For those of you who don't know about this game; Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe(also known as Defenders of the Looniverse during early development. But it would be better to go with the final name) is a unreleased game that was being developed by japanese video game company Treasure, and to be published by Conspiracy Entertainment for the PS2. It supposedly was scheduled for a 2001 release, but due to financial problems at Conspiracy it was cancelled. Despite this game having been left unreleased, a beta iso of the game was leaked on the internet in 2009, and it is fairly complete feature-wise.

As far as I know, this game features no GTS under any circumstance, but I figured I'd try my hand at making a Player 1 size modifier for this game. It was hard at first, but soon I managed to create one such code not just for Player 1, but for other players as well(For Renegade only at this point in time). They are listed in the 4th post of this thread(along with a whole slew of other codes).

Some screens below of Babs Bunny as a giantess:

Even if these pics won't be ending up on the main website, I at least hope I might be able to post some more GTS shots of the other female characters in the game(when I can get to unlock them somehow, that is), and that everyone who comes by this place from time to time finds these shots enjoyable to some extent.

Edit: video of Giant Babs Bunny in action:

Also, I forgot to list my current efforts with making the size modifier. Do note that this is as far as I've gotten, the exact location of it could very well change again(only addresses along with their default values listed):

size modifier offsets

5D43E0 3F800000
5D43E4 3F800000
5D43E8 3F800000

5DA6C0 3F800000
5DA6C4 3F800000
5DA6C8 3F800000

5DA7D0 3F800000
5DA7D4 3F800000
5DA7D8 3F800000

5DB360 3F800000
5DB364 3F800000
5DB368 3F800000

748030 3F800000
748034 3F800000
748038 3F800000

Suppose it requires an activation code of sorts to be made. Or maybe it could be done the assembly way(I'm able to alter already exisiting code instructions, so it would be a matter of finding the value that sets the default size. I think...).

Another edit: Think I found a code that alters the size of all objects in the game.

Global Size Modifier
10113918 0000????
Default is 3F80

It affects all objects in the game. Certain parts of a character also tend to shift in size depending on it's
current animation frame if set higher or lower. Collisions, running and jumping speed also remain unchanged.

The above result wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I will continue my attempts further. I did come upon a pointer for Player 1's data stuff, which possibly could be used to create a Size modifier for that player. Now, to see if I can do it... Gotta be a long trip for me to achieve this goal.

Finally got working size codes for all player characters. They are only for Renegade at the moment. I hope to convert them to Action Replay format soon.

Player 1/COM 1 Size Modifier(Renegade ONLY)
00020000 00000210
00020000 00000214
00020000 00000218

Player 2/COM 2 Size Modifier(Renegade ONLY)
00020000 00000210
00020000 00000214
00020000 00000218

Player 3/COM 3 Size Modifier(Renegade ONLY)
00020000 00000210
00020000 00000214
00020000 00000218

Player 4/COM 4 Size Modifier(Renegade ONLY)
00020000 00000210
00020000 00000214
00020000 00000218

The most common and default value is 3F800000. Might be different for other characters. The start of RAM is always at 0x20000000 for PS2 emulator PCSX2, so it should be no problem using the size codes on that software. There is a max size limit of either 40400000 or 40800000, as most levels seem to contain an invisible roof at top, and going even further up from say 40C00000 will make the character get stuck at some place inside the level boundary, so be careful not to make him/her too big.

Camera distance modifier
202CC444 ????????
Default value: 3EC00000

Camera height modifier
202CC440 ????????
Default value: 3F800000

Hud graphics size modifier(Need to reset game if used on emulator before it takes effect)
10120F04 0000????
Default value: 4000. If set to 0000, the hud will completely vanish . Can be useful for taking screenshots. Has a side effect though of disabling fade out/in screen effects, including speech bubbles and game text.

Global camera distance modifier(Need to reset game if used on emulator before it takes effect)
10120D90 0000????
Default value: 4000

Player 1 character modifier
00406151 000000XX

Player 2 character modifier
00406152 000000XX

Player 3 character modifier
00406153 000000XX

Player 4 character modifier
00406154 000000XX

XX = Character ID
 00 - Buster Bunny
 01 - Babs Bunny
 02 - Hamton
 03 - Plucky Duck
 04 - Montana Max
 05 - Elmyra
 06 - Shirley
 07 - Dizzy Devil
 08 - Furrball
 09 - Fifi
 0A - Tony Robot
 0B - Golem
 0C - Gremloin
 0D - Mummy
 0E - Egyptian
 0F - Vagrant
 10 - Drizzletrooper
 11 - Maximus Flush
 12 - Slug General
 13 - Slug Person
 14 - Flying Gunner
 15 - Mech Buster
 16 - Mech Babs
 17 - Mech Hamton
 18 - Mech Plucky
 19 - Evil Max
 1A - No character

Player 1 color modifier
00406155 000000XX

Player 2 color modifier
00406156 000000XX

Player 3 color modifier
00406157 000000XX

Player 4 color modifier
00406158 000000XX

XX = Costume/color type
00 - color A
01 - color B
02 - color C
03 - color D

Player 1 type modifier
00406184 000000XX

Player 2 type modifier
00406185 000000XX

Player 3 type modifier
00406186 000000XX

Player 4 type modifier
00406187 000000XX

XX - Whether Character is Player or Computer controlled
00 - Player 1
01 - Player 2
02 - Player 3
03 - Player 4
06 - COM

Player 1 team modifier
00406180 000000XX

Player 2 team modifier
00406181 000000XX

Player 3 team modifier
00406182 000000XX

Player 4 team modifier
00406183 000000XX

XX = Team ID
01 - Team A
02 - Team B
04 - Team C
08 - Team D

Global Players speed modifier(Need to reset game if used on emulator before it takes effect)
1015F9C8 0000????

Default value: 3F80. Setting this value too high might make players almost uncontrolable.

Just made some more codes; the first controls the vertical height position of the camera, while the last 4 controls whether the other players will be kept in view or not.
Camera Height Position Adjuster
E002007F 00405D24
30400000 002CC440
00004000 00000000
E002FF7F 00405D24
30500000 002CC440
00004000 00000000
D0405C60 00000400
202CC440 3F800000

Pulling up and down on R3 adjusts the height of camera. Pressing down R3 resets it to normal.

Camera follows Player 1 toggle(Renegade ONLY)
604063E4 0000000X
00000000 00000360

Camera follows Player 2 toggle(Renegade ONLY)
604063E8 0000000X
00000000 00000360

Camera follows Player 3 toggle(Renegade ONLY)
604063EC 0000000X
00000000 00000360

Camera follows Player 4 toggle(Renegade ONLY)
604063F0 0000000X
00000000 00000360

X - Whether or not that player is followed by the camera
 0 - Doesn't follow
 1 - Keeps character in view