Demonic Ambitions 2: A New World


WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes and crude language that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

Chapter One:

“For the last god damn time, kid, you can’t get into a military installation using a driver’s permit!” I screamed at this kid who had tried to enter in here using a permit more than once.
“Aw, come on!” He pleaded.
“Kid, I tell you this for a reason. You know what that reason is?”
“Because it’s my damn job! Now get out of here!” I said, pointing away. Stupid kids…I thought, laughing to myself. I am Corporal Banks, and I got the easiest job around, gate guard. What else is easier than sitting on your ass while checking IDs of cars? Nothing. I love it. Especially during the day when it gets really slow. Of course, I hope for some action everyday, but the closest I come is this kid. My luck.
I watched the kid walk off into the distance. “And don’t come back without proper ID!” I turned to the TV. An episode of Humanity’s Competition was on, or was on, it appeared.
“Aw, damn. Just ended. Damn it, they were showing what happened to Rullman after them bitches took him hostage. God, that kid!” I grumbled. I leaned against the guard post, lazily waving cars by as they flashed their IDs at me. I shook my head and continued my watch for anything out of the ordinary. Ten minutes later, I got my wish.
“Hey! Hey mister!” The kid was back, and out of breath, too.
“Kid…I’m not an idiot! I know you don’t have the right ID!” I shouted. It was almost comical, the two of us.
“No, I’m serious! You’ve…got to help me! There’s this giant, um, elf lady! She’s really mean!”
“Okay, now you’re just not making any sense. If you were looking for a good excuse, at least say something remotely believable.”
“Um…no. I’m serious! She’s going to kill you guys!”
“Kid, we’re the army! The U.S. Army! No freaking elf lady giant thing is going to kill us! Now you got me saying it! Damn it, kid!” I said, when I stopped. Did…the ground just shake? No…no, he couldn’t be right! I looked to my side. The kid wasn’t joking around.
“Oh…my…” I said, watching her approach. I ran into my post.
“This is Gate Three! Reporting…uh, giant elf thing raiding the base!” I yelled. You could have at least tried not to sound like a fucking idiot…I thought, condescendingly.
“Gate Three, you pull something like that again, and you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.”
“No, seriously! You…” I said, when I realized that the radio wasn’t even working, “Kid, what should we do?”
“Um, shoot her!” He suggested. Why are you listening to a kid? I took out my rifle and loaded my clip. I switched over to burst and fired at her. She just kept walking as I fired into her.
“So…interesting…” The elf said, looking around. I could have sworn that the air around her was darker, almost…a purplish color.
“Hey, you…hey!” I screamed at her. That caught her attention. Now that I had it, I wondered if I really wanted it.
“What is it, human?” She asked me, stopping right in front of the gate.
“Um…ID?” I asked, my voice squeaking. Wow, don’t be too brave…The elf picked me up off of the ground and held me loosely in her hand.
“Human, what sort of armor is this? I’ve searched all of Azeroth, but I’ve never seen a sort of pattern such as this.” She said, looking at me. I was scared out of my mind, having never been treated like this.
“Um, these are ACUs. You know, Army Combat Uniform. H-Hey, stop that.” I said, waving her off as she took my ACU shirt off.
“Interesting. Tell me, human, what sort of magic do you practice?”
“Yes, do you hail from the noble Warlock branch, or are you an elemental Mage? Perhaps a holy Paladin, or something else?”
“Uh…I don’t really use magic.”
“Hmm, interesting.” She said, still looking over me, “Human, it was cool meeting you. But I’ve got a world to cover, you know?”
“No, I don’t know. Really…”
“Ha! Maybe my energy will allow your spirit to see my great conquest!” She grinned.
“What do you…” I asked, when she cast this gaze at me. I couldn’t do anything. Then a little version of her appeared in front of me and pulled a white orb out of my chest with much pain on my part. It laughed and then swallowed it. I felt my vision twist and turn and then nothing at all.

Chapter Two:

“Whoa! Where am I?” I asked myself, looking everywhere around me. I was surrounded by many tall structures that had been built in some odd fashion. It was like nothing I had seen before. What sort of construction is this? I asked myself.
“Ugh…what’s…hey, where am I?” My friend had awoken later that I had. She had the exact same questions that I did.
“Hey, stay calm. Well, don’t stay calm, but don’t get worked up. We must be on a distant planet of some kind.” I explained to my Night Elf companion. She was the daughter of a rogue trainer back in Teldrassil and was the ideal choice for my mission. It hadn’t been issued from any higher up guy as a must do. But it was my duty as a citizen to do it. Ever since this Blood Elf grew and threatened the Alliance, I vowed to destroy her in some way. In fact, it had led her and I to grasp onto Aelyni in a desperate attempt to stay with her.
“Allison, where are we?” Tyra Shadewhisper asked me, her eyes wide with awe.
“…I’m not sure. I really don’t know much about where we are, to be honest.” I conceded, sighing. It would be one of my top priorities to find out though. The planet seemed to be almost racist in its construction. I saw no other races except for humans. No Night Elves, or Gnomes, or…anything else.
“Allison, in the distance, look!” Tyra shouted, getting up and pointing over my head. I looked behind me. Aelyni was there, destroying this planet just like Azeroth.
“We can’t let her continue on and destroy this planet too!” I pronounced to Tyra, urgently. Tyra nodded boldly and got up, ready to take action. Once we faced our target though, she stated what I didn’t want to.
“Um, Allison…we really don’t have a plan of attack, or even a way to go about hurting her. She has practically the power of the entire planet of Azeroth on her side!” Tyra said to me, folding her arms. I stopped. How was I going to attack her? At least in a way that would cause damage. In a way that wouldn’t almost certainly involve the two of us dying like fools. The ground shook.
Aelyni laughed. “That’s right, humans! Run, run far away from me! But I will conquer this world too! There’s no escaping me! I will have all of your essences!” She was on a straight course for us, her eyes glowing purple. I finally realized what strong forces she had on her side. The very atmosphere around her was a stormy purple, lighting struck the structures around her, causing them to catch fire. Through some stroke of luck, she ended up leaping in the air before she reached us, landing some fifty yards behind us. A small crystal dropped at my feet. It looked similar to the ones the blood elves had; however, it was small enough to fit in your palm.
“My, my, if it isn’t the two rebels who refuse to succumb to Aelyni’s mighty power. Tell me, what would two lovely ladies such as yourselves be doing way out here?” A demonic voice came from the crystal. Even though it was little, the voice echoed deeply inside my head.
“Is that the crystal?” Tyra asked, looking at it.
“No, as ill fate has it, I am forced to use this as a vessel for my body. I’m sure with Aelyni around that you are not concerned with my story. So, let’s talk about what’s on your mind, eh?” It said, chuckling.
“And what do you plan to do about it?” I asked it. I knew exactly what it was talking about, though its ambitions were still unknown to me.
“Straight to the point, I see. Very well. I’d like to strike a deal. A deal for the two of you.” It chuckled.
“We’re listening.” Tyra said, impatiently. Was it really that safe to just trust a random crystal that dropped off of a demonic giantess? Probably not… I thought.
“You see her?” It asked us.
“Uh, yeah…” I said, looking from her to the crystal again.
“I did that to her! I made her who she is now. I am responsible for all of this.”
“What? No, no way!” Tyra exclaimed, jumping back.
“I did. But, just imagine…imagine what I could do…for the two of you…” It said, quietly.
“F-For us?” I asked it. Did it intend to transform us into giantesses as well? Two towering vixens to assist Aelyni in her destruction?
“Oh…yes! Aelyni has grown strong, stronger than I foresaw. It’s time to add a bit of diversity to the mix. And what better way do you have to destroy Aelyni, hm?” It said, seemingly reflecting on what it had done. It had a point. We didn’t have a better way to attack her without dying. None at all. This was the way. The only way we had. Besides, it was typical of a Horde to mindlessly rampage through the world, tearing life apart without regard. Us, the noble Alliance, would surely not use power like that. No, we will destroy her and then use our power to rebuild and help! This was a great idea…only…what did it get out of it?
“And what’s in it for you? Why would you help us like that? Help us to defeat your creation, so to speak.” I asked it, looking at it with a cocked eyebrow.
“Whenever I allow you at my vast energies, I will be free of this terrible prison they called a cell. I think release is a fair price to pay for world peace, wouldn’t you agree?”
I paused a full five seconds before looking back at Tyra. “Allison…he’s right.” I slowly turned my head back to the crystal, still with green flames inside. “Crystal…we agree.” I waited for a response, but none came. It just stayed in my hand, without motion. Aelyni laughed and blasted a section of structures with a purple beam. A slight explosion rocked us slightly. I shook the crystal urgently.
In anticipation, I accidently dropped it on the ground. Two purple beams shot at us and kept us into the ground. I gasped for air. It was the most breathtaking thing that had ever happened to me. It felt as if all of the energy of the world was rushing into me. For five minutes, myself and Tyra were able to enjoy this flow until it quit. When it finally stopped, I got up and dusted myself off.
“T-Tyra…are you conscious?” I called to her. Energy was simply rushing through. Every corner of my body was full of it.
“She’s okay. Not conscious, but okay. She’ll wake up with you once I’m through.” The demonic voice said, inside of my head.
“What? W-What do you mean? Get out of my head!” I shouted, holding my ears.
“Calm yourself, human! You’ll need my assistance to take down Aelyni. Just a few things I find in need of change. There we are…” I felt a light ping in my brain.
“Human, when you wake up, well, have fun!” It said, laughing. My head felt icy cold and suddenly, consciousness was lost.

Chapter 3:

Work had been called off. People had rushed out of the building in fear. It had literally been part of the apocalypse as we know it. As a matter of fact, it still was. It wasn’t something that we had planned for. Terrorists, bombings, domestic criminals. This was anything but normal. Some female elf just appeared out of nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. No records or accounts of seeing her beforehand. Apparently, she just appeared out of nowhere and started her tour of the city. The city I loved.
I stood atop my corporation’s skyscraper, Freedom Wireless Power Corporation. We are number one in wireless power distribution across the world. Hell, the antenna on the roof is capable of broadcasting an electrical pulse so strong that it could probably destroy all of our rivals’ power plants. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been the two other vice presidents who run and oversee my fantastic company with me. That didn’t matter to me. Not one bit. I was quite content, for some reason or another, at viewing the giantess’s destructive spree. Most people ran. Me? No, it wasn’t worth it. She didn’t look like the kind of girl to leave much standing. So, it’s better to watch her and amuse myself here, rather than be running from those feet of hers. The elf laughed and launched a shadow bolt at a building causing a huge explosion and bringing the structure to the ground. A crazy calmness had befell me. Despite the fact that she was concerned with no one, I felt safe.
“Aelyni!” A female voice shouted behind me. I spun around. Two more giantesses, a human and a different sort of elf, were standing just as tall as she was. Aelyni looked and didn’t react. It was quiet. A small wind blew over us.  
“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Aelyni asked, eyeing them. I thought that she might show something of fear, but she advanced, forcing them to back up.
“Aelyni, we are here to stop you. You have ravaged and destroyed long enough! There will be no more!” The other elf declared, stomping on the ground, instantly killing a small group of people.
Aelyni laughed. “You honestly believe…” Her green eyes became purple, burning with demonic fire. She formed a ball of dark energy in her palm and grew it to the size of her head. “You honestly believe you can come close to defeating me?” I looked at her. What exactly was she? I thought she might be Satan’s wife or something. Perhaps religion had been right.
“Your tricks do not worry us! We will purify you and bring you to justice for your crimes!” The human said, stepping forth and forming her own energy. This one was blue and cooled the air around us. Snowflakes dropped to the ground from it. Seemingly because she did not want to be outdone, the other elf also stepped forward to match the human and charged a green, electrical bolt. It was certainly a standoff like nine I had ever seen before.
Aelyni frowned and launched the bolt at them. The human and elf let theirs go as well. They collided in midair and exploded, creating a huge blast that forced me to hang onto my building for safety. It was like a tornado except it just blew me back. Never before had I seen this sort of power displayed.  Still, I didn’t feel any danger at all.
Aelyni fired a series of bolts at them. The human and the elf countered with their own sort of bolts, ones of cold and lightning. Again, there was a blast, though somewhat less violent. Aelyni scowled again. “Maybe I can’t out cast you. But I am not limited to magical alone!” At that moment, she ran straight towards the human and tackled her, knocking her to the ground and toppling at least ten structures. They rolled around and tried punching at each other, while the other elf stood by, watching them and ready to jump in. After maybe twenty seconds, they both used their energy to create swords of their own element and went straight for each other’s throats. They collided in air. Energy of both frost and demon streaked away and an explosion sent them both rolling quickly away from each other. Aelyni and the human both recovered and were about to go at it again, when they stopped in mid-dash.
“Wait! Allison! Come on! Let’s get more energy! There’s got to be another source!” The elf yelled. The human, Allison, nodded and the two of them dashed away, creating quakes, and shaking the entire city. Not once, though, did I even think to question my structure’s integrity. Aelyni was about to run after them but she gritted her teeth, frowning deeply and made some sort of growling noise. Her eyes were a very deep purple, causing some of the purple energy to streak away from her eyes. A lightning storm had formed around her, electric bolts striking around us. I was still calm. Nothing mattered.
“Allison…you will be destroyed and will join everyone else…nobody…ever…will defy me…” She said. Her voice had a demonic tone lacing it. She had to be Satan. There wasn’t any other explanation. She stomped the ground again and screamed. I covered my ears and stumbled away. A wave of purple energy washed over me.
My eyes twitched, but I couldn’t explain it. My brain felt weird, almost as if it was morphing. I felt…not myself. What…was happening to me?
“Aelyni, you…I…what have you done…to me?” I stuttered. Everything about my body seemed to want to drift to her. My vision clouded and all at once, everything was normal again. Except one thing.
“Aelyni…you alone…command my existence.” I mumbled.

Chapter 4:
“Unexpected Advantage”

I continued breathing heavily until I could say to myself without lying that I was calmer. It took quite a while. I couldn’t help but be frustrated at the fact that I could not honestly say that I was the strongest being any longer. I couldn’t say that anything that resisted would be killed. What was worse was that it meant that demon was still about and willfully giving out power to anyone who requested it apparently.
“Allison…” I growled through my teeth. I wanted to tackle her and strangle the very life out of her. Anger flowed through me again as I realized the truth. That I couldn’t honestly say that I could kill her as I pleased.  I screamed once more in pure rage. A purple wave shot out from my body, washing over an area of somewhere around one hundred feet. What…was that? I thought, confused.  I looked around for damage, but saw nothing to note. I looked around myself to see if there were any other effects. Again, none to note.
“There’s got to be something that did…anything…” I said quietly to myself. As if listening to my plea, a voice came from a building, “Master! Master, rescue me, ruler of all!” What…who the hell? I thought, looking around. The titles the voice used were awesome and made me feel great, but who would possibly want to worship me? I looked from building to building searching for the one who called me. I saw a man, standing atop a very tall, pointed building.
I fixed him with a playful look. “Human, are you the one who dares beckon me?” I expected him to be taunting me. Oh, I’ll enjoy you…
The man took a knee and bowed his head. “Yes, master. I request your supreme understanding in this matter. Please, have me do as you will. Please, entrust me with a task to better serve you. Please, grant me this one request, master of my very existence.”
I paused. Was he serious, or was this just a joke? There was one way to find out. “You may have your wish, human. I want you to kiss me up the length of my hand. Afterwards, announce your sole allegiance to me, forever!” I commanded.
“It will be as you command, master.” He stated. I lowered my hand to the roof. True to his word, he climbed atop of my hand and for every step he took, he kissed me. I looked at him a bit more affectionately. Did I do this? Can I mind control people? I asked myself in thought. It would be even more appealing to have Allison and the night elf bowing to my word, my every action, my every command. Better yet, have this entire world following me, serving me. While I was deep in thought, I heard him yell, “I renounce my own free will. My one purpose in life is to serve this supreme being who has so graciously saved me from this planet and granted me the ultimate favor of allowing one, so unworthy as myself, to serve her every request. I pledge true and unwavering allegiance to her, as my life is hers to command as she pleases! Master, it is the greatest honor to offer my life to you.” I stared at him with a broad grin. What started out as a small chuckle to myself turned into a full blown laugh, laced with the demonic undertone that I loved.
This world would fall too, similar to Azeroth, but it wouldn’t be the same. I could imagine it; it seemed so real. The entire populace of the world waiting on me, hand and foot, bowing at my every word.
I looked down to the human who was still kneeling on my hand, respectfully. “You can’t help me much like that, can you?”
“Goddess, simply say the word, and I will work ceaselessly to make it so. I will do anything and everything for you.” He said, kissing my hand once again.
“I’m sure. Make yourself useful and massage my shoulders while I attend to business.” I ordered, setting him right by my neck.
“By your command, master.” He said, getting to work. It wasn’t much, but it was a little relaxing. But whatever I was getting was a pleasure. Suddenly, a thought rushed into my brain quickly. What if…the stronger I become…the bigger my influence radius? I thought. Being able to control an even larger area at once was a plus. I prepared my body for a massive energy tap. Laughing once again, I set off to master an entire populace.

Chapter 5:

I continued to pick up whatever I could reach, transforming it into pure energy and using it to empower myself. I cast a glance over at Allison, who was brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. Ever since we had encountered Aelyni, it had been different between us. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure I trusted her anymore. She was so intent on getting all of this energy, but what would she do with it after we killed Aelyni? It was unbelievable that she would just forget about it and move on. No, she would come after me next. But I would be ready.
I had been very observant of the buildings I had been absorbing. This planet seemed to be dominated by humans alone. I realized we weren’t on Azeroth anymore, but there was no way that Elune would not extend her reach to all planets. Was my race confined to Azeroth alone? Was I the last night elf? Maybe…she’s trying to get rid of my race for good! I thought, looking at Allison quickly, who was now doing the same as me. I walked as quietly as I could away from her, reaching another part of town untouched by my two giantess rivals.
I had an idea. Why not just ask the locals? Maybe there was another part where I could go and get more reinforcements. I crouched down and looked for people in the buildings. I found one rather quickly in a red building. I shot my hand through the building and grasped him. I then receded my hand and brought it face level to talk to him. I opened my hand and removed the debris, leaving only the human.
“Human, I need to talk to you.” I said, staring him down and doing my best to look intimidating.
“Holy…is this really happening?” He said, staring at me in disbelief.
“Yes, it is! Now, answer my questions or else I will…” I said, when he cut me off.
“Are you…really a night elf?” He asked, wide-eyed.
That definitely perked my interest. “Yes, I am, human.”
“How…this is fucking awesome! You got to be kidding me! A real night elf! I can’t believe it. It’s like a dream come true. I could never have imagined this, not in my wildest dreams. No, I can’t ever leave you! Let me stay with you forever!” He ranted on, hugging my finger. I looked at him oddly. What does he mean? Why is this a weird thing? I thought.
“What do you mean? Listen, just because I am bigger, that’s not the point! Where are the rest of the night elves? Where are they on this planet?”
“What? There’s more? There are more of you?”
“I wish…” I said, looking to the side.
“You must have come a long way…a very long way…how did you come here?” He asked me, amazed. I felt the ground rumble behind me. A quick glance behind my back let me know that Allison was coming towards me. I looked at the human again. I needed him; I needed to finish my interrogation and find out what was going on. With no other options, I shoved into my bra. I then jumped up and spun around to face Allison.
“Tyra…you’re blushing?” She said, taking note.
“Oh! Um, yeah, just getting used to things…” I lied, laughing nervously.
“Right. Hey, have you seen Aelyni? I just thought about the fact that we have no idea how big this world is. We need to gather power, but keep track of her at the same time. No doubt she is doing the same.”
“All right, Allison. I’ll see what I can’t do about that.”
“Okay, keep in touch.” Allison said, waving to me. She turned around and walked away. I glared at her before turning around myself. As much as I now disliked her, she made a good point. Aelyni was a bigger threat than Allison at the moment, so I should probably keep up on her. I ran off to search for the demon Aelyni.

Chapter 6:

From the moment I had been transformed in to my divine, goddess-esque self, I knew I was bound for great things. I had rivaled what had destroyed my home planet, Azeroth. I was now gathering even more power. So much to the fact that, when I was finished, I would rule her. I thought of it and laughed. Aelyni sitting by my side, a nice, fitting collar around her neck. Yes, the once feared Aelyni would be my pet. I laughed and continued to concentrate on absorbing all that I saw. As I did so, I thought about my apparent “partner”, Tyra. We hadn’t really met before this, but we had become quick friends, uniting under an honorable cause. Still, as we were both like this, I couldn’t help but distrust her. She’ll turn. You know it. As soon as you defeat Aelyni, she’ll kill you as well. Probably absorbing more energy than you as you think. I thought, angrily.
“You won’t defeat me, Tyra. I’ll take you both out and assume position over this situation.” I said to myself, looking in her general direction.
The power surges were, based on the type of object, be it building or man, for the most part, brief and weak. But I was gathering so much, I knew it was worth this. I began to hear a sort of noise. Something I hadn’t heard before now. A sort of monotonous roar. It wasn’t bestial. It sounded mechanical, from what I knew of that. I tried ignoring it, but it got closer and louder.
A group of some kind of flying crafts zoomed past my head at extremely fast speeds. I tried grabbing at them but was too slow.
“What the…” I said, looking at them. I backed up a little to position myself for an attack.
“Attention, giantess!” A loud, echoing sort of voice came from behind me. I turned around. There was a group of bulky vehicles. There were also a few people, but for the vast majority of it, it was mainly the vehicles.
“Me?” I asked them, pointing at myself. I knew they were talking about me, but I thought it was sort of funny to play with them.
“Yes, you! You are wanted by the United States as a terrorist. You are ordered to stop and surrender yourself. Interference will result in lethal force!” The voice seemed to be coming from one of the vehicles. Aelyni had never showed the slightest effort before us. Nothing seemed to have ever hurt her. I didn’t see what the difference was between us now. More questions raced into my mind. United States? Was that a group or something? Perhaps a faction? I knew this wasn’t Azeroth, but, at the same time, I had no clue where we were at.
“Don’t order me! I give the orders around here! If you think you’re Aelyni’s little army or something, I’ll let you work for me instead.” I said, motioning to the ground before me.
“Giantess, we take orders from nobody other than the president. We fall to no one. Today, you die!” He yelled. The vehicles moved forward and fired at me. I saw explosions from the vehicles. I felt little pebbles impacting my legs. That was it? Aelyni was certainly correct in her arrogance.
“No effect! Give orders, Operation Blue Sunset!” The voice yelled again. I had no idea what that was. In fact, I was even more confused now. But I did know they were hostile and wanted me dead.
I smirked. “I’ll show you a blue sunset!” I launched an Ice Lance at them. The resulting icy explosion destroyed two of the vehicles and froze a few to their sides. I heard the flying things again. Were they just a distraction? I tried to pay attention when they flew over my head, only there was a whistle now.
“What?” I asked, looking above me. Something exploded on my nose. I winced and audibly let out a small grunt of pain. I fully came to myself at that. That…hurt. Nothing had ever hurt Aelyni though. How was this possible?
“It worked! Full on assault! EMP!” They yelled, invigorated. What was EMP? I assumed it to be whatever they had used on me. Having no desire to feel pain again, I shook my head. “No, you won’t!” I used my Ice Barrier to shield myself. “Just try and penetrate this!” The remaining vehicles on the ground fired, but they were actually going through my shield. They were hurting me.
I faltered back trying to retreat from these weapons. It was starting to really make me hurt fairly bad. Something clicked inside me. Something that said enough was enough. I stomped into the ground as hard as I could, knocking surrounding buildings to the ground and disrupting the vehicles on the ground. There was one thing to solve this. I used Arcane Explosion, clearly having enough. The purplish blast came out of me and raced outwards, completely destroying everything around me, ending somewhere short of the people on the ground, but I was confident the shockwave would kill them.
Again, the mechanical roar came. More of the projectiles flew at me. I used Ice Lance to destroy them in midair, but more came at me from behind. These hurt significantly more.
“Enough playing around!” I screamed, loudly. A blue wave of energy raced away from me. It was like nothing I had ever done before, but I wasn’t concerned with that right now.
“Whatever you are, be destroyed and recognize my power!” I yelled as I shot the most powerful Frostbolt at them that I had ever shot in my life. The resulting blast caused a freezing wave to shoot out in the air above. It then began to lightly snow. I was breathing hard, enraged. Those…stupid idiots. Whatever they were. They hurt me…I thought to myself. I sat down on the ground, thinking to myself. It was completely quiet. A nice break from my heated battle with whatever those things were.
“You…lovely, divine, all-knowing, almighty, goddess. You are my true leader. You are who I live to serve!” A voice came from my foot. I glanced up quickly. After that, who would dare say that to me?
I spotted him. A man who was with the people who hurt me. I took him in my hand and exposed his upper body in my fist.
“You! You are with the people that hurt me! You will pay!” I threatened.
“Please, most honorable master, please. It was not until I have seen your beautiful face, your immaculate self, that I realize my errors! It was with your influence that I have abandoned my sinful ways for a chance to serve you, master.” He said.
“What? You want to serve me?” I asked him. Why would he ever want to do that?
“Master, I would rather die than to displease you. To go another moment without waiting on you hand and foot is a penalty worse than death.” He said, kissing my hand. I skeptically looked at him before smiling.
“Okay then. We’ll see just how useful you are here shortly. For now, just ride on my head and enjoy it. I’m sure I’ll think of something in a little bit.” I said to him with a giggle.
“I will do whatever pleases you.” He said, kissing me again. I put him on top of my head and stood up. Did the blue energy possibly do that? I would find out in a little bit.

Chapter 7:
“Spinning the Wheel”

It was set in motion. Nothing was to stop it…or them rather. I was the unfortunate sap watching them destroy as they pleased. The military had been, for the most part, ineffective in slowing them down. There were a few of the elite EMP units that had stood to fight them. I had been lucky enough to view a fantastic battle where soldiers stood against the human, Allison, without fear. Even against this foe, they stood strong, refusing to give up their world without a fight. It brought a tear to my eye to think that such men and women had such bravery. Myself? I had no such thing. Simply looking at any of them was enough to discourage any idea that involved resistance.
I sat down next to my small child, hugging him closely as he watched the destruction of the city with me. When this disaster had come to pass, I had packed up all of the camping stuff, bought rations, and moved myself and my little boy out with me.
“Daddy, why is she so happy when she blows stuff up?” He asked me, looking up at me. The ground shook fairly bad for a short period of time as the elf, Tyra, blasted a small force of EMP troops with a column of energy that came down from the sky. I looked at him, holding back tears. It was beautiful how, in the world’s darkest hour, he didn’t understand the evil at work. Truly innocent.
The elf had been transforming our entire great city into energy. She had spared nothing. I didn’t know where the other two of them had gone
“Well, Jimmy, she’s just not a very nice person is all. And,” I sniffled, holding my tears as best I could, “hopefully, the police will come and take her away.” The police weren’t coming. The military had already come and demonstrated their inability to help enough. There was very little that could be expected.
The elf stopped her spree and looked to her chest. Please, not in front of Jimmy…I begged in thought. It was bad enough he had to witness this, let alone something sexual. She nodded and set off towards our encampment. I froze.
“Daddy, I’m scared…” He whined. I grasped him closer and whispered in his ear, “Just be really quiet. It makes her happy.” The elf approached us and sat down not one hundred feet from our camp, fortunately, with her back towards us. I saw her reach towards her breasts, so I did what I could to cover Jimmy’s eyes. She pulled something out and looked to her hands. I couldn’t tell what it was.
“Sorry about the last session, human. Assure yourself that we’ll finish.” The elf said.
“Anything you say! I can’t believe this; i-it’s a true privilege! Getting to ride with a giant night elf. Hey, your boobs look pretty good too!” I heard a distinct voice say. What is he talking about? Has he abandoned his entire people for this thing? I prayed Jimmy wouldn’t ask me any questions on the female anatomy. That wasn’t a battle that needed fighting as of now.
The elf, or night elf, tilted her head and giggled. “Human, I’m flattered. And that’s a quite a task. Now…tell me where the rest of the night elves are.”
“Um, I…didn’t know there were night elves on this planet to begin with. Until you came, that is!”
“Listen, I like you. Don’t lie to me.”
“I’m…not lying. Night elves weren’t supposed to exist. I’m not in any way questioning how you got here. It’s great! But, night elves were supposed to be fake.”
“Fake?” She asked, bringing her hands closer to her face.
“Daddy! The car go bye-bye!” He smiled, pointing to my left.
“What?” I asked, looking. Sure enough, my car, our only form of transportation, keeper of all our resources, was rolling down a hill, heading for a cliff. I ran away from Jim, doing whatever I could to reach the car. Too little, too late. The car slipped off of the cliff and created a loud explosion. I froze looking from the car’s burning wreckage to the giant elf, or night elf, as she made it out to be. The night elf quickly jumped up and spun around. She spotted us.
“What are you doing here?” She demanded, pointing at me.
“N-Nothing, ma’am! I-I was only trying to…” I started, when I realized that I was running away. She wouldn’t look kindly on that.
“You were spying on me! You’re with those guys that fire the blue energy! I’m going to tear you to shreds!”
“No! Leave daddy alone!” Jimmy screamed, wobbling to his feet. No, Jimmy! I thought, exasperated. She looked to him, angrily.
“Don’t yell at me, you brat!” She frowned and drew back her fist. I sprinted and jumped in front of Jimmy.
“Stop! He’s only a child! He doesn’t know what he’s saying!”
“He’s your child, is he? You’re not a very good disciplinary figure to allow him to talk to me like that! Get out of the way so I can show him his place!” Tyra yelled at me. I was scared stiff, but I needed to save Jimmy. He didn’t need to die to her. There were a million problems on me right now, but I could do very little.
“No, please! Please take me instead! Don’t hurt Jimmy!” I cried, sinking to my knees. I would never be able to live with myself again.
“I said get out of the way!” She commanded. She flicked me away with her finger. I flew back against a tree, sinking against the it, painfully. I looked onto my child. No! Jimmy!
“Daddy!” He screamed, crying. I broke into tears myself.
“Shut up, brat! I am your new figure! You listen to me now!”
“No, daddy!” He yelled, shaking his head, crying. The night elf slapped him. I felt as if my breath was taken away. A large section of ground had been removed and Jimmy sure wasn’t there. I had just gotten my child killed.
“Jimmy…no…” I gasped. My joy, my pride, my own child had been killed. I felt so powerless, so helpless. I could hardly believe it.
“Now, you’ll pay for those words against me!” She said, turning to me. I was so angry and torn apart that I was almost crazy. I wanted to destroy her for taking the life of my only child in front of me. But…there really wasn’t anything I could do. Her fist came straight towards me, and I felt something similar to a train wreck equally on my entire body.

Chapter 8:
“Disruption of Order”

Dark, demonic, purple energy shot out from my palm, engulfing three nearby structures. It turned them into purple energy as well. After only a few seconds, the energy retracted back into my palm, and I was glad to receive the boost of energy. I grinned.
“Human, keep working on those shoulders! All of this energy is making me a bit sore!” I joked with him, laughing. I didn’t know what I’d do without him. He was almost a part of me. It wasn’t safe to say he was, but more or less, the truth was that he was my slave for eternity.
“Yes, master. I will do as you command.” He replied, kissing my neck. I smiled again. I looked at the town. Around one quarter of it was missing, almost as if stolen. No mess like smashing these buildings made. Allison and that stupid night elf are probably still absorbing by hand. Idiots. Oh, I just can’t wait until you will serve my every whim! I thought, shivering with delight. I shot another beam out and let it work its course.
The two Alliance were definitely a thorn in my side. I couldn’t deny them that. What should have been mine, I now was fighting to defend. They were stealing my world for themselves. I would become so powerful, though, that I would be able to cover the planet with my influence. Every person, every living thing, every giantess would serve me. I imagined the night elf licking me clean, using her energy to make me stronger. Allison would be fixing my appearance, bowing to my every word.
I thought about that. Then again, I could also take the course of simply destroying them. Another ecstatic thought filled my mind of having a heated battle with Allison; the night elf would be arrogantly taunting me, thinking Allison was strong enough to kill me. Our two energy beams collided together. Mine streaked right through hers, disintegrating it. It hit her with full force, killing her instantaneously. Her corpse lied on the ground in front of me, standing with all of the planet watching as I approached her.
Her blood washed through the town, creating a flood. People literally drowned in it. The night elf, scared, attempted to run when I jumped atop of her and prevented her from going anywhere. I formed a dagger of demonic energy and stabbed her in the back of the neck, ending her life. I stood up, laughing victoriously, their blood dripping from the tips of my ears.
Distantly, I heard, “Halt! Surrender immediately!” I was brought out of my trance and was now standing in front of a few of the blue energy men.
“You speak bold, but are nothing but talk! I will feast upon your blood.” I threatened, advancing forward.
“Fire!” Someone yelled. I ran towards them but saw a fairly large explosion from a sort of cannon. What was that? I thought. Something hit my stomach. I felt a slight burn, but then a burning sensation that felt as if I was in a pit of fire. I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I screamed in pain as blinding, blue light surrounded my vision. No! I can’t…die…I’m invincible! I rule…the…world…alone…My last thoughts came and went. I lost my vision and felt myself falling to the ground.

Chapter 9:

I tumbled backwards. Rolling, and rolling, and rolling until I hit a phone pole. I remained slouched there. My body was slightly sore from the roll, but there was something else. My hands…were in such extreme pain that I had ever felt.  Looking at them, they were red and looked as if I had worked them until they bled.
“What…the hell?” I asked myself. A sharp pain came into the back of my mind with a stream of memories accompanying it. I saw myself watching the battle between Aelyni, Allison, and Tyra. Once Allison and Tyra had fled for more power, Aelyni had screamed. It hurt just thinking about that noise. I remembered, however vaguely, feeling something like gratitude towards her. It had manifested into something more. After that…it wasn’t clear. I worked hard to make out images that weren’t very clear. They had little detail and were marked with blurs. I saw myself riding on Aelyni’s shoulder. That couldn’t be right. What had happened?
“She’s down! Surround her! Now!” A military member screamed. Soldiers rushed to reach a full perimeter around her.
“Don’t forget to bring in the heavy weaponry! Don’t make the mistake of letting her run free again!” They swarmed her. I just backed up. I was still in disbelief over my visions. They all added up to me doing what I least wanted to imagine. Serving her. Had I submitted myself? What sort of foul things did I do?  Aelyni’s body twitched as she tried to lift herself back up. The soldiers, startled, backed up a little.
“Stay still! Comply or we’ll blast you again!” The soldier shouted, over a megaphone.
“All of you…worthless, useless, helpless, disgusting…”Aelyni whispered, angrily, still lying down, “pathetic, little, stupid people. You dare to…hurt me? You do not know what you have trifled with. You know not what a stupid mistake you made…”
“Enough! Shut your mouth! We’re going to shoot you again if you don’t.”
“You can’t shoot when you are dead.” She whispered again. They backed up again. She laughed quietly, but then turned into an all-out evil laugh. The soldiers continued to back away.
“Stand your ground! She’s too injured to hurt anyone!”
“Am I?” She asked. She put both of her hands on the ground, as if getting ready to lift herself out of a push-up. Instead of that, green energy surrounded her arms and connected with the ground.
“What in the world…” The soldier said, when the entire area surrounding her was blown apart by green flames. I watched as Aelyni burnt all of them alive. She stopped after a good thirty seconds and remained on the ground. Aelyni relaxed her arms and allowed them to fall in front of her. After, she remained on the ground, still. I looked at all of the burnt soldiers remained lying there, motionless. I couldn’t believe they were dead so I ran to see for myself. Aelyni didn’t move, I thought maybe she had used the last of her energy to do this.
“No, how…this can’t be real…” I said to myself. I looked at Aelyni’s body. Massive and intimidating, it seemed like an empty, gigantic shell. I ran to the ruined command post some two hundred feet from Aelyni’s outstretched arm, looking for something, anything to aid me.
“You…human, did you enjoy my little show?” Aelyni’s voice came, in a whisper. I backed up from her slowly. She doesn’t know. Just stay quiet and calm…
“I asked you a question. Don’t make me ask again.” She said, impatiently. I again didn’t answer. Aelyni lifted her head off of the ground and stared at me, smirking.
“Um, uh…you see, I, uh…” I stuttered, frightened.
“What, slave? What? You dare to disobey me? You pledged your soul to me! Me and my perfect, flawless self! Now…learn your place!” She screamed at me, standing up. I looked up at her, speechless. It was a lot different than atop my skyscraper. I ran away. As fast as I possibly could, off into the city, it didn’t matter where.
“Fine then! You think just because you aren’t under my little spell that you can just break your promises? We’ll see about that!” She yelled at me. After those words, I heard things flying around me. I turned my head to see what it was and was met with Aelyni firing long purple beams at me. I tried running faster but to no good. A blast, off to my left, knocked me through a window and down a set of stairs. I hit my head on the pole and stopped abruptly. I stayed there, still and scared. My vision started blurring and hearing started to echo.
“Thought you would get away, did you? To betray my trust…is a crime punishable by death.” Aelyni said to herself. I heard her footsteps walking away so my thoughts turned to her, defeating her. I thought about what seemed to be her weakness. Electricity. What could I do to stop her?
Of course…there was a way. A way to save humankind. For that matter, the entire planet. I stood up, swaying. I had to get moving. Next stop, Freedom Wireless Power’s Headquarters. My home. My weapon.

Chapter 10:
“Fate’s Grasp”

I was at peace with myself. My true place had been realized. Nothing mattered except serving this powerful, beautiful, excellent being, Allison. With every move she made, I cursed myself out for not being able to do anything to assist her.
“Lady Allison, surely you have some use for me. There must be something that I can assist Her Excellency with. Anything, everything, please put me to use, master.” I said to her. I had to make her as happy as possible. I was but a human with the task that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Serving, obeying, and otherwise helping Allison.
“I told you, slave,” Allison said with a chuckle, “there’s no use for you now. That’s not to say that there won’t be soon enough. For now, relax, enjoy the sight, and prepare for the workout of a lifetime.”
“Yes, master. Anything to make you happy.” I said. She always said that to me, but I was genuinely worried that I may die before being able to do anything for her. I heard something that sounded like gunfire and yelling. Allison stopped and looked around, searching for the source.
“Lady Allison, if you would, please allow me to investigate the source of that disturbance. I do not wish for you to needlessly risk yourself over something that I would gladly handle for you, master.” I said to her. She said nothing. What did that mean? I wished she would trust in me more.
Suddenly, I heard, “You speak bold, but are nothing but talk! I will feast upon your blood.” It was the voice of Allison’s enemy, Aelyni, the elf. I knew that the likelihood of them hurting her was zero to none, but it was a chance I did not want to take.
“Fire!” Someone yelled.
“Master, please allow me to protect you. I am concerned for your safety. I will slay every enemy that dares to stand against you, master.” I said, boldly. I meant it. I would fight for her until my dying breath.
“That’s sweet of you. But don’t worry. All I want you to do is sit back and watch the show.” She replied, with a small smirk. I heard a small explosion and looked around for the source. Suddenly, a wave of blue energy raced towards us. My mind started to hurt and different thoughts entered my brain, colliding with each other. I knelt down as Allison jumped back a step or two.
“Ugh, what was that? It burned…” Allison said, curiously. I then was plagued with a severely blurred vision. I stopped and tried to regain my vision.
“Shit…what…what the hell?” I asked myself, blinking quickly. It came back in a minute when I looked around me. I was moving, but high up. I proceeded to look at exactly how this was happening. I was riding on the top of Allison’s head.
Wait, what? I was fighting her! How could I be riding on her now? And…what happened for the past couple of hours? I thought, trying to reflect back on what had happened. Right from the point of when I my unit had attacked her, I retraced my steps. She had launched some sort of ice at us, barely missing me. I had scrambled to load my EMP rounds into my modified M4 assault rifle when the Air Force support unit had started to bombard her with the EMP missiles. I had then gone to a better vantage point to try and get a better shot. Allison had become frustrated with us and then I saw a sort of blue energy come out of her.
But that was it, there weren’t any more clear thoughts following that. That was hardly the point at this time, though. My primary objective required me to get away from Allison. Or, at the very least, getting off of her. I looked around for some way off. The only way I saw was a good fall.
“Hey, slave! Are you still awake up there?” Allison called to me.
“Uh, yes, I am.” I lied, nervously.
“Come here!” She said, reaching for me. I backed up slowly, avoiding her hand.
“Where are you? Don’t make me look.” She laughed. I looked around again, desperate for a way out. There was a skyscraper with a rather large antenna coming up fast. This is it. Either this or her. I braced myself. Doing the only rational thing at the moment, I grabbed onto her hair and slid down onto her shoulder.
“Slave! What are you doing? Get over here.” I sprinted to the end of her shoulder and jumped onto the rooftop housing the antenna. I landed hard and uncomfortably. To avoid her, I went against my body and dropped into the prone position. Allison took note and looked around her. She looked from her shoulder to the skyscraper. Fortunately, she overlooked me and looked to the ground.
“Did he just…commit suicide?” She asked herself, confused. She stopped and looked downwards. Allison made a disapproving noise and walked past the skyscraper. I took a breath of relief and sat down.
My objectives shifted once again. I had to make what I could out of this situation. I was atop the Freedom Wireless Power main transmitting tower. Perhaps I might not have to report back right away. If the giantesses were vulnerable to electricity, this was surely the place to be. I stood up. I had to find the controls. You just might be able to stop this and reclaim the planet.

Chapter 11:
“A Viable Plan”

It was dark and cold. The wind was blowing fairly hard, creating a fairly cold wind chill. I looked from myself to the control panel in my penthouse. The inner workings of Freedom Wireless. Being a power company, all systems were still go. I keyed the panel, closing the retractable windows. It was a crazy plan, but not doing it would surely result in me being killed by Aelyni. Having betrayed her, in the remote chance we met again without her not realizing me and just killing me right then and there, it wouldn’t be a friendly reception.
I had my plan ready. Activate the override panel and transmit a truly devastating blast which would hopefully send these demons back to the hell they belonged in. The antenna was not made to send a pulse that strong, but I had confidence that it would hold, although, it would never transmit again. It was an all or nothing.
I looked to the panels. This was it. I gulped and hit the override sequence button. The security immediately took over.
“Warning. You have selected the override switch. This is a classified program. To verify your identity, please provide your password.” It requested. I typed in my eighteen digit password and hit the confirm button.
“Password accepted. Please swipe your identification card.” I swiped it though.
“Card identified and confirmed. King, Brandon F. Please provide the biometric security go.” I walked over to the retina scanner and looked into it until the terminal said, “Identity confirmed. Override requested on CEO level. Please prepare all personnel for final phase.” At that moment, three pedestals popped out of their compartments. They were spaced a good distance apart. Of course, I had forgotten that last security implementation. Just to be safe, myself and the two other vice presidents of the company had to key the switches simultaneously. It was too far to do myself, but I was too far into this just to give up. I started thinking of a way out of it. Some way to get past this. My thoughts were disrupted by Allison’s voice.
“Aelyni, it’s over. There’s no more running away! This will be settled here and now!” Allison yelled. I ran over to the window to view the scene. Allison and Aelyni were squared off, looking at each other with hatred.
“Oh, yes it will, human filth. You’ll find me more of a challenge than last time. I’d like to see you survive more than five minutes.” Aelyni smirked. Tyra ran up to the group and slid to a halt.
“You stay out of this, Tyra! This is my fight!” Allison instructed, looking over at her. Tyra glared at her and shook her head.
“Trying to keep me out of this is no good, Allison! I know what you’re both trying to do. And it won’t work!” She said, resentfully.
“Liar! How dare you accuse me! Trying to make me your scapegoat!” Allison yelled at Tyra, angrily. She pushed Tyra in rage. Tyra fell over, unprepared, crushing a few buildings in her vicinity. It shook my skyscraper, but did no physical damage. Tyra jumped to her feet, but that wasn’t what worried me. The fact that I viewed someone else entering the building. My building. Whether they were friendly or not didn’t matter.
“Don’t ever do that to me again! I’ll make you drink your own tears, human!” She screamed at her.
“You’ve got to be kidding me! It works out too perfectly! The fact that you’ve realized just how powerful you are! And you’ve turned on each other…your only chance of defeating me is gone!” Aelyni grinned, laughing. I stepped back. It was a free-for-all. I had the tools to stop it right in front of me. All I lacked were two like-minded individuals ready to help.
“Who are you?” A voice said from behind me. I spun around. Armed with a rifle and all, a soldier stood behind me, holding me at gunpoint.
“I could ask you the same.” I shot back, confidently.
“I’m with the United States Army. That’s what you need to know. Are you responsible for them?” He asked me.
“What? Of all the nerve! Of course not! How could I possibly do that to them? I’m trying to stop them!” I said, offended.
“Stop? What tools do you have?”
I paused. “That” I pointed at the control panel.
“You plan on…”
“Forgive me. I’m the CEO of Freedom Wireless Power. I’ve spent enough time around them to know they are vulnerable to great amounts of electricity. Being the number one supplier, who better to stop them but me? If you are willing, I would ask you help me.”
“It’s my duty to…stop them.”
“See those pedestals with the red buttons?” I asked him, pointing to the backlit red buttons.
“Yes, but…”
“They will override the broadcast antenna’s usual settings. It will allow me to broadcast as much electricity as I desire. Granted, the antenna will probably overload, but…I don’t have another option at this point.”
“You’re telling me that you intend to…overload this antenna with enough power to…kill them? That’s beyond comprehension. That would require…”
“All of this planet’s power, essentially. But leave the math to me. Just trust me. I need your assurance that you will press that button.”
“What will become of us?” He asked, lowering his rifle. I looked to the ground and shook my head. He snorted.
“Guess I got no choice. This is what I get my paycheck to do.” He shrugged. I remembered the other man. There was a chance to stop them. Judging from the situation outside, though, there wasn’t much time.

Chapter 12:

“Allison…Tyra…this is the day I’ve dreamt of. I’ve lost more time contemplating this situation. The day that you both die. This town will drink the blood that will flow from your corpses!” Aelyni laughed at them, confidently. I was watching Tyra’s enemy from the fifth floor of the Freedom Wireless Power company. I couldn’t stay with Tyra though. It was far too dangerous for me. I’m sure she would want me to be safe after she finished them both.
“You know, let’s make this fun! You two fight it out. Let’s see some of that bottled up anxiety run its course! Then, the victor can match power with me. To see the fate of this…entire…dimension!” Aelyni laughed again.
“You would, blood elf! No, you are the one to die! She can wait!” Allison said, advancing. Tyra angrily looked at Allison and whispered something. I was too drawn up in their match to move away.
“Oh, no? Well then! Let us waste no time!” Aelyni said, forming a dagger of green energy in her right hand. Allison stepped back, also forming one of blue energy. Tyra folded her arms.
“I’m just going to laugh when you idiots destroy yourselves.” Tyra said, shaking her head. I loved it when she acted tough like that. It was why I stayed with her.
“Stow it, Tyra! We’ll see you smile when I kill you!” Allison said, darting at Aelyni. Aelyni also darted at her. The two giantesses’ blades collided as they went for each other’s throats, and they were left to struggle against each other. Aelyni shot out an energy beam at Allison and caused her to roll to away.
“Damn you!” Allison screamed, recovering. She then darted at Aelyni and jumped in the sky. She then shot down and missed her intended target of Aelyni’s throat, but cut a short line down her back.
“Take this!” Aelyni yelled at her, swirling around. She struck Allison in her upper arm and held it there. I watched the two of them, speechless. Allison was shocked and was in too much pain to respond. Aelyni was not unscarred herself. Blood visibly ran down her legs and started to flow down the street. Tyra watched them intently.
“You…Aelyni…how….” Allison asked. Aelyni grinned evilly and whispered, “You…like that, Allison? Pathetic excuse for a human. For all the anger you’ve caused me, you will pay with blood. Blood that will rain down and cleanse this planet!” She twisted the blade in her arm. Allison screamed and slashed Aelyni with her free arm across the arm holding the blade. Aelyni grunted, winced, and backed off of Allison. The blade left her arm and blood began flowing profusely down her arm, dripping onto the street. They retreated, holding the respective damaged areas of their bodies.
I had never before seen a more gore-ridden scene than this. Allison appeared to be the more injured of the two. Aelyni must have sensed this because she jumped on Allison once again, catching her off guard. Only this time, she held back nothing. She delivered a blow to the top of her shoulder and kicked off of her.
Allison screamed in pain and stumbled backwards to Tyra. More blood fell from her as she fought back pain.
“You…disgusting…” Allison said, when Tyra interjected.
“This ends now, Allison! Let’s see you kill me now!” Tyra yelled, laughing. She formed a green, electric dagger and went for the back of Allison’s neck when she ducked and took a swipe at Tyra’s legs. She hit her successfully, bringing Tyra to the ground, also bleeding.
“Tyra! No! You can’t lose!” I said, pushing harder against the window. With some sort of injury, they all backed off and formed a triangle sort of showdown.
The street below was now corrupted with red streams of blood flowing downwards to the sewers.
Another voice came, loud and thunderous. But, though it was female, it was not any of the girls. “Yes, it’s finally come to play! You’ve all done so well and provided me everything I need to work with! The time is at hand! Now, give birth to the one, supreme ruler of all!” The girls looked around, holding their wounds. Suddenly, they levitated in the air and were connected by a blue stream of energy that gathered at the center of their triangle. Something was growing.
I had to see what it was, for Tyra’s sake. I went back to the stairwell and dashed towards the top.

Chapter 13:
“And So It Starts Again”

Myself and the soldier were watching from outside this sight. This amazing, yet tragic sight. I had no idea what was going on, but I inferred from the demonic voice that we had traded enemies for another. Some sort of demonic woman that I had never seen before was materializing out of nowhere. As she was rapidly increasing in size, I was able to make her out. At least, I was pretty sure it was a girl.
She had jet black hair with a set of horns and blue eyes. She also had a tail with a skimpy outfit to complete it. It continued growing until the stream stopped, and it was roughly two of their heads taller than the girls. They backed off, wounded and tired, looking at this new foe.
“What…what the hell? I’ve…never seen this…” Aelyni said, coughing. The other girls didn’t seem to know what to think either.
“Yes. I am the one you made your deal with when you decided that you had to save your Prince. You’re doing a great job.” It laughed. Aelyni looked at it angrily.
“What are you all doing standing around? Continue the fight! There’s no reason to stop just for me!” It said, releasing a small purple energy wave. The girls stopped and looked at each other blankly for a little while.
It was then that they extended their blades once again and dashed at one another. Even through their wounds, they lashed out, wanting nothing less than the other girls’ deaths.
“W-What’s going on? Who’s that?” A voice asked from behind us. I spun away from the fight to view a man behind me. He looked weary and scared.
“Relax. It’s not as if we’re here to harm you.” I said to the soldier, who was getting ready to grab his rifle.
“What are you guys doing up here?” He asked me.
“Simply…viewing the fight. And waiting for a person to…” I said, stopping in mid-sentence. I ran up and grabbed him.
“Yes! You! You can help end this! Please, tell me you’ll push that button with us! We can end this and save the planet!” I exclaimed, happily. Though frightened, he looked at me and responded, “End this?”
“You know, destroy them all! It’s a massive electricity broadcast that will kill them! You need…”
“I-I don’t know, man. Can we select who we destroy or…”
“What? Are you kidding me? You want one of them alive? So they can kill more people?” The soldier asked him, amazed.
“Well, yeah! That night elf is my friend!”
“Y-Your friend? What kind of bullshit is this?” I asked him.
“You wouldn’t understand!” He shot back.
“It’s you that doesn’t understand! Look at her! She’s not even the same as she was. Just some slave to that demon. It’s either we do that or wait for them to destroy each other, empower that demon, and watch as it destroys the planet.” The soldier said. The man paused and thought about that.
“O-Okay, fine. I’ll do it!” He said, looking at the night elf, who was mindlessly lashing out at Aelyni. We ran to the panels and put our hands down on the buttons.
“On my mark! Three…two…one…push!” I yelled. We all hit them at once. I heard the mechanisms inside my corporation shifting and moving around. The LCD displays on the control panels all turned into a series of input questions.
“Please enter power output level.” It commanded. I, not wanting to take any chances, entered one-hundred percent.
“Warning! You have entered maximum possible override. This is highly unstable and is strongly discouraged. Are you absolutely sure you want to continue?” It warned me. With a short pause, I hit yes.
“Override processed and accepted. Ten minutes remaining until override is complete.” It said. The panels turned to a countdown, starting from ten.
“Well, I’ve never done this before. Want to watch the results? We’ll be heroes!” I said, smiling around me. They nodded, and we walked out onto the roof.  I watched the battle which was more than what I wanted to see. Tyra was already lying on the ground, bleeding. I assumed her dead. Aelyni and Allison were all that remained, each with their own set of wounds. Aelyni’s body showed quite a bit more damage because of that fact that her robe had been completely torn apart and was lying at her feet.
Standing in her underwear didn’t seem to faze her though, as Aelyni launched a series of swipes at Allison who was hit by one to the stomach. I guessed it must have been a strong sort of control the demon exercised because Allison didn’t even acknowledge it. She just continued attacking back at Aelyni.
Allison ran straight at Aelyni with her dagger raised and brought it down. With a small sidestep to her left, Aelyni dodged and made the final blow. While Allison was recovering from her attack. Aelyni simply rammed her blade into the back of Allison’s throat. Allison made no noise, but fell, face first, to the ground.
Aelyni stopped and looked at her work. She then knelt over Allison’s corpse and began stabbing her body, quickly. I stepped back. It was disgusting watching Aelyni simply tearing into her like that. Her face was now covered in Allison’s blood, but she didn’t stop.
“Holy…shit…” I said, shocked. After another two minutes of continual cutting, she got off of Allison and stood up. Her clothes, face, arms, and other extremities were dripping with blood. Aelyni stood up and examined her work.
“It seems that my instincts were not wrong to trust you. I’m pleased you made it to the end, dear girl. But, I can sense your deep hatred for them, so go on, don’t stop. The night elf’s corpse is still…untouched.” The demon said to Aelyni, with a smirk. Aelyni dropped to Tyra’s corpse and proceeded to slash away at that one two. Even though she was killing the destroyers of the world, it was simply not possible for a mortal being to do that, or even to watch that. Horror movies needed to see this. It made the Saw series look like Blue’s Clues.
“Tyra! No…how could you lose…no, I can’t believe this…” The man sobbed to himself, turning away. The soldier watched on with something like indifference. Watching the blood fly up in the air, I walked away to the other side and couldn’t help but vomit.
The antenna’s metal frame began to turn blue and shake lightly. “One minute until override! Please clear the area immediately!” The demon heard this and said to Aelyni, “Check that noise out!” Aelyni perked up and ran over exactly to where we were. Her face towered over us. The blood of the human and night elf dripped off of her blond hair and onto us.
“Master, we have spectators.” Aelyni said. She just stared at us. We froze. One minute until override! The voice echoed throughout my head. I needed to stall. I would see if I was any good at it. The demon walked over and looked at us, smiling.
“So, what exactly do you think you are doing? Think you can watch my fight without my permission, huh?” It asked us.
“Um…no, we were just passing through the building…looking for his wallet…” I stated, nervously. Around thirty seconds left.
“Looking for a wallet in a time like this?”
I knew a quick way to buy time was to stop making sense. “Y-Yeah, I owe her some money for that cake she made us the other night.” My buddies looked at me, confused.
“Aelyni baked you a cake?” She asked, looking at Aelyni who simply stared at us, emotionless.
“Um, yeah, she said it was her special brand!” I replied. About ten more left, you’ve done it. They’re done!
“And she accepted your currency as repayment? That doesn’t sound like my Aelyni.” It replied, patting Aelyni’s head.
“Just about as much as you will be accepting death here in a few seconds.”
“Excuse me? What did you just say?”
“You’re dead!” I screamed.
“Override finalized. Energy broadcast now initiated.” The computerized voice said. I looked at the tower. It was now pure blue and electric bolts were shooting out everywhere. I knew I had done it. There was one small thing I forgot as the energy poured out from the tower. You’re not exactly immune to electricity either…I couldn’t help but scream as I felt my heart explode from electrocution.

Chapter 14:

“You remember that day, Richard? That day you said you loved me?” My wife, Lindsay, asked me as we drove down the newly constructed highway. She looked at me affectionately.
“Of course, honey. I would never forget that day.” I told her, smiling. It was the truth. As much as I wanted, I would never forget that day. I remembered it vividly. The two of us were standing in front of our house, watching the ongoing battle between those giantesses. She had been crying her eyes out when the other demon appeared. I could almost still feel the wetness of my shoulder. But, it was all worth it. I remembered watching as the blond-haired female elf took both of the other giantesses down and proceeded to kill them. Even from the distance, we could still see the blood and carnage. It wasn’t a pretty memory, but ever since the giantesses showed up, nothing had been.
I remembered after they had spotted something else. I was mildly curious as to what they were doing, but I wouldn’t ever find out. My former power company, Freedom Wireless Power, had done the right thing. I remembered thinking that we were all going to die when I watched their giant antenna glow blue and let out that giant electrical pulse. I remembered the evil giantesses scream in agony as they lost control of themselves.
And how could I forget the final sight? The beautiful picture engraved in my mind of the two of them disappearing in a brilliant white flash. Disappearing never to see the world again. It was an excellent memory, to be certain.
I had promised her that we would take a trip to see the building that had made it all possible to do this, but, due to the blood and deceased people, the area had been blocked off as a biohazard. It would happen, albeit maybe not for a while.
I put my hand on her face and caressed it, smiling pleasantly. Yes, I could have kissed the men that detonated the Freedom Wireless HQ to make this possible. Life was great; there wasn’t an argument from me there. And now, I got to enjoy this…forever.