Mile-High Dream 3: Role Play

(Cubed Cinder)

Outside Lon Lon Ranch

The sun was setting on another day in Hyrule, and Link was walking peacefully down the path to Lon Lon Ranch, relishing in his victory over Gleerok and claiming the Fire Element. It was one of two elements he now had in his possession, and he needed only two more to power up his sword enough to defeat Vaati and break the curse he set upon Princess Zelda. He was chatting away with his companion, the cap-like Ezlo, on his head as they both got close to the ranch.
"So, Ezlo, what did you think of that battle?" Link asked.
"Well, of course I'm impressed, but you know you couldn't have beaten that monster without my advice." Ezlo said.
"Your advice? Weren't you wishing you could run out of the temple and hide?" Link said.
"Absurd, my boy! I merely wished to raise your own confidence level, not leave you in danger's wake!" Ezlo said. Link then stopped walking when he noticed Malon and Talon outside the Lon Lon Ranch. Talon was banging away at the door while Malon was simply standing by idly next to her milk carriage.
"Hey, look over there." Link said, pointing to the two.
"I see them, Link. What about them?" Ezlo asked.
"Don't you think we should find out what's going on?" Link asked.
"I wish I could say so, but you mustn't forget that we have a mission to complete." Ezlo said.
"Well... that can wait, can it? Zelda's not in any life-threatening danger, right?" Link said as he started to walk over to Malon and Talon.
"(sigh) Always the curious little boy..." Ezlo said.

Link stopped by Malon's side to ask her what was going on. Malon looked at least a few years older than Link, like she was around 15 or so years old, so she was very attractive looking to say the least.
"Something wrong?" Link said.
"Oh, yes there is. My daddy locked himself out again, and he left the key inside the ranch." Malon said.
"Hmmm... I see. I guess he's trying to break himself in?" Link said.
"Arrrrrgh... I'll get this darn-tootin' door down if it's last ever thing I dare do!" Talon shouted, as he banged away at the door.
"Yep, pretty much so." Malon said. Link nodded and started to walk away from the two.
"You wanna help them, don't you?" Ezlo asked.
"Well... sure I do." Link said.
"You might get your chance... I sense a Minish portal behind the ranch." Ezlo said. Link stopped walking as he heard that.
"Really?" Link said.
"Really. So, what are you waiting for, junior? Maybe we can find a way inside!" Ezlo said. Link immediately turned around and ran past Malon to the back of the ranch, where indeed the portal was waiting. Link got on top of it, leaving Ezlo to do his usual thing. He sung the magic words and Link soon found himself shrinking down to Minish size.

Link made his way out of the tree stump that served as a Minish portal and then started walking through the blades of grass and back towards the front of the ranch. Link looked up as he drew ever so closer to the now gigantic Malon that was standing around and watching her father.
"Pretty girl, don't you think?" Ezlo asked.
"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Link asked. He could feel Ezlo was gawking up at the giantess, "Oh Ezlo..." Link muttered. He then made it to the front of the ranch, where he noticed a small hole, big enough for him to crawl through. The duo of Link and Ezlo were now inside Lon Lon Ranch as they strived to look for the key.
"That key's gotta be around here somewhere..." Link said. Ezlo looked to his right and was the first to spot it.
"Hey! There it is, laying in the middle of nowhere it seems!" Ezlo shouted. Link looked in his direction to see it too, and he started running as quickly as he could for it. He then tried to lift it up, but it was far too heavy for a Minish to carry.
"Ugh... too heavy. We'll have to push it outside." Link said. He got at the base of the key and started to push it as hard as he could along the floor. He decided to equip the Power Bracelet to help him out as he pushed the key towards the Minish hole, and luckily for our heroes, it was just barely able to fit into the hole and be pushed outside.

Link and Ezlo were back in broad daylight with the key in front of them. Malon looked down and noticed it, but what she said would surprise Link and Ezlo.
"Hey, daddy, look down there! That little Minish brought us the key!" Malon shouted.
"Wait... did she just say 'that little Minish?'" Link asked.
"I'm afraid so. That must mean..." Ezlo said.
"Awww... isn't he just the cutest thing ever!?" Malon shouted as she walked up to the tiny Link and picked him up, as well as the key.
"Huh? What in tarnation are you talking about, Malon? All I see is our here key!" Talon said, taking the key from Malon's hands.
"Well, at least he couldn't see us, but I wonder why she can. Isn't she a lot older than us, Ezlo? Ezlo?" Link asked. But once again Ezlo wouldn't answer. He was staring up at the beautiful face of the giant Malon. Link yanked on Ezlo with his free hands.
"Ezlo... you're supposed to help me out here!" Link shouted.
"Oh, yes... of course. Now where were we?" Ezlo asked.
"Isn't he cute, daddy? Can we keep this here little thing?" Malon asked as Talon was able to open the front door with the key.
"Well... I don't see anythin' you're holding in that little hand of yours, Malon, but whatever it is, you can keep it. Just make sure the horses don't eat it. Ha ha ha ha!" Talon said with a friendly laugh as he walked inside. Link watched him walk in and then turned around, only to get poked in the head by one of Malon's fingers.

"You and I are gonna have so much fun together!" Malon said.
"Wait, uh... Malon, is it? You don't understand! I'm on an important quest to free the princess from a curse! Right, Ezlo? Tell her!" Link shouted.
"She... touched... me..." Ezlo said with imaginary hearts coming out of his eyes. Link fell down in embarrassment in Malon's hand.
"Oy, Ezlo..." Link muttered. Malon giggled at the way he was acting.
"Teeheehee... the little Minish is falling down for me. I love a Minish that's willing to entertain me." Malon said.
"Entertain you!?" Link shouted.
"Come on, little Minish, let's go play in my room!" Malon said. She patted Link on the head with her finger once more before completely closing her hand so that he wouldn't escape. Malon went inside and closed the front door behind her.
"She touched me... again!" Ezlo shouted in excitement.
"Ezlo... you're hopeless." Link muttered in frustration. He knew it was going to be a long night...

Inside Lon Lon Ranch

Inside the ranch, Malon ran upstairs to her room and then jumped onto her bed, looking at the shrunken Link the entire time. Then she kissed Link before rubbing him against her cheek like he was some little toy. Link could feel the strain of being pinned up against Malon's skin from all sides.
"You're just the cutest thing I've ever held in my hands!" Malon said.
"Ugh... look, that's nice, Malon, but don't you understand!? We have an important mission to complete!" Link said.
"Gee, you're such a brave little Minish to have such an important mission." Malon said, smiling down at the little Link.
"Geez... Ezlo, work with me here! We're never gonna get out at this rate!" Link shouted. Again, though, Ezlo was doing nothing but staring up at the giantess. Malon then decided to reach for Ezlo itself as she picked it up with her fingers.
"You look much cuter without your cap. I'll put this here cap of yours in a safe place for you!" Malon said as she looked at the love-striken Ezlo and then walked over to a nearby bookshelf. She placed Ezlo on the very top of the bookshelf, which was probably about 15 feet up off the ground. She then sat back on her bed, coming very close to actually sitting on him as he leapt up with the mattress, and looked once more at Link. He was now without his faithful companion and with nothing but blonde hair on his head. Malon then laid down and placed Link on top of one of her soft breasts.

"Hee hee... aren't they soft and comfortable?" Malon said. Link blushed in embarrassment. Here he was, even with Malon being fully clothed, standing atop the biggest breasts he could ever actually stand on out of a girl that's almost twice his age. It was like looking down at a village from a mountain. That's what it felt like for Link. Malon pushed him around with her finger.
"Go ahead, little Minish, walk around! I bet you would like to sleep on them." Malon said. Link shuddered upon hearing that... but he didn't complain about it. He was way too small to be giving orders to Malon, not that that was a valuable option to begin with because of how much she was getting over him being so small.

So Link just stayed put, looking at Malon's face as she looked back at him. He actually forgot about Zelda for a short time, and this would prove later on to be a big mistake.
"Well... good night, little Minish. We'll be having so much fun in the morning!" Malon said. Indeed, the night sky had fully taken over. Malon picked herself up, kicked off her boots and removed her Bowser Medallion from her chest. Then she took Link, who had fallen into her hands, and then placed him in between her big breasts.
"You'll be safe with me." Malon said. She then pulled back her covers and laid down flat on her back. Link had trouble adjusting to his new position and tried to crawl his way out from between Malon's breasts. But just then... Malon started to hum Epona's Song like she always does when she's on the farm. The song was so soothing, Link couldn't resist listening to it, so he stopped struggling and listened to the calming song. It eventually put him and Malon to sleep.

Unknown location

When Link opened up his eyes again, there wasn't much of a background. It was dark and creepy, with only a couple lights in the area. Link rubbed his eyes to regain his vision, and when he did, he was astounded by what he was seeing in front of him. There was Zelda! No stones around this princess... she looked as healthy as ever. She was standing the length of a football field away from where Link was.
"Zelda!?" Link shouted.
"Link! You must save me!" Zelda said. Link nodded and the two started running for each other. But as he got closer to his beloved princess, something seemed wrong. Zelda was gigantic! Either she had grown or he was still shrunken, but in any case, Zelda didn't realize that she was about to step on Link!
"Link! I'm so glad you could rescue me!" Zelda shouted.
"No... Zelda, wait!!!" Link shouted, but it was no good as Zelda's glass slipper soon started to come flying down towards Link...

Inside Lon Lon Ranch

Link opened his eyes feeling very much startled. But when he looked all over his body, it was all in one piece. It turned out Link was having a nightmare. He was only dreaming about being unwillingly stomped by a giant Princess Zelda. Just then, the sheer thought of Zelda herself reminded Link that he was on an important mission.

His train of thought was soon interrupted when he felt the ground underneath him move. The ground of course being Malon's breasts, which she let him sleep on top of for at least this night. Link fell down towards the bedsheets and looked up only to see Malon's body coming right down towards him! Link braced himself for the worst as he felt his body get pummeled flat to the bed sheets. But... he didn't feel any pain. He looked in the corner of his eyes to see why.

He was laying directly underneath Malon's breasts.
"Saved by the breast..." Link said to himself. He soon crawled his way out from underneath the breast he was trapped under and soon found himself standing next to her neck, with her sleeping face not that far up. Link made his way around Malon's head and towards the edge of the bed. He looked up at the top of the nearby bookcase at the sleeping Ezlo. Link thought about how he was going to get him down.
"I got it! I just hope what I'm thinking is true." Link said. He reached into his pocket, and indeed, the Gust Jar was among the many items he had that shrunk down with him. It was a good thing Ezlo had the power to do that.
With that in mind, Link fired up the Gust Jar, using it to pull Ezlo down from the top of the bookshelf and into the gust jar. Ezlo naturally woke up from this distraction and he didn't look too thrilled about it.
"Hey! What's the big idea!? I was having the most pleasant dream I could imagine!" Ezlo squawked. Link put his hands on his beak.
"Shhhhhhh... keep it down, we're gonna wake her up! We have to get out of here and grow back to normal size." Link said.
"Awwww... do we really have to? I was just getting used to the gentle giant girl's living conditions." Ezlo said.
"Yes we have to. We're trying to save Zelda, remember?" Link said.
"Oh yeah. Very well. Then hop to it, my boy!" Ezlo said. Link then pulled Ezlo completely out of the jar and then magically put it back in his pocket. Link held Ezlo up over his head as he made a leap off Malon's bed. Ezlo opened up like a parachute as the two started to slowly glide down to the wooden floor. When they were halfway through, however, the rooster let out its loud crow for the morning sun was starting to rise once more.

"Oh great... it's morning already! Can't you get us down any faster!?" Link shouted.
"This is as fast as it gets, my boy! This is about all I take!" Ezlo shouted. Their run of bad luck would continue as Link looked over his shoulder and saw Malon turn her head over to her right side and see the two! Malon slowly got out of bed and walked over to Link and Ezlo and held out her right hand, letting them glide onto it.
"Caught again..." Link muttered.
"Naughty naughty little Minish... running away from dear Malon like that!" Malon said, waving her finger around in a back-and-forth horizontal motion.
"Yeah! You naughty little Minish. How dare you run from someone as beautiful as her!?" Ezlo shouted.
"Hey! Just whose side are you supposed to be on!?" Link shouted.
"You deserve to be punished for your silly acts, little Minish." Malon said. She looked around her room for something that she could use. She smiled when she found the object she was looking for.
"I know!" Malon shouted. She picked up a loose jewel necklace that was laying next to her Bowser Medallion. She opened up its case and slipped Link inside as he fit in perfectly. Ezlo was also taken and put back on top of the bookcase. Malon then snapped the necklace back together, trapping Link inside. As he banged on the glass surface in agony, Malon looked at him in the eyes.
"Now you can always be with me... and close to my heart even!" Malon said. She put the necklace on and started walking downstairs to have breakfast. Link watched hopelessly as he felt like a part of Malon now, watching as she went on with her morning activities.

After struggling to find what little air he could inside Malon's wrist bracelet and watching her go through breakfest, Link found himself looking around the heart of the ranch. Then, when he least expected it, Malon opened up the bracelet and dumped Link into her open left hand. Link gasped for the air that he had been denied for the last couple of hours before looking up at the giantess once again.
"Well, little Minish, how did you like your stay inside my bracelet?" Malon asked.
"Would you stop calling me a little Minish!? My name is Link, and I'm seriously on a mission!" Link shouted.
"Link, you say? That's such a cute name for a cute little Minish!" Malon said, once again patting Link on the head. Link sighed deeply knowing that he was once again going nowhere with this situation.
"Hey, listen, while we're here, you think you can help me out around here?" Malon asked. She lowered Link down towards the hay-ridden floor of the ranch while placing an empty milk bottle next to him.

"You think you can help fill this last milk bottle for me before I deliver my next shipment to the market?" Malon asked.
"What!? How do you expect my tiny self to push this thing around!?" Link shouted.
"Use your imagination, little Minish! Hee hee hee!" Malon said as she walked away to take care of other things around the ranch. Link's face was boiling red now."
"I told you... my name is Link!!!" Link shouted. He looked up at the milk bottle that was also big enough to crush him if it ever tipped over him. But just then, Link looked down at his belt to see he had some rope attached to the side. He took the rope and started to swing it over his body before throwing it around the bottle. He latched the rope onto the bottle and started to drag it across the floor with all his might. About ten minutes later, he was finally able to get the bottle underneath the cow. Link fell down onto the floor to catch his breath.
"Mooooooooo... you sure are strong for such a little Minish." a voice said. Link looked up and noticed it was the cow that was speaking to him. He slowly got back up on his feet and started to undo the rope.
"I guess I have my strengths at this size. But I still want to get out of here... I can't stress enough how badly the princess needs my help." Link said.
"Mooooooooo... why won't you want to stay with dear Malon?" the cow said.
"What do you mean?" Link said.
"Mooooooooo... she's such a loving and caring young woman who wouldn't even harm a flea. I think it's good for her to have a tiny boy such as yourself. To be honest, I can't even understand why you'd want to run away from Malon." the cow said. Link just shook his head... even the cows were mad about him being Malon's pet for the rest of her life.
"Forget I said anything..." Link said. He stood back up and walked several yards away from the empty milk bottle. Grabbing his rope once more, he once again hurled it up into the air. This time he latched onto one of the cow's udders and started to yank it towards him at a steady pace. Each time he pulled, a drop of milk fell into the bottle, gradually filling it up.

A few minutes later, Malon came back in the room to see Link still tugging away at the cow. The bottle was 3/4 full as Link wiped himself of the sweat that had covered his head as a result of working so hard.
"Wow... you've done a darn good job, little Minish!" Malon said.
"It's... never mind." Link said, stopping short of correcting his name for the giantess because it seemed there was no chance she would ever get it right.
"Now then, time for a taste test." Malon said as she reached down to pick up the bottle. She took a small sip of the milk and smiled, seemingly satisfied with how the milk tasted.
"Mmmmmm... so tasty. Nice job, little Minish! An extra bottle goes a long way when I sell this here milk to the people of Hyrule!" Malon said. She then reached for a nearby cork and placed it in the bottle, sealing up its contents. Then with her other free hand, she grabbed Link and placed him in her hair for safekeeping.

Outside, Malon walked towards her faithful horse, Epona, and started to load up the back wagon with milk bottles. Link watched from the top of Malon's head as she worked her hardest to get her next shipment ready for selling in the Hyrule Town. When Malon was all done loading up, she took Link from her head and looked at him.
"This is going to be so much fun, little Minish! I have a feeling I'll be selling a lot of Lon Lon Milk today!" Malon said in excitement.
"Great... but where are you going to keep me?" Link asked.
"Ah, never fear, little Minish. I have just the place for you." Malon said. She reached for a nearby empty bottle and dropped Link inside.
"You can stay here where you'll be safe. Wouldn't want to get lost in the Hyrule Market when you're that small, would you?" Malon said. She then placed the bottle at the very back of the wagon, in front of the many full milk bottles that filled up all available space. Malon then hopped onto Epona.
"Alrighty, Epona, away we go to Hyrule Town!" Malon said as she slapped Epona, motioning it to go forward and head for the Hyrule Town.

Several minutes later, Malon arrives in the center of Hyrule Town and puts up her usual sign of Lon Lon Milk bottles up for sale. Time passed and Malon was able to sell three bottles within the first hour of business for the day. She would collect her pay from the happy customers and then walk to the back of her wagon, grabbing a bottle and handing it to the customer.
Link, in the empty bottle, could only watch as Malon was doing her work. Although the top of the bottle was open, it was far too high for Link to reach it. And Ezlo wasn't around to help much either, having to be stuck back at Lon Lon Ranch.

Soon, however, Link caught a break. As Malon was reaching for one of her bottles, she didn't lift it high enough to clear the empty bottle that Link was contained in. Therefore, the two bottles collided, and the empty bottle soon started tumbling out of the wagon and towards the ground. As soon as Malon was away, apparently haven't noticed the empty bottle that fell down, the bottle hit the soft soil and bounced around before landing on its side. Link recovered from the dizziness of that breathtaking ride to see he could easily crawl out of the bottle now that it was laying on its side.
"What luck! This is my chance to escape from Malon!" Link shouted. He made his way outside of the bottle and was now standing on solid ground once more. He looked up at the giantess Malon as she continued to sell bottles. He kinda felt bad about escaping from her when she cared so much for him, but he was determined to get back on the right track. Link then looked at the next girl that Malon was offering milk bottles to. She was wearing a silk red dancer's outfit and had long red hair to match. Link overheard the name of this girl, Din.

"One bottle? That will be 100 rupees." Malon said. Din handed the cash over to Malon quickly. Malon then walked over, nearly stepping on Link who had to jump out of the way as he landed on Din's sandaled right foot, grabbed the bottle and handed it over to Malon.
"Here you go. Thanks for buying genuine Lon Lon Milk!" Malon said.
"You're welcome... I trust you when you say this milk will rejuvenate me body and spirit." Din said with a smile. She then started walking away, with Link hanging on for dear life. It was about a two-minute walk, but Link was now in front of Din's home that she had just loaned from Ingo in the southeast corner of Hyrule Town. He quickly leapt off just before Din walked inside, and Link was back on solid ground.
But before he could celebrate over avoiding danger once more, a shadow blocked all sunlight from hitting Link's body. When he turned around... he was looking up at the biggest cucco he could ever imagine. Well, to him at least. It was certainly a normal-sized cucco to the rest of the world, but Link wasn't normal-sized for the moment.
"(gulp) Great... now I'm cucco food." Link said.
"Mmmm... such a tasty treat! One that I have never seen before!" the cucco shouted. It then started to chase after Link, who took off running right away. The two ran circles in front of both Din's house as well as the nearby Cucco Ranch.

The owner of the Cucco Ranch, a young woman named Anju, walked outside to see one of her cuccos running around chasing the tiny Link.
"Oh dear... I've got to help that little thing!" Anju said to herself. So she ran over to the cucco and picked it up off the ground. Link, not watching where he was going, ran into her shoe and fell to the ground.
"Naughty cucco! You should be ashamed for escaping the nest like that!" Anju shouted. She then tossed the cucco over her fence, trapping the cucco once again within her property. Anju, amazingly able to see Link, got down on her knees and looked straight down at the tiny hero.
"Are you okay, little one? I'm sorry my cuccos got a little wild towards you." Anju said.
"Uh... well, sure." Link said, obviously captivated by Anju's beauty, "Say... how can you see me? I'm a..." Before Link finished, he quickly thought that perhaps without his companion, Ezlo, to assist him, he would be seen as a regular shrunken person instead of a Minish, something only children can see.
"Well, whatever you are, you certainly aren't safe out here in this place. Please... let me make you feel comfortable." Anju said.
"Thanks... I guess." Link said. Anju then closed up her hands so that Link wouldn't escape and then started to walk back inside her home.

Anju walked inside her home and shooed the many mini-cuccos that she raised inside her home to the nearby play nest she had made just for them. Once they were in there and secured, Anju sat down on her bed and looked once more at the shrunken Link.
"Gosh... you really are tiny. I didn't realize it until I looked over at my mini-cuccos." Anju said.
"Please, miss, you don't have to rub it in." Link said.
"Oh dear! I didn't mean to offend you... I'm really sorry. My name is Anju. What is yours?" Anju said.
"It's Link." Link said softly.
"Link? That's a nice name. Um... tell me Link... do you think I look cute?" Anju said.
"Well... yes, of course. Why wouldn't I think that?" Link said.
"I don't know... I guess I'm just worried I don't get enough attention." Anju said. She then held Link as close as she possibly could to her right eye, allowing her to get a clearer view of the shrunken boy. Link simply shook himself all over. He never thought he could see a human eye this close as long as he lived. Then she placed him on a feather-filled pillow that was laying on her bed.
"Is it comfy, Link?" Anju asked.
"Uh... sure, I guess." Link said.
"That's so kind of you. Now wait here... I need to prepare the baby cuccos for feeding time." Anju said. Link gulped nervously over hearing that.

Meanwhile, back near the center of Hyrule Town, Malon was still busy selling Lon Lon Milk bottles. She didn't even notice a couple of her good friends, Nayru and Farore, approach her.
"Hard at work as usual, eh?" Farore asked.
"Oh... hello there, Farore and Nayru. I take it you want some Lon Lon Milk as well?" Malon said.
"No, not today. But you really should chill out, girl! You've been working a little too hard!" Farore shouted.
"Yeah. You know what they say? All work and no play makes for a very dull personality." Nayru said. Malon simply giggled.
"Well, I do appreciate your concerns, ladies. But I've gotta sell the milk to keep the farm open. You'd understand if you were in this line of work." Malon said.
"Oh well... to each their own power, I guess. Isn't that right, Nayru?" Farore said. Nayru reached down and picked up an empty bottle that had been rolling underneath the cart.
"For sure, though you should be careful, Malon. You don't want to spill these so-called profits of yours." Nayru said, showing the empty bottle to Malon. Malon gasped big time... that was the bottle she kept Link in, and he wasn't there!
"Huh? What's wrong, Malon?" Farore asked.
"Uh... nothing. Nothing at all. You're right... I, uh... gotta be more careful not to spill any of the milk around. Thanks, Nayru!" Malon said as she took the empty bottle from Nayru's hands, trying to keep herself under control because her little Link was missing.
"Listen, ladies, I... uh... I gotta go take a break at the café. Perhaps we can talk later?" Malon said.
"Yeah, sure thing... I gotta get back to decrypting passwords anyway." Farore said.
"And I need to practice my singing for tomorrow night's party!" Nayru said.
"Great! See ya later!" Malon shouted before she ran off, leaving the Lon Lon Milk cart unguarded for the time being and dropping the empty bottle once more.
"(sigh) That Malon... she's always on the move, isn't she?" Nayru said.
"It sure feels that way." Farore said before the two girls walked away from the cart.

Malon, though, was frantically running through Hyrule Town. Looking down and bumping into people in the process just so she could find her shrunken Link.
"Little Minish! Little Minish, where are you!?" Malon shouted, sounding worried judging by the tone of her voice. On top of all this, she had unknowingly begun to crush a tiny Minish village that stood in her path. Of course, no fault to her because she couldn't see it being 15 years old. These were true Minish citizens unlike Link. The Minish could only watch as their village was nearly obliterated in just a few seconds.
"All is lost! All is lost!!!" one of the Minish screamed before he was unwillingly stomped to death.

Back inside Anju's home, Link watched from the pillow on Anju's bed as the young lady was gathering up something, though he couldn't see what it was. Link still was nervous wondering what was going to happen if he somehow got involved. He's already had to put up with one giant girl... to deal with two on the same day was just crazy, and it was making him wish he was with Ezlo now so that they could grow back to normal size together.
Anju finished digging through her cabinets, and walked towards her bed holding what looked like a sealed up can, no doubt with cucco food inside. Link was too scared to consider that.
"Well, it's feeding time for the baby cuccos!" Anju said. She reached down to pick up Link, but he quickly got up and, without thinking much, leapt off the bed. He was lucky enough to land on the other pillow that was laying on the floor.
"No! Please!!! Don't make me the bait!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!" Link shouted, screaming for his life as he started running again. He quickly spotted a Minish-sized hole at the western-most wall of Anju's house, where the baby cuccos had been waiting, and ran as fast as he could for it. Anju just watched as the tiny Link disappeared.
"Gee... I was only going to ask him if he wanted to help me feed the cuccos. (sigh) Must be tough living life at that size. I guess I'm on my own again, like always." Anju said as she opened up the can and got to work feeding the baby cuccos.

Outside, Link was running as fast as he could outside of Anju's house, trying to escape for his life. He wasn't thinking enough to see that he was about to crash into Malon's boot... and that's just what happened. Link recovered from the slam and looked up to see Malon was right there. She then looked down and she was just able to spot him.
"There you are, little Minish!" Malon said. She reached down to pick him up, and Link was once again trapped in Malon's hands.
"You've been very naughty to run away from me like that!" Malon said.
"Hey, listen, Malon! I wasn't running from you. I was running from all the other people of Hyrule that almost crushed me when my bottle fell off the cart." Link shouted.
"Well, no matter what, you still ran away. Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough for you? You don't have to be scared of little ol' me. I promise I'll take care of you like I would have any other Minish." Malon said. Link didn't say anything, but he did smile so that Malon would know that he had been paying attention.
"That's good. Now how about we get back to the ranch so I can put you in a safer place?" Malon said. Link just nodded before Malon walked back to the Lon Lon Milk cart, surprisingly still there even after she left it alone for several minutes. Malon this time continued to hold on tight to Link as she hopped on Epona and galloped out of Hyrule Town and back towards Lon Lon Ranch.

After a few minutes of traveling down the road, Malon was back home in Lon Lon Ranch. She safely loaded the cart and Epona back to her nearby stable and then started walking towards her home. She walked inside and went up the stairs to her room.
"Well, here we are, little Minish! Home sweet home!" Malon shouted. Just then... she felt something bug-sized land on her nose. Just as Malon was adjusting her eyesight to see what it was that landed on her nose, the small thing then pecked and then bit her on the nose!
"OUCH!!" Malon gasped in pain. It was enough that she ended up dropping Link as she held her nose with her two hands, checking to see if she had lost any blood. The green bug jumped off Malon's nose and sped down towards Link's head. It turned out the green bug-sized thing was Ezlo! The two glided down safely towards the staircase that led to the main floor of Lon Lon Ranch, where the all-important front door was.
"Ezlo!" Link said.
"Good to see you in one piece, young one." Ezlo said.
"But... what just happened? Was it you that attacked Malon?" Link said.
"Yeah... so I'm a sucker now. Big deal. I just got tired of sitting atop that bookshelf doing nothing whatsoever. That's when I realized that I had been spending too much time marveling the beauty of this lovely young woman and not enough time on our mission." Ezlo said.
"Well, I'm just glad you've finally wised up. I don't think I can stand these giant girls for another second!" Link said.
"We've got to hurry, I'm kinda surprised I stunned the girl for this long. I suspect she'll recover any second now!" Ezlo said. Indeed, the two looked a long ways up to the top floor to see Malon coming down the steps.
"Little Minish! Please come back... I won't hurt you!" Malon shouted.
"Yipes! You got the Pegasus Boots on, my boy?" Ezlo said.
"I always do, don't I?" Link asked.
"Now's the time to use them!" Ezlo shouted. Link then magically activated his Pegasus Boots and started sprinting towards the front door. Link and Ezlo were able to get outside... and a few seconds later, so did Malon as she swung the front door open. Link looked back at the giant girl as she tried her best to find him.
"Don't look back, junior! The Minish portal is just ahead!" Ezlo shouted. Link looked ahead to see they were probably a football field's worth of yards away from the Minish portal. Malon looked behind her and spotted the tiny Link heading for the stump.
"Little Minish!" Malon shouted as she ran for the shrunken one. It was a race to see who would get to the stump first...

Just barely... Link was able to make it inside the stump that would grow him back to normal size. Malon had dived trying to grab Link before he could get inside, but she was a split second too late. As Link was catching his breath and climbing up the mushrooms inside the stump, he could hear Malon beginning to cry her heart out.
"Why... little Minish... why must you run from me like this? Why won't you stay small and be my pet forever?" Malon said in between sobs. Link heard this and felt sympathy for the young lady.
"Gosh... I feel sorry for her. She must not have had many friends, big or small, to play with." Link said.
"I share the same sentiment. If only we didn't have our mission to be concerned with, perhaps we could stay with her." Ezlo said.
"Yeah, I agree." Link said. He then made it to the top mushroom.
"Okay, Ezlo. Do your thing." Link said. Ezlo indeed started to sing his song, and a couple seconds later, Link felt his body levitate out of the stump and into the open air. But Malon was still by the stump, watching and hoping that Link would still come out and give in. And that's just what happened.
"Drat! Malon's still here!" Link shouted.
"There you are, my little Minish!" Malon said. She then grabbed Link and held him with both her hands... right at the same time he began to grow back to normal size.
"Oh dear... hang on, my boy!" Ezlo shouted as the growth magic started to take effect. The pressure from the magic as well as being hung onto by Malon was too much for Link, and he passed out.

A few minutes later, Link finally woke up from his unconscious state. He stood up and looked around, getting a feel for his own body.
"Ugh... Ezlo? Are we alive?" Link said.
"Quite so, junior. You're back to your normal size." Ezlo said. Link looked out ahead to see how much higher he appeared to be off the ground.
"Well, that's good. Um... how come Lon Lon Ranch looks a lot smaller than it usually does? Are you sure we're at normal size?" Link asked.
"Sure we are. It's just that my wildest dreams have come true..." Ezlo said.
"What in the name of Hyrule are you..." Link said. But before he could finish wondering why Ezlo was in such a trance-like state, he turned around to see why. Yes, Link was back to his normal size...

...but Malon was simply gigantic!!! It was hard to say how big she was, but she was definitely big enough to crush all of Lon Lon Ranch with one foot.
"Hi there, little Minish!" Malon said, with her voice booming through the daytime skies. Link jumped up in shock when he saw the giant Malon's face in front of him. Not to mention he was really standing on Malon's humongous hand, which explains why Lon Lon Ranch, and the rest of Hyrule for that matter, appeared so low from Link's perspective.
"Such a beautiful figure..." Ezlo said, almost drooling over looking over the giant Malon from head to toe. Link just grunted and started to shake Ezlo to catch his attention.
"Ezlo... do you mind telling me what just happened here!?" Link said.
"Oh, of course... it seems that my growth magic extended into Malon's body since she had grabbed us just as we grew. So that made her grow as well..." Ezlo said.
"Oh great..." Link said.
"Wow... look at how small everything is. I bet I can find lots of Minish now at this size! What do you think, little Minish?" Malon asked.
"Uh... fine, I guess. But Ezlo, how are we going to get Malon back to her normal size?" Link said. But Ezlo didn't answer, no doubt because he was salivating over his 'dreams coming true.'

"(sigh) It's hopeless." Link said.
"Well, little Minish, what do you say we find some more Minish for me to play with? This oughta be more fun than drinking an entire bottle full of Lon Lon Milk!" Malon shouted. Before Link could sigh again over his day getting a heck of a lot worse than it already has, he felt Malon's hand moving upwards beneath him. He was soon dumped once again into Malon's hair. Link grabbed onto one of the many strands of hair that now surrounded his view as he listened to the stomping sounds of Malon walking through Hyrule as a mega giantess.

Is this the end for Hyrule?