Star Fox VGGTS Stories

Aparoid Influence
Approx. pages: 92
- The Aparoid incident is still fresh in everyone’s minds; Krystal’s in particular. Her abilities as a telepath were very much instrumental in those battles though her brief mind-link with the Aparoid Queen is something that she would just as soon forget. Alas some memories die hard and that soon won't bode well for the Star Fox Team or the Lylat system… Completed November 3, 2006.

Star Mosquitoes
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 12
- Several years have passed since Fox McCloud's adventures on Dinosaur Planet, and the Star Fox team is once again left to sail the vastness of space with nothing to do. Fortunately, General Pepper comes on the line with what he describes as a deathdefying mission. The team is to travel to a faraway planet known as Zillanova and help save a race of mosquitoes that has their leader dying of old age and the civilization fading away due to lack of human blood to feast on. As tempting as it sounds, Fox and his allies fly to the planet and to their destination, an ordinary house that's immense enough to hold maybe several giants. Will the Star Fox team survive, or will the game of cat-and-mouse become a deadly one for them? Completed April 16, 2005.

Star Mosquitoes 2: It's a Small Galaxy After All
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 14
- Krystal is minding her own business flying through the asteroid fields in deep space, when all of a sudden she finds herself being pulled in by a black hole! Krystal tried her best to veer away, but she ended up getting sucked in. But to Krystal's astonishment, she found herself not in the vast blackness of the space grave, but in what appeared to be another galaxy. Krystal lands on a nearby planet, where a group of renegades have deemed her the chosen one. The one who will help return peace to the galaxy after a dangerous army threatens to destroy it all. And not even being a thousand feet tall will get the job done... Completed July 28, 2005.