Station Square's Triple Trouble



Eggman has been attacking Sonic and Co. a lot lately, so Tails has been working on a solution.  Whatever he’s been working on is apparently going well, because he hasn’t come out in a week.


“Maybe I should put this circutboard here…” the scientist mumbles to himself as he continues working.  “That should do it!”


All of a sudden Sonic bursts into the lab.  Tails seems perturbed at this, but doesn’t show it.

“What ya workin’ on, buddy?” Sonic asked.

“Something that can make all these battles we’ve been having here lately a lot easier.” Tails replied.

“I see.” says Sonic.  “But you should really get outside and get some fresh air.  I mean, you’ve been working on that thing all week.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.”  Tails looks over the device.  He notices something’s missing and he hasn’t got the parts to replace it.

“Man, I don’t want to, but it appears I need to go to Station Square.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.  After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Tails tries to protest but Sonic pushes him out the door and the two make their way to the train station.


Meanwhile, Cream and Cosmo are returning from doing some errands for Amy (she was out searching for Sonic, you see) which above all included grocery shopping.  The two (three; I forgot Cheese) try to enjoy the beautiful day despite being weighed down with paper sacks.

“It really is a nice day out,” says Cosmo.

“Yeah; I just wish we didn’t have to carry so much stuff,” replies Cream.  Her chao nods in agreement.

They reach the park area.  They immediately head for a nearby bench and sit down, just a tad tired.

“Whew!  I don’t think I can go on without some rest.  This is very tiring,” Cosmo remarks while catching her breath.  Cream and Cheese shake their heads in agreement.

“Me too.  I wish there were an easier way,” replies Cream.  Their answer is seen in a department store window: a couple of red wagons.  Feeling relieved, the two go inside and purchase them.  Soon they are off again, with a much easier load on their shoulders.

“Lucky for us that we got these.  I don’t know how we’d be able to do this without them,” Cream remarks happily.

“I can answer that: we wouldn’t be able to.”  Cosmo smiles; they laugh a bit before they walk towards the city’s outskirts.


Atop the tallest building, Eggman stands with his two robotic henchmen and a weird machine of some sort.

“What’s this?” Robot #1 asks, pointing to the machine.

“It’s an extraordinary device that combines the effects of a growth ray and a mind-control wave,” replies the mad scientist.  “This will help me destroy Station Square.”  He whips out a pair of binoculars and spots the girls.  “And so will they…”


Sonic and Tails’ train had more than its share of delays making them arrive at Station Square the next morning.  Meanwhile, Cream and Cheese and Cosmo finally reached Amy’s place, only to be greeted by a face that shows another failed day of searching for her love.  After dropping off the groceries and wagons Cream airlifts Cosmo back to her house, where they go to bed.  The next morning, they are back in Station Square, this time to explore the city.

“I take it back.  Today is a beautiful day!” Cosmo exclaims.

“Yeah, and this time we can enjoy ourselves,” Cream replies.  Cheese is flying around happily.


Meanwhile, Eggman has that trademark smirk on his face as he sets his sights.  With a button press a pink beam is shot out of the laser cannon-themed machine.  Unknown to them until it’s too late, the laser zaps all three.  Nothing seems to happen at first, but then they grow rapidly until Cream and Cosmo reach 100 ft. tall apiece (Cheese, may I remind you, is small in comparison, so he’s 15 ft. tall.). 

Then the mind-control takes effect.  It selects the thing that both would be very mad at (in this case, the crush on Tails) and triggers it.  Soon, pedestrians flee wildly as a fight takes place.  Each one throws a car and they collide in mid-air.  However, Cosmo failed to react to one hitting her in the chest.  You see, Cream’s got the advantage due to her chao friend.  However, Cosmo uses her powers, and in mere minutes, vines come shooting through buildings, the pavement, and everything else, and chuck cars at Cream at an alarming rate.  Buildings are destroyed and Cream gets sent back a few yards (in comparison) as the fight moves into downtown.


Sonic and Tails step off the train into pure chaos.  Buildings are on fire, people are running like mad, and the sky has been painted a smoky red from the flames.

“What happened here?!”  Sonic stares in amazement.

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” Tails exclaims.  “I just need to get those parts!”

Tails marches outside with Sonic tailing close behind.  He’s halfway down the steps to the train station when he’s nearly crushed by a huge foot.

“Whoa!  That was VERY close!!” Tails looks up.  “Uh, Sonic… I think we’ve got bigger problems right now.”

“No kidding,” says Sonic.  “What do you think we should do?”

Unknown to all, Tails had actually known about the whole crush scenario (he kinda caught on to it when the two were staring dreamily at him while he visited a couple weeks back.).  He looked in horror as the destruction was increasing.

“No…” he breathed.


Eggman watched the mass chaos with a wide grin on his face while standing atop the tall tower.

“Everything seems to be going according to plan,” he remarks.

“Probability of success 100%,” Robot #1 replies.

“However, probability of failure is just as high, or higher.”  Robot #2 doesn’t feel so confident.

“How so?  Not even Sonic can stop this plan.  It’s better than some tidal wave or a mechanized army.  What could I have forgotten this time?”

“You see,” Robot #2 explains, “it could all fail if…” It trails off.

“I see.  But that will never happen… (I sure hope not, anyway.)”


Meanwhile in the massive firefight, all the cars in Station Square are either gone or demolished, so the death match turns into a fistfight.

He’s mine!  I won’t let anyone take him from me!” Cream exclaims as she lands a punch to Cosmo’s chest, sending her flying back a few miles.

I don’t think so!” replies Cosmo.  She charges for Cream, making her brace for impact, but instead of punching her, she trips her.


All this bickering and fighting is more than Tails can bear.

“STOP FIGHTING!  CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!” he shouts, but he and Sonic know good and well that that wouldn’t work, if several hours of attention diverting spin dashes.

“The military couldn’t stop them!  Did you see how they just crumpled them up as if they were nothing?!” Sonic reminds him.

“I know; I also know how I can stop them!”

“Yeah, how?”

Tails explains the problem and the solution to Sonic; he nods.

“Okay, if you think this will work, have at it.” 

With that he is off.  Using his two tails like a propeller he races to a tall building near the fighting.  He then tries to fly up to Cream but narrowly misses being hit by several punches.  He is forced to land.  “I will succeed!” he says as he tries again.  Luck is this time on his side as he makes it all the way up to Cream’s cheek.  Then, he does something unbelievable.


He plants a kiss on it.


His plan works as Cream (and Cheese) snap out of the trance.  However, Cosmo is still throwing punches at her.

“Two down, one to go!” Tails says as he flies over to Cosmo and does a repeat performance.  She snaps back to normal and they both notice Tails.  Exhausted from his flight, he stalls out between them.  They extend and connect hands to catch him before he hits the ground.

Oh Tails!  Are you alright?” They both say simultaneously.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  The question is, are you alright?”

Yeah, we’re fine.  We just want to know what happened.

“Well, from what I can tell, you were all shot with a combo ray that made you grow and made you think the other was trying to take me for her own.  That’s why there are buildings on fire, cars in flaming heaps, and craters everywhere.”

Before they can get upset Tails comforts them.

“It wasn’t your fault, my guess is that it was Eggman’s.”

But, where would he be?

“My guess would be on the tallest building so he could get a straight shot on you all.”

Soon they head in that direction.


On the ground, Sonic heard the whole thing and is also headed towards the tallest building.

“Ooh is Egghead in for it now,” he says with a smile.


Eggman can see that his plans were indeed foiled as the two giantesses were walking for him and his robots.

“I hate to say I told you so…”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

Soon they are forced to look up at the two giantesses.

How dare you use us as means to destroy the city!!” they shout.  The glass on that building and on every one for miles around shattered completely.  Eggman was ready to turn tail but Sonic blocked his path.  Soon, two hands grab him and have no trouble sending him flying across the city.

“Let’s go home.  We think we’ve had enough of this day,” said Sonic and Tails simultaneously.

Okay.  Sounds good to us.

All four head back to the Mystic Ruins (after Tails snags his parts).


Once back in his lab, Tails is running bio scans on the now normal-sized Cream and Cosmo.  What he finds is astounding.

“It turns out that the both of you have the power to grow and shrink as you wish, but if you’re going to grow, please, please do it outside.  I don’t want to lose my workshop.”

“Sounds good to us.” They go outside.  Tails follows suit a short time after and finds the both of them, about 50 ft. tall apiece, rolling a ball back and forth.  Then they look at Tails.

“Oh, boy.  I know where this is going…”


Meanwhile, Sonic isn’t having as grand a time either, as his run home from the Square intersects with Amy’s place; he’s now captured and has no means to escape.

“Well, what are you going to do to me this time?” Sonic asks with a sigh.  It’s been the 50th time or so that this happened, so he’s used to it.

“All I want is a romantic dinner,” Amy replies, pointing to a classic romance scene of a table (think dim lighting, a tasty-looking meal, and some romantic music).  Sonic, however, doesn’t like the idea (does he ever?) and once again tries to escape.  Too bad for him he’s tied to the couch.  What makes it worse is that his means of contacting Tails is literally right next to him, but he can’t reach it.

“Uh-uh, Amy.  We’ve gone through this time and time again; I won’t do it!”

Amy is hurt and starts to cry.

“Man, I messed that up. Okay, fine; I’ll eat dinner with you,” Sonic says reluctantly.

The girl is jumping for joy.  She releases Sonic who, instead of bolting out the door or using the phone, sits and has dinner with her (he was quite impressed).  Soon he’s ready to check on Tails; he hasn’t heard from since that morning.

“Thanks for the sweet dinner!  Bye!” Sonic calls as he races off.

“See ya!” Amy calls back, breathing a sigh of happiness.


At Cream’s house Vanilla is worried because she also hasn’t heard from Cosmo, Cream or Cheese since that morning.  Guessing they’d be at Tails’ place she calls there.


At Tails’ place he is worried about the looks on his 50-foot tall friends’ faces, so he is relieved to hear the phone go off inside his workshop.  He quickly disappears inside to answer it.

“Hello?” says Tails, answering the phone.

“Hello, Tails.  How are you doing this fine evening?” replies Vanilla on the other end.

“Just fine.  What do you need?”

“I was wondering, have you seen Cream, Cheese, or Cosmo?”

“Yeah.  In fact, they’re all outside my workshop.”

“Could you please tell them to come home please?”


“Thanks Tails.”  She hangs up.

“Okay, now I just got to go outside and- ah!”

All three are gone.  Tails doesn’t have much to go by because as heavy as they were, they didn’t leave crater-sized footprints.  He heads down the staircase when he runs smack into Sonic.  Both fall and slide to the bottom of the staircase.

“Ow… Sonic, did you see anything strange on your way over here?”

“No; why?”

“Cream, Cheese and Cosmo are all missing!”

“Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to find them.  It’s not like they can grow or anything.”

“Well… about that…”


“You see, that laser that hit them permanently gave them the power to grow and shrink.”

“So it really shouldn’t be too hard to find them.”

“Yeah, or at least I hope so.”

They walk up to the workshop and find dents in the large plateau outside the place.  Tails flies up and sees that it’s a large note.

“Dear Tails, We’ve gone to Amy’s for a bit.  We’ll be back soon.”  The note was signed Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo.

“That’s terrible!  Amy’s in complete danger now!  And to think I just came from her place…”

“We’ve got to get there before it’s too late!”


It’s too late.  Amy is about to gaze at the stars when she sees the three in question.  Her jaw drops in horror.

Surprise!!” they shout.  Amy faints.  When she recovers, she sees them at normal size.

What happened?” Amy wonders.

You fainted after we surprised you!” says Cream.  But it appears you’re fine now.

You may be fine,” remarks Cosmo, “but your house sure isn’t.

What?  Amy looks behind her, expecting to see her house, but she doesn’t.  In fact, she doesn’t see any of the items around her house.  When she looks everywhere else, she finally looks down.  There, at her feet, are the crushed remains of her now miniature house.  She gasps.

Eek!  What happened to my house?!

Well, it appears our power has peen passed on to you, and it activated while you were out of it,” Cosmo explained.  It now appears that you match us inch-for-inch.”

And how tall would that be?

My guess would be roughly 150 feet tall,” says Cream.

Cool.  Amy looks over at the now repaired Station Square (how they do it, I don’t know) and gets an idea.

Would you two like to join me for some fun and games?

Sure,” replies Cosmo.

Sounds good to us,” says Cream.


Sonic and Tails are in a hurry to get to Amy’s house.  They are in such a hurry that they fail to see the pairs of huge feet in the way.  Of course, they face plant right into them (Sonic into Amy’s feet and Tails into Cosmo’s for example).

“Darn, we were too late, but how did Amy get that big?”  Sonic looks over to Tails, who is caught in a trance as he stares up at Cosmo.  Sonic doesn’t blame him, she did look nice, but he shakes his friend to snap him out of it.

“Apparently the power was passed on to her somehow.”

“Well, we need to stop them before Station Square is leveled…AGAIN!”  Sonic spoke too loud.  Soon they are being looked at by three sets of eyes.

“Hi ladies.” They stammer.  They don’t wait for a response.  They instead bolt down the path, with all three right behind them.  They are unknowingly headed directly for Station Square.


At Cream’s house Vanilla is watching the news to try to relieve the immense amounts of worry that are in her from her prodigy not showing up yet.  She is once again going to turn of the television when…

“I have just received a bulletin.  I cannot believe what I’m reading!”  With a sense of deja vu in her mind, Vanilla pauses.

“A huge rabbit, along with a huge hedgehog and a huge living plant creature have been spotted in Station Square!”

“Not again…” Vanilla moans.  Just as she said that, the all too familiar footage comes on.

This time, though, there is not one, but three giantesses, and they are 50 ft. shorter than last time.  It was too obvious to Vanilla; she doesn’t need to hear that the military has been called out.  This time, though, she heads to her bedroom.  Inside there she opens a case and finds the glowing rock still on the yarn.

“I knew this would come in handy,” she says as she straps the necklace on.  She heads outside, but a few yards out, uses the stone (otherwise known as the Wishing Shard) and a blinding light emits out from it.  When it clears, Vanilla stands at 300 feet tall.

I don’t like to do this, but if that’s what it takes…” she says as she makes her way towards the city.


Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails have been captured by Amy and now rest atop her shouders.

Also, Cream is the first with a way to have fun.

Let’s play hide-and-seek!

Good idea, but you’re it first, okay?

Okay.  Sounds good to me.  Everyone scatters to pick a hiding place.


Cosmo has chosen to hide behind a building (what choice does she have?).  The military sees this as their chance to strike.  They are about to strike when (out of nowhere) Sonic shows up.

“Come on, we’ve had this talk before.  Does it look like she’s harming anyone?”


“I can take care of this; maybe you should return back to base.”

“Sure.  All units, return to base!”  Just as he said that, Cream finds Cosmo.

Found you, Cosmo!  Now I have to find Amy and Cheese.  Sonic spins around.

“I could be led in circles, but it’s my best bet of finding the others.”  He follows Cream and Cosmo.


Cheese has hid in a tree (he’s not that big; he could do it).  Tails stumbles across him.  Unfortunately, so has the military.

“Please don’t shoot him; he’s not causing you any harm.”


“You weren’t even sent to attack this one, so maybe you should head back to base.”

“Fine.  All units, retreat!”  As soon as the order was given, Cream finds Cheese.

Found you, buddy!  Now I just need to find Amy.  You had a good hiding spot.  Tails and Sonic meet up.

“How’s it going, buddy?”

“Just great, Sonic; now, let’s find Amy!”  They tail Cream, Cosmo and Cheese.


Amy has hidden in the water system, behind the dam.  She is considerably far from the city.  Central St. takes Sonic and Tails right to her.  While crossing the dam, a massive hand grabs them and pulls them over.

Guys!  You’re gonna ruin my hiding place!

“Um… sorry about that, but you’ve got to come back to the city.”

Looks like I’m going to have to…” she says noticing a pair of rabbit ears.

Found you, Amy!  Yay, I found all of you!  Let’s head back to the city to see what else we can do!  With that they head back to the city.  They meet in the park area.  They are about to decide what to do next when they hear a voice.

You all really shouldn’t be doing that.  Everyone spins.  Tails and Sonic are glad to see the source of the voice, although it’s hard to see since it’s pitch black out.

We’re sorry.  We just wanted to have a little fun,” they say in unison.

I know, and it looks like you had your fun.  But I think it’s time for three certain someones to get to bed,” replies Vanilla.  Tails notices a third military convoy with everything they’ve got aimed at the four giantesses.  He tries to tell Sonic but it’s too late.

“All units, open fire!” the general commands as tank shells and bullets fly at them.

“Bad mistake…” Sonic and Tails remark as they can feel that they are placed with Cheese.  All four giantesses turn towards the convoy with angry faces.

“Oh boy… RETREAT!!” the general commands and all start to scatter.

I was going to congratulate you all on not breaking anything, but it looks like some stuff will apparently have to be broken,” says Vanilla as she plants a foot down ant crushes the empty main tank.  Sonic and Tails can’t believe she did that.  Soon they all join in crushing the convoy flat.

Whew!  Okay!  Aside from that, nothing was broken.

Mama, I think more things will have to be broken,” Cream says, pointing out the largest convoy ever seen plowing at them from all sides.  Soon all four are surrounded.

Yeah, a lot more,” says Amy.

Well, what are we going to do?  I don’t want to fight back again…” says Cosmo.

I’m afraid we’ll have to.  If not, this could become very messy very fast.  Don’t worry, Cosmo.  We’ll be fine,” says Vanilla.

“You know it’s bad if Cream’s mother says that you have to fight,” says Sonic.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” replies Tails.

“This is your last warning!  Leave now, or we’ll shoot,” the commander orders.

Gee, we’d love to if you didn’t block every exit,” says Amy.

“Alright, you asked for it!  All units, open fire!”

No!  You asked for it!” the giantesses shout at once.  They each take one street and walk up and down it, crushing everything in the street.  When they regroup for Round 2, Sonic and Tails can’t help but watch with dropped jaws.  Not only at the massive destruction from these four, but at how beautiful they all looked, even though there were no clothes changes.  Several hours later the army is decimated.

Okay!  We better get out of here before more show up!” Vanilla shouts.  The other three nod in agreement.  Cheese signals for Sonic and Tails to hop on his back.  When they do he catches up with the others as they quickly (but carefully) leave Station Square and return to Cream’s house, but not before shrinking back to their normal sizes.  After Vanilla puts up the Wishing Shard everyone sits in the living room and takes a breather.

“Man, am I glad that’s over!” Sonic says.  Everyone nods.

“I think what we all need is a snack.  Come on, Cosmo, let’s fix something,” says Cream.  She and Cosmo head for the kitchen area.

“So you had the Wishing Shard?  No wonder I couldn’t pick it op on radar!” exclaims Tails.

“Yep; sure came in handy, didn’t it?” replies Vanilla.  “In fact, look out the window.”  They obey and look.  Station Square has a glow over it.  In a blinding flash the city is back to normal.

“And no one but us will know about this.  Understand?” she asks.

“Yes ma’am.”  Something smells good in the kitchen.  A minute or two later Cream calls everyone to the dining room table.  In the middle of the table lies a cake, decked out with strawberries and blueberries.  Cream is standing nearby, a smile on her face.  Everyone pulls up a chair and eats the awesome-tasting cake.

“Tea, anyone?” says Cosmo, with a teakettle in her hands.  Every hand shoots up.  Soon, everyone is enjoying the tea and cake, laughing and joking all the while.