World of Warcraft VGGTS Stories

Demonic Ambitions
Approx. pages: 14
- Prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider can't hold his own in Outland, or at least, that's what a young blood elf believes. From her initial learning of him and his plight to the present, she has been anxious to help him. However, she is quick to discover a demon, locked away for who knows how long under Sunstrider Isle. What starts out as a good intention is soon foiled by the very same demon. Now, with her corrupted judgment, Azeroth is left unprepared to deal with her. And all she knows now is her demonic ambitions... Completed July 6, 2007.

Demonic Ambitions 2: A New World
Approx. pages: 18
- It's been quite a ride for Aelyni, now pumping with more power than she ever dreamed of. Now, with a whole new planet in front of her, what's to stop her from the total takeover of the Earth? Two new rivals. Given the same opportunities as her, it's a race to the finish line that is painted with blood. Completed February 29, 2008.

Demonic Ambitions 3: Everything
Approx. pages: 27
- Two long months have passed since the battle against Aelyni, Allision, and Tyra. Thanks to the energy broadcast, people can now sleep in peace. Determined to start rebuilding, the government sends a biohazard assault team into the ruined city where they made their last epic stand. It is only when they find a cult and talk to them that they realize that the war isn't over. As a matter of fact, it is far from over, but, upon finding a key piece, perhaps not as hard to win as previously thought. Completed August 8, 2008.