Tactical Error



It was a dark rainy day. Orange Country had been facing tough times to drive out the Black Hole Army off their land. A large HQ was surrounded by buildings, as three people were sitting in the room. An energetic man, with some black hair. A big muscular man with blue hair, sticking up in the front. A young woman, with mild-lengthened brown hair. The small one is Andy, the big one is Max, and the woman is Sami.


“Woo! I got another victory out their today!” Andy yelled.


“Hey kid, this is supposed to be report session to inform how we did in our recent assignments.” Max declared.


“You two need to relax.” Sam mumbled.


“What’s wrong?” Andy asked.


“Hmm…something does seem a bit odd.” Max added.


“I’ve failed my assignment.” Sami slumped.


“You did? That’s interesting. You’re a usual expert on capturing cities.” Max said.


“Well, she did her best.” Andy smiled. Sami looked at Andy, with some kind of glare, and sweat drops.


“What?” Andy asked. Sami looked at him.


“You’re trying to cheer me up, but I don’t think its working. Thanks though.” Sami says. Andy sighs, and then looks at the center of the table. Suddenly, they are greeted by their superior officer.


“Greetings, Nell!” Andy yelled.


“Settle down.” Nell said, laughing. Then she continued. “So, what have we got?”


“I’ve managed to knock a few squads of Black Hole soldiers, and managed to defeat them in battle at southern parts of our country.” Max informed.


“Intriguing…Andy, did you accomplish your goal?” Nell questioned.


“Yes ma’am! With my upgrade, and mechanical modifications of our vehicles, we’re able to stop a Black Hole raid upon an eastern coast shipyard.” Andy shouted.


“At ease!” Nell said, smiling. Andy scratched his head. Nell then looked at Sami. “How was your time?”


Sami sort of just looked down at the table.


“I see. It’s okay if you lost a battle.” Nell says.


“But I’m an infantry specialist…” Sami started to say, but then stopped.


“Come on, Sami! Just cheer up!” Andy said, smiling. Sami looked at him, and sighs.


“It’s alright. Maybe a new assignment will help out.” Nell.


“Yeah, maybe it’ll help raise your self-esteem.” Max inquired.


“Well, actually, it’s not as simple as it sounds. This mission will take all of you.” Nell tells.


“All? Is it really that bad?!” Andy asks.


“Well, we’re still not one-hundred percent sure. It’s just a destroy mission.” Nell informs.


“Destroy?” Max asks, thinking.


“I’ve received word that there is some sinister device there. Look at this picture here.” Nell then pulls out a black and white picture. It’s a huge piece of steel.


“I don’t understand.” Andy says.


“There base is located in this northeastern area of our country.” Nell tells.


“But…that’s impossible! There are not enough metals in that region to be able to construct anything! How could they find a large piece of steel?!” Max shouts.


“We don’t know.” Nell tells. “But before they put this large steel on production, we’re going to attack quickly.”


“Alright! I’m ready!” Max says, pounding his fist into his palm. Andy rises, and gets energetic, as usual. Sami, smiles, and rises as well.


“I suppose this could help me…alright…let’s go!” Sami yells. They all head out of the room, preparing for the strike.


In the northeastern region…


There is a big, buff man sitting at the controls of his work station in a base. Black Hole soldiers swarm the entire area, researching, patrol, and other acts ordered by their given superior. The commanding officer, or known as “CO” was named, Flak. Suddenly, a message appeared on a screen in front of him. There was a purple haired, skinny man on it, and looked like a skeleton. This CO was named, Adder.


“Hello, Flak.” Adder greeted.


“What do you want, Adder?” Flak grunted.


“Oh, just wanted to do a check-up of how you’re doing your given tasks.” Adder says, with a sinister grin.


“Everything is going fine.” Flak told him. Suddenly, someone ran to Flak with papers.


“Sir, Flak! We’ve reached intelligence reports that the Orange Star army is coming to our doorsteps!” The young man told.


“Interesting…you seem to be in another battle. Let’s just hope it goes better than you’re previous losses. Well, I got a part of the country assigned to me to conquer, and haven’t got all day. See you later, Flak.” Adder said, and the screen turned blank.


“Alright…let’s see…how many Orange Star CO’s are there?” Flak questioned.


“Well, we’ve read all of them are coming!” The young man told him.


“All?!” Flak sweats. “Alright, sound off the troops! Prepare for battle!”


“But, there’s a huge army heading our way! I suggest we should flee and-..Sir?” the young man asked.


“You’re forgetting something. We got a new weapon on our side.” Flak grinned.


Later that afternoon…


Three separate armies we’re heading from the south. Each led by Andy, Max, and Sami. They came upon at least a couple hundred yards away from the base, and formulated a plan.


“Okay…what do we got?” Max asked.


“Alright, I figured it could be like this. Max, since you’re the powerhouse of the group, you could perhaps create a diversion. You see, I’ve thought ahead, and sent a one man recon ahead to see if he could find anything out.”


“Did he find anything?” Sami asked.

“Luckily, yes. They found a chink in the base. If we could perhaps manage to blow this chink up for a hole, I think Sami, and I could sneak in to surprise attack. We could destroy the base from within itself, and perhaps salvage some of their large amounts of steel.” Andy said.


“Us?” Sami asked.


“Well, Nell said this mission could be important, and if we fa-…” Andy is then interrupted.


“Are you saying I could mess things up?” Sami yelled.


“No! I’m just using my brain to come up with a plan-.” Andy then sees her walk off.


“Stop it kid. She is a very complex person…most girls are.” Max said.


“Sure.” Andy says laughing.


“What? You don’t think I know anything about girls?” Max steamed.


“Well…I guess.” Andy informs. Max just sweats drops at him.


“Okay, now get going, we got a battle to fight now.” Max tells.


5 minutes later…


They we’re all set. Then it happened…




Max had begun the plan by launching an offensive strike on outside units. The Black Hole soldiers we’re being struck with long range rocket launcher set at an elevated area.


“Sir, what now?!” The young man with Flak asked.


“We release…THEM!” Flak ordered as he pushed a button at his control station.


Max watches from a distance as he witnesses, huge new battle tanks pour out of the base!


“What the world!?” The soldiers by Max shouted. “What are those?!”


Max tells, “Those are new tanks, BIG ones. But I still want to know how they got large enough pieces of steel to manufacture it! Men! We must find a weak point to these machines, and hurry!”


Andy, Sami, and a bunch of their fateful soldiers followed inward as they broken the tiny chink, and sneak into the base. Andy looks at Sami.


“Are you okay?” Andy asked.


“Well, I’m just a little ticked about something is all.” Sami replied.


“I thought we told you, it was not a big of a deal. Just relax.” Andy tells.


“Well, it’s just I’m supposed to be specialized in this type of area, but lost! I should’ve been able to take back that city.” Sami informs him.


“Don’t worry, we’ll get it back. Just like all the others.” Andy smiled. Sami smiles back. They travel down some hallways, and turn around a corner. They see a bright window, and duck down. They crawl past it, but curiosity overcomes Andy, and looks through the window.


“Hey, I think it’s their lab!” Andy informs. Sami crawls right next to him to look. They see a large item cling to the ceiling. They also see a scientist put a piece of steel on the floor. One of them starts to press a button on a nearby control panel, and beings to power up the machine. The machine has a sphere attached to it, as it glows. It then releases a powerful beam at the steel. To their surprise, they see the steel start from a tiny piece, to expand at least 10x its normal size. Andy then figures it out.


“I get it. They’ve built a machine that increases the size of things. They figure if they can grow up tiny pieces of steel, they’d have more building materials. They’d virtually never be able to run out of raw items.” Andy then turns to Sami.


“We got to take this place down.” Sami says.


“You won’t be doing anything as long as we’re here.” A voice said.


They turn down the hallway, to see many soldiers face their way. “As I said, you won’t be leaving this place…well, alive that is.” The young soldier said.


Then they began to fire furiously at each other. The guns go flying, people trip over their own feet, and a lot of other stuff. Suddenly a grenade lands at least a few feet from Sami.


“Watch out, Sami!” Andy yells. Sami looks down, and jumps away. The grenade blows, and Sami feels the force against her. She flies through the lab window, but luckily lands on a scientist to cushion her impact. Andy follows her, and helps her up. “You okay?”


“Yes…another grenade!” Sami yelled. Andy sees one fly, and manages to void. Sami jumps from it, and lands just right underneath the machine. The grenade explodes, and a chunk of steel flies in the air.


“My head…” a scientist said as he rose. He is then greeted with a chunk of metal meeting his head, and he falls. He falls on the control panel, and accidentally landed on the button. The machine starts to glow, and it starts to zap Sami.


“Sami! Erg, my eyes!” Andy yelled, as he saw the bright light. All the soldiers cover there eyes.


Flak watches the screen. He starts to worry.


“Sir, should we flee?” the young man said, as they see the screen, and witness Sami, growing a lot, to new heights.


“I know not to make a woman angry…but to angry the wrath of a HUGE woman is a death wish…I declare…a retreat!” Flak yelled as he pushed a button. The sirens went off.


Max, on the battlefield, saw the tanks fleeing the scene. “What gives? I thought this was going to be a rumble, not a coward’s feast.” Max said. More of the Black Hole soldiers kept crawling out of the base, and ran.


“What are they running from?!” Max yells, demanding to know.


Max suddenly, then sees’ Sami head crash through the ceiling, and looks around, confused. “Man…it would seem the war has taken a mighty affect on my mind…I need a vacation…”


Andy looks up at Sami, and sweats. Sami looks down at Andy, and waves slightly, as she sweat drops.


“What happened?” Nell said, upon their return.


“Good news…we destroyed the base, and their weapon. Bad news…Sami…is stuck like this.” Max informs.


“How though?” Nell asks.


“Well, we learned Black Hole had a secret machine to expand their steel supply, so they’ve never run out, and then a huge battle was fought, we snuck inside, and-.”


“Calm down, Andy!  Take a deep breathe!” Nell ordered. Andy then jokingly follows orders, and takes a deep breathe.


“Well…how are we going to fix me?” Sami asked.


“It’ll take a few days for us to figure out anything. Just try to relax by then.” Nell says.


“Well, alright.” Sami says from high above. She stood to her full height, and looked about.


“So, what are you going to do?” Andy asked. He then gets surprised by her, as he picks him up. He is thinking “Man, she is huge.” As he gets picked up, and he is then set on her shoulder.


“I’m going for a walk. Would you like to come?” Sami asked him.


“Uh, sure. Might as well, since I’m already up here!” He says as he laughed a little.


Sami began to walk off with Andy. Max then sees’ Nell walk off.


“What about me?” Max asks to himself. He then just shrugs, and walks off. “I’m going to work in the training room…” As he grumbled off.


Sami is walking, looking down over the trees, as she keeps walking. Andy sits on her shoulder, and enjoys the ride. He watches the vast beauty of his country in the distance. He then shakes as he hangs on. He notices she has stopped, and looks at her face.


“What’s wrong?” Andy asked. “Isn’t it nice for one’s self to experience the beauty of their country?”


Sami looks at him with huge, sad eyes. “Yes…but what about those people?” She muttered. Andy slumps a bit.


“I see you’re still sad about that. Don’t worry; we’ll free those people yet!”  Andy said with a smile.


“I should’ve been able to win there. Yet, I lost. I swear, I’ll run that Back Hole scum out of here.” Sami tells. Sami looked at herself, and thought.


“Sami? What are you thinking of?” Andy asked, with a discomfort face. Andy then feels her hand wrap around him, and set him on the ground. “What are you doing?!” He yelled.


“I have to do this.” Sami told him, as she watched him from above. “You’re like so cute, tiny.” She says. Andy turns red, but then shakes his head.


“You haven’t been given an order! We have to wait awhile before we act!” Andy says.


Sami looks down upon him. “I’m sorry…but I have to.” She then began to turn into a new direction, and runs off. The ground moved quite a lot as Andy fell over from the vibrations of her running. Andy then notices an Aircraft Carrier land behind him, and Max walks out.


“I saw the whole thing.” Max said.


“What should we do?” Andy asked.


“We should go find her.” Max said.


Andy and Max load into the Air Carrier, and fly off back to headquarters.


Black Hole soldiers we’re marching the streets, as they seemed to have controlled these areas. Many soldiers are sitting down, enjoying themselves as they would have a couple of drinks.


“Hmm…another victory for us it would seem.” Black Hole Soldier #2 says.


“Indeed. That one woman had no chance against us.” Black Hole Soldier #1 replies.


“Hey…isn’t that her?” Black Hole Soldier #2 asks, as he points it out.


“Yes…but she got huge! We need to rally the troops, quickly!” The soldiers said as they rushed to positions.


“Weapons are ineffective! She seems angry!” one of the soldiers yelled. They keep firing missiles, and shots at her, but to no effect. Some soldiers are on the other end of town, watching as smoke rises, and debris flies.


“The threat is inevitable! Retreat! I repeat, retreat! We have- ahhhhhh!” A sound of a walkie talkie dies down…


An air carrier flies down at a mountain region from 500 yards. Andy and Max emerge with a crew of soldiers. Andy looks around with binoculars, and sees’ destruction in the city.


“Max, I don’t see her.” Andy says.


“How can you not see a woman as tall as a skyscraper?” Max asks.


“I don’t know, but I don’t like it!” Andy replies. “I have to see what’s down there. Can you watch me?”


“Sure, but take my advice, and watch you’re tiny butt. Don’t forget, this city was taken by Black Hole. We have no clue if there are any left.” Max informs. Andy goes down from their spot, and runs along, trying not to be seen by any eye. He sees’ machine guns on the ground from soldiers that presumably fled the scene when she came. He also sees a crushed building and vehicles as he gets closer. He sees’ much debris, with plenty of fire.


“Sami? Where are you?” Andy yells out. His voice seems to echo, as it seems to be so quiet where he is. It’s like there is no other signs of life. It starts to scare him.


“I don’t like this.” Max says. “I’m going to go help-.” Max then turns to see surviving Black Hole Soldiers attack them. Max takes cover with the small squad, and tries to fend them off. “Crap! I need to get to Andy!” Max says as he attacks some Soldiers.


Andy looks around. “Sami! Where are you?! Please come out!” Andy kept searching around. Andy then looked at a puddle, as ripples started to form. He started to feel a shake in the ground. He turned around to meet with Sami. He leaned back a whole lot to just even see her face.


“Sami! What have you done?!” Andy asked.


“I took back this city.” Sami said with a glee.


“But, look around at the destruction! This isn’t good! There’s some buildings destroyed, and people are hurt!” Andy shouted.


“Don’t worry. It’ll end too. I learned something on this trip.” Sami informed.


“What?” Andy said.


“I learned I can rule the world. Under my rule, their would be nothing but peace. No Black Star, no wars. With my intense size, people would have to be in peace or face dire consequences.” Sami boomed.


“No! This isn’t you!” Andy yells, as he starts to turn upset.


“Andy, you’re one of my best friend, don’t make me hurt you.” Sami said with some tracing glare. “I thought you’d like peace.”


“Well, this isn’t they way! I’ll stop you somehow!” Andy exclaimed.


Sami eyes turn sad, and then she raises her head. “Then I’m sorry to say this…but I’ll crush any who get in my way.” Sami said. He raises her large leg up, and Andy saw a large shadow over his body. She stomped down, but luckily Andy moved out of the way in time, and ran about on the streets…


Andy ran down the street, and kept running. He saw Sami walk slowly towards him, but took her time. She knew she could catch up to him anytime, but decided to give him at least a tiny chance. Andy saw a empty alley, and ran down it. Sami loomed in the city and looked about.


“Oh Andy, where are you?” She said teasingly.


Andy kept running down an alley, but then sees a feet land in front of him. He looked up at her large face, as she lowers her hand to grab him. Andy gets out of the way, and then runs down another skinny alley, and goes into a tall building area.


“Andy…I’ll find you…soon enough.” Sami commented.


Meanwhile not too far…


Max, and his squad had fended, and defeated the oncoming Black Hole soldiers, and run to the city. “Hang on, we’re coming, Andy!” Max said. He then comes to face with a group of more Black Hole soldiers. He just shoots through them, and runs more.


Andy faces much bigger problems. He hides on the building. He looks from a window to see her inspect all the buildings to see which he is in. Andy keeps moving, and finds a staircase. He runs up it, and sometimes trips. He just keeps running up, further, and further up. He eventually reaches the top, and he is sweating intensely. He walks over to the window. He doesn’t see her.


“Whew…I’m so t-tired.” Andy remarked. He then proceeded to lean on a wall, and fall to his knees. “Sami…please…don’t be doing this.” Andy started to break-up, and he sheds some tears. Suddenly, the wall caves in, and debris falls, as a hand comes out from the wall behind him. He moves away a bit, and tries to get away.


“Face it, Andy…I have you!” Sami yells, as she grabs him in her palm. Andy sweats, and freaks out.


“Sami! Please! Don’t do it!” Andy yells.


“Hmm…I don’t know…I told myself I would…” Sami says. She starts to clench her fist. Andy starts to scream in pain.


“Aaaah!” Andy screams. He screams even more as a snap is head. “M-my arm!”


“Oh? Did you break an arm?” Sami remarks.


“Stop it, Sami!” A familiar voice says from down a distance. It was Max, and his squad of men.


“Please. I’ve defeated more Black Hole troops…you think you and your squad can beat me?” Sami said as she walked towards them, and they meet her huge feet.


“Sami! No!” Andy yells. He toggles her thumb by biting it. Sami looked at him.


“But as before, I’ll with you.” Sami remembered, as he began to squeeze him.


“Sami…please. You said you wanted peace, but what kind of peace would it be, if it meant destroying you’re people, you’re comrades…you’re best friends? Please…this isn’t the way. We are your friends. Don’t turn into what Sturm is. I beg you…please…” Andy said as he frowns, and shakes a bit. Sami eyes turned into a sadden state, and began to hug Andy softly.


“Andy…I’m sorry.” Sami said as she began to tear up. Max relieves that things are back on a normal pace…


The next day.


Andy was outside, wearing a cast on his left arm, some bandages, and was wielding a wrench on his right hand. He was working on a vehicle, and was sweating a lot.


“Man, this is hard now without my other hand.” He laughs and keeps working. He then feels a finger poke him from behind, and turns to meet with a giant face.


“Hello, there.” Sami greets.


“Hi.” Andy says.


“I’m really sorry for what I did.” Sami whispered.


“It’s alright. In the end, you came through your country, and your friends.” Andy smiled.


“I guess, but you helped, a lot.” Sami tells him. “Want to go for a walk?”


“Sure.” Andy says, he then gets on his feet. However, Sami insists (Or rather forces) Andy to relax on her shoulder. They walk along, and see the orange sunset.


“Hmm…it’s so beautiful.” Andy says.


“Yes. It can make one glad to live in a nice country, with your friends.” Sami replied, and laughed. Andy laughed as well. Max comes running from behind, and breathes hard.


“I thought you guys couldn’t forget about me!” Max shouted. Sami picks him up too, and is set next to Andy.


“Of course not…we’re all friends…and together, we’ll defeat Black Hole Army!” Andy shouts.


“I think we will.” Sami said, with a bright smile.


They all watch the glorious sunset that rests in their land, Orange Star.