Duke Nukem 3D
Creating your own GTS

In this document that I have created, you will learn how you can effectively supersize any bikini-clad woman that you may happen to stumble upon in your adventure. So without further adieu, let's begin.
First and foremost, go to the folder on your hard drive that has the Duke Nukem 3D game installed. There you will find a file called GAME.CON, which is what you will be modifying.

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend backing up any files (like GAME.CON) before you modify them! Also, any time you modify the file, you must start a new game, otherwise the changes won't work!

Step 1: Modifying the Shrinker
So now that you've created a backup of the original GAME.CON (more than likely your backup is something like GAMEBAK.CON, but you can name it whatever you want), we can start modifying things. First, we will change the settings of the Shrinker so that it can enlarge anything that is blasted by it rather than shrink. Now search for this following line:

state genericshrunkcode

From there, move down a few lines until you see this:


Once you've located this particular line, change MINXSTRETCH and MINYSTRETCH to MAXXSTRETCH and MAXYSTRETCH. Step 1 complete!

Step 2: Preventing Duke from crushing the opponent
One problem that we are still faced with, however, is that Duke can still crush his adversary even if the target has been enlarged. Luckily, this next step will prevent Duke from doing just that. It's recommended that you open the Find/Search function of whatever program you are using to modify your GAME.CON file to help with this step.

Now then, search for the word squish, and keep searching until you see something like the series of lines below:


Once you see these lines, highlight all of them and remove them from the file. Step 2 complete!

Step 3: Making the size change permanent
As you Duke players know, you only have a short amount of time to crush the shrunken opponent before he reverts back to his normal size. But by following this step, we can change it so that the victim stays shrunken, or in this case, gigantic!

Start by searching for this line:


Now, go down several lines until you see:

sizeto 40 40

The numbers represent the scale that the victim reverts too after the effects of the shrink beam have worn out. You can decrease the number to make the target revert to a smaller size, or increase the number for a bigger-than-normal victim. For example, you could replace 40 with 80 if you wanted the victim to be twice their normal size once the shrink beam wears out.

As I said, you can make the number anything you wish. Just make sure the two numbers match, otherwise the giantess will look a little weird! Step 3 complete!

Step 4: Changing the sound effect of the shrink beam
This step is totally optional, in my opinion, but will nevertheless be included for those that want a complete GTS experience in their game. For starters, do a search on:


Do this until you find the following line below:


Once you've found this line, change the word SHRINKING to GROWING, and you'll hear the Expander sound effect instead of the Shrinker sound effect. Step 4 complete!

Well, there you have it. That's all it takes to add the GTS mix into Duke Nukem 3D. Before I conclude this document, here are some cheat codes that can help make your experience a little easier:

dnkroz - God mode (Invincible)
dnstuff - Have all items, weapons and keys with you
dnmonsters - All monsters disappear from the level

(Document created by Cubed Cinder)