Simple 2000 Series, Volume 50: The Daibijin

(Walkthrough by ChuckCJC; posted with his permission)

Girl meets alien. Alien bites girl, Girl passes out and grows 43 (estimate) meters tall.

Various scenerios place you behind the controls of helicopters, jets, and tanks in order to complete your mission of analyzing the woman and stopping her at any cost.

All of the stages are timed, and you must complete the required task before time runs out.

Mission 1: Measure the giant girl
You equip a helicopter. Basically you choose what type of camo design you want on your copter, then choose machine guns or laser, and finally you can load you special weapon bay with three special items which are stage specific.

Items include (and are very campy, which I enjoyed):
1. Giant piece of cake. Yeah its Mega sized. The Giantess will stop to eat some of it.
2. A pan, which falls out of the sky and hits the girl on the head. Funny as heck.
3. A giant stereo, which the giantess will dance to for a while unless she gets distracted.
4. Incense? Will cause the giantess to pray for a while.

Choose three, and head out to Okinowa for your first encounter.

Controls: Left Analog moves copter forward or back. Face buttons raise/lower altitude, and strafe left/right. R1 shoots missles, R2 shoots optional weapon #1 (machine gun or lasers), L2 shoots special weapon.

The giantess first encounters smaller buildings, and we soon learn she has no qualms at all about trodding right through town. Your mission is to use your mearsurement "weapon" to get vital data about the giantess.

Aparently the military needs to know her bust size, midsection, waist, and hat size immediately so get to it.

First get that bust size. Push R1 to activate the measurement instrument which only works in close proximity. Results of the measurement count up from 0 to 100%. The larger the midsection the longer the time. So you will be measuring her breasts for two minutes before getting a 100% breast size measurement. Then move on to the midrift, waist, and then head.

The giantess will try to swat you or if she is really mean she will just keep walking toward you and if you are not careful it is very hard to get out of her way. The copter is only the size of her fist, and she moves very fast.

Use your special items to distract the giantess so you can get those vital measurements.

The animations in this mission are some of the best in the game, she will periodically bend her knees and look closely at the ground at the little people (you have to imagine the people, they aren't shown).

Mission 2: Sedate the Giantess
This mission takes place on a more populated portion of Okinawa. She will walk through hotels, and crush much of the residences if you don't act quickly. Frankly I took my time and enjoyed the destruction.

Now you Copter is armed with Four huge Hyperdermic needles. The gage at the bottom left shows which areas of the giantess need to be sedated. There are two views, front and back. Start by sedating her chest area, and then move on to abdomen, back, neck, etc. As you proceed the green bar will fill up. If you take to long she will recover from the sedatives. Be careful choosing which special items to use. If you need to shoot the back of her legs, and you dispatch the giant cake she will croutch to eat the cake and you will not be able to shoot the back of her legs. The needles refill slowly so aim you shots well.

Mission 3: Protect the Airborn Transport of the Giantess
Giantess sedated. Check !! Transport to a more populated area so she can wreck more havoc on than on the sparce Okinowa? Alrighty.

This is a jet mission. You get missles, Chaff missles, and machine guns.

The giantess is being transported by four helicopters, and the aliens have moved in to free her. Destroy 50 airborn aliens before time runs out !!

Press L1 for targetting lock on. Keep holding to acquire multiple targets. Just like old school Afterburner, or Panzer Dragoon. After lock-on, fire the missles. Shouldn't take to long to knock down 50 aliens this way. Don't slow down, or you will be a sitting duck.

Without using target lock-on this stage is impossible.

After you destroy 50 aliens, the helicopters become too damaged, and the giantess falls into the ocean.

Mission 4: Fuji Carnival and Alien Hats!!
An alien has attached itself to the Giantess's head, and has rescued her from the ocean. The giantess is super powered in this stage. (Probably the hardest stage).

Back to the Helicopter. Special weapons are all chaf missles. Normal weapons are missles, and machine gun/ lasers.

Target the alien/hat and fire those missles. Giantess/Alien has many attacks in this level, and is quite dangerous. She will swat at you, shoot lasers out of her eyes, trow a huge energy ball with massive destuction area, or let loose a massive Street Fighter style Fireball. The Alien shoots out a wave of homing missles between giantess attacks, and you must be a pro at strafing to surivive their homing ability.

Keep at it, and you will be victorious in removing the evil alien from her head. The carnivel will be smouldering ashes at the end of this battle guaranteed !!! Great destruction in this stage.

Mission 5: Highway Tank chase
Location: Shinjuku Tokyo.

Now you are in a Tank. Special weapon (L2 button) is a chaff missle. R1 is a tank round, and R2 is machine guns. Left Analog steers the tank left and right, and the right analog aims the turret.

This is a really cool stage. The giantess sees a new (larger) alien hat sitting on the top of the Shinjuku towers (which I got to visit last year... ), she gets excited stomps her feet and is off jogging to reach it. Yes, JOGGING !! She is jogging on the left side of the highway, and you are in a tank on that highway. Negotiate traffic, and try to slow down the giantess before she reaches Shinjuku towers.

You can shoot any cars that are in your way. You will take damage from collisions with traffic, so it is smart to stay on the median between north and southbound lanes. Aim at the giantess and use mostly machine guns, with tank blasts mixed in to "get her attention".

At first she scolds you for shooting her, and if you keep doing it she gets pissed and will try to stop you by throwing cars, vans, small and large buildings at you. Destory these in mid air, or you will soon bite the dust. The buildings take a lot of firepower to get down so start working on them as soon as she picks them up.

Keep the Giantess from reaching the base of the tower before time runs out and you will complete the stage.

A cut scene will show that she reaches the tower anyways, because she is a giantess of course !! Silly humans can slow her down, but they can't stop her.

Mission 6: Stop the Giantess!
At the top of Shinjuku towers is a huge alien "hat" Its obvious that if the Giantess reaches (climbing the building ala King Kong) this alien she will be enlarged to Mega size. Stop her at all costs (I know, I know, you want to see her become Mega sized !!)

This is a helicopter stage. First work on the Alien on top of the building. Avoid his missles, then lock on and send some missles of your own. His next attack is hard to avoid without using the special Chaff missles at just the right time. Keep hitting him and he will get "tired" and appear to be dead.

Lower altitude quick, and hit the giantess with your special shrinking ray, which is fired with your R2 button. She will shrink a little and lose some progress on her climb. If you time it right you can get her again before the alien wakes up.

Work on the alien again, and then when he is asleep go back to shrinking the giantess. You have to shrink her six or seven times, and then go the the kill one last time on the alien.

Roll credits.

The Giantess now back to normal size, wakes up and says something ( who knows what ??). More credits roll.

The End.

Final thoughts
There are three difficulties. I only tried playing on Normal Mode.

There is a Free Mode that lets you play any stage that you have already completed. Very cool.

There is a third mode, which is apparently a huge puzzle. If you do well when you complete a stage, you earn pieces of the puzzle. I only played through once, so I only earned six pieces. Who knows what happens when the puzzle is complete?

There was no inactivity between the people in the city and the giantess, other than she steps on there houses and cars, etc... The destruction is decent. She does throw cars and buildings, so its not hard to imagine the interaction. She interacts quite a bit with you, the military personnel trying to stop her.

Yes, I let her get to the Alien atop the Shinjuku tower, but she didn't grow to Mega size... She was beamed into the alien and it took off into the sky. Maybe there are multiple endings? I don't know yet.

Hard mode is very hard. The giantess is VERY AGGRESSIVE !! Very cool.

Not a bad game for only 2000 yen !!!! If you can play it, you would be crazy not to give it a go. Its great fun for any GTS fan.