Star Mosquitoes 2: It's a Small Galaxy After All

(Cubed Cinder)

WARNING: This story contains violent scenes (with excessive blood) that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

Outer Space

From outer space, there was almost nothing to be found. Quiet. No transports scheduled for the day. Just the emptiness of space and and vast array of stars to surround that emptiness. But that's just the way Krystal liked it. She and her Arwing were about the only things to be seen outside of the planet of Corneria. In fact, you can tell she's out for a cruise when she's wearing her "amazon" outfit (the one from Star Fox Adventures for those of you that can't imagine).
"Be careful out there, Krystal. And try not to stay out too long." Fox said through Krystal's communicator. Krystal pushed a button on the control panel.
"Oh please... what's so harmful about a little peace-and-quiet trip through the Lylat System? I'll be fine, Fox." Krystal said.
"I know, but one can never be careful enough. Not when there may be other evil forces out there besides Andross." Fox said.
"Okay, okay. I'll be careful, if it will make you feel better." Krystal said with a giggle.
"Fine with me. Fox out." Fox said before the radio transmission was cut off. Indeed, it had been a year since Krystal joined the Star Fox team after Andross was destroyed for trying to rip the Dinosaur Planet apart. She had joined hoping to find answers regarding her vanished parents, but she has yet to find any sort of answer. Though the time she has spent with Fox and the rest of his team has more than made up for her long times of searching through nothing.
After several minutes of flying through space, including past the asteroid belt, Krystal looked down onto her control panel to see many of the gauges going out of control, displaying numbers that are way out of whack for even the most highly advanced piece of Cornerian technology.
"Hmmm... what's with these readings?" Krystal said to herself as she banged on the control panel. Just then, however, she looked up to perhaps see why...

She was heading for a black hole!

Krystal immediately activated the Arwing's radio transmission.
"Krystal to Corneria! Krystal to Corneria! Come in!" Krystal shouted. Nothing but static, which was progressively getting louder the closer she got.
"Krystal to Corneria! Please respond! I have an emergency situation!" Krystal shouted. Still nothing.
"Someone answer!" She shouted once more. Finally she had to cut the transmission because the static was getting unbearably loud.
"Damn! That black hole is interfering with the communication lines!" Krystal shouted. She tried to veer away from the hole by steering her Arwing... but now her Arwing controls were jammed up too!
"Arrrrgh!!! It's too strong! I can't steer away!" Krystal said. She was now mere yards away from being sucked in. She fired the boosters as a last ditch hope to escape, but even those weren't helping her get away. She was forced to cut off the boost after a short while to prevent the engines from overheating.
"Somebody help meeeeeeeeee!!!" Krystal shouted. But as we all know by now, nobody can hear you scream in space. Krystal's ship was drawn in completely as the black hole closed.

Somewhere out there...

It looked like a scene straight out of a warzone, except without the smoke-filled sky. The real mess was on the blood-soaked ground, littered with bodies of castle guards (all of which resembling any kind of animal you can think of) who had failed in protecting the only castle in sight. In fact, there wasn't another building to be seen. Just the castle, green hills and many mountains, no doubt to hide any other town this planet may have from view.

But not if the all-human roster of the Peacebreaker Army had anything to say about that. They blasted lasers, chopped off heads, and relished in their moment of victory. The numbers were clearly in favor of the Peacebreakers despite the field still littered with living beings.
"Hahaha! These soldiers sure are weaklings! Just like the other planets!" One soldier said.
"Yes indeed! We'll have this entire galaxy in our grasp easily! And I'll get a big paycheck from the boss too!" another said, biting one of the guards' shoulders and leaving a large gash on it.
"Yeah! But we gotta make sure the money doesn't get soaked in all this blood!" another said, pointing to the puddles of blood they were standing over. Just then, after they let out a big manly laugh, they looked up in the sky to see a ship coming down fast towards them!
"Hey, what's that?" one soldier shouted.
"I've never seen that kind of ship before. Is it one of ours?" another said.
"Well, whatever it is, it's going to crash! Get back!" another shouted. The three soldiers then ran away quickly, just as Krystal's Arwing was about to slam into the ground. Krystal pulled up on the controls as hard as she could in an effort to save herself. Fortunately, she did, with the ship landing hard on its bottom and dragging on the ground. All Krystal was going through now was an extra bumpy ride. The ship dragged on for several yards, stopping just short of the castle gates.

As soon as the Arwing stopped, Krystal opened the cockpit and looked to see many different soldiers, human or otherwise, looking up at her. The human soldiers, the bad ones, approached her first after she climbed down from her ship.
"Hey, baby, what's happening?" one of them said.
"Uh... where am I? What's going on here?" Krystal said.
"That doesn't matter. What matters is your magnificent beauty." another said.
"Well... thanks. I guess." Krystal said.
"What do you say we do some talking somewhere else, after we've conquered this land?" the first one said. He walked up to kiss her hand, but she then swatted it away.
"Hey! What are you thinking? You creeps don't even know me." Krystal said.
"Awww... the cute little creature is resisting. How unfortunate." one of the humans said. Suddenly, a fourth one came running in behind them.
"What's wrong with you idiots!? She may be a leader of the resistance. You are to eliminate her at all costs!" he said.
"Ah well... maybe I'll enjoy killing her more than I do making love with her." one human said.
"Yeah... I'll take her. This should be a piece of cake!" another shouted. He then charged straight for Krystal, who simply lifted her foot and implanted it right into the guy's stomach. As he held it in pain, Krystal just smiled and then let loose with a resounding uppercut to his face. Contact was made, and he fell down holding his chin and screaming in pain.
"Arrrrgh!!! That b*&^% of a witch broke my chin!" he shouted. The other three humans approached Krystal.
"Hey now... we didn't really like what you did to our comrade, you know?" one of them said.
"Really? Then you won't like this either." Krystal said. She then screamed a resounding HI-YAAAA!!! as she swung her right foot around in a roundhouse motion. The force of the kick knocked down all three of the humans. One of them quickly got up and was not pleased at all. He turned around to the battlefield where his fellow soldiers were still fighting whatever guards were left standing.

"That freakin' does it! Peacebreakers! Attack this girl at once!" the man shouted. His fellow comrades, all fifty of them, heard his call and then charged towards Krystal at once. Krystal quickly jumped into her Arwing and pulled out her staff. She then charged it up with energy as it started to brightly glow blue. That's when Krystal charged herself into battle.
One by one, Krystal defeated the Peacebreaker soldiers in any way she could. She slashed them with her claws, she struck them with her staff, she paralyzed them with energy bolts. Some soldiers tried firing laser beams at the girl, but Krystal either deflected the blasts or absorbed them into her staff, slowly increasing its power. Oh yeah, and she would fire this energy back and then some, killing as many as five soldiers with one blow.

I know this seems rather quick in explanation, but I assure you, Krystal was kicking major butt. She even swiped her tail to stun a couple soldiers and then clobber them in the faces, leaving them bruised, broken, and bleeding. She made sure to finish the job by planting her foot on their chests. It almost made her feel gigantic...
Soon, only one soldier remained. The leader of the bunch. He backed away slowly as Krystal approached him with a mean look on her face.
"Uh... now, now. I'm sure we can talk this over peacefully!" the leader said.
"Riiiiiiiight... and you call yourself a Peacebreaker. HOLD STILL!" Krystal said sarcastically before ordering him to stop backing away. Krystal then grabbed him by the shirt.
"Who are you and what is your mission!?" Krystal said.
"Our mission is to scour the galaxy and conquer those planets that refuse to follow under the leadership of the all-mighty Peacebreakers!" he said.
"That's nice..." Krystal said before he released him of her grip.
"You're... letting me go?" the guy said.
"Well..." Krystal said. She looked down at herself, thinking while seeing some of her fur covered in the blood that had formerly belonged to those Peacebreaker soldiers. Krystal despised those that lusted for ultimate power in the universe. And that's when she made her move. She gripped onto her staff with both her hands and suddenly thrusted it forward towards the man with great speed.

And there was no escaping this kind of speed. The man screamed in utter pain as the staff when right through his chest and blood poured out like a spilled cup of water. He held onto to his chest, only to feel a fistful of his blood. Krystal then pulled her staff back as the man collapsed on the ground, leaking blood like crazy now. Some of this blood spattered out onto Krystal's fur as it started to covered her staff. But she didn't seem to mind. This man was as good as dead.
"...No." Krystal finished.

A few moments later, Krystal could hear some applauding from the background. She turned to her left to see a human-sized chicken and a female fox, one that looked eerily similar to Krystal minus the skin color (brown compared to Krystal's blue), clapping their hands as they walked towards the girl. Krystal armed her staff just in case.
"Steady, my girl. My wife and I come in peace. What is your name?" the chicken said. Upon hearing this, Krystal placed her blood-covered staff on her back for storage, no doubt soaking her fur further red, but she could always shower on her way back.
"Krystal. And who might you to be?" Krystal said. The girl approached Krystal first.
"My full name is Fara Phoenix, but please feel free to just call me Fara. And my husband back there is Scratch McGratch. We are the only rulers left alive on this planet." Fara said.
"Fara Phoenix? That name sounds familiar..." Krystal said. Scratch approached Krystal now.
"Her mother, also named Fara Phoenix, was a member of the Star Fox team of the Lylat System in years past. This planet adores the Star Fox team very much because of our good past with them." Scratch said.
"I see. So I guess you're the ones that brought me here. That Black Hole I went through was no accident, I felt." Krystal said.
"Yes, that was of our own doing. I'm terribly sorry the ride wasn't so smooth, but we were in a hurry to get someone from Star Fox over here." Scratch said.
"Our planet needs help, and badly. We fear the Peacebreakers will be successful next time they attack because our planetary resources have been drained day-by-day trying to stave off these attacks." Fara said.
"Well, I'd be glad to help, but I won't do much good with my Arwing as badly damaged as it is." Krystal said.
"Never fear, my dear. We have other ways that can help you. Please come with us." Scratch said. He and Fara then walked back inside the castle, with Krystal following suit. Before Krystal could enter the castle, she was asked to take off her sandals, leaving her in her bare feet.

Inside the castle

While following Scratch and Fara inside, Krystal looked around inside the castle. It was certainly very spacious with wide open chambers, almost as if they were designed to hold some big people. Along the way, Krystal bumped into two young female creatures. One looked like a poodle while the other resembled a cheetah. Scratch and Fara noticed Krystal looking strangely at the two.
"Oh, I see you have met with our children. The poodle here is Fay, and the cheetah is Maya. Both my girls aspire to be Star Fox pilots someday." Fara said.
"Excuse me... but are you a Star Fox pilot?" Fay asked.
"Well, yes I am." Krystal said.
"Wow! That's cool!!! Fay and I are dreaming of being Star Fox pilots!" Maya shouted. Fara patted her two kids on the head.
"Now now, children. Krystal and I have some important business matters to take care of." Fara said.
"Oh, okay, mother. Bye bye, Krystal!" Fay shouted, holding her toy Arwing in one hand while waving off Krystal with the other. Krystal simply smiled and waved back.

"Charming, aren't they, my girl?" Scratch asked.
"Uh... yes, your majesty. I would prefer to be called Krystal, if you don't mind." Krystal said.
"Of course. My apologies. I have that problem when we have guests coming over." Scratch said.
"So how am I supposed to fight off the rest of that Peacebreaker army you speak of?" Krystal asked.
"As I said, we have a way. We are taking you to meet our master wizard." Fara said. Krystal just shrugged as she followed the two rulers into the wizardry room...

Wizardry room

The double doors opened wide as Krystal, Fara, and Scratch all walked inside to meet the master wizard of the entire planet, which incidentally was oddly named Blue Planet. The wizard was quite a sight... he was a pig! And a very tall one at that. He easily dwarfed all three visitors even as he sat on his throne across the room. He had his eyes closed like he was sleeping.
"Wizpig! Awaken on our behalf!" Scratch shouted as loud as he could. Wizpig shook about at his chair like something had stung him in the arm. He looked down, dropping a beer can that he had been holding in his hand.
"What the!!? What do you two want now?" Wizpig shouted.
"We're sorry to bother you, Wizpig, but we need your magic to help this girl out. Her name is Krystal, and she will be the one to help destroy the Peacebreaker army once and for all." Fara said.
"Her? Save us from destruction? HAHAHAHA!!! *burp*" Wizpig shouted, laughing his guts out before he let out a loud belching sound."
"Ugh... good grief." Krystal said, holding her nose in disgust.
"Honestly, Wizpig, you really need to cut back on the alcohol. Sulking over a tub of beer isn't going to bring your old and miserable life as a universal dictator back." Scratch said.
"Yeah, whatever. I'm working on it, alright? Changing lifestyles isn't something I adapt real well to. *hiccup*" Wizpig said.
"You mean that thing used to conquer planets?" Krystal asked.
"Yes, until I was beaten by a group of meddling youngsters led by that jackass monkey Diddy Kong! My credibility was gone just like that." Wizpig shouted.
"Luckily, my wife and I were able to find him flying through the galaxy on one of our pleasure drives. He agreed to become our master wizard, and the rest is history." Scratch said.
"So I see." Krystal said.
"So, you say this girl needs help? What kind of help? I've got over 64 spells to use, y'know. *burp*" Wizpig said as he took a sip from a nearby full can of beer.
"C'mon, Wizpig, you know the spell that we were looking for. I call it the Planetary Defense spell." Fara said. Wizpig spit out his beer in shock, nearly drenching Krystal and the others.
"The Planetary Defense spell!?" Wizpig shouted.
"Yes, Wizpig. Any objections?" Scratch said. Wizpig stared at Krystal for a few seconds before finally answering.
"None at all. Alright, follow me everyone. We're going to the proper chamber needed for that spell." Wizpig said. He got up from his throne and wobbled his 15-foot-tall body towards the double doors. Krystal and the others had to get out of the way so he wouldn't accidentally run into them in his drunken state. Krystal just rolled her eyes and wondered how much more weirder this could all get.

Mile Chamber

After a few minutes of walking around the palace, Krystal, Scratch, Fara, and Wizpig all ended up in a place known as the Mile Chamber. And it was probably named that for a good reason. This chamber was huge. Sure, it was 300 feet up from the ground to the ceiling, but that was nothing compared to how wide the room was.
"What the... what is with the real wide room?" Krystal asked.
"1,490 feet and five inches wide, to be exact. Trust me, you're gonna need all this room when I've casted the Planetary Defense spell on you." Wizpig said.
"Oh, this is exciting. Soon our planet will be free of the Peacebreaker army once and for all, and peace will return to Blue Planet as it was before." Fara said.
"Yes, my darling, I cannot wait myself. Wizpig, do your thing." Scratch said.
"Yeah, yeah. I just hope you've picked the right person for this, King McGratch. Last time we tried this spell on your brother, it took nearly five entire armies just to stop him from eating the moon!" Wizpig said. Krystal's eyebrows simply rose up upon hearing this.
"We can't help Gibbler's appetite, Wizpig, but I'm sure we won't have the same problem with Krystal. All she's going to do is defeat the Peacebreaker army." Fara said.
"Alright. First we have to open the doors. Chamber Ceiling... Arise!" Wizpig said. As he said that and held his hands in the air (causing the stench of his armpits to roll out at the same time), the ceiling of the chamber opened up like a box, revealing the blue sky. Wizpig then instructed Krystal to step towards the center of the chamber. Just as she was doing this, Fay and Maya ran into the room and towards their parents.

"Mom! Dad! There's a big swarm of those Peacebreaker guys heading for the castle!" Maya shouted.
"And there's a ton of them! Thousands it looked like!" Fay said.
"Oh my god... that has to be their entire ground fleet." Fara said.
"Never fear, my dear. Krystal will save the day if Wizpig's spell works on her." Scratch said, rubbing Fara's shoulders with his hands. Wizpig stepped back towards the group.
"Alright everyone, stand back. This Planetary Defense spell is quite a show, as you should know. You ready, Krystal!?" Wizpig shouted.
"I guess, but you still haven't told me what this Planetary Defense spell will do to me!" Krystal shouted back. Wizpig waved his hands in an erratic motion before aiming them at Krystal.
"Planetary Defense spell, do your worst!" Wizpig shouted before a blast of blue-colored energy shot towards Krystal. Right away Krystal could feel the effects of the spell lingering throughout her body.
"Okay, so what's going..." Krystal thought, but before she could wonder what was going on, her perspective changed immediately.
"ooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!" she shouted in shock.

Krystal was growing. And I mean really growing. Heck, it had only been ten seconds since the spell cast and Krystal had already outgrown the Mile Chamber, at least from a height perspective. Because of the extremely wide room, Krystal's bare feet (exposed because she had taken off her sandals earlier) had plenty of room to grow. Scratch, Fara, and the two kids were taken aback by what they were witnessing at this very moment in time.
30 seconds had passed, and yet Krystal continued to grow. She had to be at least three thousand feet tall judging by how insanely small everything had gotten. But finally, after a little over 45 seconds, the growing stopped.

Krystal was exactly one mile tall. The Planetary Defense spell had done its job. When Krystal felt her body stop growing, she immediately surveyed her surroundings. From the castle aside from the Mile Chamber that could easily be crushed underneath her feet, to the virtually microscopic specks next to her toenails that consisted of the royal family, all the way out to the thousands of Peacebreaker soldiers that were indeed on their way. She could just see several of the soldiers stop in their tracks, no doubt because they were seeing the rising of such a massive figure.
Krystal held her chest in shock, but kept herself steady so she wouldn't accidentally crush anything. The world was like a map to her now. Just then, Krystal could hear a voice ringing in her right ear.
"Hello? Can you hear me?" the voice said. Krystal recognized the voice to belong to Wizpig, and she patted her right ear to feel for anyone that might be in there, but she didn't feel anything, except for an earpiece.
"UH... YEAH, I HEAR YOU, WIZPIG. I JUST CAN'T SEE YOU." Krystal said, her loud voice echoing throughout the skies and then some (no problem considering she's a mile tall). Wizpig was still on the ground, with Krystal's massive toes a few yards away from himself and the other members of the royal family. The kids, Fay and Maya, couldn't stop telling each other how incredibly huge Krystal was.
"Ah, good. I stuck an earpiece into your right ear just before I cast the spell on you. This is so we can of course keep in touch, which ordinarily would be quite difficult for someone your size.
"Well, you might find this hard to believe, but that was the spell at its weakest power. Trust me, you would've really gone up had I used full power." Wizpig said. Scratch then took the microphone from Wizpig's big hands and spoke into it.
"I know you can do it, dear Krystal. Go forth and show those Peacebreaker goons just who they are messing with!" Scratch said.
"ALRIGHT, IF YOU INSIST." Krystal said. She might not have been showing much emotion, but deep inside, she was still stunned over being so huge. She's making those giants of years past look like tiny people! But Krystal finally found the courage to take a massive step over both the Mile Chamber and the castle itself. Her foot sunk into the ground as it shook from the impact. She put her other foot down to step completely out of the castle, with only her huge tail brushing it on occasion. Krystal then shook her head and focused on the job at hand. She started to walk for that massive Peacebreaker army that certainly didn't look so massive now.

Outside the castle

The total humanoid army that were the Peacebreakers stopped charging in their tracks the moment they saw Krystal burst through the castle and quickly dwarf it with her feet. She rose up in the sky like a living skyscraper, yet even those didn't do justice. Simply put, it was best to assume that Krystal was a goddess and measuring her wouldn't do. Heck, they were well over a thousand yards away from striking distance, yet they could hear her voice as clear as day! The leaders of the army looked at each other while everyone else stared Krystal, even as she started to walk towards the army.
"Hey! What are we stopping for? We have a castle to command!" one leader said.
"Are you crazy!? Look at the size of that girl! She could crush at least a hundred of us with one stomp!" another said.
"Come on! Haven't we faced bigger challenges than this before?" another said, who sounded rather cocky by the tone of his voice.
"Duh... no?" another one said.
"Well, what damn difference does it make? We're the most powerful army in the galaxy! We can take down anything!" the cocky one said.
"Yes'sir... this big 'n sexy chick ain't nothin' to us space cowboys!" another shouted.
"Are you ready, men? Let's take her down!" the cocky one shouted before all the soldiers resumed their charging towards the mega goddess.

Krystal stopped her trek about three hundred yards away from where the soldiers had stopped charging. Three hundred yards was not a long ways forward from Krystal's incredible perspective, and the same could certainly be said for the oh-so-tiny Peacebreaker army. What she was seeing was nothing compared to the sight of the fifty normal-sized humans she had slaughtered in such merciless fashion. Krystal just folded her arms underneath her chest, watching as the puny soldiers continued to charge for her mighty toes despite her immense size.
"THEY ARE SO FOOLISH TO THINK THEY CAN HURT ME AS BIG AS I AM." Krystal said to herself. She then shrugged her soldiers. Overconfidence is one thing she cannot help those soon-to-be-dead men with. Krystal then raised her foot and slammed it down on the ground. She instantly killed at least a hundred men with her earth-shaking stomp. As she lifted her foot to reveal the crater she had made, she looked inside it and noticed all the broken bodies covered with blood and guts. Just seeing how easy it was to destroy several men in one swoop gave her the confidence she really needed. In fact, she smirked and looked at the other soldiers who had stopped and noticed their comrades crushed to bits.
"IF YOU WORMS DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE THOSE ANTS I CRUSHED, THEN YOU BETTER LEAVE THIS PLANET IN PEACE!" Krystal boomed, giving such a commanding tone to scare the hearts out of the soldiers. But they continued fighting, trying to scratch Krystal's body using whatever weapons they had. Naturally, they left no scratch whatsoever. Krystal sighed, blowing an enemy airship away in the process, and started to crush more and more of those little men.

After a few minutes, Krystal had already cut the army in half. That was easy to see with all the crushed bodies that left a trail of blood just outside the castle. But the royal family didn't mind as they continued to cheer on the goddess-sized Krystal from back at the castle. Krystal, sweeping her foot across the ground several times to shake off the blood and guts left behind from the crushed soldiers (as well as catch a few more living ones in between her toes), had decided that her foot shouldn't be all that she punishes those evil men with.
"THIS IS WAY TOO EASY. I CAN KILL THESE BASTARDS IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE." Krystal said to herself. She looked down at a group of about 60 men that was starting to retreat knowing they had no chance of stopping this goddess. With a lick of her lips, she kneeled down and picked up all 60 guys, along with bits and pieces of the ground, with both her hands. She then held everyone in her right hand and licked her lips once more before dumping everyone inside her mouth. She chewed down and could instantly feel each and every body get cracked wide open, spilling nothing but bones and bloody skin that either got stuck in between her teeth or went down into her stomach. She spit out the bodies that had gotten stuck in her teeth. The spit landed right with another group of unfortunate men that would either get crushed or eaten alive.
As Krystal got back to crushing men, she could feel her backside being attacked by either bow-wielding ground troops or fighter jets. She looked behind without turning her body to see these troops. She didn't look too pleased.
"DIDN'T YOUR MOTHERS TEACH YOU IT'S NOT NICE TO HIT A LADY ON HER BACKSIDE?" Krystal asked sarcastically. She then concentrated, and by doing so, she was able to lift her tail towards the sky. She then brought it down in a sweeping motion. The tens of men in the group she had just attacked either got crushed by her tail or, in the case of the chopper, got stuck in her tail! Others simply got swept away from the powerful gust that resulted from the tail motion. The chopper was eventually swatted away from Krystal's tail when she looked to see it had gotten stuck.

Next, Krystal looked dead ahead, something she hadn't done much since growing and battling Peacebreaker troops for the last 15 minutes. She noticed many fighter jets coming hard at her. Krystal tried to swat them away, but they were all able to dodge the goddess and manuever around her. The jets turned around and started to fire at the goddess, but the shots had no effect. Krystal then looked down again to notice there was only about a hundred men left of the entire Peacebreaker army. She then smiled as she thought of an idea.
"HMMM... IF I CAN DOWN THOSE JETS AT EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME, THEY CAN FINISH OFF THE REST OF THE ARMY FOR ME." Krystal said. With that in mind, she pulled out her staff as it quickly extended to its full length. She then lured the jets and the rest of the soldiers to the castle gates and absorbed a few super blasts from the jets in the process. The staff was glowing a bright blue color by the time the jets turned around to strike again. And that's when Krystal fired the energy from the jets, which struck dead-on with the jets. They were destroyed instantly... there was no chance for the jets to crash towards the ground. Krystal held a hand against her mouth.
"OOPS. I GUESS I DON'T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH." Krystal said, laughing a bit at her own remark. She quickly looked back down at the remaining ground soldiers that were trying their best to run away.
"I DON'T THINK SO, GUYS." Krystal said. Noticing the staff still had some energy leftover, Krystal fired the staff again at the ground soldiers. The blast left nothing but a huge crater where the bodies had been.

Krystal then took a deep breath as she surveyed the area. What was once a grassy plain littered with thousands of Peacebreaker soldiers was now covered in bones, blood, holes in the ground, and a lot of destroyed equipment. Krystal had to step forward a bit when she noticed her tail was brushing the castle quite a bit. Luckily, nobody was harmed, and the royal family came out to congratulate the goddess. She could clearly hear everyone because of the earpiece that Wizpig had placed in her ear.
"Congratulations, my dear. You have freed our planet from those pesky Peacebreakers!" Scratch said.
"GEE, THANKS. I GUESS I'M GLAD I COULD HELP OUT..." Krystal said as she looked way down at the castle.
"Well, I wouldn't celebrate yet. While the battle was going on, I found out that there are more of those Peacebreaker scum heading for us. One of their megaships is actually hovering over Blue Planet as I speak." Wizpig said.
"Oh dear... won't they ever stop invading our land?" Fara said.
"Not if we hit them at the source! I've got an idea, seeing how this Krystal girl was able to handle herself so well at that size. *burp*" Wizpig said.
"Then speak, Wizpig. Tell us how we can perhaps solve this crisis on a permanent basis!" Scratch said.
"Easy... we send Krystal out into space with a second dose of the Planetary Defense spell!" Wizpig said. Krystal could hear those words ringing in her ear, and she went wide-eyed.
"WHAT!? YOU MEAN MAKE ME EVEN BIGGER?" Krystal shouted. Her voice was so loud that the other side of Blue Planet could no doubt hear her.
"Oh! That's an excellent idea! If they couldn't stop her at that size, imagine the damage she could do protecting the entire planet!" Fara said.
"Yeah, I agree. Normally I wouldn't consider this, but again, Krystal's gotten used to her new size very quickly, more than anyone else I've used this spell on. Heck, it's making me want to stop drinking just thinking about it!" Wizpig said.
"Alright, Wizpig, let's not get too giddy over this. Just do your thing and we'll have Krystal do hers. Kids, we better get inside. This could get tense." Scratch said as he, Fara, Fay, and Maya all went back inside the castle. Wizpig was the only one of the royal family that stayed behind.
"Alright, Krystal, get ready. First, I'll need to prepare my Unlimited Oxygen Supply spell. After all, even goddesses like you couldn't breathe in space." Wizpig said.
"IF YOU INSIST." Krystal said. She didn't sound too optimistic about outgrowing an entire planet just to cause the genocide of the Peacebreaker army, but whatever it took to both save Blue Planet as well as get back home. Wizpig blasted a wave of yellow energy towards Krystal's ankle, which was the closest thing he could blast without aiming too high. Soon, Krystal could feel her body overflowing with oxygen, meaning she would now be able to breathe in space with no problem whatsoever.
"Now for the second level of the Planetary Defense spell. Brace yourself. This could get quite dizzying." Wizpig said. Krystal nodded to acknowledge she heard that. She stood still as her entire body started to cover with the same blue energy that made her grow in the first place. It soon disappeared... and sure enough, Krystal was getting even bigger.

This time, she was growing so fast, it didn't take long for a mile high to actually look small. The more Krystal grew, the more of the planet she could see. The sky also darkened as she started to rise into the stratosphere and well beyond. Comparing her size to the royal castle was very much incomprehensible. At least she was doing a good job of not letting her rapidly growing feet catch the castle.
In the end, Krystal was now a thousand miles tall instead of just one mile tall. Can't imagine how big that is? Alright, let's just say Blue Planet is the size of a beach ball to Krystal's eyes. Krystal, as she started to float out in space, noticed this as she turned around and saw the very planet she once stood on.
"OH MY STARS..." Krystal said to herself, accidentally blowing a gust of wind on the planet that took nearly everything for a loop.
"Hey! Easy on the breath, Krystal. We're kinda featherweight compared to your own body!" Wizpig shouted through Krystal's earpiece. The earpiece was proving to be more important than ever now because Krystal could never see a regular-sized living being at her size... not unless she zoomed in real close.
"Yeah, I know the feeling. Now then, do you see a megaship behind you?" Wizpig asked. Krystal looked behind herself to see that indeed, a few ships that were probably half the size of our own moon were approaching the planet, which was of course now blocked from view by Krystal's body.
"YEAH, AND I CAN SEE ONE OF THEM COMING FROM SOME RED PLANET THAT DOESN'T LOOK TOO FAR AWAY." Krystal said, turning back to look at the planet.
"Red planet? Wow! Good vision, girl! That's Red Planet, the home planet of the Peacebreakers! Destroying that would be far better than picking off their army one ship at a time! Think you can go destroy it?" Wizpig asked.
"IT'LL BE MY PLEASURE, WIZPIG." Krystal then quickly turned around... only to have her tail slap the entire planet! It bounced out of orbit by a few miles (which looked minimal to Krystal's eyes).
"Hey!!! Watch it with the tail!" Wizpig shouted.
"OOPS... I DID IT AGAIN. AT LEAST THE TAIL WAS SOFT." Krystal said. Lightly gripping Blue Planet with her two hands, she steadily placed it back in its natural state. Luckily for her, she had been touching unused portions of the planet, so not a whole lot of life was lost from her accident.

Krystal then used the telekinetic powers of her staff to gently move her body away from Blue Planet and towards the four megaships; two of which were already turning away so they wouldn't have to face the planet-sized goddess. The other two were blasting her, but these blasts either tickled her fur or got absorbed into her staff. Krystal managed to catch one of the megaships that was firing at her and she grabbed the front of it with one hand and pulled it back to herself.
The crew inside simply watched as the giant blue hand blocked their entire vision of space. The view was soon replaced by that of Krystal's insanely humongous chest. Some of the horny humans were salivating over seeing such large boobs right in front of them, while others panicked knowing full well they were going to die any second now.
"IT'S USELESS TO FIGHT AGAINST ME. YOU SHOULD'VE TURNED BACK WHILE YOU PUNY PEACEBREAKERS HAD A CHANCE." Krystal said. With that in mind, she revealed her long claws and used them to punch several holes in the ship. She then let the laws of space do its thing as she watched every single person onboard (again, barely visible from her height) get sucked out into the open void. Krystal thought about letting them float around to their deaths considering they didn't have the levels of oxygen that she did, but thought better of it and pulled out her staff. With a resounding hi-yaaaaaaaaa, she swung her staff down and sliced the megaship in two, not to mention instantly killing several soldiers from the huge level of energy that was built into the staff by now thanks to the megaship energy blasts. The megaship pieces eventually exploded, instantly killing everyone else onboard.

The third megaship she took care of rather easily. She released all the energy that had been stored inside the staff and let loose a devastating beam that made the megaship's own super blasts look puny and weak. The ship was instantly destroyed, with no traces left no doubt because of the force of the blast. The last megaship was significantly smaller. In fact, you could compare it to the size of a toy ship. But that just made things easier for Krystal. Before it could get away, she reached out and grabbed it, holding it between her two fingers. She didn't destroy it yet as she instead held it up against her right eye to look inside and see what looked like a leading soldier of the entire army.
"ALRIGHT, YOU WORM. IS THAT PLANET OVER THERE YOUR HOME BASE?" Krystal asked, pointing to the nearby red planet. The soldier rapidly nodded yes. Krystal smiled knowing that Wizpig was right all along. She then quickly decided what she was going to with the last of the straddlers.
"THANK YOU. YOU MAY JOIN YOUR FELLOW COMRADES NOW." Krystal said. She swiftly closed her hand into a fist, crushing the final megaship and the few people that were onboard. With nothing more to interfere with her progress, Krystal started to float towards the red planet that rested several thousand miles between Blue Planet and herself.

After a few minutes of slow and steady floating through space, Krystal had arrived at the Red Planet, home of the Peacebreakers. The planet looked smaller than the Blue Planet, Krystal didn't have to lean in too close to see there was widespread panic across this particular globe. The people of the Red Planet saw their red sky replaced with that of Krystal's body from head to toe. Krystal could also just see the many fortresses that no doubt made up the bulk of the Peacebreakers' forces.
But there was no need to question what to do. The only way to rid the galaxy of the Peacebreakers was to destroy the whole entire planet. Before she could place a hand on the planet, however, Krystal could feel some static buzzing through her earpiece. She then heard an evil voice on the other end.
"Tthhiiss iiss tthhee lleeaaddeerr ooff tthhee PPeeaacceebbrreeaakkeerrss! Wwee aarree oorrddeerriinngg yyoouu ttoo ttuurrnn bbaacckk nnooww oorr wwee wwiill uussee eexxttrreemmee ffoorrccee!!!!!!!!!" the voice said, with his hissing sounds making up most of the words for him. Krystal felt the hacked signal go out immediately after that.
"OH PLEASE... DO YOU EXPECT ME TO TAKE ORDERS FROM A GNAT LIKE YOU? IT'S TIME TO END YOUR USELESS EXISTANCE IN THIS GALAXY." Krystal said. She took a deep breath knowing she was about to do something no powerlord could possibly dream of, but she would do her best not to think of what she was going to do as devastating, yet the right thing for peace in the galaxy.

Krystal then took out her staff and thrusted it right down the middle of the planet, piercing it so hard that the planet slowly started to crack apart. She twisted the planet round and round as she could hear millions and millions of screams go off before they slowly started to vanish into the vast voids of space. Krystal then actually started to pick apart pieces of the planet, much like what hat happened a couple years ago on Dinosaur Planet. She threw these pieces out into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As for the rest of the planet? Eaten up piece by piece by the planet-sized goddess. Krystal burped from the gases that got released from inside the planet.
"WOW. I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT." Krystal said, shaking her head as she looked at the emptiness of space that was once occupied by the Red Planet. As she grabbed her staff once more with her hands while using her tail to grab the Red Planet's lonely golf ball-sized moon to eat up, she used the staff to begin her trek back towards the Blue Planet. She kept telling herself how she would never tell Fox or anyone else of this story for as long as she lived. Not that they would ever know since all this was happening in a galaxy far beyond the Lylat System.

After five minutes of floating past other planets, Krystal found herself floating outside of the Blue Planet once more.
"HEY GUYS, I'M BACK." Krystal softly said. She could hear her earpiece kick in again with a light amount of noise.
"Excellent, my girl. Did you dispose of the rest of those disgusting Peacebreakers?" Scratch McGratch, the king of the Blue Planet, asked.
"Oh my... let the heavens thank you, Krystal. You've done not only ourselves, but this entire galaxy a great favor." Fara Phoenix, the queen, said. The two children, who wish to one day be Star Fox pilots, were the next to speak.
"Hooray for Krystal!" Fay shouted.
"Long live the Star Fox team!" Maya said.
"Yeah, but let's not forget! It was me who suggested she get a whole lot bigger and finish off those Plumbreakers once and for all!" Wizpig shouted, whose voice surprisingly sounded a lot cleaner compared to his drunken talk earlier.
"Oh, yes, my dear. You've done far more than we can gratify you for. We'll definitely return you to your home planet." Scratch said.
"Leave that to me..." Wizpig said. In a few seconds, Krystal looked behind her to see a black hole forming exactly at her size.
"Just float through that black hole and you'll be back on your home planet, and at normal size too." Wizpig said. Krystal slowly started to float for the black hole before taking one more look back at Blue Planet.
"WELL, EVEN THOUGH I CAN'T SEE ANY OF YOU, I WISH ALL OF YOU THE BEST OF LUCK. FAY AND MAYA... GOOD LUCK TRAINING WITH THE STAR FOX TEAM." Krystal said before she finally floated through the black hole.

Back on the surface of Blue Planet, everyone was walking back inside the royal castle when Wizpig stopped and started cursing himself.
"Arrrrrrgh!!! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!!!" Wizpig shouted, stomping his feet on the ground.
"What's wrong, Wizpig?" Fara asked.
"I just realized that was a regular ol' black hole warp spell... I didn't cast the shrinking spell to go along with it!" Wizpig shouted.
"And that means...?" Scratch said.
"Well, I just hope Corneria's a big enough planet to hold her. Ah well... at least she still has that unlimited oxygen supply spell I cast on her." Wizpig said, shrugging like it meant nothing as he walked back inside. Scratch and Fara likewise ignored Wizpig's comments knowing that it wouldn't affect the long-standing period of peace that was about to begin for their planet.

Lylat System

Fox McCloud, Falco, and Slippy had all been searching for hours outside of Corneria, wondering where Krystal could have vanished.
"Geez... we've been scanning much of the Lylat System and we still haven't found her!" Falco shouted.
"(sigh) I tried to warn her of the dangers that might happen outside of Corneria." Fox said.
"Yeah, but is a randomly generated black hole one of them?" Slippy asked. Just as he had said that, a really huge black hole started to open in front of our heroes.
"Get back! It's a black hole!" Fox commanded.
"A really big one, too! What could possibly hold something that large?" Falco said. Soon afterwards, the planet-sized Krystal came floating out of the hole, which closed instantly. Krystal looked around to see she was back in the Lylat System... but she was still too big to fit on any planet. Oh yeah... and the familiar Arwings in front of her were no bigger than house flies.
"UH... HI, TEAM." Krystal said, with her booming voice being clearly heard even through the Arwings.
"Krystal?" Fox said.
"Alright... someone blast me! I must be dreaming!" Falco shouted in shock. His Arwing, sure enough, was blasted by Slippy.
"Slippy!!!" Falco said.
"You said blast you. Do you still see her like I do?" Slippy asked.
"Yeah. Sheesh... I shoulda been more sarcastic." Falco said.
"A little? Sheesh... you could easily substitute Corneria for a golf ball." Falco said.
"Krystal, how did you get so enormous?" Fox asked, speaking out of a microphone that was conveniently built into the Arwing.
"I'll say." Fox said. Krystal let out a deep breath that nearly blew the Arwings away, but each of the pilots were able to keep the controls stable.
"WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW? I'M OBVIOUSLY TOO BIG FOR ANY PLANET IN THIS SYSTEM." Krystal said. Hearing that, Fox suddenly came up with an idea.
"Hold on, Krystal. I'm gonna speak with General Pepper about this. He and the other Arwings soon flew back down to Corneria, leaving Krystal to float just outside the planet's gravitational pull.


About a week later, Krystal was still far too big for the entire planet of Corneria, but she no longer had to float around the planet. That's because the workers of Corneria, along with slaves from Venom that once took orders from Andross when he was alive, had built a platform that was as big as a space station, but it was enough for Krystal to lie down on. She was also strapped down so that any erratic movements wouldn't cause too much harm.

That's because Pepper decided that until a shrinking device, which takes about nine weeks to build based on Cornerian technology, could be built, Krystal could help out by serving as an actual space station. That would explain the various spacecraft and docking bays that had been coming and going on her entire body (from head to toe, some especially loved it when they were told to park on her legs). Because Krystal was strapped down and was sleeping for most of the day from being so bored, nobody was in real danger.

Krystal was also kept healthy when the planet of Titania agreed to ship oversized fresh crops out into space and straight into Krystal's mouth. One day while she was being feeded, she looked at Fox's Arwing with a bum look on her face.
"That's what General Pepper says. Most of our advanced technology is being used on fighting off Oikanny and his ragtag team of baddies. That's why it's going to take so long." Fox said.
"What!? What do you mean?" Fox said.
"HEHEHE... I'M JUST KIDDING, FOX. CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE?" Krystal asked. Fox simply shows a smug look on his face.
"About as much as I can take looking at your beautiful figure." Fox said. Krystal simply smiled.
"Well, I'll check you again in a few more days." Fox said.
"TAKE CARE, FOX." Krystal said. Fox nodded as he flew back to the Great Fox to continue his job as leader of the Star Fox team. Krystal, immediately after eating the last bit of crop from Titania, went back to sleep. Hopefully all this sleep would allow those eight weeks to zip by rather quickly, because as much fun as it was to be bigger than any planet in the galaxy, there was still that thing called a normal life for her to attend to.