Mother/EarthBound VGGTS Stories

Ness and the Beanstalk
(Cubed Cinder and DJYellow22)
Approx. pages: 11
- Based loosely on a drawing from diego-toon-master. Paula has been given the task (by her mother) of reading a fairy tale to the students of Polestar Preschool the next day. So one night, while looking through her library of books trying to decide what fairy tale she should read, she eventually chooses the book of Jack and the Beanstalk. But while practicing reading out loud, Paula suddenly looks at the cover of the book and sees something different. She replaces the image of Jack with that of her former traveling companion, Ness. Even weirder was how she replaced the evil giant chasing Ness with... herself? Despite all that, she starts reading the story, replacing all the characters with those she met on her adventure, such as Jack and his family with Ness and his own family, the giant now being herself, and Jeff being the golden boy (rather than a harp or a goose) that Ness ends up rescuing. Of course, Paula decides to make a few creative changes as she reads the story, including a surprising ending... Completed November 19, 2010.

Shrink to Fit
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 9
- Ness is walking around the Fourside Department Store, sighing away as her mother and sister go on a shopping spree with their latest paycheck from their traveling father. As he's looking around, he notices a cap inside one of the display windows, very similar to the one he's wearing. Ness's mother does not hesitate in letting him buy the cap even though he already has a good one on his head. When he and his family return to their home outside Onett, Ness finally tries the cap. Once he puts it on, however, it's stuck to his head like glue, not budging off in the slightest. To make matters worse, he rapidly shrinks in size. After almost falling into one of the unseen cracks on his floor, Ness realizes he's super small... almost microscopic! So now he has to somehow get the attention of the mega giantesses that now threaten to crush him without them knowing it, such as his sister and especially Paula... Completed December 1, 2012.

Time of a Big Princess
(Cubed Cinder and DJYellow22)
Approx. pages: 12
- Much to the surprise of Ness and his friends, Jeff has completed what he calls his greatest invention ever, known as the Good Times Machine. Despite the funky name, it is your typical time machine that one would see in science fiction. After convincing Ness, Paula, and Poo of the safety of the machine (something all three don't believe in but play along anyway so they don't hurt Jeff's feelings), the four hop onboard and Jeff sets the machine to transport them many years into the future. They successfully make it, but there's just one small problem. Quite literally too... as the time machine and everyone onboard has shrunken in size! To make matters worse, the time machine gets crushed by another group of heroes (led by the young boy Lucas), who later discover the tiny group and offer to care for them; only for snotty Kumatora to take them back to Osohe Castle as her little slaves... Completed October 5, 2011.

The War Against Paula! Part 1
Approx. pages: 39
- Three months have passed since The Chosen Four have beaten Giygas. Summer is finally here, Ness and Picky kick it off by playing Nintendo games all day! However, one day, Ness receives a phone call from Paula. Paula suggests a picnic in Onett with everyone. While enjoying their time together the next day, a humongous Starman attacks. When a new, yet somehow old, ally helps defeat the giant Starman, things start to get strange. How does this become a GTS story? Does Ness have the heart to fight Paula? Click to find out! Completed October 31, 2008.