Senran Kagura GTS Stories

Bursting Boob Power
(Cubed Cinder and Luminar)
Approx. pages: 24
- Based loosely, but not an exact representation, on the Hipster DLC from Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on 3DS. The Hanzo Academy has been trusted for decades with protecting a magic power known as Explosive Bust Force. But today, that power has been stolen by a familiar group of foes. The Crimson Girls, a group of Hebijo's most talented and most well endowed (Homura, Yomi, Mirai, Hikage, and Haruka), have managed to break into Hanzo Academy and steal the power. After a little bit of tinkering from Haruka, the five girls use the power to not only increase their breast sizes by one or two cups (the power's normal effect), but also grow 33.3 times bigger than their normal sizes. The five newly crafted giantesses waste no time unleashing their destructive giant bodies onto the city. It's up to Hanzo's famous five (Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, and Hibari) to literally take to the skies with all new flying gear and save the day! Last modified January 7, 2017.

Growth Burst
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 23
- Four months after the raid on Hebijo Academy and preserving the balance of Yin and Yang, it's finally vacation time for the five star students of the Hanzo Academy (Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, and Hibari). Hibari suggests that she and the others go to Megame Island, a far away island that nobody else can find. While the girls all have their summer fun in their bikinis, Hibari is actually practicing a new ninja skill which will allow her to grow to giant size for real instead of as an illusion. She succeeds and finds herself enlarging to 500 feet tall, and thanks to the radiating magic of this spell, the other girls grow as well. That's the good news! The bad news? Hibari doesn't know how to shrink themselves back to normal size. Katsuragi is the only one not disappointed as she walks off the island, feeling almost literally the pressing need (all one has to do is look at her intense love of breasts) to show off her new size to the rest of Japan... Completed May 10, 2014.

Teachers Peepers!
(Cubed Cinder and Luminar)
Approx. pages: 19
- After having some cups of tea together, Grandpa Hanzo and Master Kiriya are ready to practice a new shinobi skill that, once perfected by the girls, they hope will give them a much needed edge against the Crimson Girls. Kiriya and Hanzo both execute the spell, and to Kiriya's shock, the spell shrinks the two down to half an inch tall. Although Hanzo insists the spell will wear off in 24 hours, the two men watch as their five students (Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, and Hibari) return from shopping. Already Grandpa has nosebleeds from looking up and seeing five of the most beautiful 'goddesses' before his eyes, including his own granddaughter. Kiriya has seen enough, meanwhile, and demands they get the attention of the girls to have them help in removing the spell, but their puny size will ensure the journey will be a long and, ahem... perverted one. Completed February 27, 2016.