Stay Fresh and Huge 2: The Octoling Invasion

(Cubed Cinder)

Almost two years have passed since the final Splatfest. Twilight lowers its curtain on Inkopolis. Neon signs paint the dusk in brilliant shades of green and pink. The Squid Sisters dance on, as though driven by the Inkling love of battling for turf.
But that all changed the night after the final Splatfest came to an end. The showdown of Callie versus Marie ended in victory for Marie, but there was no ill will between the two. The girls left the studio arm in arm, smiling and laughing as they always had. The bond between them would continue, unbroken, for years to come.

Or so it seemed at the time...

Callie and Marie now have become superstars in their own rights. With this newfound fame comes a price, however. Their busy schedules mean they can't be near each other as often as they would like, and when Callie and Marie were together… Callie seemed distracted. She would barely say anything to Marie before she'd find some reason to leave the apartment. Marie was worried sick, thinking maybe winning that final Splatfest took its toll on Callie? She tried not to overcomplicate things. Callie, at the same time, did her best to hide the real reason for all these cold shoulders lately.

Early one morning, Callie was awakened by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She reached over and answered.
"Hello? Grandpa?" Callie said as she recognized the voice on the other hand.
"Agent 1. It's just as I feared. Get to Old Walleye Warehouse right away." Cap'n Cuttlefish said.
"Roger that. But… I really think we should bring Marie into this…" Callie started to say.
"NO! Absolutely NOT! We can't afford to lose both of you if something goes wrong. Is that clear?" Cap'n Cuttlefish said.
"(sigh) Understood. I'm heading out now. And please, Grandpa... if something bad does happen…" Callie said.
"Yes, Agent 1. I haven't forgotten. Marie will understand. Good luck." Cap'n Cuttlefish said. The call then went dead and Callie shut off her phone. She jumped out of her bed and gathered her things. She sighed over the fact she would not be able to join Marie in Calamari County, especially after they promised to reunite with their parents there, but at the same time… Callie could tell in Cuttlefish's voice. Something bad was brewing and it undoubtedly had something to do with the 'grey ink' incident almost two years ago.

Old Walleye Warehouse

A couple hours later, Callie arrived at the Old Walleye Warehouse. She was wearing a much different outfit than she usually wears… wearing a small tank top in her colors that exposes her midriff. Her shorts appear to be made of black leather and are low-cut enough to reveal a glimpse of her pink panties, and her leggings are purple with sequins. Armed with a Splattershot Jr., she carefully made her way around the premises, checking for anything that looked out of the ordinary. Eventually, she peeked through the windows of one warehouse that made her lightly gasp. There was a miniature factory inside that was slowly churning out bottles of grey ink. Callie immediately recognized the grey ink… it was the same ink that made her and Marie giantesses almost two years ago.
"The grey ink? But how? I thought all of it was washed off by the Inklings." Callie said. She kept scanning the interior of the warehouse, trying to find any signs of life.
"Who would want to mass produce this much grey ink?" Callie asked.
"We would, sweetie!" a female voice shouted. Callie quickly turned around, only to have a Splattershot Pro pointed right between her eyes. Callie looked behind the weapon to see it was a red-haired Octoling Girl holding it.
"Shoot! An Octoling Girl!" Callie said. Before she could even think of making a move, whether it was disarming the girl or dodging its fire, two more Octoling Girls (one with red hair and another with black hair) suddenly came running in and grabbed Callie by her arms, disarming her of her Splattershot Jr..
"Arrrrgh! Let go of me!" Callie shouted.
"Take her inside!" the Octoling Girl said as all three Octoling Girls and Callie walked inside the warehouse.

Callie next found herself sitting in a chair as two of the Octoling Girls finished tying her up to it. They joined up with the other two Octoling Girls that were in the room.
"Who are you four!?" Callie shouted.
"You can simply call me Diamond, followed by Heart, Spade, and Club." Diamond said as she pointed to the rest of the Octoling Girls one by one.
"Capturing you was the first part of Plan Beta." Red Heart added.
"Plan Beta? Does that grey ink behind me have something to do with it!?" Callie shouted.
"You bet your Bomb Rush Blush it does, sweetie!" Club said. Diamond then pulled out a PDA and held it up against her ear.
"Yo yo, DJ Octavio! We've captured Agent 1." Diamond said.
"Well done, Agent Red Alpha! I must commend you and your team on your incredible patience over the past two years. It wasn't easy getting that blasted Cap'n Cuttlefish off watching me!" a robotic voice said on the other end, although Callie could just tell by its tone that it was DJ Octavio.
"Shall we finish Agent 1?" Diamond asked.
"No! Keep her comfortable for now. I have a special plan for her in due time. But first, you must break me out. Commence Stage 2." DJ Octavio said.
"As you command, DJ Octavio." Diamond said. She then looked over at Club, one of the black-haired Octoling Girls (with pieces of seaweed on each side of her head).
"You heard our master. Make her comfortable." Diamond said.
"Right, Diamond!" Club said as she pulled out what looked like a spray can. Club immediately pressed down on the spray can, and a purple gas shot out of the can. The cloud hovered over Callie, who coughed profoundly at first and then…
"Getting… sleepy…" Callie said. She fought for as long as she could, but finally slumped down on the chair as she lost consciousness. The four Octoling Girls then high-fived each other.
"Alright! Time to get large and in charge, ladies." Diamond said.
"Yes! Now I get to see why the Squid Sisters had so much fun two years ago!" Spade said.
"Just remember, everyone. We have to free our master first and foremost." Diamond said.
"We understand, Diamond." Heart said. Club reached towards a nearby corner and pulled out a weapon that highly resembled the Ink Storm weapon that's been seen recently in Turf War battles.
"I've got the deploying weapon!" Club said.
"Good! Let's go." Diamond said as the four Octoling Girls exited the warehouse.

Once they were outside, Club pressed a few buttons on the Ink Storm, quickly backing away and rejoining the other Octoling Girls.
"Grey ink cloud in 3… 2… 1!" Club shouted. The machine then shot a cloud into the air that quickly expanded and rained down many drops of grey ink not just all over the area but, most importantly, on the four Octoling Girls.
"Haha! I never thought I'd be so happy to take a shower." Heart commented. As grey ink continued to drop on the girls… just like what happened with Callie and Marie almost two years ago, the grey ink vanished instantly on contact with the girls whether it was on their clothes or their skin. It only took a few more seconds before the ink kicked in and all four girls grew.
"Here we groooooooow!" Spade said. The two red-haired Octoling Girls and the two black-haired Octoling Girls all watched as the Old Walleye Warehouse area got smaller and smaller.

After a couple minutes, the grey ink cloud was gone, and the growing stopped. All four girls were as tall as Callie and Marie were a couple years ago.
"Hahahaha! Look how big we are!" Club shouted.
"I'd say the mission was a success!" Heart said.
"Stage 2 is done. Now it's time for Stage 3." Diamond said.
"Ahhhh… where we head to Octo Valley and rescue DJ Octavio?" Spade asked.
"None other." Diamond said.
"Let's not waste another second." Club said with a devilish smile, a bright glow of her red goggles, and twirling both her Splat Duelies around. With that, the four giantesses all stomped their way out of Old Walleye Warehouse and headed for…

Octo Canyon

DJ Octavio, still trapped in his snow globe prison, watched as Cap'n Cuttlefish paced back and forth in front of his makeshift HQ, munching away on crab cakes.
"What's wrong, gramps? Trying to eat yourself to oblivion?" DJ Octavio said.
"Pffft… what do you know, you oversized octo-king?" Cap'n Cuttlefish said.
"I know a nervous old squid when I see one. Something is clearly bothering you." DJ Octavio said.
"Don't be silly! At my ripe old age, nothing surprises me anymore!" Cap'n Cuttlefish said, even though he knew that was a lie. Something actually was bothering him. He had lost contact with Agent 1, aka Callie, and was left wondering what happened to her.

But before he could wonder any longer, the ground suddenly started to rhythmically shake with boom sounds in the background. The shaking got harder and the sounds got louder quickly.
"W-w-w-what's going on!?" Cap'n Cuttlefish said. DJ Octavio, on the other hand, had quite the evil look on his face.
"My rescue squad is here, good friend." DJ Octavio said. When Cap'n Cuttlefish backed away enough from his space, he gasped as he saw four gigantic Octoling Girls approaching fast and soon towering over him.
"Hahaha! Look at the little shrimp in front of our boots!" Diamond said.
"Yeah! He's about to become flatter than a crab cake!" Spade said as she lifted one of her boots up.
"Spit!" Cap'n Cuttlefish said. He quickly transformed into a squid and launched away into the distance, right before Spade slammed her boot down and could crush him. The four giantesses watched as the old squid flew away.
"Darn it, he got away!" Club said.
"Forget him, my super big chicks! Get me out of here!" DJ Octavio said.
"Right on, DJ!" Diamond said. The four fired their ink weapons repeatedly at the snow globe prison. Obviously, it would take far more ink than even an army of Inklings could handle at normal size to break DJ Octavio out of his prison, but at the size the four Octoling Girls were at… they only had to shoot for almost a minute before finally the snow globe couldn't handle any more and shattered apart.
"Mwahahaha! I'm free at last!!!" DJ Octavio shouted.

He was then picked up by Diamond and placed on her shoulder.
"It's great to have you back, master." Diamond said.
"So what do we do now? Have some fun and smash Inkopolis beneath our boots!?" Heart said.
"That's an excellent suggestion, Heart! Have some fun and smash Inkopolis beneath your boots! Let's show the whole world why we made that grey ink!" DJ Octavio said.
"Alright! Random violence, destruction, and squid squishing, here we come!!" Club shouted.
"Oh, but first. I need you to drop me off back at Old Walleye Warehouse." DJ Octavio said.
"Oh? What for?" Heart asked.
"Our captured friend… I would like to give her some presents." DJ Octavio said.
"Understood, master." Diamond said. With DJ Octavio comfortably on Diamond's shoulder, the four giantesses made their way out of Octo Canyon to visit Callie again.

Inkopolis Square
Three hours later

Life was bustling in Inkopolis Square, even with all the radical changes the area had undergone over the past two years. Inkling Boys & Girls were busy socializing if they weren't already on the battlefield playing something like Turf War, although they took a brief break when they saw the giant TV suddenly change picture and play a familiar theme. Some of the boys and girls cheered when they saw Marina and Pearl next appear on the screen.
"Y'all know what time it is!" Pearl said.
"It's Off the Hook, coming at you LIVE from Inkpolois Square!" Marina said.
"Check it! Here are the current Regular Battle stages!" Pearl said. Marina scratched her record as images of Moray Towers and then Port Mackerel popped up on the screen.
"I've always wanted to operate one of those giant cranes on the piers." Pearl said.
"Follow your dreams, Pearl! Just make sure I'm not around!" Marina said. The two would go on to show off the Ranked Battle stages as well as the League Battle stages. Then there was an image of Grizzco Industries on screen.
"And now a word from our sponsor: Grizzco Industries is now hiring!" Pearl said.
"Let's work a Salmon Run shift later, Pearl!" Marina said.

That picture then faded away and the two ladies looked right into the camera.
"And that's all the time we've got! Until next…" Pearl said. Marina then put her hands up against the big headphones that were on her head.
"Whoa, Pearl! Hold up! I'm getting some breaking news into my headset!" Marina said.
"Yikes! What is it, Marina?" Pearl asked.
"Hold on… the pictures should be coming in soon." Marina said as they both looked at the screen behind them. Eventually it changed to that of the four giant Octoling Girls slowly walking through a grassy plain.
"HOLY CARP! Unless I'm seeing things or somebody in the control room accidentally hit the magnify or zoom button… those Octoling Girls are HUGE!" Pearl shouted.
"And here I was thinking I was one of the tallest Octoling Girls…" Marina said.
"Hey… wait up, Marina. I recognize that plain. That means that…" Pearl said. Suddenly the studio shook and loud booming sounds could be heard. The same thing happened throughout the rest of Inkopolis Square, causing all sorts of murmurs amongst the Inklings.
"…Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh! Everyone take cover! Those giant Octoling Girls are heading right for Inkopolis Square!" Pearl said.
"Yikes! Everyone form a single file line… stay calm and…" Marina said, only for the broadcast to suddenly go to static thanks to the transmission tower getting splatted with red ink, something that was not at all lost on some of the Inklings.
"Whoa! Red ink?" one girl shouted.
"These Octolings mean business if they're using THAT color!" one boy said.
"But maybe they're not as big as they looked on TV. I mean, TV does make everything bigger or smaller, right?" one girl asked.

But then a huge shadow covered most of Inkopolis Square, and the three Inklings gulped nervously as they looked up at the four giantesses, who were now on the grounds of the square and towering over the tallest building in the area.
"Ummmm… yeah. If that’s not BIG, I don't know what is!" the boy said.
"Hahaha! Greetings, ant-sized Inklings! We come in the name of DJ Octavio. Diamond, ready to crush!" Diamond said as she did a battle pose.
"Heart, ready to crush!" Heart shouted.
"Club, ready to crush!" Club said.
"Spade, ready to crush!" Spade said. More than half of the Inklings in the area, along with shopkeepers like Crusty Sean, Sheldon, and Jelfonzo, all went screaming and running.
"That's right, Inklings. Run and scream because here we come!" Diamond said as she confidently slammed her boot down on a smaller building, crushing it completely. With that, the rampage was on as all four giantesses casually strolled around Inkopolis Square, crushing whatever was in their path. Marina and Pearl were among those evacuating as well from their studio, with Marina taking an angry look back at the giantesses.
"Arrrrgh! It's ladies like those that give us Octoling Girls a lame rep!" Marina said as she and Pearl kept running away.

There really isn't much to describe at this point… it was your typical scenario of mutliple giantesses relishing their newfound power and size and destroying everything in their path. A few Inklings, who could sense the pure evil of their intentions thanks to the clothes they wore (especially the goggles), were not so lucky and got crushed into splats of colored messes, although their spirits were able to escape for later reincarnation. The Octoling Girls spent the first few minutes of their rampage either crushing Inklings or smashing buildings, but they got bored of that quickly.
"Maybe we grew a bit too big, Diamond. This is too easy." Spade said.
"Relax, Spade. There's so much more world to crush." Heart said.
"And we could always paint the town red." Diamond said. She aimed her Splattershot down on the ground and fired a few blobs of red ink. Immediately the ground was covered and many of the Inklings exploded from too much ink striking their bodies.
"Hahaha! You sure have a way with words, Diamond! That's why you're the leader." Club said as she fired her own batch of red ink.
"Precisely." Diamond said as she watched her fellow giantesses shoot red ink all over what was left of Inkopolis Square.

Just then, coming out from a nearby manhole was Marie. She looked up from the alley with a stern look on her face as she watched the giantesses work in their destructive and red ink-filled messy ways, knowing exactly what made them that big.
"That grey ink… but I thought we had seen the last of it." Marie said. She then put on a set of goggles and pressed some buttons to the side. She saw some grey sparkles of light coming from the hips of all four giantesses.
"If I can extract enough grey ink from one of the giantesses, I can fight fire with fire. But first things first… gotta get the ink." Marie said. She took off the kimono she was wearing and changed into her usual Squid Sisters outfit. It would have to do for now, she thought, as her usual Agent 2 outfit was still at the laundromat.

Marie eventually made it to the top of one of the buildings, which rose up to the knees of one of the giantesses. Marie took a deep breath, knowing she was risking her very life, although she didn't move right away. She stopped and thought of a strategy.
"I've gotta think of something to use that will distract this Octoling Girl." Marie said. Then she snapped her fingers and thought of an idea. She pulled out a phone and pressed down on the screen a few times. Then a drone came flying in and dropped a Killer Wail at her feet before flying away.
"Gotta love the future." Marie said as she watched the drone fly away. Then she kneeled down in front of the Killer Wail and held her phone near it.
"There. It's set to go off in 10 seconds. Hopefully it will distract the giantess long enough for me to do my thing." Marie said. She then picked up the Killer Wail and threw it off the building. Then she waited.

A few seconds later, the Killer Wail activated, sending out a series of loud sound waves. Heart, the Octoling Girl closest to the building Marie was standing on, looked down at it.
"Hmmmm? Heh heh. I guess some of these ant-lings are finally fighting back." Heart said as she casually stepped over the Killer Wail and crunched it under her boot, shifting it left and right to make sure she didn't leave any trace of it behind.
"Now!" Marie said to herself as she threw a sponge block in the air and then shot light green colored ink at it, causing it to enlarge and float in the air as it became covered in ink. Marie then jumped onto this block, transforming into a squid to swim up it. Then she fired her weapon again… this time onto Heart's black shorts. Then she made the roughly three yard jump from the sponge block to Heart's shorts. She swam up the shorts as a squid until she made it onto her utility belt, holding on for dear life and gulping nervously as she looked down at the ground below, splatted with red ink.
"Concentrate, Marie…" Marie said to herself as she attached a different device onto the skin just above Heart's belt. It looked like an extraction device judging by the large jar attached to its underside. Marie pressed some buttons on the device, and grey ink suddenly started to fill up. As this container filled up, Marie attached two more of these containers to Heart's giant hip.

Eventually, this did not go unnoticed by the giantess. She looked down at her hip where she first saw the devices.
"Huh? What kind of bugs are these?" Heart said. But then it hit her… those didn't look like bugs at all. She looked past them where she saw Marie hanging onto her belt.
"HEY! You're Agent 2!!!" Heart shouted.
"Heh heh… the one and only." Marie said with an innocent wave.
"Ooooooh! You go squish now!!" Heart shouted as she moved a hand up and then down towards Marie and her grey ink containers. Marie had to act fast. She pressed some buttons on each device that caused it to detach from the giantess and fly away at a high rate of speed. As for Marie herself, she let go of the belt as Heart's hand came within inches of crushing her. Even as Marie's ears rang a bit from the deafening slap sound, she aimed her Splattershot down on the ground, wiping away some of the red ink. Marie changed into a squid and splashed into her own ink. Marie quickly reemerged from the ink, only to look up and see Heart raising her boot up in the air.
"You're not getting away that easily!" Heart shouted. Marie kept calm and shot more ink out in front of her, creating a path for her to swim in. Marie swam away, again narrowly missing being crushed. Heart growled as she watched Marie swim away.
"Arrrrrgh! Girls, Agent 2 is here! Don't let her get away!" Heart shouted. Diamond, Spade, and Club stopped whatever they were doing (whether it was destroying something or covering it in red ink) and looked back at Heart pointing to the ground. All three watched as Marie came back up from the light green ink and made another path.
"Wow! You're right! She and Agent 1 are always messing up our plans!" Club said.
"We can take her! She's nothing more than an insect!" Spade said. She aimed her weapon down to shoot Marie with, but Marie was ready.
"Not today, ladies! You'll soon meet your match!" Marie said as she changed into a squid and then made a very high leap into the air. She bounced off Diamond's stomach and then flew out into the distance.
"OOOOF!!!" Diamond said as she caught her breath from being 'punched' in the gut.

The four giantesses watched as Marie flew away, along with the ink extracting devices in tow.
"Darn it! She escaped!" Heart shouted.
"Man, I hate that Ultra Jump capability." Spade said.
"We should go after her!" Club said.
"No! DJ Octavio was very clear. We're to take over the world just like we did Inkopolis Square." Diamond said.
"Are you sure, Diamond? I'm worried what she has in store. I saw her with, well… something. I don't know what, but she had it attached to my hip." Heart said.
"I wouldn't worry about it. What could they possibly make that can harm us at this size?" Diamond said.
"True. I DID dispatch that Killer Wail easily." Heart said.
"Now come on. I say we head for the Moray Towers next." Diamond said.
"Oooooh! I agree. They're normally pretty big, but we're likely bigger than them!" Spade shouted. The four giantesses then made their way out of Inkopolis Square, leaving behind the mess they caused thanks to their massive bodies and ink guns.

While they were heading out, a familiar face was standing atop one of the buildings. That face was none other than Callie, but she looked a bit different. She had a mean look on her face and she had shades (with techno lights) over her eyes.
"You know what to do should they fail." a robotic voice suddenly spoke into her ear. Callie looked down at the bottle of grey ink that was in her hand, and this ink seemed to be sparkling too…

Octo Canyon

Meanwhile, Marie had managed to retreat all the way to Octo Canyon, another hiding place for the Octarian Army. She took a deep breath, knowing how much she risked her life to extract that grey ink from Heart's body.
"Whew… that was way too close. Callie probably wouldn't sweat over a mission like that." Marie said.
"Marie! Are you alright!?" a male voice suddenly shouted. Marie looked over as one of the Inkling Boys approached her. Marie recognized who it was based on his voice and the clothes he was wearing.
"Oh! Cubed! Nice to see you survived." Marie said.
"And you too. We've lost so many Inklings…" Cubed said.
"Don't worry, Cubed. They will live to see another day as all the young Inklings do." Marie said.
"So what will we do? How will we stop those giant Octoling Girls?" Cubed said.
"The same way you and your friends cured me and Callie of our giant problem two years ago, but given how ruthless all four of those girls are… we'll need to take a different approach." Marie said.
"Oh? What's that?" Cubed asked. Marie patted the Inkling Boy on the shoulder.
"Is your sister still around?" Marie asked.
"Of course. We escaped together." Cubed said.
"Bring her and three other girl friends of yours to me. They're going to be our last hope." Marie said.
"Understood!" Cubed said as he nodded and ran off to find his sister as well as three other Inkling Girls. Marie, meanwhile, turned on a nearby portable TV (no doubt one used by her uncle, Cap'n Cuttlefish) and frowned over watching the news of the Octoling Girls stomping towards the…

Moray Towers

Cars and trucks came to a screeching halt, both on the main roads and the overpasses. For good reason, of course, as four of the biggest Octoling Girls any creature would ever lay eyes on were towering alongside many of the buildings in this area.
"Yes! This is so awesome! It reminds me of when I was a little girl playing with toy buildings." Club said.
"I'm surprised you even remember your childhood." Spade said.
"Hey! Come on, be nice!" Club said.
"Yeah, be nice, Spade. Besides, we shouldn't waste any time. This is a big city and we should crush or splat as much of it as we can." Diamond said.
"Aye aye, captain!" Heart said as the four giantesses spread out and caused madness and mayhem in their own unique ways.

Diamond took her walk nice and slow, watching as creature after creature (especially Inklings) ran away from her gigantic boots. It delighted Diamond so much to see different colored splats form on the ground where she stomped on innocent Inklings, spreading that ink out as she rubbed the bottom of her boots on the road.
"Why are you all running? I've given you an easier way to see a rainbow." Diamond said with a sly smile, noting the many different colors splatted on the ground, including a touch of red from her weaponry. Diamond then noticed a series of much smaller buildings near her boots.
"Well then, if you can dodge my boots, let's see you dodge flying debris." Diamond said as she lifted one of her legs high and slammed it down on the building, crushing it flat and sending chunks of concrete flying in every direction. She did pretty much the same thing with a few more buildings, though with some structures she sat on them instead, crushing them with her rear end. Before she got up after one such crush, she fired one blob of red ink down on the road with her Splattershot, but given the size she and her weapon were at, the blob turned into a tidal wave of red ink that left creatures with little room to escape.
"Haha! Weather forecast: cloudy with a 100% chance of red ink!" Diamond said as she got back up and continued her rampage.

Heart was walking around the city in a similar manner. Taking her walk slow, crushing whatever couldn't get out of the way of her boots, and demolishing any smaller building she felt like getting her hands or boots on. Heart eventually came upon an overpass… one of those thin ones that allow creatures to walk from one side of the city to another. She noticed a few creatures taking pictures or shooting video of her towering over them.
"Heehee! Big mistake, little wimps!" Heart said. She raised her boot up and slammed it down on the overpass, breaking it in half and taking anyone who couldn't escape with it to the ground. Heart got back to walking and found another overpass. This one was empty, but she still felt the need to destroy it. She started to bring her boot down, but stopped.
"Wait… I got a better idea." Heart said. She formed one of her hands into a fist and then brought it squarely down on the overpass.
"HA!" Heart screamed as she slammed the fist down, chopping the overpass in half.
"Oooooh… that felt good. I HAVE to try that on a building." Heart said as she stood back to her full height. She then noticed a bus trying to swerve around one of her boots, and that's when she reached down and picked it up. She moved it up to her goggle-covered eyes, admiring the many creatures inside screaming for their lives.
"Hahaha! It must be awesome seeing nothing but me from inside there!" Heart said. She then casually bounced the bus up and down in her hand.
"Wheeee! Isn't this fun!?" Heart said. She threw the bus a bit higher in the air, but it bounced off her hand and went falling to the ground, crashing on the road and exploding in a ball of flames.
"Oops! Diamond always said I had clumsy hands… and she wasn't kidding! Oh well. Them's the breaks. Hey, that's what that bus should've done. Hit the brakes! Hahaha! Heh heh… yeah, I've been watching Off the Hook for too long." Heart said as she shrugged off her bad puns and destroying the bus, returning to walking around the city.

Spade, on the other hand, wasn't doing as much walking as her red-haired teammates. She spread her legs apart and rested her hands on her hips, watching as a parade of creatures and vehicles ran around her boots or between the both of them.
"Fufufu… you are all very brave to be running between my boots." Spade said. She then kneeled down so that her rear end was only about 6-7 feet off the road.
"Especially if I were this close. One wrong move and I could lose my balance and…" Spade said. That's when she leaned backwards and fell right on her behind, crushing several things beneath her shorts.
"…do that." Spade finally finished. She got back up and spotted a tour bus driving away from her, much like Heart did earlier. Spade wasted no time in walking after the bus and chasing it street by street. Once she felt she had chased it for long enough, she fired a blob of red ink directly in front of us, and the bus screeched to a halt to keep from driving into it. That's when Spade picked up the bus and lifted it up to her face.
"Mmmm… I wonder what little Inklings taste like." Spade said as she took note of the many Inkling Boys and Girls (and some other creatures) all screaming for their lives. Spade then turned the bus so that its backside was facing her, and then she moved it towards her pearly white teeth. She opened up her mouth and crunched down on the bus so that it was exposed. The Inklings held on for dear life onto the seats trying not to fall into the giantess's mouth, but their efforts would be in vain as Spade aggressively shook the bus, forcing everyone to lose their grip. Once Spade saw everyone had slid out of the bus and either onto her tongue or down her throat, she licked her lips and smiled.
"Mmmmm! Somewhat tasty, but I want more. A LOT MORE!" Spade shouted as she threw away the empty bus and set her sights on other Inkling Boys and Girls running from her boots to make as part of her dinner.

Club, unlike the other giant Octoling Girls, felt it was more important to cover the city in red ink, so that's what she was prioritizing over crushing part of the city. It made her smile seeing a small sea of red form before her eyes, with Inklings galore exploding as they were unable to dodge the ink.
"Pop go the Inklings!" Club commented. She then set her sights on a nearby electricity transmission tower that was almost the same height as she was. Club smiled as she approached the tower. As she reached out to touch it, however, she felt several thousand volts of electricity coarse through her skin.
"OUCH!!!" Club said as she backtracked a bit, crushing a few buildings with her boots along the way. She put her hand against her mouth to try and relieve herself of the pain. Then she looked angrily at the tower.
"Hmmmm… so that's the way you're going to play, huh? Well, take this!" Club shouted as she pulled out her Splattershot and fired away at the tower, covering it from top to bottom in red ink. Eventually the tower shot sparks in the air and shut down, taking out the power in a part of the city with it. Club could tell this judging from the street lights and some lights inside buildings going out.
"Hahaha! I always wanted to single-handedly knock out the power and finally I got my chance!" Club said.
As she got back to walking around the city, she then noticed a familiar truck down by her boots. It was none other than Crusty Sean's food truck, the Crust Bucket, which she immediately picked up and held against her face.
"Well, well. If it isn't Crusty Sean." Club said. Crusty Sean, of course, quivered with fear as he looked straight into the giantess's goggles.
"Hur hur… if it isn't my biggest customer yet." Crusty Sean said as he tried to play it cool, but he was obviously scared to see such a villainous woman looking right into his truck.
"Give me every Shwaffle and Seanwich that you have." Club said.
"Oh no… you have to give up a ticket first! I don't care if you are 3 or 300 feet tall…" Crusty Sean started to say, but Club stuck one of her goggle-covered eyes inside the truck, and the red glow was almost blinding to Crusty Sean.
"I said GIVE… or maybe I'll just eat YOU instead!" Club said.
"Heh heh heh… have a nice day!" Crusty Sean said as he suddenly dumped every last item of food he had on the counter. He then opened the back door and jumped out of the truck, freefalling down to the ground (but landing on a canopy, allowing him to bounce to safety and then run away). Club tilted the truck back and allowed all the food to fall down her throat.
"Ahhhhh! Delicious! I can see why these Inkling dinklings love this stuff!" Club said as she casually tossed the truck away.

Octo Canyon

Meanwhile, Marie, the Inkling Boy Cubed, and four Inkling Girls all sat at the portable TV watching the chaos play out at Moray Towers. The girls consisted of Cubed's sister, Barbie, and three that were on his friends list… Machinasa, Gear, and Sheela.
"Ooooooh! This is horrible! I LOVE Crusty Sean's Seanwiches!" Cubed said.
"We all do… it's practically an institution!" Barbie said.
"Arrrrrgh! Wait until I get my hands on those Octolings! I'll (bleep) them all the way into the next (bleeping) county!!!" Gear said.
"The feeling is mutual, Gear, and that is why I asked Cubed to bring you all here. Look at this." Marie said as she held up four different containers of grey ink.
"Oh? I've never seen grey ink before." Sheela said.
"That's because this is artificially produced ink that the Octoling Girls used to grow, just like I did a couple years ago." Marie said.
"Oh yeah! I remember that day well. That must've been so cool to be so big!" Machinasa said.
"Well, don't worry, Machinasa. You'll get that chance." Marie said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Sheela asked.
"I want to splash this grey ink all over you ladies… this way you can grow as big as the Octoling Girls and take them on. By splatting them with ink, the grey ink inside their bodies is eventually evaporated and they return to their normal sizes, unless of course you defeat them like you do each other in Turf War." Marie said. The four girls looked at each other, at least until Gear stood up from her chair and locked and loaded her Splat Charger.
"Yeah! You can (bleeping) count me in!!!" Gear said.
"Me too!" Sheela said.
"Alright! I get to play the giant super hero!" Machinasa shouted.
"Wait! What about my brother?" Barbie said.
"I only have enough grey ink for the four of you, so he will have to sit this one out." Marie said.
"It's okay, sis. You four are so much better than me. You can take on those Octolings easily!" Cubed said.

After Marie finished loading a cannon-type weapon with the grey ink, she picked it up and aimed it at Barbie. Cubed stepped aside and watched as the four Inkling Girls all got their different weapons ready. Barbie had a Splattershot. Machinasa wielded a Splat Brella. Sheela had Splat Duelies, and last but not least, Gear had her Splat Charger.
"Ready, everyone? Try not to move as you're growing. Trust me, you'll be tempted to do that." Marie said.
"Ready!" all four Inkling Girls shouted. That's when Marie fired away and covered the four girls in grey ink, which soon vanished. First it was Barbie, then quickly it was Machinasa, then Gear, and then Sheela who grew bigger and bigger. Marie and Cubed moved their heads up and up as they watched the four girls grow. Finally, they stopped growing when they looked to be the same size as the Octoling Girls, which brought a smile to Marie's face.
"Ah, good. I got the dosage right. They match the Octoling Girls inch for inch." Marie said.
"Oh my! We're huge!" Barbie said.
"Yay!!! I love being a giantess!" Machinasa said.
"Mmmmm… it's much better than I imagined it." Sheela said.
"I don't mean to be a spoil sport, but are we going to stand here all day or head to Moray Towers and kick some (bleeping) Octoling butt!?" Gear shouted.
"We're going to kick some Octoling butt. Let's go, girls!" Barbie said as she and the other Inkling Giantesses stomped their way out of Octo Canyon. Marie and Cubed watched the TV for when they would arrive at Moray Towers.

Moray Towers

The destruction continued in the city surrounding the Moray Towers, and Diamond, Spade, Club, and Heart all showed no signs of slowing down.
"Bwahahaha! I don't think I've had this much fun since… since… Y2K!" Heart said.
"Huh? What happened that year?" Spade asked.
"That's when I was born." Heart said.
"Let's keep it up, ladies. We're not letting up until DJ Octavio tells us to." Diamond said.
"Or until WE stop you!" a female voice said. The four Octoling Girls all looked to where the voice came from, and they all looked shocked.
"What the SPLAT!?" Club shouted. She and the other Octolings looked right at the four Inkling Girls who were the same size that they were.
"Hey, Octo-brats! It's the Super Sheela Super Show!" Sheela said as she twirled around and then planted her sneakers on top of a pile of debris left behind by the Octoling giantesses.
"No way! How did you four grow!? We're the only ones possessing the grey ink!" Diamond said.
"Oooooh… unless Agent 2 found a way to get it out of us! Why else would she be clinging onto my hip like the Great Zapfish clinging onto Inkopolis Tower!?" Heart shouted. Barbie then stepped in front of her teammates, brushing aside part of her hair.
"Octolings! How dare you use the grey ink for nefarious purposes and bring terror to our peaceful world!? In the name of Inkopolis, we will punish you!" Barbie said.
"And smother you in (bleep) sauce! Complete with a side of (bleeping)…" Gear said.
"I think we need to wash your mouth out with a dose of our red ink, young lady!" Spade shouted.
"Everyone take them down!" Diamond shouted as they all aimed their weapons at the Inkling Giantesses. Machinasa got in front of the group next and opened up her Splat Brella.
"Scatter!" Machinasa shouted as she opened up the Splat Brella, blocking the incoming red ink. Once the ink was blocked, Machinasa shot the Splat Brella forward, causing the Octoling Giantesses to jump out of the way. Soon it became separate distinct battles, with red and orange ink being splattered everyone around the city (if the structures weren't crushed already).

Barbie and Diamond ran all around the city, not focusing on what they were crushing, which were plenty of things in an already devastated city. They almost matched their shooting style as blobs of red and orange ink splashed against each other, but if one did get hit, that combatant would shoot some ink on the ground and swim in it to quickly get out of the way. That technique caused the most damage to the city, as either the ink covered giant octopus or squid would bulldoze everything in its path. Barbie would eventually get the upper hand as she laid down enough ink to deploy her special weapon.
"Tenta Missiles away!" Barbie shouted as she pulled out missile launchers and shot missiles in the air. Diamond looked up in the air and gasped at the missiles coming down towards her. She ran or swam out of the way and was able to dodge the missiles… but there was one important thing she forgot.
"Gotcha!" Barbie said with that trademark smile of hers.
"Oh spit." Diamond said before she was blasted right in the face with orange ink, causing her to explode and her spirit to go flying away into the distance, presumably back to the Octolings' hideout.
"Yes!" Barbie said as she pumped her fist and then adjusted her dark gold colored glasses.

The same kind of battle was going on between Club and Sheela. Sheela would at times jump up in the air to make an acrobatic move over one of Club's blasts. After one jump, she planted her sneakers into the ground and fired her Splat Duelies. Although Club dodged the attack, Sheela took a step forward and looked down at the sneaker print she deeply left in the ground.
"Whoops… I hope there was nobody important in those apartments... like JetSlasher." Sheela said. Her concern over the tiny citizens caused her to drop her guard for a bit. She got splatted with red ink and quickly had to run out of the way.
"Whoa!!!" Sheela said. She kept on running until she tripped over some power lines, sending showers of sparks around and causing Sheela to topple on top of a few buildings, crushing them beneath her weight.
"Ow…" Sheela said as she rubbed her hip. She tried reaching out for one of her Splat Duelies, only to have her hand stepped on by Club.
"Hahaha! Looks like I won this round! Too bad I have to splat you… you would've loved being this big." Club said as she aimed her own Splat Duelies down at Sheela. She closed her eyes to brace for the worst, only to then suddenly hear Club scream out in pain.
"Yeowch!!" Club said as she backed away, the upper part of her body drenched in orange ink. Sheela looked over and saw where the ink came from. It was Gear, who had fired her Splat Charger.
"Gear! Nice save!" Sheela said as she quickly got up and picked up her Splat Duelies. By the time Club regained her composure, she saw Gear and Sheela both aiming their weapons at her.
"See ya, you crazy…" Gear said.
"Um… Gear. There might be kids watching." Sheela said.
"Right… sorry." Gear said as she and Sheela fired their weapons at Club. The combined might of both weapons was too much for Club, and she too exploded out of sight.
"Piece of cake, right?" Sheela said.
"Come on. We should help the others." Gear said. Sheela nodded and the two giantesses left this particular part of the city.

It was just Heart and Spade left of the Octoling Giantesses, who were both being taken on by Machinasa (Gear had been fighting Spade, but broke away to help Sheela). But she wouldn't be alone for long, as the other three Inkling Giantesses joined up with her. Heart and Spade looked around past the Inklings and couldn't find any sign of Diamond or Club.
"What!? Did the others get defeated, including Diamond!?" Heart shouted.
"Arrrrrgh! Stupid Inklings always meddling in our plans!" Spade said.
"Wait! Does this mean I'm the leader now?" Heart said.
"Why should you be the leader!? You always have to hog all the glory!" Spade said.
"Don't you remember that last group of Inklings I took down!? It was all by myself!" Heart shouted.
"Puh-lease! That was over two years ago, and those Inklings were probably guppies who weren't worthy of an ink bubble blower!" Spade said.
"Ugh… you're like, soooooo, immature, you know that!?" Heart said.
"Pffft! Can it, dweeb!" Spade shouted.
"Why do you always have to be so stubborn!?" Heart argued back.
"Stubborn!? You're not only stubborn… you're stupid!" Spade shouted. The Inkling Giantesses could hardly believe what they were seeing.
"Wow… those two are lost without their leader." Sheela said.
"What a bunch of (bleeping) (bleep) heads." Gear said as she brushed part of her hair.
"Quick! Let's finish them while they're fighting!" Machinasa said.
"Right! Full power attack now!" Barbie shouted. All four Inkling Giantesses threw Splat Bombs at the boots of both Spade and Heart, who didn't notice them yet as they continued to argue. It was when everyone except Machinasa (because of her Splat Brella) armed their weapons that finally got the Octolings' attention.
"Uh oh…" they both said. The bombs exploded and the Inklings fired their weapons and…


All that was left was the orange ink that came from the Inklings.
"Yes! We did it! We defeated the Octolings!" Barbie said.
"And so the invasion is over. Too bad there's not too many around to cheer for us." Sheela said.
"I'm sure they'll return soon now that the good girls have come out victorious." Machinasa said.

Just then, however, the sunlight shining down on the Inkling Giantesses suddenly went away.
"Oh? Look at that big shadow." Barbie said.
"It's probably just a lone cloud. Heh… go figure a cloud tries to rain on our parade!" Machinasa said, prompting a laugh from three of the four giantesses. The only one not laughing was Gear, who lightly gasped as she turned around to see where the shadow came from.
"Ummm… ladies. That's not a (bleeping) cloud." Gear said.
"Huh? What do you…" Barbie said. She and the other giantesses turned around themselves.
"Holy Alpha Momma!" Sheela said as she and the others looked up, and up, and up… and up still.

The shadow was from Callie… who was much bigger than all the Inklings. They could only reach up to her knees, in fact! The mega-sized Callie looked down at the four smaller giantesses with quite the evil look on her face.
"It's… it's… it's Callie!" Barbie shouted.
"Ultra-sized, no less!" Sheela shouted.
"Hahahaha!" a male laughter came from behind Callie. Eventually flying out from behind her was DJ Octavio in his flying ship/mini music studio.
"Well (bleep). It's DJ Octavio." Gear said.
"So, my adoring fans. What do you think of my Plan B? I knew those Octoling dingalings would eventually fail, so I kept one final batch of my patent pending grey ink tucked away until the time was right. And luckily I found the right person to use it on. It seems she wasn't too happy with a certain someone hogging all the Splatfest glory." DJ Octavio said.
"What!? That can't be true! Callie and Marie are practically inseparable!" Barbie shouted.
"Ahhhh… the perils of being so young and so fragile. But never mind! I think it's time Callie dropped the beat on this world… starting with you four! What do you say, Callie?" DJ Octavio said.
"Yes, DJ! Let's spin it up and get down in this town!" Callie said.

The mega giantess pulled one of her boots back and rammed it forward. The Inkling Giantesses scrambled out of the way, but Machinasa tried to block the attack with her Splat Brella. It had no effect and caused her to go flying a few yards backwards, crushing all sorts of things beneath her back. Callie decided she wasn't done with Machinasa and she approached her… each and every step viciously shaking and cracking the ground that made it hard even for Machinasa to stand up straight. Machinasa next tried throwing a Splat Bomb up at Callie's midriff. However, the bigger giantess had another trick up her sleeve. She swatted the bomb away, and in doing so, the color of the ink inside the bomb changed from orange to purple. It didn't matter the ink wasn't red like with the Octolings. It was still a different color of ink from her own, and that meant she took big damage.
"Yeowch!" Machinasa shouted before she exploded.
"Machi!" Barbie shouted. She ran over to where Machinasa once stood and took a close look down at the puddle of purple ink. Incredibly, Machinasa was still alive… but she was shrunken back to her normal size. Barbie assumed it was because of the grey ink getting washed out of her body and acting as a de facto shield.
"Down here, Bigger Better Barbie!" Machinasa shouted as she jumped up and down and waved her arms. Barbie reached down and picked up Machinasa, holding her in the palm of her hand.
"Teehee… I heard that. I'm glad you still have your sense of humor." Barbie said.
"Hahaha! But it's true, wouldn't you agree? I loooooooove seeing you so much bigger." Machinasa said. Barbie then almost lost her balance when she felt the ground tremble. She looked over and saw it came from one of Callie's stomps.
"Meeps! Time to retreat before we're crushed calamari!" Barbie said. She shot a path of orange ink with her Splattershot and swam in it, right before Callie could crush her flat.
"Bah! Forget her. Let's just trash the rest of this city!" DJ Octavio said.
"As you command, DJ!" Callie said as she walked in the opposite direction.

If anyone still remaining in the city wasn't scared of giant women marching around their city before, they certainly were now when they saw Callie walking around and towering well over everything in sight. In fact, Callie set her sights on the Moray Towers themselves. She marched up to them and smiled over seeing them reach up to only her knees.
"Blushing faces covered in pink! Rushing bombs, exploding ink!" Callie sang as she raised one of her legs up, bringing it down and slamming it atop one of the towers. The resulting shockwave caused the other towers, as well as other smaller buildings, to go down as well.
"Rock and roll! Smash! Crash! Slam! Jam! Bam!" DJ Octavio said as he cheered the mega giantess on behind her. With the Moray Towers down, the rest of the city was going to be a piece of cake. In fact, Callie got a little creative with how she stomped the rest of this city block.
"Remix!" Callie shouted. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled around the city, crushing structures and vehicles with all four. Then she fell flat on her stomach… then she rolled from side to side. The damage was just too much for words… literally!

Meanwhile, the three remaining Inkling Giantesses (with Machinasa sitting on Barbie's shoulder) all watched helplessly as the bigger Callie laid waste to the city.
"(Bleep!) How the (bleep) are we supposed to stop her?" Gear said. Barbie then looked up and saw a semi truck flying in.
"Huh? What's that truck flying in?" Barbie said.
"And how the (bleep) can that big honking truck fly!?" Gear said. Sheela then focused first on who was flying the truck, and then who was atop it.
"Look! It's Sheldon inside the truck… and Marie is on top of it!" Sheela said. The truck then hovered just in front of the Inkling Girls.
"Girls! Are you all okay?" Marie asked.
"Pfffft… we've been better." Gear said.
"We don't have much time! Link and Cubed told me if we can get those shades off Callie's head, we can bring her back to her normal senses." Marie said.
"Great! Just how the (bleep) are we supposed to do that!?" Gear said.
"It will be tough, but I need you three to focus on shooting at the sides of her head. Don't worry… I'll take care of the rest." Marie said as she held a big Splat Charger in her hands. Barbie nodded.
"We'll do our best. Let's go, ladies!" Barbie said as she ran towards the mega Callie, not caring what she was stepping on (not that it mattered at this stage of the city's destruction).
"How come we get all the fun jobs?" Sheela asked before she and Gear followed from behind.

Callie was back to resting on her front side as she dragged a path of destruction with one of her fingers. She inhaled some of the black and white smoke that came from the buildings being destroyed as well as some of the fires burning, and she could then feel her nostrils being irritated.
"Ah… ah… AH CHOOOOO!!!" Callie sneezed as many drops of saliva came flying out of her mouth. They looked normal-sized from her perspective, of course, but to the city, it drenched the area from top to bottom.
"Gesundheit, my darling!" DJ Octavio said. Callie then sat back up, resting on her knees.
"Thanks! Bleh, I would've thought being over a thousand feet tall would protect me from that stuff." Callie said.
"Alas, it's the world we live in. But never fear, we shall soon cover this world with fear and our tag team music!" DJ Octavio said.
"That sounds totally awesome!" Callie said.

Just then, the mega giantess felt something splat on one of her hands. She looked down and saw orange ink that slowly faded away.
"What the!?" Callie said.
"Hey, Callie! I bet you can't catch me!" Barbie said. Callie looked annoyingly down at the smaller giantess.
"Ooooooh… we'll see about that!" Callie said. She reached down to try and grab Barbie, but she just swam away. This, meanwhile, gave Gear and Sheela the chance to shoot the left side of Callie's head. It worked for a little while, until Callie turned her head and moved her hand towards the two.
"Bail!" Sheela shouted as she and Gear got out of the way before Callie could crush the two with her hand.
Meanwhile, Marie watched the battle rage on between the Inkling Girls and the bigger Callie.
"Marie… are you sure this plan is going to work?" Sheldon asked through Marie's wireless headset.
"I have my doubts, but it may be our only shot. I'm hoping…" Marie said.
"Huh? Wait a moment, Marie! My scanners are picking up something. Oh my!" Sheldon said.
"What is it, Sheldon?" Marie asked.
"I think DJ Octavio has another container of grey ink inside his ship! If he were to use that on Callie…" Sheldon said.
"Hurry and get me to that ship, Sheldon!" Marie said.
"Aye aye, captain!" Sheldon said as he flew the truck towards DJ Octavio's ship.

DJ Octavio, meanwhile, was busy watching Callie try to crush the smaller giantesses that were pestering her (mostly in the head) with orange ink.
"Arrrrgh! Come on, Callie! Put on your dancing shoes and crush them already!" DJ Octavio said. Then, suddenly, the truck came driving within a few inches of his ship, with Marie aiming her Splat Charger right at him.
"Hey, DJ Octavio! Staaaay fresh!" Marie said as she fired green ink right into DJ Octavio's eyes.
"OW! I can't see! I can't see!!" DJ Octavio shouted. At the same time, Sheldon pressed some buttons near the steering wheel of the flying truck. A couple mechanical arms extended out and reached into the cockpit of DJ Octavio's vehicle, pulling out a bottle of sparkling grey ink.
"Target acquired!" Sheldon said as the arms threw the bottle up to Marie, who caught it in the air.
"Thanks, Sheldon!" Marie said. She wasted no time as she popped open the bottle and dumped every last drop of grey ink all over herself. As the truck flew away from the battle scene, Marie jumped off the vehicle. Any other person would be concerned with seeing the ground fast approaching, but Marie didn't have to worry when she was doing some fast growing…

The Inklings kept up their assault on Callie, who was quickly getting annoyed with having to ward off blasts of orange ink. If this kept up, it would eventually eat away at the grey ink inside of her, so she pulled out all the stops and jumped high in the air (despite her massive size). Gear knew exactly what move was coming.
"Crap crap crap!!! Get away now!!!" Gear shouted. She, Barbie, and Sheela all ran away just as Callie executed the Splashdown move, slamming down with authority and splashing purple ink everywhere. The ground shook harder than ever and cracked in several directions… some parts of the city even sunk deep into the crevices left in the wake of Callie's slam to the ground. The Inkling Girls fell to the ground covered in purple ink, but miraculously hadn't taken enough damage to make them explode. The attacks still left them weak as they rolled onto their backs and saw Callie approaching. DJ Octavio laughed away after finally clearing Marie's green ink from his eyes.
"Woot woooooooot!!! Now finish them, my beloved Callie!!" DJ Octavio shouted. Callie raised a leg high up in the air to do something with Barbie, but…
"STOP, Callie!!!" a female voice shouted, which was quickly followed by a blast of green ink to her chest that knocked her backwards.

Callie looked sharply to her right. There was Marie… just as big as she was and holding tight onto her Splat Charger. DJ Octavio gasped and then looked down inside his ship.
"Oh no! That brat stole my last vial of grey ink!!" DJ Octavio said. Marie looked right at her fellow Squid Sister in the shades she was wearing.
"Callie! Remember who you are! Remember who WE are! The Squid Sisters! We never separate!" Marie said.
"Arrrrrgh!!! You accursed squid!!!" Callie shouted as she suddenly charged towards Marie. The charge took Marie by surprise and she was unable to get out of the way, finding herself tackled to the ground. Callie pinned Marie's arms down with her hands.
"You! You had to hog all the glory after you won Splatfest!!! You have no idea how much I've suffered because of you!" Callie screamed.
"No, Callie. You're lying and you know it. It's those shades that are making you speak those words." Marie said.
"Shut up!!! I don't have to listen to you anymore! I'm all grown up! I can make my own decisions! And right now, I'm deciding I should end your time on this world!" Callie said. Marie had a determined look on her face.
"Okay, Callie. If that's what you decide, then I won't argue with you. But don't forget just one thing." Marie said.
"What's that? OOOF!!!" Callie said, only to suddenly feel a punch literally in her gut, which she had to clutch quickly. It actually wasn't a punch, but a knee as Marie suddenly moved one of her legs up, causing her kneecap to strike Callie. Once Callie loosened up her grip, Marie rolled out of the way and reacquired her Splat Charger.
"We're agents trained to escape any form of peril!" Marie said as she charged up the Splat Charger and fired towards Callie's head.
"ACK!" Callie shouted as the shades flew off her head. DJ Octavio suddenly was quivering with fear.
"NOOOOOO!!! My Hypnoshades!" DJ Octavio shouted.

Callie stood back on her feet, but wobbled around in dizziness.
"Thank goodness for low tide blasts…" Marie said.
"Unnhhh… My head." Callie said. Marie then suddenly summoned a handheld boom box, which suddenly had a familiar song coming out of it.
"Remember, Callie! That heavenly melody!" Marie said.
"The… the one and only." Callie said. That's when she opened her eyes wide, eyes that Marie hadn't seen in so long.
"I… I remember…" Callie said as she listened to one of the songs she and Marie performed together that one Splatfest (Team VGGTS vs. Team ACGTS). Suddenly, a purple light enveloped over the clothes she was wearing. The light faded out and revealed her Squid Sisters outfit.
"Callie!" Marie shouted.
"Marie!" Callie shouted as the two mega giantesses ran towards each other and hugged.
"Heck yeah! The Squid Sisters are back!" Gear commented from down below.
"Wow… I feel like I'm in heaven seeing them so much bigger than us… even the three of us!" Sheela said.
"Hahaha! I love it!!!" Machinasa shouted from Barbie's shoulder.

The two mega giantesses then broke their hug and looked at each other in the eyes.
"I'm sorry I've been avoiding you, Marie. Grandpa's had me on this top secret mission for a while now, and he told me not to tell you." Callie said.
"Forget it. The important thing is that we're together again, and nothing is ever going to split us apart again. Well… okay, maybe when we're both on tour but…" Marie said.
"Hahaha! I know what you mean, Marie! Although, there's ALMOST nothing that can split us up." Callie said as she suddenly turned around and glared squarely at DJ Octavio and his flying ship.
"Heh heh heh heh… well, it's been fun, ladies, but it's time I rocked outta this house! DJ Octavio signing off stage right!" DJ Octavio said as he tried flying away, only to have his ship grabbed (destroying the engines in the process) by the mega giantess he once possessed. DJ Octavio shivered as he looked at the huge golden eyes of both giantesses.
"How are your kicking skills, Marie?" Callie said. She dropped the ship down towards Marie's boots, who promptly smiled, pulled one of them back and punted DJ Octavio's ship into the distance.
"Oh spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…!!!!" DJ Octavio screamed until there was an explosion out in the distance.
"Do you think he…" Marie said, but Callie quickly cut her off.
"If he can survive two years trapped in a snow globe, you can be sure he will one day return." Callie said.
"But at least that's the end of the grey ink." Marie said. Callie nodded.
"And not a moment too soon!" Callie said.

The two mega giantesses then turned around and looked down at the smaller giantesses, the three Inkling Girls. That also included the normal-sized Machinasa on Barbie's shoulder.
"Thank you four. Your courage and splatting skills shall not be forgotten.” Marie said.
“Teehee! It was our pleasure, Marie!” Barbie said.
"Soooooo… now what? Are we supposed to spend the rest of our lives like this?" Gear asked.
"Heck no! Just spray us from head to toe with your orange ink. That will eradicate the grey ink." Callie said.
"And we'll make sure to return the favor. It's been a while since I've been a part of a Turf War." Marie said.
"Hahaha! Me too! Ahhhh… I remember the glory days." Callie said, prompting a laugh from all the giantesses.

And so, for the next couple of hours, the Inkling Giantesses splashed Callie and Marie from head to toe in orange ink until they finally shrunk all the way back down to their normal size. As promised, Callie and Marie did some battling of their own in order to cover the Inkling Girls in different colored ink, which eventually shrunk them back down to normal size as well. The four Inkling Girls and the Squid Sisters all made their way out of the city, eventually returning to Inkopolis Square which was already beginning the process of cleaning up and rebuilding after the damage left behind by the giant Octoling Girls. Of course, the cleanup and restoration process would be much longer for the city around the Moray Towers region.

But Callie and Marie breathed a sigh of relief anyways, knowing they were back together once again and that the grey ink threat was finally over.