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Palette Swap guide

How do I take and send screencaps?
To take a snapshot, pause the game during a match or replay (note that you cannot take pictures with a Multi Man Smash mode in progress; only during a replay). Follow the onscreen instructions on the bottom screen to move the camera around, and once you're ready, press L or R to take the shot.

To get the shots onto your computer, turn off the 3DS or Wii U and take out the SD card that's inserted in the system. Plug the card into your computer (likely with an SD card reader), then open the DCIM folder. Look for a folder named 10xNIN03 (where x is any number between 0-8; but 99% of the time it will be 0) and open it up. There are your pictures already in JPG format! For the Wii U version, instead of 10xNIN03, the folder you're looking for is 10xNIN04.

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NOTE: As a general rule of thumb for 3DS snapshots only... if you see Yoshi and some Mii characters in the Battlefield stage, chances are that snapshot was taken with the Supersize Glitch.



Mii (female)


Princess Peach

Robin (female)


Villager (female)

Wendy O. Koopa

Wii Fit Trainer (female)

Princess Zelda


Zero Suit Samus

Corrin (female)


Photo Studio (Wii U) Miscellaneous
(trophies, Peach as Daisy, etc.)