Fun in Corneria

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Cubed Cinder)

The sliding doors to the training simulator opened up, and coming out were three different animals. Krystal the fox, Miyu the lynx, and Fay the dog. They all, of course, were part of Star Fox, a band of pilots who fly all around the Lylat System, from Corneria to Venom and everywhere in between, to keep the galactic peace. Miyu and Fay were in their Star Fox outfits, though Krystal was wearing much less clothing (specifically her outfit from Star Fox Adventures).
"Whew… that was an exhilerating mission." Krystal said.
"But we achieved a perfect score as always." Miyu said.
"Still, I'm anxious for another go at Oikanny." Krystal said.
"You sure about that, Krystal? That was a tough battle the last time we faced him." Fay said. Miyu wrapped her arm around Fay's back.
"Pffft… we're Star Fox, Fay! Nothing can stop us! Not even lowlifes from Titania who forget to pay us for helping take out runaway nuclear trucks." Miyu said.
"Right, right." Fay said.
"Besides, Oikanny is reminding me a lot of his uncle, Andross. Such a conniving villain who thankfully met his end over the Dinosaur Planet." Krystal said.
"Didn't you say you'd take us there one day, Krystal?" Fay asked. Krystal nodded.
"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. Just as soon as I can get super shy Fox to take me out on a date there." Krystal said, prompting a giggle from all three girls.

A little later, the three walked by Slippy's private quarters, and he happened to still have the doors open.
"Uh, Slippy?" Krystal said as she and the other girls walked in.
"Huh!? Oh, hey, girls! I left the doors open, didn't I? Ribbit! I tend to do that when I'm working hard on something." Slippy said. Miyu whistled as she looked at the big laser shooting cannon behind him.
"(whistles) And something big too. Tell me something… how are you supposed to get this thing out of your lab?" Miyu said.
"Er… I haven't figured that out yet, but one step at a time! That's what Peppy used to always say to me." Slippy said with an innocent smile.
"Remind us what you're working on again?" Fay asked.
"Well… it doesn't have a name yet, but this will soon be an add-on for the Great Fox. You know all these huge battleships we're always trying to shoot down?" Slippy said.
"Yes?" all three said together.
"Well, wouldn't it be awesome if we could shrink them down to, say, the size of a trash can?" Slippy said.
"Yes yes!" all three said together.
"That's what I'm hoping to accomplish with this laser cannon. Neat, huh?" Slippy said.
"Well, it certainly sounds unorthodox and pure fantasy…" Miyu said.
"But if anyone can do it, it's you, Slippy!" Krystal quickly shouted.
"Awwww… thanks. Though I've still got a ways to go. I'm trying to find living test subjects next." Slippy said.
"Huh? What do you need living test subjects for?" Fay asked.
"So far I've only been using this laser on inanimate objects. Before, the laser wouldn't work on anything that moved. Y'know, things with engines and heartbeats and all that. I think I've made the proper upgrades to the laser to let it shrink living beings, but if only I had some volunteers…" Slippy said.

That's when Krystal quickly stepped forward.
"We'll volunteer!" Krystal said.
"Huh? We will?" Fay and Miyu both said.
"Sure, why not? I have total faith in you, Slippy. You did prep a return laser to undo the effects, right?" Krystal asked.
"Of course! Rule number one when building a shrinking laser machine… always include a way to reverse the effects!" Slippy said.
"I don't know, Krystal…" Fay said, clearly looking nervous about the whole situation.
"Awwww… come on, Fay. I think it'll be fun to be teeny tiny!" Miyu said.
"I have to agree. Maybe I can sneak up on Fox and…" Krystal said, only to see Fay, Miyu, and Slippy all give curious looks.
"Ahem… um… nothing. Never mind! Just daydreaming again!" Krystal shouted.
"Thank you, ladies, for doing this. Please step on the platform." Slippy said as he pointed towards said platform. The three ladies wasted no time in hopping onboard.
Slippy ran over to the control console and reprogrammed the laser.
"Just gotta change a setting here, and a setting there. Okay, all set! Now hold still everyone!" Slippy said. All three ladies took a deep breath as they watched the machine charge up its laser. A few seconds later, the beam came shooting out, covering the three ladies from head to toe. They didn't feel any pain either.

A few seconds later, Slippy had a concerned look and shut the laser down.
"Huh? Did it work, Slippy?" Krystal asked.
"I'm not sure. The shrinking should've started immediately." Slippy said.
"Maybe there's a delay when it comes to a living being?" Fay asked.
"Perhaps. I better run some more diagnostics." Slippy said as she rapidly pressed a few buttons on the console. As he did so, however, he didn't notice a big change happening with all three ladies. It didn't take long for Krystal, Miyu, and Fay to see the room slowly getting smaller.
"Uh… Slippy. Why is everything getting smaller?" Krystal said.
"What are you talking about? Everything should be getting… bigger?" Slippy said. He didn't notice the growing ladies at first, but then looked up and saw them already close to 9 feet tall and still growing. They all had to duck down to keep from breaking through the ceiling.
"Oh cheetah! We're getting bigger!!" Miyu said.
"Ugh! It's getting so tight in here!" Fay said. Already she was uncomfortable from having to duck lower and lower in the rapidly shrinking room, but she also had to deal with sharing what little space was remaining with Krystal and Miyu as they all cringed from crowding up with each other.

"I… I don't understand! The machine was set on shrink, honest!!!" Slippy said.
"Who cares how it happened!? Just fix us already, Slip!" Krystal said.
"Yeah, before we're all sucked into space!" Miyu said as she quickly pointed at the crack in the ceiling.
"Eeeeek!" Slippy said, as he knew a hull breach in space would be extraordinarily bad news for the Great Fox and everyone onboard. He took the next step to prevent any further damage to his lab.
"Hang on, girls! I'm gonna have to teleport you out of here!" Slippy said as she pulled out a remote and pressed a series of buttons. The three growing ladies soon found themselves covered in many particles of blue light that were coming out from their Star Fox logo badges.
"Slippy…!" all three ladies said as they soon disappeared from plain sight.
"Whew… that was close. At least they're safe and sound, as is the Great Fox." Slippy said.

But before he could figure out his next move, he suddenly heard footsteps from outside. He watched as his teammates, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Fox McCloud all came running in.
"Slippy, what happened!?" Fox shouted.
"ROB64 alerted us to a potential hull breach in your quarters!" Peppy said. Falco was the first to notice the tremendous damage in the room, especially the cracks in the ceiling above.
"What the heck happened here? Lylat Wars 3?" Falco said.
"Er… um… well… you see… um… ribbit…" Slippy said.
"Hey, wait… where are Krystal, Miyu, and Fay?" Peppy said. Fox then heard his earpiece ringing.
"Yes, ROB?" Fox asked.
"My sensors are detecting transportation activity near your location. Something of great mass was transported off the Great Fox." ROB said. Fox then looked at Slippy.
"Slippy. You know we're going to find out what happened one way or another. Please talk to us." Fox said.
"Waaaaaah!!! Okay, okay! You know that shrinking laser I've been busy building for the past few weeks?" Slippy said.
"The one some of us laughed about?" Falco said as he and Fox snickered a bit until they both got bumped in the shoulder by Peppy.
"Go on, Slippy." Peppy said.

"I was testing the laser on Krystal, Miyu, and Fay. I don't know how, but they ended up growing instead. My only recourse was to transport them off the Great Fox before they burst out of it like a chicken out of its egg!" Slippy said.
"Which would've sucked us all into space." Fox quickly added.
"Alright, alright. Good thinking, Slippy. So how big did the girls grow?" Peppy asked.
"They were over 20 feet tall by the time I teleported them out of here. Knowing how small I got some non-living objects… gulp." Slippy said.
"Okay, don't answer that! Just tell us where you teleported the growing girls?" Peppy said. Slippy gulped again and was sweating bullets now.
"Corneria." Slippy simply said.
"CORNERIA!?" all three guys shouted.
"What in tarnation were you thinking!?" Peppy shouted.
"Knowing how big… no pun intended… Slippy likes to, ahem, slip up… those girls are probably bigger than the Cornerian Army Base!" Falco said. Fox immediately turned around and tapped on his earpiece.
"ROB, this is Fox. Get four Arwings fired up, pronto! We're heading to Corneria!" Fox shouted.
"Understood, Fox." ROB said as Falco, Peppy, and a remorseful Slippy all ran out of Slippy's quarters to head for the Arwing chamber.

Meanwhile, Krystal, Miyu, and Fay all opened their eyes when they felt the transporation sequence wear off. They looked around and saw pretty much nothing but a blue ocean at their ankles and a big piece of land in the distance.
"Fay, Miyu! Are you two alright?" Krystal asked. Miyu stretched her arms as high up as they would go.
"Whew… better now. Imagine if someone claustrophobic had gone through that!" Miyu said.
"Krystal, where are we?" Fay asked. Krystal took a look around.
"From the looks of the geography, I would guess we're on Corneria, although… it looks a LOT smaller than I remember." Krystal said.
"You're right. How big are we?" Fay said.
"We've gotta be at least 300-350 feet tall." Miyu said.
"Oh? How do you figure that?" Krystal asked.
"Well… this is normally deep water we're standing in." Miyu said.
"Good point. Well, I guess we're just supposed to stand here until Slippy finds a way to return us to normal." Krystal said.

Miyu, however, vehemently shook her head.
"No way! We're freaking giantesses! I say we make the most of it!" Miyu said.
"Huh? Miyu!" Fay said.
"Come on, Fay. Don't you think it will be fun too? Especially when we stroll into Corneria City. Man… just imagine seeing all those buildings smaller than us." Miyu said.
"But we can't! We may cause too much damage! Hasn't Corneria already been through enough?" Fay said.
"Well… I have to agree with Miyu. I guess it will be fun. I've always wondered what it's like to walk around as a giantess, actually. Especially back when I was on Dinosaur Planet." Krystal said.
"Ugh! I can't believe the both of you!" Fay said as she pouted and folded her arms.
"Awwww… come on, Fay. Loosen up, why don't you? I sure as heck am not going to stand here like a statue for 24 hours!" Miyu said.
"Alright then, let's get going, ladies! To Corneria City." Krystal said with a smile. She was the first to march off towards the grassy plains in the distance. Miyu smiled as she heard the boom sounds coming from each step Krystal took even though they were submerged in water.
"Oooooooh… I like the sound of that!" Miyu said as she followed Krystal. Fay just rolled her eyes and followed suit.
"Whatever." Fay said.
What the three ladies didn't realize was that their excitement from growing so big was continuing to grow from inside, fueling Miyu's and Krystal's desire to walk into the city at the size they were at. That would prove to dictate the actions they would soon take the closer they got to the city…

From outer space, after ROB counted down to zero, four Arwings came flying out from outside Great Fox. They all flew their way towards the Corneria atmosphere.
"Adjust G-Diffuser system output." Fox said. His Arwing as well as the others adjusted so that they would easily be able to penetrate the atmosphere.
"Slippy, I need the exact coordinates of where the girls were teleported." Fox said.
"Roger that, Fox! Analyzing the coordinates now. Here they come." Slippy said. After punching a command into his console, his Arwing and the others showed a series of numbers. Fox raised both his eyebrows.
"Slippy… is this where I think it is on Corneria?" Fox asked.
"Yep, it sure is! I guess we got lucky, huh?" Slippy said.
"Don't throw a parade just yet! If those girls keep on growing like you said they might…" Falco said.
"Let's not think that, team! Let's get down there before the girls do something they'll regret!" Peppy shouted.
"Meanwhile, I'll alert General Pepper." Fox said as he worked to contact General Pepper while he and the rest of the team continued to fly through the thick clouds over Corneria City.

And speaking of Corneria City, all kinds of anthropomorphic animals were walking around doing whatever it is they were doing, whether that was shopping, dining, or running around in the case of the younger ones. But all that activity would come to a halt when everyone felt the ground shake and booming sounds echoed from the distance. Just as everyone wondered what was causing these tremors, one woman looked out in the distance and saw why.
"Eeeeek! Giants!!" the woman said. Everyone in the area looked where she was pointing, and they all saw the fast approaching trio of giantesses that were Fay, Miyu, and Krystal. It was only a few seconds later when all three towered over the outskirts of the city.
"Oh my! Look how small everyone is!" Fay said.
"Haha! I love it! They look like little bugs from here!" Miyu said.
"People of Corneria, please run and take shelter if you value your life, because…" Krystal said.
"Because we're big and we don't take mercy on anything smaller than us!" Miyu said as she stepped forward and slammed one of her boots down on a smaller building, immediately demolishing it. That right there sent everyone into a frenzy as they went screaming away from the boots (or bare feet in Krystal's case) of the giantesses.
"Heh… I don't know if I'd put it that firmly, Miyu." Krystal said.
"Whatever. Come on, Fay, let's go have some giant fun!" Miyu said.
"Oh… okay!" Fay said as she felt herself dragged by Miyu. The two looked back at Krystal who was walking in a different direction into the city.
"Are you coming, Krystal?" Miyu said.
"You two go ahead. I feel like heading towards this part of the city. Divide and conquer, right?" Krystal said. Miyu raised her eyebrows.
"She's got a good point. That's why you're so smart, Krystal. Have fun!" Miyu said.
"You too… you two. I can't believe I just said that." Krystal said as the three giantesses went their separate ways, causing chaos all over Corneria City.

Krystal took her walk nice and slow, watching as living beings en masse ran from her giant feet. She couldn't help but smile and giggle a bit. Seeing so many run and feeling the ground buckle under her feet made her feel satisfied. She then took a step forward and impaled a smaller building with her toenails.
"Whoops! Sorry!" Krystal said. She could see the building was another nudge away from toppling over, so she decided to finish the job by lifting up her foot and slamming it down over the structure. She felt it crunch and disintegrate underneath her foot, especially as she rubbed it back and forth.
"Mmmmm… I feel sorry for anyone inside, but that was still quite the power rush." Krystal said.
She next set her sights on a hovering bus that was trying to drive in between her feet, but Krystal quickly kneeled down and scooped up the bus in her hand and held it up to her face. She saw tons of creatures all yelling and screaming as they saw nothing but her shining green eyes.
"You all look so cute screaming your bloody heads off!" Krystal said. She smiled as she moved the bus up and down, giving everyone inside scary closeup views of her chest and bellybutton. She then felt her stomach briefly rumble.
"Oooooh… I forgot to have lunch today, so guess what, everyone?" Krystal said. She opened her mouth wide and dropped the bus inside, feeling it slide down her tongue and eventually into her stomach.
"You were it." Krystal said.

She then felt something explode off her backside. That's when she turned around and saw some tanks rolling up to her feet. She looked mad as she placed her hands on her hips.
"It's not nice to shoot a giant girl in the bum, you know. I should teach you and the rest of the Cornerian Army some manners." Krystal said. She then turned around and swayed her hips back and forth, eventually getting her large tail to swing around. After she felt enough momentum build up, she kneeled down and SLAMMED her tail to the ground. It shook the ground feverishly and flattened more than half of the tanks in several balls of fiery explosions. Krystal looked over her shoulder and admired the damage left behind by her tail.
"Fox better not complain about the size of my tail again, otherwise…" Krystal said as she took a couple steps forward and spun in place while squatting. This caused her tail to go bulldozing over a group of buildings with many innocent victims getting caught from within. Krystal couldn't relish in the victory for long, as a couple leftover tanks were still shooting up at her.
"Ugh! You're like persistent flies! Oh well, don't say I didn't warn you." Krystal said as she marched up to the tanks and flat out pancaked them to the ground with her bare feet. She took a deep breath as she looked over the remains of the army.
"Sigh… it had to be. I think I'd better have a chat with General Pepper." Krystal said as she stomped away from the block and headed deeper into the city.

The animals ran and screamed for dear life as it was double trouble for them. Both Miyu and Fay, towering over the city block at 350 feet tall, took their walk initially nice and slow much like Krystal did.
"Haha! Isn't this a hoot, Fay? Seeing all these people running from our giant boots?" Miyu asked.
"Well, yes, of course. I mean, I'd run too if you were looking down and laughing over how small and insignificant I look compared to you… a lynx the size of a goddess." Fay said.
"Heh heh… thanks for the accurate description!" Miyu said. She then stepped ahead of Fay and got down on her hands and knees.
"Huh? What are you doing, Miyu?" Fay asked.
"Getting an up close and personal look at my prey!" Miyu said. She crawled around, not caring for whatever was being crushed underneath her hands or legs. It still made her smile seeing the living beings running in front of her, and that's when devilish impulses took over. She leaned forward and placed her tongue on the ground, pressing it forward and scooping up innocent victims into her mouth (as well as a whole lot of terrain). Miyu stood back up and munched proudly on what she swallowed.
"Mmmmm… part of a balanced breakfast, right?" Miyu said.
"Urk…" Fay said as she had an uncomfortable look on her face.
"What? Is that bad manners what I just did? Sorrrrrrrry." Miyu said.
"It's not just that… I just don't see the appeal of swallowing up tiny living beings." Fay said.
"Pfffft… that doesn't stop the species called Earthlings from eating live crab. Remember that documentary we watched? But how do you know people that size will taste bad?" Miyu said.
"Well…" Fay said.

The poodle then watched as Miyu kneeled down and scooped up a group of victims into her gloved hand.
"Go ahead, give them a try!" Miyu said.
"Well…" Fay said.
"Pleeeeeeeeease?" Miyu said.
"Okay, okay. I hate it when you beg like that!" Fay said. As Miyu giggled, she watched as Fay gently scooped up some of the victims into her bare hand (though a couple slipped out and eventually fell to their death, trying and failing to reach out and grab some part of their Star Fox outfits). Fay leaned her face to these people and, after looking over them for a few seconds, let loose a couple sniffs.
"Heh heh… I knew you'd sniff them out first. You do that before EVERY meal." Miyu said.
"What's wrong with that!? Gotta make sure there's nothing to rattle my dog senses." Fay said. Finally she opened her mouth wide and dropped the screaming animals inside. She rubbed her tummy as she felt them slide down into her throat.
"Well? How'd they taste?" Miyu asked.
"I don't know, actually. I couldn't really feel anything, to be honest." Fay said.
"Maybe because they were so incredibly tiny." Miyu said.
"Yeah, that must be it." Fay said.
"Come on… let's head deeper into the city and maybe catch up with Krystal." Miyu said as the two giantesses stomped through the block, knocking smaller buildings off their foundations as they kicked them with their boots.

Along the way, when the two came across a metallic arch that she would often fly under when in an Arwing (like Fox does), Miyu put an arm in front of Fay to bring them both to a stop.
"Whoa, hold up, Fay! Look how dirty and rusty that arch looks." Miyu said. Fay walked ahead to look closer at the arch.
"Huh? It doesn't look that dirty to me." Fay said as she turned around to face Miyu, who smiled and quickly walked behind Fay.
"Sure it does! It just needs the right… touch!" Miyu said. She then reached down and gently grabbed Fay's tail while wrapping her other arm around Fay's waist to keep her from escaping.
"HEY!" Fay said. Miyu brushed Fay's tail up and down the arch for about 15-20 seconds before finally letting go.
"There! Now it's all nice and clean!" Miyu said. She finally let go of Fay, who grabbed her tail and checked to make sure it wasn't blackened anywhere.
"Ooooooh… you can be such a child, Miyu!" Fay said.
"I know. It's what keeps me loose and makes me a great pilot. No hard feelings?" Miyu said as she held an arm around Fay's backside.
"Well…" Fay said. She then smiled and then hip checked Miyu, something the lynx did not expect at all.
"Whoa whoa whoa!" Miyu said as she tumbled backwards a couple steps, eventually tripping over the very arch she was 'cleaning' and then falling down on her backside, crushing numerous things like vehicles and smaller buildings beneath her behind and shaking the ground considerably. Fay then walked up to her fallen teammate.
"Nope! No more hard feelings!" Fay said as she held out a hand, using it to help Miyu back to her feet.

Or at least that's what she thought. Miyu smiled right back and tugged on Fay's arm.
"Yipe!" Fay yelped as she tumbled downwards on top of Miyu, who was laughing like crazy despite Fay being on top of her.
"Hahahahaha! There! NOW we're even!" Miyu said. Fay couldn't help but laugh too as the giantesses stumbled around, crushing more stuff, and finally got back on their feet.
"I guess it's true what they say. You can feel like a little kid again being this big." Fay said.
"Whoever said that is a freaking genius. Come on, let's head deeper into the city." Miyu said as the two giantesses finally made their way out.

In the center of Corneria City was the Command Tower, where General Pepper usually resided and commanded his army to deal with invasion forces such as those by Andross in the past. Today, he and his other officers watched with bated breath as a gigantic Krystal stepped over the mountain range in the distance and entered the grounds of the Command Tower. General Pepper finally cleared his breath and spoke out.
"It's truly incredible, isn't it, men? The Star Fox team did warn us she'd be huge, but to see her increased size in person is truly a spectacle." Pepper said.
"Agreed, sir. What are our orders, sir?" one of the officers said.
"Deploy all available ground and aerial vessels immediately! We have to try and knock some sense into her, especially before the other two ladies show up!" Pepper said.
"Even though the three are part of the Star Fox team, sir?" the officer asked. General Pepper gently patted the soldier on the head.
"You mustn't doubt my judgment, soldier. We've already lost so much life and property in Corneria. Members of Star Fox or not, those ladies are towering menaces that must be brought down!" Pepper said.
"Understood, sir. Deploying all available units immediately, sir." the officer said as he got on the headset and issued orders.

As for the gigantic Krystal, she couldn't help but put her hands on her hips above her skirt as she looked around at how small the area was, in particular the Command Tower which was about half her current size.
"Not much of a base from this perspective." Krystal said. She then watched as various attack vehicles either rolled or flew out from the hangars, all of them getting near the giantess.
"Oh yummy. They're fighting back. I wouldn't have it any other way." Krystal said. The giantess wasted no time in fighting back, whether that was stomping on the vehicles with her bare feet, smashing them with her tail, picking them up and crushing them with her hands, or even popping them into her mouth and chewing them to pieces.
After smushing a tank real good with her feet, she then walked up towards the Command Tower itself and kneeled down so that she was looking directly inside.
"Come now, General Pepper. Is that the best you've got? Why don't I ease your tension with a little show?" Krystal said. That's when she raised herself up a bit, now squatting like a baseball catcher. Then she did something that brought many gasps inside the Command Tower. She cupped her bra and rubbed her breasts up and down. Some of the officers fainted, others gawked and unknowningly drooled, and as for General Pepper.
"Well I'll be a good ol' fashioned hound dog." Pepper said.

Krystal moaned softly as she continued the breast rubbing show. She was so tuned in, she didn't see Fay and Miyu coming from behind. Miyu snapped Krystal back to reality with a whistle.
"*whistles* Krystal, Krystal, Krystal." Miyu said. Krystal gasped and quickly stood back up, clearing her throat a couple times.
"Oh! Fay! Miyu! Fancy seeing you two here!" Krystal said.
"Sacre bleu, Krystal! That was VERY unlady like! Did the boys inside enjoy the show?" Fay asked, looking serious at first and then putting on a smirk.
"I for one never thought you had that kind of side in you!" Miyu said.
"I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. I don't know what came over me… I guess it's just a side effect of being this big." Krystal said with a bit of a blush on her face.
"You're sorry! Come on, I loved it! I say don't change. Heck, let me try flirting with those little boogers." Miyu said as Krystal stepped aside to let Miyu tower over the tower.

However, before she could do anything, Fay looked up at the sky and saw some familiar ships flying down from between the clouds.
"Hey, look! Aren't those the Arwings?" Fay asked. Krystal and Miyu looked up and indeed saw the Arwings approaching.
"Yes they are! Hey, how about that? We're being attacked by Star Fox." Miyu said. Krystal looked on a bit worringly, wondering how her beloved Fox was going to act. The three giantesses watched as Fox and his team all hovered in front of their faces.
"Krystal, please stop this madness!" Fox said, his voice echoing out from the Arwing.
"Awwww… I can't help it, though. Being a giantess is fun." Krystal said.
"Maybe you four should try growing to our size." Miyu said.
"Irk… I'm not too sure Corneria would appreciate an old coot like me at that size." Peppy said.
"I don't know, I wouldn't mind…" Falco said.
"Focus, Falco!" Fox shouted.
"Alright, alright! Sheesh… party pooper." Falco said.
"Krystal, Miyu, and Fay. Please come peacefully so that nobody gets hurt." Fox said.
"Have you managed to create an antidote yet to return us to normal?" Fay asked.
"Not yet, I'm still working on it!" Slippy said. Krystal then stepped in front of the other giantesses.
"In that case, we're going to keep stomping around and have some more fun. It's no fun standing like a statue!" Krystal said.
"Krystal, you're leaving me no choice… surrender peacefully or we will shoot you down." Fox said. Fay and Miyu looked concerned, especially since they knew the kind of firepower an Arwing was capable of, but Krystal held firm, almost looking like a mother standing her ground against a whiny son or daughter.
"I'd like to see you try, sweetie!" Krystal shouted. Fox didn't say anything for a few seconds, but then tightened the grip on his flight stick.
"Let's rock and roll, boys!" Fox shouted as he and the other Arwings shot their lasers at the faces of the giantesses, stunning them very briefly.
"Yeowch! Man, those lasers pack more of a punch than I thought!" Miyu said. The three watched the four Arwings scatter around the air, flying all around the Command Tower.
"Spread out, girls! Let's not give them a chance to attack again." Krystal said. Fay and Miyu nodded, and the three giantesses walked in different directions, hoping at least one Arwing would pursue them.

That indeed proved to be the case, with Falco breaking off and following Miyu. As she stomped on a couple smaller hangars, she felt a few laser blasts tickling her in the back of her head, although when one of them clipped one of her earrings and rocked it around.
"Hey! Not my earrings! I paid biiiiiiiiiiig bucks for these babies!" Miyu said. She saw Falco coming near her and she took a swipe towards the Arwing, but he flew up out of the way. As Falco was in the process of U-turning, it gave Miyu an idea and she tiptoed her way towards the Command Tower and kneeled down behind it. Falco finally managed to right himself, but he was left looking all around outside his window trying to find Miyu.
"Huh? Where did she go? Arrrrrgh! That's the trouble with fighting giantesses… they got no radar signatures!" Falco said as he flew around the Command Tower continuing to visually scan the area.
Miyu saw Falco's Arwing circling toward him and that's when she sprung her attack.
"Surprise!" Miyu shouted as she reached out and wrapped her gloved hand around the Arwing. Falco's cockpit shook, rattled, and rolled as the force of flying the Arwing around was immediately replaced with being moved around in Miyu's giant gloved hand.
"Dang!" Falco shouted as he fought with the Arwing controls mercilessly despite seeing nothing but the whites of Miyu's glove. His view finally did return, but it was now filled with Miyu's giant face.
"Haha! Gotcha, Falco! Pretty slick of me with the hide and seek, don't you think?" Miyu said.
"Er… right. Right. Maybe you could be a nice giant lynx girl and let me go now?" Falco asked.
"Haha! Big strong Falco is scared of a giantess holding his ship like a toy! Speaking of toys, you know what I used to always do to my toy ships?" Miyu asked.

The giant Miyu acted quickly. She moved Falco's ship towards her mouth and then stuck her tongue out, licking the Arwing from every angle and covering it in saliva.
"Eck… gross!" Falco shouted. He then watched as Miyu moved the ship towards her open mouth, exhaling hot and moist air from inside that immediately fogged up Falco's windshield, although Miyu immediately fixed that by rubbing one of her fingers along the top of the Arwing.
"Hahaha! That actually tasted nice. It almost makes me want to eat you, little bird!" Miyu said with a smile.
"Yeah? Well, eat this!" Falco shouted as he pressed a button on his console, which shot a Nova Bomb out towards Miyu's face. Miyu immediately recognized the projectile and after a brief gasp, she opened her mouth and let the Nova Bomb fly inside. A few seconds, there was a loud explosion from inside, and Miyu's cheeks expanded outward. She finally let out a loud buuuuuuuuuuurp that saw several puffs of blue smoke come flying out.
"Whoa… thanks for the extra spice, Falco, but I think I should show you the punch I pack now." Miyu said as she held Falco's Arwing high up in the air and pointed it straight down at the ground.
"Oh no… nononononono!" Falco shouted.
"I hope that new ejection system is working!" Miyu said as she hurled the Arwing downward. The extreme ensuing momentum meant Falco had no way of pulling out of the dive, and so with only a few seconds to spare, he pressed a few buttons on a device attached to his wrist. Falco soon disappeared in a shower of blue sparks, a half second before the Arwing slammed down into the ground and was destroyed.
As for Falco himself? He quickly rematerialized in one piece a few yards away from the wreckage of his Arwing.
"Whew… I'm in one piece. More than I can say for my flying tin can." Falco said as he looked at what was left of the burning pile of rubble that was his Arwing. But booming sounds from overhead and slight tremors from the ground told him he wasn't safe yet, as he looked all the way up at a towering Miyu.
"Teeheehee… I've always wanted to go bird chasing!" Miyu said as she raised one of her legs in the air.
"Crud!!!" Falco shouted as he took off running after looking at the bottom of Miyu's incoming boot. He just managed to avoid getting crushed, and he kept on running, taking note of how each and every one of Miyu's steps was inches away from crushing him.

Fay was busy blocking laser shots and watching as Slippy flew his Arwing around.
"Ugh… really, Slippy? Don't you know it's rude to shoot a lady between the eyes?" Fay asked.
"Sorry, Fay! But I have my orders!" Slippy commented as he shot a Nova Bomb next, which Fay ducked under and watched as it exploded in the distance. This told Fay right away Slippy was serious about bringing her down. Fay decided to get a little serious herself as she stopped standing in place and walked after Slippy.
"Yikes! Somebody get Fay off me!" Slippy said as he excitedly turned his Arwing around, activating his booster trying to gain distance from the giant Fay. Of course, this wouldn't last forever as Slippy's boost was exhausted.
"Drats! I'm out of boost! YIPES!" Slippy said. As he was checking his console, he didn't see Fay duck underneath Slippy's Arwing and get out in front of him as she stood back to her full height. Slippy closed his eyes and braced for a painful ending, like Fay clapping her hands together and crushing his Arwing. But instead, with great precision, Fay caught the Arwing in mid-air, stopping it in its tracks. Slippy cut off the engines to keep them from overheating, and he couldn't do anything else except look at Fay's gigantic smiling face.
"Hahaha! Gotcha, Slippy! But magnificent job on trying to outmanuever me." Fay said.
"Er… thanks… Croak… please don't hurt me." Slippy said.
"Awwww… now why would I ever do that? Here, let me show you there's no hard feelings." Fay said.
"Whoa!" Slippy shouted as he held on while Fay tilted his Arwing around. Then she found herself hugging the vehicle against her stomach region, rocking it up and down like she was holding a baby.

A short while later, Fay couldn't help but fly the Arwing around herself, moving it up and down in the sky while keeping it pinched between her fingers.
"Wheeeeeee! I finally get to fly the toy plane around, unlike when I was a kid when my brothers would hog all the toys!" Fay said. All Slippy could do was hold on for dear life and listen to all sorts of alarms go off inside his Arwing.
"Uh oh! Heavy turbulence!" Fay shouted. She then shook up Slippy's Arwing like an unopened soda can, and all Slippy could do was watch his world shake until he became wobbly. About a minute later, Fay peeked inside the cockpit of the Arwing and saw swirly eyes coming from Slippy.
"Oops. Guess I overdid it." Fay said. She then got an idea and moved the Arwing up to the very top of her head. She eventually rested the now powered down Arwing, with unconscious Slippy, on her head in front of her big red bow.
"There we go! Now Slippy can get a bird's eye view of the action." Fay said as she got back to rampaging around, stomping whatever was in her way beneath her boots.

Krystal had to deal with two Arwings flying in circles around her, and she knew one of them belonged to Fox.
"Heh heh… for some reason I find it lovely to see you circling around me, Fox." Krystal said.
"Heeeeeeey!" Fox shouted with a bit of a blush.
"Come on, Fox! Focus! Do a barrel roll!" Peppy said as he did just that to dodge a slow swipe from the giantess. His next dodge would not be so lucky, as one of the wings on Peppy's Arwing got clipped clean off by one of the giant Krystal's fingernails.
"Peppy!" Fox shouted.
"Ugh! Sorry, Fox, I gotta set 'er down." Peppy said as he put his Arwing into a slow descent, eventually touching down on the ground several yards away from Krystal's bare feet. Fox, meanwhile, hovered in front of Krystal's face.
"Krystal, please… don't make me shoot you!" Fox said.
"Oh, don't worry. I'll make it easy for you not to shoot me." Krystal said as she reached out to grab Fox's Arwing.
"Geez!" Fox said as he tried to fly away, but it was too late. Krystal had Fox's Arwing firmly in her grip.

She moved the Arwing to within a few feet away from her face.
"Now… come out, Fox McCloud." Krystal said with a deep, arguably sexy voice.
"N…no! I won't!" Fox shouted. Krystal suddenly had a mean look on her face and she slowly squeezed her hand, compacting Fox's Arwing from the sides and sending showers of sparks into the cockpit.
"I'll ask politely one more time… come out, Fox!" Krystal said as she squeezed the Arwing some more.
"Okay, okay, okay! I'm coming!" Fox said. He pressed some buttons on his console which opened up the cockpit. He climbed out and jumped down from his Arwing, landing near the palm of his giant girlfriend's hand.
"Good boy." Krystal said. She then casually dropped Fox's Arwing off her hand, causing it to crash and explode on the ground. It was just Fox in Krystal's hand now, leaving the pilot to look up at her giant face.
"Did I mention how cute you look that tiny?" Krystal said as she gently patted the tiny Fox with a finger from her other hand.
"Maybe 50 or 60 times before we got here." Fox said.
"Fox, Fox, Fox. You look so incredibly tense. Why don't I put you somewhere where you'll feel safe and snug?" Krystal said.
"Er… snug? WHOA!" Fox said. Before he knew it and before he could make a decision, Krystal moved her hand above the cleavage between her breasts and tilted it forward, causing Fox to fall inside.

With precise timing, Krystal cupped her breasts covered by her bra and squeezed them together, trapping Fox between two mammoth walls of white and light blue fur. He felt himself move up and down as Krystal did the same with her breasts.
"Mmmmm… this feels so naughty, yet so right." Krystal said. However, the fun wouldn't last, as Krystal opened up her breasts ever so slightly, allowing Fox to slip through and fall through her bra and towards the ground. Fortunately, the giantess came to his rescue, holding a hand underneath and catching him in her palm. Fox looked up at the smiling giantess.
"That was close. I guess that's not the safest place after all. But I have another idea!" Krystal said.
"Like I have a choice!" Fox shouted. She gently picked up Fox with her other hand and then carefully set him inside her navel. Fox did his best not to slip and fall, though he felt Krystal would make sure that wouldn't happen. Eventually, Krystal placed her hands on her hips and smiled… not that Fox could see that given her breasts were concealing her face from that low of an angle.
"Enjoying the view, Foxy?" Krystal said.
"Er… I guess." Fox said.
"Mmmm… it almost makes me want to do a slow celebratory dance." Krystal said as she did just that. She swayed her hips around and went into sort of a belly dance, casually stepping around and crushing things in an already mangled area.

Krystal's antics would once again not go unnoticed.
"Nice moves, Krystal!" Miyu said as she and Fay applauded while Krystal turned around and gasped.
"Oh! You caught me again! Clearly I need to work on my stealth skills." Krystal said.
"Say, where's Fox?" Fay asked. Krystal pointed down to her navel where Fox was nestled somewhat comfortably. Fay kneeled down and got a closer look, which made Fox nervous.
"Haha! It's a miracle he hasn't fallen into your bellybutton!" Fay said. Krystal finally gently pulled Fox out and held him in the palm of her hand again.
"What about the rest of the Star Fox team? I took Peppy's Arwing down and I guess he flew the coop." Krystal said.
"So did Falco after his Arwing went down. Haha… it was such a power rush almost stepping on him for what felt like a few miles!" Miyu said.
"At least we still have Slippy. Well, part of him anyway!" Fay said as she pulled down his Arwing from the bow on her head. Everyone looked inside to see the unconscious frog inside.
"Heh, suddenly Star Fox looks a lot different now." Krystal said.
"You can say that again! Maybe we should call the team Star Fox and Giantesses! Saving the galaxy by stomping out evil under our gorgeous boots!" Miyu said.
"Or toes." Krystal said as she playfully wiggled her toes.

Just then, however, the three ladies looked together and saw something magically form in the sky. In fact, pixels like this were a video game rained down from the clear blue sky where the laser like object came through.
"Huh? What's that?" Krystal said.
"More important, why is reality falling apart?" Miyu asked.
"I'm scared, Miyu…" Fay said as she tucked herself against one of Miyu's arms. The laser suddenly fired and the girls covered their eyes.

What occurred next happened so fast. First… Fox and Slippy (and his Arwing) disappeared from the grips of the giantesses. As for the giantesses themselves, they shrank smaller and smaller. By the time they stopped shrinking, they were still roughly 100-120 feet tall, but certainly not as big as Corneria had seen them before. But Corneria itself started to heavily pixelate and then vanish completely.
It was replaced by a green grid like room.
"Simulation complete." A female computer voice said. Krystal, Miyu, and Fay finally opened their eyes where they saw a vastly different environment.
"What? Where are we?" Krystal asked.
"What the heck's going on here!?" Miyu said.
"What happened to Corneria? Are we no longer big?" Fay asked.
"Hohoho! We can answer all your questions, ladies." a familiar old male voice said. The ladies looked to see a door opening a handful of yards away. Coming into the room were not just General Pepper, but the rest of the Star Fox team as well looking their normal sizes.
"Fox!" Krystal said as she ran up to Fox and gave him a hug.
"Heh heh… happy to see you too." Fox said.

A few minutes later, the girls were explained everything.
"I see… so we never really were 300 to 350 feet tall?" Krystal said.
"No, although you did grow to a bigger size aboard Great Fox. That part was very much real. You ladies were indeed teleported down to Corneria, but I teleported you ladies into the Cornerian Army's simulation chamber." Slippy said.
"I gotta admit, that was pretty slick teleporting by Slippy, especially once he gave us the exact coordinates were given." Fox said.
"And given the simulation chamber's ability to automatically generate a scenario based on the mood and exercises given by my soldiers, the computer system must've been tricked into thinking you three were practicing to be real giantesses." Pepper said.
"It's a good thing the growth stopped when you were all teleported. Otherwise that scenario would've been very real!" Falco commented.
"I see… this is most fascinating stuff." Fay said.
"Heh! Just goes to show we all still have a lot to learn when it comes to the Lylat System!" Miyu said.
"So once I got the laser reprogrammed, I injected it into the simulation. That's what zapped you ladies back to normal size." Slippy said.

General Pepper nodded as he got up from the table everyone was sitting at.
"Well done, all of you! It was great teamwork that helped us avert what could've been a major crisis!" Pepper said.
"Whew… now I don't feel as bad about swallowing all those poor saps in Corneria City. They weren't real… although they sure felt like it!" Miyu shouted, prompting a laugh from everyone involved.
"Still, the fact the three of us easily succumbed to the temptation of feeling so powerful… and not wanting to let it go to waste…" Krystal said, who quickly got a pat on the back from Fox.
"There, there, Krystal. It could've easily happened to anyone, good or bad intentions. But I trust you three will use good judgment if what you've just been through ever comes to pass." Fox said.
"Because you're part of Star Fox, where good judgment… sometimes… is the key to victory!" Peppy said.
"Well, if we don't… I hope Falco will gladly shoot a Nova Bomb down my throat." Miyu said.
"Gladly!" Falco said, with a lighthearted chuckle coming from everyone in the room.

However, with the sun setting in the distance, it was time to go home. After saying their goodbyes, the Star Fox team returned to the Great Fox and departed from Corneria, anxious to seek out their next mission… which would turn out to be cleaning up Slippy's quarters after the mess the three girls left behind from their growth spurt. ^______^