Fallout VGGTS Stories

Into the Void
Approx. pages: 21
Game: Fallout 3
- Includes elements from Big & Small. Vault life sucks. Just ask Erica and Sam, two Vault residents who have recently escaped from the clutches of the Overseer. When Sam's dad escapes, they quickly find out that maybe life isn't so bad in there after all. Quickly discovering that the Capital Wasteland is now ruled over by three giantesses, they try to go after them and reclaim the Wasteland for humanity. What they don't know is that these girls are well versed and prepared for resistance and that they've embarked on a quest that will change the course of history forever. Completed August 21, 2009.

Power Cells
Approx. pages: 10
Game: Fallout 3
- Out in the wastes of the Capital wasteland, something has crashed, something from out of this world. And after finding a weapon and some power cells at the ship, the Vault Dweller decides to take them to the only ammunition expert he knows. However, these aren’t just any power cells (this story ignores the Mother ship Zeta DLC). Completed June 11, 2010.