Navi Gets Even

(Cubed Cinder)

As Link walked home towards the Kokiri Village, he began to reflect back on all his adventures. He had been through so much at such a young age, but he knew as well as anyone that this was for the good of all people. His last adventure particularly took him off guard considering all he had wanted to do was find his lost friend, Navi the fairy.

But after defeating the evil Majora and Ganon, all in a span of three weeks, Link felt like he needed a much deserved break. But first, in order to seal the Master Sword and the Door of Time once again, he had to return the three crown jewels of the Temple of Time back to their rightful owners. He first returned the Zora Sapphire to Princess Ruto of Zora's Domain, and then returned the Goron Ruby to Darunia of Goron City. All that was left was the Great Deku Tree's Kokiri Emerald.

But as Link approached the Great Deku Tree's mouth so that he could enter it and place the emerald back in its center, he heard a familiar sounding cry.
"HEY! Don't put that back!" it shouted. Just before he could look around and find the source of the cry, Link was suddenly startled when a white flash quickly covered up his eyesight. It was only for a split second, but it was enough to make Link drop the emerald. It hit the ground and shattered into several pieces.

Link was, of course, shocked to see such an important piece of the Master Sword puzzle broken before him. Before he could even think about picking up the loose pieces, the white flash streaked by him again. This time, it stopped to hover over the emerald pieces. As this figure lowered itself towards the pieces, Link right away recognized this figure.
"Navi!" Link shouted. Navi, however, didn't say anything. As she touched the many scattered pieces of the Kokiri Emerald, her white glow suddenly became a more green color. She also shined brighter than ever. So much that Link had to cover his eyes temporarily. By the time the flash had withered away, Link looked to see that nothing had changed... except for the more human-sized fairy that stood right in front of him.

"Navi? Is that you?" Link asked as he looked up to his fairy comrade. She looked about 5'4" to Link's best educated guess.
"Yeah... I'm just fine, of course." Navi said. She then looked down over herself, and down at Link, "Ah... perfect! Just as I hoped would happen." she continued.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Link said.
"Oh, Link. So adventurous, yet still so naive. Don't you know? If any one of us fairies ever laid a hand on at least one fragment of the Kokiri Emerald, it would grant us powers beyond even our own comprehension. And luckily enough, this just happens to be one of my new powers." Navi said, referring to the fact that she was no longer the tiny fairy that Link would constantly ignore many times in the past.
"Well, listen. We should go inside the Great Deku Tree. Maybe we can find a cure for your condition." Link said. He offered his hand to Navi, but she just slapped it away.
"Ugh! Is that how you continue to treat me after all I've been through? You don't even understand what it's like when you're so tiny and hardly anyone else will talk to you!" Navi shouted.
"Navi, please calm down..." Link said.
"You have no idea how it is to be a mere ball of light, no one able to see your beauty. The unseen one. Now you will!" Navi shouted. As her frustration reached its greatest peak of the day, she pointed her finger at Link. Link could only watch as his body glowed green and Navi seemed to be getting taller.

Smaller and smaller Link shrunk until he was no bigger than three inches tall, about the same size Navi used to be at. But Navi didn't smile at all over the fact that she was already towering over her 'former' master. She wanted more.
"I was going to shrink you to fairy size, but your lack of comprehension needs extreme ways." Navi said. Again she pointed her finger at the tiny hero, who began to shrink once more. Link began to shake in fear considering that his guardian fairy was doing this to him, and he had no idea just how small he was going to get. He tried not to think of Navi going down the extreme route, like making him as small as an ant. Heck, there was always the chance he'd end up even smaller than one!

Link's vision blurred from the now intense green light that Navi was causing. His head felt dizzy and he could hear Navi's laugh on the distance. It was quite a powerful and sinister laugh, which could not bode well for our still-shrinking hero. At only half an inch tall, Navi was quite the goddess compared to his puny size. Link tried all he could to get Navi to stop.
"No! Navi, please stop! What have I ever done to harm you!?" Link shouted. Obviously, as small as he was, Navi couldn't possibly hear that. Finally, she stopped. Navi laughed softly once more before she picked up the tiny-sized hero. She held him right directly in front of her face.
"Well, hero! It seems the tables have turned, have they?" Navi said. She could see Link pleading with her once more, but she could barely make out what he was saying.
"What was that? You're going to have to speak up, dear!" Navi said. Her voice was so incredibly loud to Link that he had to cover his ears.
"Now, it's time you went somewhere that you've never been into. A fairy's mouth!" Navi said. She slowly opened her mouth and placed the tiny Link inside before closing it once again.

Inside, Link was sitting nervously on Navi's large tongue, wondering what she was going to do with him. It was sight almost all too familiar for Link having once been inside a giant fish named Jabu-Jabu. The white teeth was especially making him nervous, knowing that as small as he was, he could very easily be crushed by them.

Then, Link felt the surface beneath him moving. Navi was moving her tongue. She first moved it up towards the top of her mouth, slamming Link against the ceiling and making him fall back down for the tongue. Navi could only smile to herself knowing that she had full control of Link. Finally, she decided to spit him back out. By this point, she didn't care that the palm of her hand was covered in her own saliva. All that mattered was that Link was a part of that mess.

Navi set Link down gradually on the ground, taking care not to harm her new prize.

"Look upon your new, beautiful goddess..." Navi said down to Link. Link was scared by her size but amazed by her beauty. He looked up at titanic Navi. Even her bare feet towered over him. Her blue dress seemed to tower on for eternity, and her big, smirking face was looking down onto him.

"Why don't we play a little game?" Navi said. She then raised her foot high above the tiny Link, but lowered it slow enough for Link to jump out of the way. Navi just played along with Link's game, missing him on purpose for every step she took. It seemed she was trying to give Link the impression that he really was running away from a giant fairy.

Finally, though, Navi placed both of her feet on each side of Link, leaving him with little chance to escape.

"Well now, I would play with you for a little more time. But I've got much bigger plans for myself and my fairy friends. But more importantly... for Hyrule." Navi said. Link gasped at the sound of that as she picked him up again and started to carry him off towards the forest. She entered what Link knew to be Saria's house. Link held on tight as she dropped him inside one of the nearby wooden pots.
"Don't worry. I'm sure Saria will play with you better than I did. Of course, that all depends on if she finds you and whether or not she mistakes you for a measly bug!" Navi said, laughing as she walked away from her target. She could just hear Link's screams for help echo through the opening of the pot as she walked outside the house and back towards the Great Deku Tree.

Once there, Navi looked down at the remaining shards of the Kokiri Emerald.
"If I grab all of these..." Navi said to herself. She kneeled down and picked up the rest of the shards. Soon enough, every piece began to glow green, along with Navi's body. Eventually, there was a slight stretching noise as Navi began to grow in size. Bigger and bigger she grew. When she stop, it seemed nobody knew. Except for Navi. All she was doing as the rising sensation continued was smiling, knowing that just moments from now, the world would be at her feet.

Finally, her growth stopped at 300 feet tall. From mere inches to 300 feet tall, it was quite a change for the energetic Navi. And now it was time that she put her new size to use. Navi looked down and noticed all the Kokiri children walking through the forest, with their fairy guardians in tow.
"I will make them all pay! I will show all those tiny children just what we fairies are really about!" Navi said to herself.
Activity in the Kokiri Forest was halted when some felt the beams from the sun were too much for them. For those children that were able to look up, they screamed when they could see it was a giantess, but of course, not just any giantess...

"Look! It's a giant fairy!" One of the children exclaimed. Many were finally able to look up and see the giant Navi approaching. Of course, none of them really knew it was Navi for sure. She, along with the rest of the Kokiri fairies, had just been mere sparkles hovering around the sky. Everyone ran away when Navi took her first step into the forest. She not only used her large feet to crush many of the houses, but she also flapped her wings and caused a huge gust that knocked many of the children right off their feet.

As soon as Navi felt the children were harmed enough, she spoke out.
"Fairies of the Kokiri Forest! Join me now, and free yourself from your life of slavery! Give me more power than I'll ever need, and I'll make sure the whole kingdom realizes just what we fairies are made of!" Navi said. The surprised fairies, despite feeling stunned at the sight of a giant fairy, immediately flew up to Navi. Some of them asked how she got so big.
"The power of the Kokiri Emerald was fused with me. Now I can change my size and the size of anyone I wish... like this!" Navi said with a smile. Soon they nodded as they started to realize her intentions. Just then, Navi glowed green once again, and every single fairy in the forest found themselves growing to human size, just like Navi had done earlier. The fairies floated back to the ground to stand beside their masters.
"I am going for a while to test the extent of my power. I would like it, however, if you would keep the Kokiri under control while I am away." Navi said to the fairies. The children stared in horror at the fairies that had just grown to human-size. "It's time for you little children to know what it's like to be tiny!" Navi said.

Then, Navi glowed green once more, and every Kokiri child, from Saria to Mido, found themselves shrinking to tiny size. Navi felt it wouldn't be too long before they would be at the mercy of their own guardian fairies. Navi thought back to all the times she had been roughed up when she was merely the size of a fairy. She smiled knowing that it was now the childrens' turn to suffer while the fairies prove they were no longer the outcasts that their owners had so cruelly made them.

But now was not the time to admire. Navi had much bigger things in store for Hyrule. She wanted so bad to make sure the entire kingdom knew that fairies are not to be treated in such ignorant fashion. So she decided to take the skies in search of her next location. Eventually, she decided that attack Hyrule Castle Town would be the best place to show off her new power. In addition, she could send the royal family a little message, that she was the new power of Hyrule.

She immeadiatly headed for the castle town. When she felt like she was completely over it, she stopped flapping her wings and allowed herself to make contact with the ground, causing a shockwave that knocked everyone and everything off the ground. As the people got back to their feet, they started to take off to avoid being crushed by the giant fairy.
"That's right, puny humans! Run before you fall before my might! Not that you'd listen to us fairies in the first place..." Navi said. She took a few steps back and started to flap her wings again. This time, she was flapping them in a horizontal motion, causing the wind force to blow downward and all over the town. Everyone was caught up in the whirlwind, where they eventually met their end to either Navi's body or to the rock-solid pavement below. The few that survived were far too weak to survive any longer had they tried to escape.
"Because I am Navi, soon to be ruler of this kingdom of Hyrule! We fairies have been surpressed for too long. Now we will receive what we deserve!" Navi shouted. After crushing a few more buildings in the Hyrule Market, which left it in ruins by now, Navi turned her attention towards Hyrule Castle itself.

When Navi said she was going to finally prove the fairies' worth to Hyrule, she had meant it. And she felt the best way to do it was to assume a central spot at Hyrule Castle, where she could oversee all that was happening in Hyrule.

Navi looked down at Hyrule Castle and smiled. At her original size, it was a completely vast structure, but now it couldn't even rise up to her knees. Navi peeked inside one of the windows to see the young Zelda panicking wildly over the sight. Navi quickly thrust her hand inside and grabbed the tiny princess as she tried to make an escape. Zelda screamed in agony over the situation.
"NOOOO!!! Please don't hurt me!" Zelda shouted. Navi just smiled.
"Now why would I want to hurt you? I just want to make sure you continue your suffering, then you can join those who have tried to oppose me." Navi said. She decided to be a little lenint on Zelda considering she was the fair princess of Hyrule, and one of the few people to not have done anything to harm Navi over Link's past journeys.
But she couldn't just drop her to the ground and let her run away. With the magic she possessed, even if she was not considered a sage just yet, surely she would try any means possible to stop her. So Navi decided to do the next best thing.
"You can wait here until I can find some use out of you." Navi said. Zelda was confused but started struggling as soon as Navi held the tiny princess above her cleavage. After letting her dangle freely for a few seconds, she dropped her headfirst. Zelda struggled to escape her fleshy prison but her attempt was in vain. Navi giggled as Zelda squirmed and moved. But now was the time to plot her next move.

Just then, an idea crossed the giant fairy's mind. She remembered how there were two other spiritual stones in the land of Hyrule. The Goron Ruby and the Zora Sapphire. She began to think if the Kokiri Emerald gave her the ability to grow, she wondered what the other jewels could possibly do to her already powerful figure.

Navi began to think of what she could search for. She knew that finding both gems wouldn't exactly be a walk in the park, even if she were a giantess. But she was not going to rest until the fairies had gained all the power they sought to gain. Navi figured that the Goron Ruby would be her best bet. It was located at Death Mountain, left there by Link earlier. Since it was on display again like before the Dodongo cave was sealed, it would be much easier to just take it from the center of Goron City.

So when she arrived at Death Mountain, making sure to crush a few houses at Kakariko Village along the way, she looked inside at the entrance to Goron City. She then stuck her hand inside and began to dig around for the ruby. The deeper she stuck her hand, the more the entrance was cracking.

For the Gorons, it was pandemonium as they tried their best to avoid being crushed by the huge hand. Some were unfortunate to get pinned by it, while others had to roll at high speeds to dodge it. Eventually, though, Navi finally feels something shiny and then starts to remove her hand from the caverns. She smiles as she sees a tiny Darunia in her hand, with the Goron's Ruby attached to his chest.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!?" Darunia asked. Navi didn't say anything as she worked her fingers to rip the ruby right off Darunia. She held it in her hand as she set the Goron leader back down on the ground.
"I'm borrowing this." Navi said. She then watched with joy as the ruby started to glow bright red, along with her entire body.
"Ahhhh... the Goron Ruby. With this in my possession, I'll be able to create the ultimate landscape for my fellow fairies to wonder around in. Now to get the Zora Sapphire." Navi said to herself. Knowing where the jewel was located was easy for Navi, since she had known from Link that she always wore it around her neck. With that in mind, Navi began to flap her wings again as she slowly began her brief hover over to the Zora territory.

Unlike Death Mountain, getting the jewel inside Zora's Domain wouldn't exactly be easy considering the way the place is laid out. Plus the fact that Ruto, who was guarding the sapphire herself, was near the back of the domain, a place hard to reach from the front. Luckily, Navi had a way around this, and the power of the Kokiri Emerald to make sure it happened. She glowed green once again and focused her energy on just how big she was going to be. Eventually, she found herself shrinking down to human size, ideal to get inside the domain. After shrinking, she landed within Jabu-Jabu's quarters and started to walk inside to the domain.

The young Princess Ruto and King Zora were sitting patiently waiting for something to happen inside the domain, whether it was helping someone with swimming lessons or gathering fish for the nightly feast. Surely they wouldn't be ready to see a human-sized fairy just walk in from the back and ask for the Zora's Sapphire, but that's just what Navi was counting on.
"Excuse me." Navi said. Ruto jumped at the sound.
"Goodness! Can't you come from the front like most people do!?" Ruto shouted.
"Well, you know us fairies. We can be pretty sneaky sometimes." Navi said.
"Huh? Are you a great fairy by any chance?" King Zora asked.
"Somewhat. Now, enough questions. I'm looking for the Zora's Sapphire." Navi said.
"Why would you want that?" Ruto asked.
"Just to show Hyrule that we fairies mean business from now on." Navi said.
"Never! We can't just hand you this precious jewel of the Zora family! You must prove your worth!" King Zora shouted.
"You mean like this?" Navi said. She then started to glow green once again. She watched with her usual face of joy as both King Zora and Ruto started to slowly diminish in size.

"Wha... what is this!? We're shrinking!!" King Zora exclaimed. As Ruto watched to see herself shrink, she immediately noticed that the Zora's Sapphire wasn't shrinking with her. As soon as it was too big to stay even on her shoulders, that's when Navi extended her hands towards the shrinking princess and promptly took the jewel off. Navi just smiled as both her victims continued to shrink.
"You're going to need water wings by the time I'm done with you." Navi said. Eventually, as Navi stopped glowing green, Ruto and King Zora were both a mere inch tall. In fact, they had to flap their flippers just to stay afloat in the water that formerly touched their ankles. Of course, this was proving to be a problem for King Zora considering his high weight. As a final goodbye, Navi slightly kicked the water, close to where Ruto and King Zora were floating. It was only a small kick, but to the two shrunken Zoras, it was like being unfortunate victims of a tidal wave as they were sent flying through the water in many different directions. By the time the rush had stopped, Navi was gone and on her way back to the forest.

But their was no sympathy in Navi's heart and soul. She had no regrets over the things she had been doing up to this point in time. Things like shrinking Link, Zelda, and now Princess Ruto to such a tiny size. Not to mention doing the same to the Kokiri children who were now forced to do their guardian fairies' bidding. And, of course, gathering the powers of the three ancient jewels and storing them in her body.

Had she been treated better by everyone around her and not just by her owner, Link, then she wouldn't have to force herself to go on this power mad quest for setting Hyrule her way. As it stood right now, there was no turning back. Navi, at human size, had arrived at the Kokiri Forest once again. She stopped by one of the houses, where one of the fairies was toying with a tiny Saria.
"Oh, welcome back, Navi!" The fairy said. Navi just nodded.
"Having fun with Saria?" Navi asked.
"You bet. I got her to beg for me, something that I always had to do with her whenever she wasn't playing with the ocarina." The fairy said. Navi looked down at the tiny Saria as she shivered with fear at her gigantic face.
"I take it she is treating you well, Saria?" Navi asked.
"Please! Why must you do this to us!? We Kokiris have never done anything to harm you!" Saria screamed. Navi could suddenly feel a little squirmish movement from her chest. She peeked inside to see Zelda moving around again. She had regained consciousness and it seemed she was trying to escape the fairy's wrath. Navi smiled knowing that she had shrunk as a result of herself shrinking to normal size back at Zora's Domain.
"Excuse me for a moment. I have to drop off another flea I picked up from the Market." Navi said. The other fairy nodded as she went back to playing games with her tiny owner, Saria.

Meanwhile, Navi went inside Saria's house and looked inside one of the wooden pots and saw the tiny Link still inside.
"Hi, Linky... having fun in there?" Navi asked, cheerfully. Link just made a frowning face up at his 'goddess.'
"Thought so. Here, I brought home a playmate for you!" Navi said. She stood back up and pulled out the tiny Princess Zelda. She glowed green once again and shrunk her to the same size Link was. Then she held her over the wooden pot's opening. Link could only feel depressed to see his beloved Zelda had been caught in Navi's magical spree through Hyrule.
Zelda screamed as she was let go by Navi and was sent falling inside the pot. Luckily, Link catched her before she could have a painful landing.
"Awww... that's so romantic. Link saving his princess!" Navi said. Link had finally heard enough.
"Listen up, Navi! You've got to come to your senses! Think of all the adventures you and I had together! Think of how much you helped me in our final battle with Ganon! Why throw it all away now?" Link said.
"You just don't get it, do you, Link? Just look at yourself and Zelda. Can't you see how limited you are in freedom at that size? This is no longer about tagging along or being forced to do one's bidding. It's about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world MY way. Not with you!" Navi said.
"Yeah, but..." Before Link could say anymore, however, Navi clenched her fist and looked like she was about to strike the two inside, causing quite a scare for both Link and Zelda. But Navi pulled back and just looked sternly at the two.
"Enough! It's time that I moved on with my plan. Until then, why don't you two have fun since you're so close together?" Navi said. It was with that in mind that she left to head for the Great Deku Tree.

Navi chose to unlock the powers of the Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire at the Great Deku Tree since that has long been a central point for guardian fairies like herself, and it was only appropriate that her plan start from there. First, Navi held the Goron's Ruby tightly in her hands. Her body began to glow red afterward, as did the jewel itself.

After Navi's body stopped glowing, she threw the powerless jewel aside. The ruby landed right next to the Kokiri Emerald, which was back in one piece thanks to the efforts of the human fairies. Next was the Zora's Sapphire. As Navi held it in her hands, her body glowed blue this time around. Likewise, after she felt she had received all of the jewel's powers, she stopped glowing and threw the jewel aside.

Navi took in a sigh of relief. She now had enough powers to be goddess-like in nature. But she wasn't about to act like a goddess anytime soon. She wanted to take her newfound power in strides. So she started to glow green once again, soon enlarging herself to 50 feet tall.
"Fairies of the forest!" Navi shouted. All the fairies stopped their current activity to look up at their 'leader.'
"My quest is complete. I have attained the powers of the three jewels, all of which represent the courage, wisdom, and power that we fairies have sought to gain for so long. Now, please allow me to share my power with you." Navi said. She started to glow blue, instead of her normal green. She was reading the inner thought of each and every forest fairy, and amazingly, they seemed to be thinking the same thing that Navi was thinking.

"I see, so you would like to live in a land where fairies have the upper hand? Well then, look no further than yours truly. For I have the solution to our problem!" Navi said. She glowed green once again, but this time, it was the other fairies that began to grow. Soon, all of Kokiri Forest was surrounded by about nine 50-foot-tall fairies, including Navi herself.
"Now, my friends! Go out there and show Hyrule what we're truly made of! Make this land the way you want it to be!" Navi said, holding her hands in the air. All the fairies seemed to cheer in agreement, and soon enough, they took off for the skies for random locations throughout Hyrule. Navi was the last to leave. Now Kokiri Forest was completely quiet, except for the tiny screams of shrunken Kokiri children everywhere.

It was pandemonium for Hyrule, no matter where you went. As it turned out, most of the areas in Hyrule (like Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, Zora's Domain, and Gerudo Valley) had two of the gigantic forest fairies each. They did all they could to stomp the lands of their former slaves, the ones that cared so little about them. Navi, in the meantime, stayed in Hyrule Field to do some magic of her own. She even took advantage of the Goron's Ruby powers and changed the land throughout Hyrule.

As her body glowed red, Navi closed her hands and moved her hands gently in the small area directly west of Hyrule Castle. Trees were demolished just by sheer thought, and land was shifting up and down, sometimes spewing volcanic lava from underneath because the earth of this region was being modified so drastically. As the magic wore off and Navi opened her eyes, she marveled at her awesome powers and began to get a better idea of the kind of person she now was.

Two weeks later

Hyrule hadn't changed drastically, but it was still a dramatic series of change. For instance, the old Kakariko Village was completely destroyed by the forest fairies, yet Navi offered for them to move to the new region she had created west of Hyrule Castle. Although they were on their own to rebuild the place. The old village was replaced with building material that was to be used as a sanctuary for all the fairies of the world. For now, excess rocks and lava from a resurgent Death Mountain covered the area for the time being.

Other changes felt minimal, but still necessary according to Navi's beliefs. Lake Hylia was greatly expanded to serve as a swimming pool for the fairies. Desert Colossus was completely flattened so that the desert spirits may rest in peace from the Gerudos. As for the Gerudos, their peace was being shattered by the fact that a great swamp was being formed over their land, thanks to Navi's ability to alter the land. And the Lost Woods was greatly expanded to cover even the Sacred Forest Meadow.

While all these changes suited the fairies just fine, whether they were human-sized or 50 feet tall, they eventually started to grow tired of their newfound lifestyles, and they turned to Navi for advice. Once again, their opinions were almost unanimous. It seemed they could adjust better to life if they didn't have to deal with the normal humans of Hyrule. They were certainly a mixed bunch. Some accepted the fairies as part of their way of life as thanks for not changing their land, while others tried in every way possible to throw them out of their area. More often than not, these fairies had to enlarge themselves just so they could get the irate humans to settle down.

Navi understood all these issues, and quickly came up with a solution as she looked up at the moonlit sky.
"Girls, I think it's time we chose a new land to live on. One where we can live far away from the hustle and bustle of Hyrule. Far, far away." Navi said as she pointed up to the moon.
"On the moon!? But how would we be able to survive in space?" one fairy asked.
"If we just put our minds into ourselves, and we truly believe that we can live in such a location, then we can live there." Navi said. She started to glow blue, as did the other fairies. She was obviously helping to ease their minds of the troubles of living on such an exotic location. But once they came to realize the powers that Navi had possessed, anything was possible as long as their leader was around.
Soon, one by one, the fairies agreed with Navi that living on the moon and setting a community there would help make their free lives that much more free and even easier to boot.
"Then it's settled. We move there right now." Navi said. She, as well as the other fairies, started to glow green once more as they grew. Navi wanted everyone with her to grow as big as they could so that their flight between Hyrule and the Moon wouldn't have to be such a tiresome chore. Finally, at a size of about 1000 feet tall, every last fairy started to flap their wings and follow Navi upwards to the Moon.


One week has passed since all the forest fairies left for the Moon, and it's been three weeks total since they started their revolution over Hyrule. When the fairies got to the Moon, they immediately went to work modeling the cold, rocky surface after their own kind of world. When all was said and done, the terrain of the Moon was shaped very much like in Hyrule. A vast swimming pool, a great big sanctuary for the fairies to praise themselves in, among other things. Oddly enough, the moon was now shaped to look like it was smiling from above.

In the meantime, it didn't seem as if Navi had made any of her shrinking spells permanent, as Link, Zelda, and all the other Kokiri children had all returned to their normal size by now. The case was the same, of course, with Princess Ruto and King Zora, who had been taken care of by their fellow Zoras since three weeks ago. As Link and Zelda emerged from Saria's home, and checked to make sure everyone was okay, Link was determined to go after Navi. He told Zelda this as they both walked back to Hyrule Castle.

"What!? You want to search for Navi, even after all she had done to us?" Zelda asked.
"I really think she's just being misled down the wrong path. If I can talk some sense into her, then maybe I can help her feel better about herself." Link said. Zelda just had a confused look on her face.
"Well, if you insist. We should get back to the castle. You'll need some help before you go off on your journey." Zelda said.

Shortly afterwards, Link (with his horse, Epona) was given the Ocarina of Time as a token of their friendship. But as Zelda told him, it was mainly for the Song of Time to help him in the midst of danger. With this in mind, Link set off for the expanded Lost Woods to find Navi, not knowing that she had escaped to the Moon. His quest would ultimately get sidetracked when someone named Skull Kid stole Epona and lured him to the parallel world of Termina.

It was there where Link had to save the land from the wrath of an evil moon that was slowly descending towards the ground, waiting to bring forth destruction in every direction. Of course, it was up to Link to save the land impending doom.

But because the universe that Termina was in was so close to the universe that Hyrule was in, things that happened there would sometimes happen in Hyrule as well. And that's just what was happening on the Moon of Hyrule. While it wasn't falling towards the ground, a powerful evil aura was taking over the surface. This, of course, greatly affected the fairies as their powers began to wear thin.

Navi instructed them to escape as quickly as possible.
"Go fairies! Don't let the evil take you!" the weakened Navi shouted. One by one, fairies flew as quickly as they could back down to the surface of Hyrule as fast as they could. Unfortunately, there were a few that couldn't make it back because the evil energy had become far too great for them to escape from.

And Navi was one of them...

That's how Navi met her end. And how Link's search in the end was all for naught. Although Link saved an entire land from disaster three days later, his victory just didn't feel complete once he learned the loss of one of his friends. In the end, Navi proved to be strong, but not strong enough to stave off an evil threat from a far away dimension. She will be missed greatly by her fairy friends who had been taught to stand up for themselves.