Vector's Date


          She had called him.

            Vector the crocodile walked excitedly to the small cottage of the two, sweet rabbits, Cream and Vanilla.  Vanilla had called him earlier today, telling him that she wanted to see him.  She sounded excited.  Vector could say he felt the same way.  His heart was racing, and he wanted to run all the way to the cottage.  But then he would be tired and he did not want to present himself as a sweaty and panting guy to a woman as beautiful as Vanilla.  Vector thought about her.  Her beautiful lips, formed in a wonderful smile, her white teeth shining remarkably with her red, plump lips, her light brown eyes, sparkling in the sunlight.  And of course, those two lumps on the front of her soft blouse, which went so well with her dress.

            Vector couldn’t wait to see her, he just couldn’t and luckily, he wouldn’t have to.  The roof of the small cottage was now in sight, as Vector trudged towards it, growing more excited along the way.  For what seemed to be an eternity he approached the house, and jogged to the front door.  It opened before he got to it.  He almost jumped, he hoped it was Vanilla, but instead it was Cream, walking out of the house with a sleep over bag over her shoulder.  She jumped when she saw Vector, but smiled politely at him.

            “Hi, Mr. Vector,” Cream said cheerfully

            Vector, not really wanting to stop and talk to her right now, not while her beautiful mother was inside waiting, but not wanting to be rude waved at her and smiled.

            “Ah, Cream,” He said with some real pleasure. “Good to see you!”

            He had almost asked “How’s it going?” but that would probably make him have an actual conversation with her.

            “As it is you, Mr. Vector,” Cream responded back happily.  “I’m on my way to stay at Amy’s house. I can’t wait, I’m sooooo excited.”

            With that, Cream, and Cheese, who Vector, who had not been paying attention with Vanilla on his mind, had not seen, ran off into the distance, apparently just as eager to hurry to her destination as Vector had been.  Vector then realized something that made his already sky high joy mount even higher.  Cream was gone, which would mean he had the whole day to spend with the lovely lady of the house alone.  Vector wondered if life could be any better.  He walked into the cottage and shut the door. 

            He didn’t expect anything to happen, thinking Vanilla only knew that Cream had left and that he hadn’t come in, but nearly jumped when he heard a pretty voice call: “I’m in my room, Vector!”

          It was Vanilla.  He wasn’t sure if she had heard him greet her daughter, but didn’t care.  He ran up the stairs and found Vanilla sitting on her bed.  Upon seeing Vector she smiled and stood up.  She didn’t walk up and hug him, like she usually did when she encountered him, but instead stood right where she was, hands, strangely, behind her back.  Vector took no notice of either activity.  He couldn’t think of anything but her great beauty. 

            Vanilla was wearing an orange blouse, a belt, a light purple dress, and blue high heeled shoes.  She wore her lipstick, which made her smile more irresistible, and he could smell some wonderful perfume on her.

            “I’m glad you’re here Vector.” She said in a very soothing voice.

            “Me too.” Vector said, dumbly. 

            Vector couldn’t take his eyes off her.  Vanilla giggled and looked deep into his eyes. 

“What are you looking at, Vector?” She asked teasingly.

            Vector snapped back to a normal state of mind, and then, thinking if he stared at her he would look like the biggest idiot ever, took his eyes off her and looked down. 

            “OH! Nothing, I was…”  He tried to think of something, anything. “I just...noticed…that you were-” He then looked up.

            He stopped talking, but didn’t even have time to understand what he saw.  Vanilla’s hands were in front of her, pointing some strange object, which was pointed at him.  Next there was an extreme dizziness and he fell on his back.  He had closed his eyes and tried to keep him from getting sick.  Once the nausea had eased a bit, he opened his eyes. 

            He had no idea where he was.  He was sitting on large things of soft cotton, which was pure white, but not as fluffy as a cotton ball.  There was a great giant field of it in front of him.  His vision was blurred, he couldn’t see well, but he thought he felt the ground, or whatever it was, tremor.  Then it quaked harder, and a soft thump accompanied it.  He blinked his vision clear.  He was looking at some great blue thing.  He, for no reason looked the other direction and saw another blue thing, but he realized something funny about it.  There looked to be something coming from the top of it, some tan colored thing like…Vector’s eyes widened…like it was skin.

            A giggle, a very girlish giggle, sounded above him.  It sounded big.  He began to look up slowly.  The two blue things, Vanilla’s high heeled shoes, a great and amazingly long purple wall, Vanilla’s dress, a spot of orange, Vanilla’s blouse, and big and beautiful lips, red with lipstick, and a shine of well cared for teeth…Vanilla’s smile. 

Vanilla the rabbit towered over him at what might have been 300 feet.  Her shoes were even taller than him.  Not by much, but they definitely were. 

Vanilla was looking down at him, but, standing perfectly straight up, her breasts got in the way, so she bent down a little to get a better view.  Her long ears slithered off her shoulders and swung downward, directly above Vectors head.  They looked like sky scrapers.  Even the tuft of brown hair on her head looked like a forest. Vector looked up at her face.  Bright, delighted, excited, and not to mention gigantic brown eyes looked back down at him.  Vanilla raised a giant, gloved hand and waved down at Vector.

“Hello little fella.” She said softly in a calm and happy tone.

Vector quickly realized that his fear and awe of this situation was feeding on his ability to talk.  He tried to, but all that came out were gargled shrieks.  Vanilla didn’t seem to hear him at all. 

“Isn’t this a funny thing?” Vanilla said to Vector, raising her other hand.  Her fingers were curled around a gun of some sort.  It looked funny, kinda like toy. Vanilla looked at it curiously.  “I think Tails must have left it here by mistake.” She giggled. “Silly kid.  I found out what it could do when I picked it up this morning.  I accidentally shrunk a table, but Cream didn’t seem to notice.”

Vanilla’s hand rose higher and hovered to the bed beside her.  She gently put the gun down, and then turned her full attention on her shrunken boyfriend.    

“Awww, you look so adorable.” She cooed, her voice beating in his ears.  Her breasts pressed against her blouse, pointing down to the ground.  Vector thought one could squash him. 

Vanilla’s right hand rose and brushed an ear, which was getting into her vision, away.  Her knees then bent.  Her face grew larger, and Vector was aware that he was beginning to sweat, though no real feeling of fear or anything came yet.  Her pretty face now was right on top of him, her ears touched the ground next him, and he felt a warm breeze of air as she exhaled. Her breasts were just above him as well, but he was too focused on her face. 

“My goodness, you’re the cutest little thing ever!” she happily told him, then straightened up and brushed her ears behind her shoulders.  Then the fingers drew towards him, growing like giant earthworms.  Vector tried to get away from them but couldn’t move.  The fingers stroked him, she giggled again.

Vector tried to speak again but then Vanilla stood.  It was almost scary to watch.  It was sort of like watching an elevator go up.  When she stood at her full height she looked down at him. 

“Wha…wha…what did you do?”  Vector finally forced himself say.  It was an incredibly stupid question, but it was all he could say.  But Vanilla didn’t hear him.  Figuring talking wasn’t doing anything, Vector, not in his own free will, turned and began to walk, dazedly, the other way.

A shadow loomed and then a blue shoe came down in front of him.  He walked into it. 

“Well, where are you going?” He heard Vanilla ask playfully. “Don’t go running off.”  A finger touched him, turned him, and then raised his head to look up at her.  She was bent on her knees again, and she was waving her index finger in a motherly gesture of no-no, but her voice didn’t sound stern at all.  “I don’t want to accidentally step on you.”

Her smile never faltered but it looked like she didn’t really want that.  Suddenly, as if she couldn’t stand it any more, she stopped wagging her finger and opened her hand.  Vector saw it extend to him, reaching for him.  He only stood there.  She gently grabbed him between her thumb and index finger.  She stood up.  Vector watched as the ground drew away quickly.  The other hand appeared beneath him and he was dumped into it.  Vector sat there in Vanilla’s hand, looking at her giant eyes. Her massive brown eyes looked back. Vanilla drew him so close that an eyelash nearly hit him, as she blinked.

“You’re so small and so cute.” Vanilla said, and then she giggled.

The other hand reached and seized him, and he watched the eyes disappear and the red, plump lips appear.  The tongue poked out and wet the lips and then they parted.

“How about a kiss?” They whispered in Vanilla’s voice.  They puckered and Vector was drawn to them.  Vector was given the largest kiss in his life.  The lips smacked as they finished the kissed and then Vector was pulled away, and he saw Vanilla’s whole, smiling face.

“I hope you enjoyed that little special gift I thought for you.” Vanilla said in a sweet voice.

Vector nodded.  His fear was going away at a rapid rate, and was now starting to have fun.  He sat in her palm, sweating.  He thought that this was going to be one hell of a date.

Vanilla turned and picked up the weird gun from the bed.  She put it on her dresser and then sat down on the bed.  Vanilla, trying not to drop Vector, then lied down on the bed.  She gently picked up Vector from her hand and held him to her face.

“I want to do a little something with you Vector,” Vanilla said to him, giggling as she spoke.  “You want to play along?”

Of course he did, and even if he didn’t what choice did he have?  He wasn’t the one who was seemed as tall as a skyscraper.  He opened his mouth to speak, but then shut it.  He didn’t think Vanilla would hear him.  So he nodded.  Vanilla didn’t seem to notice this either, but went on with whatever she was planning.  She sat up and reached over to her feet, which still wore her heeled shoes, and carefully placed Vector on top of it. 

“All right now pay attention.” She said to Vector, snapping her fingers once to make sure he was listening, but seeming to want to laugh a little more. “I want you to walk from where you are now, to the top of my head.”

She giggled at this last sentence.  Vector was stunned.  Excitement coursed through him.  He nodded eagerly to this, despite the fact that Vanilla more than likely didn’t even see it.  Vanilla smiled at him and then lied down, propping her head on her pillows.

Vector slid down her foot and began to walk across her legs.  It was difficult, because it was hidden by her dress, so he couldn’t really see where he was going.  After some falls and trips, he made it to her brown belt.  Jumping over it, he made it to her stomach, feeling the softness of her blouse as he stumbled along.  As he walked, he wondered near her sides.  Vanilla jerked and laughed a little.  She was ticklish.  Just to tease, Vector began to jump on the spot, making Vanilla laugh and move around.  Finally, a gloved hand gently bumped and sent him rolling to her navel.  As he got up, he felt a slight rumble come from inside Vanilla’s stomach, but he hardly paid attention to it.  Vanilla giggled at Vector, lowering her hand.  Vector walked up, heading to her chest.  Two large lumps obscured her face and made a small mountain from within her blouse.  Vector walked to them, no longer smiling, but shaking with want but at the same time worrying that she didn’t want him screwing around on her breasts.  Vector figured standing there wasn’t another way around, so he slowly began to climb.  He stopped after setting foot on her left breast to make sure it was okay.  He heard a giggle from Vanilla.  It sounded like this was what he was supposed to do.  He slowly climbed, felling the warmth and incredible softness of the breast as he went.  Vanilla giggled again.  Her body shook as she shifted position.  Her breasts wiggled a little.  Vector now began to smile, enjoying every moment of this.  He reached the top of the breast and looked at her face.  One hand was at her mouth, stifling giggles.  Her eyes tracked him.  They were brighter and more excited than they had been earlier.  Vector stopped walking.  He turned to walk off, thinking her was done, but her giant hand rose and blocked him.

“No, no Vector.” Vanilla said playfully.  “You stop on the top of my head.”

Vector turned back to her face, realized the only way he was getting there, and gulped nervously.  He walked to her neck and stopped and looked at her mouth.  The lips parted in a smile.

“Come on.” Vanilla urged him.  “I won’t bite.”

Her breath gently blew against him as she spoke.  It was warm and smelled like mint leaves.  It was very pleasurable.  Trembling, Vector climbed her chin and stood at her lips. They were together, Vanilla trying hard not to laugh, but they were stretched in a smile.   Vector tried to step over them, but at his size they were too big.  When Vector stepped on her top lip, Vanilla puckered them slightly, causing Vector to lose his balance. Vector fell off her lips and landed between her mouth and nose.  Vector picked himself up and walked around Vanilla’s nose, hearing a sound like a powerful wind as Vanilla breathed.  Now Vector walked to her eyes.  He went between them, each one trying to get a good look at him. Vector climbed her forehead and finally made to the tuft of hair on her head.


After a few minutes of standing on her head, Vanilla reached her hand up gently picked him up.  Before she put him down, she kissed him again.  Another big kiss, Vector loved them.  Then he realized that he was shaking, he didn’t know why he was shaking, but he was.  This situation was all too wonderful.  Vanilla set him down on her left breast and raised her hands and slightly clapped in quiet applause. 

“Very good, Vector.” She said, laughing a little. She lowered her hands. “Was it fun?”

For some reason, Vector didn’t feel comfortable answering this question.  Maybe because if he had said he enjoyed walking on Vanilla’s body, it would make him seem like a pervert, and that’s wasn’t the way he wanted her to view him.  But Vanilla didn’t give him really time to answer. She picked him up and then slide of the bed.  When she standing completely straight, she set Vector on the ground, it was funny, like watching an elevator.  First her face, then her blouse, her belt, her dress, and finally her shoes, it made Vector remember how big she was, compared to him.  Vanilla stayed bent on her knees to talk to him.

“I have a little game, Vector.” Vanilla said. “Would you like to play?”

Vector nodded, knowing Vanilla wouldn’t hear him.  But this time, Vanilla gave him a lot of time to respond, she looked puzzled when he didn’t.   She raised a hand and snapped her fingers.

“Vector are you listening, did you hear me?” She asked, sounding concerned.

Vector, now seeing his chance, waved his arms and jumped up and down like he was crazy.  Vanilla looked at him, not knowing what he was doing.  Finally, she understood what was wrong.

“I’m sorry, Vector.” She said. “I can’t hear you.”

With that said, Vanilla reached to him, and picked him up.  Vector watched as she drew him to her head, turned it right, and drew him to her right ear.  She brushed an ear out of the way and let Vector say his message.


“I would love to play your game, Vanilla!”


Vanilla couldn’t help but giggle.  He sounded so cute, she didn’t know why but she thought it was adorable.  She was also glad he wanted to play with her.  She drew him away from her ear, gave him another kiss, and set him on the ground. 

The kiss had made Vector, himself, giggle.  Normally, he would never laugh like that, and would have said that any man who laughed like that was a psycho, but most guys haven’t been kissed by a giantess, who happened to be the most beautifully creature in the world.  He couldn’t wait to hear what she wanted to do with him.

Vanilla stood up, Vector, who had earlier been frightened of her towering over him, now looked up at her in awe, now finding it incredible.  She looked even more beautiful at this height.

Vanilla bent down, putting her hands on her knees.  Her ears once again slide down and were again towering over him as well, but now they only added to her beauty. 

“Now, the game I would like to play is what I guess would be called, “Cat and Mouse.”  Vanilla explained, Vector heard alarm bells in his head, but they were faint, so he ignored them. “I guess you can tell which roles we have?”

Of course he did.  She was the cat and he was the mouse.  Vanilla didn’t like using the term, “Cat and Mouse” but she couldn’t think of a better phrase.  She hoped Vector didn’t mind.  She was right about that.  Vector couldn’t have thought of a better game himself.

“Now let me explain how we’ll play.” Vanilla said. “I’ll let you get a minute head start, I’ll be watching where you go, this isn’t hide and seek mind you, once the minute is up, I’ll begin coming after you.” She began to giggle.  “Naturally the objective is to make sure I don’t catch you.’

‘Now don’t worry, there is no real winner, but it’s really to see how long you can go without me catching you.  If I catch you, we’ll just start over. Understand?”

Vector was still.  Vanilla remembered she couldn’t hear him, so she thought of an alternative.

“Raise one arm for no, two for yes, so I can know you understand.”  She instructed him.

She saw two tiny arms rise and that was her answer.  Vanilla giggled again.  Vector stood at her feet, for a second, then turned and ran. 

Guess that means I start counting now, Vanilla thought to herself with a giggle.  She counted the seconds in her head.  

Vector had no plan, so he just ran to the dresser.  As he ran, he looked back at Vanilla.  She was standing there, hands behind her back, swaying her head and hips like a person who has a song in their head.  She was watching him, and waved at him.  Vector hurried along, making it to the dresser.

Vanilla watched him disappear under it. 45…46…47...48…49…50, Vanilla counted in her head in a song fashion. 

 57…5 8…59…60, the minute was up.

Heart beating with excitement, Vanilla walked to the dresser and got to her knees and looked under.  She couldn’t see Vector, but thought he could be behind one of the legs.  She stood and went to the side of the dresser and peeked under, she saw Vector on the other side, and he had been hiding behind the dresser’s legs.  Vector saw her and ran, Vanilla, quickly rushed over to catch him.  When she got to the side, there was no sign of Vector.  She looked over to the other side where she had just been.  No Vector. 

Vector’s heart raced.  Now this was a date!  Vector had tricked Vanilla by making her think he was going to run out from the dresser, instead he faked her out and then ran back under it.  Now he could hear her bewilderment.  He snuck up behind one of he shoes.  The heel was a bit taller than him, but he was big enough to do his plan.  He carefully snuck up to it, knowing Vanilla could turn and flatten him, but she was too busy looking for him where he had been.  He ran to the heel and wrapped his arms and legs around it.  At that very moment it moved.  Vector’s grip was strained as Vanilla turned and walked to the bed and got down on her knees and looked under it.

Vanilla didn’t see Vector under the bed.  Now she was confused.  She had just seen him, but in a matter of three seconds he vanished.  He was better at this than she thought he would be.  Honestly, she had thought this was going to be over in seconds, but Vector had tricked her.  Vanilla smiled to herself.  Never judge a book by its cover, she thought. 

“Vector?” She said in a confused and playful voice.  “I know I saw, but where did you go?  Come out, come out, where ever you.”

She saw no sign of her.  She stood up and put her hands on her hips, the smile fading.  Where did he go?  She had thought he couldn’t even run fast at the height he was.  But maybe she was wrong.

“Did you leave the room?” She asked out in a raised voice. “That’s cheating if you did.”

Vector, holding onto Vanilla’s heel, began to snicker.  She apparently couldn’t feel any weight on her shoe, and she hadn’t looked down at her feet.  But he wasn’t sure how long he could hang on.  Vanilla began to stand, swinging Vector, actually making him bang his head against her heel. 

Vanilla was walking to the door when she felt a tiny vibration against her heel.  She glanced down at her shoe and saw Vector, grasping her heel.  Vanilla smiled, admiring how clever Vector had been.  She quickly looked back up, turned and slowly walked back towards the bed.

“Vector, where are you?” She called, hoping she was convincing Vector. “I’m gonna find you.”

Vector laughed.  Vanilla was clueless!  He had pulled the wool over her head.  He was loosing his grip though, since her foot was moving.  He tried to reestablish it, when suddenly he was jerked back, almost losing his grip.  He was now holding on the heel with one hand, the other waving wildly.  He now realized he was looking behind him with his head upside down.  He saw the door and the bed, but didn’t have time to notice that the shoe was not touching the ground.

Vanilla brought her foot down hard, and Vector flew off, somersaulting in the air. He staggered to his feet and looked up.  He saw Vanilla standing above him.  She was smiling down at him.

“Hello, you sneaky little guy.” She said.  “You tricked me once, but now you mine.”

Vector, still dazed, turned and ran.  Vanilla got to her knees and reached for Vector.  She grabbed him with her thumb and index finger, but as she raised him, he reached up and pulled himself free.  He landed on the ground, and began running again.

“Goodness! Wiggle out of my hand now?” She said amazed.  “Aren’t you a skillful guy.”

Vanilla took one step to catch up with Vector, and reached again.  He ducked under her hand and changed direction.  Vanilla swung her arm to grab him, but Vector ducked to avoid it.  Vanilla lost her balance and fell straight on her bottom.  The ground quaked as she landed, causing Vector to stagger and fall.  Vanilla reached for him and again, balancing herself with one arm.  Vector dived from it and Vanilla swung her hand again, but not close enough to Vector, grabbing nothing and causing her to fall one her stomach.  Vector continued to run.  Vanilla saw he was running back to the dresser, and he was almost there.  Soon he would disappear under it. 

Vanilla wobbled to her feet and reached out both hands.  She did it hard and once again she fell on her stomach.  Before Vector could understand what was happening, darkness closed on him, as Vanilla cupped her hands around him.

Vanilla staggered to her feet and brought her clasped hands up to her face.  She opened them and Vector was sitting on her palms, dazed.  She brought him closer to her face until Vector only saw her lips.

“Got you.” She said with a smile and giggle.

Vanilla pulled him away and looked down at him.  Vector was laying on his back, arms and legs spread out.

“Aw, you look exhausted.” Vanilla said and kissed him again.  “You did well.  Better than I thought you would, honestly.  You were incredible.”

Vanilla sat down on her bed. 

“I guess it is time for a break, you’ve earned it.”  She said happily.  She had to admit, she was a bit weary herself. But she had a good idea for a place for Vector.  Tied around her neck, under the cuffs of her blouse, was her small red scarf she loved to wear.  It would make a suitable blanket.  As for his bed, he would lie on her chest. As for his pillows…well, he’ll find out, she thought.   

  Vector lied down, catching his breath.  He felt Vanilla lie down and then she picked him up.  She placed him down on her chest, covered him with her scarf…and leaned him against her breasts.  Vector was speechless.

Vanilla looked down at him, her cheeks hot. She laid her head down and swayed her chest side to side. 

“Comfy?” She asked him.

Vector slowly raised two arms.  Vanilla giggled and laid still.  Vector closed his eyes.  Yes, he was very comfortable, almost too comfortable.  He felt the surface rise and fall slowly and peacefully, and a soothing breeze of warm air as Vanilla exhaled.  He could hear dull thuds as her heart beat.  Soon he drifted off to sleep.  

Vanilla smiled.  He was out, just like a baby.  She giggled softly, sighed deeply, very relaxed, and closed her own eyes.

Vector awoke about two and a half hours later, stretching and yawning as he did.  He was still lying against Vanilla’s breasts, covered by her red scarf.  He looked up at the giant, beautiful woman’s face.  Vanilla was sound asleep, her head facing the ceiling, her mouth slightly a gape.   Vector laid on the comfortable surface of Vanilla’s chest and listened to her peaceful breathing.  It was relaxing and slow.  The calm rise and fall of her chest was gentle and soothing.  The dull thuds of her heart were unrushed and added to the relaxing environment.

 Vector looked at her mouth.  Now, more than ever, he wanted her to kiss him.  He got up from his “bed” and walked to her neck, walking on her scarf.   He climbed up her chin and stood at her slightly open mouth.  He looked at the massive lips, shaking with desire and excitement.  He bent down to them, lost his balance and fell on the bottom lip.  He straightened up and then leaned to them to kiss them.

Ever since giving birth to Cream, Vanilla was a light sleeper.  Waking up to the sound of her crying or the sound of someone walking around the house always woke her up.  Vector’s climbing to her mouth was no different.  She didn’t really feel him, but was woken up by him all the same.  Vector was so busy focusing on her lips that he didn’t see her eyes flutter open.  Half asleep, without any knowledge of Vector’s actions, she began to wake herself up.

Vector was leaning to her lips, not noticing what was happening.  Just as his small lips touched her giant ones, they parted and Vanilla’s mouth opened wide.  They let out a deep, sleepy yawn.  Before he could really react, Vanilla raised her right hand to cover her mouth.  Neither of them really aware of what was going, led to the next event.  Vector looked down into the mouth and saw everything: her teeth, her tongue, the uvula, her dark throat, everything.  Vanilla’s hand stuck him, by complete surprise, and sent him falling head first into the open mouth.

Vanilla didn’t understand at first.  She yawned and stretched and then closed her mouth.  Vector found himself in a dark, wet cave, saliva already beginning to soak and drip on him.  It was weird.  Like feeling a bathtub fill up with water as you lied in it.  The tongue began to move, swishing Vector and the saliva around Vanilla’s mouth.  Yet her breath still smelled of mint leaves, a very pleasing smell, and it was warm in Vanilla’s mouth.  But then he remembered what was beyond the mouth and began to grow frightened.

Vanilla rubbed her eyes and felt something in her mouth.  Not really caring, due she was still partially asleep, she looked down to her breasts to see how her boyfriend was doing.  There was no Vector sleeping against her breasts.  She was a bit concerned, not too much, thinking he was just under her scarf.  She lifted it up.  No Vector.  Now she was worried she had turned in her slumber and had knocked him off.  Convinced Vector was either beside her or she was lying on him.  As she sat up to check, she moved what she thought was food to the back of her throat. 

Inside, Vector felt himself being pulled forward.  He couldn’t see but he didn’t have to.  Oh god! She’s eating me, dear god, she’s eating, Vector brains said over and over.  Soon he was going to be in her stomach and he would die.

But luck was on both of their sides.  Just when Vanilla began to swallow, a large roar erupted from her empty stomach.  Vanilla looked down and put a hand on her stomach.  She was hungry; she hadn’t eaten breakfast since her discovery of the gun had excited her so much. 

Well, if you haven’t eaten, a voice said, what’s in your mouth?


Just before Vector went down, Vanilla jerked her tongue up.  She caught him on his feet and stopped him from entering her throat.  Vector felt the tongue pry him to the roof of Vanilla’s mouth, stopping him.  He heard a great loud gulp as Vanilla swallowed.  Vanilla coughed, Vector being right in front of her throat and not going down did that to her.  She coughed again and then a third time and Vector was pulled from her throat. 

Vector lay on the wet tongue, dazed and relieved.   Light poured in from behind.  He turned his head and saw a gloved hand reaching in, the fingers searching within the soaking mouth.  The index finger and thumb gently got hold of his feet.  Vector looked back at the entrance to the throat.  It drew away from him.  Suddenly the tip of the tongue was in view, then the top of the teeth, then the open, red lips.  They closed when Vector was out, and Vector was raised up.  Vector groaned.  Vanilla was no doubt furious.  But Vector was wrong.

Vanilla looked at the figure, soaked in her saliva, and couldn’t help but giggle and laugh. 

“Thought of going for a swim, Vector?”  She said, giggling. Vector raised one hand, signaling no.

Vanilla looked at him curiously, her smile never fading and then placed him in the palm of her other hand.  She walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.  She got a dry wash cloth and began to dry Vector.  When that was done, she held him to her face.

“What were you doing in my mouth?” She said, smiling, curiosity filling her eyes.  But then she added. “You know, you don’t taste so bad.” She told him playfully.  Then something came to her.  “I would like to sample you again.”

Vector was suddenly drawn back to her mouth.  He was grabbed by her index and thumb and was at her lips.  The tongue slid out and lapped him gently.  Vanilla drew her tongue back in.  At Vector’s height and viewpoint, it was weird to watch.  The massive tongue disappeared behind the gargantuan lips.  They smiled and Vanilla uttered, “Mmmmmmmmmm” and playfully rubbed her stomach.  Vector thought she was done when the tongue arced out again and lapped him a second time.  This time, it was awhile before it slipped back behind the lips.  Vector was pulled away and now saw Vanilla’s whole face.  She looked excited, satisfied, happy, and a little apologetic.  Her eyes gleamed with intense delight.

“Sorry Vector.” She said in a happy and slightly embarrassed voice.  “I guess I got a little carried away.  But you taste wonderful!  I could just eat you up.”

She opened her mouth wide, giving Vector another good look inside.  When she closed her mouth, she licked her lips.  But then raised him to her eyes and waved her other hand reassuringly. 

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that.” She said, but was still giggling about it.  Another roar came from her empty stomach.  She placed a hand on it and began to rub her hand in long circles around her stomach. Vector watched from where he was in her hand.  He thought, though she had nearly eaten him, she was the most beautiful person on this Earth and this was the best day of his life. 

“I’m hungry, in case you didn’t hear.” Vanilla said patting her stomach.  Tasting Vector’s sweet taste had really sparked her hunger, and her poor stomach felt emptier than ever.  “Would you like something to eat, Vector?” She asked sweetly, tilting her head in curiosity.

Vector raised two hands; his answer for yes.  Vanilla giggled.

“You’re so adorable.” She said, and hugged Vector against her chest, and walked down to the kitchen.


At the home of the Chaotix Detective Agency, Espio and Charmy had begun to wonder about Vector’s whereabouts.  He hadn’t told them he was going anywhere, which, to Espio, only could mean he had gone to see Vanilla.  Charmy, buzzed around the house, searching all over for Vector.  After he covered the place at least five times, he approached Espio.

“Well, it’s official.” Charmy said. “He’s not here.”

“I figured that out.” Espio said, not looking at him.

“Well where do you suppose he went?” Charmy asked, flying in Espio’s face.

“I told you, he probably went to Vanilla and Cream’s house.” Espio said, his temper getting agitated.  “Now get out of my face.”

Charmy got away from him, but didn’t leave.

“Well if he’s there, let’s go get him!” Charmy pleaded.

“Why should we?” Espio asked annoyed.

“Because I want him to take us to do something, I can’t stay in the house all day!”  Charmy whined.

“Then go outside and look and run around or something!” Espio snapped, his patience nearly gone. “Just leave me alone!”

“But Espio, I’m boooooooooored.” Charmy cried. He flew back into Espio’s face, whining.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!?” Espio bellowed.  Unfortunately for him, Charmy didn’t recoil.

“Let’s get Vector!!” Charmy demanded.

Espio wanted to beat the snot out of him, and COULD.  But then told himself repeatedly that Charmy was a lot younger than him, and would only embarrass himself if he did that. So he finally gave in.

“Alright! We’ll go get Vector!” Espio shouted.  “But after that, promise you will leave me ALONE!”

“I promise.” Charmy said happily, not intimidated at all.

He buzzed out the door.  For a brief moment, Espio wanted to shut and lock the door, and leave him out there.  But then he would just pound on the door forever and he would have no peace there either.  Better to just help him and get it over with.

He sighed and walked out the door of their house and followed Charmy.


Amy and Cream were heading back to Cream’s house as well.  Amy had suggested that they go to the mall.  Cream had been fine with that, but she wanted ask her mother for some money, in case she needed it.  Cream was dressed in her average clothes and Amy was still in her red dress and boots. 

They were talking about random things from music, boys, which Cream didn’t really relate to at her age, mostly just Amy talking about Sonic, and about Cheese, who floated along with them. 

“I think Mr. Vector might be there.”  Cream said.  “He was coming in as I was leaving.”

Amy shrugged. 

“I wonder what Mr. Vector and my mother are up to.” Cream asked

“Probably nothing really exciting.” Amy said

They continued on.


Vanilla had raised Vector to her ear.  Vector asked for some bread, the only thing he could think of eating at his tiny size.  Vanilla had giggled, pulled him away, nodded, and set up the table.  After awhile, Vector and Vanilla were sitting down to a late breakfast.  Vanilla had made herself toast, scrambled eggs, a little dish of fruits, and a cup of tea.  Her head lay against her hand, held by her elbow on the table, looking down at Vector and watching him eat his bread.  It reminded her of a mouse, yet this was even cuter. 

Vector glanced up, aware that Vanilla was watching him.  He looked up at her once, she looked dreamily back and gave a small wave down to him.  Vector waved back, which made Vanilla giggle so much she couldn’t control herself. For a little while, Vanilla the Rabbit giggled madly through her hand, trying to get a hold of herself, as Vector continued eating.  Finally the bread was half eaten, and Vector drew away from it.  Vanilla saw this, brushed an ear behind her shoulder, and smiled.

“All done?” Vanilla asked him. 

Two tiny arms rose.  Vanilla laughed, very much delighted.  She looked down at Vector.  Her smile was wide and her giant brown eyes sparkled. Her hand went to the top of her breasts.  The other went to her mouth.  “I simply cannot get over how adorable you are! I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but I can’t help it.”  Vanilla reached down and gently picked him up, raised him to her lips, and kissed him passionately.  Vector was hypnotized.  All he knew was this woman and what she wanted and nothing else mattered.  He knew only Vanilla the Rabbit.

Vanilla drew him away and looked lovingly down at him. Vector sat in her palm and looked back up at her.  Vanilla drew a deep sigh.  She was going to kiss him again, when a hungry roar sounded from inside her.  Vanilla put Vector down and began to eat. 

Now it was Vector’s turn to watch in awe.  Vanilla looked like a goddess.  Vector watched as a lumped appeared after every swallow.  He followed it with his eyes until it disappeared deep inside her.  Vector thought about the fact that he nearly took the same ride that the food was taking now.  He nearly ended up in Vanilla’s stomach.  When she finished she stood from her chair, and playfully rubbed her stomach, its roars now becoming soft rumbles. 

“All done.” Vanilla said happily. 

She picked up Vector’s bread and placed it on her plate.  She walked away onto the sink.  While she was there, she reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a small plastic box of mints.  She drank some more tea, swishing it in her mouth before swallowing it to get the remainders of breakfast, and then popped in 4 of them.  She didn’t want her breath to smell, not for a sweetie like Vector.  He really was sweet and she was really beginning to like him.  She cleaned the plates, letting the mints dissolve in her mouth.  They were gone by the time the plates where clean and put away.

She went back to the table and picked up Vector.  She drew him to her lips.

“How about we go into my room?” She whispered.

Two arms immediately rose.  Vanilla giggled.  She hurried back to her room.  But then, when she reached it, the front door of her home opened.  Charmy and Espio stumbled in.  Charmy drew his breath to shout, but Espio saw him and grabbed him.

“You keep quiet.” He said harshly.  “You’ve already screwed up by walking in without knocking.”

Charmy did keep quiet, but buzzed up the steps.  Espio, enraged, ran after him.  Vanilla set Vector on her bed.  There was a mirror hanging over it.  She quickly checked how she looked and smiled approvingly.  Charmy reached the top of the stairs, Espio followed. 

Vanilla looked down and saw the shrink ray.  She frowned.  She didn’t like it sitting around in plain view.  It looked too much like an actual gun, which she greatly disliked.  She picked it up.  Charmy reached the door to her bedroom.  Vanilla didn’t see him, neither did Vector, who was too busy gaping at Vanilla’s beauty. 

The next thing that happened was probably the result of Vanilla’s inexperience of gun handling.  She picked it up like a poisonous bomb, and it began to slip from her fingers.  She shifted its position and accidentally, her finger hit the trigger.  The gun charged and fired.  The beam it sent out flew to the door and ran to Charmy, who was floating in the door way.  Espio, ready to smack him for just barging into the house, grabbed his arm.  The beam hit Charmy and spread to Espio.  Neither of them knew what had happened.  Neither did Vanilla and Vector. 

The next thing Charmy and Espio knew, after they recovered from their remarkable dizziness, was that something was terribly wrong.  There was a loud crash and a bit of a quake.  Then a woman’s voice, loud and a tiny bit deeper spoke.

“Oh, shoot!” Vanilla the rabbit said.  Charmy and Espio looked to the voice and both gasped.  Vanilla bent and picked up the gun with extreme care.  She stood up and looked over them to the door.  A puzzled and bewildered look came on her face.

“It doesn’t look like I hit anything, maybe this thing has a limited range.” She said to seemingly no one. Her eyes began to glance along the floor looking for something to be shrunk.  Her eyes passed them.  She didn’t notice them, she didn’t know they were there. She finished looking and shrugged.  She set the gun carefully back onto the table and looked down at her bed.  A smile came on her face.  She giggled for no reason. 

“You’re so adorable, Vector.” She said softly.

Espio’s eyes widened.  He couldn’t believe this.  What was Vanilla doing?  Why did she shrink Vector.  She was probably torturing him.  He watched as Vanilla picked up something and kissed it.  She looked at it lovingly.  It had to be Vector.

Charmy was stunned.  He thought Cream was cute, but at the same time couldn’t help but admire her mother.  But pretty soon, even he began to whimper. 

“Espio, what just happened?” he asked fearfully.

“I don’t know.” Espio said, forgetting his anger with Charmy. 

But he did know one thing.  They were shrunken.  That he understood that quite well.  He saw Vanilla towering in the other corner, giggling and smiling at something.  Espio knew that she had done something to Vector, and now, she had apparently done the same to them.

Yeah, but she doesn’t know about you, a voice in Espio’s head said, she completely unaware that she has two more tiny people.  I bet you she’ll step on you.  Yeah, she’ll step on you good.  She’ll think you’re a bug or maybe she won’t even know she’s doing it.


The worst part about it was that was true.  Vanilla didn’t know, and probably would step on them.  Espio looked up at Vanilla’s face.  She was smiling and her mood seemed to be at the highest ever been.

Vanilla sat Vector back down on her bed.  She had been raised to brush her teeth after meals and the voice that reminded you of these things was nagging endlessly in her head.  She didn’t mind.  She wanted to in case the tea had stained them.  She wanted her teeth to be flawless for Vector, it was only polite.  She bent down to Vector.

“I need to go brush my teeth, Vector.” She told in a happy tone.  “Be back in a jiff.”

Vanilla then reached her hand to lips and blew him a kiss, and then headed to the door…in Espio and Charmy’s direction.

Espio was frozen for a moment.  The colossal mother walked with steps that shook the ground.  She was heading right for them.  Charmy screamed and, even though he could fly, was completely at a loss of what to do.  Espio finally moved.  He ran to Charmy, trying to help him move.  But it was too late.  Espio had thought of situations like this and had always thought the giant would move in giant but slow steps.  That wasn’t the case.  Vanilla was over them in seconds.  Her giant body moving so fast it was scary.  One foot landed away from them, the other was in there path.

The tremor the other foot sent through the carpet caused Espio to lose his balance and fall into Charmy.  They fell onto the plush carpet and then Vanilla took another step.  Espio looked over his shoulder and saw it well. Vanilla was brushing an ear, which had swung around her shoulder, away.  She was smiling brightly, totally unaware of the two at her feet.  The heel of her shoe landed, and then the sole descended.  Espio and Charmy were dead under it.  The hard under surface of her shoe landed on Espio’s back and on Charmy’s over sized pilot’s helmet.  Pressure squeezed the two of them into the ground as Vanilla put her weight on her foot.  Espio’s back let out a series of cracks and snaps.  He realized he was screaming.  There was pain. The heavy plastic of the eye guard on Charmy’s helmet bent and snapped.  The helmet bent and the top split open.  Blood ran from Charmy’s nose.  He was whimpering. 

It was over in a second, but the damage had been done.  Vanilla’s shoe rose back up and she was gone out of the room in a second.  Perhaps it was the carpet that saved Espio and Charmy’ lives.  It was soft and plush, usually feeling quite soothing underfoot.  It had softened the massive blow.  Espio couldn’t breathe, Vanilla had squeezed the air out of him, but he knew she would come back any minute.  He staggered to his feet and blundered over to Charmy.  Charmy was in better shape, he was just dazed.  Espio felt blood flowing out of his mouth and wondered if he had lost a tooth.  The two looked at each other, trying to comprehend that they had just been stepped on.  A faucet was heard turning on, and they knew that she would be back soon.  They had to take cover. 

Without speaking to each other, they staggered towards the bed.  Charmy’s ruined helmet made odd cracking noises as it moved around on his head.  They were away from the door when the faucet stopped.  Trying to hurry, Charmy grabbed Espio and began to fly.  It was easier than he thought it would be.  He flew over the carpet and was soon under the bed with Espio.  As soon as he landed, Espio grabbed him.  Charmy struggled, shrieking in surprise.

“WHAT? WHAT? WHAT DID I DO!!!??” Charmy screamed as Espio tried to strangle him.

“This…your…fault.” Espio managed to say.  Didn’t…knock…door…stupid.”

Charmy looked at him frightened. 

“Your…fault.” Espio said, and then fell face first to the ground. 

Charmy cried.  He had to do something, he had to get help.  He thought of trying to get Vanilla, but she was so big, how could he?  Suddenly, he felt the earth shake, and then Vanilla the rabbit walked, gracefully, into the room.

Charmy watched as her feet approached the bed.  He looked down at Espio and the fell to his knees and cried.


          Vanilla, of course, had meant no harm to Espio and Charmy, but she caused them the pain without even knowing.  She simply walked out of the bedroom, went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and walked back.  She hadn’t felt a thing under her shoe.  She once again checked her self in the mirror.  She smiled at her reflection and looked at her whitened teeth.  She giggled approvingly and then looked to Vector.  He was looking up at her.  Vanilla bent down to him.

“Did you miss me?” she asked playfully. 

Two arms rose, which made Vanilla, who hadn’t expected an answer, to giggle again.  But at the same time, she was at a loss of what to do.  She wanted to play, but couldn’t think of anymore games.  She thought about it, pursing her lips together.  Her eyes lit up.  She looked down at Vector, who couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“I know something we can do, Vector!” She said happily.  She bent and gathered her pillows off her bed, set one down and grabbed Vector and drew him to her face.  “I can’t hold you, so can you try to stay on my shoulder?”

Two arms rose.  Vanilla smiled and kissed him, then, gently sat him on her shoulder.  Vector was once again amazed by the softness of her blouse.  It made sitting on her should very comfortable.  Vanilla picked up the pillows and then walked out of the room.

Charmy watched her leave.  He didn’t know what to do.  Espio had passed out, they were about an inch tall, and Vanilla had just left.  He had to go after her, but what about Espio?  He looked down at him and sighed.  He couldn’t leave him here, not under these conditions.  He walked over to him and sat down.  This was going to be a long day.


Vector watched as Vanilla walked down stairs into the living room. Vector looked up at her.  Even though he was looking at the side of her head she still looked beautiful. He looked behind him, to see her ears swaying calmly side to side.  When she walked down the stairs he couldn’t help look down at her breasts.  As she bounded down the steps, her breasts wiggled in her blouse.  Vector began to sweat again.

 When she entered the bedroom, she laid down the pillows and then picked up the couch cushions.  Laying them on the floor to make a big square with a small opening, she gently picked Vector up, and stepped in the opening.  She then set Vector down on the cushions.  He could now see the top of her feet and actually had to lie down to see her face.  Vanilla bent down a bit, her hands on her knees.

“Alright Vector, I set these up because I want you to climb up me.” She explained.  Vector was shocked.  Vanilla giggled.  “I want to see if you can make it to my shoulders.’

She smiled at him.

‘So you think a tough guy like yourself can do this?” She asked with a giggle.

Two arms rose.  Of course he could do this.  If it was for her, he could and would do anything.  Vanilla smiled at his answer and stood straight up. 

Vector walked onto her feet, walking across the soft skin and then to the ends of her dress.  He grabbed her dress and looked up.  Vanilla was trying to look down at him, but her breasts kept making it difficult to see him without bending down.  Vector began, treating the dress as if it were a rope.   Swinging his feet, he was able to get his feet onto her legs, so he took a step and went up a few feet.  Vanilla started giggling; she was probably ticklish on her legs as well.  The work was beginning to get tiresome.  But he persisted on, but trying to climb up the massive dress a little faster.  Finally, he was able to reach her belt around her waist.  It was thick enough for his to be able to sit down and rest for a bit.  Vanilla couldn’t see him but could feel him leaning against her lower stomach and giggled.  Vector was small enough to rest on her belt, how cute.  Once Vector was able to regain his strength, he began to climb up her blouse.  Vanilla giggled as he climbed over her ticklish side and he reached her breasts.  He didn’t know whether or not he should go over or around them.  He thought about it for a little bit.  He decided to go over them.  He grabbed a button on Vanilla’s blouse, then the next.  He climbed like stones on the side of a climbing wall.  He then grabbed her red scarf and used it as a rope to safely walk across the top of her breast.  When he was under her chin, he looked up and saw her large smile again.  He quickly raced around her collar bone and made it to her right shoulder.  Vanilla softly applauded and then picked him up.

“You never cease to amaze me, Vector! Good work!”  She said happily.

She then puckered her lips and drew him in to kiss him, when suddenly a voice called.

“Momma?” It was Cream. “It’s me and Amy. Why is the door open?”

Vanilla drew Vector away from her lips and Vector looked up to see wide, startled eyes staring at the doorway that led to the hall.  She looked down at Vector and then drew him back to her lips.

“I’m sorry about this Vector.” She whispered.  Then, before Vector was aware of what was happening, he was placed in the pocket of Vanilla’s dress. Vanilla quickly put the cushions and pillows on the couch and hurried to the front door.

“Cream! What are you doing back, sweetie?” She asked when she approached Cream.

“I forgot my pillow.” Cream said cheerfully.  “Me and Amy just decided to run by and get it.” She looked at Vanilla curiously, her smile faded. “You had the door open.”

The door was open? Vanilla thought, I don’t remember it being open.  Who opened it?


“I…don’t honestly know, dear.” Vanilla said to her daughter, and it was true, she didn’t know why the door was open.

Cream, having the concern of a six year old, merely shrugged the problem off.  Amy Rose stood at the doorway.  Vanilla nodded at her and Amy returned it.

            “Come on Amy!” Cream said to her friend.

            They went upstairs, leaving Vanilla downstairs to shut the door.

            “I know the door wasn’t open before.” Vanilla mused to herself. “I know it wasn’t.”


            When Vector reached Vanilla’s breasts while climbing her, Espio woke up. 

            “Where are we?” He asked Charmy, when he saw the little squirt.

            “We’re under Vanilla’s bed.” Charmy said weakly.  “I think we got-“

            Before he finished, Espio sprang up and grabbed Charmy by the collar of his jacket. 


            Charmy flailed in Espio’s arms, but he couldn’t get free.  Espio brought a clenched fist into Charmy’s face and he flew to the ground.  Charmy stared at him shocked. 

            “Now…you find out what we’re going to do to get out of this mess.” Espio said clearly.

            Charmy thought for a moment.  What could they do? They were about an inch tall, if that.  Then he said the only thing he could think of.

            “Well, I could try and get Vanilla’s attention and she’ll change us back.” Charmy said nervously.

            “Then go do that.” Espio said.  “I’ll be right here.”

            “Y-you’re not coming with me-“

            “GO I SAID!!” Espio screamed.

            Charmy jumped and then flew away, his wings buzzing as he went.  Espio looked after him until he was gone and sighed.

            “Idiot.” He muttered.


            Charmy the bee stopped at the wooden hand rail of the stairs, stunned to see what was coming.  Cream the rabbit was running up the stairs, with Amy Rose behind her.  Charmy watched as the two cute girls ran past him.  Charmy thought that they were both were dresses and skirts…he could easily fly under and get a good look-

            Charmy slapped him self and shook his head.  He didn’t have time for that.  But as he started to fly, a voice screamed in protest.  It was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, unless he planned on getting shrunk some other time.  He, in all his might, flew down the stairs to the mother of Cream.  Vanilla was shutting the door.  She looked at for a while, as if wondering something.  Charmy looked at her massive ears and knew how to get her attention.  He flew up behind her head.  Just as he got near her head, it turned and Charmy was suddenly facing two giant brown eyes, that almost hypnotic to look at.

            Vanilla’s face recoiled in surprise, and then a frown appeared on her face.  Charmy saw two giant, gloved hands rise.  Charmy flew downwards.  He wasn’t sure what told him to, but a voice screamed for him to move.  Just after flying down a few feet,  Vanilla’s open palms clasped together in harsh clap.   Charmy raced towards her ears, his wings buzzing. 

            Vanilla heard the bug buzz in her ear.  She quickly swung the back of her hand at it.  Charmy was hit by it and flung to the ground.  He looked up to see a blue, high heeled shoe rise up, casting over him in shadow. 

            “Vanilla! It’s me Charmy! Please don’t do that!!” Charmy screamed.  But again his body took out from the shoe’s crashing path.  Charmy heard a bellowing thud as the shoe landed.  Charmy flew crazily to her ear again.  Vanilla swung swatted at him, but missed as Charmy swerved to avoid.  He made it to her ear.  Vanilla brought up a hand to squash him with.  It drew back to make the swat.

            “STOOOOOOOOOOPPPP!” Charmy screamed and the hand stopped.

            Vanilla heard the scream.  She was horrified by the way it sounded.  But even more by the fact of she knew who it was.

            “C-c-charmy?” Vanilla asked, frightened. 

            “Yes! It’s me! Please don’t hurt me!” Charmy yelled.

            “What are you doing here?” Vanilla asked.

            “I’ll explain later!” Charmy the bee said. “But first, we have to get Espio!  He’s here too!  I left him in your room! I think he’s-“

            Before he could finish a voice cried, “EW! EW! A BUG!” and then the loud stomps were heard from Vanilla the rabbit’s bedroom.


            “EW! EW! A BUG!” Amy Rose cried. 

            Espio and Cream nearly jumped out of their skin.  Cream wasn’t sure why Amy had wondered in her mother’s bedroom, but she did know that her friend was grossed out by bugs, and loved to step on them.  But she saw that Amy was furious as she looked down at the corner of her mother’s bed. 

            Espio had thought the person entering the room was Charmy with help, but instead, all he found was an angry pink hedgehog, looking down at him.  Espio wasn’t too fond of Amy Rose, but couldn’t help but hypnotized by the two pink Cyclopean legs, which ran all the way up to the underneath of her skirt.  He saw the giant white panties between the top of the thighs.  He couldn’t help but stare up at them.  But he also couldn’t help but notice the angry face staring down at him. 

            He turned to run under the bed, but Amy’s boot blocked him and side swiped him to the middle of the room.  The ground quaked hard as Amy Rose stepped over to him.  Espio lied on the ground dazed and got another helping of Amy’s underwear as she stood over him.  She lifted her boot over him. 

            Espio was quick, he was a ninja of course, but he had a bit of trouble standing a first.  He hurried out of the boots destructive stomp, but it was back in the air.  It flew down again in an uncalculated stomp.  It missed Espio entirely, landing about two to the side.  But the huge quake it sent through the ground caused Espio to loose his balance.

            Amy jumped and brought both feet hard onto the carpet floor, causing items on shelf to shudder and fall.  Cream stood in the corner watching, Cheese in her arms.  She didn’t know what to do.  She felt sorry for the poor bug. 

            Espio didn’t have to avoid the jump.  It too was not calculated and missed badly.  But Amy continued to stomp after him.  Espio ran to the bed again, the boot crashing down behind him, getting closer each time it missed and rose back up.  Each one caused Espio to stumble.

            Just before Espio could make it under the bed, Amy stomped as hard as she could, sending a massive shockwave through the ground.  Espio was flung into the air and landed onto soft ground.  He turned and looked up to see the boots, legs, and panties of Amy as she lifted a foot to squish him.  Espio closed his eyes.

            “AMY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” a new voice cried. It was Vanilla.

            Espio opened his eyes to see the boot still raised and over him, but Amy’s attention had been broken and her face looked at the door.  Vanilla stood in the door way, her eyes wide and frightened.  She then calmed a little and looked at Amy.

            “I…I….I was just trying to get a bug.” Amy tried to explain.

            “That’s fine, but you don’t need to destroy the place.” Vanilla said calmly. 

            Amy’s boot lowered and Espio ran under the bed.  Amy cried out.

            “Argh! It got away!” She said angry.

            “Its okay, Amy, I’ll deal with it.” Vanilla said, then turned to Cream.  “Do you have everything sweetie?”

            “Yes mommy.” Cream said.

            “Well, you two should get going.” Vanilla said.

            Cream nodded and walked out.  Amy followed, sending fading quakes as she walked.  But after Espio heard the two of them go down the stairs and leave, did more quakes come and a figure bent down and peeked under the bed.

            “Espio?” Vanilla asked.  “You okay? You can come out now.”

            Espio did and watched in awe as Vanilla picked him up and placed him in a palm next to Charmy the bee. 

            Vanilla looked at them both and then reached in her pocket and soon Vector was standing on the palm too.

            “I’m so sorry you two.” Vanilla said to Charmy and Espio in the most sincere voice. “I never meant to do that.”

            She sighed deeply, knowing that she couldn’t hear an answer.  She looked down at them.

            “Hold on, let me check something.” She told them.

            Vanilla gently placed the two of them onto the dresser and picked up the strange gun.  Vanilla looked at the side. A knob that had SHRINK and GROW on each side was there.  It sounded simple enough.  She reached over and picked up Charmy and Espio, put them on the ground and pointed the gun at them.

            “I hope this works.” Vanilla said.

            It did.  Espio and Charmy soon were standing at their normal heights.  Vanilla looked at them apologetically.

            “I really am sorry.” Vanilla said.  “It won’t happen again.”

            “That’s okay!” Charmy said.  “I thought it was fun! Better than sitting around all day doing nothing.”

            Espio groaned.

            Vanilla turned and picked up Vector.

            “Well what about you?” She asked him. “Vector? What do you want to do? You want to get big again.”

            One arm rose and Vanilla was speechless and overjoyed.  Without saying anything more, she kissed Vector passionately. Charmy writhed in disgust, Espio only shook his head. 

            Vanilla turned to them.  “I guess me and Vector have a date planned.” She told them. “I think we’re going to have a wonderful time! Right Vector?”

            Two arms rose up and Vanilla giggled.

            “Well, we won’t keep you.” Espio said and then grabbed Charmy and forcibly dragged him out of the room.  Vanilla listened as they left the cottage.  Espio yelled something at Charmy and Charmy started complaining.  Vanilla sighed and looked lovingly down at Vector.

            Vector smiled at her.  He looked at her giant brown eyes, her giant lips and snuggled in her palm. 

            “You’re so cute.” Vanilla said and then kissed him again. “I think you and I will have a great time.”

Vanilla carried the little Vector out of the room, thinking of all the games she would play with him.  She would think of something for them to do. 

            Vector lied in her palm and closed his eyes.  This was going to be one hell of a date.  He couldn’t wait for the next game.  Maybe he would go ask Vanilla to grow him back with the gun.  Maybe he would end this.  After all, he had Espio and Charmy to deal with.  Maybe he would go back to them and he detective agency.  He thought that eventually, he would have to stop this, and get back to his normal life.