Star Mosquitoes

(Cubed Cinder)

"ARRRRGH!!! I can't take this anymore!!!" Falco shouted as he ran all across the place. Krystal and Slippy sighed as they worked on something and Fox managed to stay asleep through the ruckus.

It was business as usual for the Star Fox team, waking up each morning in deep space to find themselves with no work to do. Four years after Fox McCloud helped put Dinosaur Planet back together, he and his team have found themselves reduced to doing small freelancing jobs and nothing major. Despite all the ups and downs the team has gone through, such as Falco rejoining his fellow friends in combat, Krystal joining the team with the hopes of solving the mystery behind her parents' demise, and Peppy Hare retiring after decades of keeping space safe, they continue to be largely ignored in favor of much bigger space defense teams.

"Falco Lombardi, please keep your blood pressure down. Displaying such anger will not solve our problems any quicker." ROB the robot said. Falco was so enraged with sitting idle all this time.
"ARRRRGH!!! I know that, you clumsy robot! And that's the hard part!" Falco said, storming off once again, hitting whatever he can in his way.
"(sigh) Every day it's the same thing, isn't it, Slippy?" Krystal said.
"Yep. We wake up, ROB checks the messages, Falco loses his temper, we're here working on something that is of little meaning to even us, and Fox sleeps all day. I'm beginning to sense a pattern here." Slippy said.
"Yeah... and it's too bad. I really wanted to go on some grand adventures with you guys. Being a part of the Star Fox team has been a great honor." Krystal said. They both didn't realize that Falco had kicked something so hard, he was yelling in pain and bouncing around holding his foot.
"Well, we're glad you were willing to replace Peppy after he retired. We could always use someone with brains... and beauty." Slippy said. Krystal giggled at that last remark. Then, a beeping noise could be heard in the background. ROB walked to the control panel to see what it was about.

"Incoming transmission... Priority One." ROB said. Krystal and Slippy ran to ROB's side.
"Priority One? Who's it from?" Slippy said.
"It is from General Pepper of the Cornerian Army." ROB said.
"General Pepper? You mean he might have a job for us!?" Krystal said.
"It is 90% probable." ROB said. Krystal ran to Fox's chair, where the Star Fox team leader was sleeping the day away.
"Fox! Wake up! We're receiving a message for you!" Krystal said. Fox didn't open his eyes, instead he mumbled something that Krystal couldn't understand. Just then, a hologram of General Pepper appeared several feet away from Fox.

"Ah, hello, Krystal. I see Fox is sleeping on the job." Pepper said.
"Well, not exactly, sir." Krystal said. She then bumped Fox on the shoulder as he slowly woke up. He let out a yawn before looking at Krystal.
"(yawn) Morning, Krystal. What time is it?" Fox said.
"Time to talk to General Pepper..." Krystal said, pointing towards the hologram. Fox turned to see it, and he immediately jumped out of his chair and back in, straightening himself out to look formal in front of the general.
"Ah... now that's the Fox McCloud I'm familiar with. Always ready to take action!" Pepper said.
"Yeah, sure." Fox said. He then looked over to Krystal, Slippy, and ROB, who were watching from the side, "How come you guys didn't wake me up earlier!? How long has he been on the line?" Fox said.
"20.01 seconds and counting." ROB said. Fox wiped off his mean look upon hearing that before clearing his throat and looking at Pepper once again.
"So... what's up, General?" Fox said.
"Well, you're in luck, Fox. Because I have a new mission for you and your team!" Pepper said.
"Really!?" Fox shouted in excitement, but then quickly corrected himself to a more serious look, "I mean... really?"
"Indeed I do. Just a few minutes ago, we received a distress signal from the very far edge of the Lylat System. Specifically, it was from a planet known as Zillanova." Pepper said.
"Zillanova, eh?" Fox said.
"You heard me. It's been chronicled as the largest planet in the entire system, therefore making it far too dangerous for us ordinary space travelers." Pepper said.
"Go on..." Fox said.
"I can tell you're anxious to get going. Very well, I won't bore you with the details. Anyway, the distress signal was sent by the Mosquito tribe. They require your assistance immediately. If you are successful, you shall be rewarded handsomely!" Pepper said. Fox immediately perked himself up upon hearing the news that he would be paid by the Cornerian Army
"We're on it, General!" Fox said. The hologram then vanished as Fox happily got up from his chair.

"Well, aren't we lucky? We finally get to go on a real mission for a change." Fox said.
"Yeah, for sure. It's been way too quiet up here!" Slippy said.
"Okay, ROB, run a galactic-wide search for this Zillanova planet and then set a course for it." Fox said.
"Affirmative, sir!" ROB said. Just then, Falco came running into the room.
"Did I hear someone say we're going on a mission!?" Falco said.
"Yep. You heard right." Fox said.
"Geez laweez!!! And just when I was getting used to this routine! ARRRRRGH!!!!" Falco said before he stormed off once again from the main chamber. Sounds of things breaking could be heard from the distance.
"I wish he would make up his mind..." Krystal said. Fox just nodded and shrugged his shoulders before he set his eyes on the control panel with ROB.

It took a couple minutes for Zillanova to be found, but once it was, the Great Fox was set to auto-pilot and warp speed towards this planet. Since this planet was a long ways away from Corneria, considering it was on the far side of the Lylat System, it would take a little bit of time to reach their destination. About an hour later, Zillanova was in plain sight outside the ship's windows.
"Fox, we are approaching Zillanova." ROB said.
"Excellent. Try to establish contact with our friends in distress. We'll see what..." Before Fox could finish his saying, he looked out the window and almost dropped his jaw at what he was seeing.
"What is it, Fox? What's wrong?" Krystal asked.
"Uh... ROB. How far away are we from the Zillanova surface?" Fox asked.
"Computers show that we are approximately 1,365 miles away from designated landing point. Estimated arrival time is less than ten minutes." ROB said.
"1,365 miles? Yet the planet's already as big as Corneria!" Fox said.
"Well, General Pepper did say Zillanova was the biggest planet in the Lylat System, right?" Slippy said.
"Yeah... but this big? We could be in for quite the mission, guys." Fox said.
"Well, I'm ready. No matter how big the challenge may be!" Krystal said.
"Count me in!" Slippy said.
"Alright, good. How about you, Falco!?" Fox shouted in one of the open hallways.
"Yeah, whatever. I'll be ready!" Falco shouted. Only his voice could be heard since he was in one of the rooms.
"Yep, I figured that." Fox said.

"Fox, we are receiving an incoming transmission from Zillanova." ROB said.
"Answer." Fox said. ROB pressed a series of buttons, establishing contact with this mysterious person from Zillanova.
"Hello, hello? Is this thing on?" the voice said. It sounded almost like a child's voice from what Fox and the gang could make out.
"Yes, go ahead. You're speaking with the Star Fox team." Fox said.
"Ah, wonderful. I was wondering when you guys could get here. This is Mister Mosquito speaking, and I'm the one that sent the distress signal." Mister Mosquito said.
"Mister Mosquito?" Fox said.
"Yeah, I know. It's not as silly a name as you might think. Listen, do you guys think you can get down here? We're in real need of help." Mister Mosquito said.
"Yeah, we'll be down there in about eight minutes." Fox said.
"Alright, good. I'm uploading the coordinates of where we're located. Be careful on your way down. This is a very dangerous planet for living organisms that don't live here." Mister Mosquito said.
"Yeah, we kinda figured that out already. Thanks." Fox said. The contact was then broken. ROB looked down at the control panel.
"Coordinates downloaded. I'm transferring them to your Arwings as I speak. They should be in your systems by the time you get down there." ROB said.
"Alright, ROB. Thanks. Ready, team?" Fox said. Krystal and Slippy nodded, and Falco came running out of his room to join the others.
"I was born ready!" Falco said.
"Right... then let's go! To the Arwings!" Fox shouted. The team took off for the Arwing Chamber while ROB stayed behind as usual to care for the Great Fox.

The Arwings then flew from the Great Fox and descended towards the surface of Zillanova. It took them a few minutes considering the immense size of the planet and, as they soon found out, everything else there was bigger as well. It was like paradise if your name was Jack and you were out giant hunting. Slippy carefully watched his scanners for any signs of life, particularly the one that the Star Fox team was looking for.
"Fox, I'm picking up life readings from that big house down below us. It must be Mister Mosquito!" Slippy said.
"Alright, gang. Let's go!" Fox said as he commanded his fellow pilots to fly down towards the house. They landed on the rooftops, where they jumped out of their Arwings and greeted the similar-sized Mister Mosquito.
"Greetings, my friends. Welcome to Zillanova, and welcome to my home!" Mister Mosquito said.
"Hello, Mister Mosquito. I am Fox McCloud, and these are my fellow Star Fox teammates. Falco, Krystal, and Slippy." Fox said, introducing each of the team members.
"You're not really a mosquito, are you?" Falco asked.
"Oh, but I am. Trust me, I know this may be hard to believe since mosquitoes are very tiny from where you come from, but I truly am a mosquito." Mister Mosquito said.
"Then that certainly makes us look like mosquitoes. And we know what people do to mosquitoes..." Slippy said. Krystal slapped him in the back of his head; she wasn't about to let him scare the pants off anyone at this point of the mission.
"No offense taken. My fellow friends certainly have had first hand experience like that. It's unfortunate that they haven't lived to talk about it." Mister Mosquito said.
"So... you said you needed our help?" Fox asked.
"Ah... yes I did! Please come with me, and bring your ships with you. I will let you meet the rest of my tribe." Mister Mosquito said. He then flew up and down into the chimney of the house. All four members of Star Fox jumped into their Arwings and followed behind.
"Ho ho ho!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!" Slippy said, impersonating Santa Claus as he flew down the chimney.
"Very funny, Slippy." Fox said as he rolled his eyes.

At the end of chimney was where Mister Mosquito was waiting. The Star Fox team followed him all the way up to the roof of the house. They all eventually landed on the roof supports above the kitchen. Up there, they saw a group of similar-looking mosquitoes. They all looked very tired and weak.
"These are the rest of my fellow mosquitoes." Mister Mosquito said.
"Not very many of them, is there?" Falco said.
"And they don't look very lively." Fox said.
"Yes, and sadly that is the reason I am asking for your help. You see, my tribe has spent many years sucking as much blood as they could from the families of the neighborhood. But this family, the Yamada family, has proven to be the most challenging yet. Most of my tribe were too late to realize how swift this family was in dealing with pests like you and I." Mister Mosquito said. Falco immediately broke into a fit.
"Hey! Watch who you're calling a pest, pal!" Falco said. Fox then held him back.
"Later, Falco. Anyway, go on." Fox said.
"Many of our kind have perished trying to accumulate the blood our tribe needs to survive. Now we're the only ones left, and only I have enough life to last another day. I fear for the safety of the rest of my friends." Mister Mosquito said.
"So let me guess, you want us to get the blood you need for you?" Fox said.
"Yes. I'm sorry if this is too much to ask, but the rest of my tribe is too afraid to get the blood themselves after this series of events. Even I don't want to risk my life as leader of the pack." Mister Mosquito said.
"Hey, it's okay. It's better than having to do nothing, which has been the case for us the past few months." Fox said.
"Very well. You shall be rewarded handsomely for your efforts." Mister Mosquito said.
"Hey! How are we supposed to get the blood from these humans? Last time I checked, our Arwings didn't have stingers." Falco said.
"Stingers from mosquitoes, we might add." Krystal said.
"Ah, no problem. I have prepared some devices for you. Please follow me." Mister Mosquito said.

After a short walk along the roof hinges, Mister Mosquito showed the team four devices that were resting close to each other. They all looked very much like test tubes attached to steel blocks from above.
"I have studied the technology of your fighting craft, and have had my friends construct these stinger devices for you. Attach them to your ships, and carefully operate them to extract the blood you need. It almost makes you feel like a mosquito as easy as these things are to use." Mister Mosquito said.
"Bleh... and I have to go around acting like a mosquito for this mission. How flattering." Falco said. Fox then bumped him in the shoulder.
"You'll have to excuse my friend... he doesn't like to be treated in a downward manner." Fox said.
"Point taken. Now then, if you're ready, we can get started with installing these devices." Mister Mosquito said. He and his friends then took the devices, one at a time, and carefully installed them onto each of the four Arwings. As they were doing this, the family had just come home from shopping, and the Star Fox team was getting their first look.
"So that's the Yamada family?" Fox said.
"Yep. The family that has given us so much trouble." Mister Mosquito said.
"Heh... they don't look so tough to me!" Falco said.
"But then again, they'd think that way if they'd seen these mosquitoes, let alone us." Krystal said.
"Whatever! I still say bring it on!" Falco said.
"That Falco... always looking for a fight." Slippy said.
"What was that, you Slipster!?" Falco shouted.
"Easy, Falco. Are the devices ready yet?" Fox asked to Mister Mosquito.
"Yep. All set to go! We had to add an extra control panel to your ship for device operation, if you don't mind." Mister Mosquito said.
"Whatever it takes. To the ships, team!" Fox said. The team then started to climb into their Arwings as they fired them up.
"By the way, I suggest you go after Rena first. She's the youngest of the family and shouldn't be hard to find. But just in case, I've uploaded a map to your systems." Mister Mosquito said.
"Probably because she's so cute." Falco said with a smirk.
"Falco, never flirt with any gigantic women when we have a lady on duty!" Fox said.
"Well excuuuuuuuuse me..." Falco said sarcastically. The Arwings then took off for the air as they flew down into the house.
"Good luck, my friends. You're going to need it." Mister Mosquito said.

The Star Fox team flew as quickly as they could through the Yamada household. They stayed up at a high level so that they wouldn't be spotted so easily. They kept their radio communication lines open as well for easy chat.
"Good thing Mister Mosquito installed a map of the household in our computers. It'd be easy to get lost in a place like this." Slippy said.
"Let alone an entire planet filled with giants. Almost makes me wonder..." Krystal said.
"Another time, Krystal. Let's focus on the mission at hand." Fox said.
"So let me get this straight, Fox... we have to play the part of mosquitoes and go around the house draining enough blood from this family just to ensure the survival of a nearly extinct mosquito tribe?" Falco said.
"That's about the extent of it." Fox said.
"Sometimes I think we're way too crazy of a team." Falco said.
"Oh... and you thought my excursion to Dinosaur Planet wasn't crazy enough?" Fox said.
"We're approaching Rena's room now!" Krystal said.
"And she was nice enough to leave the door open." Slippy added.
"Alright, team... let's be careful." Fox said as the team flew into the room.

The team looked around Rena's room with curiousity. This was definitely a Japanese girl's kind of room, all right. Books and a stereo system were laid out on the desk in the corner of the room. Video tapes of whatever she liked were there as well. But what was most important to the team was Rena herself. She was currently lying down on the bed, on her side no less.
"She does look charming, I'll admit." Krystal said.
"Ha! See? Even Krystal believes so." Falco said. Fox just pretended he didn't hear that.
"Alright, team, here's the plan. Because these things are so heavy and add plenty of weight to the Arwing, I vote that only one of us go down and extract the blood from her. Should the situation become dire, then more of us will join in, both in taking the blood and possibly subduing the giantess." Fox said.
"And we should hit her at her strongest point. My readings show a vulnerable point for blood extraction on her inner thigh. And unfortunately, she's sleeping on top of it." Slippy said.
"We need to find someway to distract her without her noticing us... Hmmmm..." Fox said, thinking carefully. Then he looked at the stereo.
"I got it! Slippy... did you keep the iron claws installed in my Arwing from our last mission?" Fox asked.
"Well... yes. Why?" Slippy asked.
"I've got an idea. You and Falco hide somewhere where you can't be seen. Krystal, you hide as well, but position yourself to where you can see that Rena girl." Fox said.
"You haven't even told us your plan, Einstein!" Falco said.
"By cranking up the stereo, that's bound to distract Rena enough to reveal her weak spot." Fox said.
"That's risky! I hope you know what you're doing, Fox..." Krystal said.
"I've been flying with Star Fox for many years, so I should know what to do and what not to do." Fox said. Krystal hesitated for a few moments before finally looking back over at Fox.
"Alright..." Krystal said.
"Positions!" Fox shouted. Slippy and Falco took cover behind the stereo itself, while Krystal positioned her Arwing on a table directly across from Rena's bed. As soon as everyone was in their place, Fox moved towards the stereo knob and deployed the Arwing Claw. He used it to turn the stereo into the on position. Music then blasted out of the speakers, and Fox immediately flew behind the structure. At the same time, Rena was tossing and turning in her bed before she finally got up.
"Who turned the stereo on?" she said. She then leapt out of bed and walked towards the stereo. Fox watched from behind the stereo as Rena turned the knob back to where it was as the music faded out. Then Rena walked back over to her bed and laid down once again, this time lying on her back, exposing the weak spot that Slippy was talking about.
All four Arwings then pulled out from their hiding places and gathered together.
"Alright, team. Her weak spot is now open." Fox said.
"Great... so what now, Einstein?" Falco said.
"Now it's time to collect the reward." Fox said. He was then the first to fly over to Rena's giant body as the other Arwings followed suit. The Arwings hovered just above the girl's right leg.

"Okay, team. Here's the plan. Falco and I are going to use our devices to extract the blood from the girl. Krystal and Slippy, you watch her face and immediately tell us if she starts to react." Fox said.
"We're on it, Fox." Krystal said. She and Slippy then guided their Arwings close to Rena's face while Fox and Falco actually landed their Arwings on top of Rena's right leg. Fox and Falco were pushing a series of buttons on their control panels as the devices that Mister Mosquito had built for them were slowly lowering from the bottom of the Arwing and towards her skin.
"I feel so small and insignificant doing this." Falco said.
"Well, in case you haven't noticed, we are small and insignificant. How is she doing, Slip?" Fox asked. Slippy looked from his Arwing out towards Rena's face. He also monitored a device that he had made that not only analyzes the girl's vital signs, but also her pulse and brainwave readings, perfect for when she makes a strike if any.
"So far so good, Fox. You're good to go." Slippy said. Fox looked over at Falco's Arwing.
"Okay. Falco, not too hard, but not too soft. We don't want to rattle her nerves too early." Fox said.
"Yeah, yeah. Let's just get this over with. Activating..." Falco said. Fox and Falco then turned on their devices and placed a hand on a small lever that would control the intensity of the device. Both pilots watched with nervousness as blood slowly poured up from her skin to the devices.
"Steady..." Fox said. Krystal was the first to notice some sign of change on Rena's face.
"Fox, the girl is beginning to show some discontent." Krystal said.
"Roger that. We're nearly finished over here." Fox said.

A couple minutes had passed, and the blood tanks on Fox and Falco's Arwings were nearly at full capacity.
"This seems like a lot of blood we're extracting." Falco said.
"Yes, but remember, it's only a little bit compared to the girl's size." Fox said.
"Fox! Fox! Her readings have gone critical! I think she's ready to make her move!" Slippy said.
"And she doesn't look too happy either." Krystal added.
"I copy that. We're pulling out! Falco, let's go..." Fox said. Just as he had finished that line. Rena started to sit up as she quickly moved her hand out to slap the two Arwings!
"NOW!!!" Fox shouted. The two Arwings dislodged the extraction devices from Rena's right leg as they took off for the air once again, narrowly missing being crushed by the giantess. The clapping sound was almost deafening to the two pilots as they struggled to keep the Arwing in perfect balance. Unfortunately, as they were straightening out their ships, Rena had spotted them.
"Stupid mosquitoes!" Rena shouted as she quickly jumped out of bed and started to give chase after the two Arwings. The devices were now nuzzled up back within the Arwings as they regained their balance.

"May day! May day! Giant teenage girl approaching!" Fox said.
"You always wanted to say that, didn't you?" Falco said.
"Sort of..." Fox said softly. They both pulled their Arwings up to avoid being slapped by the giantess. Krystal and Slippy were watching the events unfold in front of them.
"We've gotta help them!" Krystal shouted.
"I'll analyze for a weak spot." Slippy said as the two Arwings started flying towards Rena. Krystal started firing at her back in order to take her attention away from Fox and Falco. Naturally, the lasers didn't damage her, but it did make her turn quickly towards her ship.
"Ugh... damn pests! I'll crush you all!" Rena shouted. She lifted up one of her feet and thrusted it towards Krystal's ship. Luckily she was able to make a sharp turn to the left and dodge her attack. The right wing of her Arwing did barely scrape her knee, but luckily for her, damage was fairly minimal.
"Whew... that was close." Krystal said. Slippy was flying way down on the floor, trying to find a weak spot on Rena if there ever was one.
"Come on... where is that weak spot? Yikes!" Slippy looked up and noticed Rena's foot hovering right above him, but he hit the thrusters and Rena's foot hit nothing but the floor. The booming sound from her being so big was definitely evident, however. The 'battle' raged on for the next couple of minutes as the Star Fox team dodged all of Rena's attacks as much as they could, firing shots that ultimately had no effect. Slippy was still tinkering away at his control panel, looking for the giant girl's weak spot.

"Sheesh... I told you guys we shouldn't have gone on this mission!" Falco shouted over the radio.
"Falco, you never did say we shouldn't do this mission in the first place." Fox said.
"Well... okay then! I'm saying it right now!" Falco said.
"Guys! I found it!" Slippy shouted.
"Found what, Slippy?" Fox said.
"Just above her navel is her weakest point. Shoot there to relax her!" Slippy said.
"What!? We've blasted her in every way possible, and not a scratch on her!" Falco shouted.
"That's because you weren't blasting the weak point, silly." Slippy said.
"I say we give it a try, guys." Krystal added.
"Krystal's right. We can't keep this up forever. We've gotta at least try to slow her down so that we can get away with the blood." Fox said. He then made a U-turn and flew his ship between Rena's legs. Falco and the others soon followed suit. They were able to do it quick enough that Rena looked around frantically for the Arwings with her head while the rest of her body stayed in place. Fox and crew were flying in a horizontal formation.

"If we're going to do this, we'll need some heavy firepower. Krystal, arm the Nova Bomb on your ship." Fox said.
"You got it, Fox." Krystal said. She pressed some buttons on her panel.
"Nova Bomb ready." Krystal said.
"Okay, on my signal, you'll fire the bomb while the rest of us shoot our lasers at the weak point Slippy mentioned." Fox said. With that in mind, the four flew ever so closer towards Rena's body. When they were about 500 yards away, Fox gave the signal.
"FIRE!" he shouted. Three of the Arwings shot their lasers while Krystal deployed the Nova Bomb. The lasers did their best to distract her, and as soon as the Nova Bomb exploded at the weak point, which left a small charred mark on her shirt where it went off, Rena let off a big yawn before walking over to her bed and lying down once again. The Arwings stopped as the pilots watched the giantess go back to sleep as if nothing had ever happened.
"Whew... well, that was fun." Krystal said.
"Maybe for her, but that wasn't easy." Slippy said.
"I can only hope Mister Mosquito doesn't need much more blood than what we've already gotten." Fox said.
"You kiddin' me? We have to have gotten at least a year's worth of blood in these tanks!" Falco shouted.
"Let's hope so. Come on, team, let's head back to where the mosquito tribe are hiding. And we'll do something about your damaged wing, Slippy." Fox said.
"Nah, don't worry about that. I'm sure ROB and I can fix it in no time." Slippy said.

All four Arwings eventually made it back up to the top of the house, where Mister Mosquito and his mosquito friends waited for them.
"Well, how did you do?" Mister Mosquito asked, missing out on the damaged wing on Slippy's ship.
"See for yourself." Fox said as he pushed some buttons and lowered the tank full of Rena's extracted blood. He soon did the same for Falco's Arwing. Mister Mosquito jumped up and down in delight.
"Wow! Absolutely brilliant! A great job! My stomach couldn't even fill a tenth of this much blood!" Mister Mosquito said.
"Well, you'd be surprised with what Cornerian technology can do." Krystal said.
"I most certainly am. Now then, do you think you guys can gather just a little bit more blood for our tribe? Like, maybe... three more tanks?" Mister Mosquito said.
"WHAT!? You mean you're asking for more? Oh no... no way! There is no way I'm going back out there just to get more stinkin' blood!" Falco shouted. Krystal walked over and placed her head on Falco's right shoulder.
"What's the matter, Falco? Afraid of giant, beautiful women?" Krystal said with a smile.
"Huh?" Falco said. Fox and Slippy couldn't help but giggle.
"Come on, Falco. Don't you want to impress Katt Monroe by telling her you went face to face with some giant girl that could pose as an ex-girlfriend?" Fox said.
"Yeah... and besides, what if she gets ideas of her own when we tell her about this mission?" Slippy said. Falco's head was steaming by this point, and he finally let loose his anger.
"Alright! Alright! I'll do it... geez laweez." Falco said, folding his arms and looking away.
"Then it's settled. Mister Mosquito, Falco and I are going to need new tanks for our Arwings." Fox said.
"No problem. Just let me do my thing." Mister Mosquito said.

A few minutes later, Fox and Falco's blood tanks were empty. Krystal and Slippy had tanks attached to their Arwings as well.
"Okay, guys. We split up and get the blood we need for the tanks. Four tanks is all we need." Fox said.
"So who will be taking who?" Slippy asked.
"Falco and I will go after Kaneyo Yamada, the mother of this household. You and Krystal can get the blood of the dad, Kenichi." Fox said.
"Huh? Why him?" Krystal said.
"We don't want you to get any dirty ideas." Falco said.
"Dirty ideas? What does that..." Krystal was about to finish, until she realized what Falco was talking about. She quickly figured that if she were hanging around a giant woman, she might get too distracted to imagine herself at that size.
"Oh... okay. I get it." Krystal said, shrugging the whole thing off.
"Okay, team. Let's move!" Fox said as the Arwings took off towards their respective destinations.

In the kitchen, Kaneyo was busy preparing dinner for the family as she walked around from the stove to the microwave. She was keeping busy, that's for sure. Busy enough that she didn't notice Fox and Falco flying low towards the floor as they looked up at the magnificent beauty of this giantess.
"I think I'm gonna..." Falco said.
"Don't even think about it, Falco. We're on a mission." Fox said, cutting him off. Falco just shrugged. Fox was pressing buttons on his control panel, searching for the weak point.
"I found the weak spot." Fox said.
"Yeah? Where is it already!?" Falco said. Fox looked at the readings he was getting and soon shuddered.
"On her left foot, next to her pinky toe." Fox said.
"Ugh... terrific. You're doing this just to aggravate me, aren't you?" Falco shouted.
"Maybe." Fox said. The two Arwings flew down slowly towards the open foot.

Meanwhile, Krystal and Slippy were busy flying into the living room where they saw the giant Kenichi sitting in front of his TV, captivated by some quirky Japanese show starring three girls who magically transform into giants in order to save the city from giant monsters. At the same time, Krystal looked to her right side to see Rena walking down the hallway and into what appeared to be the bathroom.
"Alright, Krystal, ready to move in on Kenichi?" Slippy said. Krystal looked at the hallway for a few more seconds before finally responding to Slippy.
"Uh... yeah. Proceed." Krystal said. Then Slippy flew his ship towards Kenichi while Krystal took a totally different direction. She instead flew for the bathroom to go after Rena again, no doubt because she was more comfortable working with a pretty giant girl like her instead of someone as nerdy-looking as Kenichi. As she slowly approached the opening to the bathroom, she watched as Rena's clothes were thrown out. She could also hear the sound of water crashing down.
By the time Krystal flew in, Rena was already sitting in the bubbly water that nearly covered up her naked body. Bubbles flew around the room as Krystal navigated her way towards the bathtub. She stared at the titanic beauty for a few seconds before regaining her focus and flying down towards her open shoulder.

Fox was busy draining the blood from Kaneyo's left foot while Falco looked at her facial expressions for any hint of discomfort that may result in an attack from the giantess. Just then, Fox could hear his radio go off once again.
"Slippy to Fox! Slippy to Fox! Come in!" Slippy said.
"What's up, Slippy?" Fox said.
"Krystal's disappeared. By the time I started draining the blood from Kenichi, Krystal was gone. She must've flown off to go after that Rena girl." Slippy said. Fox slapped his head.
"I was afraid of that..." Fox said.
"Should I go after her?" Slippy said.
"Maintain your position. Falco and I will look for her when we're done. You're just going to have to pay extra attention to the guy while you're draining his blood." Fox said.
"Don't worry, I will... Slippy out." Slippy said. Falco just shook his head as he looked down at Fox.
"Not give her any ideas, eh?" Falco said.
"Hey, how was I supposed to know her fur ruffles when she deals with giant men?" Fox shouted. Falco then looked to see Kaneyo looking right at him!
"Oh crud..." Falco said.

Slippy was busy draining the blood right from Kenichi's bald head. He kept it up for about a minute when he could feel the giant's vital signs going off the chart. That's when he fired up the engines on his Arwing again and took off for the skies, only to see Kenichi looking straight at him!
"Oops..." Slippy said to himself.

And in the bathroom, Krystal was resting atop Rena's left shoulder, likewise draining as much blood as she could. She got a full tank just in time, because that's when Rena made a water-soaked swipe for her shoulder. Krystal was able to escape, but once again she mistakenly flew right in the eyesight of the giant girl.
"Uh... hi." Krystal said, waving slightly to Rena who was staring right at her. Krystal then covered her ears for what was coming next.
"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rena screamed.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kenichi screamed.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kaneyo screamed. The screams were almost simultaneous.

Fox heard the screams well, and he knew more than anyone it was time to bail.
"Everyone retreat! Back to home base!!!" Fox shouted in his radio. He fired up his Arwing and took off just as Kaneyo put her right foot down against her left foot in her unsuccessful attempt to crush the ships. Falco got behind Fox as they both fired their respective Arwing boosters and took off with the giant Kaneyo right behind them.
"Annoying pests, come back here!" Kaneyo shouted.

In the living room, Slippy was flying circles trying to dizzy Kenichi before he could make his getaway. Kenichi made a blind jump towards where he fought Slippy was, but he hit nothing but air and ended up landing on his behind in the process. That allowed Slippy to make his getaway. He turned the corner and saw Fox and Falco's Arwings flying towards him. All three Arwings hit the brakes.
"You okay, Slippy?" Fox asked.
"Great... never felt better." Slippy said.
"Well that's a surprise. Usually one of us is always trying to save your hide." Falco said. Fox hit his radio button again.
"Krystal? Where are you?" Fox asked.
"I'm heading your way!" Krystal shouted. The team then looked over to see Krystal emerging from the bathroom, with Rena, wearing a bathrobe dripping with bathwater, right on her tail.
"Well, at least she brought the pretty giant girl with her." Falco said.
"Now you're thinking dirty. Let's move, team!" Fox said. He then fired the boosters and started to fly underneath Rena's legs! Falco, Slippy, and Krystal followed suit, with Krystal's wing getting struck with a big drop of water. But she was able to keep her balance.
"Rena, get the insecticide!" Kaneyo shouted. Rena ran over to the cabinets to search for the insecticide while the other two giants continued to chase down the Arwings.
"We've gotta shake these giants before we can fly up to where the mosquitoes are." Fox said.
"Oh yeah... and how are we going to do that, smarty pilot?" Falco said.
"I'm still thinking about that..." Fox said. The Arwings then looped back around towards the kitchen to try and lose them, but there was Rena waiting with the insecticide.

"Take this, you little bugs!" Rena shouted before she let loose with the spray. A purple cloud developed right in front of our heroes.
"Heads up, guys!" Fox shouted as they all flew inside the cloud, unable to dodge it quick enough. They flew through the cloud for a few seconds before regaining their vision once more. It didn't appear any damage was done to the Arwings or even to the pilots.
"Whew... looks like that stuff had no effect on us." Slippy said. But just then, many of the gauges on each of the Arwings started to go critical, and alarms were buzzing inside as well.
"Remind me to belt you one for speaking too soon, Slipster!" Falco shouted.
"What's happening, Fox?" Krystal asked. Fox analyzed all his gauges to find out what had happened.
"Ugh... that stuff we flew through must've overheated the engines. We have to land or we'll be toast!" Fox shouted.
"What!?!? Right when those giants are still after us!?" Falco said.
"Personally, I'd rather have trouble from afar rather than so close to the end of the mission. Prepare for a rough landing, everyone!" Fox said. Just as he said that, all four Arwings slowly started to descend towards the living room carpet. As soon as they landed, the engines were cut off, and our heroes were left to look way up at the three megagiants towering over them.
"Heh... looks like that insecticide did the job, Mom." Rena said.
"Always does, Rena. It's really come in handy the last couple of months with all these teeny-tiny mosquitoes coming into our home." Kaneyo said.
"Can I finish the job, please!?" Rena asked.
"Of course, my sweet. Show them the power we humans have over these pests!" Kaneyo said. With that, Rena, still holding a towel that was covering her naked body, raised one foot over all four Arwings.
"I'd say this looks hopeless... but that would be too optimistic." Falco said.
"Waaaah!!! I don't want to die under a giant girl's foot!" Slippy cried.
"I hope there's a miracle out there..." Fox said, thinking back to the times when a last-minute deal, like the sudden appearance of his supposedly dead father to help him finish Andross, would save his life from the worst.

The miracle arrived again.

A whole swarm of mosquitoes suddenly flew around the faces of Rena, Kaneyo, and Kenichi. They were knocked almost off balance as they wildly threw their hands in every direction trying to swat them away. Mister Mosquito and a couple other of his relatives flew next to the Arwings.
"Mister Mosquito!" Fox shouted.
"Yep, it's me. I bet you're surprised." he said.
"What's going on!? I thought you said nearly all of your relatives were killed by this giant family!" Krystal said.
"That's what I thought, but it turns out they were hiding in other places of the house, trying to fend for themselves. They saw what you guys had been doing and I guess they found the courage to come out and join our brigade once again." he said.
"Well, it's about time they found the guts to help out." Falco said.
"Never mind that. We should get out of here and get the blood you've acquired to safety while my fellow mosquitoes handle the humans." he said.
"We're on it. Everyone activate backup engines!" Fox shouted. It took a few seconds extra, but the backup engines soon fired up and allowed the Arwings to take off towards the ceiling.

Minutes later, Fox and crew were standing outside on the roof of the giant house, along with Mister Mosquito and every other mosquito that helped keep the giants at bay while they escaped. Slippy was helping ROB the Robot load the Arwings into the Great Fox while Fox, Falco, and Krystal stood with the mosquitoes.
"We managed to get quite a few more tanks of blood from the giants during our swarm, and with your help, we now have more than enough blood to survive for many more years to come." Mister Mosquito said.
"That's great and all... but I still don't understand why your fellow mosquitoes waited until the last possible minute to do the job we did." Falco said.
"Falco, don't you understand? Couldn't you feel yourself under a lot of pressure as well knowing that these people were big enough to end our lives with just the simplest of motions?" Fox said.
"Right. This has been a tremendous experience. I feel like this was one of our most challenging missions yet." Krystal said. Falco then shrugged and looked at the mosquitoes.
"Okay, I admit. It must've been real tough to be dealing with people like that for such a long time." Falco said.
"Yeah, tell us about it. But you and your team gave us our freedom back, and you gave back to my colleagues the courage they needed to do what they do what you did for us today." Mister Mosquito said.
"Well, I'm just glad we could help out. Now, if you don't mind, we have to get going. I'm kinda getting weary being on a planet filled with oversized everything everywhere you look." Fox said.
"Yes, I certainly know the feeling. I wish you and your friends well." Mister Mosquito said.

"Alright, team, let's go home." Fox said. Falco and Krystal nodded as they boarded the Great Fox. As soon as everyone was on board and all the equipment was back in the right places, Fox and gang looked out the front window of the Great Fox and waved down at their friends before they took off the vast emptiness of space. Mister Mosquito and friends then went back inside the Yamada household, anxious to get more blood than they'll ever need.