingly.

"Well.. Let's say I have some cleaning up to do." Tails said and he walk to the back corner and check where all the garbage bags are.

Sonic then followed.

"What kind of cleaning up are you- WHOA!" Sonic asked but shocked be surprised at how many black bags they were in the back.

"That kind of cleaning up is what I'm talking about" Tails Responded.

Sonic was shocked by just how many bags they were in the back and just wondering how they manage to fit in Tails' House just like that. But then again, this wasn't a first time where they've been in a weird scenario.

"Man, and here I thought you of all people would actually clean up after yourself". Sonic said.

"Let's just say I had a lot of my own time to focus on what I was working on". Tails replied.

"No offence Tails, but I think you need to really take some free time off from making some of those inventions of yours, and I doubt you'd be able to live in here with all this garbage in here." Sonic said concerned.

"*sigh*. I guess I was working a bit much huh? But that is why I made the shrink ray, so that way I could just finish things faster". Tails said a bit worried.

Sonic then zooms in front of him which startled him a bit but then calmed down since he knows Sonic can do that on a few occasions.

"I think you're forgetting that I'm the fastest thing alive. Besides I'll be able to get most of this stuff out of here more then you can count." Sonic said with his usually cocky attitude holding his arm against the wall.

"I guess your right, but-"

"Look Tails, maybe you can test that thing later, but I'll get most of these bags out of your house. Sounds like a plan?" Sonic said.

"But never got to test it yet". Tails said sounded disappointed.

Sonic notices his face look bum and even remember that Tails worked VERY hard on it, so he came up with a another suggestion.

"Ok, let's see if this gadget of yours can work, and maybe I can help with rest." He said while petting tails' head with a smile on his face.

"Alright!" Tails said happily.

Tails then picked up his Shrink Ray and then turned it on and prepare to fire at the garbage bags.
The Ray seems to be working and shoot at the bags, instantly shrinking down to size. It's came to a shock to the unbreakable duo, left with their eyes looked very surprised.

"Wow! It worked! It actually worked!" Tails said excitedly.

"Ok, I didn't know that thing had this much juice!" Sonic said in shocked.

"Too bad it only shrunk half of the space." Tails said a bit disappointed.

"No problem! Just watch this."

Sonic used his Super-Speed to carry the rest of the bags outside of Tails' House and did and even shrunken garbage bags as well. He did all that under at least 20 seconds. To Tails this wasn't a surprise but was glad to have someone like Sonic to help out.

"Ok, that takes care of the trash!" Sonic said proudly.

"Yeah, Thanks Sonic." Tails replied.

"No problem, but how come your house was filled with so much junk anyway?"

"Oh yeah, I accidently kind of brought some of Eggman's old badnik parts and tried to reprogrammed them... Unfortunately.. It was a REALLY bad idea." Tails answered.

"Well, I guess that shows aside from Omega, most of eggman's tech is pretty not mean to be reprogrammed."

"Ehehehe." Tails chuckled nervously.

"Anyway, we better the rest out while we can, and make sure this old' house of your doesn't smell like rotten egg." Sonic said with a snarky joke.

"Haha, Right." Tails replied.

"Hold on Sonic, I'll be right back!" Tails said as he dashes outside.

Though being in such a hurry, he send the ray flying to the air, and to Sonic's horror.

"Uh oh!"

Sonic used his speed and quickly grab the Shrink Ray, with both of his hands.

.."*phew* Now that was a close-"

Unfortunately, Sonic accidently pressed the trigger on the ray and it hits him causing him to yelp and shrink to a few inches.


"Ow.... What....Happened?" He said while moaning.

Sonic rubbed his head in pain wondering what on mobius just happened. But he saw a huge shadow above him and saw the shrink ray falling straights towards him.

"Uh oh!"

Sonic quickly jumped out of the way until the ray lands to the ground hard, resulting in a massive boom sound.


The impact send Sonic flying but he was able to recover quickly to save himself some trouble.

"*phew* That was close." Sonic said with a sigh of relif knowing he was safe for now.

"Where's that shrink r-.... Oooh No."

The ray however wasn't... Upon from landing very hard on the floor, It broke into pieces and was totally broken. Much to Sonic's horror and disappointment.

"Ah Shoot. Of all the times.." Sonic said in frustration while folding his arms

But after looking at the busted Shrink ray, Sonic then took a look around in Tails' House and notice a MASSIVE difference in size. He was practically shrunken to the size of nearly a insect (or the same size as one of Nominatus's henchman from the Boom Universe). Looking around in his friend's house shows how small Sonic really is right now. He was a shocked and bit afraid of what just happened to him. Everything around him was so huge and giant-like.

"Woah...I know that ray old Egghead built on the little planet shrunken me to chibi-size, but NOT bug size."

As Sonic was expecting his miniature size, he heard the door open and saw tails coming through the door checking on him.

"Oh boy..." Sonic said.

"SONIC. SONIC I'M BACK. HUH? SONIC?" Tails said as he is turning his head looking for his friend.

"Gotta get Tails' attention! Maybe he can fix this!" Sonic said.

Sonic used his Speed and run up the nearest table he was next to when he was shrunken, and then landed on the top. He then shouted out loud to his friend who now looked very big.

"Tails! Tails I'm down here! Look down Tails! Taaaills!" Sonic Shouted.

Tails walked into the room but not heard a single word the bug-sized Sonic shouted. As soon as he stops, he took a look around looking for his Best friend.

"Where did he go?" I told him that I would be right back and.." Tails said until he looked down.

"Oh....Oh.. NO."

The Shrink Ray was damaged. The remains of it on the floor were around the main model, 3 days of hard work all wasted. Tails was both a bit heartbroken.. and horrified.

"Aww... It took me forever to make this thing. What was I thinking? I should've just put it on the table and then-" Tails then stopped and just realized in utter horror that Sonic was here and might've been shrunk when the ray dropped to the ground.

"Oh no. SONIC!" Tails said scared of what might have happened to Sonic.

"Sonic! Where are you?! Sonic!"

Tails search desperately for his best friend around his house and keep looking for him. Unknown to Tails, Sonic was watching and jumping trying to get his friend's attention. However as tails later turn around looking for him, one of his tails accidentally hit Sonic and send him flying off the table into the ground.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" Sonic screamed as he was sent flying.

He landed on the ground ruff, this causes him to lose vision and consciousness. He struggled to get a footing and try to get his bud's attention, but he was dizzy and couldn't get a grip on himself.

" get.. Tails'.. attent-"

Just as it predicted, Sonic collapsed and fell down laying on his stomach. Then his eyes closed shut and the sound of his friend fading out...

. . . . . . . . .

About 40 minutes has passed, Sonic then started to gain his consciousness and then he find his head in a bit of pain.

"Ugh... Please tell me anyone got the number of that flying tail that just hit me." Sonic said while he was rubbing his head.

Sonic was able to stand on his two feet, and when he got up he looked around to see that he was still stuck at his bug-like size and inside Tails' house. With no one but himself, standing on the brown solid floor in a humungous house.

"Guess he's not here." He said.

Sonic then noticed that the shrink ray was gone as well. He looked around a bit with his speed but he didn't find it.

"He must've took it with him when he left". He said in a shocked expression.

He then starts dashing towards the door with his speed hoping to be able to get to Tails.

"I need to get to him fast! Just as soon as I get out of-" He said but was cut off when he stop halfway towards the door.


Sonic saw the door knob high above him and completely out of his reach. Even if he did manage to get to get up there, he wouldn't have the strength to turn it due to his miniature size. The windows were close shut as well. Even if he could use his spin dash move to break through, he wouldn't want to risk damaging anything in his friend's house. With no way to get out or no one to help him, Sonic was in a mixture of three emotions. Annoyed, frustrated and ticked off. He was running around in a circle grumbling about the whole situation.

"Well this sucks! I just came to help my friend around in his house, only for me to get caught in a accident with that stupid ray gun of his. Now here I am, trapped with no one in here but myself and I can't even get his attention at this size!!" He said furiously running around.

Sonic then stopped and crossed his arms and starts tapping his foot in annoyance.

"*sigh* How can could this possibly get any worse than this?!"

Unfortunately for Sonic, things did went from bad to worse as soon as he heard the door from behind him opening. The sound of the door opening was very loud which causes the blue blur to cover his ears, and prepare for whatever comes ahead. As soon as the door opened, a gigantic boot came crashing down in front of Sonic, resulting in a thunderous booming sound which makes him jump a bit in shock and shakes the floor like a earthquake.


After he recovered quickly from the impact, Sonic sees a grey-sliver like wall in front of him much to his surprise. He took a good look at it for a bit but then looked up a bit to see more of this 'wall'. As he looked up he saw big white stripe line going down with the color red being on the left and right side. He saw a white top of it as well, revealing to be a big red boot. He looked to his left and saw another big red boot with a white stripe line. This caught on to him as he noticed the boots looked very familiar.

"Wait a minute... I've seen these boots before." Sonic said as he looked a bit concerned.

Just as soon as he said that, a voice came from above him shouting, causing him to cover his ears instantly.

"TAAAILLS~! HELLO! ARE YOU IN HERE? HEELLOOOO~!" Said a loud peppy voice.

As Sonic uncovered his ears for a short moment, he then took a look above and saw EXACTLY who the boots and that voice belongs to. To his utter horror and shock, He saw a familiar figure towering above. He eyes pupils shrank in fear and his jaw was dropped. What he sees is none other than another one of his closest friends, his #1 fangirl and admirer, the pink hedgehog herself Amy Rose.
It turns out Amy have came over to Tails' house to visit the young fox only to not see him in here. She was completely oblivious that her beloved one was shrunk down to bug size, who's just right in front of her boots. Back to Sonic's perspective, she was massive, considering she a couple inches taller than tails, and that he really stood in front him when he was small, Sonic was left awestruck by how big Amy looks and he could just sit there in shock feeling a bit imitated by the unaware gigantic pink hedgehog. He could only stutter one word at the moment.

"A-A-A-A-A-Am-Amy?!" He said shaking in fear.

Amy then decided to call out the fox's name again wondering where he is.


Sonic had to cover his ears again the moment Amy starts calling out his buddy's name. Amy was already a somewhat loud person to begin with, but in the current size he is at, her yelling and shouting could cause him to go completely deaf (as well as killing a lot of eardrums in the process). Sonic wonders if he'll be able to hear again if he gets out of this mess or when he returns to normal size. Back to Amy's perspective, she hears nothing nor seeing any sign of the young fox, and starts scratching her head with her index finger in confusing.

"This is so strange. I thought he would be here. I even checked his lab first and there was no sign of him. Hmm. Maybe I should take a look to see if he's in here." Amy said as she walks into the house, and closed the door as well. Gently this time.

Back to Sonic's perspective, as he was hearing her talking about where Tails is, he look ups and sees Amy's humongous boot hovers above him which causes him to panic and scream seeing his friend's foot about to crush him.

"YIIIIKKKESSS!" Sonic screamed as he jumped and ducked for cover hoping he wouldn't get squished. As the boot lands on him with another thunderous booming sound.


Luckily for Sonic, he was under the heel of Amy's boot and looked above him to that he is perfectly fine. He bring out a huge sigh of relief but still hears the booming steps of Amy as she walks in. Which causes the ground to shake and making jump in the air a bit.


Sonic look behind him and saw the pink giantess walk past him looking around for his pal.

"That... was... close... One more slip up like that I would've become as flat as a pancake.. or worse." Sonic said breathing heavily.

"I could barely get Tails' attention at this size. No way she'll be able to hear me down here.. Unless."

Sonic then started thinking for a moment and look at her head, Amy was just standing looking around in Tails' house. Sonic then got an idea.

"I got it! If I climb up to Amy's ear, then hopefully she'll be able to hear me... Emphasis on the hopefully part." He said a bit worried.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but if I'm gonna get to Tails, I need to get Amy's attention. Man I really hope she doesn't mistake me for a bug or something." Sonic said as starts charging his traditional super-peel out move.

Sonic then starts running at full speed to Amy, heading for her boot. Despite how he may feel about Amy's usual bear hugs and kiss storms she occasionally gives him (though she had mellowed out since when Sonic and Tails went to the lost hex), she may be his only chance at getting notice at his current size and to get to tails as well. He managed to get to Amy's boot in a few seconds flat. He starts running up the back of her boot and manage to grab on the white top thanks to its stitching. Amy was then decided to start walking again and check his kitchen to see if he's there.

"Hmm... Maybe he's in the kitchen". Amy said as she starts walking towards it.

While this was happening, Sonic held on for dear life which each step Amy takes, forcing to throw him off. Luckily he still manages to hang on much to his annoyance.

"When will she decide to make up her mind?!" Sonic said struggling to hang on.

As she made her to the kitchen, Tails wasn't in here as well. Amy was quite unaware that Tails went looking for Sonic after the accident he had with his Shrink Ray.

"He's not here either.. Where could he be?" Amy said while putting her finger on her mouth pondering.

Sonic still grabbing on the top of her boot, hears her talking about Tails and felt a bit unamused.

"Wow, She's looking for my little buddy instead of me for a change. I don't know if I should feel relived or insulted." He said.

Sonic then got the chance to stand up a bit on her boot's white top part and jumped on her leg. He held on gripping on her leg climbing and climbing. He also did he best to avoid gaining contact with her white panties. That is the last thing he would want to see. Unknown to him, Amy felt him a bit on her left leg and starts getting a bit irritated by the itching.

"My leg feels a bit itchy." Amy said as she left it a bit and moves her hand towards the spot where it itches.

Sonic witness her giant hand reaching down to scratch her leg and starts to take notice.

"Uh Oh!"

Sonic then jumped off her leg and grab on her fourth finger while the index finger was scratching where he was. Then took the opportunity and run up her hand and onto her ring bracelet on her wrist, then make a daring maneuver and jump on her back and starts climbing her back. She was tilted a bit so it could tough for him. As he climb and reach to her shoulder he hops on it and grabs on as tightly as possible.

"Whew! She almost squash me back there. Good thing the ray didn't decreased my speed, otherwise I've been so screwed right now". He said breathing heavily.

Amy then lift her leg down of the floor again and feels relaxed.

"Much Better!" She said with a smile on her face

Of course Sonic would have to cover his ears again due to how louder she is now that he's on her shoulder.

"Guess he not in here either, he could be up stairs. I wonder if he's sleeping up there."

Amy then walked out of the kitchen and starts walking upstairs. Sonic was onboard her shoulder doing his best kept holding on while also make sure she didn't felt him as well. He could hear the steps she takes while on her shoulder and how she walks up over at least 1 step of the stairs. Amy soon arrived at Tails' bedroom, only for it to be mess. They were robotic parts around the floor, his bedsheets are not spread out well at all, and also kind of reeks in here. Even the walls looked filthy.

"Gosh. Has Tails ever cleaned up this place? It's such a mess! I know he can be someone who tends to take care of certain things, but this isn't what I would call taking care of something." Amy said with disappointed look on her face.

Sonic has heard her about the bedroom and even agrees with her due to how messy it was.

"I guess I know now why Tails wanted to clean up his house a bit. Looks a tornado came in here." He said looking around on Amy's shoulder seeing how messy the room is.

He then started to smell something bad and covers nose. His eyes starts to get watery from the odor.

"Ugh! Good grief what is that smell?! Smells like a rotten egg, and it's not the eggman kind!" He said in digust.

The smell did not get unnoticed by Amy as well, even she gets a whiff of it and starts covering her nose with the same arm Sonic is on, which causes him to almost fall off.

"Woah!" He said as he held on for dear life.

"Eww. Where is that awful smell coming from?! This smells worse than those burned cupcakes I had an accident with." Amy said with a disgust look on her face covering her mouth and nose.

Amy was disgust by the smell, but to Sonic it was pretty much unbearable to take a whiff out of it. his face soon turns green and starts to feel woozy.

"Better get this place clean up." Amy said as she went to the closet near to her.

In it contains some cleaning equipment, a pair of gloves, spray, cleaning wear and a broom with it's dustpan. Amy put them all on while Sonic was watching (but also had to hold on tightly since she's moving a lot). As Amy is now wearing the cleaning wear, she hold the broom out to her side on the floor similar what she does with her Piko Piko Hammer. She stands firm and shouts.

"All right! Time to clean out this place and make it spiffy and clean!" She said proudly and with a smile.

Sonic is shown on her shoulder covering his ears again due to her loud volume and starts to grumble about the whole thing.

"She could at least say it a little quieter!" He said in annoyance.

And so Amy starts cleaning up Tails' bedroom. She starts sweeping all the robot junk part into the dustpan and throw them out in the trash, she would then spray the place and make sure everything else is in tip top shape. She also wipe the walls and windows, double checking to make sure there are no dirty spots. After that she went to the bed and started spreading the sheets on it, neatly then put it nicely on the bed. Sonic was pretty much watching while he was on her shoulder for these past cleaning minutes. Even he's got to admit, Amy sure does take it seriously and works hard. But during the cleaning period, he was cover by the clothing of the cleaning robe Amy is wearing and was caught under it. Some of his muffling were never heard since Amy still doesn't know that he's on her shoulder. She was so focused on what she was doing she could even barely know Sonic is on her. Amy then head downstairs and head to the back of the house. The same place Sonic and Tails were cleaning up at. She discovered that not all the bags were thrown out yet, so she decided to take of the rest. She left up most of them effortlessly and Sonic was pretty much left in awestruck. But he also had to hang on to the robe since carrying the last few bags and thrown outside to the garbage cans sometimes almost knocks him over.

After a good 1 hour and 30 minutes of cleaning up, Tails' house was clean from his room to the back, the main room and everywhere else. Amy has taking a good look around the house in the main room and felt really proud that she manage to clean up this place. Sonic fell asleep during the cleaning hour, using the robe as a blanket resting on her shoulder. Amy then wipe her hands a bit and herself as well knowing how much hard work she had put into.

"There we go. Clean as a whistle! Hehehe. I'm pretty sure when Tails gets back he's gonna be really shocked about this. Hope he doesn't mind it." Amy said happily.

Amy then starts to yawn and while she was doing that, she covered her mouth and closed her eyes a bit.

"I think I need to rest. I could go for a nap. Oh well! Don't need these anymore!" Amy said giggly as she takes off the cleaning hat off and then grabs the robe.

As she picked the robe up, Sonic was wide awake from her not only grabbing the robe, but also him as he was stuck between the pink hedgehog's gloved fingers like a pencil.

"W-W-W-W-Woah!!" He said in shock. Awaken from his nap.

Sonic was lift above her head and saw her ear, he saw this as an opportunity.

"*in head* Only got one chance. But need to break free." He thoughts

Sonic then uses all his might, struggling to get out of Amy's grasp and manages to do it. He curls into his ball state and jump dash towards Amy's ear and grabs a hold of it. Tightly.

"*in head* Made it! Just need to hang on as much as I can."

After she took off the cleaning cloths, she head upstairs to the bedroom and put them back exactly where she got them from and close the closet door. She then head back downstairs to the resting room and sits on the couch comfortably.

"*sigh* A girl deserves a well-earned rest." Amy said as she laid her head on the couch and close her eyes to rest.

Sonic was still holding on to her ear through out the whole ride. Feeling a bit dizzy from the back and forth. He manage to regain his footing and saw how big her ear is from the inside.

"*in head* Wow. Sure looks roomy.. I guess anyone could make a bed in her if they were bug size. He thought of a corny joke.

He shakes his head a bit and then proceeds to walk inside the inside of Amy's ear. While he was inside, they were some ear wax, but not a lot. So he had enough space to walk inside and saw how big the ear was from the inside.

"*in head* It's a VERY good thing she cleaned it out, it would be already gross enough if I got covered in it. He thought to himself.

Sonic then stopped in place, look deep into the ear. He took a very deep breath and prepared to shout with all his might.

"Ok, here goes nothing. Either this or out with those bugs." He said.


"AMY! AMYY!! AMY CAN YOU HEAR ME?! AAAMMMYYYY!!!" Sonic shouted as loud as he could.

Back to Amy's perspective, she was resting however she hear a bit of voice from her left ear and starts to wake up.

"Hmmm? Who said that?" She said opening her eyes.

She then got a bit of an answer from within her ear.


Amy then opened her eyes in shock and her eye pupils shrink a bit in worry. She hears Sonic's voice and starts to wonder.

"S-S-Sonic? Was that... Was that really you??" She said in shock looking left and right, with her hand on her mouth covering it.


Amy then turns her body back and forth desperately looking for her lover.

"B-B-B-But where are you? I don't see you anywhere! I hear you but I can't see you." Amy said while turning her body looking for Sonic.

Sonic was still in her ear and felt her movement and hang on hoping he doesn't fall out and calls her name out again.

"Gah! Amy stop moving! AMY!!"

Amy then heard Sonic's shouting again and stop moving and stay still on the couch.

"Ok... But can you please tell where you are right now? Because it feels like I'm talking to a ghost." She said worrying.

"I'm inside your ear! That's were I'm at right now!" Sonic said.

Amy was then in a bit of a mood to almost freak out.

"Y-Y-Y-Your..i-I-I-I-In my what now?"

"Uh. Your ear. So can you please help- Wooaaaah!!" Sonic said but was cut off when Amy starts shaking her head violently.

"EEEEKK!! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!" Amy screamed while shaking her head rapidly.

The shaking was very rough, and her volume was loud as well, and Sonic couldn't get a grip in her ear any longer causing him to fall out.

"Waaaahh!!!" He screamed as he was flung out of Amy's ear and fall down onto her red dress. He grabbed tight due her keep on shaking around, and yelled at her as much as he could. He was scared as heck due to the circumstances.

"AMY! PLEASE STOP!! I'M DOWN HERE!! AAAMMMYYY!!!" Sonic said as he was holding on her dress as tightly as he could hoping he wouldn't fall to the ground.

Amy then stopped shaking. She was very out of control due to the fact of having someone in her ear. She then took a deep breath as she can now take a breather.

"*big sigh* Oh my gosh. That was so weird. Wait... Sonic? Sonic? SOONIC?!" Amy said in shock realizing what she just did.

"Oh No! Sonic! Where are you?! I am so so sorry! Please respond my love!" She said cupping her hands around her mouth turning around left and right, afraid fearing what might have happened to Sonic due to her rough shaking.

Amy suddenly heard a tiny voice from her dress.

"I'M DOWN HERE AMES! LOOK ON YOUR DRESS!" Sonic said as loud as he could, hoping she heard him.

Amy then looked down on her dress and saw a particular blue speak, it was blue so she could easily see it on her. She bend down her waist a bit hoping to not bend it to far hurting it, and what she sees now is the teeny tiny blue Hedgehog grabbing on her dress for dear life. She was in shock and also a bit excited (since her blue friend's not hurt or worse), and the sigh of relief and joy was seen on Sonic's face.

"O-O-O-Oh my... Sonic... Is that really you down there?" Amy said in shock, but this time a lot softer compared from earlier so she could hear the mini-size Sonic.

Sonic was then relived FINALLY getting her attention. He stood up on the red clothing and then started to look up to the gargantuan pink hedgehog.

"Yup. In the flesh.. Or pretty much what you see." He said with a bit of a nervous laugh.

Amy was pretty much left in awestruck seeing her blue idol no bigger than a lego figure on her dress, and that she accidently flung him off her head. She was very surprised that she could only spout out a few words.

"A-A-A-Are.. you.. ok?" She said still can't believing that it's her Sonic down there.

"Yeah I'm okay. Especially considering that I nearly got squished a couple times." He said with a sarcastic tone.

"I'm very sorry." She said in a bit of a downer knowing how she almost crushed him. She then looked at him in a surprised look.

"Eh.. Save it Ames. I've been through worse aside from that. But man you had NO idea how long it took me to get your attention. I had to climb up your leg and then I had to climb to your shoulder. Luckily you gave me a boost obliviously. I kind of fell asleep when you were cleaning Tails' home. Good job by the way, and after that I got into your ear and you flung me out. Now here I am. It's been one wacky adventure if I could tell ya. So how come you came to Tails' house in" Sonic said in conclusion when he notice Amy is staring at him with nothing to say and in a surprised look.

"Uhh.. Amy? Amy? Heellooooo~? Earth to Amy. Are you feeling okay?" Sonic said waving his arm rapidly trying to get Amy to respond.

"Seriously Amy can you please give me a sign or something? Cause your creeping me out with that face."

Unknowingly, Amy scooped up the mini-sized Sonic with her right hand and bring him closer to her face and get into a normal sitting position.

"Yikes!" Sonic said as he was picked up by the pink giantess.

Sonic was on her middle finger, but Amy then lift it up a bit and he falls into the middle of her hand. Her palm to be exact. She was still staring at him with no response or concern and a shocked look. Sonic was feeling uneasy.

"Um...Is something wrong?" He said sitting on Amy's palm looking at her giant emerald-green eyes.

The pink hedgehog was now saying a few words about how she felt about the whole situation. She stutters a bit, but that surprised and shocked look would soon turn into a starred eyed joy. Sonic was just in her starring into her eyes and even sees a reflecting of himself in her black pupil.

"So tiny...So.. Fragile.. So delicate... So... So..." She said until she suddenly became filled with joy.

"SOOOOO CUUUUUUTEE~!!!" She said with stars in her eyes, blushing cheeks and big smile on her face.

The shouting of joy caused Sonic to cover his ears for a bit, but then looked up a bit slightly shocked.

"Uh What-EEP!" Sonic yelped as he was now pinned under her giant hand against her dress to where her heart is.

Sonic found himself in quite the biggest hug. While he didn't mind how soft her hand or chest are, he could barely breathe for a bit.

"MPH! MPH!" He muffled under her hand.

"Hmmmm~♥" Amy purred as she was enjoying this a lot more than what Sonic has expected to happen.

She then released sonic from her chest and then give him a rubbing to her cheek with both of her hands. She rubbed as gently as she could making sure Sonic was ok. His face was flat placed onto her cheek during the hugs.

"*muffles* Amy! Quit it! Seriously cut that out!" He said muffled between her gloved hands and her cheeks.

She then released her tiny icon and have him catching a breather sitting in both of her cupped hands. She was quite enjoying this a lot much to Sonic's annoyance.

"Oh Thank chaos! I can breathe!" He said with relief.

Amy was then staring at him with half-lidded expression and a playful smirk on her face. Sonic then had a scared look on his face and only had a slight gulp wondering what else she has in store for him.

"Tehehehe! Oh don't be so scared my little Sonic. I think you look very adorable like this~! So adorable in fact, that I could just~.." Amy said sweetly as she brings Sonic closer to her mouth preparing to give him a kiss.

Sonic saw her lips squinting to a position and knew exactly what was gonna happen much to his utter horror, and starts to freak out and flail his arms rapidly.

"Amy! No Wait! Stop! Nononononono! Amy st-Mph!" He said cut off as he was covered by her lips.

Amy gives Sonic a HUGE kiss. One that will probably never get out of Sonic's head for a while. She
gave him a very big kiss that it last for 30 seconds. Only for her to give him five more big kisses. Sonic was muffled by her humongous lips, and could only try so hard push himself a bit from the lips, only for Amy to push him back. She had her eyes closed gently and her cupped hands covering the tiny Sonic and her mouth while she's kissing like there's no tomorrow. To say Amy is enjoying this a lot would be an understatement.

She finally stops the kissing and brought Sonic away from her lips and saw a big kiss mark covering the front of his whole body. He was seen laying on her hand gasping for breath how many times.

"*huff* *huff* *huff* Uuugghhh. Sheesh Amy, Don't you think was a bit much?!" He said in a grumbling tone, wiping his face to get the stain off.

"Hehe! Whoopsie. Didn't mean to go that much." Amy said giggly and a bit embarrassed having her other hand behind her head, admitting she went a bit overboard.

"It's just that.. You know. Back then you used to usually run away whenever I see you. And I barely got a chance to hangout with you. You tend to get scared and run off. But look at you now! All teeny weeny standing right in the palm of my own hand and you're not actually running away. It's just soo romantically adorable! Hehehe!" She said with joy, putting her hand on cheek blushing.

Sonic was left with a annoyed look on his face while also feeling a bit embarrassed by the names and words Amy is using to describe his size. But either way, he would rather take skyscraper sized kisses and hugs over getting squished like a bug anyday.

"You don't say.." He said with a water drop coming down from his forehead.

"Aww don't be so grumpy little guy. That doesn't suit you very well. That's usually Knuckles or Shadow's thing." Amy said while rubbing Sonic's head with her free index finger on her other hand.

"Hey! Come on Amy cut it out!" Sonic said trying push her finger away.

Amy then started to looked concern about Sonic's current size and ask him a question.

"Say.. Can I ask you something?" She said with a now concerned look.

"Um.. Sure Ames. What is it? Sonic responded.

"Well, as much as I'm enjoying this moment with you... How come your so... Small anyway?" She said now removing her finger from Sonic's head.

"Oh yeah about that. Tails made this new invention of his called the Shrink Ray. He wanted to use it clean up his house since it's haven't been cleaned up in awhile. I came to check on him to see how he's doing, and I was surprised to see that thing work well. Unfortunately, Tails kind of send the ray flying and I manage to caught it.. Sorta. And that's how I basically end up like this." Sonic explained.

"Oh, So that's it huh? I guess that explain why I haven't heard from him in awhile." Amy said

"So is that why you came here?" Sonic replied.

"Well yeah. I haven't seen Tails in a bit aside from when he visit me and Cream one day when we were at Station Square. I checked his laboratory but he wasn't there. So I came by his house to see if he was there. Only to find his house a bit messy and finding you instead... No offence" She said.

"None taken." Sonic said with a slight grin on his face.

'I'm guessing you saw me clean up the place while you were on me huh?

"Yeah, I saw the whole thing...Most of it, I kind of fall asleep halfway. But I gotta admit Ames, you did a really good job with the place. I'm pretty sure Tails is gonna have a big surprise on his face when he sees how much work put into cleaning his home. Great job." Sonic said with his trademark thumbs up, wink and smile.

Amy was pretty touched by the words Sonic given her. She never usually hear him compliment her as he does with Tails often, this makes her blush a little and gets appreciated to his kind words.

"Aw Sonic.. Thank you very much~!" She said happily and give Sonic a slight form of a hug against her cheek.

Sonic was a bit surprised at first, but he didn't mind it this time since she's being a lot more gentle and not really suffocating him as before. Amy may get on Sonic's nerves at certain points, but next to Tails he considers her a very good friend regardless. She soon ends the hug and let Sonic stand freely on her hand once more.

"So do you know where Tails is or not?" Amy said with a now concern face again.

"No. I tried to get his attention, but I ended up unconscious when he was looking for me. He also took the Shrink Ray since it got broken. I don't even know where he is at the moment. Must be looking for me obviously, but due to my size I doubt I'll find him in a few seconds. Could take me forever when I'm like this, even with speed." Sonic said looking a bit down.

Amy thought on something and picks up the tiny hedgehog behind his spikes gently with her thumb and index finger. She then lifts him up to her face in the air, much to Sonic's surprise.

"Huh?!" He said surprised being lift up in front of her face.

"Whoever said that you'll look for him by yourself at this size silly?" She said with a snarky tone.

"I'll help you find Tails. It'll be faster if you're with me." She said with a similar wink that Sonic gives.

"Are you sure?" Sonic asked.

"Of course I'm sure. I'd do anything to help my friends. Especially you my little cutie~. Amy said with a half-lidded expression on her face.

Sonic was a bit embarrassed by that last remark and had a slight blush on his face (One Amy doesn't see or notice). But he knows he'll get to Tails much faster with Amy's help.

"OK, but first things first. I need to get this mark off of me." Sonic said with his crossed arms.

Amy stands up and puts Sonic on her head as they make there way to the bathroom. Sonic was on her pink friend's head as he see how big her fur is. The pink fur above him almost looked like a forest.

"Comfy up there?" Amy asked looking up to see if Sonic's alright.

"Yeah! Pretty cozy up here." Sonic replied. Touching the pink fur in front of him.

"Teeheehee~. Glad you like it up there." Amy said, but couldn't help but let out a small giggle on how cute it is having her little blue hero on her head.

"Might wanna hang on. It could get a bit bumpy along the way." She said as she starts to walk.

Sonic did exactly as Amy told him to and hang on to her pink fur as tightly as possible as she began walking towards the bathroom. While they head towards the bathroom, Amy took off her gloves and put them on the dry counter and turn on the pipe on the sink. Knowing Sonic given his aquaphobia, Amy tries calming him down by stating she won't let go nor let him fall down. She put the plunger in the hole and then starts washing him. From start to finish she washed his little body making sure the kiss mark is gone. After washing him, she blowed on him to dry off the water while also being careful not to blow too hard which would send him flying. Afterward, Amy put back on her gloves and puts Sonic on her head again. Then the two left the house and head outside looking for the two-tailed fox.

"So where do you think we'll find him?" Sonic said while moving a bit closer to Amy's ear.

"Hm. I'm not sure. Maybe we could go check at a place where he'd go to." Amy said.

As she walk across the street and head forward, she accidentally bumps into someone. That someone being Tails. Sonic felt the collison as he hang on to Amy's fur tight. Tails eventually get less dizzy and was surprised to see Amy.

"Oh..Amy!" He said surprised.

"Tails! You look busy at the moment." Amy replied pointing at the magnifying glass he has in his left arm.

"Yeah.. Let's just say I had a bit of an accident and I'm just trying to fix my mistake." Tails said while having his right hand behind his head.

"I heard you were house cleaning." Amy said.

"Yeah... I tried to get it clean since it's been very long and I had some stuff to take care of as well." Tails said in a bit of an downer mood.

Tails looks a bit upset with Amy looking concern and worried about her fox friend. Sonic also sees his best friend in a downer. So the pink hedgehog would asked if he was ok.

"Hey Tails, are you okay? You don't look very happy at the moment. Is something wrong?" She said while putting her hand on Tails' head.

"Amy...Do you know where Sonic is? I accidently got him caught up in a accident I mentioned a few seconds earlier. He was shrunk in size and I've spent the past hour looking for him around the town. I still haven't found him yet and I'm worried he might get hurt because of me." He said.

"Oh! It's funny that you asked Tails. Guess who I'd bumped into while I've payed a visit to your home." Amy said while reaching for Sonic on her head.

Amy picked up the mini-size Sonic from her head but gently to make sure she doesn't crush him. She then opened her hand a bit and let Sonic stand on it firmly and reveal to Tails seeing his big brother/idol pint-sized on Amy's Hand waving to him.

"Yo Tails!" Sonic shouted to Tails' face.

"S-S-S-Sonic?! Oh my gosh you're alright!!" Tails said in a happy tone knowing his friend is safe and not injured.

However while Tails was happy to see him, his shouting was a bit too loud which causes Sonic to cover his ears.

"Gah!" He said covering his ears in pain.

"Tails not so loud! His hearing is very sensitive at this size." Amy said seeing her blue friend not handling the volume well.

"Oh right.. Sorry about that Sonic." He said softer realizing how loud he might have been.

"*in head* My own friends are gonna make me go deaf by the time I get back to normal size." Sonic thought in head with a bit of groaning.

Tails then bended down a bit and looked at his shrunken size friend wanting to talk to him.

"Sonic, I'm really sorry about what happened earlier. If I wasn't so hasty and been a bit more careful maybe you wouldn't end up like this." Tails said with his ears flopped down.

"Hey don't sweat it bud. No one's perfect. Just make sure that doesn't happen again." Sonic said.

"Promise." Tails replied with a smile on his face.

"So Tails, did you fixed that Shrink ray yet or what?" Sonic asked.

"Uh...No. I spent the last hour looking for you. And I didn't had the time to work on it. It's in my lab, but it took me a while to build that thing and it might take me another few days to fix and improve on it." Tails said looking down at the left with his ears slumped.

"Soooo... I'm pretty stuck like this until then?" Sonic said with a bit of unhappy look.

"I'm sorry." He said a bit saddened.

Sonic was felt a bit disappointed when he heard that basically stuck at his small size. Amy looked at the blue blur's expression and tried to cheer him and the young fox up.

"Hey, don't worry Sonic. Tails has never failed you before. Besides he'll fix that ray, and you'll be fine afterwards. I promise." She said rubbing Sonic's head with her finger.

Sonic was feeling a bit better and Tails heard about what Amy said. He did feel better himself.

"Thanks Amy." Sonic said with a lighten up expression.

"So how's the house? I hope nothing bad happened there." Tails said.

"Dude, you had no idea how much work Ames put into cleaning the place. She went from the main room, the back, even your room as well. She basically finished a job we had in under a hour." Sonic said.

"Wow.. Is that true?" The young fox said.

"Well... your place did needed a clean out. Especially your room. But I thought it would look nicer clean." Amy said woth an embarrassed look on her face.

Tails was actually happy that Amy clean up his house. He and Sonic were planning to clean it on their own but she manage to get it all done when he was on a search.

"Thank you very much Amy." He said with a smile on his face.

"Aw.. No big deal." She said rubbing her head with her free hand.

Amy was quite appreciative and flustered by the comments she gotten. Especially from Sonic. It causes her to blush a bit with nervously giggling.

"But Sonic, where are you going to stay at? I mean it's a bit dangerous for you to stay out there at this size." Tails said with a concerned look on his face. Looking down at his mini-sized companion.

Just then Amy suddenly got into excitement got in front of Tails holding Sonic in both of hands cupped above one another.

"Oh! Tails, can he stay at my place?! Can he? Please Please Please Please?!! I promise I won't have anything bad happen to him!" Amy said with a joyful look on her face and her eyes glowing brightly with stars.

Tails looked a bit uncertain and worried about the situation. He then tries to answer the pink hedgehog's question.

"Uhhh... You're gonna have to ask Sonic that question."

Sonic was a bit surprised by her change of expression and then got a bit more nervous when Amy looked down at him with a very begging like face.

"Sonic. Is it okay for you?" She said.

Sonic was feeling anxious about this. After he what just went through, and giving this is Amy. She can be a bit.. reckless. But given how she's mellowed out nowadays, and that she's a bit more calmer than the past he knows can't make her upset or worse. So he came with a deep breath and responded.

"Ok.. I guess. Just as long you give me some space when I need it." He said.

"YAY~!" Amy shouted excitedly putting Sonic close to her check.

"Hey! Amy please stop!" He said being rubbed by her checks.

Tails couldn't help but let a bit of a giggle out of this seeing his mini-sized best friend getting into a doll like hug that Amy's giving him. Usually he gets a bit worried, but this was an exception.

"We'll have so much fun together sweetie! And I'll make sure you'll be a okay!" She said happily bringing the tiny blue hedgehog away from her cheeks sitting in her palm.

"Uh.. Sure. Whatever you say." Sonic said a bit startled.

"I better get back to the lab so I can fix that ray. I'll let you know until I finish fixing it." Tails said heading to his laboratory.

"Ok. Later Tails!" Amy said walking with her blue idol in her left hand, while using her other hand waving to Tails.

"Make sure nothing goes wrong little bro!" Sonic said waving to his young companion.

While heading to Amy's apartment in Central City, Amy puts Sonic on her shoulder giving him a better view and somewhere to sit. They arrived.

"We're here Sonic." Amy said.

"Huh.. Looks nice." Sonic said looking at the pink apartment.

Sonic then turned to Amy asking her about the ray fiasco.

"So how long will that Shrink ray be fixed anyway?" He asked.

"Hmm.. Not sure, but I'm sure he'll fix it in a least a day or so. Besides no need in rushing him right? Anyway, you'll might get cozy here and I have a doll house with the perfect beds for you to sleep on!" Amy said excitedly.

"Well isn't that joy.." Sonic said a bit embarrassed by the idea.

"Hey, it's better than on the hard floor right? So don't get in a mush." She said using her right finger poking Sonic a bit.

"Ok Ok can you please stop that. Guess I should lighten up a bit." He said while starting to smile a bit more.

"You'll get use to it~." Amy said winking at her pint-sized friend and then heading inside her home.

So for the next two days, Amy has taken care of the mini-sized Sonic. Making sure he was feeling okay while doing what he told her to do about giving him space as well. She even let him ride on her head or shoulder a few times when walking. She also baked him a chili dog once, knowing Sonic on how much he LOVES chili dogs. It didn't take long after those 2 days where Tails has fixed the shrink ray and Sonic was returned to normal size.