Tiny Sonic, Giant Amy


Chapter 1: It doesn't work anyway!

It was a quite normal day. Sonic again had save Cream from Eggman who tried to conquer the world already and this evening he wanted to settle down and have some fun. As there's no fun without his sidekick he decided to visit Tails at his lab who was working on a new machine nobody of this century wouldn't understand anyway. However, Sonic was curious after arriving there and he wanted to know:

Sonic: „Tails, can you tell me what type of machine this is?“
Tails: „It's going to be resizertron. It will be capable of making things smaller or larger. However it doesn't work yet and I absolutely do not know why.“
Sonic: „Don't worry, little. I know you, you'll surely work it out. How should it work?“
Tai,ls: „Well, the concept is simple. Come other, I'll explain how I planned it.“

Sonic went over and Tails showed him the machine in detail: „This laser ray at the front shoots a laser ray - it has to hit the object you want to resize. And at that number keyboard at the back of it you simply type in the scale you want to resize an object to in percent - so if you want something double the size, type in 200, half the size is 50. After everything is typed in you press the red button below the keyboard and after 10 seconds it will fire.“, Tails explained. „And those 10 seconds are for warm-up?“, asked Sonic. „Not really,“ explained Tails, „they are added intentionally in case you want to resize yourself - like the 10 second waiting mode of a normal photo camera.“

Sonic: „And what does it do right now?“
Tails: „Right now, I am puzzled. First of all: It shoots two lazers in a sequence. First it shoots a blue laser ray once at the object and about 1 second later it shoots again - this time in red. After the first laser is fired, my test objects glow blue, when they are hit again, they glow red, and after a few seconds, nothing happens. I even monitored one apple for 1 week but simply nothing happened.“
Sonic: „One week. You're working that long on that device already? How come you've never showed me before.“
Tails: „Hey Sonic, you know the answer. My mind is sprinkling of ideas and I always work here and there, then you need my assistence in the Tornado, Amy asked me to build an automatic flower waterer, Cream wanted a bed which tilts to the left and right for the baby in her doll house. And well, there's always enough to do for you and then I also follow my own projects.“
Sonic: „Well, buddy, I am sure you'll work this thing out. If it physically possible, you can do it, I am sure!“ - he added a „thumb up“ pose.
Tails (smiling): „Thank you, Sonic!“

Right at that moment they heard Amy coming in:
Amy: „Hi Tails. Is my device for watering my flowers ready?“
Sonic quickly ran into a corner to hide behind some paper boxes - having a conversation with Amy tonight was everything he needed after that day.
Tails: „Yeah, it's ready. Look to the left of the Tornado, it's there.“
Amy: „Ah, great, how does it work?“
Tails: „Simple.. put it in your garden, attach it to a hosepipe switch it on and it will search the flowers itself - it is slow and it will probably need 60 minutes for your garden but it'll work.“
Amy: „Thank you, you're the best. You can't imagine how hard it is for me every morning to make up myself and then I have to do the housework. I need to look perfect when Sonic comes by.“ - She made a pause of a few seconds - „concerning Sonic. He was there a few moments ago, wasn't he. I can feel his wonderful charm (-glaring eyes-) in the air.“
Tails (hard voice): „Um.. well.. yeah... he was here but he is gone. And this is what you should do, I still have some work.“
Amy (looking through the room): „Wait, he's still here, I feel him.“ - Following her senses she ran right in the direction of the boxes took out her Piko Piko Hammer smashing all boxes out of her way with one skilful throw - „I got you.“ - one of the boxes flew right through the room hitting Tails who stumbled because of the hit and fell in the back of the resizertron hitting the red button.
Sonic: „Um.. Amy!“
Amy: „Oh, darling. You do not need to hide.“
Sonic: „Amy, it was nice to talk to you, I gotta hurry. You know.. I sense... an attack of Eggman in the air.“
Sonic jumped up and started running, Amy immediately followed. Right at the moment, Sonic passed the resizertron the blue laser ray hit him and he quickly stopped after he recognized he was now glowing in light blue. Amy was still following him - and she was hit by the red ray.
Both having stopped they looked at each other glowing and Amy addressed to Tails: „What does this machine do with us?“

Tails: „It's intended to resize objects and probably people, too. However, I'll assure you nothing's gonna happen, it was set to 100% so it wouldn't change your size even if it was working - and it never did before and my last test today also failed - I didn't work on it since now.“
Amy: „Okay, good to know.. not that tomorrow I couldn't reach the mirror anymore when I want to make up after getting up because I am too small.“
Sonic just thought to himself: „You have problems, you know?“

A few moments later the glow on both of them disappeared - and everything seemed normal again.
Tails: „As mentioned, it doesn't work so you can just ignore what just happened.“
Sonic: „Well, bud, as mentioned, Eggman waits, I gotta go.“ He stormed out of the lab, quickly at his home just to get away from Amy - without even saying „Bye“ to Tails.
Amy: „Oh Sonic, when will you finally follow (tears in her eyes). Anyway, Tails, I gotta take the flower waterer, thank you, I'll pay you back tomorrow. I need a rest. Bye.“
Tails: „Okay, see you tomorrow.“

Amy also left for her house with hanging head and some sobbing. Sonic running always away from her is something she cannot stand.“

Chapter 2: Tails, it does work... kinda!

Amy and Sonic got up the next day and they were making themselves ready for the day. But some things seemed little odd. Amy was sure the doorknobs seemed a little lower today and on the other side Sonic was absolutely sure that the snatch of his fridge with the Chili Dog ingredients was a little lower yesterday.

Ignoring these minor details for the first few minutes it hit Sonic first... Tails had said „... capable of making things smaller or larger...“ the day before. „But no.. it can't be.. it isn't working.“, he though for himself... „But maybe.. if it does.. what about Amy?“

For the first time in his life Sonic ran to Amy - and not for saving her. He knocked at her day she opened up, kinda shocked - she expected everybody to knock at her door but not Sonic - did he change her mind about her? But Sonic had totally different thoughts.. the first he recognized.. „I am.. eye to eye with her!“ And that shouldn't be at all.. Sonic's 100cm/3'3“ tall, and Amy's just 90cm/2'11“.

„Amy,“ he began, „do you have a metering rule. Or something similar?“
Amy: „Um... Well, yes, I do. But why?“
Sonic: „Look in my eyes!“

And then it hit her. „You're smaller?“, she began „Or wait.. maybe I am taller?“
Sonic: „That's what I want to find out!“

They meassured each other. Amy begin meassuring Sonic's height: „Sonic, it seems you're 95cm/3'1“ to me.“
Sonic: „Okay, and now lemme check for you.“ - a few moments later - „Okay, dear. You're also 95cm/3'1“. So you grew, I shrunk over night.“

They stared at each other for a few moments and shouted similarily: „TAILS!“
Sonic: „We need to get to him, now!“
Amy: „Aggreed, let's get going.“

They both reached Tails' lab in time and quickly knocked on the door. After a long wait a totally dozy Tails came out looking at them and all he got to say (eyes half-open half-closed): „Why do you wake me up?“

Amy: „Look for yourself.“ She took Sonic's arm and dragged him over to a wall so that he stood with the back to the wall, then she walked to his left.

It took Tails a few seconds to recognize and he was hell-awake in one second: „You... that.. it doesn't work.. it can't be. It must be a coincidence“
Sonic (shirty tone): „Oh yes, she grew 5cm/2in over night, I shrank over night, that happens all the time. (sarcastically)You remember Cream shooting out of her roof because she accidently grew over night.“
Tails: „Okay, okay, I give up. But now we have work to do. How did that happen? It never work before why should it now work for you. I guess it's important that we go through the happendings yesterday evening point by point so that I can see the difference to my test objects.“
Sonic: „Objects!! Objects!! We're no objects.. difference found, kthxbye!“
Tails: „Sonic, cut it out. I also tried it on myself. It just didn't work!“
Sonic: „Didn't you say, you tried to fix it and change it all the time.. so ow it works for people, before it didn't.“
Tails: „Yes, I did try to fix it but I never changed any of the interiours. I didn't find out what was doing the mistake, even my computer told me it should work, the computer simulation of the circuits.. JUST WORKED.“
Sonic: „But...“
Amy interrupted: „Boys. Stop it. Let's go back to yesterday and roll back the happenings fact by fact. First: I smashed away the boxes. One was hitting Tails, who accidently hit the red button and probably activated the machine then.“
Tails: „Yes, the red button activates it and after 10 seconds it shoots!“
Amy: „Okay. Second: we discussed and you started running. I followed but of course I was slower. You were 'lucky' and just after the mentioned 10 seconds a blue ray hit you.. and you glowed red after it. And third: When I passed I was hit by a red ray.. and glowed red.“
Tails: „I still wonder what these colored rays are for.. they are not planned by me. But I guess I just got an idea. Maybe the machine cannot just resize one object. It has to shrink one in order to make on grow.“

After a silence of one minute Tails continued: „Okay, I got an idea. Come over to my main lab, we'll try something.“ Amy and Sonic went ahead, Tails took two apples and followed them.

Having arrived Tails explained his experiment: „I'll now try to shoot one of these apples with the blue ray and one with the red. I'll set the machine to 200% so one of both should become double the size.“ He placed the apples in a line and he gave a long wooden stick to Sonic: „As I can hardly turn the machine, your job is: once the front apple has been hit by the blue ray, you push it away with that stick.. the red ray will hit the 2nd apple then.“ „Understood“, answered Sonic.

Said - done.. Tails started the resizertron, they heard the machine warming up and after 10 seconds, the blue ray hit the apple. Sonic pushed it away immediately and just half a second later the red ray followed hitting the 2nd apple. And it did work: the first one still glowing blue shrank to half its size.. the second one grew to double its size.

„It's working“, said Tails slowly.. „it took away some size of the one apple and gave it to the other one. Or in other words: the size of apple one was divided by 2 the size of apple two was multiplied by 2.“
Sonic: „But you said we were at 100% - so my size should have been divided by 1, Amy's multiplied by 1, Result: the same.“
Tails: „True. But noone of us knows how the machine behaves at 100%. I never tried that value as nothing should have been visible anyway. Come over I have another machine. It can meassure your exact height and it will recognize even minor changes - it can even see the change of your size due to very low shivering.“

Sonic and Amy followed.. they stood right next to each other. And Tails started.. „Well, it says Amy is 94.865cm, while Sonic is about 94.872 cm - you're both practically the same size, meaning you've changed your original size by 5.41%.“
Sonic: „Enough of that math stuff. At least stop me from shrinking. I do not want to end up as a midget.“
Amy: „And I do not want to buy a new house because I do not fit in my current. My house costed me 1 million rings!“
Sonic: „I'd love to be my exact old size but stopping is really much more important for me, I guess I could live at that size for some days.. or even weeks.. but not less.“
Amy: „We perfectly fit together.“ (happy smile)
Sonic: „That's one of the reasons I want to get back to my old size.“

Tails: „Well, first of all. I cannot meassure any size change right now. You have both absolutely stable sizes. However, I guess I should just set the machine back to 100% and we'll shoot at you in opposite directions.“
Amy and Sonic did follow: while setting up and shooting worked.. the blue ray was just reflected by Amy and the red one was reflected by Sonic - they reflected the rays on a random box (blue) and Tails' bycicle (red) - those objects were glowing.. Sonic and Amy weren't.

Amy: „This certainly did not work.“
Tails: „It seems like you already absorbed a... let's call it.. resizing ray. No other can enter.“
Sonic: „Okay, so let's just trust you that nothing would happen - you said we're stable, I trust you. Maybe we simply just lost or won our 5% and that was it.“
Tails: „Let's hope so“.

Chapter 3: When it stops, when it starts

Tails: „But I guess it's better you stay here first. This way if things change.“
Sonic (thinking): „Oh jeeze - now I have to stay here near Amy“

The hours passed by - Tails remeassured Sonic and Amy several times but there were no differences to recognize over the day.
Tails: „It seems like really nothing happened again. So I'd guess the both of you just got a little growth or shrink spurt but it stopped.“
Sonic: „Okay, so can we leave now?“
Tails: „Please don't! I want to watch it just for the rest of the day.“
Amy: „You won't get rid of me that easily, my Sonic!“
Sonic (thinking): „Please, make it stop.“

A few minutes later, Tails came back to them: „I do have a question though. Would you mind helping me? Today the garbage collector robots are planning to come. And you recognized all those hundred empty paper boxes in my lab. I barely have any room now, would you mind just helping me put most in the trash can so that the collectors can empty them and I finally have some room again.“
Amy: „Sure... I've got nothing better to do.“
Sonic: „It's definitely better than sitting around waiting for nothing too happen.“

Most boxes were trashed very quickly. And all they did in the end was putting the trash cans out of the house and wait until they get emptied which was done just a little later.
Tails: „Hey, you too, because you're bored that much what I can understand, would you mind me doing some food for you.“
Amy: „Sure, let me help you, I need something to do - (mean voice) because that blue hedgehog still tries his best to ignore me.“
Sonic: „Hey, calm down! It is not my fault we're here together...“
Tails: (harsh) „PLEASE don't make it my fault that you're here - I told you I would never expect anything like this to happen.“
Sonic (low voice): „Okay, okay... do whatever you want I stay in the living room.. or just walk around. But do not forget to make some Chili Dogs for me. I am hungry.“

While Amy and Tails were managing food in the kitchen, Sonic just walked around through Tails' house - until he reached the lab where he found something shocking. He stormed back to the kitchen where he found Amy and Tails being busy with preperations.

Sonic: „In the lab.. there.. come over.. you need to see..“
Amy: „Sonic, don't you see we're busy. In 5 minutes we're ready.“
Tails: „Yeah, what is it.“
Sonic: „Please.. you have to see.. you won't believe.“
Tails: „Okay, okay!“

All the three went over.. and found a huge bike, it was barely fitting the lab...
Tails: „How could that happen.. my bike.. nobody would be ever able to ride... and it seems like it's still slowly growing.“
Amy: „Oh shoot.. it will gonna burst through the ceiling.. we have to get it out.. quickly.“

Tails opened the garage door of the lab (normally the Tornado drives out of that) and all three were trying hard to get that thing out although even each wheel was nearly double their size and therefore the bike was very, very heavy. Fortunately they were able to get it through the gate.

Sonic: „What are you gonna do about it now, Tails?“
Tails: „I have a matter destroyer somewhere.. it will destroy it totally but I wonder.. why did it grow at all?“
Amy: „Remember what happened this morning? You tried to stop us from changing our size. But instead of absorbing the rays we reflected them... the red one was hitting your bike.. the blue one one of your boxes we trashed later. So it's probably the same as before. This box we trashed is probably just enough to hold a finger ring anymore while the bike grew to unusable size.“
Tails: „Well but why did you just grow a little over one day and that thing.. this wasn't even half a day.“
Sonic: „You did say we didn't change our size at all while we were here right?“
Amy: „We were close to each other. And this night we were still not too far away from each other.. it's a less than one minute walk from my house to Sonic's house.“
Tails: „So you think.. it's the distance? That makes sense.. so if you two have a large distance in between you two... it will probably accelerate. No matter where this box now is - it's definetely very far away and getting even farer away.. and right now.. there wouldn't have been any chance anymore to get my bike out of here.“

Looking out the bike was now larger than the gate the Tornado normally fits through.

Tails: „I gotta take my material destroyer out of the cellar, I'll be right back.“

In Sonic's mind right now one of the worst nightmares was running.. if their theory was right that means.. he was bond to Amy. He didn't want to end up as a tiny midget who has to be afraid of being stepped on like in bad movies on TV. But on the other hand.. why Amy.. anything but her...

Amy kinda had the same thoughts.. just from a different perspective.. she'd have something really strong in her hand against Sonic.. theoretically.. she didn't really want to get any larger either technically.. or maybe a bit.. but not too much.

What both of them did not know.. they were listened to.. and not by Tails. There was bug in the lab - and it recorded everything they said. And someone else was quite happy about that information.

Meanwhile somewhere else not too far away

Dr. Eggman was happier than ever. That bug in Tails' lab was really worth something. He doesn't need to attack Sonic... or one of his friends.. he just needs one specific of Sonic friends.

Dr. Eggman: „Decoe, Bocoe.. build a cage.. a very large one.. but make it stable.. the victim for it might be a giant.“
Decoe and Bocoe: „Aye, aye, sir.“
Eggman: „Now all we need to achieve is getting Amy over here.. and Sonic mustn't recognize.. quickly so that she doesn't become any dangerous.“
Decoe: „But how do you want to achieve this. Sonic knows he mustn't leave her side.“
Eggman: „What do you think. Sonic is bullish. He won't let Amy too close to him - not closer than required. They were the whole time in Tails' house... often in different rooms - yet he didn't shrink.. so I am sure: he won't let her sleep in the same room.. now all we need is to find out where they are tonight. Then we fill Amy's room with our coma gas - so that we won't wake her up even if we forcefull take her away.. and then.. tomorrow morning when he gets up.. Sonic will be an easy target and I'll rule the world.“
Bocoe: „Dr. Eggman, you're genius.“

Back at Tails' house

Tails succesfully destroyed the bike - he just shot at it and it vanished in the air.
Tails sobbed a little: „It was expensive.. it was one of my first presents I got years ago. But it had one good purpose in the end - it taught us how we can at least halt your situation. You may go whereever you want in my opinion... just stay together.“

After having the food Tails and Amy prepared, Amy and Sonic couldn't wait to get out of Tails' house.. being all the day in there was totally boring for both of them.

Amy: „Now Sonic... you can if you want go to your house and I to mine.. another 5% over night.. I don't care.. but we could also stay the rest of the day together.“
Sonic: „Do I really have a choice? Let's go somewhere to the park. Or whereever.“
Amy: „Alright. But now that you can barely run away: Why did you always run away?“
Sonic: „Because of your questions“ (harsh sound).
Amy (harsh): „I could also run away!“
Sonic (silent): „I would always be able to follow - even now!“

On their way through the park they met Cream.
Cream: „Hi Sonic. Thank you for saving me yesterday. Hi Amy. Um wait.. you two together.. I've never seen that in months. Did you make up? Or are you fighting again?“
Sonic: „In between... we have to make up but it might end in a fighting!“
Cream: „Huh?“
Amy (stopped and grabbed Sonic): „Look at the both of us!“
Cream: „I do not really see what you mean.“
Amy: „Look closer.“
Sonic: „I'll tell you. Amy and me are currently bond together because of a not-perfectly working invention of Tails. When I leave Amy's side she gets larger while I get smaller. Tonight we slept in our houses.. it was enough so that Amy and me are the same size today.“
Cream: „Oh, I understand. Can't Tails revert it“
Amy: „Unfortunately not.. or for me fortunately? This way Sonic can't get away *tehe*“
Cream: „I see. So well, good luck for you two. I have to pass on do some shopping for Mum.“
Amy: „See you later“

Amy: „I'll propose you something. I guess you won't want to be in the same room with me tonight, will you?“
Sonic: „You guess.. of course not!“
Amy: „Okay, I have a proposition for you. We'll sleep at my house tonight.. I have a guest room right besides my bed room. You can sleep there.. we push the beds to the wall so that we are as close to each other as possible but we'll still be seperated by a wall. Deal?“
Sonic: „Deal!“

Back at Eggman's base

Decoe: „The cage is ready.. as you wished.. the iron bars have a low distance so that the hedgehogs cannot escape yet it is that strong that even a super size hedgehog couldn't damage them.“
Bocoe: „I prepared a speed rider.. this way we'll just take 10 minutes from here to their houses. Additionally I studied the plans of their houses. I bet they'll rest at Amy's house - she has a guest room and Sonic might be sleeping there. We should fill both rooms with coma gas - so Sonic won't wake up for at least one hour even if we were too noisy.“
Eggman: „Great.. so tonight we move out. Bokkun?“
Bokkun: „Ready.. I'll throw the gas bombs in their rooms.“
Eggman: „Ready everybody. Tonight we'll move out!“

At Amy's house in the late evening

Sonic: „Okay, we arranged the beds.. if I didn't shrink in Tails lab, I definitely won't shrink over night either now.. we can't be much closer to each other.“
Amy: „Do you really not want to come over to my room?“
Sonic just sent her a mean face, followed by „Good night“ - he closed the door behind him. Amy had one tear in her eyes.. but quickly made herself up... „Well, at least he was never as close to me over night - just when we were in trouble.. or wait.. I guess we are in trouble.. kinda“

Chapter 4: The kidnapping!

„It's all running according to plan. Ready everyone?“, Eggman asked his team that night before they planned to rush out to the village Sonic and his friends live in.

As everyone was they started getting in their speed rider (basically a helicopter like plane) and flew as quick as possible to the village directly in the direction of Amy's house. Having arrived there, they silently set up their air pump with the coma gas. Fortunately for them the windows of the rooms Sonic and Amy were sleeping in were ajar so putting them in a deep sleep was easy.

„Okay, you finished?“, Eggman asked? „They should be having a deep deep sleep for the next 5 hours“, Decoe replied. „Okay, Decoe, Bocoe, get Amy out.“

Being unable to open the window fully and the door was locked, Decoe and Bocoe had to smash the window to get into Amy's room - but their guess was correct: Neither Amy nor Sonic were recognizing anything - and on the other hand they were silent enough to not wake up any other in the neighborhood. A few minutes later Bocoe was holding Amy over his arm and the robot put her in their plane.

„Okay,“ explained Eggman, „we need to hurry back as fast possible. The farer she's away from Sonic, that faster she'll grow - and we have no idea how large she can get if we just take too much time.“

They hurried back as quick as possible to the prepared jail and put Amy inside where she should sleep the rest of the night. She didn't grow recognizably at all, however that was exactly as they wanted as they took only about 15 minutes to unload her and lock her up where she was unable to escape on her own but just grow until she's too big for the cage - but there was much room for her so she could easily grow over 50 times her regular size. Inside she was laying on a huge matrace so that it would take her long to wake up and to recognize.

„Good work, guys, my plan worked out as usual“, Eggman celebreated. „Dr. Eggman, it was also our plan!“, Decoe complained. „Who allowed you to promote yourself, it was my genius plan!“, Eggman argued. „But what about...“, Decoe continued but was interrupted by Dr. Eggman: „Shut up, your plans before never worked, they were always stopped by that stupid hedgehog. And this time: there's nothing this hedgehog could do.“

This time it really seemed to work out: while Sonic was sleeping silently in Amy's house, Amy just continued sleeping in the jail by Eggman's base - what they didn't know was that they were absolutely seperated now and the thing both of them wanted to prevent started its progress: Amy was growing taller quickly.. Sonic was shrinking faster than before - and both of them didn't dream of anything bad.

Sonic however was kinda lucky: while all his friends were sleeping there wouldn't have been anybody who would recognize that someone broke into Amy's house until the morning.. but fortunately for him there are some night active.. one of them being a genius treasure hunter: Rouge the bat who was flying through the night and was doing a trip through Sonic's village before she would go on her search for the beautiful Chaos Emerald.

But: „What's that“, she was thinking as she passed Amy's house. „A broken window. That pink hedgehog would fix things like that.“ She flew through the window and landed in Amy's bedroom. „Hm.. she isn't here.. the bed isn't made up - looks like she was removed forcefully from it.“ She was looking around. „Isn't there some jewels here - while I am here I could just look for them.“ She left the room and decided to take a little walk in the house but things didn't really run according to her plan: „Nothing of too much value here. I guess I should just leave and go on searching.“

Being efficient however, she didn't want to leave out any room and arrived in the guest room. Where Sonic was sleeping: „Oh well, nothing's here either. Except for that pretty well done Sonic doll.“ She looked at the shrunk down Sonic from the close and removed the cover of him: „Oh wow, this doll is really totally on proportion. That must have taken some work. But why is it here.. and“, she was thinking.. „why the heck is it.. snoring???“ She took a closer look: „It totally looks like Sonic, it's snoring, it's breathing, it seems like it's alive.“ She touched Sonic at the belly and as anything alive would do: he twitched for a short moment. „That's impossible, could that really be him.“ She pushed him, turned him to the left and right but there was no way in making him wake up. „Even if they already know about this, I have to show it to Tails - he's sleeping too fast, I've never seen something like that. He must be bemused.“

She took Sonic who was right now just about a third of his regular size and carried him in her arms to Tails' house - Sonic didn't wake up at all, although Rouge was hurrying as fast as she could run and arriving at the house she rang the bell every 2 seconds until finally a completely dozy Tails opened the door. „Rouge?“ he asked, „What is it?“ Rouge showed him Sonic. „Oh no, they should have been together?“, Tails shouted turning awake. „Who should be together“, Rouge asked confused... „Amy and Sonic“, Tails replied quickly, „did you seperate them?“ „Umm.. no, I didn't, I was looking for some jewels in Amy's house, the window is broken and I felt myself invited - and I found that in something looking like a guest room.“ „So Amy might have been kidnapped?“, Tails Asked.
Rouge: „I guess it's possible but still.. can you explain me the whole story I do not understand anything.“
Tails: „We don't have time. The short story is: Amy and Sonic were accidently hit by a laser of one of my machines, now Amy grows and Sonic shrinks and the speed depends on the distance to each other: yesterday they were about the same size and being all day in my lab they didn't change their size anymore. So now they were seperated and you see what happend!“
Rouge: „Okay, I got it.. at least, I think so. But can we wake him up, I guess he's bemused I tried to wake him up by force but it doesn't work.“
Tails: „Let me do that.“

Tails took the tiny Sonic put him on a table. „Okay, I am just putting some electricity on his body. Nothing deadly but he should wake up.“

Sonic's dreams and nightmares were going through his head: „Amy, I want to leave you“ „Amy, get away from me“ „Oh my little darling Sonic, you should not“ - additionally he had images in his mind of Amy accidently stomping on him because she could not see him and he was the size of a rat to her. „Sonic, you see we're destinied to be toge....“

His dreams were quickly stopped by some pain he felt in his body and he instantly looked around to see a giant Tails and Rouge looking at him. „What happened.. where am I?“

„Sonic“, Tails explained, „you're in my house. Rouge brought you here.. she found you in Amy's house.. it looks like Amy was kidnapped.“ „Kidnapped!!!“, Sonic shouted shocked - that was kinda usual for him.. but right now out of 100 things that shouldn't happen, this was rank 1 at that point of time. „You can be lucky, bats are active in the nights, Rouge did find you - let's better not think about how you would have looked in the morning.“

Sonic jumped off the table and looked up to the two faces. „Okay, let's rush out to find Amy. But if you're already that large.. oh wait, I am already that small. How tall is Amy gonna be.“ „We'll quickly find out“, Tails replied, „let's just meassure you for a few secs and we'll know how large Amy should be.“

Sonic followed Tails to the meassuring machine: „Okay, Sonic you're 31.44cm/12.37 inches high. That's 31% of your regular size meaning Amy is 323% of her normal size. So she should now be handy 2.90m/9'6“.“ „Okay, and how large does that appear to me?“, Sonic wanted to know. „Let me just check quickly... okay, she'll be like 9.35m/30'8“ to you - and I'm currently like 2.55m/8'5“ to you while Rouge is 3.34m/10'11“.“ „Tails not that many number.. how large will she appear to me.“ „Okay, simply spoken: right now she's over three times my size and I am already over double your size. Understood?“

„Okay, we have to rush out and find her. It must be Eggman behind this. Or did she want to shrink me?“, Sonic thought loudly. „I don't think so.. you were bemused - I needed to use electric shocks to wake you up“, Tails answered. „And I wasn't able to wake up by turning you to all directions, and carrying you here.“, Rouge explained. „Okay, let's head to Eggman. I do not want to become any smaller.“ „Oh, you're quite cute“, Rouge giggled. „I don't need your opinion but would you help us?“, Sonic asked. „Count me in“, Rouge replied, „I don't like Amy you know but I need someone to protect me from Eggman - I want to do the treasure hunting while you back up. How many jewels could I collect having Eggman in my back.“ „Always thinking about herself“, Tails though and then he said: „Okay, let's take the X tornado!“

Chapter 5: Large pink thing required

„Muahaha“, Eggman enjoyed, „my plan worked out perfectly.“
„Wasn't it .. OUR plan“, Decoe complained. „Who asked you? You're built by me so your thoughts are mine and it was my idea therefore!“, Eggman interrupted.
„And just look at her“, Eggman said, pointing to a monitor. „Being caught in a cage and soon she won't even be able to get out through the door we got her in anymore – not to mention that entrance is locked right now.“

Amy was by now a good 3 meters/10 ft in height and didn't notice anything yet as she was still silently sleeping, dreaming about the fact that Sonic is just one wall away from him and how'd she wake him up tomorrow. How could she have Robotnik had known what happened!

„Sonic and his friends won't be able to find her so easily now.. my base is large! And finding her here will be like solving a maze!“

Meanwhile Sonic had totally different problems. Being a midget between Tails and Rouge who try to help him didn't make him feel well – wasn't it him who saved them all the time? But now.. he knew he was still shrinking, he didn't really want to see Amy but he knew: he had to.. otherwise how would he end? And the other little problem: „How do we get you properly into the X Tornado?“, Tails explained.
Of course, it's not the problem of fitting Sonic in there... being built for 4 passengers there was enough room for Sonic but Tails wouldn't let him fly without being buckled up in a safe way.
„Tails! Before I was riding on the outerior of that plane, never really buckled up, just holding on to some parts of the wings or similar!“, Sonic tried to explain. „You don't know your current form.. I do not know whether you're still powerful enough to hold on if we start, we do not know whether you would fall of and I insist you will be secured!“
Sonic didn't answer as he understood that he wasn't really in the position of commanding Tails right now. Tails had helped him out often and now he probably really needed him!
„But don't you have anything like.. let's say.. a child seat or whatever you'd want to call it?“, Sonic asked. „Hmmmm..“, answered Tails, „well I don't. I already thought about it.“
„Boys!“, Rouge interrupted, „we need to act quickly. Otherwise Sonic will soon disappear totally and who'd kick Eggman's butt then? I need free space for my treasure hunting, taking care of Eggman? I am a lady!“
Tails: „Okay, Ms. Act Quickly.. what do you propose?“
Rouge: „I'll fly with you to Eggman's base. And Sonic can sit on my lap. Okay?“
Tails: „I guess that might work. Sonic?“
Sonic: „Do I really have a choice.“ - thinking: „It'll be much worse when I'll be carried around by Amy.“

Having solved that problem finally, they prepared the Tornado for take-off and started to Eggman's base.. Tails on the front seat, Rouge holding on to Sonic behind. 15 minutes later they arrived near Eggman's base where Eggman already prepared some inviation robots firing at them.

„Huh.. it's that two-tailed fox. They were faster than expected. Shouldn't Sonic be still sleeping“, Eggman wondered? „Anyway, they won't be a problem, at least I guess.“

Tails was actually having problems: The Tornado got hit and he had to prepare an emergency landing and he tried to get as close to the base as he could. „Tails“, Rouge shouted, „why do you get that close. Eggman will destroy the Tornado when we get back.“
Tails: „I've already more or less given up on the Tornado. Amy's in there, the closer we get the better it is for Sonic. It took me weeks to build up the Tornado. But it can be replaced – Sonic cannot!“

The crash was hard.. the wings of the Tornado flew off and the plane was quickly on fire. Fortunately for them, Sonic, Tails and Rouge were able to get out quickly. And in front of them: Eggman's huge base.

„And where's Amy now?“, Sonic asked. „It will take hours to find her in there.“
Tails: „I thought of that. I have to try an invention here.“

He took out something which looked like a radar screen.

Tails: „This thing is showing life signs in the near! Look now. It shows three life signs in a very close distance. That's us. One life sign is shown as weak.. that's probably Sonic. So Amy should be shown as a very strong one once we're closer to her.“
Sonic: „So we won't see any of Eggman's robots on there.“
Tails: „No, they are no living beings.. so we can see Eggman on this screen. But just him an Amy so I guess we can find her using it.“
Rouge: „You're boring.. I have to search my jewels all alone - can you invent that for me for treasure?“
Tails: *sigh*
Sonic: „Okay, let's get going!“

It was still dark. The way through Eggman's base which is more like a small city was long and it took them quite some time to manage to get in - especially considering Sonic was unable to defend robots as quickly as usually so Rouge had to come to help very often. Finally Tails stopped them:

„Stop now“, he shouted. „I have a signal. And I am pretty sure it's not Eggman.. it's very large.. look on the screen. The direction from here is 2 'o' clock and it's above us. Distance.. about half a mile, I'd say. „
Sonic: „Okay! Let's get going!“

They rushed as fast as possible in the direction. „We should be very close now.. we're also on the same height of her“, Tails shouted while running. However, instead of reaching Amy directly they were blocked by a huge metal wall of something which looks like a warehouse hall from outside. „She must be in there“, Tails insisted. „I know it. The signal I receive is much too strong to be even from all of us together.“ „And that was the only signal we had so far“, Sonic asked? „Yeah definetely!“ „Now we just have to find the entrance“, Rouge mentioned.

They walked around the hall but there was no entrance at all. Tails guessed, „They must have entered it from above or from below, how would we get in.“
„Leave that to me“, mentioned Rouge, used her screw kick and dashed into the wall - that wall wasn't very strong at all - the metal ripped and they had a hole to enter. And inside...

They found the cage Amy was kept in. And Tails' device was working. In Eggman's control room an alarm sound was starting: „What, they found her that quickly.“ He rapidly checked his monitors and he found them entering the hall the cage with Amy was put in. „How did they find her. That hall is sound-proof. Even Amy crying and screaming couldn't have been heard by them. Anyway, they won't get her out!“

Tails and Rouge were shocked what they saw.. Sonic even more. It was not looking really dangerous... especially considering IT was still sleeping and in a huge cage filling nearly the whole „warehouse“ - or „hall“.. or whatever. In front of them: a large pink hedgehog in a red dress just doing her beauty sleep. And she didn't notice at all that she was kidnapped or anything.

Sonic: „How come she's still sleeping.“
Tails: „Sonic. We're just having sunrise. And considering she was bemused over night I'd say it's no wonder that she's still sleeping.“
Rouge: „Should they really wake her up? Not that she'll accidently harm us.“

Rouge's point standed: considering she was just a little taller than Amy's head and Sonic would even easily fit in her hands. (Amy was right now full 3 meter/10' while Sonic with his bare 30cm/1ft could even easily been accidently overrun by Cream or Tails - even Cheese is taller now).

*author note: size comparisons like „she was about the size of her head“ were actually verified using reference character pictures (SA1 art or so) ^^ - if you need proof, I can show lol*

Tails: „Well, one thing first. We should check whether we can break the bars of that cage.. or jail.“
Tails did a close look to the material: „Okay, this is hardened cryamanoid. It's close to unbreakable.. by force.“ „What do you mean 'by force'?“, Sonic asked. „Well, I guess Eggman doesn't expect us to be here. Even if Amy grew larger, she could hammer against the bars, slam into them, I promise you, they won't break. Even if she grew larger than the cage the bars would probably squish her body together. So force is no way to open it.“ „But is there a way to open it?“, Sonic asked again.

Tails: „Well, yes... but we should wake Amy for that. It's gonna be really hot in here.. we just need to make a little fire.. these material melts away at a very low temperature - so we can use heat to open that cage.“
Rouge: „But how should we wake her up. I won't fit between those bars. Just Sonic could!“
Sonic didn't want at all: „No no! I would have to squeeze and such and no.. don't you think it's dangerous!“
Rouge (with a harsh voice): „Sonic.. we don't have a choice. Do it or shrink. Haven't you noticed the cameras here?“
Sonic: „Umm.. no?“
Rouge: „So, you see: Eggman probably already knows we're here. And right now he's probably sending a whole armada of robots here. So we either do it now or tomorrow you'll accidently get crushed between two dust particles!“
Tails: „May I say: we have to do it?“

Sonic retreated and squeezed through the bars.
Sonic: „And now.. how should I wake her up?“
Tails: „Be creative.. she shouldn't be bemused anymore... right now she's just sleeping.. so jump around on her.“

Sonic (thinking): „Oh jeeze.. let's just hope she won't get up and try to slap that bug on her body.“

So he jumped up her belly. And started jumping.
And it didn't take one minute and they saw her moving.
„Sonic, get off“, Tails shouted, „she's waking up.“

Sonic quickly jumped on the floor - and looked while she was turning around. Then she opened her eyes looking at the ceiling. „Where am I?“, a loud voice appeared. She turned a little more and looked towards Tails and Rouge. „Tails, Rouge, what happened? Did you shrink?“

Tails shook his head: „Not really..“ He pointed to Sonic who was starting to squeeze out again. It didn't work.. a white glove from behind stopped him and held him back... „Sonic, look in my eyes.“, Amy said. Sonic did react as he didn't really have a choice. Then Amy let go of him and stood up and good for her: she did not hit the ceiling of her jail.

Looking straight Sonic just saw one red boot with a white stripe on it - he turned his head to the back.. looked up.. to a face of Amy looking down on him. Rouge and Tails were also gazing up.

Amy said shocked: „Oh my god, I'm.. I am.. huge.“

Chapter 6: How do we get her out

Amy was still totally confused: „Where am I?“
Tails: „Eggman must have found out what happened in my lab. So he bemused both you and Sonic.. and he kidnapped you here.. while Sonic can be lucky, Rouge found him on time. You see what he turned into.“
Sonic: „Tails!“
Amy: „Tehe.. yes, you did, Sonic.“

After a short pause: „But guys.. now get me out of here.“, Amy shouted!
Tails: „Okay, we probably need to do some fire.. this cage bars are made of cryamanoid. So we can do whatever we want they won't break. But they will melt. So I need heat.. like a fire. But I'll be careful.“
Amy: „Okay, do what you think would work, I trust you!“

All of them were not knowing, Eggman was already on the way to them. „How did they find her so fast. Sonic is already baby size but still.. I want him to disappear!“
Eggman was of course as always followed by his robot army.

Meanwhile Tails did succesfully melt away the first parts of the cage.. they weren't large enough for Amy to fit through but he slowly progressed - considering he always had to put out the fire so that it doesn't become uncontrollable.

However, a few tries later the hole was finally large enough for Amy to squeeze through. She wasn't out just 3 seconds and Eggman arrived. „So, you idiots, you want to rescue my captive... oops.“ - he directly looked towards Amy's breasts, somewhere above the head.

Sonic (laughing): „Not trying.. we did.“
Eggman: „You are in no position to say anything, BABY HEDGEHOG.“
Amy (harsh): „Don't talk to Sonic that way.. or I'll show you!“

Magically one of the many pico pico hammers Amy is keeping appeared in her hand. But it did adjust to her size.

Amy: „Did you say something? Or do you have to confess something? You kidnapped me?“
Eggman: „Umm..“
Amy: „Ah, yeah, I understand.. you did kidnap me. Now let me do something with you!“
Eggman (in fear): „And... what?“
Amy: „I'll play some Egg Crocket!“

Right after saying the big hammer hit Eggman's body and he flew out of the hall in the outside, and fainted when knocking against a wall. Decoe and Bocoe followed him quickly:
Decoe: „We'll show you, wanna-be-big hedgehog!“
Amy: „Who says wanna-be-big.. I guess I may say: I am big.“

Rouge: „So I guess, we can get back.. it's bright outside. Eggman will take some time to cure again.“
Tails: „I agree. Sonic?“
Sonic: „Yeah, let's go.“
Amy: „Wait.. let me look at you know.. may I take you, Tails.. just for rating my own size.“
Tails: „Well.. please be careful, okay?“

Tails was afraid being picked up by Amy is if he was a little child. But she was careful and he wasn't hurt.
Amy: „And you're normal size. Oh god, I am big. I won't even fit in my own house anymore.“ (sniff) - „Even if we go.. where can I go for sleeping.“
Tails (embarrassed by being held by Amy): „We'll work something out.“

Amy put Tails down... „And Sonic? May I compare to you?“
Sonic: „You already stopped me from getting out of your cage. Can you imagine how I felt being held from behind by your giant glove.“
Amy ignored what he said and picked him up with one hand anyway: „Oh, you're just looking so cute!“
Sonic was fighting against the fingers but it was no use: „And you're like a giant monster to me.“
Amy: „Hey! I am big.. but not a monster.“
Sonic: „To me you're a giantess.“
Rouge: „Hey, she's big, you're small.. so she appears even bigger to you, Sonic!“
Sonic: „Did anyone give you smart pills!“
Rouge: „Don't talk like that with a lady!“
Amy: „Yeah, consider yourself lucky I don't want to harm you.“

Sonic gave up fighting against the finger. She was much more powerful than he'd wanted so he just asked: „Can we get home. And Amy, please put me down!“

Amy did put him down and they got on their way to their town again.
Tails: „Well, Amy, I guess I know where we get you. Do you know the hangar I used to build up the Tornado? You'd fit in there. And we probably can get you some bed. Now that I know I can shrink something in order to make something else bigger, I am pretty sure we can get a bed for you... and we'd also get a bed for Sonic that way.“
Sonic: „Sounds reasonable.. mine is gonna shrink, Amy's gonna grow. Perfect. But couldn't it happen that in the end we have an immense bed and a tiny one?“
Tails: „No, remember the apple. I set the resizertron to a specific size.. and it applied it and the apples never changed their size.. I ate the grown one after you left and threw it away.. the other one never shrank it'll work. You were the unlucky ones because the machine was set to 100% for you.“
Sonic: „Well and in the hangar. Will you or others come by regularly.“
Tails: „I will.. I need to build up a new Tornado.. remember what happened.. we crashed it.“
Amy: „What? What happened?“

Tails quickly sum up the whole rescue story from the moment on when Rouge found Sonic until they found Amy.

Amy: „Oh wow.. I am worth that much for you.“
Sonic: „No, I am worth that much and I am useless if I am the size of a flea!“
Tails: „Sonic! Calm down. You both are.“
Rouge: „Well, you three. I guess I can leave you alone. My treasure hunting failed tonight.. and now I had to save that hedgehog with you. I need to get back to work.“
Tails: „Well.. okay.. and thank you!“
Sonic: „Yes, thanks.“
Amy: „Hm.. well, bye! And thanks.“

Amy suddenly stopped: „The town is ahead of us. I do not want people to see us like that.“
Tails: „Come on, my house and my lab are one of the first buildings, first of all we get you into my lab, you'd still fit through the gate you'd just need to sit inside, I guess. Then we prepare your transfer over to my hangar in the mountains.“
Amy: „Well.. seems like we have no choice.“

Sonic, Tails and Amy got to Tails' house. Sonic and Tails went on and opened the garage to the lab where Amy entered and sat down inside.
Amy: „Well, we're in.“
Sonic: „Amy, would you please excuse me. I just go around the corner in the house.. in the kitchen or so. I need 5 minutes for myself.. the whole day.. just was.. well...“
Amy: „Well, do.. but don't go far. And please come back, I feel so alone.“
Sonic: „I'll come. And believe me: I won't leave the house, it would be unwise.“

Sonic left the lab area and went through a short hallway to the kitchen. The garage gate to the lab was closed, so Amy was practically invisible from the outeriour. So she could be happy noone saw her.

10 minutes earlier:
Cream woke up this morning. She went to the window and opened the curtains just to look into the sun. But wait.. that looks like Amy.. just very tall. And Tails besides her.. wow. Did he build a giant Amy robot? He always wanted to build robots of the town inhabitants but like that? „Well, maybe it was easier to start out big.. much room to add some additional detail“, she thought to herself.
Being dizzy, she didn't recognize the tiny Sonic right besides them.
She dressed herself for the day went back to the window.. and ah yeah: the robot is squeezing through the garage in the lab.
Oh, how she wanted to see that thing. She ran out of her room, past Vanilla: „Good morning, Mom. I'll be right back, I head out to Tails, he has to show me has new invention.“
Vanilla: „Good morning.. and well... yeah, go on!“

Little did Cream know what she's gonna expect. Being totally excited she didn't rang the door bell and just opened the door - which fortunately for her wasn't locked. Little did she know what might happen.

She ran on and just wanted to pass the kitchen and crashed into some small blue thing which just left the kitchen and wanted to go back to the lab to Tails and Amy.

Sonic expected anything but not that. Being run over by Cream who didn't notice him was kinda like an all-time-low. Both of them stood up and Cream slowly checked out that blue thing looking just like Sonic which was only able to reach up to the blue tie she was always wearing around her neck on her breast.

„Oh, so Tails also built some tiny robots of us. Hey, little one! Can you tell me where that large Amy robot hides?“, she asked that little robot.

Sonic's 5 minute rest was already completely useless.. right now he'd need 2 years additional rest - she though he's a robot: „Listen, Cream..“, he started but was just interrupted. „Oh how cute, it knows my name.“

He started again: „Cream, it's me. Sonic. I've shrunk!“
Cream: „Wow, Tails taught you very much.“
Sonic: „Cream.. I am not a robot. Here come on.. touch me.. do I feel like metal.“

Cream carefully checked out the blue thing in front of her. „Yeah.. well.. you feel.. normal I'd say.“
Sonic: „Okay, believe me, I shrunk. And the giant Amy robot you saw. That was Amy. We're kinda exchanging sizes. We told you in the park yesterday.“
Cream (thinking): „Oh jeeze.. I remember.“
Sonic: „You should work on your memories.“ - it was the first time Sonic was actually smiling that day. „And okay.. actually Amy doesn't want to be seen. Neither me but I guess it's too late for you. So follow to the lab! Tails and Amy are there!“

Cream followed and entered the lab.. Amy sitting in there: „No.. don't look at me, Cream. Sonic, why did you let her in?“, Amy begged.
Sonic: „She saw you from her house.. it is too late. And she crashed into me. What should I have told her. Besides she saw us before in the park.“
Tails: „Oh well.. come in, Cream.“

Cream stared at Amy.
Cream: „Amy.. you're huge.“
Amy: „Please make that tall.. I feel like a freak being called huge.“
Cream: „Okay, okay.. but may I ask you something?“
Amy: „Sure go ahead.“
Cream: „May I sit on your lap. I always enjoyed it when mum did that with me.. but now I am too big she always says.“
Amy looked kinda irritated.. changed her mind and smiled: „Okay, come on, I promise I won't move.“
Amy looked to Sonic: „Do you want to join us?“
Cream: „Yeah, come on my lap, like my cute dollies.“
Sonic: „No no.. I still have my honor! I lost my size but I keep my honor.“

At that time Eggman was up again. „How did they find her.“ He want back to the warehouse where Amy was in and looked around. Then he noticed something on the floor. „They must have forgot that.. what is that?“

He inspected it.. and found out. It is a life indicator. „Aha“, he though to himself, „they found her because of her strong life signal. But I can also find you with it.. and next time.. my plan won't fail.“ And then he got loud: „Hahahaha.“

Chapter 7: Plannings

„Eggman, what are you going to do next“, Bocoe wanted to know. „It's simple“, Eggman explained, „those idiots used a life indicator to search Amy. As Amy was pretty large already her signal was very strong and she was therefore easy to find. Now what they can, I also can. I will use that thing to find Amy. Her signal is probably as strong as that of elephants and there won't be too many elephants in my way. So whereever she hides, we'll find her.“

„But“, Bocoe complained, „isn't it impossible to transport her now. Or wouldn't it be at least dangerous for us. We couldn't kidnap her again.“ „WHO WAS TALKING about Amy“, Eggman shouted, „This plan isn't about Amy. I want Sonic out of my way. Knowing they have to keep Sonic close to Amy, he won't be far from her. And bringing Sonic away won't be much of a problem... today we might need some small box to carry him away.. and tomorrow he'll be in a pickle glass, muahaha.“ „And then couldn't they just search for Sonic?“, Decoe asked.

„Well, they could. But what type of life signal would Sonic emit. The signal as strong as those of mice. And all we need to do.. is capture rats, mice and everything we find. Life indicators will be absolutely useless.“

Back at Tails' lab:

„Well“, explained Tails, „I guess we can get to the Polly Mountains tonight. This way nobody could see Amy. However, I guess we should inform some of our friends so that they can help us. However noone else should be informed.“
Cream: „I could inform my mommy. And whom else would you think of?“
Tails: „Well, Vanilla surely wouldn't be too much of a problem. I guess Knuckles could also be informed. Rouge already knows. We might need as much help as possible. So Cream, please go and call Vanilla, it's best to have as many people as possible. But please: do not talk to anyone else! And if you can, try to find Knuckles.“
Cream: „Okay and what about you three?“
Tails: „I guess we have to stay here. I guess, Amy won't want to leave my lab and Sonic won't want either. And I have to see how I can fix my stuff here, we need a plan to get to Polly Mountains, I need to see how I can stop or even revert the process.“
Sonic: „Believe me, I won't leave. If people see me like this. I am a midget.. maybe even less.“
Amy: „Hey, you can still run super fast and they won't really recognize me. Even if I did run my foot prints would be everywhere!“
Cream: „Anyway, I'll leave.“

Cream left quickly, leaving the other three along.
Tails: „Well, I guess I should start to try fixing my resizertron... otherwise I'll have to take it along tonight. So leave me alone for some time.“
Amy: „But.. hm.. I feel.. hungry.“
Tails: „Oh please.. how would I be able to feed you.. I need a whole tank wagon of food. And for Sonic, a cookie would do or so. Please, try to control your hunger, there's not much we can do about it.“

Tails then left them and started inspecting his construction plans of the resizertron in the hope that there is at least something he can change so that the growth and shrink spurt of Amy and Sonic would at least stop as this would already help. But why the hell were they kinda reflecting the rays... even if he manually shrank Amy and enlarge Sonic like the way he did for the apples it probably wouldn't work anyway. And why these 2 rays... it would be much work he'd have to do in the end.

Amy: „Sonic.. do you think, we'll ever become normal-sized again? I feel.. like a freak..“
Sonic: „Calm down.. it's Tails.. Tails will find a solution.. and if you feel like a freak.. how should I feel. I feel like.. I would be nothing.. like non-existant.“

„I heard about by Cream“, a known voice appeared from the background. It was Vanilla. Amy and Sonic turned to her. „Didn't you always complain about being the small child, Amy?“, she tried to joke.
Amy: „Please... even if I said that. I want to be my old self... hello anyway.“
Sonic said „Another one showing me just how small I am“ as he was looking up to Vanilla. „I guess I could ask you how's the weather up there if we already start joking.“

Tails stopped his inspections and turned towards them: „Well, now that you're here. Amy maybe you can reask your question.“
Amy: „Oh yeah.. I mentioned.. and it's kinda embarrassing.. I am hungry.“
Vanilla: „Oh jeeze.. well.. I never made that much food before so that I could fight against your hunger.. but I guess.. I will make a food like that for Cream's last birthday party where she invited 30 friends or so.. this should be enough for all of us.“
Amy: „Can we somehow help you?“
Vanilla: „I am afraid not.. you're probably too large and Sonic is probably too small. And I guess Tails is busy in working out how to help you. Once Cream comes back with Knuckles they might be able to help.“
Sonic (thinking): „Knuckles and cooking.. hell yeah, I want to see this!“
Vanilla: „Well, I'll start. Could anyone help me?“
Amy: „How? I cannot even get through the floor like this. I have to sit here all day so that noone sees me.“
Sonic: „Well, I could try - as good as I can.“
Amy: „Don't leave me, Sonic.“
Sonic: „I'll come back and we won't be far from each other in this house. So nothing should happen. And when Cream and Knuckles come, I'll go back to you - I do not think I'll be of too much use anyhow. And besides you can talk to Tails.“
Tails (from the corner): „Well, not really... I am working.“

Sonic followed Vanilla to the kitchen.
Vanilla: „Well, we have to make sure we have enough stuff for all of us. And I guess we have to count Amy as 10 people.“
Sonic: „And me as half?“
Vanilla: „Like that.. hehe. And you sure do look kinda cute like that.“
Sonic (ironically: „Oh thank you, I haven't heard that often enough“ and he adds: „I am still Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of the whole planet!“
Vanilla: „Yes, yes. Now please try helping me.“

Vanilla entered the larder in the kitchen and looked around: „Well, this should be plenty for all of us. Well, Sonic take this.“
Vanilla handed several of food boxes to Sonic: „Oh geeze, these were not that heavy before.“
Vanilla: „Well, I guess your size is getting problematic for you. Do you need help to put the stuff on the work disk.“
Sonic: „I can still jump high enough.. I was able to jump over houses, I'll still be able to jump that stuff up here.“
Vanilla didn't really listen and while Sonic was holding as many boxes as he could and she just picked him up as if he was light as a doll.
Sonic: „Hey!“
Vanilla: „Sorry, I couldn't resist. *tehe*“

Vanilla was starting her cooking work kinda ignoring Sonic. About half an hour later Cream arrived again together with Knuckles and Rouge.

Cream: „Here I brought Knuckles. Rouge and Knuckles were fighting again about the Master Emerald and in the end Rouge decided to come along.“
Rouge: „As mentioned, I need someone who opens the way for me for treasure hunting - and Eggman would be just in the way!“
Knuckles: „And I couldn't stop helping my friends. Although I didn't really believe Cream until Rouge confirmed it for me - and now.. I see you, Sonic.“
Sonic: „Have you already seen Amy?“
Knuckles: „Well, not yet.“
Sonic: „Well, just walk over to the garage. I'll follow you. I guess you will be needed in the kitchen later.“
Knuckles: „Oh well.. me and kitchen? All I can do is messing up.“
Rouge: „And me? You want to put a lady in the kitchen?“
Sonic: „Come on, we need every helping hand. If you do not want to cook - then help planning how we can get to the Polly Mountains tonight. Considering we do not have a Tornado anymore!“
Rouge: „The Tornade couldn't even transport Amy anyway.“

Well, Knuckles followed Sonic into the garage and stood shocked when he saw Amy.
Amy: „Please.. don't look at me like this.“
Knuckles: „S.. S.. Sorry, but believe me, this is not like things I see all day.“
Amy: „Yes, I am a freak!“
Knuckles: „No, no, no! Not like that.“
Amy: „And what else?“
Knuckles: „Well.. um.. just big?“
Amy: „Oh yeah.. a big freak!“
Knuckles: „No, no.. you're no freak.. I mean.. you haven't changed at all.. you're just bigger!“
Sonic: „Yeah but I am a midget!“
Amy: „Hey, Sonic. Even if you get smaller.. I'll still believe in you.“
Sonic: „AMY!“
Amy: „Sonic.. can't I do compliments to you?“
Sonic: „hmm..“
Knuckles: „Can't you leave your discussions at home?“
Sonic: „Hey, can you imagine how it is to be always together with her. I mustn't leave her.“
Amy (tears coming out of her tears): „Sonic, please.“
Sonic: „No, Amy! It's just because I have to be with you. I wouldn't have stayed together with you that long!“
Amy: „Then leave.“
Knuckles: „STOP IT!“
Sonic: „I cannot leave.“

It ended up in a two-sided discussion, Sonic and Amy were shouting at each other and Knuckles was just watching the two - big thinh shouting at midget and the other way around or something. Then Cream appeard from the back: „What's going on here? Mum and me can hear that even in the kitchen.“
Amy: „He said, he just stays together with me because he must!“
Sonic: „Yes, that's it. Why should I stay with you?“
Amy: „Just for me... you know how I feel for you.“
Sonic: „You're in love with me or what? You're giant and me.. I am a speck!“
Amy: „I still see you the way you are!“
Sonic: „You see me a way I am not!“
Amy: „You still are.“
Sonic: „But.....“

Sonic tried to continue his sentence but from his back, Cream just picked him up and carried him away: „Hey, Cream, what are you doing?“ „Getting you out of this“, Cream replied, „we do not have time for this.“

Outside of the lab, Cream put him down: „Okay, Sonic. Please! We all want to see you the way you are. And please also try to believe in yourself! You're Sonic! Just smaller. But you're still the hero of all of us.“
Sonic: „But nobody takes me seriously!“
Cream: „I did.. and sorry for picking you up.. I didn't see another choice. And I just wanted to help.“
Sonic: „... Thank you then.“
Cream: „Okay, then try to go back. And excuse to Amy.“
Sonic: „Well, I'll try.“
Cream: „Okay, I have to continue helping Mum.“

Sonic left and went back to the garage where Amy was sitting close to crying and Knuckles tries keeping care of her as good as he can.
Sonic: „Amy.. I am sorry. I just.. I am unable to handle this situation yet. I am able to handle attacks of Eggman, trying to destroy cities and everything. But this.. it's something new.“
Amy: „Sonic... thank you.. and I guess it's the same for me.. just the other way around.“

Later in the evening, there was fortunately enough food for all of them. Then Tails stood in front of all and re-explained the plan: „Okay, once it's dark, at 10 PM we should move out.. and we should calculate about 3 hours.. we should go through the Weaver Valley. Noone's living there. And therefore we should get through there quickly. And I want several of you to go ahead and check whether there's really noone else.“
Sonic: „Hey could I also go up ahead. I guess it's just about Amy.. I wouldn't be seen too easily.“
Tails: „Well.. I guess, it might work.. as long as you always check that the group is together.“

Chapter 8: On the move

As planned at 10 PM the whole group was moving out. What they did not know is that Eggman was watching them.

“Eggman, shouldn't we strike now?”, Decoe asked. “Idiot! Look how many they are. There's close to no way to capture Sonic there. What we can however do is to silently follow in a great distance. Look at that.” He showed the screen of the life indicator to his robots. “There is a large dot on it. That's Amy?”, Bocoe asked. “Indeed”, Eggman nodded, “even though they are over a mile ahead now her life sign is so strong that it's visible to this machine – they can't hide from us.”

And thus the move went out better than any of them expected. They thought they'd be attacked by Eggman's groups or the like – but nothing happened at all and they arrived at Tails' labs in the mountains absolutely safely. The labs are in holes dug into the mountains.

Amy: “Wow, these things are spacy. I didn't know you had that many labs here.”
Tails: “They are kinda kept secret. I am using those to develop new airplanes. I am planning to build a spaceship – and this thing's gonna be very large and thus I built these halls. The ship is progressing nicely by the way.”
Amy: “And is there any place to rest for us?”
Tails: “Well, I have guest rooms and places.. just I do not think I have a large enough bed for you. However, I think we can solve this problem.”
Amy: “Couldn't you just use the resizertron now that we know how it works to shrink one bed and enlarge another one?”
Tails: “I wouldn't want to use it – you get a point – we know better how it works. But if it really works according you say and only that way. We could have also reverted the process already. Would you just mind taking a stack of matraces. And well.. for a room. All working halls are heated and warm, would that be okay? For the cover – I guess we can also simply just attach multiple at each other – I have some human size beds just in case parts of our world are transported back to their dimension.”
Amy: “I guess so, it's probably the best you can do for me.”
Tails: “And Sonic.. well, I guess I have to ask you then: you will have to sleep in the same hall as Amy has. The guest rooms are far inside the mountains.”
Sonic: “Hey I could also just go into some hallway.”
Tails: “For your own safety: do not do this. The hallways are not heated – and you can't believe how cold it can get over night here.”
Sonic: “Hey, I am a tough body. Not even snow could harm me.”
Tails: “Sonic, please. I know you do not like me saying this. But it's a fact you are smaller than normal. While your mind, your person has not changed – your body has. And you know small children need warm places – Chao also need them – small bodies are easily affected.”
Sonic: “Hm.. now that you say it – let's put Amy into a hallway and she could manage the temperatures easily. Although she would barely fit in them.”
Amy: “SONIC!”
Sonic: “Hey? I was joking.”
Cream: “So the rest of us just goes in the guest rooms?”
Tails: “That's how I planned it!”
Sonic: “What if Eggman finds us here?”
Rouge: “Didn't Tails say this place is secret?”
Tails: “Yes, indeed it is.. besides.. the outerior is full of remote life indicators – anyone moving around there would be detected by them. Cameras would do the rest. I will switch them on later. And well.. Eggman doesn't know this place.”

How wrong Tails was – Eggman hadn't known this place but now he did. He was checking out the area with binoculars. “Interesting. Tails has always has a lab system I wasn't aware of. Just.. security seems good. Everywhere I see cameras and life detector units. We could never get in there.” Bocoe also checked out the surrounding: “Hm! I wonder.. who could monitor all these cameras?” Decoe: “It would be impossible. The life detectors probably check life signs approaching. And then the cameras get switched on.” Eggman: “Argh. I should have captured Sonic while they were moving.” Decoe: “Didn't you say the group was too large?” Eggman: “Did I say. NO I DIDN'T!” Then he added: “But this.. this is uber-kill. There is no way I could get in there.” Decoe: “You couldn't. We can!”

Eggman: “Excellent idea.. now say it in a way so that it sounds like my idea.”
Decoe: “Good idea you had, boss!”
Eggman: “Well.. but you won't do the job. Maybe the cameras can detect movements. However.. Tails couldn't make them super sensitive – falling leaves will be ignored I guess. What we need is a small robot. Large enough to carry out Sonic. Small enough not to be seen.”
Bocoe: “Now that would work.”
Eggman: “Guys. Let's get home. We have to work tonight! I want Sonic captured before morning!”

Back in the labs Tails was guiding everybody around showing his up-to-now secret spaceship prototype even Amy would easily fit in. And as it was getting later and later (2:30 AM) all of them finally wanted to get some hours of rest. Tails was able to manage a bed for Amy using 2x2 human matraces for Amy's 3 meter/10ft body while Sonic was getting a much-too-large-for-him-standard bed – however, Tails knew how Sonic would have reacted if he got him a children or even baby bed.

Tails was the last to get a rest. For security he activated the cameras and life indicators in the outside area - “Great, now nothing can happen”, he thought for himself.

And that was Tails second mistake for today. Eggman succeeded to finish a flying robot which was just 25cm/10in tall ; and it can fly at significant speed – 500 km/h / 300mph – slower than Sonic but fast enough. Being even smaller than Sonic in his current form neither the cameras should recognize it and as it's a dead robot. The life indicators would also ignore it. The only problem would be – once it takes Sonic out.. could Sonic still be recognized by the systems? Tails surely wouldn't put them so sensitive they react to ants.. or whatever. Sonic still being about 30cm/1ft – maybe visible – yet the robot should carry him out absolutely quickly it might work. In other cases.. it would take Tails and his troup at least 2 minutes to get ready to even check what happened. And by that time Sonic is too far away.

He programmed a route to the robot and it has a built-in life sign detector which should find Amy in the target area. Once it found Amy.. Eggman would remote control it to bemuse and get Sonic – and then take the route back.. automatically.

Said done. The robot found its way into the hall Amy was in. Eggman was now watching the screen (green-black night-sight): “Hm.. there is Amy. So Sonic can't be far. Let's fly around a little.” Just a few seconds later he found Sonic. “Ahaa.. now I get you” - the robot blows some gas out to bemuse Sonic and then just grabs him. And then.. it simply took the route back. And most lucky for Eggman: the sensitivity of Tails' indicators was set too low. The robot took Sonic out and flew right to Eggman's base. Where Eggman was just waiting to put Sonic in his escape-safe jail: a little air filled glass ball in a swimming pool – knowing Sonic's fear of water – there's no way he could escape from there. When Sonic arrived, Eggman even had troubles to get Sonic in the ball and close it again – however, he was confident: that problem will vanish within hours.. he then just added a little device into it, always making sure an air circulation through 2 thin tubes with the outside would be possible – additionally it has a microphone and a speaker. And that's all. The glass ball was held by a rope in a regular swimming pool.

Being totally squeezed together Sonic woke up pretty early although being bemased before. He was looking around himself.. he was nearly in his spindash form just lying on the back.. everything around him felt like glass.. and outside of the glass.. light blue.. bubbles rising up.. WATER? “Where am I”, he asked loudly. And through some speaker a very known voice replied: “You're mine, Sonic!”
Sonic: “Eggman” and thinking: “What happened? Where are the others? What is this thing?”

Chapter 9: Where's Sonic

Eggman couldn't have been prouder. Sonic is in his base - trapped. His friends haven't yet noticed anything. And soon: they'll have a much "bigger" problem. And he could literally see Sonic shrinking - so within hours or days his biggest problem in the world will be as small as dust pieces.

"Eggman, what happened. What is this place?" Sonic screamed still being close to unable to move in the tiny glass ball. "You remember my swimming pool in the egg carrier? Well, welcome, you're right now under water in a little glass ball, ho ho ho ho ho!" Eggman laughed. "I'll tell you.. I'll get out of here soon!" Sonic mentioned angrily. "You think so?" Eggman answered, "everybody knows you're afraid of water. And look up.. you really want to swim all the way up - oh wait, you can't swim at all!!"
Sonic became angry and all he could say: "Then they'll come! They'll come and help me!" but all Eggman could reply: "How would they. My base is large... life sign detectors are useless.. even a squirrel has a stronger signal than you have soon! And how should they guess you're in there. They can't even hear you. And they'll soon have a really big problem with Amy! And the bigger their problems get - the more comfortable that little ball is going to be for you!"

Sonic was quiet. Although he hated to admit it - it made completely sense - a huge base - and a tiny him. These are negative factors - and he can't get out himself. So all he could think of was - sitting back.. well, at least once sitting is possible.

Few hours later short before sunrise - Polly Mountains

"TAILS", a booming Amy voice went through the halls of the labs. Tails was well awake even before it appeared. He couldn't sleep - he was thinking all the time - how could he revert the process - or maybe just stop so that they get some more time. He had an idea on how to stop it - Though he was absolutely unsure on whether it would work. "TAILS", Amy's voice appeared again.

And in one second he was running towards the main hall. And he was already expecting the worst - which was just true. Amy crashed into the ceiling and Sonic was away. "Oh my god", Tails could only say. "Sonic is gone", Amy sobbed. "He must have been captured. We must find him." Tails was standing in front of Amy who was on her knees not to hit the ceiling again. Yet still, she was looking much larger than before. Tails calmed himself down and tried to find words:
"Okay, Amy. We can't search Sonic now. I guess we can be sure it was Eggman - so he's somewhere in Eggman's base! Where? Who knows? Do have utilities to find him? I do not think so. So before, I need to stop your growth. This way Sonic would continue shrinking - but at least one part of that drama would be over. I'll gonna tell the others - they should probably be awake already. Your voice must have been hearable in the whole mountains."

Soon, Knuckles and Rouge came for joining Amy. Cream and Vanilla would follow once Cream gets up. As it was slowly getting bright outside they got Amy to move outside: "Amy, watch your back.. do you want to sit here kneeling and bended the whole time", Rouge explained. "Why should I listen to you!", Amy said trying not to sound mean but she couldn't help herself - she was alone, probably noone could understand her situation - but Rouge just insisted: "Okay, Amy.. I know we had problems with each other many times. But in the end, please accept, I am on your side! At least today!"
Amy gave up and followed them and they were kinda right - outside she was able to stand up and immediately recognized her new dimensions. About 8 Meters/26 feet they guessed: "Oh jeeze. I fear I'll hardly be able of any use when you're trying to search for Sonic. Can I still see him. He must be tiny by now."
Knuckles: "It's Sonic. You know he'll fight - and if we do not find him. He will find us!"

Eggman's base

Wouldn't it be nice if Knuckles were right? Unfortunately he isn't. In fact Sonic is in his glass ball and watching the glass surrounding expanding around him. By now he had a spacy room for himself. Looking around he knew he had no chance of escaping - he could try to smash the glass. And then he'd drown.. and sooner or later he'd also die in here. What a choice? Did Eggman really win this time?
"NO! Eggman can't win. They'll find a way."
At that time Eggman was pleasently watching Sonic on his screens going in circles in his globe. What else could he do anyway!
"Sonic", Eggman triumphed, "This time I won".

Back at Polly Mountains

"I did it. It must work", Tails ran out. "Amy, this thing will stop... " - he was just getting the first glance of Amy at her new size - "it will stop your growth. It won't stop Sonic from shrinking but this way we get at least you under control!" He fired on Amy without even waiting for her answer: Amy started glowing red - the same red the beam she was hit with had.. and then just if it was a liquid film on her, the red color seemed to slide down her.. and it formed a large slop which disappeared once she was looking normal - well, kinda normal - again. "That felt strange!", Amy mentioned, "What did that thing do?" Tails explained: "You were hit by a red ray.. the enlarging ray. It was absorbed by your body. That energy was pushed out - you won't shrink - yet you won't grow anymore. One problem however is.. the energy is now here in this surrounding.. I doubt trees would grow now or grass or rocks. But it means.. it won't be enough to place you into Eggman's base.. to slow down Sonic's shrinking. He is the other pole of the the resizertron. He is shrinking.. he has to be brought here! Unfortunately this device won't be able to stop him from shrinking. But for now.. you stopped growing. Which is a start. And I think I can manip..." - Knuckles interrupted Tails: "Enough! We gotta find him! Now! Let's head out!"
Rouge: "Agreed. No more time!"
Tails: "I have a 4 seated plane.. Knuckles, Rouge.. you'll get in. Amy! You'll follow us by foot.. try running, I'll fly slow.. you should be much faster by now if you run. And hey.. you know chasing Sonic. Now you have my allowance to chase him", he said laughingly, ". So do it!"
Amy smiled: "Thank you. You raised my mood! And I'll follow."

Knuckles, Rouge and Tails stormed to the hangars but they were stopped by Cream in the hallways: "What happened?", she asked.
Tails: "Sonic was captured. We gotta find him."
Cream: "Can I go with you?"
Rouge: "Are you sure... we're gonna have to search for him in Eggman's base. This is no place for small kids?"
Cream: "I want to help. The more eyes the better."
And before Tails could even start arguing with her, she shouted: "Mom, I am gonna help the others searching Sonic!"
Tails just shook his head: "Good thing, the T-Tornado is 4-seated. But let's hurry."

They started out of the hangar and flew towards Amy who was already waiting for them - they passed above her and then she ran after them.
Tails: "Wow I can go faster than I expected."
Knuckles (smiling): "Well, she knows how to chase Sonic. Now she's chasing us!"

Chapter 10: We do not have him. Or wait, we have - where?

Eggman of course saw them approaching. He sent out robot forces which were totally useless. Small robots... Amy just stepped on them.. large robots: good that there's a hammer - a large hammer. And for all stationary cannonry: "Hey Eggman, get these moths of me, they're itching!", Amy shouted in joy - now she's the hero? Well, at least for now.

THe others landed on a flat area:
Tails: "Okay, guys.. let's move in. We've got nothing to lose. Rouge, you come with me. Knuckles, take Cream. And search. AMY?"
Amy looked down: "Yes?"
Tails: "You also try searching. And well.. also try to manage the robots."

Sonic was inside of his trap but he started to hear booms outside and trouble. "They must be here. They must be searching for me. Please, guys! Find me! You can do it!"

However that wasn't so easy. Eggman was sending all robots he had onto them.. and they had their troubles defeating them. In each search time.. it kinda developed that one of them was a fighter (Rouge and Knuckles) while the other one kept searching (Tails and Cream) respectively.. and Amy.. kept fighting. She was too scared to move - she might crush Sonic so did she have any choice - when she stopped growing she was very exactly 10 times taller than normal - 9meters/30ft - meaning.. Sonic is at least 10 times smaller and considering he's shrinking at that moment in time. She would probably miss him with her too large eyes.

Eggman watched everything and decided to get into his little egg shaped plane and wanted to flee together with Bocoe and Decoe - unfortunately for him Amy was spotting them and she held the plane with both her hands. "Where did you put Sonic? Where is he?!" she was screaming at them, nearly making their eyes explode. "Do you think I'd tell you?"
Amy: "I could crush you with my bare hands - TELL ME?"
Eggman: "Oh what would happen then. I am dead? Great... you fixed one of your friend's problems but still do not know where Sonic is."
Amy turned the egg plane around making them fall out on the ground.
Decoe: "I, I think.. she's dangerous! She's serious."
Amy then picked up Bocoe and just threw him as far as she could.
Amy: "Okay, this guy is of metal.. I guess he'll be able to manage that. Should I do that to you, little Eggy?"
Eggman: "I won't tell you. Just do it. I don't care."
Amy did.. she picked him up and also threw him.. and just at that moment a flying robot passed her and picked up Eggman in the air who flew laughingly away with it. Amy was angry.. was a mean smile she looked at the one remaining:
Decoe: "I do not know where he is! Believe me!"
What should Amy do? She had no proof he'd know it.. being totally annoyed she kicked the robot away and fell on her knees starting to sob...
"We'll never find him.. we'll never."

Tails and Rouge were hearing this.. they quickly headed to hear: "Don't let your had hang.. we'll find him! I promise."
Amy smiled but continued sobbing: "You don't know.. you can't!"
Tails: "Amy, even if I get old.. I won't leave this place without knowing what happened to Sonic!"
"Thank you."

At that moment she was looking up again.. she spotted many robots disassembling themselves and forming a huge one... a robot bigger than her. Like 15m/50ft or so.
Amy: "Okay, Tails.. go on searching. I have the mission to protect you guys!"
She headed over to that robot - knowing by now she might have crushed Sonic. "Okay, big boy. Big Boy vs. Big Girl - let's get this on."
Amy grabbed her hammer and the robot showed its weapon: a sword like weapon - just much longer.

The fight started.. and that robot was just interested in her. As the robot was built out of all other robots, it was clear.. defeating this guy means it'd be over here... it's like he's the boss. And the others: They were able to search.. and sometimes look up to see the giant fight.
Amy had to dodge several attack.. and her hammer hits. They didn't even seem to harm that guy. So all she could do was continuing.. and trying harder and harder. But her energy was draining.. she was getting out of breath - and thus she was also getting slower any slower. And then the sword barely missed her - a vertical slice.. and she might have been down. "You.. you... WHAT DID YOU DO", Amy cried and pointed on her red dress. At her breast area the fore side of her dress' cloth was ripped. A hole inside... fortunately the cloth on the back side was still intact.
"You dared to damage my cloth. Now I have to sew it. Give me a needle my size.. give me red fibre long and strong enough.. OR go back where you came from." She picked up her hammer, jumped up and smashed with all force she had into the robot's head.. the robot lost contact to the floor and started flying and crashed into a nearby hill completely falling apart.
However, it didn't even work as well as expected for Amy either.. when she landed on the ground - due to the impact of her hammer smash - she lost balance and started tumbling. Then she fell with her belly into the wooden roof of a small hall near her which broke down under her weight.

Sonic could here that some fight was going on outside. He wasn't sure about what's going on but he knew that was action outside. And then he heard loud cracking noises and the some sound of something totally collapsing - immediately after the lights fell out and all he could see was darkness - looking up he could spot the daylight for the fraction of a second and then a huge shadow was coming down and he couldn't make out on what it was.. he saw the shadow coming towards him and he heard it smashing into the water pushing down his glass cube which was breaking under the enormous pressure.
"WATER? NO, I AM LOST", he thought. Then he felt something soft pushing down on him and all he did was grabbing onto some edge it. But then a quick movement of that thing made him slowly lose the grip and all he tried was pulling up the edge.. finally on the other side of it he lost grip. He then recognized he was pulled out of the water and fell down on something soft.. above him below him - everything red.

Amy was sitting up after getting an unwanted bath. First a rip in her dress... now she's all wet.. a blain at her head because of course this one hit the floor besides that swimming pool.. and they still haven't found Sonic. What a great day! Still.. Sonic might be here so she tried standing up.

Sonic looked to his left and right.. above him.. he was like in a valley with red walls.. soft red walls.. and then the walls moved again and even the red floor he was standing on also disappeard and that valley was going on. He fell down.. and the red walls stopped and he was landing in a white area.. which was still as soft as the other one. "Where the hell am I?", he thought for himself. Looking to his right and his left.. everything was white and soft.. "This is feeling like.. cloth? But it's terribly wet!" Looking up, the walls were red.. and it seemed like that cloth valley was doing a bend to the left if he looked to his left and to the right if he looked right.

Amy was arguing with herself now: "My nice dress.. first a rip.. now it's all wet." Trying to dry it she was turning to the sun.

"That was Amy", Sonic thought to himself.. "Her dress... it's made of cloth.. wasn't it wool? Yes, this cloth feels like wool. So am I in her dress?" He then recognized how one side of the "walls" were getting bright. "That must be the outside... she's turning to the sun.. and wait.. she said.. she got a rip?" Then he put everything together: "The soft edge I got my hold on.. must be that rip she is complaining about.. and thanks to that rip I hung myself into her dress.. now I am inside her dress! It's red on the upper side.. and ends down with a white ring!" Things made perfectly sense.

Then he started to scream out his lungs: "AMY. CAN YOU HEAR ME?" No reply.. He tried again.. and again. But he was too small for Amy's ears to hear. So he tried putting one and one together. "Amy surely isn't alone. The others might be able to hear me. I am very close to her.. now my shrinking should have stopped." While the second part might not be true... the first maybe was.

And thus he waited.. and finally.. he heard a known voice.. the voice of Cream: "Amy, we haven't given up yet. We just can't find him."
Amy: "We'll probably never find him.", she sobbed again and fell down to her knees..
Sonic recognized he was falling down - "She must be on his knees.. meaning I am slightly above the ground". THen he made out Cream's voice very close.. and even a little above him: "We won't give up."
And then he tried again.. "CREAM! CAN YOU HEAR ME???" Cream's ears made out Sonic's voice. "Sonic?", she replied? "I AM TRAPPED IN AMY'S DRESS", he screamed back.
Amy recognized that Cream was hearing something and looked down to her: Cream only shouted: "Amy, stay like this.. do not stand up, please!"
Cream put her ear near Amy's dress and quietly said: "You're in there?"
Cream's voice.. was very close.. even better.. the cloth in front of Sonic got darker.. is he seeing the shadow of Cream's head: "Yes,", he replied, "Amy has a rip in her dress.. I fell in.. I was trapped in a glass globe in a swimming pool." "Okay, understood", Cream replied.

She then stepped back and shouted: "I FOUND HIM - HE'S ALIVE!"
Amy stood up.. another earthquake for Sonic - excitingly she shouted.. "Where is he, where is he?" Quickly the others approached... "Where", they also asked? Cream explained: "He is in Amy's dress.. he fell through the rip."

Amy understood she carefully lowered her body so that her dress is on the ground while she was still pushing up her body using her hands.. Tails went to the part of the rip and opened it with his hand. "Sonic, come up", he said. He took a pocket light and was shining with it into her dress: "Follow the light!"
Sonic saw the light and went up.. "Okay, Tails, take it out I see the exit", he shouted.

Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge were looking on the rip.. and then they saw a tiny blue creature coming out... it was Sonic.. he was just only 4cm/1.5in large.. smaller than their hands. "Amy, he's out", Tails shouted. Sonic was looking at them.. they were all like giants.. every Cream who always worried she'd be the smallest of the group - her face was towering above him even though she was ducking.

"Finally", he thought for himself, "I am saved!"

Amy crawled backwards to be see the group with her face above them.. Rouge used the moment to point down to Sonic.. "Sonic... finally!"

It was one of the very few moments Sonic was really happy to see Amy.

Rouge: "Shouldn't we get back now. Sonic must be still shrinking."
Sonic: "No, I am close to Amy. It should've stopped now.. shouldn't it?"
Tails: "No, she's right.. but that's a long story.. we gotta get back."

Cream picked up Sonic with one hand - "Don't be afraid I won't harm you!" - "I trust you.. all of you", Sonic replied. What else choice did he have.. Cream being 20 times larger than him was scary enough. "We get back to the plane."

Chapter: 11 - Stop him from shrinking!

The group returned to Tails' base in the mountains.

Tails explained: "What I currently only got was a device to stop Amy from growing. It should also stop Sonic's shrinking for now. However, you'll have to get me some hours until I can finish a device which reverts you to your original size forever." Sonic seemed to be content with the solution: "Well, we do not have to much of a choice so go ahead."

Tails shot at Sonic and unlike hoped, nothing happened. "Okay, that didn't seem to work! So for now, Sonic.. stick close to Amy." Then he continued: "Now I have something for the both of you", Tails said turning to Sonic and Amy. He handed some tiny black box to Sonic which he was able to be carrying easily - then he gave something much larger looking like a speaker to Amy: "Amy, just put this into your ear - it's a receiver, and Sonic has the sender. Sonic, you can carry around the sender which is also a microphone. It's sensitive to your voice and it'll make you hearable for Amy."

They both took their devices: "Test, one, two, three" Sonic just said! "I HEAR YOU", Amy shouted in joy, nearly making Sonic's eardrum explode: "Please Amy, speak with a low voice, your voice is too loud for me!" "OH, SORRY. But now.. what should we do... you still have to keep close to me. But I must admit, I can barely even see you.. nor do I really fit in this base."

Sonic looked around.. being totally confused by all the things he was seeing: Chairs from below towering into the sky... Cupboards he wouldn't even want Knuckles to climb up because they seemed so high. Earthquakes caused by Tails walking away back to his work. And still: he seemed to be the centre of everybody's attention: Cream standing right near him while he wasn't even able to look over her shoe. Basically he was just a little taller than the sole. And Amy? Although she's been ducking she was towering all of that.. like a skyscraper.

Sonic: "Well, to make it as comfortable as possible for you.. let's just go out." Cream: "Well, the weather seems on our side. It's sunny and much nicer than people are talking about in these mountains!" Cream picked up the very tiny Sonic even to her and all she could say was: "You know.. you're really looking cute that way." - Sonic could only answer: "Thank you.. but if I wanna defeat Eggman again. I guess I'll be able to perform it that way." Amy just mentioned: "Sonic, we can trust Tails. If one people can help you and me.. then him. Do you really think I would want to stay that size forever. It's nice being looked at all the time. But if all people look up at you, I do not really wanna know if they look up at my face or at something else, teehee!"

They left the hall and went outside. Cream already wanted to put down Sonic but then Amy quickly mentioned: "Cream wait, may I take you on my hand?" Cream accepted and then they had a scene.. Sonic standing on Cream's hand.. Cream being on Amy's hand. Cream shuddered as she was looking down: "Amy I am afraid of height." However, Amy didn't listen as for Amy it was much more important to see the thing actually on Cream's hand. To her a white speck but focusing she was finally able to see that it is really Sonic. "I can see you!", she slowly said. Sonic could barely listen.. even her eye seemed gigantic. He was even afraid of falling into her pupil. "Please, put me down again", Cream repeated. This time Amy reacted and slowly put Cream together with Sonic down on the ground.

Cream then tried putting Sonic on the ground but quickly realized: "Um, Sonic. Don't you think a rock would be better for you?" "How do you mean", Sonic asked. "Well, I'll just put you down now but decide whether you'd like to be put somewhere else!" Lowering her hand Sonic quickly understood what Cream was talking about, Flowers getting taller, grass getting higher and when she put him down, Sonic needed to jump to look above the grass and flowers needed to be climbed anyway. "Well, I guess something to push that grass away would really help." Cream quickly took Sonic again and found a flat stone she put on the grass and put Sonic on. And now Sonic saw the "new Amy" from way down. Not even able to jump on her shoe sole and towering as a skyscraper into the sky. Towering but clearly having her eyes on him.

"Being small is kinda of advantage, you're the center of everything", he thought for himself. "But still, I wanna grow big again." But then he felt tired. "Oh well", he begain to talk.. "You know, being trapped at Eggman.. a long day.. and I felt bad as hell until you came. You know, I am only tired. I need some sleep." While he was already trying to just lie down on the rock, Amy just said: "Oh no, my dear, you won't sleep there." She gently reached out with her finger and absolutely carefully picked him up... Sonic felt lost between the giant two fingers.. even the fingertip was larger than him and he felt some pain although he knew Amy was trying her bust not to push with force, so he forgave her.. Amy then lay down on the grass and put him gently on the top of her dress. "So well, use the end of my dress as a blanket."

Sonic decided to accept he went off her dress jumped into the white spot of her skin and tried to pull up the gigantic red blanket. And he wasn't even able to lift it as it was just too heavy.. so in the end he just craweled lay on his side and tried to catch up some sleep. "True.. it's warm and soft", he thought for himself. It was some kind of new experience.. lying on a skin of his self-proclaimed girl-friend - Feeling every heartbeat - he kinda liked it. However he couldn't feel that for long because a few hours later just lying and sleeping and trying to ignore her moves it got colder outside. While it wasn't a problem for Sonic as he was lying on Amy's warm skin, she started to shudder and got a goose skin. Small spires on her skin came up, trying to prick Sonic, he found spots between them but then Amy's shuddering just got worse and she got awake. "Sonic", she silently asked, "you're awake?". "Yes, he answered" "I am sorry, it's getting too cold I have to get inside." "Okay."

But then out of the darkness Tails appeared: "I was wondering when you would get up again. I have finished the restoring device for both of you. So just stand still if you like to be back to normal."

They couldn't wait.. they immediately requested Tails to shoot at them. A green beam hit both of them.. then some spark between Sonic and Amy appeared.. and while Amy shrunk down Sonic grow up.. and in the end Amy was back to normal size. However as Sonic shrunk more than Amy grew he was still much smaller than normal.. but then.. the spark disappeared. Sonic was 40cm/1'3" now but didn't grow any bit anymore. "Oops," Tails said.. I guess it wasn't a good idea to stop Amy's growing.. she shrunk back and now she's normal size again. But for you, Sonic you didn't grow back to our full size."

Sonic had his head sunk a little.. "Ah well,", he said, "I am at least big enough to be recognized again. And I guess I can juice again. You can still fix it, can't you." "There are more things I have got to fix. You've just regained some of your size. You'll stil shrink if you leave Amy."

Sonic looked up at Amy.. and she looked down at him. "We're gonna work this out won't we, my little Sonic?", Amy chuckled. "AMY, don't call me that way. I am not a small chi...", he tried to say but Amy picked him up, went up to Tails and just asked: "Do we have to sleep in the hall - now I should fit in my own room, shouldn't I?" "Um yeah", Tails answered. "Who is 'we'?", Sonic complained. "You heard him, we have to stick together for now. So you gotta come with me."

Tails lead her to a room and just went away to pick up the hearing devices they left after growing back to "normal". Sonic then realized: "Hey, this room only has a single bed." Amy: "Oh well, I do not need much space anymore. I have never been the tallest. And you even need less!" She went unter the blanket and held Sonic close to her. "Amy, let me go!", Sonic complained. "Do you really want to shrink again? No, not really. So: good night!"

Did he have a chance? Probably not.