Twisted Tales of Mobius

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Sonicrailin)

Monday night

As Cream laid on her bed flat on her back and watched as her mother, Vanilla, tucked her in, she was anxious to know what bedtime story she would be hearing tonight.
"So, Mommy, what's the story for tonight?" Cream said.
"Gee, I don't know, my dear Cream. I haven't really had the time to think about that, and besides... I must've told you a ton of bedtime stories by now!" Vanilla said with a giggle.
"Yeah, but a lot of them were almost the same ones you've been reading me for years!" Cream said. Her pet chao that rested beside her, Cheese, shouted its name in agreement.
"Oh my... I don't know what to do." Vanilla said. Cream suddenly had an idea.
"Hey, I got it! Why not tell me some of your all-time favorite stories again, but instead have some of my friends in them!" Cream shouted. Vanilla smiled when she heard that.
"Well now, I'd say that's a wonderful idea myself. I'm so proud of you, Cream!" Vanilla shouted.
"Yay!!! You can tell me lots of stories tonight with my friends!" Cream shouted, kicking her feet up from the bed in excitement.
"Now now, my little Cream... let's not get too carried away with this. I say we do just one story each night of this week." Vanilla said.
"Okay, Mommy... that's fine with me." Cream said as she continued to smile. Vanilla sat in her chair for a couple of minutes trying to think of the best story she could start the week with, along with the cast of characters.
"So... how about I tell you the story not of Jack and the Beanstalk, but of Sonic and the Beanstalk?" Vanilla said.
"Oh... I would love that! I wonder who's going to be in it." Cream said.
"Well, Cream, it all started one day when Mr. Thorndike came back from the market..." Vanilla started.

Story #1
Sonic and the Beanstalk

Nelson Thorndike walked slowly towards the small cottage as the night sky settled in over another long day. While the Thorndike family we knew was rich and famous, the family in this story is falling upon hard times, struggling to make a buck or two in order to stay at their home. As he opened the door, he looked to see his wife, Lindsey, sitting at the only table inside. With her was their son, Chris, along with Sonic the Hedgehog and his two pals, Tails and Amy Rose.
"Well, honey... how much did you get for selling that cow?" Lindsey said.
"Yeah... I hope it's enough to get us out of this dump. I'm tired of taking a shower using the well!" Amy shouted.
"Yeah... me too. The water's so filthy around here..." Chris said as he tried to fan himself from the heat inside the cottage.
"Well, fear no more everyone! For I, Nelson Thorndike, have obtained the solution to all our problems!" Nelson said.
"Well, spit it out already!" Lindsey said.
"Yeah, let's see what you got!" Sonic said. Nelson then opened his right hand to show off a few beans.
"Um... bean seeds?" Amy asked.
"Oh yes. Garbanzo beans! I couldn't get much for the cow except for these beans, but Dr. Eggman, the dealing cow salesman, said these were very special beans! We should be happy we got the sweet end of this deal!" Nelson said.
"Uh... I hate to tell you this, Mr. Thorndike, but garbanzo beans are worth practically nothing nowadays. And Dr. Eggman isn't exactly the world's most reputable cow salesman." Tails said.
"I can't believe this, Nelson! How could you fall for a low-down, dirty-crossing cheap trick like that!?" Lindsey shouted.
"Shrewd city, that's what I say!" Sonic said, folding his arms in disgust.
"Hey, don't get smart with me! He really made it sound like these beans were the answer to all our problems." Nelson said.
"Well, they're not! And besides... I'm allergic to garbanzo bean seeds! Ah-CHOOOOO!!!!!" Lindsey said. She sneezed so hard that the beans flew right out of the open window.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish!" Amy shouted.
"(sigh) We all better get some sleep for tonight. I'll go into town and see if I can find food to last us the next day." Lindsey said. Sonic looked out the window at the garbanzo bean seeds as they slowly sunk into the ground before he joined the others in the small bedroom where they would try and get some sleep.
During that night, the garbanzo beans had made their way completely into the ground. From that same spot, vines started to grow and grow fast. Over the next several hours, and through the overnight hours, the vines kept on growing until they formed a complete beanstalk that rose high up into the sky.

Sonic was the first to wake up the next morning, and he looked out the window to see the beanstalk right next to their home.
"Hmmm... what's this?" Sonic said as he trotted outside. He ran up to the beanstalk and looked all the way up to see it leading to the clouds. He thought about running inside to tell everyone else about this, but curiousity got the better of him.
"Nah, I better see what this is about myself. The family's stressed enough as it is." Sonic said. He wanted to get up there very quickly so he took a few steps back and started to run in place in an effort to charge up his super speed.
"Up! Over! And GONE!!!" Sonic shouted as he charged forward at super speed. He was going so fast that he was able to run up the beanstalk as easily as he would a loop-de-loop.

A few seconds later, Sonic finally reached the top of the beanstalk and stopped to rest atop the cloudy world he had just discovered.
"Wow... this somehow reminds me of that Floating Island legend of many years ago." Sonic said to himself. He then glanced over to his right and saw the insanely huge castle out in the background.
"That's one big castle... what could it possibly be doing up here?" Sonic said. He rubbed his chin and was thinking as quick as he could run, wondering about this castle. He then snapped his fingers.
"Well, there's only one way to find out!" Sonic said as he sped off towards the castle. It was indeed was very big. So big that the speedy hedgehog could just crawl underneath the front door. He made his way around the large corridor into another large room. Once he entered the room, he could only rub his eyes and be stunned over what he was seeing, especially the table full of oversized food in the middle of the room with the large stove to the right of that.
"This room is huge... and I bet someone just as huge lives here." Sonic said. Just then, he could hear some booming noises eminating from the open hallway beyond the food table, and then there was a deep feminine voice to accompany these footstep sounds.

"Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of an itty bitty hedgehog!" the voice said. Just then, the source of that voice came out from the hallway. It belonged to none other than Blaze the Cat, except she was about 200 feet tall. She walked past the food table and was able to get a good glance at the tiny Sonic.
"Okay... last time I open my big mouth." Sonic said as he looked up at the giantess.
"Well, well... look at you and how tiny you are." Blaze said.
"And look at you... reaching for the sky! Get it?" Sonic said with a small laugh. Blaze clearly was not amused with the joke.
"Insolent worm! You have no idea who you are dealing with! I can either crush you to pieces or eat you like the tasty morsel you are. So what's it going to be?" Blaze said.
"Um... can I say both?" Sonic said, smirking as he did his best to keep his cool.
"Very well. You shall be my dinner for tonight." Blaze said as she reached down to pick up the tiny Sonic.
"That's if you can catch me first!" Sonic said. Right before Blaze could pick him up from the ground, Sonic took off running at the speed of light.
"Hey! Come back here, you puny spined one!" Blaze shouted. Being as big as she was, she was able to catch up with Sonic as they ran circles around the food table. Sonic stopped to make it appear he was taking a breather when he looked behind him and saw Blaze raising a foot above him. Sonic sped away just as the foot came crashing down onto the wooden floor.
"Ha! I'm just too quick for you!" Sonic shouted as he was running off. Unknown to him, Blaze actually stopped chasing him and was watching him run around the food table. Blaze just watched as Sonic suddenly just ran right into Blaze's boot, knocking him backwards and onto the floor. Blaze quickly reached down and picked up the tiny hedgehog, holding him between her fingers.
"You may be fast, but you're not too smart." Blaze said. Sonic struggled from within Blaze's tight grip, but he just couldn't budge.
"Hey! What are you going to do with me!?" Sonic shouted.
"Well, I think I'll just eat you up, but first you'll need to be cooked. Raw hedgehogs aren't exactly good for one's health." Blaze said. She walked over to the oven and turned it on, placing a pail of water on top of one of the burners.
"First I have to get the water all nice and bubbly hot, so that you can taste even better." Blaze said, flashing an evil grin at the tiny hedgehog. She then walked into the hallway and eventually opened a door to a room full of golden rings. She threw Sonic on top of these rings.
"Meanwhile, you can live for just a little longer. Hahahaha!" Blaze said, laughing as she slammed the door tight. Sonic ran up to the door to try and get out, but he was too late, and there was no hole underneath the door that he could crawl through this time.

Sonic sat against the door feeling helpless that he couldn't break out of this predicament. But he soon focused his attention on the thousands of gold rings that all but covered the back part of the room. He then remembered the problem his friends, the Thorndike family, faced with being so poor.
"Hey... these rings could get us out of being poor forever! But if only there was a way for me to get those rings from here to home." Sonic said. As he was trying to use his brain for a change by thinking of something, he looked at the very top of the ring pile and saw something glittering from up there. Sonic got a good look at what it was... it appeared to be a gold-skinned (think Super Sonic) human-sized squirrel that was opening and closing her eyes every 30 seconds or so, and she would then stretch out the bottom part of her stomach like a kangaroo's pouch pulling out a gold ring.
"Hmmm... I wonder who that is." Sonic said. He cranked himself up to super speed as he jumped up the pile of rings, eventually making it to the top of the pile.
"Well, well... looks like another one waiting to be Blaze's next batch of catnip." the golden squirrel said.
"Who are you?" Sonic said.
"I'm Sally Acorn... but you can just call me Sally for the short time I'm sure you'll see me." Sally said. She then reached into her 'pouch' to pull out another ring.
"Whoa... how do you do that?" Sonic said.
"It's a magic spell that Blaze put on me. I'm forced to create these golden rings every 30 seconds of my miserable existence. That's what has made her so rich." Sally said.
"I'll say. This whole room is filled with rings!" Sonic said.
"Tell me something I don't know. Sigh... it's hopeless for us to escape. Blaze is too much of a bully." Sally said.
"Well, she hasn't met Sonic the Hedgehog! We're busting out of here!" Sonic shouted.
"But how?" Sally asked. Sonic looked around trying to think of a plan when he suddenly noticed something he hadn't seen before. There was a crack on the wall right next to the door that led out of the room.

"Hmmm... like I said, we're bustin' out of here!" Sonic shouted, pointing at the crack in the wall.
"Huh? Even if we break out of here, Blaze will surely spot us!" Sally said. Sonic just grinned and gave a thumb up to the golden one.
"Just leave everything to me! Now hold on tight." Sonic said. As Sally jumped onto Sonic's back and held onto him, Sonic slid down the pile of rings, picking up one along the way, and eventually landed at the bottom of the pile. He let Sally go and then formed himself into a ball, one of his signature moves. Sonic charged at the cracked wall at full speed, and was able to break through! Sally looked through the hole as it crumbled apart to see the hallway. She then ran out and joined Sonic who was brushing all the debris from that wall off his blue fur.
"That was incredible! Nobody's ever had the strength to break through that wall like that!" Sally said.
"Well, that's me for you." Sonic said.
"What is all that racket!? I bet that hedgehog's trying to escape!" Blaze shouted from the main room. Sonic and Sally looked towards that room to see the giant Blaze approaching, and soon she was there looking down at the two.
"Uh oh... we're in deep chili cheese now." Sally said.
"Well... so it seems you couldn't wait to be served on a silver platter as my dinner. And since you're trying to steal my little ring creator, I guess I might as well end your existance right here and now!" Blaze said. Sonic looked back to Sally as she jumped on his back once again, trying not to let the spiky quills on Sonic's back bother her too much.
"You better hold on tight... this could get rough!" Sonic said. He then took off at full speed, but instead of running away from Blaze, Sonic instead began to run circles around the heel of Blaze's right foot. A few seconds later, a small fire was being lit up around the heel that slowly worked its way to the rest of Blaze's bright red shoe. She started to jump up and down on one foot trying to blow the... well, blaze... out. Sonic and the golden Sally watched the giantess.
"What can I say? You're one hot girl! Get it!?" Sonic said, not realizing the bad pun he just made.
"Um... this is nice and all, but how about we get the heck out of here before she puts that fire out!?" Sally said.
"As you wish, m'lady." Sonic said in a cool tone. Sally jumped back on Sonic's back, and once that happened, Sonic took off running at light speed. Blaze, finally able to get most of the fire out from her boot, watched as the two escaped.
"Arrrrrgggghhhh!!! I'll get you both for this!" Blaze said as she followed the two tiny ones.

Outside the castle, Sally jumped off Sonic's back and started to slowly climb down the beanstalk. Sonic looked behind himself to see Blaze come running out of the castle.
"Hmmm... it won't be good if she followed me home, but I really don't have a choice." Sonic said to himself. He began to climb down the beanstalk as fast as he could, actually able to beat Sally down to the bottom. At the bottom of the beanstalk, waiting for Sonic and Sally, was the rest of the Thorndike family who had been staring up the beanstalk for quite some time.
"Hey! Here comes Sonic... and some girl behind her." Tails said.
"Figures... it's just like Sonic to bring a beautiful lady with him home." Amy said as she pouted.
"Sonic! What is going on here, and who is that golden girl?" Lindsey shouted, grabbing Sonic by the arm.
"No time to talk! We have to get this beanstalk out of here before some big and bad trouble comes our way!" Sonic said, watching as the giant Blaze was slowly making her way down from the top of the beanstalk.
"Wait a minute! I think I have just the thing!" Chris Thorndike shouted. He ran inside the house and then came back out holding a rather big axe. He started to chop away at the beanstalk.
"Be careful, son!" Nelson said as he watched Chris swing the axe back and forth.
"Hurry! She's coming!" Sally shouted. Finally, the beanstalk was cut up to the point that it started to topple over away from the Thorndike home. Blaze could feel the beanstalk give way, and she watched as the ground came at her at lightning speed.
"Oh noooooooooooooo!!!!" Blaze shouted as she finally lost her grip and crashed head first into the ground, leaving a huge hole in her shape.

The Thorndike family watched the entire spectacle play out from in front of their eyes.
"Is she...?" Tails said.
"Yes, she is dead. Nobody from where I can come from can survive a fall from that height." Sally said.
"Well, I sure am glad that's over with. But now how am I going to get all those gold rings from up there?" Sonic said, pointing to the clouds where he had been for the past several minutes.
"Oh, that's no problem. Remember you've got the one who makes all the gold rings!" Sally shouted.
"Gold rings!? We could use a bundle of those to get us out of debt! Let's have them already!" Nelson shouted. Sally was about to work her magic when something suddenly started to happen... her fur was changing from gold to the brown color we all remember her for. Sally also lost her 'pouch' since she was unable to stretch out her stomach like she used to. She suddenly remembered why this all happened.
"Oops... I guess I forgot. It was Blaze's magic that made he create all those rings, not to mention give me the golden fur." Sally said. Everyone, especially Nelson and Sonic, groaned knowing they had just lost a chance at instantly going from poor to rich.
"Well, at least I did get this one ring as a keepsake." Sonic said. Sally then noticed that ring and suddenly remembered something.
"Hey, wait a minute! All the rings are telekinetically linked to each other. If you awaken the power of one, the rest will come to you!" Sally said.
"Really? Well, it's worth a try." Sonic said. He held the ring up in the sky as it started to glow brightly. Then suddenly, from the hole in the clouds where the beanstalk had broken through last night, a bunch of gold rings came raining down from the sky! And they would keep on raining down for the next several minutes, as supposedly these rings were all coming from the castle in the sky.
"Oh my heavens! Look at all these gold rings!" Lindsey shouted. Nelson jumped into a small pile of rings and swam through all of them.
"Hahahaha!!! We're rich! We're filthy rich! No more ranch for us!!!" Nelson shouted. Every other member of the family cheered along with Nelson by throwing the rings up in the sky. Sonic and Sally just watched them celebrate.
"Well, I guess all's well that ends well." Sonic said.
"Yeah. For you guys, anyway. I don't know what I will do now that I have my normal life back." Sally said.
"You could always stay with us. I'm sure the Thorndikes can help you get back on your feet." Sonic said.
"I see..." Sally said. Nelson just kept on swimming through the rings as more piled onto him from the sky.
"Just think everyone! We could live in a mansion with this much money! I could even start my own business!" Nelson Thorndike shouted. Regardless of what the future held for the Thorndike family, everyone lived happily ever after.

End of Story #1

"The end." Vanilla said to Cream after telling her that story.
"Wow... that was a great story! Though why did Blaze have to be so mean? She would never hurt anyone like Sonic!" Cream said.
"Well, that's why they call them fairy tales, my dear Cream. Anything can happen. Maybe Eggman could even become a good guy." Vanilla said with a smile.
"Yeah, like that would ever happen! Oh well, I'm sure Blaze would like that story too. Maybe I should tell her that story if I ever see her again." Cream said.
"Maybe you should!" Vanilla said as she kissed Cream on the head.
"Mommy, you promise to read me another story tomorrow?" Cream said.
"Oh of course, Cream. I'll have a good one for you then!" Vanilla said. She started to walk out of Cream's room.
"Good night, Mommy!" Cream said as she held onto her chao companion, Cheese, and tucked herself in some more.
"Good night, Cream." Vanilla said as she finally flipped the light switch and Cream's room went dark, allowing her to fall asleep for the night.

Tuesday night

As Cream was tucked into bed once more for this week, she looked up at her mother, Vanilla, anxious to hear what kind of story she had for tonight.
"So, Mommy, what's my bedtime story for tonight?" Cream asked.
"Well, my dear Cream, could you first tell me who you want to see in the story?" Vanilla asked.
"How about Cosmo? I'd love to hear her name in a story." Cream said.
"Ah, your good friend, Cosmo. Well, I got the perfect story for her!" Vanilla said.
"Oh, I can't wait. Tell me! Tell me!" Cream said.
"Well, once upon a time, Cosmo was flying her spaceship over the tiny planet of Lilliput. She would soon discover that day why it was so tiny..." Vanilla said.

Story #2
Cosmo's Travels

Cosmo slowly flew her very small pod-shaped spaceship hundreds of feet above the surface of the planet known as Lilliput. Setting her ship on autopilot, she was observing what she was seeing of the planet and recording her thoughts into her onboard diary by speaking into a microphone.
"Cosmo Log, passcode 19650917. Begin entry. After another tough day of dodging the Metarex's fierce attack squadron, I've stumbled onto this tiny planet known as Lilliput. If one were to look on a space chart, this planet would literally be pea-sized compared to other planets such as my home world. But nevertheless, it would seem that the Metarex are not aware of this planet's existance. So I am safe for the time being. Perhaps once the coast is clear, I will travel back home and..." Cosmo said. Before she could finish, however, her ship started to shake violently as an explosion could be seen from the back of the ship. Cosmo looked to see the fire that was flaring up near where the engines were. She quickly sensed her engines must've taken some damage while she was flying out in space. Quickly she pulled out another microphone from the top of her dashboard.
"May day! May day! My ship has been downed! SOS! Crashing on Lilliput!" Cosmo shouted. She then tried her best to pull her ship up, but it crashed right on the grassy plains as the ship dragged on for several yards before coming to a skidding stop. Cosmo, having gotten bumped around pretty good during the crash landing, was breathing heavily as she tried to free herself from the cockpit. She finally got the ship open and she wobbled her way onto the grass.
"Ugh.... so weak... my vision's... fading..." Cosmo said very lightly. Finally, without much strength left in her body, Cosmo collapsed to the ground and went unconscious.

Not far away from Cosmo and her ship was a tiny group of creatures that were crossing a bridge that was small enough to support them but still tiny nonetheless. These creatures, which composed of a walrus, a coyote, and a bunny that looked to be half-bunny and half-robot, looked to be six inches tall compared to Cosmo's size. The trio finally made it past the bridge and were staring up at the unconscious giantess.
"Oh my stars! No wonder that explosion was as loud as could be!" the rabbit, known as Bunnie, said. The coyote, Antoine, was next to react.
"Sacré bleu! The creature is most gigantic!" Antoine said.
"What in high heavens are we going to do, Rotor?" Bunnie said, looking over to the purple walrus known as Rotor, who was rubbing his chin trying to figure out what to do.
"I don't know. They certainly don't get much bigger than this. What if she could be dangerous?" Rotor said.
"Exactly! I say we must dispose of this creature at once!" Antoine said.
"Come on now, sugar. How do we know she could be trouble? If ya ask me, she looks mighty harmless to me." Bunnie said.
"Well, we can't take that chance. Come on, we better tie her down until she wakes up... and until the princess decides what to do." Rotor said. The three then ran back over the bridge and back to their village.

Finally, the next morning, Cosmo slowly opened her eyes and could see the blue sky lit up by sunlight once more. She tried to move around, but it was doing her no good. She thought at first her body might have been bruised to the point where she can't move, but she remembered she could still move around before she fainted, so that couldn't be it. Finally she noticed exactly why her movement was restricted. She was tied completely to the ground with numerous strands of rope.
Cosmo tried to break herself out of the rope, but she then looked down at her chest to see a whole lot of tiny animals walking around her chest. These creatures ranged from rabbits to penguins to seals and everything else.
"Oh dear... what is going on here? Why am I tied down to the ground?" Cosmo said out loud. This caused some of the animals to scatter off her body and back to the grassy ground. Bunnie tried to calm down these animals.
"Easy, ya'll! I don't think she can bite as much as we tied her down!" Bunnie said. Antoine waved a sword in front of Cosmo's eyes, but it obviously wasn't big enough (nor was Antoine) to scare her too much.
"Get back, ye filthy monsteress! For I, the brave Antoine will slay you!" Antoine said. Cosmo made a confused look on her face, wondering what she had done to anger Antoine. When the little Antoine looked at her face, he immediately dropped his sword and hid behind Bunnie. Bunnie just sighed knowing that Antoine had gotten scared again after putting on a show of phony bravery.
"Please let me go! I promise I won't hurt any of you!" Cosmo said.
"I'm afraid until we speak to the princess of our village, you will have to remain tied up. We get nervous whenever strangers show up around here, especially big ones like yourself." Rotor said.
"Oh, I understand. I'd be nervous too if someone strange arrived at my home, but I truly mean it. I won't harm you!" Cosmo said.
"We're sure you do, sweetie, but we gotta take the proper precautions, y'know." Bunnie said, patting the scared stiff Antoine standing behind her.
"Well, my levitation ropes should help carry you to our village." Rotor said. He pulled out a remote controller from under his hat and then punched a few buttons. The ropes, with Cosmo entangled in them, started to float about a foot off the ground.
"Perfect... we'll be on our way to the village now." Rotor said. He, Antoine, Bunnie, and the giant Cosmo still wrapped up in rope then all made their way to the village.

Moments later, Cosmo finally arrived at the village, which had a few huts and a big castle in the center of all the attention, with a huge moat surrounding the whole village. The castle looked to be just as tall as Cosmo was, but they couldn't tell that just yet considering she was still laying flat on her back. All Cosmo could hear was the sounds of animals making all sorts of noise based on their individual reactions to the giantess.
"Gee... she's a big one, isn't she?" Pengo the penguin said to Bunnie.
"I reckon I hear that, Pengo." Bunnie said. Just then, the guards outside of the castle were blowing their horns, and out came one of the members of the royal guard, Rouge the Bat.
"Hear ye! Hear ye! Introducing her royal highness... Princess Elise!" Rouge shouted. The whole village cheered as the human princess, Princess Elise, came walking out from the castle. Rotor, Bunnie, and Antoine all bowed down before the princess.
"My queen... it is such a supreme honor to meet you once more!" Antoine said. Elise just giggled as she watched Antoine feverishly kiss her right hand.
"Yes, it's nice to see you too, Antoine." Elise said.
"Princess Elise, there's someone we found outside of our village... and she's quite the big one." Rotor said as he pointed to Cosmo, who was turning her head to get a good look at the princess.
"Whew... you're not kidding. She is truly a giantess." Elise said.
"Well, it is nice to meet all of you, but can someone please untie me? I don't feel quite comfortable in this position. And I'm kinda thirsty too." Cosmo said.
"Oh... well, why didn't you say so? We'd be happy to replenish your energy with our pure spring water." Elise said.
"Now how the heck are we going to do that, Princess?" Bunnie asked.
"We just have to hope Rotor's floating well still works, don't we?" Elise said as she looked right over at Rotor.
"Oh... yes! Yes of course! One well full of spring water coming up!" Rotor said as he ran off to get his equipment.

Eventually, Cosmo looked to see a well the size of a small bucket to her eyes floating over her. It soon tipped over, and Cosmo opened her mouth and let the water flow into her mouth and down to her stomach.
"Ahhhh... that feels much better." Cosmo said. She could feel a new wave of strength flow through her body thanks to being fed with water, which was something of a power source for her body as a Seedrian. In fact, she moved her arms up and was able to break off some of the rope. As soon as the sound of rope breaking echoed through the Lilliputian sky, the village went into a frenzy as the many different animals went running like mad for safety. Princess Elise, Rotor, Pengo, Antoine, Bunnie, and a bird named Flicky stayed in front of the castle as they watched the giant Cosmo break through all the rope and was finally able to stand to her full height. Cosmo tried her best to calm everyone down, but it was doing no good.
"No, please... don't be afraid! I want to get to know all of you!" Cosmo said, trying her best to be reasonable with the tiny crowd, but nobody was listening. In fact, Rotor was the first to admit that immediate action needed to be taken.
"Princess! We must do something at all costs! She may end up destroying our lovely village!" Rotor said.
"I say we man the cannons and send in the archers!" Flicky shouted.
"Right... let us charge into battle!" Antoine said.
"I declare you're right, Antoine!" Bunnie shouted. Everyone except for Elise ran into the castle.
"Wait, shouldn't we just..." Elise shouted, but nobody heard her. She looked back at Cosmo before running into the castle herself.
"Please forgive me, Cosmo..." Elise said.

After failing to win the hearts of the tiny citizens of the village, Cosmo didn't have much time to wonder what to do next when she noticed a whole bunch of animals armed with bows and arrows. They all started to fire up at Cosmo, who just turned away trying not to get hit in the front. Although the arrows were tiny, Cosmo could still feel a tiny bit of pain go through her body. And it wouldn't get much better when the cannonballs started to bounce off her like marbles.
"Ouch! Please... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause any harm!" Cosmo said in between her little yelps of pain. A tear or two could be seen trickling down Cosmo's face as she struggled to maintain balance. Finally, she tripped over one of the huts and fell down over it, crushing it to pieces. Cosmo screamed out as she fell down to the ground and hit it hard, shaking the ground and causing the archers to fall down as well.
Cosmo, however, was able to quickly get up and she noticed the archers had halted their fire from being down on their backs. The cannons from the top of the castle seemed to stop firing as well.
"Now's my chance to flee for my life." Cosmo said. She started to run away from the village, trying her best not to crush any more of the animals or their living quarters.

Eventually, after jumping off a small cliff and floating down to safety, she came across the gigantic moat that had surrounded the village. Cosmo didn't think twice when she looked behind her and saw what seemed like the entire village (minus Princess Elise) coming after her holding flaming torches. Any other giantess would stay behind and defend herself, but Cosmo wasn't like that at all. She was not wanting to harm any innocent life, especially if that person were much shorter than she was.
Finally, she jumped into the moat and breathed a little sigh of relief when she noticed the water level could only reach up to her waist level. She began to wade her way through the ocean as she looked back at the angry mob that all but wanted her out of their village.
"(sigh) I wish I could get them to understand. I'm such a nice person if people would take the time to chat with me." Cosmo said. Just then, Cosmo could feel a sharp amount of pain hit the back of her head.
"Ow!!! What hit me?" Cosmo said. She looked to see a whole fleet full of wooden battleships firing more cannonballs at her. As Cosmo shielded her face to keep it from getting damaged by a cannonball, she looked to see these battleships were almost all around her. It seemed there was no escape without making her own escape path.
"I'm sorry... please forgive me." Cosmo said. She decided to dip both her hands into the water as she scooped up a lot of it. She then held her hands over one of the ships as she opened them up and let the water fall onto the ship. Because it was so much water, the ship sank quickly.
"So I see they are not very strong. I'm glad these people haven't heard of Metarex technology." Cosmo said. She would do the same thing for a couple more of those ships. The others she quickly took care of by sweeping her hands through the water and creating a tidal wave.

Finally, after getting back on the island where her main ship had crashed, Cosmo looked up in the sky to see her backup spaceship had just arrived. Cosmo took one final look way out at the island where the village she was shortly a guest of. She then looked around the island she was on before walking into the spaceship's tractor beam which would lift her into the ship.
"Goodbye, Lilliput. It was nice knowing you." Cosmo said to herself. She took a deep breath as she looked over the planet one last time before flying off into space once more.

End of Story #2

"The end." Vanilla said to Cream after telling her that story.
"Oh my... I'm glad Cosmo was alright! Why do you think those people attacked her even though she was there to help?" Cream said.
"Well, I guess it's kinda hard to trust someone that's a lot bigger than you." Vanilla said with a smile.
"But you're bigger than me!" Cream said.
"Well, it's different because I'm your mother! I mean, you know, really really big people like Cosmo was in this story!" Vanilla said, stretching her arms out as wide as she could to give Cream the illustration of someone giant like Blaze in the first story and Cosmo in the second story.
"(sigh) I miss Cosmo..." Cream said.
"Now now, Cream. You'll always have her in your memories. Just think about that and you won't think of her as gone." Vanilla said as she kissed Cream on the head.
"Mommy, you promise to read me another story tomorrow?" Cream said.
"Oh of course, Cream. I'll have a good one for you then!" Vanilla said. She started to walk out of Cream's room.
"Good night, Mommy!" Cream said as she held onto her chao companion, Cheese, and tucked herself in some more.
"Good night, Cream." Vanilla said as she finally flipped the light switch and Cream's room went dark, allowing her to fall asleep for the night.

Wednesday night

As Cream was tucked into bed once more for this week, she looked up at her mother, Vanilla, anxious to hear what kind of story she had for tonight.
"So, Mommy, what's my bedtime story for tonight?" Cream asked.
"Well, my dear Cream, could you first tell me who you want to see in the story?" Vanilla asked.
"Oh... I got a good one. How about a story where Knuckles is rescuing a beautiful princess from a tower?" Cream said.
"Oh my... that certainly wouldn't be like Knuckles!" Vanilla said.
"Yeah, I know. That's why it could be a funny story!" Cream said.
"Okay then. Long ago, in a kingdom far away, there was this king who was calling for the help of Knuckles the Dragon Slayer." Vanilla said.
"Dragon slayer, Mommy?" Cream asked.
"Sure! A dragon's the perfect thing to rescue a princess from! Anyway, it all started like this..." Vanilla said.

Story #3
Knuckles the Dulcy Dragon Slayer

One sunny day outside the walls of Angel Castle, we find Knuckles the Echidna, otherwise known as Knuckles the Dragon Slayer, casually walking along the walls along with his three good friends, all of whom make up Team Chaotix (Vector, Charmy, and Espio). All was quiet from where they were standing, but they were all trying to find the source of a loud noise. It sounded like a lot of chatter coming from inside the walls of Angel Castle.
"Gee, I wonder what all that noise is for inside the castle walls!" Charmy shouted.
"Maybe they're having a food festival! I always hear a lot of people where there's food involved!" Vector said.
"To you, food and music are the only things in life." Espio said.
"Hey, come on! I have my friends, and that's what counts the most, right!?" Vector said. He then hugged the other three members of the group as tightly as he could. Knuckles was able to fight off his tight grip.
"Alright, you three... pipe down! We're supposed to be meeting King Locke today for some big announcement! I can only hope dragons are involved." Knuckles said.
"Well, I hope not! You remember what happened the last time we slew a dragon!? I couldn't eat for days as grossed out as I was!" Vector said.
"But it was thanks to my stinging power that got us out of that belly!" Charmy shouted.
"Uh... Knuckles, were we really invited to King Locke's castle?" Espio said.
"No, I'm just bored. I want to hear what he says." Knuckles said with a smile. The other three members of the group just grunted as they all entered the Angel Castle grounds.

When they got inside and in the courtyard, they saw a bunch of other creature standing around the block all shouting up to the balcony, where King Locke himself stood.
"Hear ye! Hear ye! Order in the courtyard! There is a war to be won and we must win it as soon as possible!" King Locke shouted.
"Oh... a war? Very cool!" Vector said.
"Oh yeah... I live for well-drawn wars!" Charmy shouted. The Chaotix team each high-fived each other when Knuckles just gave them all a good punch or two.
"Quiet, you numbskulls! I'm trying to listen!" Knuckles said.
"As you all have heard... my lovely daughter, Princess Tikal, has been captured! She must be rescued as soon as anthropomorphically possible!" King Locke shouted. Everyone listening around the area just cheered for the king's speech.
"The princess has been kidnapped? How come we didn't hear about this?" Vector asked.
"What do you expect? News travels slow around this kingdom." Espio said.
"There can be only one creature responsible for this monstrous act... Dulcy Dragon!" King Locke shouted. Some murmurs began to come out from the audience as they couldn't believe what they heard.
"Dulcy Dragon? But she's over 100 feet tall! She's a threat to society!" one of the peasents shouted.
"Exactly! Only she would be evil enough to have my daughter! So who out there is brave enough to take on the monumental task of rescuing my daughter and slaying the dragon!?" King Locke shouted.

Silence. It was total silence. Probably from hearing Dulcy Dragon's name pop up was when everyone within the grounds of Angel Castle fell into great fear. None of the knights present were willing to take the job, until...
"We are!" Charmy shouted. Virtually every single creature, including King Locke, inside the castle grounds just looked at our group of heroes (Charmy, Vector, Espio, and Knuckles). Knuckles saw all the looks.
"Charmy, you idiot..." Knuckles muttered underneath his breath.
"You four? Seriously? You look like you couldn't slay a dragon, let alone a dragonfly!" King Locke shouted.
"Oh, that's not true at all. Our leader! Why he's slain... well, a hundred dragons!" Vector shouted. Many people around the area gasped over what they heard.
"I have?" Knuckles silently asked to Vector.
"Astonishing. Is this true, young echidna?" King Locke said. The Chaotix team nudged Knuckles forward somewhat to get him to say what they wanted him to say.
"Well... um... yes! Yes, it is true! I, Knuckles the Dragon Slayer, have defeated many a dragon in my time!" Knuckles shouted.
"Hmmm... if that is so, then you shall be the one to slay Dulcy Dragon! I wish you well on your journey!" King Locke said.
"Wait a minute... what's in it for us, pops? What do we get in return for rescuing this princess of yours?" Knuckles asked.
"Well, you'll be able to spend some quality time with the lovely princess herself for one thing." King Locke said.
"That's the only reward I need!" Charmy said sounding excited over the prospect of being with Princess Tikal. Knuckles just made a stink face thinking that wasn't much of a reward for him.
"I promise you a grand feast at my table!" King Locke said.
"A feast! That always works for me!" Vector shouted.
"And finally... I will give you seven Chaos Emeralds!" King Locke said. Knuckles raised his eyes over hearing that.
"Seven Chaos Emeralds, you say? We'll take the job!" Knuckles said.
"Outstanding! I knew you'd be brave enough to take the job! Bring back my daughter as soon as you can, and you shall be rewarded!" King Locke said. Knuckles and the Chaotix team put their hands together.
"Alright, my friends, we set forth for Dulcy Dragon's castle to rescue the princess, Tikal! For the Chaos Emeralds!" Knuckles said.
"For that grand feast!" Vector said.
"For the princess!" Charmy said.
"For my dignity..." Espio said.
"Heigh ho, merry-O! Onward the Dragon Slayers go!!!" they all shouted at once. The four heroes then ran out of Angel Castle and set off for what they would learn as the giant Dulcy Dragon's home, Knothole Castle.
"Seriously, we need a new tagline." Espio said under his breath.

Meanwhile, at this so-called Knothole Castle, Tikal stared helplessly out at the clear blue skies from the top of the tallest tower. Pacing back and forth, and flying a little bit as well, was the giant-sized Dulcy Dragon. Tikal looked right in the face of Dulcy.
"You'll never get away with this, Dulcy! Some brave knight will surely come and rescue me!" Tikal shouted.
"Oh really? Like who? Those silly little knights from Angel Castle are too scared to take on me!" Dulcy said, who let out a roar that was childish at best.
"Yeah, like that roar is gonna scare them away." Tikal said in frustration.
"Hey, I'm working on it! It's not easy being a dragon who does nothing but kidnap princesses for a living." Dulcy said. Tikal just sighed and went back to walking around the tower.
"Oh Daddy, I hope you are sending someone brave to rescue me." Tikal said. Dulcy yawned from outside the castle.
"Well, I might as well get my little ol' nap in for today." Dulcy said as she walked behind the castle. She swung her tail around and knocked down one of the towers.
"Oops... I did it again. I've gotta get that thing fixed!" Dulcy said. She then laid down next to

Not too far from Dulcy's castle, having crossed the bridge that hovered over the moat, was Knuckles and his friends from Chaotix.
"Y'know, I wonder why this castle has pure spring water for a moat instead of a pool of lava." Espio said.
"Maybe this dragon's a good house cleaner! Hahahaha!" Charmy said, laughing at his own bad joke.
"Or maybe this dragon's different like the last few we've faced, and not a hundred, mind you." Knuckles said, glaring over at Vector.
"What? It feels like a hundred dragons to me!" Vector said.
"Yeah, on your MP3 player with all the dragon songs you've collected!" Charmy said.
"Why you..." Vector said. He was about to charge Charmy when Knuckles held him back.
"Okay, big guy, calm down. We're here." Knuckles said as he pointed at the rickety-rackety wooden door. The four noticed it was slightly open, so they all went inside. Everyone each grabbed a torch so they could see inside the dark and barren hallways.
"So what do we do now? Call out for the princess?" Vector asked.
"Oh sure... go ahead, and then we'll be burnt to a crisp by this Dulcy character!" Espio said sarcastically.
"Burnt to a crisp? Uh... you guys go ahead. I'll be holding the fort down if you don't mind!" Charmy said, sweating a little bit. Knuckles just grabbed Charmy by his back and brought him with the rest of the group.
"Never mind. Why don't you three go find some stairs?" Knuckles said.
"Stairs? I thought we were looking for a princess!" Vector shouted.
"The princess will be up the stairs, in the highest room, of the tallest tower." Knuckles said.
"What makes you think she'll be there?" Charmy asked.
"I read it in a book once." Knuckles said as he started to walk outside of the front door.
"Wait! Where are you going?" Espio said.
"Outside to find a shortcut to the princess!" Knuckles shouted before he was completely gone. The three members of Chaotix just looked at each other for a few seconds.
"So... who's leading this time?" Espio asked.

After a few minutes of walking around the castle grounds, Knuckles found himself not too far from the tallest tower. He then could hear a lovely female voice calling out to him. Knuckles looked to see it was Tikal, the princess of Angel Castle.
"You! Down there! I'm up here!" Tikal shouted.
"Are you Princess Tikal?" Knuckles said.
"I am... awaiting a knight so bold as to rescue me. Oh brave knight... nay, brave dragon slayer... are thou the one who will rescue me?" Tikal said. Knuckles had a hard time understanding the words coming out from the princess, but he played along.
"Um... yes! Yes, my dearest... I am the one who shall climb the tower and rescue you from the evil dragon!" Knuckles said.
"You haven't come across the dragon yet?" Tikal asked.
"Not me... but my partners probably have. Never fear, however, for I will rescue you before the dragon knows I am here." Knuckles said as he started to climb up the tower using his natural ability to climb up most surfaces.
"At least, I hope they've found that dragon." Knuckles said to himself as he kept on climbing the tower that Tikal was being held prisoner in.

Meanwhile, after they went up a small series of steps, the Chaotix team of Vector, Espio, and Charmy were looking everywhere for some more steps that would lead them to Princess Tikal, even though of course Knuckles is probably going to rescue her before that happens. The room they were in was halfway open and halfway closed, so they could see a good bit of the sky.
"Bah... there should be some more stairs around here!" Vector said.
"You sound so anxious to find just a little itty bitty series of steps." Espio said.
"Darn right! I'm gonna take drastic steps. Kick it to the curb! Don't mess with me 'cause I'm the stair master. I've mastered the stairs! I wish I had a step right here, I'd step all over it!" Vector said. Charmy flew a little bit ahead of Vector and could feel some heavy breathing behind him. So much that he was having trouble staying in the air.
"Espio, do you mind!? I'm having a hard time staying afloat here!" Charmy said.
"It's not me... I'm way behind you!" Espio said.
"Then what is it that's breathing..." Charmy said as he slowly turned around to look and see where those breaths or warm air belonged to. Charmy almost froze when he saw who it belonged to. The giant Dulcy Dragon. Charmy did his best not to scream out anything out of fear for his safety. Instead, he waved over for Vector and Espio to join him by his side.
"Well, what do you know? It looks like we found ourselves a dragon! Score one for Chaotix!" Vector shouted. Espio and Charmy quickly covered up Vector's mouth to keep him from celebrating too much. But it wouldn't do much good. As Charmy flew up right in front of Dulcy's closed eyes, Dulcy opened them up and saw Charmy right in front of her.

Both (yes, both Charmy and Dulcy) let out a loud scream. Dulcy leapt to her feet and almost stomped on the three heroes. Charmy clung itself close to Vector as the crocodile held on tight to him.
"Eeeeeeeek!!!! She's gonna eat us!" Charmy said.
"Relax, Charmy. You taste awful anyways, so at least you'll be safe." Vector said calmly.
"Thanks a lot..." Charmy said sarcastically.
"Never mind that! Let's get out of here!" Espio said as the three started to run away. Dulcy noticed the three and started to follow them.
"Oh! Look at the little toys!" Dulcy said as she started to chase them. The Chaotix team could only look behind them and see Dulcy's green and scaly feet trying in every way to crush them while they ran away.

At the front of the castle, in one of the larger rooms of the castle with stone pillars everywhere, Knuckles and Tikal had made it there and were waiting for the Chaotix team to arrive.
"So what are we waiting for?" Tikal asked.
"My friends. They may not be the brightest but they have been a part of my journeys for years." Knuckles said. Just then, one of the doors swung wide open and Vector, Charmy, and Espio were all running at full speed towards Knuckles and Tikal.
"Hey guys! Did you find the..." Knuckles said.
"Can't talk now!" Vector shouted as he ran by.
"Dragon on our tail!" Espio said as he ran by.
"My fault..." Charmy said as he flew by. Indeed, the wall with the door suddenly crumbled to pieces (along with half of the room's ceiling) as the 100-foot-tall Dulcy busted her way through. She looked down at her feet and saw Knuckles with Princess Tikal.

"Well now... it seems you couldn't stay in the tower for long, little princess." Dulcy said. Knuckles looked back at the Chaotix members who were just standing there gawking up at the giantess dragon.
"Hey, you three! Get Tikal to the exit! I'll deal with this pretty dragon." Knuckles said.
"Hey, no problem, dude! You're the top dragon slayer today!" Vector said as he started running again, along with the rest of Chaotix and Tikal with them. Once they were several yards away from Dulcy, Knuckles turned around and looked up at Dulcy.
"Looks like the little echidna wants to have a duel with me." Dulcy said with a smile. Knuckles simply put up his dukes.
"This is more than just a duel, Dulcy! I am a dragon slayer and I will beat you!" Knuckles shouted.
"Well, let's see you beat this!" Dulcy said. She then took in a deep breath for about thirty seconds. Thinking this was going to be a fierce attack, Knuckles started running away with his friends and the princess well ahead of him.
"RUN!!!" Knuckles shouted. Dulcy then let loose with a powerful gust of wind that could easily reach the speed of a hurricane. It was so powerful... it blew everyone through a hole in the wall and right out of the castle... even across the bridge!

Knuckles and the gang all got up from being blown away by Dulcy.
"Whew... I've heard of big breezes before but that was beyond breezy!" Vector said.
"If that was an attempt at alliteration, it wasn't very good." Espio said.
"Oh, like yours wasn't any better!" Vector said.
"Guys! Look, we are far away from the castle!" Charmy said.
"I guess that Dulcy wasn't very bright for a gigantic dragon." Vector said. Knuckles and Tikal just looked at each other.
"Are you okay, princess?" Knuckles asked.
"Yes, I am fine thanks to your heroic efforts." Tikal said. She gave Knuckles a light kiss on the cheek, and Knuckles immediately blushed. The Chaotix team just laughed and cheered as they watched the two kiss up.
"Woohoo! It's about time Knuckles got kissed!" Charmy said.
"Now why does he get kissed!? We risked our lives to find the dragon!" Vector said. Just as he said that, however, the group looked behind themselves to see the castle totally break apart, with Dulcy bursting out of it.
"We failed... we didn't slay the dragon." Knuckles said.
"I thought the mission was to rescue the princess. Shouldn't that count for something?" Espio asked.
"Give me back my princess, or I'll..." Dulcy said. She was charging for the bridge, but she was charging so much... she forgot about the bridge not being big enough to support her weight. The bridge broke apart underneath Dulcy's huge feet, and Dulcy tumbled towards the moat far below the castle.
"Oh no... not again!!!" Dulcy shouted as she fell. Our heroes just looked as Dulcy splashed right into the river.
"There... now the dragon is slain! Satisfied?" Espio said to Knuckles, who just smiled.
"Good enough for me. Now come on, we have rewards to collect." Knuckles said as he took Tikal's hand and started to walk back for Angel Castle, along with the rest of his friends.

And so Knuckles and all his friends returned Princess Tikal to Angel Castle, and they were all royally rewarded as promised by King Locke. Everyone decided to stay and live in Angel Castle, which was a good thing because Knuckles had become quite attracted to Princess Tikal. The two eventually got engaged and everyone lived happily ever after.

End of Story #3

"The end." Vanilla said to Cream after telling her that story.
"Wow! That was a great story, but whatever happened to Dulcy Dragon?" Cream said.
"Oh, she was able to survive, but she gave up on capturing princesses. She closed what was left of her castle and started to deliver air mail for a living." Vanilla said with a smile.
"I'm so glad. She seemed like a nice dragon if she weren't capturing pretty princesses." Cream said.
"I'm glad you can see the good in people, my dear Cream." Vanilla said as she kissed Cream on the head.
"Mommy, you promise to read me another story tomorrow?" Cream said.
"Oh of course, Cream. I'll have a good one for you then!" Vanilla said. She started to walk out of Cream's room.
"Good night, Mommy!" Cream said as she held onto her chao companion, Cheese, and tucked herself in some more.
"Good night, Cream." Vanilla said as she finally flipped the light switch and Cream's room went dark, allowing her to fall asleep for the night.

Thursday night

As Cream was tucked into bed once more for this week, she looked up at her mother, Vanilla, anxious to hear what kind of story she had for tonight.
"So, Mommy, what's my bedtime story for tonight?" Cream asked.
"Well, my dear Cream, could you first tell me who you want to see in the story?" Vanilla asked.
"Well, you know what? How about a story with us? You and I in a classic story!" Cream asked.
"Hey, now there's a good idea, and I just happen to have a good story in mind!" Vanilla said.
"Oh! Does it have giants? If it does, can I be the giant? Can I? Can I?" Cream said.
"Now now, my dear Cream. There's actually a good reason I play the giant in this story, but I hope you like it!" Vanilla said.
"Oh, it's okay. I think you'd look good being giant-sized too." Cream said with a smile..
"Awww... I'm glad you said that. Now then, once upon a time..." Vanilla said.

Last Story
The Littlest Giantess

At the edge of the mountains, in a place called Hugevania, was a long abandoned wooden cottage, and sitting on top of this house was the 100-foot-tall Vanilla as she was reading a book. She took a breath of the fresh mountain air.
"Ahhhh... such a wonderful day. I really love sitting on this old abandoned house. It reminds me of my enormous stature. Not to mention the fact that I look so beautiful like this." Vanilla said to herself. As she was looking back at her book, she suddenly heard some booming sounds coming from behind her, not to mention some deep feminine voices that were doing nothing but laugh. Vanilla turned her head and noticed the source of those voices.

It was Amy Rose and Rouge, and both were significantly bigger than Vanilla as they walked up to the cottage. As Vanilla got up from the house and stood at her full height, she was only knee-high to the massive scale of these two giantesses, both estimated at over 400 feet tall each.
"Oh lookie here! If it isn't the baby giantess!" Rouge said with a laugh.
"Yeah! She's barely enormous!" Amy said, tapping Vanilla on her head a little harder than usual.
"She's no bigger than a mansion!" Rouge said. Vanilla clearly looked annoyed by being insulted the way she was.
"Hey now... let's not upset the little girl's feelings. Give me a five!" Amy said. Vanilla put her hand out to swat Amy's hand as requested, but at the last second, Amy pulled her hand up, causing Vanilla to miss. Amy just laughed over seeing this. She let her hand up higher, leaving Vanilla to constantly jump up and down to try and reach the hand, but it was doing no good.
"Looks like she's having trouble giving me five. Wanna give her a lift, Rouge?" Amy said with a grinning smile.
"Gladly, my friend." Rouge said. She then grabbed Vanilla's entire body with her two hands and then threw her way up in the air! Vanilla went flying up and then came flying down, but luckily she softened her fall by flapping her ears. Still, she landed hard on her behind... and things wouldn't get better when Amy just kicked her to the ground as she was getting up, causing her to land face first into the grassy grounds. As Amy and Rouge laughed relentlessly like the bullies they were, Vanilla got back on her feet and brushed her dress full of grass off.
"Hey! What's the big idea? Why don't you two pick on someone your own size!?" Vanilla said.
"We would... but you know, it's not nice to be talking back to us bigger giantesses." Rouge said.
"Yeah, let me show you what we do to people like that!" Amy said. She then committed a most cruel act, at least in Vanilla's eyes. Amy took Vanilla's big ears and twisted them in every direction possible. They stayed twisted for a few seconds before they finally unraveled themselves. As Vanilla felt the wrinkles on her ears, she finally couldn't take it anymore and she went running for the mountains, crying. Amy and Rouge, the bigger giantesses, did nothing but laugh at the little giantess.
"You'll never have any friends, baby! You're too little to have any friends!" Amy said. Her and Rouge's laughter reached its highest point as they both high-fived each other and then walked away in the opposite direction, probably to terrorize another small and innocent village.

Later that night, Vanilla was sitting on a rock just outside of the sign that read, 'Welcome to Hugevania.' She continued to show a long face as she gripped onto the only possession she brought with her, a small diary that could fit in one of her pockets. Indeed, she was so sad she didn't even bother to pack any food or water for the journey she was about to take.
As she looked into the night sky, she could only think of all the bad times she had gone through with Amy and Rouge when they started to see her as different from the other giantesses. Finally deciding that afternoon that life was simply getting too unbearable in Hugevania, Vanilla decided to run away. Looking back at the town, she couldn't help but get all watery-eyed knowing that she may never visit this place again.
Vanilla then opened up her diary, pulling out a pen that was sitting inside and looking one last time at a picture inside that showed Vanilla playing happily with Amy and Rouge. She then ripped out a page, and started to write a heartfelt goodbye message to her former friends:

To my dearest friends, Amy and Rouge,

I am running away forever.

Your punching bag, the 'baby' giantess,

Vanilla took one good look at the admittedly weak goodbye letter she wrote... and then just dropped the letter to the ground before crying once more, this time more than ever. Vanilla tried with all her heart to fight off the waterworks, but the feeling of total sadness was just too strong to overcome. With nothing left to do, Vanilla slowly picked herself up from the rock, put away her diary in one of her pockets, and then left Hugevania for the final time, leaving the letter behind on the sandy pathway.

Late that night, Vanilla was continuing her walk down the pathway, which really was straightforward and as far away from Hugevania as possible. She continued to have tears in her eyes, still overcome with the emotion of sadness. She would step on a small farmhouse along the way as the people outside of it screamed for their lives and shouted 'giantess' many times. Vanilla didn't bother to listen to them.
"Yeah, they think I'm big, but wait until they see mean ol' Amy or Rouge." Vanilla said to herself as she just kept on walking, even right into the lake which was up to her neck at best. Basically, it felt like Vanilla was sleepwalking only without the sleep, but little would she realize that crossing the lake would lead right to what you might call her destiny.

Meanwhile, in the tiny village of Miniville, the drought was really taking its toll. No crops, no grass... heck, there was nothing green to speak of. It was so dry it looked much like a desert town if one were to see a picture of Miniville on a postcard. It was very low in population too, probably thanks to this aforementioned dry spell the village has been under. Sitting next to the well was a young rabbit girl named Cream. She was petting her pet Chao, Cheese, who clearly looked pale because of not getting enough food or water.
"Oh Cheese, I wish there was something I could do, but this drought has really taken its toll. I tell you no lie... my food processing robot keeps running out of gas." Cream said as she pointed over to the green robot, Grounder (from the syndicated Sonic cartoon). Grounder opened up a panel located around his stomach area and noticed it was empty.
"Ugh... that's the third time this week my food processing technology has come up empty! What's a decent robot to do around here?" Grounder said as he complained out loud.
"My monkey robot is having trouble finding bananas underground." Cream said. A small hole suddenly opened up where the crops had been, and out came Coconuts the robotic monkey (also from the syndicated Sonic cartoon).
"Awww man... this is what I get for sanitation duty! I'm getting dirt logged just looking for dead bananas!" Coconuts said as he slammed one of his coconuts down on the ground and pounded it like crazy.
"And worst of all... my robot chicken can only lay silk." Cream said. She looked over at the chicken's nest where Scratch (yep, also from the syndicated Sonic cartoon) was getting up to see some eggs sitting on his nest.
"Oh boy! Finally some eggs for dinner tonight!" Scratch said, but just as he said that, the eggs burst into soft silk, which got blown away by the dry wind.
"Make that a silk screen for dinner." Scratch said softly. Grounder and Coconuts joined him to vent their frustration.
"This is all the weatherman's fault! He keeps saying it's going to rain, yet it doesn't!" Grounder said.
"I'd like to give him a good pounding with my coconuts!" Coconuts said. Cream came over to stop the bickering.
"Now now, boys, let's not make this situation any worse than it already is. Let's just go to bed and prepare ourselves for tomorrow." Cream said as she and Cheese walked for their small home, which only had four beds to accommodate everyone.
"Just promise me we're not having dirt for breakfast. Last time that happened..." Scratch said.
"Don't remind me. That was pretty messy." Grounder said.

The next morning, Cream found herself waking up early thanks to the loud sounds of crying and sobbing. She opened her window to see where that crying was coming from, and she could hardly believe her eyes. There, at her well, was the giant Vanilla as she continued to sob her heart out in sadness. Cream gasped over what she was seeing. She just had to get her friends over to see this.
"Scratch! Grounder! Coconuts! You have to see this!" Cream shouted. Everyone, plus Cheese, crowded around the window to take a gander at the giant rabbit lady known as Vanilla, who was just spilling her tears everywhere. The garden where the crops had been was flooded, though that was thanks to the well filling up to the top with water as it spilled all over the place, and yet it continued to pour out from being full.
Cream and friends looked at the overflowing well and quickly came to one conclusion.

"WATER!!!" They all shouted together. They all ran outside, and the three robots simply ducked their heads as deep as they could into the well. Thank goodness they were all waterproof because their whole bodies were starting to get wet as well from drinking so much. Finally, when they all felt full, the three robots stood up proudly like they were in the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.
"Wow! I've never felt so full of life in all my life!" Scratch said.
"Are you kidding!? I could make gourmet meals to make us last a lifetime!" Grounder said. He pressed some buttons on his right arm and right away, the panel on his stomach opened up to reveal a plate full of chili dogs.
"Chili dogs, anyone?" Grounder said happily.
"Are you kidding!? I could dig for bananas for miles! We'll never go hungry again as long as I live!" Coconuts shouted. The three robots then cheered for joy, as did Cream and Cheese. Cream finally looked over at Vanilla, who continued to cry away. She just had to thank this giantess for all she did to save her farm from disaster. Cream ran up to one of Vanilla's legs, covered by her long dress of course, and gently patted it.
"Oh giant lady... you've saved the farm!" Cream said as she finally hugged Vanilla by the dress. Vanilla somehow heard that and she let off on the sobbing to look down at the tiny Cream.
"I... I did?" Vanilla said.
"Oh yes! You are my true friend forever!" Cream shouted. Vanilla was stunned to hear that. Did this little one that resembled her like a daughter really just call her a friend? Finally she picked up Cream with both her hands and held her to her face.

"F...F...Friend? I'm your... I'm your friend?" Vanilla said.
"Of course! You've gotta be the biggest friend I've ever had." Cream said.
"I'm your friend... and I'm big?" Vanilla asked.
"Are you kidding? You're huge! You could easily crush a house as big as you are!" Cream said.
"Really? I mean... it can't be... my old friends said I couldn't crush the broadside of a barn." Vanilla said.
"No way... you're just so titanic! I'd love to have a friend like that!" Cream said.
"Oh my... I've... I've never had a friend like you before..." Vanilla said, feeling her eyes fill up with tears again, but this time they looked to be tears of happiness.
"Just name it, my friend. I'll do anything for you in return for what you've done." Cream said.
"Anything?" Vanilla said.
"That's right. Anything!" Cream shouted. Vanilla thought for a few seconds on what she could ask the little Cream could do.
"Well... could I... could I... y'know, live here? I'm running away from home and I could use a place to stay." Vanilla said.
"Absolutely. You'll probably have to sleep outside because the houses aren't big enough, but we'd be glad to let you stay here!" Cream said.
"Oh thank you! Thank you! You are a true friend after all!" Vanilla said. She finally was feeling so happy that she hugged Cream against her chest, almost crushing her.
"Ow! Hey... easy with the hugging!" Cream said.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I'm still used to living with other giants." Vanilla said.

Finally, life was returning to normal in the village of Miniville. The giant Vanilla would help out with the many chores that Cream, Grounder, Scratch, and Coconuts would formerly do by themselves. Of course, as Cream said, Vanilla would have to sleep outside of their home, which caused some discomfort at first (one time Vanilla's ear covered up the entire house), but everyone got used to it. Basically, everyone lived happily ever after.

End of Story #4

"The end." Vanilla said to Cream after telling her that story.
"Oh wow! So you were so big you had to sleep outside" Cream said.
"That's right... you and your friends wouldn't have been too happy with me trying to fit inside that house." Vanilla said with a smile.
"I'm so glad we could help you... but, do you think you'll ever run away like in that story?" Cream said.
"Absolutely not, my dear Cream. As long as you are my daughter, I have no reason to go anywhere. I will love you forever and ever." Vanilla said as she kissed Cream on the head.
"Mommy, do you think you can read me another story for tomorrow when I get back?" Cream said. She had agreed earlier in the day to go with Sonic and Chris Thorndike tomorrow to search for a chaos emerald all day.
"Well, we'll see, if it's not past your bedtime! But if it is, you should come up with your own fairy tale!" Vanilla said.
"Really? Can I do that?" Cream asked.
"Of course. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Always remember that and you'll be stronger than I am." Vanilla said with a smile. She started to walk out of Cream's room after kissing her on the head one more time. Same with Cheese.
"Good night, Mommy!" Cream said as she held onto her chao companion, Cheese, and tucked herself in some more.
"Good night, Cream." Vanilla said as she finally flipped the light switch and Cream's room went dark, allowing her to fall asleep for the night.