How we became giantesses!

Its easy! thanks to a wonderful cheat you can easily do with OUR help

(otherwise it would be a hell of a trip)

(I dont have to tell you to buy the game do I?)

(Neither to insert the disc on your PC as most instruction manuals say, (isn't that kinda obvious?))
Pass the first level, it is simple for it is only a training sequence.
After you pass the level, you will see on second level that game has been saved, so a file:

persist.dat, will be created under the "Oni" folder (if you installed on default)

This persist must be changed, it's amess, but we did it for you, so download the persist.dat file changed here and exchange it.

Now, press F1 while playing to access the menu and type in


"godzilla mode enabled" should appear and the Konoko should become a wonderful giantess...


But, what about us all other nice girls?
Well, do the same with the word:


Then just press F8 and you should be able to control other people, hehehe,
have fun.

Other cool cheats are:

liveforever - Invincibility
touchofdeath - Omnipotence
canttouchthis - Unstoppable
fatloot - Fat Loot (Ammo+Health)
glassworld - Glass Furniture
winlevel - Instantly Win Level
loselevel - Instantly Lose Level
bighead - Big Head Mode

(um, well, I dont like the next... but...)minime - Mini Mode

superammo - Super Ammo Mode
reservoirdogs - Last Man Standing Mode (AIs fight with each other)
roughjustice - Gatling Guns Mode
chenille - Daodan Power Mode
elderrune - Regeneration
moonshadow - Phase Cloak
munitionfrenzy - Weapons Locker Created
fistsoflegend - Fists Of Legend Mode (blow them away with punches)
killmequick - Ultra Mode (careful, this means bad guys take more hits)
carousel - Slow Motion Mode (helpful for getting screenshots with key "print screen")